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    Game Script by Lonegunn

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                                   Red Dead Revolver
                                     By LoneGunN
    Copyright 2011 LoneGunN
    Table of contents
         01. Bullseye............................[M01]
         02. Bounty Hunter.......................[M02]
         03. Ugly Streetfight....................[M03]
         04. The Traincar\Railroaded.............[M04]
         05. Carnival Life.......................[M05]
         06. Freak Show..........................[M06]
         07. Rogue Valley........................[M07]
         08. Ghost Town\The Cemetery.............[M08]
         09. Range War...........................[M09]
         10. Bar Fight...........................[M10]
         11. The Traitor ........................[M11]
         12. Sunset Canyon\Bear Mountain.........[M12]
         13. Jailbreak\The Mine..................[M13]
         14. Stagecoach\Hell Pass................[M14]
         15. Fort Diego..........................[M15]
         16. End of the Line\Devils and Angels...[M16]
         17. Brimstone...........................[M17]
         18. Battle Royale.......................[M18]
         19. Battle Finale.......................[M19]
         20. The Siege...........................[M20]
         21. House of Cards......................[M21]
         22. Fall from Grace.....................[M22]
         01. Day One.............................[B01]
         02. Day Two.............................[B02]
         03. Day Three...........................[B03]
         O4. Day Four............................[B04]
         05. Day Five............................[B05]
    Red.......The Main Character of the Game
    Nate......Nate Harlow is Red's Father.
    Star......Fallen Star is Red's Mother
    Jack......Jack Swift is a English Gun Slinger
    Annie.....Annie Stoakes is the owner of the Stoakes Ranch.
    Wolf......Shadow Wolf is Red Cousin and an Native American Hunter.
    Buffalo...Buffalo Soldier is a African American in the U.S. Army.
    Kelly.....Mr Kelly is three time winner of the Battle Royale.
    Bartlett..Sheriff Bartlett is the lawman of Brimstone.
    O'Grady...Sheriff O'Grady is the lawman of Widow's Patch.
    Katie.....Katie O'Grady is Sheriff O'Grady Daughter.
    Diego.....General Diego is the commander of the Renegade Army.
    Daren.....Colonel Daren is Diego right hand man.
    Griffon...Governor Griffon is the Governor of Brimstone.
    ||Missions                                                                   ||
    1.) Bullseye                                                              [M01]
    [Nate Harlow comes home from a long trip,Nate Harlow is reunited with his wife,
    Fallen Star and his son, Red]
    Nate: Dearling
    Red: Pa
    Nate: Son! Are troubles are finally over. We hit a vain of gold as wide as a
          localmotive that runs clear through bear mountain.
    Red: Hay Pa, Where did you get that?
    [Nate pulls out his new pistol]
    Nate: isnt she a beaut.
    Red: Yeah can i hold it?
    Nate: She's one of a pair, only two in the whole world.
    Red: Where the other one?
    Nate: My Partner Griff has it. We made them up special to symbolize are new 
          found wealth.
    Red: Can i try it out?
    Nate: One day this fine weapon will be yours. But for now why dont you take my
          old pistol. Go down to the river and practice. While i give your mom her
    [Red Goes down to the river to practice, after a while]
    Star: Red, Red Harlow what are you doing to my pots and pans.
    Nate: Now dont henpeck the boy. Next trip into town ill buy you whole bunch
         of new pots and pans.
    [All the sudden a bunch of men raid nate's home]
    Nate: Red, Up the hill quick boy, we're being raided.
    Red: Im Coming Pa.
    Nate: Come on, Red its now or never.
    [Red fends off most of the attackers, when out of nowhere. Red hears two 
    Nate: No!
    Star: Dont!
    Red: Pa, Pa, Get up Pa. Get up Pa.
    Daren: Kid i reckon your pa is better off dead. Him being such a yellow belly
           and all.
    [Red Picks up the hand gun thats in the fire. He manages to shoot Daren's arm
    off and burn his hand at the same time. The rest of Daren's men ride off. 
    Leaving Red behind with his burnt hand.]
    2.) Bounty Hunter                                                         [M02]
    [Many years later, Red is walking with his dog. When a man comes out from 
    underneath his cart. Red Pulls out his gun]
    Seller: Oh easy there friend. Come on over here, Come on now. Its to dangerous
            for A man to be walking in these parts. I deal in weapons and goods 
            see.[Man sells red some goods] I would have offered you more then 
            that. But a gang of Ruffins have run me off of my.. oh. I didnt...
    BadGuy1: You holding out on us old man?
    Seller: No!
    BadGuy2: What the hell are you looking at?
    BatGuy1: Fill him full of lead.
    BadGuy3: Im going to make mincemeat out of you.
    [After the Fight]
    Seller: Damn son, Hell. You've done killed them all. You Know, You could get 
            quite a handsome Bounty for these fellas if you took them down to 
            Sheriff O'Grady in Widow's Patch
    Red: Ill be taking your cart.
    Seller: Sure whatever you say Bounty Hunter.
    3.) Ugly Streetfight                                                      [M03]
    [Red Travels to Widow's Patch where he finds Sheriff O'Grady, He tries to get
    the bounty for the men he just killed.]
    Red: How Much for the Lot?
    O'Grady: Well you did good son. But your out of luck. Take a look around, 
             There aint much here. I got nothing to offer ya, The Ugly Gang done 
             Destroyed my town.
    BadGuy1: Look at that mangy mutt.
    BadGuy2: I bet that damn dog gone peed himself over those fancy boots of yours.
    [One of the Bad Guys shoots Red's Dog]
    BadGuy1: Damn varmint 
    [Red Pulls his gun, O'Grady runs off. A fight ensues, After red Kills all 
    Other memeber of the Ugly gang. Sheriff O'Grady walks out of his Office with
    "Ugly Chris" behind him.]
    Ugly Chris: Where you running off to sheriff? You might have beaten my gang.
                But your aint going to get by me.
    [Red Kill Ugly Chris and Saves Sheriff O'Grady.]
    Kate: Mister please, Can you Help me, You gotta help my pa. Theres no doctor 
          left in this town.
    O'Grady: Closest Doctor is in Brimstone. Sheriff Bartlett might offer ya
             a handsome reward if in ya can get me there.
    Kate: Ill send a telegram and tell them of your arrival.
    4.) The Traincar\Railroaded                                               [M04]
    [Red and Sheriff O'Grady are on a train heading to Brimstone]
    O'Grady: Its a long ride to brimstone. But i reckon ill manage. I've made this 
             trip a hundred times. Its seem so much longer with your guts hanging
             out. Ill better rest awhile now.
