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"Utterly Brilliant!"

Star Wars: BattleFront

Star Wars: Battlefront if a third-person shooter but feels a bit like a first-person shooter. You visit battles from the films and play them yourself, Hoth for example. You may be thinking another game of swishing a lightsaber around but you wrong, badly wrong.

Gameplay: 10/10
Absolutely perfect but still brilliant, you choose a map and then you get a choice of which side you are on, CIS or Republic for a episode 1-3 map and Rebels and Empire for a episode 4-6 map, then you get a choice of which troops you want to have, Clone Sharpshooter or rebel pilot for instance. Once you have chosen that you began playing, there are main areas that you can take over which stops the enemy form spawning there but allows you team to spawn there if they wish (you can choose where you spawn). If you capture all the areas a twenty-second timer starts, if you hold all the areas for this amount of time, you win. You also win from killing all the enemy (normally there are about 200-250 enemies but not all on at once, when they die they respawn). When you are moving around the buttons are really easy to use, they are very easy to remember and are in convenient spots (shoot is right trigger for instance). You can give out voice commands to you army too. You get two primary weapons which vary in what unit you are. You also get two secondary weapons, which also vary. When you get killed you a screen comes up asking you where you want to respawn and what unit you want to use. What makes this game really cool is the ability to use vehicles; you get flying ones and ground ones. When playing single player or split-screen there are three choices of game: Historical campaign which is like playing the films, Galactic Conquest which is where you take over planets and finally there is instant action which is where you choose which map you want to do and then play it. This games gameplay is fantastic!

Plot/Story: 10/10
The story of this game is basically the same story as the films, you attack Naboo and the Gungans, and the story continues, I love the plot and if you like Star Wars and like the films then you will also love the plot. Another ten out of ten!

Sound: 9/10
The sound is great! The only thing they could of improved is so of the vehicles noises, otherwise it's excellent. Blaster guns sound like off the films, they have that real laser noise to them, the grenade explosions sound fantastic and all of the guns sound perfect. The voice commands sound like real druids or people speaking and the cries of people when they die sounds realistic. The sound is brilliant!

Graphics: 9/10
The graphics to this game are smooth and crisp; everything is nearly fully detailed making this game that bit better. Some of the druids actually look real. The people look silly but they do on all games, but that is why graphics got nine and not ten.

Replayabilty: 10/10
I have had this game for over a year now and I am still not bored of gunning down enemies. You can complete the game quite quickly but with the different difficulties you will come back wanting more. It's hard to get bored of this game.

Rent or Buy:
Buy! There is no argument; if you rent it you will have to take it back in a couple of days. Go out and buy it and you can have great fun forever!

Overall: 10/10
A spectacular game, sound is excellent, plot is excellent, graphics are excellent, replayabilty is excellent and the gameplay is sub-zero. This is a game you must buy because it is fantastic!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/21/05

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