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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Millers C

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            `8b  88  88  8PP"""""""  88       88   88     
    Y8a     a8P  88  88  "8b,   ,aa  88       88   88,    
     "Y88888P"   88  88   `"Ybbd8"'  88       88   "Y888  
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    88      ,8P  d8'        `8b  d8'        `8b  88`8b       d8'88  
    88aaaaaa8P'  88          88  88          88  88 `8b     d8' 88  
    88""""88'    88          88  88          88  88  `8b   d8'  88  
    88    `8b    Y8,        ,8P  Y8,        ,8P  88   `8b d8'   88  
    88     `8b    Y8a.    .a8P    Y8a.    .a8P   88    `888'    88  
    88      `8b    `"Y8888Y"'      `"Y8888Y"'    88     `8'     88  
                             SILENT HILL 4: THE ROOM 
                        Version 0.75 (First Started 02/09/2004)
                        By Millers C (millerscrossingfaqs@hotmail.com)
                      This document is copyright Millers C (2004- )
    It was Two Years ago that Henry Townshend moved into room 302 of
    South Ashfield Heights, an apartment building  in the medium sized
    city of Ashfield. Henry was happy and enjoying his new life.
    But Five Days ago something strange happened. He bagan to have a 
    recurring dream each night.
    One other thing...
    He couldn't leave room 302.
    | Version History                                                          |
    Version 1:40: January 7th 2006.
    A couple of new things to add, first I've altered the copyrights to take
    into account the new year. Secondly I had a considerate E-Mail which gave 
    me details and locations on some of the weapons which I may have missed off
    on the guide, namely the vast number of Golf Clubs within the game. 
    Version 1:35: August 24th  2005.
    I've popped in to draw a line under this guide. Its unfortunate that I will 
    probably not be updating some of the unfinished sections - namely the Memo 
    and Back Story section, but in all honesty, they do not offer anything new 
    that the other FAQ/Walkthroughs don't already have and I can't see much 
    point in carrying on with them right now as I already have other writing 
    projects lined up. Feel free to contact me with anything you want to add or 
    talk about regarding Silent Hill 4: The Room - I haven't totally abandoned 
    this guide! I'll finish this update with a shameless plug on my Resident 
    Evil: Code Veronica: X Knife Only Walkthrough, which is the ultimate, but 
    entirely possible, challenge in the game.
    Version 1:30: July 16th  2005.
    Two updates in 24 hours, I know its too much to bear but there are some 
    small anomalies which needed amending and I'm happy that they are now fixed.
    Version 1:25: July 15th  2005.
    You'll notice a few subtle changes in and around the guide, specifically the
    beginning of the Memo Section of the guide which I would hope to complete
    at some point. The Mystery of the Darkened Keypad in Water Prison World has
    been solved and I'm hopeful that this will make it into the next update.
    Version 1:20: April 15th  2005.
    Nothing particularly new added this time around. All I have done really
    is alter the copyrights within and put up a new secret later in the guide.
    Right now I've begun work on another guide which I am particularly excited
    about and thus cannot invest much time to this guide for a little while, so
    expect at least a couple of months without updates. Please continue to
    E-Mail me with any comments or questions regarding Silent Hill 4 or
    this guide as I haven't turned by back on this guide yet.
    Version 1:10: March 30th  2005.
    Secrets, FAQ and Rankings section have now been successfully completed, and 
    I have also done some extra work on the controls section, detailing all 
    three control configurations. I've added some new stuff throughout the 
    guide, but i'm at a loss to describe exactly what and where! Never mind, 
    I do hope to do a files section in this guide next and perhaps a section on 
    room 302's hauntings and will endeavour to get this up and sorted as soon 
    as possible.
    Version 1:00: February 4th 2005.
    I've recieved several E-Mails regarding a problem in The Water Prison World,
    where you are unable to see the keypad in the Kitchen in B1. I've put
    a small section just below the Kitchen section of the Water Prison World
    Walkthrough which should be able to help you overcome this problem.
    Some Minor mistakes have been corrected as well.
    Version 0:90: January 24th 2005.
    You'll see that there are now several new sections, such as the enemies and
    monsters sections. I've also given the entire walkthrough a little bit of
    an overhaul too. I hope you like the little maps I've done which should 
    hopefully make things little bit clearer later on in the game. Expect
    several new sections and further updates in the near future.
    Version 0:85: January 11th 2005.
    I've given the guide a facelift which should make things a lot prettier and
    better to look at and follow. Its been a little slow I know, but I'm trying
    to get some more sections done up for the next few weeks. I'd like to do a 
    Silent Hill quiz based on the 4 games within this guide and am compiling a 
    list of questions for next time. More on that later, happy hunting and see
    you soon. Happy New Year for two weeks ago!
    Version 0:80: October 11th 2004.
    I've completed a minor overhaul of the guide, including character sections
    and some sections of the actual walkthrough Added new sections such as Items 
    listing and A new options section. 
    Version 0:75: October 7th 2004.
    I've focused all my efforts on completing the walkthrough and there it is, 
    completed! Subway, Forest, Prison, Building and Apartment world second time
    guides are now up, so enjoy it. Now that's out of the way, I can start adding
    some new sections to spruce up the guide. A more in depth walkthrough will be
    composed at some point, but I'm resting on my laurels with this guide for 
    the time being. Stay tuned for further updates. Remember, if you see an 
    omission, contact me please. Good luck playing Silent Hill 4!
    Version 0:50: September 30th 2004.
    Welcome to the very first edition of my Silent Hill 4 guide! The walkthrough
    section is not yet complete and most sections are in their very basic stages
    so far. I'd say I've got the first chapter or so written up but I hope to
    have the rest of the walkthrough up and running in the next few days.
    Most other sections are still under construction at this stage; I want 
    to get the actual walkthrough completed before sprucing up the other sections. 
    Mistakes will happen and this guide is far from perfect right now, but after 
    time I'll sort out all the imperfections. And I know that certain sections 
    have been rehashed from my Silent Hill 3 guide, but what can I say...I'll 
    pretty the guide up in the future. Stay tuned for the rest of the Walkthrough!
    |                          Table Of Contents                               |
                                1) Introduction
                                2) Disclaimer
                                3) Characters
                                4) Controls
                                5) Options
                                6) Weapons
                                7) Enemies
                                7) Hints 
                                8) General Survival Tactics
                                9) Walkthrough
                                10) Ending Requirements
                                11) Rankings System
                                10) Items List
                                11) Memos
                                12) Red Diaries
                                13) F.A.Q
                                14) Back Stories
                                15) Thanks
    |Introduction                                                              |
    It's hard to believe that we first ventured into the town of Silent Hill back 
    in 1999, but 5 years later not much has changed. And that is something 
    brilliant. Silent Hill was a more cerebral experience than the other great 
    Survival Horror game resident evil, and that combined with its fantastic 
    storyline, gritty visuals and impressive soundtrack made it a classic and a 
    game that can still hold its own even now (If you don't count the graphics
    ...it does look like the dog's dinner now!). In fact I implore you to go out
    and buy now if you don't have it! We had to wait a whole two years for the 
    sequel, which was also a superb game. Silent Hill 3 followed and continued 
    The trends and standards set in its predecessors. And now...2004. And 
    Silent Hill 4: The Room has finally seen the light of day. I do hope this 
    game lives up to my expectations, and if it does, It will surely be one of 
    the ultimate survival horror experiences in gaming history.
    Silent Hill 4: The Room is not as...claustrophobic as it sounds.