    Man1: The Best General Store in the territory is in Brimstone. I should know,
          I own it. Stop by the General Store friend, we'll fix you up real nice.
    Man2: Hay Mister you heading to Brimstone too. I reckon thats where everybody
          is heading. Always jobs in Brimstone. Me, Im going to work for Carnaby 
          Peabody. Hes the manager of the Brimstone Bank and a real swell guy. If
          you need a loan. Carnaby Peabody is the man to see.
    Man3: Howdy Gunslinger, You'll see plenty more of your kind in Brimstone. Fella
          Like yourself might do alright in the dueling contest. Thats right the
          battle royale is coming. Best you visit the gun shop when we arrive.
    Woman: Mister you could use a hot bath and some fresh clothes. Oww My Gracious
           Whatever is that smell. Sir you are foul smelling & terribly rude. I 
           have nothing more to say to you
    Man4: Why are you Bothering me for, sit back down.
    [After a while the sound of gun fire can be heard from outside]
    Woman: Bandits!
    O'Grady: Well Bounty Hunter, if you want this train to make it to Brimstone
             You better load up those guns of yours.
    Man4: Now this heres a robbery. Nobody plays hero, Nobody dies.
    [Red Duels the man and kills him. Red goes out side And after a while.]
    Woman: Ahh Why is the train speeding up? Something must have happen to the 
    [He Then fights his way to the Train Engineer. When Red Gets there the Engineer
    is tring to slow down the Train.]
    Engineer: Train is going to fly off the tracks. I gotta slow us down. [Engineer
              Pulls the lever] That was close. Hey Thanks for saving me. Hey Let me
              Patch you up a bit. [Red Kills the rest of the Gang] Next Stop 
    [Train Pulls into Brimstone.]
    Man: Transatlantic Express is now arriving in Brimstone Station from Widow's
    5.) Carnival Life                                                         [M05]
    [Red and Sheriff O'Grady get off the Train]
    Bartlett: You the Bounty Hunter? Sheriff Bartlett, I got your telegram. Mighty
              Greatful to you. I might have some work for you. Stop by my office
    [Bartlett then goes and takes Sheriff O'Grady to the doctor, Later Red goes to
    Bartlett's Office]
    Bartlett: If your as good a bounty hunter as O'Grady says you are. You can help
              me with some real outlaws reeking havoc in my territory. It be a 
              pretty penny to you. You might want to start with Pig Josh. Hes one 
              crazy outlaw and circus freak. Just be careful, hes got a hankering
              for dynamite. Oh you might keep your eyes out for some English fella.
              He dont know what motley crue hes hanging with.
    [Red Goes to Pig Joshes to last location to find someone hanging in a cage]
    Jack: Excuse me, Excuse me sir. I seem to have found myself in most 
          unforchanet situation. If you be kind of enough to help me?
    Red: You aint my problem.
    Jack: Indeed Sir. However you might feel differently once you look behind you.
    [Red frees Jack Swift and together they fight off the clowns. Until]
    Jack: Im guessing theres more where they came from. That contraption should
          make sort work of them. Ill cover you.
    [Red takes a Gatling Gun, while a new wave of enemies come at red. After Red
    Take care of them. Pig Josh bolts out of a circus wagon.]
    Pig Josh: Your gonna blow up real good, cowboy. hahahaha.
    [After a long while, Red finally kills Pig Josh]
    Jack: Thank you sir, your help has been immensely appreciated. If i can be of
          any assistance what so ever. Do not hesitate to call on me. Now if you 
          excuse me i have a certain debt to collect from professor perry and his
          circus crew. Good Day to you.
    6.) Freak Show                                                            [M06]
    [When Jack Swift Catches up with Perry, He finds a woman tied up]
    Woman: You Cowards, Somebody let me free. Oh Mister, Mister please you gotta 
           let me loose.
    Jack: Shhhhh
    [Swift goes to untie the Woman, When a knife is thrown at him. Swift protects
    the woman from the killer Circus, Then a man blows up a building]
    Man: Who is up for some barbecue?
    [After a while Professor Perry shows up with his jug of something that lets 
    him to disappear]
    Perry: Jack What a unpleasant surprise [Jack Shoots, But Perry disappear] That 
           wasnt very nice Jack. Dont bet on making it out again.[After a While]
           Time for a little Pick me up i think. My boys will keep you busy. 
           [later] All this excitement has made me quite thirsty. [later] Damn it 
           ive almost run dry. O.k. Swift ive had enough of you, now.
    [Finally Jack kills Perry and frees the Woman]
    Woman: That was Incredible, You'd saved my life.
    Jack: All in a days work. I only wish it were more financially gratifying.
    Woman: Well Shoot Mister. If getting yourself a little money is all your 
           worried about. I know where someone with your talent could pick up
           5000 dollers in gold without even trying.
    Jack: Pray do tell, Young Lady and ill be forever in your debt.
    Woman: Theres a Sharpshooter Competition in Brimstone. Winner takes all, 
           Shouldnt be a problem for such a fine marksman like yourself.
    Jack: Well Madam. 
    7.) Rogue Valley                                                          [M07]
    [In the Sheriff Bartlett Office]
    Bartlett: Not bad bounty hunter, not bad at all. Now i reckon you could really
              line your pockets. If you dont mind hunting down a woman. If in you
              can call her a woman. [Bartlett points to a picture of Bad Bessie]
    [Red goes to the Valley, after taking out several enemies. He Comes across the
    Seller form the begining of the Game, Who is hiding in a cave]
    Seller: Hey Friend. [Sells you Something] Fellow me, i know a short cut. Friend
            you go ahead ill follow you. Oh thanks mister, we're home free.
    [The Seller is then killed by a sniper. After a while red finally finds Bad
    Bad Bessie: I could hear you coming little man. You think you can handle taking
                on a woman like me. Your either drunk or crazy.
    Red: Hate to kill a lady.
    [Red Kills Bessie, He picks up her body and walks off]
    8.) Ghost Town\The Cemetery                                               [M08]
    [In the Sheriff Bartlett Office]
    Bartlett: Ha Ha Ha I reckon that old Bessie was a real handful. Take care of
              this last one. And ill make it worth your while. Mister Black, hes a
              Strange one. Truth be told im aint even sure hes alive. But hes hurt
              alot of good folks in this town and he needs taking care of.
    [Red goes to the Ghost Town where hes ambushed. After a while Red comes across
    Jesse Lynch, Who Duels with Red]
    Jesse Lynch: Your judgment day has come!
    [Red kills Jesse Lynch and Moves on to the Cemetery. Where he finds Mr. Black.
