Game freezes after loading level 12 (Saloon Fight)... any solution?

  1. I'm running this game on Xbox 360. I could not find a solution to this and I can't go on finish the game. Practically after I complete Annie's Ranch level you see Red playing with the gun (game loading) then it fades to black, the game freezes and I need to reboot the console. Is there any way around it?

    User Info: toastie123

    toastie123 - 7 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    I've read somewhere that setting it HD widescreen (or something like that) solves the freezing problem, however I do not have an HD TV so I cannot test this.

    I wrote to Microsoft and this is their reply:

    I have read your issue about your Xbox 360 console, when you play the original Xbox games Red Dead Revolver on your console, it stops responding (or "freezes").

    I can understand how disappointing that your console does not function as expected. Let me provide the steps that may help you with your issue.

    Instead of giving you the steps to resolve your issue in this manner, I would like to give you the link for our online wizard on website that may help you with your issue. Click on the following link and access our online wizard: Xbox Screen Freeze Solution - // (you will need to choose an answer and click on Next).

    You may also click on the following link that also have the steps to guide you properly for resolving your issue, kindly click the following link, //

    User Info: toastie123

    toastie123 - 6 years ago


  1. Yeah i have the same problem, i looked everywhere on the internet but.. no solution, i even sent a mail to take2 interactive but i din't get any response yet. when i know something i let you know

    User Info: pietjepuk12345

    pietjepuk12345 - 6 years ago 0 0

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