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    Bounty Hunter FAQ by squire636

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           &&   &&  &&       &&   &&  $  &&   &&  &&        && &&   &&   &&
           &&&&&&&  &&&&&&&  &&   && $$$ &&   &&  &&&&&&&  &&&&&&&  &&   &&
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         RR   RR  EE       VV   VV  OO   OO  LL     VV   VV  EE       RR   RR
         RR  RR   EE        VV VV   OO   OO  LL      VV VV   EE       RR  RR
    ASCII Art Copyright 2006 SuperMutant873
    Red Dead Revolver:
    Bounty Hunter Guide
    Copyright 2006, SuperMutant873                 Email: SuperMutant873@gmail.com
    All Rights Reserved                            Version: 1.63
    Table of Contents
    What Is Bounty Hunter Mode?------------------------------------------------II
    Disclaimer/Legal Stuff-----------------------------------------------------IV
    Version History------------------------------------------------------------V
    I. Intro
    Hey, this is my second guide for Red Dead Revolver, and my second guide ever.  
    It’s basically just to help you through any troubles involving the Bounty 
    Hunter Mode in this game.  If there is anyway that this guide could be better,
    please email me at SuperMutant837@aol.com [don’t worry, I will give you credit
    for what you add].  Now, email limitations.  Do NOT email me anything other 
    then suggestions to improve this guide.  Any emails concerning something other 
    then this guide, or another guide I have written, will be deleted.  If I 
    receive another email from the same person, you will be permanently blocked.  
    Thank you, and enjoy the guide!
    II. What Is Bounty Hunter Mode?
    Should this even be its own section?  It’s so short...  Well, it is, and 
    that’s that.  Anyways, it is a special mode in which you have to complete 
    certain chapters of this game with different guidelines or objectives. Getting 
    Bounty Hunter mode is very easy.  All you have to do is beat the game once.  
    Then, when you go into that same file, there will be an option at the bottom 
    of the screen called “Bounty Hunter.”  Select it.  The rules or objectives for 
    each level are stated on the same page the level is on.
    III. Walkthrough
    Chapter 1: Bulls Eye
    Objective: Shoot enemies only in the head.
    Strategy:  Play through the level as normal until you start getting attacked.  
    Then, take your time, and get close to the enemies before shooting.  You 
    should have enough max health to survive for a while, so just take as much 
    time as you need.  If you don’t have enough max health, look at my Secrets FAQ 
    to see how to increase it.  Also, your dad helps shoot the guys.  If you get 
    the golden gun cheat, it makes the level much easier.
    Reward: Falling Star [Showdown Character]
    Chapter 2: Twin Rocks
    Objective: Clear the level without getting hit.
    Strategy:  This is pretty hard to do.  The invincibility cheat won’t work 
    here.  At first, kill the men, and then take cover behind the cart.  Kill ALL 
    of the people from here by peeking out and shooting with the rifle.  Then, for 
    the boss fight, keep moving [I like to walk backwards and zig-zag] and shoot 
    at the guys.  Use deadeye a lot.  If you are lucky, one or two of them will 
    get stuck in the town type area, so you only face one at a time.  It helps to 
    get Golden Gun and Infinite Deadeye.
    Reward: Curly Shaw [Showdown Character]
    Chapter 3: Ugly Street fight
    Objective: Complete the level without hitting the sheriff.
    Strategy:  This is easy.  Use the Scorpion and play through the level as 
    normal until you are forced to fight Ugly Chris.  Shoot him as many times as 
    possible until he picks up the sheriff.  Then, take your time, and aim for the 
    head or feet.  One or two shots should make him drop the sheriff, and when he 
    does, unload on him again.
    Reward: Twiggy Phelps [Showdown Character]
    Chapter 5: Railroad
    Objective: Defeat Hoss within 2 minutes.
    Strategy:  Hoss is the guy that is forcing the engineer to speed up the train.  
    To get to him, just run past all the guys and don’t worry about them.  Again, 
    you should have enough max health.  If you can, shoot them, but don’t stop 
    running.  After defeating Fawler [should take one or two shots] run back, and 
    again don’t stop to shoot the guys.  You should get to Hoss with some time 
    left, so just get a couple of headshots on him and he should go down.