    Mr Black says nothing. Black has burial casket on his back. Red kills him. 
    Black falls into his coffin. Red then kicks the coffin lid shut.]
    9.) Range War                                                             [M09]
    [In the Sheriff Bartlett Office]
    Bartlett: Your one hell of a bounty hunter mister. You make me one fine deputy.
    Red: I just want my money.
    Bartlett: From what i hear, The wagon hasnt arrived with the bank's gold. 
              You'll have to take that up with Mr. Peabody, the Bank Manager.
    [Red goes to the bank, to find the Peabody talking to Annie Stoakes]
    Annie: I just need one more week. I can pay you the five thousand that i owe.
           But the Governor is bribing my ranch hands to leave and i cant do it
           by myself.
    Peabody: Well why not sell up to the governor. You could always move into town 
             and work in the saloon.
    Annie: Saloon, How dare you. I Just need one more week.
    Peabody: I dont think the owner of the bank would approve. [Points to Picture
             of The Governor]
    Annie: Well maybe i can speak with him, myself.
    Peabody: Im sorry, but the Governor is to busy for the likes of you.
    Annie: To hell with that evil son of a bitch. Hes mining enough gold out of 
           bear mountain. What the hell dose he want with my damn ranch.
    [She Bumps into red on the way out.]
    Red: Ma'am
    Peabody: Im sorry sir, how can i be of assistance.
    Red: I want my money.
    Peabody: We have a small problem.
    Red: Then tell me of the gold in bear mountain that young lady was talking 
    Peabody: Im sorry we cant disclose anything about our clients.
    Red: Then tell me where she lives and when i get back, you better have my gold.
    [Annie Stoakes returns to her ranch to find a letter hanging from a post]
    Annie: Sorry Annie but the Governor made us a better offer. Good Luck Sam. God 
           not you too sam. 
    [As Annie runs to her house. Men are burning down her ranch. Annie Rushes to
    free the cattle from the burning barn.]
    Annie: Come on Batsy, Im not going to let you roast.
    [After Annie fends off the attackers. Red Shows Up]
    Red: Ma'am
    Annie: Do i know you stranger.
    Red: Tell me about the gold mine in bear moutain.
    Annie: I know nothing about a gold mine. You might want to take a trip on down
           to the saloon in brimstone. Its always littered with a bunch of drunks
           yapping about it. But watch yourself mister. You want no business with
           the folks in that town. This place is all i ever known.
    [Red writes something on the back of sams note and hands it to Annie]
    Red: Ma'am
    Annie: Five thousand pieces in gold. This will help me keep my ranch.
    10.) Bar Fight                                                            [M10]
    [Red Walks into the saloon in brimstone and sits at the bar]
    Man1: All im saying is if it were me who lost an arm.
    Man2: Well maybe but a cannon, well thats too much gun for any man.
    Dan: Ahh Cork your whiskey hole. You didnt know him before like i did. Only
         a cannon could replace that mans arm.
    Red: How did he lose his arm.
    Dan: We're aint telling you nothing stranger. Near as i can tell, we aint even 
         talking to you.
    Man2: Take a walk.
    [Red break a bottle and holds it to Dan's neck]
    Red: Answers my questions and ill be on my way.
    Man2: Shut up, dont tell this stinking prairie dog nothing. Aint that right,
    Sam: I reckon so, Say Goodbye Mister.
    [A fight then ensues, After the fight]
    Woman: Well Your pretty good at a fight stranger. The only problem is that you
           lost your guns in all the ruckus. Here you go. Looks like you still got
           some business with those brothers. There not what you call kindly 
    Red: Open the damn door woman.
    Woman: Well Good luck too ya. But i got to look out for myself. So this door 
           is getting lock behind ya.
    [Red goes into the next room to find Dan]
    Dan: Well lookie what we gots here. If theres anything I cant stand, its a
         varmint what don't know its own business.
    [Red then duels with Dan and kills him. After while Dan Brother Sam shows up]
    Sam: Now the real show begins.
    [Red kills Sam and most of his gang, when]
    Bartlett: Alright there Bounty Hunter. Thats enough disturbing the peace for 
              one day. Hand over the weapon. I said hand it over.
    [Red hands over his weapon, Bartlett then puts Red in his jail cell.]
    Bartlett: Fella such as yourself. Should know better then to stick his nose
              where it dont belong.
    Red: Tell me about the one arm man.
    Bartlett: Ha Ha Whats it to you.
    Red: He killed my folks.
    Bartlett: Well ill be darned. I heard rumors that you were alive. But never 
              Believed it. Your Nate Harlow son, Red.
    Red: Tell me what you know about the death of my family.
    Bartlett: You see, it all happened about 12 years ago. When the U.S. Cavalry
              made a little incursion south of the border.
    11.) The Traitor                                                          [M11]
    [Bartlett tells the story of General Diego to Red]
    Diego: We have those gringo's exactly were we want them.
    Daren: General Estamos, Your not planning to take on the entire yankie army.
    Diego: You dont expect me to answer a stupid question like that. Prepare the
    [Diego instructs his cannon to attack the U.S. cannons by firing flares at the
    enemy targets. Afterwards..]
    Diego: Ahh Theres too many of them. The bridge must be destroyed. Set the
           charges where you must.
    Soldier: But general, That would be suicide.
    Diego: It certainly will be if you dont, andele! andele!
    [Diego Soldiers set the explosives while under attack by union soldiers. They 
    manage to blow up the bridge. Diego capture the rest of the enemy soldiers &
    a man in plain clothes]
    Diego: Andele! Andele! This will teach those gringo's to cross the Rio Grande.
    Daren: No Uniform, He must be a spy. Bring him to me.
    Diego: Take him to the river and shoot him like a dog.
    Griff: No! No! No! Im not a spy. Im a businessman. Please, I was just trying to
           Get across the river. Please, I have got gold, lots of gold.
    Diego: Ha Ha. You lie to save your pathetic life.
    Griff: No its true, its true. I have gold.
    Diego: Bring him to me.
    Griff: Its lots of gold. More gold then you've ever seen. A gold mine and its 
           just over the border in the territory. If you spare my life. I can give
           you half.
    Diego: Ha Why shouldnt i have all of it.
    Griff: Because you dont know where it is.
    Diego: You better speak fast. We need some privacy. Now tell me more about this
           Gold Mine.
    Griff: Truth be told, there is one little problem. I only own half the claim.
           My partner Nate owes the other half.
    Diego: What happens if i kill your partner.
    Griff: That would make us partners.
    Diego: Partner, Hahaha.