    In this latest adventure we take on the role of Henry Townsend a young man 
    who fins himself trapped in his apartment, which is in a town called Ashfield 
    which is near to Silent Hill. After some terrifying visions, he discovers a 
    mysterious hole in the bathroom and eventually takes the plunge and leaps 
    through into a world of terror, mystery and intrigue. Henry however soon 
    discovers that this world he has entered is more terrifying than he ever 
    imagined, an alternate reality packed with hideous creatures that would 
    never even entered his most awful nightmares. He's now in the world of 
    Silent Hill, and it wants to keep him there forever. Silent Hill 4 is 
    different to the previous games with the emphasis now on fast paced action 
    adventure in parts. These new elements include real time weapons and 
    alternate views in different realities, and also there will be no intrinsic 
    links between the other games (as in Silent Hill 1 and 3's storyline's) 
    and the story will seemingly follow the same path as Silent Hill 2, which I 
    feel is a very refreshing twist. I do feel in particular that the first 
    person view which occurs occasionally is a very impressive feature as It 
    makes us the gamer really feel a part of the experience and to really 
    become the character of Henry. These new features will surely make 
    Silent Hill 4 a fantastic addition to the series.
    Back Again! It seems as though I never left Silent Hill back in 2003, but 
    after just one year I've been called back for another adventure in that 
    hellish town. Thanks a bunch Konami for making another sequel after just a 
    year! I can't tell you how excited I was at the prospect of playing this game. 
    Because the lucky Japanese and Yanks got the game much earlier I've been 
    playing catch up and avoiding the message boards for fear of spoilers, but 
    after just one session of Silent Hill 4: The room, I knew this game was 
    something special and would hold its own against its predecessors. 
    Besides us Euros got Silent Hill 3 first last time... not that I'm 
    complaining. Anyway, I created this guide as a resource for all you 
    people who are stuck in the game and need inspiration, and also for 
    myself as I feel that writing a walkthrough for a game helps make it 
    a more complete experience in terms of storyline. And Silent Hill 
    games are notorious for their plot twists and mind boggling storylines so 
    it's often difficult to make out what's what at first glance! Moreover this 
    guide is here to help people out, to discuss the games' finer details and to 
    gain the best possible course throughout the game, making sure you see 
    everything and do everything that matters. Most important sections are tabled 
    in the contents so it should be very easy for you to find what you want. 
    If you can't, 
    press Ctrl+F and type in what you're looking for. I'm sure you'll be able 
    to find it. I'll end this intro by saying good luck to all you people out 
    there and I hope you enjoy the guide and the fantastic experience of 
    Silent Hill 4: The Room.
    | Disclaimer                                                               |
    Millers C's Silent Hill 4: The Room walkthrough, all rights reserved 
    including the right of reproduction for profit in part or in any form (2004-).
    This guide is for viewing purposes only. It is present on GameFAQs on 
    the condition that it shall not by way of trade or otherwise, be 
    Published, sold, circulated or exhibited in any magazine, shop or 
    Web-site without my expressed written consent and approval. 
    GameFAQs.com is the only website which may use this guide. If you 
    Would like this guide to appear on your website, contact me at 
    millerscrossingfaqs@hotmail.com. Any help, hints, info or strategies you 
    would like to submit, use that address also. Comments on my guide are 
    also always welcome, but no spam please. Critics are always 
    acceptable, but please keep your E-Mails non abusive and preferably 
    to refrain from swearing.
    'Silent Hill' is a trademark of Konami Computer Entertainment Japan 
    Limited, all rights reserved. Also, Konami does not authorise or 
    approve this guide, and have no association with myself or 
    gamefaqs.com. I disclaim any copyright in the Silent Hill trademark, 
    or in the texts, dialogue, storyline, puzzles or characters mentioned 
    within this guide.
    | Characters                                                               |
    Henry Townsend
    Henry Townsend is a man in his mid to late twenties and is the main character
     in SH4. He woke up one day to find he couldn't leave his apartment after 
    experiencing terrifying recurring nightmares. Nobody can hear him and no 
    help can be found. Henry's last chance is to crawl through a hole he has 
    discovered in his bathroom. Through the hole is a nightmarish world with
    demonic creatures and twisted layouts. He must rely on his wits to survive
    this ordeal, and must somehow figure a way out of this recurring nightmare.
    Profile taken from manual:
    The main character in the game is a rather introvert young man in
    his late twenties. He's been living in apartment 302 in south
    ashfield heights for the past two years. Lately, he's noticed
    strange things happening in his home. What's behind all this?
    Is it merely a trick of his imagination, shadow demons lurking in his
    head, or could this be his new reality?
    Eileen Galvin
    Eileen is a fun loving young woman who lives in the apartment next door to
    Henry's. She's an attractive woman in her early twenties but hasn't yet 
    been properly acquianted with Henry yet despite being neighbours for a long 
    period of time. As Henry's ordeal unfolds, events surrounding him continue
    as normal including Eileen going about her normal business. She seems to be 
    unaware that anything is awry. Despite this, Eileen could become a 
    significant character later on in the game.
    Profile taken from manual:
    This young woman in her early twenties is Henry’s neighbour from apartment 
    303. Henry and Eileen have little to do with each other on a daily basis, 
    aside from exchanging polite nods in the hallway. She was already living 
    in South Ashfield Heights when Henry moved there. Why is she now being 
    dragged into all the weird happenings?
    Cynthia Velasquez
    Cynthia is the first person Henry meets in the otherworld, in a twisted
    world based on the Subway. She seems jovial and relaxed, claiming that this
    whole scenario is part of her own dreamscape. She relies on Henry for
    assistance during their time together and accompanies him for a while.
    Profile taken from manual:
    Henry first sees Cynthia when he’s gazing out of his window one day. When 
    he eventually meets her in person she tells him that the other world is 
    her own private dreamscape. Henry is only with Cynthia for a short, but 
    memorable time before contact with her is abruptly severed. What could 
    be her connection to all the strange occurrences?
    Jasper Gein
    We first meet Jasper in the forest outside of Silent Hill. He is 30 years 
    old and skinny, yet looks incredibly young for his age. Jasper seems distant
    in most interactions with him. He mutters mostly gibberish to himself, yet
    does seem to have some connection to the cult of Silent Hill as he makes a
    number of references towards this. 
    Profile taken from manual:
    This young man has a tendency to talk to himself, usually uttering nothing 
    more than incoherent ramblings about the cult of Silent Hill. When Henry 
    meets Jasper in the other world, he is struck by his obvious confusion and 
    distress. But is there more to Jasper than his insane ramblings?
    What is the secret behind his connection to the mysterious cult?
    Andrew De Salvo
    Andrew is first met in the Water Prison, where he has been locked inside a
    cell. There are little interactions between Henry and Andrew, and all we 
    really know about him is that he may have worked at the prison in some
    capacity and at some time. He seems frightened of something and is linked
    to the past events of the prison and to The Man With The Coat.
    Profile taken from manual:
    Henry meets this peculiar man in the other world. He also seems to have some 
    connection with the cult of Silent Hill. But what is he so afraid of?
    What is his connection to the terrifying happenings?
    Richard Braintree
    Richard Braintree lives in room 207 of the South Ashfield Heights apartment 
    building. Henry can see directly into his room from his window. Richard is 
    met in Building world. He is self opinionated and doesn't seem to grasp the 
    gravity of the situation he is in. He's certainly someone to be wary of as 
    well. He carries a revolver and wears a rather nice tie!
    Profile taken from manual:
    Richard Braintree is another one of Henry’s neighbours from South Ashfield 
    Heights. He lives in apartment 207. Henry can see straight into Richard’s 
    apartment when he looks out of his window, but has not met him previously 
    before entering the other world. What involvement could the short tempered 
    man have with all the strange occurrences?
    | Controls                                                                 |
    There are three different control types which you can select in the options
    menu, each catering for different types of games players.
    Control Type A
    L1: No Function.
    L2: Rear Camera.
    R1: No Function.
    R2: Ready Weapon.
    X: Select/Investigate.
    O: Cancel/Run.