    Reward: Sheriff Bartlet [Showdown Character]
    Chapter 6: Carnival Life
    Objective: Get a combo for over $500 and defeat Pig Josh
    Strategy:  When the second wave of clowns comes, go up to the stationary gun.  
    Then continuously shoot at all of them.  After a few tries, your combo should 
    be very large.  If this doesn’t work, then, at the same time, use your weakest 
    gun and shoot and kill as many as possible.  After getting the combo, complete 
    the level as usual.
    Reward: Fidgit [Showdown Character]
    Chapter 7: Freak Show
    Objective: Kill Atlas and get a combo for over $300
    Strategy:  First, take out your double Show Stoppers.  Then shoot Atlas as 
    many times as you can until he dies.  Then quickly turn around and use your 
    deadeye.  You should have killed a few enemies by now.  Keep using your 
    deadeye until you run out, and then just shoot as many of the little clowns as 
    possible.  If you have infinite deadeye, just keep using that over and over 
    again until you have the combo.
    Reward: Professor Perry [Showdown Character]
    Chapter 8: Rouge Valley
    Objective: Find all 3 treasures.
    Strategy:  This is very easy, but it takes time.  Basically all you have to do 
    is explore the entire level and look for 3 boxes.  Shoot them, and a treasure 
    will come out.
    1.	On the path below the first bridge.  Fall down and open the crate.
    2.	Just before jumping up to the area with the trees, there is a path leading 
    down on the right side.  Go down there and open the crate.
    3.	During the fight with Bad Bessie, drop down to a ledge on the left side.  
    This usually contains a health, which should help in defeating Bessie.  
    Someone told me this, but I forgot who.  Email me if it was you.
    Reward: “Sissy” Fess [Showdown Character]
    Chapter 9: Ghost Town
    Objective: Complete the level in 4 minutes.
    Strategy:  This is actually very easy.  Just keep running and shooting 
    everything that moves with your Scorpion.  You should clear this with a lot of 
    time left, and rack up big combos [not needed, but enjoyed just the same].  
    There really isn’t any strategy to this, just shoot like crazy!
    Reward: “Dig” Fowler [Showdown Character]
    Chapter 11: Range War
    Objective:  Get a combo for over $200
    Strategy: This is a pretty hard level.  What I did was wait until the men 
    start coming from far away, outside of the fence.  Then, I sniped them with my 
    rifle over and over again until I got a good enough combo.  It might take you 
    a few tries, but its possible.
    Reward: Smitty [Showdown Character]
    Chapter 12: Bar Fight (Saloon Fight)
    Objective:  Keep all three girls alive.
    Strategy: Just stay downstairs with the three girls the whole time.  Watch for 
    guys attacking them, and when they do, hit them with a bottle.  If a girl gets 
    carried upstairs, run after her to protect her.  Also, throw all of your 
    bottles except one, which should be used as a melee weapon.  The hardest part 
    is that you have to go on to defeat Sam and if you lose on him, you have to 
    start all over again at the very beginning.  It helps a lot if you have Golden 
    Gun and Invincibility.
    Reward: Natalie [Showdown Character]
    Chapter 13: The Traitor
    Objective:  Keep at least 2 charge setters alive.
    Strategy: Since it is almost impossible to protect the two guys in the 
    beginning, just let them die and play through as normal until the next two 
    come.  Then, stay by them always, and go after the guys shooting them.  Don’t 
    be afraid to take a few bullets for them, because you can get more health 
    while they cannot.
    Reward: Fallen Peak [Showdown Level]
    Chapter 14: Sunset Canyon
    Objective:  Steal a horse without being spotted.
    Strategy: This is very easy.  First run up a little bit and snipe the first 
    man walking down the hill.  Then, run to where he was, turn left, and snipe 
    the next man.  Run up to almost the top of the hill on the left side (by a 
    rock for cover) and wait until you can see both men guarding the horse.  When 
    you can see them, either snipe them both or run up and shoot them in the back.  
    Then, run into the building and get on the horse.
    Reward: Sunset Canyon [Showdown Level]
    Chapter 15: Bear Mountain
    Objective:  Get to the source of the river without being spotted.