    [Back at Bartlett Office]
    Red: Where would i find this Diego.
    Bartlett: He rides through the territory to deliver gold to the Governor once
              a week. He rest his horses at devils fork. It wont be easy. That
              Wagon is like a fortress on wheels. The charges are dropped. If you
              reckon you can bring him in dead or.. Well Dead will do.
    Red: Much obliged
    12.) Sunset Canyon\Bear Mountain                                          [M12]
    [Red Goes to Devils Fork. And after a while searching he finds and mounts a 
    Soldier: Were being raided.
    [After Red is found out, A metal weagon makes a run for it. Red follows and 
    destroyes the wagon. Red investigates the wreckage. When Daren knocks him out
    from behind.]
    Diego: I want him alive. I have questions for this one. Take him to the gold
    [Shadow Wolf see the whole thing from above. Shadow Wolf goes to tell his chief
    Wolf: My Fathers, I have news.
    Chief: What is it Shadow Wolf.
    Wolf: Cousin Red is alive. I saw the devil Diego take him prisoner to the mines
    Chief: You must help him then. Go Shadow Wolf, But Beware of the Ghost Devil.
    [Shadow Wolf makes his way through Devils fork, Until he comes across Grizzly.
    A man who is more bear then man. Shadow Wolf makes sort work of him and moves
    13.) Jailbreak\The Mine                                                   [M13]
    [Red is a cell with another prisoner only known as Buffalo Soldier.]
    Buffalo: Its been a week since General Diego captured me. I dont know nothing 
             about bounty hunting. But ive been a slave once and i aint ever going
             to do it again.
    Wolf: Cousin Red
    Red: Shadow Wolf.
    Wolf: I knew i find you. The bond between us is strong.
    Buffalo: Ill go to brimstone. Ill have the cavalry here in no time.
    Wolf: Go Fast Soldier. Unless we separate we'll have no chance of escape. Ill 
          go this way and meet you at Diego's Fort.
    [Red goes into the mine. Eventually he finds a woman in a jail cell.]
    Woman: Come on, Think you can get me out of here. Ill be Much obliged. I was 
           starting to think no one would come and get me out of here. hurry the
           guards will get back at any minute.
    [Red gets the key and lets her out.]
    Woman: Thanks, Maybe you can use this key one of the guards left behind. I 
           thinks its to the door that leads to the fort.
    [Red goes to the Lounge to find some of Diego's goons.]
    BadGuy1: Finally, we've just been killing time since Mr Kelly made us guard 
             this hole in the ground. But it looks like things are picking up. haha
             Thats bad luck for you stanger.
    [Red Takes care of them and moves deeper into the mine and finds Ted and Tony
    waiting for him. He kills them both. After he finds the door to the mine shut. 
    He throws a cart at it. But it dosnt work. He Then takes the dead body of Tony
    and puts him on the cart and breaks through the door.]
    14.) Stagecoach\Hell Pass                                                 [M14]
    [Buffalo stop a stagecoach]
    Buffalo: Hay There, you going to Brimstone.
    Man: Close enough i suppose. Express road passes about a mile outside of Town.
    Buffalo: I got to get to the Governor. So he can call out the troops. There's 
             trouble coming from down south.
    Man: Well hop on back Soldier.
    [Buffalo gets on the wagon. On the way to brimstone the stagecoach was attacked
    by bandits and indians. But they make it to brimstone in good shape.]
    Man: Brimstone is about a mile or so down that way. Sorry i cant take you any
         Closer. But Theres some desperate folks in need of these supplies.
    Buffalo: Much obliged, Mister. Ill make sure to tell the Governor that you
             helped me. There might even be a reward...
    Man: If its all the same to you. I just assume that Governor Griffon dont even
         know who i am. Good luck to you, Soldier.
    [In the Governor office, Buffalo walks in]
    Buffalo: Governor, you got to call General Boaden right away sir.
    Griffon: Haha Who let you in here, Soldier.
    Buffalo: Theres a renegade General on your territory. His name is Diego. Hes
             running a gold mine and he using slave labor. [Someone comes behide
             him] Its a job that only the U.S. Army can handle sir. He has an army
             and a fort too.
    Griffon: Well thank you Soldier. Mister Diego is one of my biggest 
             contributors. Im sure this is just a simple misunderstanding. 
             But Mr. Kelly here, is going to take real good care of you.
    [Kelly points a gun at Buffalo]
    15.) Fort Diego                                                           [M15]
    [Red and Shadow Wolf make it to Fort Diego. When they get there, They are hit
    with heavy fire form a Gatling gun. They Both take cover.]
    Wolf: Cousin, If we wait much longer for the Cavalry. There be rescuing are 
          corpses. If we attack the Gatling Gun head on we'll both die. Ill draw 
          there fire. While you try find a way inside the walls.
    [Red kills the man at the balcony. He climbs up and goes around the walls.
    Finally he finds the Gatling Gun. Then Daren shows up. He has Shadow Wolf. Who
    he pushes to the ground and steps on him]
    Daren: Revenge shall be mine.
    [After a long fight. Red kills Daren, He looks at the body until he finds 
    Shadow Wolf mortally wounded.]
    Wolf: Many are the dead who have prayed for this moment. You have done well,
          Red. But his master Diego still lives. [Train Noise] Thats Diego war 
          train. Go cousin, finish what you have started.
    [Shadow Wolf then dies. Red takes Wolf's knife and pluges it into Daren body.]
    Red: Our people will now shall know of your courage, cousin.
    16.) End of the Line\Devils and Angels                                    [M16]
    [Somewhere in the train. Some Soldiers are just sitting around. Until..]
    Diego: What did you forget how to use those Rifles. Ive had enough. A Thousand
           pieces in gold to the man that bring me that gringo's head.
    [Red attacks the train. Releasing the train carts as he goes. Then a man with
    rail car with a gatling gun on board comes.]
    Man: Howdy Stranger, Sure is a lot of traffic on this here line today aint 
         there. Im heading into town to get this here gun polished. How about
    Man: Its sure hard work for a old man. I sure could use a hand. That train is
         Sure in a hurry. Welcome abord mister, I sure could use the help. Ohh
         There shooting at us. Why you suppose those fellas would go shooting at
         us. I reckon we give them a taste of there own medicine. Givem' hell
         boy. Oh they dont know who there messin' with. Hit the engine and watch
         them blow sky high. Take out the boiler that will stop them for sure.
    [Red Uses the gatling gun to blow up the engine stoping the train. Afterwards
    Diego jump off the train and starts shooting at Red]
    Diego: Its far from over gringo.