    Square: Use Item/Equip Item.
    Triangle: Map/Memo Screen.
    L3: Move/Evade/First Person Movement.
    R3: Moves First Person Camera.
    Select: Item Info (Inventory Screen).
    Start: Pauses Current Game.
    D - Pad: Item Selection (On Screen Inventory).
    Control Type B
    L1: No Function.
    L2: Rear Camera.
    R1: No Function.
    R2: Ready Weapon.
    X: Cancel/Run.
    O: Select/Investigate.
    Square: Use Item/Equip Item.
    Triangle: Map/Memo Screen.
    L3: Move/Evade/First Person Movement.
    R3: Moves First Person Camera.
    Select: Item Info (Inventory Screen).
    Start: Pauses Current Game.
    D - Pad: Item Selection (On Screen Inventory).
    Control Type C
    L1: No Function.
    L2: Rear Camera.
    R1: No Function.
    R2: Ready Weapon.
    X: Select/Investigate.
    O: Use Item/Equip Item.
    Square: Cancel/Run.
    Triangle: Map/Memo Screen.
    L3: Move/Evade/First Person Movement.
    R3: Moves First Person Camera.
    Select: Item Info (Inventory Screen).
    Start: Pauses Current Game.
    D - Pad: Item Selection (On Screen Inventory).
    | Options                                                                  |
    To get to the options menu you can either select it on the main title 
    screen or in game by pausing the game and then pressing Triangle.
    Toggles the Brightness of the screen.
    Screen Position:
    Adjusts the placement of the game screen.
    NOTE: You really shouldn’t bother touching either of the last two 
    Enables you to choose the language of the game from English, French, 
    German, Italian and Spanish.
    Default is English.
    What, not Dutch as well?
    Turns Subtitles on or off, default is on.
    Turns controller vibration function on or off. Activates when the 
    character is in pain. Default is on.
    Changes sound from Stereo to Monaural.
    Back Ground Music Volume:
    Adjusts volume of Background music.
    Sound Effects Volume:
    Adjusts volume of Sound effects.
    Button Configuration:
    Enables you to customize the buttons used in the game until your hearts 
    I strongly recommend you use the default controls.
    Default Control (Run/Walk):
    Selects the default movement settings, either run or walk.
    Noise Effect:
    Toggles noise effect on or off.
    Blood Colour: 
    Changes the colour of the blood from red to green, purple of black.
    Default is Red. Quite frankly I can't picture the blood as anything else
    other than red, but its cool nonetheless.
    Head Motion:
    Turns head motion on or off. This is only available during first 
    person mode.
    Hide Gauge:
    Hides the new life guage from view. You have to enter the inventory 
    screen to see it. Can be toggled on or off.
    Default is off.
    Hide icon:
    Hides item inventory from view. You’ll have to enter the inventory 
    screen to see inside it. Can be toggled on or off.
    Default is off.
    I'd recommend that you go to the option menu and turn the Hide Guage and 
    Hide Icon options off. You will then be able to see exactly what you have
    in your inventory and how much life you have left. This is particularly 
    useful during the game.
    | Weapons                                                                  |
    Found: Several Locations throughout the game.
    Can be worn alongside a weapon to weaken the effects
    of evil spirits in room 302 or in the other worlds.
    Found: Various Locations throughout the game.
    Weakens the effects of evil spirits in room 302 and the
    other worlds. Can also be used to heal Eileen at one point later on in the
    Found: Several Locations throughout the game.
    Can subdue spirits for an indefinite period of time, but once you
    use it, you lose it..
    Found: First floor hallway in hospital world.
    A weapon for Eileen which is not very powerful.
    Found: In the charred ruins of Wish House, Forest World, Second Time.
    A weapon for Eileen which is moderately powerful.
    Found: 3rd floor Surveillance room, water prison world second time.
    Another weapon for Eileen.
    Found: B2 Passageway, Subway World second time.
    A reasonably powerful weapon for Eileen.
    Found: Inside the hole in Room 302.
    A Weakish weapon, but very effective in the earlier sections of the game
    and has good range as well.
    Found: Inside the Train near the escalators, Subway world first 
    Powerful Golf Club. Unfortunately it will break easily.
    Found: On a treet trunk near the car, Forest World first time.
    A very powerful weapon which becomes available once you complete 
    the game. It comes with unlimited fuel as well and is effective against most
    Found: Office desk, Hospital World, first floor.
    A weak melee weapon.
    Found: Underneath the cabinet in Room 302's living room. This
    weapon cannot be found until after you've visited Subway World
    at least once
    This is one of only two firearms in Silent Hill 4 and is also the
    weakest. It uses 9mm rounds and can also fire Silver Bullets. Is good 
    against some of the more harder enemies.
    Found: Inside room 207, building world first time.
    A Large Calibre Revolver which is considerably more powerful than
    the Pistol. It can also fire Silver Bullets, yet regular ammo for this 
    weapon is very scarce. Save it for boss fights.
    Found: Inside tool room, near the lake. Forest world second time.
    This is a very Cumbersome weapon as it takes a long time to
    charge up and strike, but it is also very powerful.
    Unfortunately it appears after you have already got the Rusty Axe which is
    a much better weapon.
    Found: Behind Northernmost Elevator (3F), Building World second 
    This is probably the most powerful weapon in the game, but it
    is also harder to charge it up in time. It should kill most enemies with
    one shot and is up there with the Axe as the best weapon in the game.
    Found: Inside Albert's Sports shop, building world, first time.
    This is a moderately powerful weapon which cannot break unlike the
    golf clubs, and is a useful backup weapon. Unfortunately, because It
    is found at near enough the same time as the Rusty Axe, it becomes rather 
    Found: Inside Albert's Sports Shop, building world first time.
    Powerful Golf Club. Unfortunately it will break easily.
    Found: Inside Albert's Sports Shop, building world second time.
    Powerful Golf Club. Unfortunately it will break easily.
    Found: Room 207 bedroom, Apartment World first time.
    Powerful Golf Club. Unfortunately it will break easily.
    Found: Being held by a monkey guarding the door that leads to 
    the Fan Stairway. Building World, first time.
    Powerful Golf club that will break easily.
    Found: Building World 2nd time, Gum Head Arena (B10) held by a Gum Head.
    Powerful Golf club that will break easily.
    Found: Hospital World, 2F hospital rooms, on the ground.
    Powerful Golf club that will break easily.
    Found: Forest World, South East Dead End, on the ground.
    Powerful Golf club that will break easily.
    Found: Building World 2nd time, Gum Head Arena (B10) held by a Gum Head.
    Powerful Golf club that will break easily.
    Found: Building World 2nd time, Gum Head Arena (B10) held by a Gum Head.
    Powerful Golf club that will break easily.
    Found: Building Work 2nd time , Entrance Alleyway (B1) next to the hole.
    Powerful Golf club that will break easily.
    Thanks to Jeroen van Bunder for providing me with the locations of the 
    above seven golf clubs!
    - BUG SPRAY -
    Found: Room 203, Apartment World second time.
    Supposedly proves effective against spirts. Unconfirmed.
    - STUN GUN -
    Found: Locked second floor cell, Water Prison World, first time (See Secrets 
    section for information on how to obtain this item).
    An excellent close quarters combat weapon.
    Found: Inside the South Ashfield bar, on a stool. Building world, 
    first time
    This is in my opinion the best overall weapon in the game. It is
    very powerful and takes only a moderate amount of time to charge it up fully
    and can also kill most enemies in one shot. It can also strike multiple 
    enemies simultaneously and when you go in to strike an enemy, the animation
    will render you invulnerable. Unfortunately, it takes a while to hit an 
    enemy, giving them time to avoid the hit.
    | Enemies                                                                  |
    The greedy worm is a large slug like creature that slithers around the 
    floors of Silent Hill. You will know when you will be encountering them as
    you will hear sticky slithering sounds upon entering a room. They are not
    a formidable foe, certainly not. In fact you do not need weapons to kill 
    them, just press X near one and Henry will stamp on it. It only has one real
    attack: Sucking your blood from through your shoes, but this does not cause
    significant damage. A cannon fodder enemy which should pose no difficulties.