    Strategy:  I haven’t beaten this level yet, so I cannot give you a complete 
    walkthrough of it, but I can give you tips that helped me out a lot.  First, 
    take your time!  You should take as much time as you need to scope out the 
    area and aim for headshots.  Second, I sometimes found it easier to kill some 
    people with the knife.  So if you can’t get them with the arrow, try the 
    knife.  Good luck.  Some people have taken it upon themselves to write 
    complete level guides [which I’m very grateful for] or just give advice...
    Complete and in depth walkthrough from Chris Hall:
          “*I did all this with the bow
    **Anything in double star brackets like this can be avoided, and you 
    won't fail the goal.**
    When you start off the level, jump up the rock wall, and get into the 
    shooting mode before you see the first two guards.  Shoot the one on 
    the bottom first because if you shoot the one on the top, the bottom 
    one will hear you, and you will fail.  Try to fit him in the back and 
    he'll die.  I don't have a strategy for the top one, as he presented 
    the most trouble for me for this level.  It's like a 50/50 chance 
    you'll kill him.  Anyways, after you do, run up to the rocks on the 
    right, and run across the log to the little island.  In between two 
    trees there is another guard.  Snipe him in the head, and then go 
    back across the log, and go left, and stop before the little ledge 
    thing, and get into shooting mode again, as there is another guard on 
    the ground.  Wait until you get a clear shot for the head or chest for 
    a kill, and then continue.  If you don't want to kill the four guards 
    around the campfires, just crouch and walk behind the crate when they 
    are asleep, and you can save arrows.  If you do that, skip this next 
    **Campfire snipe (not necessary for Bounty Hunter, but fun)** After you 
    kill the last patrolling guard, go up to the rock where the 
    standing one was <the one where you were on the island and shot him 
    between the trees>, and aim to the lower campfire, and shoot the awake 
    one as he is closer, so the other one has more distance to travel, and 
    therefore you have more time to get a decent shot.  I usually used the 
    special for the second one.  Then go up to the upper campfire, it 
    should be almost right to the right of where you are standing.  I like 
    to use the flaming special on the big one, and hope he runs into the 
    other guy and they both die, and I laugh.  If you follow the path to 
    the right, you can see a metal box, if you shoot it with an 
    arrow, Annie's Faith gun appears.  Collect it if you want, and then 
    jump up on the rocks and go into the next section.**
    After you go through the little tunnel, you come into a trench.  This 
    is your heaven for this section.  There is three guards here.  Wait 
    until a guard is close to you and shoot him in the chest/head to kill 
    him.  Do not move, and do the same thing to the second guard.  The 
    third one is stupid, and you have to go and trigger him.  So step out 
    of the trench, and walk over to the last rock wall, it is big, and grey 
    coloured.  When you are near it, move the camera to see around the 
    corner.  Once you see his flame, run back to the trench and shoot him 
    with an arrow in the same place as the other two.  After that, run in 
    like a U shape <you go under a rock bridge>.  However, be careful 
    going into it, because there is a guard around the corner.  Move close 
    the to the wall on the right, and move the camera to see him.  Then, 
    run back a bit to the last corner, and wait until you hear him jump up, 
    and back down <it should only be a few seconds after he jumps up>.  
    Then run around the corner, and shoot him in the back, as he is walking 
    After you kill that patrol guard, this next section, you can go nuts on 
    these guard, and you still won't fail.  But I like to keep the stealth 
    mode here as well.  **Before the log, I shot the two guards by the 
    close campfire.  I usually "specialed" one of them, and when the other 
    was walking around confused, I shot him in the head.  Walk about 
    halfway across the bridge, and look down at the next campfire, you 
    should see a big guard standing there asleep.  Special him one, and 
    shoot him with a regular arrow.  Continue to walk down to this 
    campfire, but don't cross the two trees into it.  Wait until you see a 
    guard walking near the trees, and run back, and he'll follow you, and 
    shoot him in the head.  There is only two more guards at this 
    campfire.  Do as you wish to them, just make sure that they are dead 
    when you're done.**  When you kill them, go down to the edge of the 
    cliff where you can jump into the water, but DON'T just yet.  Kill the 
    two guards that come from behind the rock, and then run back up near 
    the second campfire, and shoot the first patrol guard in the water.  He 
    will drop a heath pack.  Go back to the cliff, and jump into the 
    water.  Carefully walk up to the tunnel, but don't go in.  Once you see 
    the second guard, run back to a rock that is just before the little 
    waterfall.  It's easy to find, as it is the only rock sticking up out 
    of the water.  Here, the guards won't see you.  When the second one 
    comes, shoot him in the head or chest, and then go carefully into the 
    tunnel.  There is a big rock on your left, just wait here, and turn the 
    camera to see the last guard in this section.  After he starts to move 
    back, run back to where you were before, the rock outside of the 
    tunnel.  Wait here, and snipe him in the head or chest.  Walk through 
    the tunnel.