    [Red shoots and hits Diego. Diego then tries to crawl away]
    Diego: I have gold, lots of it. You can have it, If you spare my life. 
           Wiskey, Women, Fine Weapons, Anything you want. What do you say Partner.
    [Red then shoots Diego in the head.]
    17.) Brimstone                                                            [M17]
    [Red then returns to Brimstone.]
    Jack: Come to try your hand at five thousand dollars in gold i see. Your a man
          of few words. I respect that, i truly do. I believe your somewhat 
          acquainted with Miss Stoakes.
    Annie: You find what your looking for, stranger.
    Red: I reckon i did. You see a buffalo soldier ride into town.
    Kelly: That Boy, Haha. He wont be causing the governer anymore problems. I do 
           hope your planning to attend the Battle Royal. I would very much look
           forward to beating an adversary of your talent.
    Red: I just signed up.
    [Red, Annie and Jack walk past Mr. Kelly.]
    Jack: I had a run in with a very unpleasant fellow by the name of Kelly. Seems
          to think hes the one to win this competition. Well ill prove to him it
          takes more then some fancy clothes and silly accent to beat this old 
          etonian. Ill look forward to whipping him into shape. Are you going to
          enter. To tell you truth, i think your the only one i would consider up
          to my caliber. Hopefully we'll meet again in the final and ill found out.
    Annie: Oh its you, Well dont get in my way. Im going to signup for this Battle 
           Royal. If the Governor thinks he can scare me off my own land with hired
           goons. Well hes got another thing coming. When i win that five thousand
           dollars. Ill have enough to payback the bank, rebuild my farm and get my
           cattle back. Griffon wont be able to do a damn thing to get my land then
           and maybe everyone will realize he isnt as powerful as he makes out.
           Yeah, I think it's time the Governor got his nose bloodied a little,
           lets see how he likes a taste of his own medicine.
    Kelly: We meet again Bounty Hunter. I would wish you luck in the competition.
           But it wouldnt do you any good. Some folks have gotten the fool notion
           that you got a chance in the competition. Just remember one thing. To
           claim that prize money. You got to beat me. My advice to you is simple.
           Your entering a world where pretty good dosnt count. By the way your
           pretty good mister, HAhaha. Run along now. Lets see if you have the 
           kahunas to enter the contest tomorrow.
    18.) Battle Royale                                                        [M18]
    Bartlett: Well Red, I guess your here for one reason right. You want to enter
              the Battle Royal. Well if i was you, i would get my affairs in order
              before you enter. Mr. Kelly has been the champion for four years now
              and looks as if he still the one to beat. Though he definitely got
              tougher time on his hands this year. Had that english fella Swift in
              here earlier signing up. And Annie Stoakes wants to throw her hat in
              the ring too. So Red whatcha gonna do. You wanna enter the Battle 
              Royal too.
    [Red enters the Battle Royal. Later the competition starts with Red dueling 
    Gabriel Navarro.]
    Bartlett: Hes killed so many men down south. He had to come up north to find 
              some more, Senor Gabriel Navarro. At the other end, A man of 
              mystery. Some of you might have heard Of all the recent Bounty 
              Hunting he did on behalf of the town. Ladies and Gentlemen, Red.
    [Red then duels with Navarro. Red then kills Navarro. Afterwards theres a 
    montage of Annie and Jack Shooting down there opponents]
    Jack: That should leave a bruise.
    Bartlett: I dont reckon he should be so eager to get himself killed. But rules
              is the rules. And theres no denying hes quick on the draw. He cant
              shave. But he sure can shoot. The challenger, Kid Cougar.
    [Red Duels with Kid Cougar and unfortunately for Cougar. Hes is shot and 
    killed. Afterwards everybody goes to the saloon.]
    Bartlett: Red, glad to see you made it through the preliminaries. Tomorrow 
              should prove to be a exciting day. I dont think ive ever seen Kelly
              look nervous before. Something about you must have realy goten under
              his skin. Im growing to like you more everyday red. If you win
              tomorrow. Stop by my office, i might have a job for ya.
    Jack: Evening Red, Meal, China. Afraid ive had a little too much to drink. Fine
          gentlemen behind the bar keeps serving a elixir he calls Red Eye. I saw 
          you duel earlier. You really are quite good. Almost as good as i was in 
          my hayday. But these days, alas im a little too fond of the sauce. 
          I can barely keep my hands steady these days. So i think its time to
          hung up my holster for good. Maybe take thing easier for a while. So 
          after i win tomorrow. I think ill find a nice gal with a big piece of 
          land to her name and spend the rest of my days sipping whiskey and
          telling lies about my days in the army.
    Kelly: HaHaHa I wouldnt be too cocky Bounty Hunter. Even a blind squirrel finds
           a nut from time to time. Your bounty hunting exploits must have scared 
           off the real competition. Which is the only reason you made it this far.
           One quick question Bounty Hunter. Should i make it quick & shoot you 
           between the eyes. Or should i shoot you in the stomach and let you bleed
           to death. Either way ill will make sure you dont live long enough to see
           another sunset. Make the most of your evening. For i intend it to be 
           your last.
    Man: That was nice shooting out there Bounty Hunter. You got a steady arm and
         a good aim. Governor could use a man like you. Of course the Governor 
         cant use you if your dead. So you better be as good as you think you are.
         Because Mr. Kelly is. I wouldnt make one mistake out there partner. Not 
         if you want to live long enough to win that prize money.
    Woman1: You wont win tomorrow. I saw you today and you were as slow as a snail
            with two bad knees. Mr. Kelly is gonna to chew you up and spit you out
            and then when me and him are celebrating tomorrow night. You wont be 
            seeing nothing but the inside of a wooden box. & Then when they lay 
            you to rest. You'll be right beside all the innocent men you've killed.
    Woman2: Hay Suger, Glad to see that you made it this far. I got my eye on you 
            now, Honey. You do well tomorrow and my oh my will do some celebrating 
            together. You just make sure you dont let that Kelly draw first. You 
            Hear me, because if he beats you to it. Your going home in a Wooden 
    19.) Battle Finale                                                        [M19]
    Bartlett: For our semi-final round. We have a three time winner and current
              champion. The sharpest shooter and dresser in the whole territory, 
              Mr  Kelly. The Brave soul challenging him is a man who's killed alot
              of bad men around here and is looking to kill some more, Red.
    [Suddenly one of the Governor's men pulls Bartlett into the back room.]
    Griffon: Due to the sudden absence of Sheriff Bartlett. Im going to be stepping
             in to oversee the conclusion to the Battle Royal. Now where is the two
             before us are clearly the best. I believe the change of the rules is
             in order. I hear by Disqualify Jack Swift and Annie Stoakes. The
             winner of here round is going to be the winner of the Battle Royal.
