Review by PLASMITE

Reviewed: 08/11/05

The Power of The Force is Insignificant Next to the Power of Star Wars Battlefront!

Gameplay: 8/10

The gameplay here isn't a massive departure from anything we have seen before, but it is a departure from anything we have seen in a Star Wars game. Share a few minor flaws, the gameplay certainly makes you feel like you are in the battles.

As the game advertises, "Relive the epic battles from the movies", you can certainly do that with the four main factions (Republic, Galactic Empire, CIS, and the Rebellion) on any of the 16 maps of various famous Star Wars locals. Hoth. Geonosis. Endor. They are all there, plus a few extras from the Star Wars expanded universe. In any given battle, you can chose between 5 different classes of infantry, namely the Soldier, the Sniper, the Pilot, Heavy Weapons, and the factions "Special Unit," such as a Droideka, a Jet Trooper ect. Plus, once you die, you can choose from those different classes again and jump right back into the fray. Once you are in a battle, the missions revolve largely on the capture, control and defense of several key locations called Command Posts, putting more emphasis on teamwork than on individual skill, and with the intelligent AI, you have plenty of teammates to work with.

OK, PLASMITE, this sounds good and all, but you game the gameplay and 8/10, whats wrong with it? Well, the games vehicle's RIP through infantry like nothing else, if you are anywhere near and enemy vehicle, unless you are very, very lucky, say goodbye. Also, while the AI is intelligent, the tend to do very stupid things on occasion, like rolling of cliffs, or throwing a grenade at you feet when you are sniping something 100 yards away. One more thing, thermal detonators take FOREVER to explode, greatly lowering their effectiveness. Little things...I know.

Sound 9/10:

If you like the Star Wars music and the sounds in the movies you'll like the music and sounds in this game because guess what? They are exactly the same! Guns. Turrets. They all sound like you would expect them to. Again a few small things like a grenade, which made a PUH sound, and Yoda's voice sounded...strange.

Graphics 10/10

The graphics are great by any standards, they are not CG, but they look fantastic. Lucas Arts did a great job with all of this. The widely varying environments like Hoth and the forests of Kashyyyk look great. Sure a few straight lines here and there, but don't all games have them.

Physics- 8/10

This game really needed a better rag doll physics engine. Land a Thermal Detonator at an enemies feet, and watch him fly like he's doing cartwheels or playing Superman. Otherwise, grenades fly, ect. ect. everything you would expect in the real world type physics.

Online Capabilities- YES
The PS2, PC and X-Box version all have online support.

Replay Value: 10/10

To be put shortly, this game has ENORMOUS replay value, even without the online support. No two battles are ever the same. Ever. As you get better the battles may go faster, but they are never the same. You'll be playing this one for years.

Overall: 9/10

Rent Or Buy
A definite must buy for anyone who is even a casual Star Wars Fan.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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