    When you come out, there is a barricade on the left which is where you 
    want to go, but can't. Jump up onto the left part of the rock on the 
    right, and wait until you see the guard come.  Run back to one of the 
    smaller rocks in the water, and jump on it.  He won't see you, and you 
    should have a clear head shot for a few seconds.  Once you get a clear 
    one, shoot him.  The next one is really easy because you can shoot the 
    guard through the barricade.  He is patrolling the last strip of water 
    to the end.  There is a decent sized hold in the right, lower area of 
    it.  If you can position yourself correctly, you can get a kill shot 
    from here.  You will only have one more guard left to kill before you 
    get the bounty hunter goal, and he's a pain in the a**.  Jump up onto 
    the land on the right, and tilt the camera so you can see around the 
    corners.  To lure him out, walk close to the cave, and stay close 
    enough to see him, but far away enough so he can't see you.  Just hide 
    behind a wall, and wait until he turns around, and then come out and 
    snipe him in the back.  If he dies, you've got the bounty hunter, as 
    long as you don't die.  Just walk to the next campfire <on the other 
    side of the tunnel, where you shot the guy through the barricade>, and 
    shoot a flaming arrow at one of them, and head shots to the others.  
    When you're done this part, just walk to the end, and the title will 
    say that the Bounty Hunter goal has been reached.  You don't even have 
    to beat Grizzly, you're done!  YAY!
    Some important notes: TAKE YOUR TIME!  You need practice to get good at 
    this level, just keep playing it until you know what's going to happen 
    in every part of the level.  The goal only applies to the patrolling 
    guards, so if you don't get a kill shot on some of the other guards, 
    don't worry, you didn't fail the bounty hunter.  The ones with the 
    torches are the ones who need to be killed silently.  That's it!  Good 
    Advice from Brian Simpson:
    “I was hoping if you wanted anymore tips on how to beat Chapter 15, I 
    have a few.  It took me awhile, but here's my idea.  For most of the 
    guys, you should use your bow, but in certain situations you should use 
    your knife if they are at a closer range for example.  The mission is 
    also not failed if you are seen by guys that don't have torches in their 
    hands.  A good tip is to shoot the walls nearby the patrolling guards and 
    they will go to investigate, which then is your chance to nail a 
    headshot.  Also, patience is a necessity.  Also, I haven't tested this 
    much, but you can get the rifle "Faith".  Once you get to the second 
    bonfire, jump onto the rocks to your right, and go down the path straight 
    ahead of you.  From there is a chest, and inside is Faith which is the 
    rifle the girl uses.  It's strong and I used it against the bonfire 
    guards.  Golden Gun makes this level 200% easier also, and much faster.  
    I hope that helped, if not, oh well.  Hope to see more walkthroughs from 
    Advice from Frank Ugarte:
    “As for Chapter 15: Bear Mountain you only need to worry about the 
    patrolling guards.  Any guards who are at campsite and see you will not 
    cause you to fail the mission.  Took me over two hours to finally complete 
    this level.”
    Reward: Grizzly [Showdown character]
    Chapter 17: The Mine
    Objective:  Complete the level in 3 minutes.
    Strategy: This is only the boss fight of the level, so it is actually very 
    easy.  First, kill the guy on the top level.  When this happens, the second 
    guy will run up to try to revive him.  Kill him before he can do so.
    Reward: “Sad Stars” Cheat
    Chapter 18: Stagecoach
    Objective:  Kill at least 40 enemies.