    [Red then duels and shoots Mr. Kelly. A second later Griffon pulls his gun.]
    Griffon: Well Red, your good ill give you that. But of course you'll have to 
             be to live through what you did. Still im afraid we're gonna have to
             end right here and now. What we should have ended so many years ago.
    [Red looks at Griffon gun. He then realizes that its the same gun his father
    had before he was killed.]
    Nate: isnt she a beaut.
    Red: Yeah can i hold it?
    Nate: She's one of a pair, only two in the whole world.
    Red: Where the other one?
    Griffon: Mr. Kelly, please join me at the mansion when you've finally taken 
             care of business.
    [Red then kills Mr. Kelly who didnt die the first time for some reason]
    Jack: Well, I guess i lost my chance at five thousand dollars in gold. A small
          price to pay to avoid shooting you madam.
    Annie: Jack Swift your just lucky to be alive.
    [Sheriff Bartlett walks out into the the street. Coughing and pretty rough up]
    Annie: Sheriff! Are you alright.
    Bartlett: Oh Im alright.
    Red: Tell me where to find him.
    Bartlett: His mansion. But its secured like a fortress. It be hard even for a
              Bounty Hunter like you.
    Jack: He will not be alone.
    Annie: He aint the only one who wants the Governor. I reckon that prize money
           is in that mansion of his.
    20.) The Siege                                                            [M20]
    [Griffon talks to one of his men on the balcony]
    Griffon: Anyone comes through that gate you kill'em. I dont care if its your
             granny ghost. You put a bullet between there eyes and you dont stop 
             shooting that rifle until you aint got no bullets left, you understand
    Jack: Lets see if we can find a way in that will attract a little less 
    Annie: Ill go around this way.
    Red: Im going straight in.
    [Red kills the man on the balcony. After a while.]
    Jack: I think a frontal assault is out of the question, suggestions.
    Annie: Follow me and shoot anything that moves.
    [Red and Jack follow Annie to the side door]
    Annie: No good this door is bolted shut. Im headed for the second floor. 
           If you see more of Griffon's men. You know what to do.
    [Red, Jack and Annie get to the second floor door.]
    Annie: Damn it.
    Jack: The only thing left in my bag of tricks is to pick the damn lock on the
          front door. Think you two could keep me from being shot in the back
          while i do it.
    Annie: Only one way to find out. Ill cover you from up here with my rifle.
    Jack: Alright then mate, fellow me.
    [Red and Annie successfully cover Jack from enemy fire. Jack unlocks the door]
    Jack: I got it, lets go.
    21.) House of Cards                                                       [M21]
    [Red, Jack and Annie walk into the Governor Mansion]
    Annie: That no good Governor is gonna be sorry he burned down my ranch. After i
           get through with this fancy house.
    Jack: I dont think the Governor is going to be in a position to care about much
          of anything soon.
    Annie: Keep your heads down boys.
    [Jack and Red search together until they find a hidden passage way.]
    Jack: Right, A Secret Door, That the stuff. Probably lead right to the bastard.
          [Some men come in] Ill keep these devils at bay. You see where that 
          Passage leads.
    [Later Red meets up with Annie Stoakes]
    Annie: Ive busted up the place something good. Found the keys to the whole 
           place from one of them dead Blue Jackets. Still aint seen hide nor
           hair of that sneaky Governor tho. Lets keep moving. Hes gotta be 
           around somewhere.
    [Later Annie finds Buffalo lock up in a storage room.]
    Annie: Hay Soldier, Ready to do some fightin'.
    Buffalo: Just Point me in the right direction, Ma'am.
    [They meet up with Red]
    Annie: You two go on and look for the Governor. Im gonna stay here and find 
           Mr. Swift. 
    [Red and Buffalo go into the Governor Office to find another man in his chair]
    Man: Im afraid the Governor is otherwise occupied. Next time i suggests you
         make an appointment. Only there aint gonna be no next time.
    [The Man and Red Duel, Red then kills him]
    22.) Fall from Grace                                                      [M22]
    [Buffalo and Red make it to the roof where they find Griffon.]
    Griffon: You've got no chance son. Best you just turn around and ah just keep 
             on going. Aint no shame in cheating death twice.
    Buffalo: Ive got some Nitro i found there in the Governor Office. You lay down
             some fire and ill take that gate right down.
    [Red puts fire at the enemy. While Buffalo goes and set the charges. 
    Unfortunately Griffon puts some dynamite on the other side of the door. 
    Blowing the gate onto Buffalo, Traping him. Red Try to move the gate, but 
    Buffalo: The best way to help me is to put a bullet in that man's brain. Get
             Going Bounty Hunter.
    [After fighting for a while, Griffon comes out for a duel.]
    Griffon: I always regretted what happened back on your dady farm, Red. I should
             have been there. To make sure you join him. But lucky for me i get a 
             second chance.
    [Red then kills Griffon. He takes his body to the front of the mansion.
    Sheriff Bartlett kicks his body.]
    Bartlett: I never did like him much.
    [Annie and Buffalo show up]
    Red: Jack?
    [The look they give tells that Jack Swift is dead.]
    Bartlett: Well Red, Im not saying Griffon didnt deserve it. But he was the 
              Governor. I reckon the army will be sniffing around here. Well ill
              hate see ya hang after what ya done. Five thousand in gold seem like
              a fair bounty.
    [Red gives his gun to Buffalo. He picks up the gun off Griffon's Body]
    Red: Give it to them. It was never about the money.
    [Red walks off into the sunset.]
    The End
    ||Brimstone                                                                  ||
    Abigail....Abigail Peppercorn is the old woman that walks the streets.
    Jebidah....Jebidah Cole is the old man who walks the streets of Brimstone.
    Jody.......Is the boy who runs the towns newspaper.
    Lily.......Lily Belle Parsons is the young woman that walks the streets.
    Mathias....Mathias Lampry is the man in the bowler hat Who Walks the street
    Sandy......Sandy Dodge is the scruffy man who walks the streets
    Verne......Verne Wiggins is the man in the cowboy hat who walks the streets.
    Natalie....Is Mr. Kelly niece who can be found in the saloon.
    Cheryl.....Cheryl Lynn is the big lady who works at the saloon.
    Christina..Is one of the dancers that works at the Saloon..
    Tameri.....Is another woman that works at the Saloon.
    Navarro....Gabriel Navarro is a gunslingers that can be found at the Saloon.
    Kid Cougar.Is a young gunslinger that can be found walking the streets.