    - WALL MAN -
    The Wall Man is a huge ugly humanoid which comes out of the walls and 
    attacks you at certain points in the game. You will encounter these very 
    early on in the game in Subway world and appear in The Water Prison, 
    Apartment World and also as a boss battle. You do not need to kill these 
    creatures per se, as they only attack when you get close enough. If it is
    nessecary to kill them, try using the Rusty Axe. The Wall Man's attacks are
    simple enough, they reach their long arms out and give Henry a good slapping
    round the face which will send him flying. To evade them, you should run 
    close enough to them to make them swing at you and then jump back. While it 
    regains its positioning, you will be able to run past it without it hitting 
    you. Several hits from these creatures can be damaging to your health, so 
    be careful.
    - MOTHBAT -
    The Mothbat is simply a large Bat-Like creature which hovers around you and
    makes your life a misery. They sound harmless enough, and it is true that 
    their attacks drain little of your life away, yet when you face these 
    creatures in packs, they are very difficult to beat and evade. They will
    land on Henry's head and peck away at him, and it is impossible to really
    evade them. They will attack in open spaces usually and can follow you
    quickly and for long distances so you can't out run them. When dealing
    with Mothbats, the quick and simple solution is just to kill them outright
    with a melee weapon and then stamp on them. They regenerate quickly, so be
    fast when doing that. They appear in Forest World and throughout the game.
    We first encounter the Double Head in The Water Prison World and it also
    appears in Building World later in the game. The name says it all, It is a
    huge gorilla like creature with two foetuses for heads which sounds a little
    eerie. You will know when one is nearby because you will be able to hear 
    tell tale booming sounds as it stamps along the coridoors. They are 
    relatively agile as well and can catch you quick. They sound a fearsome 
    enemy, but are surprisingly easy to defeat. A charge up from a Melee weapon
    can kill one outright. The way the Double Head attacks is by jabbing you 
    with its lenghty arms, but this can be easily avoided. Make sure it is dead
    by stamping on it.
    Two things are true of all Silent Hill games: 1) They all contain a Steel 
    Pipe and 2) They all contain dog-like monsters. Another thing is that these
    dog creatures were easy to kill and outrun, but they have been given an 
    overhaul and rework in SH4. The Sniffer Dog is a mummified dog, which
    will bite at your ankles and chase you down if you try to escape. They
    are fast too, so be warned run at your peril. They work like a normal dog, 
    they will sniff around at something interesting and will chase you if
    you run away, so consider that when battling them. They are really only a 
    bog standard enemy and only become troublesome when you run away from them.
    Hit them with a Melee weapon from afar.
    - SPIRITS -
    The spirits are a new type of enemy for SH4. They are simply Walter 
    Sullivan's murder victims and they haunt the places which are Walter's
    mindset. They come in all shapes and sizes too, but basically they are all 
    the same. They attack by floating after you at various locations in the 
    game. To hurt you, they can give you headaches if you get too close and if 
    they are really close they will grab you and suck your life away. They will
    also float through walls so they can catch up with you eventually. You can
    fight them if you wish but you will never be able to "Kill" them. You can 
    knock them to the floor, but they will always get up to attack again.
    Fortunately, they can be outran although they do go at a quick pace.
    The Super Spirits are variants on the bog standard spirits which stalk you
    through the coridoors of Silent Hill 4, in that they resemble the people
    who die throughout the game. Each super spirit has special features and 
    will attack you as thus. You can kill these - and all spirits - by using 
    a Sword Of Obedience on them. This will subdue them throughout the game.
    For locations of the Swords Of Obedience, please refer to the items listing
    section of this guide. To subdue these spirits in order to pin them down
    with the Swords Of Obedience, you can batter the crap out of them with
    melee weapons until it is possible, or better yet, shoot them with a silver
    bullet. It isn't nessecary to kill these spirits, you can in fact complete
    the game without ever using a single Sword Of Obedience (Although you do
    have to duel with one spirit later in the game). You should simply evade
    these spirits in much the same way as the normal ones - by running away.
    The man with the coat is the chief villain in Silent Hill 4: The Room, and
    thus is the most fearsome and difficult of all enemies. You will not 
    encounter the man with the coat for much of the duration of the game, he
    makes his first appearance as a regular enemy when you finish the Subway 
    World on your second visit. The Man With The Coat has two main attacks, 
    Long Range and Short Range. At Long range, he will shoot you with a handgun
    which is very harmful to Henry and Eileen's health. It does however take him
    a while to aim at you so this should give you enough time to evade him.
    At short range, he will hit you with a steel pipe which consumes a lot less
    of your life than getting shot. Its not really worth getting in a shootout
    with him as this doesn't seem to really effect his attacks. If you hit him
    with a melee weapon such as the Rusty Axe or Spade, you can defeat him. Note
    that you cannot defeat him permanently per se, but you can stun him from
    attacking you in that particular area. Remember to subdue him, you will
    stamp on him otherwise he will get back up to resume his attack.
    | Hints                                                                    |
    It's always best to learn the traditions of the trade, the basic skills 
    required to succeed in the world of Silent Hill. Silent Hill isn't a button 
    mashing game; the controls are very simple to use but there are certain skills 
    which are necessary to learn in order to get through the game properly. 
    You'll also find here important information that you should know before 
    beginning, specifically the importance of room 302 and of other features 
    in the game.
    Room 302
    I don't know if anyone else has noticed but in every Silent Hill game, there 
    is a different way to save the game. Silent Hill 4 of course is no different 
    and Room 302 serves this purpose, as well as many others.
    What is Room 302
    Well we've obviously not gotten very far considering you need to ask this, 
    but room 302 is Henry's apartment, the place where the hole nightmare begins.
    Getting to room 302
    At various points throughout the game, Henry will be transported to room 302 
    as the story progresses. But you can go back to room 302 at any time you wish 
    by crawling through the many odd holes which appear at certain places in the 
    What can be done in room 302?
    The primary purpose of room 302 is to act as a save beacon much like the 
    wells and red lights in Silent Hill 2 and 3. Its necessary to save often 
    because silent hill often has boss battles and enemies right around the corner 
    from most holes, so its probably best on your first effort to save at almost 
    every opportunity; I will strive at certain points in the game to alert the 
    presence of holes and advise when to save, with the forthcoming sections in 
    Silent Hill 4 is also the first game in the series to include a Resident Evil 
    esque magic box, where you can place your items and come back to collect them 
    later for future reference. This can only be a good idea as it helps the gamer
    strategize more, and quite honestly, Harry cannot carry everything. In the 
    previous games of course, your character's inventory was unlimited.
    Room 302 can also help you cheat, to a certain degree, to heal. During the 
    first few sections of the game, when you return to Room 302 you will be 
    healed magically and returned to full health. This is the best possible 
    place to gain sanctuary, and will also help you make a cache of healing 
    items which will definitely be needed as we progress through the game, 
    so please don't use healing items unless its absolutely necessary and 
    conserve them. Unfortunately this effect does not last forever and 
    I'll make a note of this at the appropriate section of the walkthrough.
    Room 302 is also the point where the various files appear in the game, at 
    certain sections, either on shelves or under the front door. It’s the room 
    that keeps on giving!
    It's also a nice place to just go and visit to take a breather and take stock 
    of things. Think of it as a "Thinking Room" as well!
    So remember, Room 302 is your best friend.
