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    Demo Differences FAQ by Warming Blasters

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 09/09/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    XBOX Retail vs. OXM Demo Differences
    Version 1.00
    by Warming Blasters (buckrobotron@optonline.net)
    1) About this FAQ
    2) About SH4: The Room for Xbox
    3) General Settings Differences
    4) In-Game Differences
    5) Not Changed
    6) Tips for those sampling the OXM "trial version"
    7) Final notes/Credits
    1) About this FAQ
    This FAQ is an independently owned and created production by me,
    Warming  Blasters (buckrobotron@optonline.net).  It can be found
    exclusively at my own sites or at Gamefaqs.com and affiliates.
    Sites other than my own that have been granted the revocable
    right (GameFAQS, which may farm it out to GameSpot) to present
    this FAQ may do so only in plain text form in singular identifiable
    locations on the WWW. No rights to this FAQ are granted for any
    other printed, archival, or other media distribution or
    Note also that there are minor SPOILERS in this FAQ, so stop NOW
    if you want to avoid them.  However, nothing beyond the scope of
    the demo and the equivalent gameplay space in the full game is
    detailed here.
    Finally, this FAQ is not a walkthrough.  It is primarily intended
    for those just sampling the demo (in the still current issue of OXM)
    and curious about how it represents the full game, and those who
    might like a few tips for playing the demo as well.
    9/9/04 -- First version.
    2) About SH4: The Room for Xbox
    The full version of SH4: The Room was released on 9/7/2004,
    for Xbox, PS2, and PC.  At this time, this FAQ notes differences
    between the Xbox demo and the full Xbox game only, and there may
    be unique differences between other versions and their respective
    The SH4 demo was included with 10/04 Official Xbox Magazine (OXM),
    known as SILENT HILL 4: "trial version".  There is also a
    nice high-res automated slide-show of SH4 art set to SH4
    music available in the Features section, entitled "Silent Hill
    4 Gallery".
    3) General Settings Differences
    [DIFFICULTY: Normal is referenced in this comparison]
    -- tested from first boot-up, left sitting at main menu
    -- took approximately 8m:30s to kick back out to the
    OXM main menu, quite a long time for a demo time-out
    "trial version" -- X - Exit (to the OXM disc demo list)
    and Y - Options
    Full game -- Y - Options
    [you can soft-reset both versions holding Back/Start for
    2 seconds]
    BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST - equivalents based on my home setup;
    the demo by default appears brighter than it probably should
    for a Silent Hill game, something Konami apparently
    "trial version" -- Brightness 3/ Contrast 7
    Full game -- Brightness 5/ Contrast 7
    "trial version" -- Not available in the demo, stays on
    the main menu select screen.
    Full game -- In the full retail verison, the uncensored
    app. 2m:25s version of the trailer starts about
    1m after the Main menu/screen first appears.
    [Konami released several similar trailers, some having scenes
    such as a dog getting walloped by Henry full-bore, or a
    human-looking "creature" being shot point-blank with a gun,
    some having those scenes excised]
    4) In-Game Differences
    "trial version" -- The hard-hitting Aluminum Bat and 4-iron
    Golf club are both available immediately in Henry's
    laundry room in the demo.
    Full game -- Neither of those weapons are available in at
    that location or in the same time-frame of the demo in the
    final game.
    "trial version" -- Sits there like any piece of non-interactive
    environmental detail (no text at all if clicked on).
    Full game -- Without a word (unlike SH3 much of the time),
    immediately loads up the save slot list (and also much quicker
    than SH2:RD did).
    "trial version" -- Wine Bottle
    Full game -- Wine Bottle and Chocolate Milk
    "trial version" -- He must be part wolf, he can run and run
    and run and never needs to grab a deep breath.
    Full game -- As expected of the series, Henry needs to slow
    down and take some big inhales after a lengthy run.  He still
    seems to have more endurance than earlier main characters.
    "trial version" -- "Mum, why don't u Wake up?"
    Full game -- "Mom, why doesn't u Wake up?"
    "trial version" -- Most enemies swipe fast and multiple times,
    including a few that swung fast and 3-4 times in a row.
    Full game -- Early on the escalator, enemies tended to give
    one slow swipe.  By the end, there was one that would swipe 4
    times very quickly in succession. [This might change game by
    game, but was noticeably easier than the demo in this case--
    but still requires cautious advancement]
    "trial version" -- Not seen in demo.
    Full game -- On the door prior to finding Cynthia at what is
    the end-point of the demo.
    5) Not Changed
    Parts of the demo I had expected would differ from the full
    game, but do not:
    -- Dogs do about 1.5 bars damage on a full-run attack in
    Normal difficulty.
    -- Henry says the same thing about the Book Scrap in both
    -- "It's got a coin in its hand."
    -- You can hear a news radio clip (instead of just static)
    from the radio on the bookshelf in the demo if you return
    to the Room near the end part of the demo.  I never knew
    that was available until after playing the full game.
    -- The Right-trigger/B-button strafe-jump is indeed available
    in the demo.  Another thing I never knew about before reading
    the SH4 manual.
    -- Unlike the 4-iron, the 9-iron is in the same place (subway
    car next to the escalator) in both demo and full versions.
    6) Tips for those sampling the OXM "trial version"
    Hold R-trigger to target as usual, but don't forget that while
    aiming at enemies/preparing strikes, you can dodge to the 
    sides by simply pointing the left stick to Henry's right or
    left and tapping B (while still holding R).
    To jump backwards, you don't even need to aim, just tap B
    when R is held down.
    It is still useful and indeed necessary to break off targeting
    and run for a repositioning when the scene is crowded
    with enemies.
    Don't forget that--as stated earlier--the brightness of the
    demo is higher than it should be for the game.  Consider
    dropping it down a notch or two unless you prefer the game
    as bright as the demo is by default.
    The Aluminum Bat is an awesome melee weapon, but don't rely on
    it too much.  The full game doesn't give it to you so early
    under normal circumstances.  Though not nearly as extreme a
    difference, it is somewhat like having the Vigoorian flail
    in the Ninja Gaiden demo for the first stage, but not in the
    normal game.
    Point Henry right at the gate to use the Lynch Street Subway
    coin.  I used to try unsuccessfully to put the coin directly
    into the coin slot (crazy, I know...) but that doesn't take.
    7) Final notes/Credits
    Thanks to Konami for putting a lot of appreciated high-quality
    resources into this great Xbox game.  And nice to see not even a
    delay in Xbox getting SH4.
    And thanks to OXM Demo Discs for (usually) providing a great
    resource for sampling Xbox games, videos, etc.  The discs even
    come with a magazine, which helps protect the disc for

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