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"If you have an Xbox, you must have this game!"

I know you are thinking right now "WTF ANOTHER Star Wars game?" When I heard of Star Wars Battlefront(SWBF), I thought exactly the same thing. Most of those Star Wars games were also very bad. But when I played Battlefront for the first time at my friend's house, I knew it was up there with the KOTOR series.


SWBF has three different single player modes. The first is Historical Campaign. You can choose whether you want to fight during the clone wars between the Republic and the CIS(seperatists), or the Galactic Civil War between the Rebels and the Empire. Once there, you play each map in order. In Campaign, your team is already selected. From there, you can choose a command point to spawn at and your class, and go out there and kick butt.

In Galactic Conquest, you pick whether you want to be the clones, Imperials, battle droids, or rebels. From there, you set off on your quest to conquer the galaxy. You choose a planet to attack and a planetary bonus to activate. Whether it's having an OVERPOWERED Jedi hero(Mace Windu, Darth Vader, Count Dooku or Luke Skywalker) fight by your side or sabotaging enemy vehicles, the bonuses always swing the battle in your favor.Win four battles, and you can choose a planet to automatically overtake(press A and it's yours)or destroy. Win two battles on each planet to take control of it and it's planetary bonus. Take control of every planet and you will be able to attack the enemies base(Rebels on Hoth, Empire on Endor, Clones on Kamino, and CIS on Geonosis).

The third mode is Instant action. Choose a battlefield, era, and team and then fight. You can play any map that you have unlocked already.

Your primary goal in SWBF is to capture command posts and eliminate enemy opposition. There are maybe 6-7 command posts on each map. Any command post you capture is yours, and you(and your teammates) can respawn from it if you or they die. To capture an enemy command post, you have to go to it and stand by it until the meter on the right goes down. Then you have to wait for it to fill up for it to be yours. For neutral command posts, you just have to make it fill up.

You can take hold of several different classes in Battlefront. Each side has a basic soldier, a heavy weapons class, a sniper class, a pilot class, and a special class. But the troops on each side are different however. For example, the CIS's basic trooper is the super battle droid. He can shoot 55 rounds before he has to reload, he has a tri shot, and instead of grenades, he shoots wrist rockets. The clone trooper meanwhile, shoots 60 rounds, has a blaster pistol, and can throw grenades. The "special classes" are the most different. The Imperial Dark Trooper wears dark gray armor. He carries a shotgun(or a "blaster cannon", as the game calls it), and he has a jump pack which allows him to super jump. The rebels meanwhile, have the wookie smuggler, with a bowcaster, grenade launcher, and time bombs.

Meanwhile, the republic's special class is the jet trooper, which has a jetpack that can make him fly for limited time. He has a EMP launcher, a pistol, and grenades. The CIS have the most powerful special class....the droideka. Equipped with repeating blasters and a shield generator, the droideka is a tough thing to beat on the battlefield.

The battlefields in Battlefront are all very good. Ranging from the plains of Naboo to the ice planet of Hoth, they are all unique. Most maps have vehicles on them and are all very good to pilot. Ranging from the speeder bikes on Endor,The snowspeeder and AT-ATs on Hoth, the AT-TEs, LAAT/1 gunship, and geonosian starfighter on geonosis, the Tie fighters, Xwings, and Y wings on Bespin; they are all great to use. There are even more then I just said. Battlefront certainly delivers here.



Very good. The environments and vehicles all look very richly detailed and diverse. The main problem I have with the graphics is the character models. They all look blurry and blended in. Another problem is if you die and your body is blown by a grenade, the terrible ragdoll physics will make your body fly, but as if he is sleeping on a magic carpet. Other then that, the games graphics are acceptable.



The sound is just above average. The music from all of the Star Wars films are here, and sound great. On the downside, the only sounds you'll ever hear on the battlefield are the sounds of the guns, and an annoying repetitive voice telling you if you lost or captured a command post, or if your team is dying. Really repetitive, but the music is good.



Once you finish Battlefront, you can do multiplayer via Xbox Live(supports up to 32 players online), System Link(32 players), or Split Screen with one other person. You can do whatever you can do in Singleplayer. So really, once you do all of the galactic conquests, there really isn't much more to Battlefront, considering MP gets old quick.



Star Wars Battlefront is Rated T for Violence.There is any blood or cursing in the game. Other then some ultra-fantasy killing, Battlefront isn't a violent game.


Star Wars Battlefront is one of the best Star Wars games made. With great gameplay, graphics, and overall presentation, Battlefront is a game that should e picked up by anybody with an Xbox. With Battlefront 2, I expect the same from the makers of this great game.

Final Score: 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/04/05

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