    The Map
    The Map is an invaluable piece of equipment in Silent Hill. It lets you know 
    what rooms are accessible (After checking them) and shows rooms which haven't 
    been checked. It gives directions and will help you immensely during the 
    course of the game. I may even use the map in the guide to point out 
    certain things, and for this I assume "UP" will be north. That's the key 
    I will use when describing the map. It’s the most important piece of 
    equipment next to a gun.
    The Life Bar
    The in-game Life bar is a new addition to the Silent Hill series and gives a 
    clear indication as to your current health. This needs to be engaged by 
    toggling it on in the options menu under "Hide Gauge".
    First Person View
    An interesting new addition to Silent Hill 4 is the first person mode which 
    only occurs inside room 302. Movement is the same, but in order to examine 
    items which are interactive, you must take notice of the top of the screen 
    for an eye symbol which will let you know what is accessible.
    | General Survival Tactics                                                 |
    Inevitably, when using firearms, you will run out of ammunition. This can be 
    very frustrating when in the middle of a battle with any creature in the 
    game as it takes Henry a while to reload the gun in animation and he is 
    therefore susceptible to enemy attacks. You should keep an eye on the ammo 
    situation in your guns and reload before you run out. If you press the fire 
    button when there is no ammo left, Henry will automatically reload. In order 
    to avoid this and defeat the issue, just simply go to the inventory screen 
    and reload manually in the menu. 
    To Run or to Walk
    There is an option which enables you to toggle the way in which Henry moves, 
    either by walking or running. Default is walking and you must press the 
    action button to run. Of course this can be reversed and I recommend making 
    "Run" the default, because outside, you will need to do a lot of running to 
    get past tedious sections and also to outrun monsters.
    Enemy Noises
    After a while you will come to know what type of sounds 
    Different enemies emanate .Most enemies have distinct sounds so you 
    should know what you're dealing with each time, giving you time to prepare 
    and Strategise for certain enemies.
    Melee Weapons
    Although you'll want to use guns immediately, you should fully 
    Utilise the Melee weapons throughout the game. The problem is, 
    holding a few firearms in your limited inventory plus ammo, 
    takes up a lot of space. This of course means you can't pick up all items. 
    And some of them are very important. You'll also want to save the ammo for 
    the harder enemies and boss battles. 
    Try and avoid some of the enemies who appear early on. Don't waste time or 
    ammo on them and just avoid them. Some of them can be outrun easily. Try 
    not to do this on the harder enemies though, because the likelihood is 
    they will still get you.
    Making Sure
    After you have supposedly killed an enemy, ask yourself "Is it really dead?" 
    to be sure, you need to stand over the carcass and press the action button. 
    Henry will kick the creature if it is still alive and kill it for good. 
    It's very irritating to have a supposedly dead enemy rise again and have to 
    use more ammo on it. A simple stamp will do just fine.
    Difficulty Levels
    Silent Hill 4 has three different difficulty levels, all with different 
    variables. It's worth paying attention as I'd say that most beginners would 
    want to start at either easy or normal. I'm writing this guide under the 
    normal difficulty setting, which is the optimum setting. 
    Easy: This is the mode for Silent Hill beginners or Survival Horror virgins. 
    Enemies are much weaker and practically stand around and allow Henry to 
    kill them! Henry also appears stronger, has more energy and loses health 
    at a slower pace than the other difficulties. There are other similar 
    differences as you would expect.
    Normal: I think that Normal difficulty in Silent Hill 4 has been tweaked a 
    little harder from the previous games. The main things to consider are that 
    enemies are much smarter and tougher and take longer to defeat. Henry also 
    has less energy and is more susceptible to damage. I would expect most 
    people to choose this mode as it does present a challenge.
    Hard: Finally, a difficulty level that actually lives up to its name. 
    If you are looking for a real challenge then try this. I wouldn't even 
    touch this level unless I'd finished the game at least once. Enemies 
    are everywhere, hunt in packs and are much more intelligent and hard to 
    kill. You've been warned!
    | Walkthrough                                                              |
    This is what you've been waiting for, the actual walkthrough. Like all my 
    guides I have striven for completing the game in the best possible way 
    whilst trying to gather all items and make sure you see all cut scenes and 
    rooms. I have completed this guide on Normal difficulty, because well...it 
    isn't too easy or hard. With regards directions, I'll try and use left and 
    right and refer to the map where possible. I'm sure you will want to come 
    here for help when you are stuck, so instead of trawling through useless 
    information, it's probably better to search for the information you want. 
    Please make sure that before you take the bull by the horns that you've 
    taken time to read the "Hints" section of the guide. This contains all the 
    basic information which will help Henry survive the horrors of Silent Hill. 
    This guide does however contain spoilers, so if you don't want to know the 
    story you should really only come here when you are well and truly stuck. 
    If however you want to read plot discussions and a commentary on the 
    storyline of Silent Hill 4 whilst you are progressing through the game then 
    that is how I have written the guide. So please, play through the game and 
    enjoy it and try to only come here when well and truly stuck! Without 
    further ado, load up your PS2, steady your nerves and let's venture the 
    horrifying world of Silent Hill for the fourth time.
    Room 302
    The first chapter begins inside Room 302 of the South Ashfield heights 
    apartment building, but its obvious that things are definately amiss. Your
    apartment has been transformed into a rusty, dark cavern. Is it a dream?
    How could this have happened? 
    When the cutscene finishes, you'll hear a blood curdling scream. You'll 
    finally gain control of Henry now. The whole of the game inside the 
    apartment is in first person view, so use this time to get used to the 
    controls. Move about with the analogue stick and press X to activate items. 
    Move around to the dresser. See the eye symbol in the screen? This means 
    something can be interacted with. Press X to take a closer look. Use the door 
    here to enter the living room. You'll hear static almost immediately here. 
    Head towards the kitchen and examine the items here, such as the cooker and 
    the fridge. After a while you'll start to get messages saying your head 
    hurts and that the air is heavy. Go into the centre of the room toward 
    the coffee table and look at the face on the wall. What is this? Go back 
    into the centre of the room and a cutscene will occur.
    The walls begin to haemorrhage and hideous demons emerge from inside the 
    walls. They crawl towards Henry with sinister intent as he collapses into 
    You'll now see the opening credits. Skip them if you wish to continue the 
    Room 302
    Cutscene. It was all a dream! Henry's apartment appears normal once more, 
    but there is still something dreadfully wrong. Once control is resumed, 
    Examine the items on the desk; then pass through into the living room 
    like you did before. Examine the front door and take the file "First Letter".
    Go towards the fridge and take the CHOCOLATE MILK and WINE BOTTLE. Go 
    towards the centre of the room and check out the item box. Place the milk 
    and wine bottle inside. Look out the window for another cutscene. When it 
    is over Notice the sound coming from the bathroom and enter it. Examine the 
    hole to get the STEEL PIPE, your first weapon. Enter the hole when prompted.
    The chocolate Milk is a very important item required for progress later on
    in the storyline. By acquiring it now, you will save time later.
    Crawl towards the light by pressing up and the light at the end will become
    bigger as you get closer. Crawl through the light until a cutscene takes 
    | Part 1: Subway World                                                     |
    Henry has finally found a way out of his room. After all, it surely cannot 
    be much worse than what he experienced before. Where is this place he's been
    transported to? Is it real? Or is it just a Nightmare like before?
    Escalator Hallway:
    Once the cutscene finishes, Follow the hall around ignoring the locked doors. 
    You'll see someone up ahead; this is Cynthia. Meet up with her for another 
    cutscene. Cynthia seems to be as clueless as to your mutual situation as you
    are. She seems to think she's in her own dream. Could this all be a dream? 
    Cynthia says she'll give you a "Special Favour" if you go with her. So, what
    are you gonna do?! When the cutscene finishes, follow the hall to its end.