    Strategy: There really is no strategy except to kill everyone.  Try to shoot 
    all for men on the horses each time they come.  When I did this, I think I 
    only missed two or three, so 40 is almost all of the men.  Keep trying until 
    you get it.
    Reward: “No HUD” Cheat
    Chapter 20: Fort Diego
    Objective:  Get a combo for over $300.
    Strategy: There are three times when I believe this can be done.  The first is 
    in the very beginning.  Just run around crazily shooting everything.  The 
    second is in the same place, but when you return there the second time.  Do 
    the same thing I said above.  The third time is when you fight Colonel Daren.  
    Either keep shooting him with the gatling gun, or run down towards him and 
    shoot him a lot of times.  When he is about to launch his cannon, run behind a 
    wall, and quickly pop out to continue the combo.
    Reward: “Bite the Bullet” Cheat
    Chapter 21: End of the Line
    Objective:  Get a combo for over $200.
    Strategy: I did this on the part where you get on the gatling gun on the old 
    man’s cart.  Just keep shooting back and forth until you think the combo is 
    going to go away.  Then shoot one of the men on the horses, and resume 
    shooting the train.  Be sure not to destroy it until you get the combo.
    Reward: No Distortion Cheat
    Chapter 24: Battle Finale
    Objective:  Kill all the pedestrians in 1 minute.
    Strategy:  Yes, kill the pedestrians! FUN!  The only reason this is hard is 
    because they all run around aimlessly.  When the level starts, try to take out 
    as many as possible before they start to run.  Then, just keep shooting them 
    down.  You may not be able to find one or two of them, so you’ll have to 
    restart the level.
    Reward: “Infinite Deadeye” Cheat
    Chapter 25: The Siege
    Objective:  Complete the level with Jack’s health at over 50%
    Strategy: Keep Jack and Annie at full health until the part where you have to 
    guard the door.  Then, use your deadeye a lot, and shoot everyone.  When Annie 
    comes down, protect her, because she is usually the one to die.  Also, you 
    should have infinite deadeye, and invincibility to make this much easier.  It 
    is one of the hardest bounty hunter levels there is.
    Reward: “Golden Gun” Cheat
    Chapter 27: Fall From Grace
    Objective:  Complete the level in 1 minute.
    Strategy: This is easier then it sounds.  The first part you should complete 
    in 10 seconds or less.  For the second part, just run out crazily and unload 
    on the Governor [use deadeye to avoid reloading].  When his health is most of 
    the way down, you will have to duel him.  This is the hardest part, but with 
    your Scorpion, it should be a lot easier.
    Reward: Invincibility
    IV. Disclaimer/Legal Stuff
    This guide may not be reproduced for any reason, except for personal and 
    private use.  No Website can copy this guide and place it on their Website or 
    otherwise distribute it publicly without written permission from me.  
    Displaying this publicly any place other then the listed sites without written 
    permission from me is prohibited, and is a violation of copyright.
    Copyright 2006, SuperMutant873
    V.  Version History
    8/13/04: Guide Started.  Intro, What Is Bounty Hunter Mode, Disclaimer/Legal 
    Stuff completed.
    8/14/04: Started Walkthrough.  Up to Chapter 9 completed.
    8/15/04: Made ASCII Art.  All except Chapter 15 completed.  First version 
    submitted to GameFAQ’s.
    6/26/2005:  Nothing new, just felt like updating.
    8/30/2005:  Added Brian Simpson’s strategy for Chapter 15.
    2/4/2006:  Pretty much useless update...
    9/21/2006:  Added Chris Hall’s complete guide for Chapter 15.
    9/25/2006: Updated the legal stuff and added supercheats and neoseeker as 
    sites that can host this guide.
    VI. Credits
    Chris Hall for a complete, in depth, awesome guide for Chapter 15.
    Whoever gave me the info for Rogue Valley. Thanks!  If you e-mail and tell me 
    it was you, I’ll add your name in my next update, sorry.
    Brian Simpson for the strategy for Chapter 15.
    Frank Ugarte for info on how to beat Chapter 15, and correcting the reward for 
    Chapter 21.
    GameFAQ’s for posting my guide.
    RockStar for making this game.
    Me for writing this guide. Heh...

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