    Day One                                                                   [B01]
    [This takes place after Red bring Sheriff O'Grady to Brimstone]
    Jody: Read All about it. Governor announces sixth annual Battle Royale! Offers
          $5000 prize to the quickest draw in the territory! Title to be defended
          for the fourth year in a row by Mr. Kelly!
    Mathias: There was some fancypants Englishman in town just the other day
             claiming he was a famous trickshooter. He was claiming that he had
             been hired, sight unseen, by a world reknown circus troupe. The only
             circus folk around here are the freaks that belong to that charlatan
             snakeoil salesman, Professor Perry. That Englishmen better pray he
             dont run in to them. Them circus folks just arent right in the head.
    Lily: Well i do declare, I had me such a fright the other day. One of my little
          ones got drinking some liver medicine i brought from a travelling 
          salesman... Poor thing looked ever so sick, and i was quite worried for
          him until i told him i was going to take him to see woody klein to see
          if he could help.. So little Jimmy starts throwing a temper tantrum, and
          lo and behold, after all that rolling around and shaking, he was as right
          as rain... I dont think Jimmy will be playing with any more Mr. Perry's
          potions in the future!
    Verne: Hey, you look like you've travelled around these parts. I heard you was
           the one that saved Sheriff O'Grady's life. I wonder what will happen to
           that town of his, now that there are no lawmen left. There are some bad
           sorts up that way and if word gets to them that O'Grady ran a foul of 
           Ugly Chris. Well, it done turn my blood turn cold just thinking about 
    Sandy: Say you're new in town ain't you, stranger? You got to have a look
           around and see the sights while you're here. Well there is the canyon,
           that's awful pretty at sunset, but there has been some trouble up that
           way. You'd best avoid that. Then there's the old fairground near Widow's
           Patch, Mind you that bunch of no good circus folk hang around there.
           Well forget i mentioned it. You'd best stick to around these parts, 
           Sheriff Bartlett does a keen job of keeping the undesirables away from
    Abigail: I hear you saved the life of Sheriff O'Grady this morning, that poor
             town's just a hot bed of trouble recently. Why only the other day i
             heard that an ex pupil of mine, a sweet boy by the name of Joshua, got
             in trouble with some dynamite. Always had a fascination with loud 
             noises that one. Between you and me, the poor thing was deaf as a post
             Apparently he blew up a bath house and was run out of town, poor thing
             is probably living a hand to mouth existence somewhere in the 
    Navarro: Yeah, when i get my hands on that prize money, I can finally get about
             doing that thing i was always thinking about doing. Now what was that
             thing again?
    Cheryl: Howdy Stranger. Always nice to see a fresh face in town. You look like
            you could do with a bath, a soft bed and the company of a fine woman..
            We've got all that and more here, but if you are after a drink, I'd 
            talk to hanz over by the bar. But if your look for a good time, 
            Christina should be awake in a couple of hours. Im sure she'll be what
            you are looking for.
    Day Two                                                                   [B02]
    [This takes place after you kill Pig Josh and Jack takes on Perry]
    Jody: Fresh of the press! Widows Patch saved by a Limey! Professor Perry 
          perishes at the hand of a travelling showman! Bounty finally collected on
          Pig Josh! 
    Jebidah: You hear about the trouble in Widow's Patch last night? Apparently 
             this english fellow had a run in with Perry and his freaks. Sounds
             like things got real nasty there. Two of them got to fighting, and
             damn near burned the place to the ground. 
    Kid Cougar: Step aside, hombre! Billy Cougar's walking by! If you want to live
                long enough to see tomorrow just be on your way, Mister.
    Verne: You look like a man with a thirst, you must have stopped by the saloon
           by now, and seen them pretty girls that Hanz Kenyon keeps around. Hanz
           used to have a girl there went by the name of Bessie. Could do things 
           with a whip like you wouldn't believe! Bessie claimed she would never
           miss with her whip, though she often did, and she'd get right muddled
           afterward and often end her act prematurely. Well it happened once too
           many times for Bessie's liking, she saw this fellow laughing at her,
           gave him a good licking with her whip, stole his money and ran off into
           the hills or so i heard.
    Abigail: Good day to you, stranger. Have you been reading the newspaper
             recently? The Governor has announced another Bettle Royale. Its a 
             little shooting competition we have every year to attract visitors to
             Brimstone, not only does it bring decent law abiding folks like
             yourself. But it also keeps the undesirable element of our society in
             check. If there is one thing every no good outlaw has around here, Its
             a big ego.. Oh, and an unquenchable thirst for gold. Fortunately none
             of those outlaws are as good as Mr. Kelly, The Governor's champion for
             the last four years, he's never lost a gunfight yet.
    Lily: Good day to you, sir! I dont suppose you know what's going on up in
          Rogue Vally would you? I need to get through that canyon to see my 
          sister who's ailing something terrible over at Clementine Falls! 
          Bad Bessie and her gang have been holed up there for weeks now, and
          there ain't no traffic getting through at all! Somebody need to get
          in there and make it safe for decent people to travel!
    Navarro: There's this guy i met at the train station who told me that for 
             $5,000 he would sell me a half share in his business. I dont remember
             just exactly what it was he did. Said it has something to do with,
             well something, I remember that much.
    Tameri: Why ain't you the handsome one! Why if i werent waiting for young
            Daniel, I'd chase you upstairs and show you a guntirck or two....
            But Sam made me a promise to be here when his brother showed. Im his
            Welcome Home present. Sam would be here himself. But he hit his head
            last night, and took a bit of a turn for the worse. Poor Sam, if he 
            didnt use his head like a third fist, he'd be running this place 
            instead of Hanz over there.
    Teller: Howdy, Mister. Have you heard the news about the Battle Royale? Sounds
            like its going to be a head turner this year. The Govenor is offering
            $5000 to the winner! Makes me wish i wasn't quite so gifted with 
            numbers. Im sure i could have been quite the gunslinger, Just look how
            nimbly these fingers leap across this abacus!
    Day Three                                                                 [B03]
    [This takes place after you take care of Bad Bessie]
    Jody: Rogue Vally to be renamed after Bounty Hunter clears out bandits! 
          Governor to run for another term!  Bad Bessie beaten by brave Bounty 
    Jebidah: Had me a sister that gone and died not so long ago. She lived up in
             Tarnation, though i never could work out why, too remote for my 
             tastes. Anyways, since i was her next of kin, I had to get me up 
             there and sort out her funeral. Met this fellow who made my skin
             crawl, had himself some funny sounding name. Crazy looking he was 
             and always stooped like there was something wrong with his back.