    Keep following the path until a cutscene takes over. Cynthia will suddenly
    feel pain and will go to the bathroom. Henry waits outside, but two Zombie
    dogs come out after you! Kill the two zombie dogs using the pipe or 
    ignore them. Enter the ladies room to find Cynthia.
    Ladies Room:
    Cynthia is not in here, but there is a hole next to the stalls where you can
    return to room 302.
    Room 302:
    Enter the living room. You should see that your cabinet has moved. Examine
    it and you will be prompted to move it back. Do so. Take the Pistol when it 
    is revealed to you. Look at the message scrawled on the wall. Sinister. 
    Examine the hole in the wall. You can now see into room 301 at any time when
    you are in Room 302. Lets spy on Eileen as much as possible. Cutscene. 
    You'll now hear a phone ringing. Re-enter the bedroom and answer the phone. 
    Its Cynthia requesting your help. She says there is a token "Here". Go back 
    to Subway world using the hole.
    Ladies Room: 
    Yikes! Its a Mannequin!Take the LYNCH STREET LINE COIN from the mannequin 
    and exit the room.
    Escalator Hall:
    Head left towards the concourse, ignoring the dogs if you haven't yet 
    disposed of them.
    Main Concourse:
    Kill the lone dog in here and follow the passage through to the next. 
    Notice the four turnstiles. One is the LYNCH STREET Exit, the other is
    the KING STREET LINE. Ignore it for the time being and follow the passage
    to the end.
    Street Exit:
    Dispose of the two dogs in here and notice the "Giant Worm". At the 
    T-Junction, bear right past the worm and grab the BULLETS. Return the 
    way you came to return to the concourse once more.
    Main Concourse: 
    Dispose of the dog if you haven't already and head for the Lynch Street Line 
    turnstile. Use the LYNCH STREET LINE COIN you got from the mannequin on the 
    right hand turnstile (The camera focuses on this for you), pass through it 
    and head downstairs. You'll now see a cutscene involving the monsters which
    pass through walls, rather like the ones you saw in your nightmare earlier.
    These are "Victims" or Spirits. They are a new type of monster. If you get
    too close to them, you will get headaches. They can also reach out and grab
    you and sap your strength, so watch out! There are ways to dispose of them, 
    and indeed you will need to at some point, but those tools will not be
    available for a while yet. Ignore the two spirits here. Reach the 
    bottom of the stairs and head right, as there is nothing to the left just
    yet. Take the stairs down and use the door here.
    Track 1:
    You'll hear Cynthia pleading for help in here. First, descend the staircase 
    and look at Cynthia inside the Train Car. You need to find some way to unlock 
    those doors. Head left to the front of the train and use the driver's door.
    Activate the switch on the engine and then leave as the doors will now be
    Track 1: 
    Go back towards where Cynthia was; she will now accompany you for a while and 
    you need to protect her from harm. Keep her close to you as well as she will 
    not go through doors with you otherwise and you will have to go back and get
    her. Enter the open train doors near the back of the train toward the north.
    Car A:
    Move through the side door to the centre path and enter the only open set of 
    doors off the path. Examine the box and use the door here.
    NOTE: At any time during this section the spirits will burrow through the 
    walls and attack you, so be aware. They will continue to do this at various
    sections of the game containing spirits.
    Car B:
    Simply pass through the door at the end. Use the open door to your side to 
    get to the centre path once more and enter the next train. Head toward the 
    north door and pass through it. Now Proceed through the open doors to the 
    right. Follow the path and enter the door on the left. Use the door to the 
    Car E:
    Use the door to the left to get out of the trains. 
    Note: Well wasn't that the most dull section in Silent Hill History? 
    There are three spirits here so run and run fast to the left and charge up 
    the set of stairs. The path here is blocked but you will find some 
    HANDGUN BULLETS here. Go back down the stairs.
    Go right and head to the end of the platform. Take the door at the end.
    Maintenance Hatch A:
    You'll now see a cutscene where it seems that Cynthia has disappeared. There
    is also a hole here if you wish to use it. Use the ladder to go down.
    Maintenance Tunnel:
    Bear right ignoring the spirits who are in here and use the adjacent ladder.
    Maintenance Hatch B:
    Grab the HANDGUN BULLETS here and unlock the door. Head back down the ladder. 
    Back here, ignore the spirits once more and take the pathway down to the 
    left and use the door at the bottom here.
    NOTE: You should have quite an ammo cache now.
    Main Track:
    This is a very large area here which is full of rampaging dogs, 4 of them to 
    be precise. You can outrun, avoid or fight them. I would fight them with the 
    pipe and take your chances because you can just go to room 302 to recuperate. 
    Deal with the dogs and follow the platform down. You'll hear a message from 
    Cynthia. Hug the right hand side and enter the stranded train. Go down to 
    the end and pick up the 9 IRON. Notice the train's handle is missing. 
    Return to the main track and follow the track down to the escalators. 
    Use the hole at the end if you have no free spots in your inventory to 
    get rid of some stuff or to regain health. Once your finished, grab the 
    NUTRITION DRINK at the base of the escalator and head upwards.
    Run along the escalator trying your best to avoid the wall monsters. They 
    are easy to avoid if you get close to them so they swipe at you but miss. 
    Then just run past them when they try and recover. When you reach the top 
    this part will end.
    B2 Passageway:
    Bear left to find the path blocked. Grab the HANDGUN BULLETS (floor) and 
    return toward the escalators. Head up the stairs.
    Main Concourse:
    You are now back at the main concourse, but on the King Street line. 
    Get to the top and notice the items on the floor. Enter the office 
    after taking the TEMPTATION PLACARD from the door. This is the trigger to
    end this area. Watch the cutscene with Cynthia. You'll then wake inside
    room 302.
    Room 302:
    Enter the living room. You will hear a message over the radio. Also, Look out 
    of the window for a cutscene. Pick up the "Red Diary - April 8" from 
    under the door. Save the game if you wish and then relieve yourself of 
    some items such as some extra handgun bullets, the placard and the coins. 
    Take the chocolate milk with you and go back into the bathroom. You will see
    now that the hole has become larger, so head through it to begin the next
    | Part 2: Forest World                                                     |
    Once again Henry has been transported to a frightening alternate reality,
    this time an area outside Silent Hill in the nearby woods.
    Woodland Path A:
    Henry wakes up next to a path in the woods. Once the cutscene finishes, 
    follow the pathway and notice the well and writing scrawled on rocks. 
    Use the gate here.
    Woodland Path B:
    Head directly to the building in front of you. Note that there is also a 
    hole here which you shouldn't need to use just yet. 
    Storage Building A:
    Follow the pathway round and do your best to fight off the bats with the 
    pipe. Grab the bullets from the floor and pass through the gate.
    Storage Building B: 
    Ignore or kill the bats once more and use the gate here.
    Woodland Path C:
    Notice the car parked here and the writing on the trees. Examine the open 
    car door and read the memos and notes in here. Use the gates at the end.
    NOTE: You will find a chainsaw on the sawed down tree trunk upon successful 
    completion of the game, which is probably the best Melee weapon in the game.
    Creepy Rock Area:
    Meet Jasper who is sitting down near the rocks. You can listen to his 
    ramblings if you wish as it isn't a cutscene per se. Exit this area using the 
    far gate when you want to as there isn't much yo do in here.
    Spike Trap Path:
    Circumvent the obvious spike trap and deal with the 2 dogs in here. Pass 
    through the door at the end.
    Path to wish house:
    Try to outrun the 3 dogs and the bat and use the door at the end.
    Wish House Courtyard:
    Notice that there are three doors in this area, in the South, South West 
    and North East. The building here is wish house, but the doors are locked. 
    There is also a hole. If you forgot to bring the CHOCOLATE MILK, get it now. 
    Take the South West door.
    Path to Cemetery:
    There is nothing here so pass through the gate at the end.
