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"War With A Star Wars Touch To It"

This is my first time doing a review.This is my favorite game.Now onto the ratings.

Overall, the gameplay is great. You, the player, assume the role of a soldier in one of the many battles from Star Wars. To win battles, you must capture all or most of the command posts on the field. This will cause your enemies numbers to deplete and if you have all of them, start a victory timer. There are five classes, each with their own special weapons/abilities. First off, there is the basic soldier. Nothing too special about these guys, but they can be effective. Next you have the heavy weapons and demolitions specialist. These guys have the ability to lay mines (great for guarding command posts) and weapons to take out vehicles more effectively. The rockets/cannons could have been done better, as (in campaign at least) vehicles can take a long time to take out, especially AT-ST walkers. And if your opponent is in one of the giant AT-AT walkers..well, good luck, they seem practically invincible, but only if you don't use a certain way of attacking.. Next up is the pilot class, with the ability to repair vehicles, and autoheal vehicles while they are inside of them. Also, there is the scout/sniper class. The scouts have better rifles, of course with zoom functions. The scout also has recon droids that can provide air strikes,that will demolish all enemies in the target area. Last, there are special classes that vary from each race/team. Basically, they are better equipped than the foot soldier, although not well off enough to take down vehicles.

Sound 9/10: All the sounds are taken right from the movies, although a few voices don't sound that great (Yoda, Emperor). Music stays the same too, although there isn't much during actual gameplay.

Graphics 10/10

Graphics are good enough, the character models are all easily recognisable and so are all the vehicles. The landscapes vary for each planet with ice, deserts, jungles and the Bespin cloud city with all its platforms. You get to choose from 5 characters when you start the game and each has their own unique ability from the infantry soldier to the sniper, the pilot, the heavy weapons expert and the wookies (when playing as the rebels), the empire has their Jet packs, all in all a good choice to suit your needs.

Physics- 8/10
Probably the game's lowest rating, the physics could have been a LOT better. This game sorely needed rag doll physics. It is strangely un-satisfying to finally land a Thermal Detonator on an enemy in cover only to have him fly at you ala Superman when the grenade goes off. The recoil of the weapons is great as is the movement when you are walking, crouching, laying down, strafing, side-rolling, or jumping,

Online capabilites- YES!
SW: Battlefront takes advantage of the wonderful XBox Live system. You can play with up to 24 players, and have bots in game as well!

Replay Value: 8/10
This game is WORTH buying definitely. It is LIVE compatible with a friends list and with that, you can have a new battle every time you play. If you don't have LIVE, then you can connect for a massive 2-24 player brawl out. Either way, along with a good single player, adds a lot of great hours to the game.

Overall: 9/10

Rent Or Buy
This is a must buy for any fan of Star Wars or war games.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/19/05

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