             Probably from carrying too many coffins. He seemed only to eager
             to help me bury my poor sister, may she rest in peace, But i swear
             now she's gone that's the last time i go to Tarnation.
    Mathias: Huh? Oh, howdy stranger! Well, i was supposed to be delivering a load
             of turnips up to Tarnation this morning. But i got word from the 
             general store that all deliveries to Tarnation had been cancelled,
             indefinitely! Apparently somebody by the name of Mr. Black is calling
             the shots up there these days. According to him, the good folks of 
             Tarnation dont need food no more! What do you make of that? If you
             ask me, somebody has to take a ride out there and see just what in
             the blazes is going on.
    Jack: Hello, old chap. I really must thank you for getting me out of that spot
          of bother the other day. I found the scoundrel who locked me up and give
          him a lesson in manners that he wont forget for a while. What's next for
          you dear boy? Going to chase down more ne'er-do-wells no doubt. Well im
          going to get me a room at the Saloon and get some rest. All that Widow's
          Patch business quite exhausted my thirst for adventure, but not my thirst
          for a swift half.
    Lily: I know you! You're the fellow that took out old Bad Bessie and her Gang!
          I got to give you my most gracious thanks. Now i can make it up to 
          Clementine Falls to see my ailing sister!
    Sandy: Howdy, Stranger. Hear you've been getting some good use out of that 
           shooting iron of yours. Have you heard about our Battle Royale? Its a 
           small competition the Governor throws to bring folks to Brimstone, to
           find out who is the fastest draw in the territory.
    Cheryl: Ive been hearing about you all over town. Talk is that you were the 
            man who beat Bessie. Bessie used to work here untill she made off with
            the takings, and left Hanz over there so scared of whip cracks that he
            passes out each time the stagecoach rides through town.
    Christina: Hey there, Sugar. You look like a fellow who enjoys a good time. 
               You should check out the show tonight! Ill kick extra high, just
               for you.
    Day Four                                                                  [B04]
    [This takes place after you kill Mr. Black.]
    Jody: Bounty claimed on the most wanted head in the territory! Sheriff
          Bartlett says we're safer then ever! 
    Abigail: I've been seeing you around quite a bit, stranger. You look like the
             type that hangs around a Saloon. You watch yourself in there, I hear
             Sam doesn't take kindly to people throwing their weight around in his
             saloon. Old Hanz Kenyon lets Sam do what he wants, If there is ever 
             trouble at the Saloon, Hanz slips out the back until it blows over.
             Yeah, I reckon Sam and Hanz have a little agreement about what goes
             on in the Saloon. Any trouble starts, Sam will finish it.
    Lily: My word stranger, you are getting to be quite a familiar face in these
          parts. Why I stopped by the Sheriff's office just the other day and 
          caught the Governor talking of your exploits. Seems he stopped by to see
          the Sheriff Bartlett, and they got talking about a mysterious gunslinger
          that was cleaning up the territory... Governor Griffon wanted Bartlett 
          to be sure not to upset the balance and encourage undesirables to leave
          the area. Im guessing the Governor wanted to be sure we had plenty of 
          entrants for the Battle Royale this year.
    Jebidah: You hear about all the Hullabaloo up in Tarnation? People are saying
             the whole town was nothing but a trap for the unwary. Seem the 
             Undertaker there weren't nothing more then a grave robbing murderer
             who'd bury people alive & steal their belongings once they'd expired.
             What's the world comming to? Things were never like that in my day.
             And just to think i buried my sister up there not six weeks ago.
    Sandy: You looking for work, Stranger? I have a friend who is hiring hard 
           working folk. She owns a small cattle ranch just a way up yonder.
           She's had trouble finding help recently. Seems she's having trouble
           keeping good workers around. Bartrum Longhorn's boys, Hal and Luke, 
           have taken a shine to the property and trying to scare her away.
    Mathias: Hey Mister, is it true what they're all saying about Tarnation? That
             it ain't more then a ghost town, run by some crazy Undertaker and a
             bunch of goons?
    Kelly: Ah, The Bounty Hunter. The whole town is talking about your exploits.
           You've even managed to attract the attention of the governor. He has
           asked me to pass on his regards to you, and thanks you for making the
           territory a safer place for good, honest people. But this town doesn't
           like faces, especialy ones with a taste for killing like you have, so
           I would like to offer you some advice. Do not stick around, pack up 
           your mule and ride far away from here, because the way i figure, theres
           not much of a future in this town for you.
    Natalie: I don't want no trouble Mister. My uncle dosen't like it when other
             men talk to me. Tell me something... Is life always this hard, or is
             it just when you're a kid?
    Day Five                                                                  [B05]
    [This takes place right before the Battle Royal.]
    Jody: Battle Royale! Read all about who's entering this year! Who's going to 
          win? Four time champ Mr. Kelley? Trickshooter Jack Swift, or maybe even
          local ranch owner, Annie Stoakes. Or will it be someone else, a late 
          entrant perhaps. Read all speculation that's fix to print!
    Sandy: What is the world coming too? Have you heard about the Stoakes' ranch
           being burnt to the ground? Seems as Old Bart Longhorn's boys persuaded
           a couple of workers to set light to Annie Stoakes' house. The fire 
           burned out of control for two whole days, now poor Annie ain't got
           nothing left, even her cattle ran away.
    Lily: Now i dont like to gossip, but i hear that some people think that
          Mr Kelly has some real competition this year. I heard that English
          gentleman who had that to do up in Widow's Patch has entered himself
          in the competition. And some folks are even claiming that Annie 
          Stoakes is going to enter this year. She needs the money to sort out
          her financial issues. Now if i wasn't a god fearing soul, id be 
          tempted to place a wager on that you'll be entering the competition,
          especially with the way you've been handling that pistol of yours
    Kid Cougar: Well if it aint the Bounty Hunter. Sorry mister but your going to 
                have to wait your turn. Just like everyone else, if you what a 
                piece of the kid. Hell that five thousand is as good as mine.
                Im the fastest gun north of the Rio Grande. You thinking of 
                entering the contest Bounty Hunter? With your reputation i cant see
                how you cant. I really hope you are cause killing you will make me
                famous Bounty Hunter!
    Navarro: What can be so hard about winning a gun fight. You just point the gun
             and pull the trigger, right. And when i win me that five thousand 
             dollars. Im even going to get me a gun that shoots straight.
    Peabody: Im afraid we're closing early today. I have to watch over the five 
             thousand dollars in gold the governor secured for the winner of the
             Battle Royal. 
    Legal/Thanks.                                                             [LT]
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