    Path to Cemetery B:
    There is a hole here to take you back to room 302 if you wish and also a 
    spirit. Avoid it and use the door at the end.
    Walk towards the camera for a cutscene With Jasper and a little boy. 
    Go to the centre of the cemetery to see an open grave. 11121 is written on 
    the coffin. Make your exit back the way you came, passing through the two 
    gates to Wish House.
    Wish House Courtyard:
    You'll find Jasper here hanging around near Wish House. Give him the 
    chocolate milk you brought from the fridge and he will give you a trowel in
    exchange. Pick it up and enter the South East door in this area.
    South East Path 1:
    There are 4 dogs and a bat in here; IE far to many to fight. Run away and 
    pass through the gate at the end.
    South East Path 2:
    Simply pass through the gate at the end here.
    South East Path 3:
    Walk around the trees and notice the roots on the ground. The camera 
    should focus on this for you. Examine it and use the trowel. You'll 
    now be able to get the RUSTY BLOODY KEY. Written on it is "The holder 
    of this key will wander for eternity". Use the other door in this area.
    ----------------INTERESTING STUFF---------------------------------------------
    The message on the key is not for fun! Try and leave this room to
    the next path and the area is foggy. Leave this area and you will be back
    in the same room again in an endless loop.
    Mini Shrine: There is one spirit here and a hole over the steps. Use it 
    to return to room 302.
    Room 302:
    Place the Rusty Bloody Key in the trunk. Use the hole to return to the 
    Mini Shrine. Make your way back through the Paths towards Wish house, 
    being wary of the dogs in the first pathway (Third going back) if you 
    didn’t deal with them earlier.
    Wish House Courtyard:
    Use the hole here and grab the rusty bloody key from the trunk and return 
    back. Use the key on the front door of wish house to finally gain access.
    Wish House:
    Jasper will follow you in here. The main room is practically empty. 
    Go round to the back, to the right, and examine the papers on the floor. 
    You'll get the "Holy scripture Scrap". You'll now here a door close. 
    Look at the previously locked door behind you and take the SOURCE PLACARD. 
    Enter the door to see a cutscene with Jasper and you'll now end this area.
    Room 302:
    You'll hear a news report. Walter Sullivan...Wha? Head to the living room. 
    There may be knocking on the door. If so, look through the peephole. 
    Place any items in the trunk you don't really need such as the Source 
    Placard and return to the bathroom. The hole is now bigger and you can 
    hear children's voices from inside. Enter the hole.
    | Part 3: Water Prison World                                               |
    Henry has yet again been transported to a new world, this one more sinister
    than the other two, a Children's Prison. Will he finally be able to get to
    the bottom of these strange events, or will he be forced to enter an endless
    loop of these nightmarish Otherworlds?
    Cylindrical Prison First Floor:
    After the cutscene is over, you are now in a cylindrical room. The core 
    contains various rooms, some locked, and others are not. This structure 
    is the same on the second and third floors of the building. There is a man
    locked in one of the cells here Ignore the man's desperate pleas; He can't 
    be helped right now. Follow the path around and grab the "Exploration Memo" 
    you find here. Take the brown double doors on your left.
    Vacant Room: 
    There is a hole in here. Grab the Guard's diary which is pinned next to 
    it and take the left hand door.
    Spiral Stairway:
    Use the ladders for easy negotiation of this area. There are wall monsters 
    ready to attack if you walk down. Take the first ladder, and then the next. 
    Use the door at the bottom here.
    ----------------DID YOU KNOW?---------------------------------------------
    You can return to the main menu at any time during gameplay by hitting 
    Start, Select, L1, L2, R1 and R2 simultaneously. Either that or you can just
    allow yourself to get killed along the way. This is the standard way to
    reset the game in all of Konami games, and works on other titles such as
    Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.
    Water Wheel Room:
    Follow the walkway down. Be wary of the bats, they can be a real pain in 
    here. Look at the notice board over the machinery and grab the WATER PRISON
    EXIT KEY and read the "Water Wheel Room Message" file. Make your exit and 
    return to the vacant room on the first floor. Unlock the door which faces
    you with your newly acquired key.
    Cylindrical Prison Exterior:
    Again this is one huge spiral stairway leading to the roof. It is also 
    linked with multiple ladders so use them for quick exploration. Use 
    the ladder to your left and keep using the ladders until you get to the 
    roof. Use the door here.
    Sluice Gate Control Area:
    Head around to the back of the structure and use the valve here. The 
    sluice gate will now be open and the water can flow again, and hence 
    the water wheel will work. Leave this area now and descend the ladder 
    once to get to the third floor. Enter the door here.
    Third Floor Main Hallway:
    There are two monsters here, two new ones. Kill them quickly. You need 
    to find one of the cells here which a hole in the middle but not one 
    with a bloody bed. I don't know whether this hole is random but on my 
    game it was the second door when going clockwise (Look at the map). Once 
    you find it, enter it and use the hole. Use the next hole on the second 
    floor and again on the first.
    Shower Room:
    You've ended up in the underground shower room. Use the Golf Clubs to defeat 
    the two monsters here and make your exit.
    B1 Core:
    In this hallway, unlock the door at the far end. Now move to the circular 
    section ignoring the locked door on the right and ascend the staircase.
    Surveillance Room 1st Floor:
    Now here is the puzzle. On each floor, there is one cell with a hole and a 
    bloody bed. These three holes need to be lined up with each other to 
    progress further. Look around. There are peepholes on the wall so you 
    can see into the cells. Look through all of them until you can find the 
    one with a hole and a bloody bed. Make a note of where it is on the map. 
    On mine it was clockwise, room number 6. Grab the "First Floor 
    Surveillance Room Report" and Use the ladder to get to the second floor.
    Surveillance Room 2nd Floor:
    Look through the peepholes to find the right cell. Look on the map to see 
    where it needs to be turned to correspond with the one on the first floor. 
    On mine it was Clockwise, room number 2. In which case, you would move the 
    lever opposite the ladder 4 times to the right. Get the "Second Floor 
    Surveillance Room Report" and then head to the third floor.
    Surveillance Room 3rd floor:
    Once more, look through the holes until you find one with a bloody bed and 
    hole. Align it with the other two cells and you're in business! On my game 
    it was Clockwise, room number 3. After turning the wheel your man will be 
    free. This does not mean this is complete; Continue turning the cells until 
    all three correspond. Look at the third floor map. Have in your mind EXACTLY 
    which cell it is you have just moved, with the bloody bed. That's where we 
    are headed. Grab the "Secret Number Memo" -Important from the wall and 
    descend the ladder to the bottom.
    B1 Core:
    There will be a cutscene here, where we will finally meet the man from the
    cell. He's Andrew DeSalvo and you'll learn a little more about the little 
    boy. Once it ends some tentacles will sprout up from the ground. Avoid them 
    and use the door at the end of the corridor, the one you unlocked earlier. 
    You'll now be at the spiral stairway again. Use the ladders to go to the 
    first floor. Pass by the vacant room and get outside again. Use the ladders 
    to get to the third floor.
    Third Floor Hall: 
    Head to the cell with the bloody bed. Check every door if you are still 
    unsure. Once inside that cell, jump down every hole until you reach the 
    Deal with the tentacles here as they will hinder your progress. Try not 
    to use the Golf Clubs as they will break. Use the southern door in the 
    kitchen. This is the dining room. Kill more tentacles and unlock the door 
    here. Return to the kitchen. There is one other door here we haven't 
    examined. Approach it and grab the WATCHFULNESS PLACARD. Use the code you 
    got from the secret number memo, almost always 0302, to gain access to 
    the torture chamber. This section is now over. Cutscene.
    I've recieved numerous E-Mails from people who are getting stuck at this
    section because when they try to input the code on the Kitchen Keypad, they
    recieve a message saying "It is too dark to see the numbers". This is a 
    glitch in the game, and it occurs because you have done something wrong
    in this section. To stop this glitch occuring, you need to have completed
    the following.
    1: You need to have used the Sluice Gate valve on the rooftop.
    2: You need to have seen the Cutscene between Andrew and the kid in the B1
    3: You need to make sure that the three rooms you have lined up to gain 
    access to the kitchen area a little way back must all have a bloody bed
    and a hole. This is probably the likeliest reason why you cannot progress,
    even though it is possible to get to B1 using a regular hole, the game will
    prevent you from reading the Keypad.
    Make sure you have done all three of these things to avoid this problem.
    Its been brought to my attention exactly how and why this glitch occurs
    and how it can be amenended. When looking through the holes where we can
    see every cell, notice the water pipes. Some pipes leak because they are
    broken, and this results in the water wheel not recieveing power to light
    up the area with the keypad. So look at the cells you have aligned and make
    sure that they not only fulfill the above criteria, have a bloody bed but 
    also have several pipes that do not leak. Thanks to Yoshi 314 for his
    Room 302:
    Go into the living room again and check anything you want such as the 
    peepholes and windows. Save the game if you wish. You really should 
    save the game after every "World". Put the Watchfulness placard in the 
    trunk and go to the bathroom. Notice the bloody bath and the very peculiar 
    comments which are made when you examine it. The hole is now much bigger and 
    there are very strange noises coming from inside. Steady your nerves and 
    enter the hole.
    | Part 4: Building World                                                   |
    Henry emerges in a world which resembles the area in the town of Ashfield.
    Back Alley:
    Henry wakes up in a strange back alley. There is a hole here and there are 
    A LOT of loud strange noises which get worse as you progress outside. 
    Follow the alley around until the game loads. Take the set of stairs down. 
    There is a new enemy here, the monkey man. Deal with him or ignore him. 
    Descend a further set of stairs and you'll get a cutscene with Richard. 
    When the cutscene ends, immediately use the door Richard used as you'll be 
    ambushed by more monkey men.
    ----------------INTERESTING STUFF---------------------------------------------
    I'm struck by how much Richard Braintree looks like Douglas Cartland from 
    Silent Hill 3. Anyone whose played the game can't help but notice the 
    resemblance. I mean their faces are practically the same!
    You'll immediately notice gurgling. It’s a downed spirit impaled with a 
    SWORD OF OBEDIENCE. This is important for later, so pocket it and the 
    GHOST'S KEY. Notice the birthday cake. Use the ghost's key on the door to 
    exit. This ghost will follow you for a while now.
    ----------------SWORDS OF OBEDIENCE---------------------------------------
    The Sword Of Obedience is a tool for "Killing" The Spirits which
    plague the otherworld. You need to subdue a spirit using generic weapons
    and then run them through with the sword. It isn't a weapon per se, IE It 
    cannot be equipped. You need to manually approach the downed ghost and press
    square to complete the deed. Don't waste the swords on normal spirits though,
    as you will encounter super spirits later in the game.
    B3 Stairway:
    Descend the stairs and ignore the slug and the spirit. Use the door here and 
    in the next hall, use the only other door here.
    Sports Shop:
    Take the HANDGUN BULLETS from the shelf and pass through the door into the 
    main section of the sports shop. In here is an ALUMINIUM BAT and a 5-IRON. 
    Take both and notice the hole which is here. There should be one door ahead 
    of you and one to the left which is locked. Enter the unlocked door and 
    descend the staircase here. You'll hear a growl. Use the door at the 
    Pet Shop:
    There are 3 dogs and some bats in here. You could deal with them. If you 
    want to go fast, run to the centre of the shop, down the centre aisle and 
    grab the ALBERTS SPORTS SHOP KEY from amongst the cat food. Return up the 
    stairs to the Sports shop and use the key on the one locked door here.
    Outer Stairway:
    This area is infested with Monkey Men, 5 to be precise. Stand your ground 
    and kill the 3 initial attackers; One of them has a 5-Iron. Swipe it and 
    descend the stairs to the bottom. Two more Monkey Men will jump from the 
    roof, but you'll be too fast. Ignore the door and follow the path around 
    the corner.
    Follow the balcony around and enter the elevator, using the second door. 
    Cutscene. When it is over, use the ladder here.
    Shower room:
    There is one ladder in front of you; Ignore it. Instead, head into the 
    centre of the shower room and grab the NUTRITION DRINK. Kill the tentacles 
    and ascend the ladder behind them.
    Vacant Street:
    This is one long vacant street. There is nothing to pick up and there are 
    3 dogs and 2 Monkey Men. Outrun them until the street ends. In this 
    extension to the street there are 4 monkey men. Ignore them and use the 
    door here. It may be difficult to fight them all off, so its best to avoid 
    ----------------INTERESTING STUFF---------------------------------------------
    One of the monkeys in the area leading to the stairway holds a PITCHING 
    WEDGE. Its the one monkey actually guarding the door here. Kill him and
    take the weapon if you want it. I never bothered with it as all I need
    is the Rusty Axe, an awesome weapon.
    Fan Stairway:
    Use the door at the bottom of the stairs.
    B 13 Stairway: 
    Descend the stairs. The two doors on the left are locked. Use the other one.
    South Ashfield Bar:
    Take the Rusty Axe from the Bar stool. Surweeet! This weapon kicks ass! 
    Read the note on the bar, "Bartender's Memo". There is a hole here if 
    you wish to return. Enter 3750 as the code on the door (Phone number is 
    555 3750 - look out your apartment window) and enter it.
    Communications Tower A (MGS) Esque Staircase:
    The stairs are blocked going down. Head upwards. You'll hear a scream. 
    Follow it up a loooooong way, avoiding the two spirits who will 
    follow you up here. At the top you will come to room 207 of the 
    south Ashfield heights apartment building. Who lives here I wonder? 
    Take the CHAOS PLACARD and enter. Cutscene again. This one's a horror. 
    End of area.
    Room 302: 
    You'll hear a familiar news report. Go to the trunk and deposit anything 
    you don't want. Let your health be replenished and save the game if you 
    want. Do the usual, such as looking out the peephole and when you are ready, 
    head to the hole once more. This time it is beginning to take the shape of a 
    weird symbol which some Silent Hill veterans should recognize. Go through.
    | Part 5: Apartment World                                                  |
    3rd Floor Hall:
    There is a cutscene here. You appear to be outside your apartment in the 
    apartment building. But there is something "Wrong" with it. When control 
    resumes check out rooms 302 and 303. Both are locked. Go to room 301 
    which is just back along the corridor.
    Room 301:
    Notice that there is a hole in here. Grab "Mike's Diary" and the red paper 
    from the desk In the kitchen. Head down the corridor into the back of the 
    apartment. Look at the posters to get the SUPERINTENDANT'S KEY and the 
    LOCKER KEY. Read the "Joseph's Article" on the bed and notice the Porno's.
    Head back into the third floor hallway. Follow the hall around until it 
    ends and use the door.
    Ignore the man sitting on the stairs if you wish and then run past him down 
    to the bottom. Use the LOCKER KEY on the lockers at the side of the 
    staircase. Useless. There are two doors at the bottom here opposite each 
    other. Take the left door. Take the first door on the left, room 106, 
    the Superintendent's room.
    ----------------SHABBY DOLL---------------------------------------------
    Recently, we passed a man in a coat sitting on the stairs, and if you
    stayed with him he would have spoken to you in a distant tone. He would
    also leave behind an item, the Shabby Doll. By either taking or leaving
    behind the Shabby Doll will effect certain occurences later in the game.
    So I'm leaving it up to you to decide.
    Room 106:
    Head to the back of the room to find the "Superintendent's Diary 
    (Umbilical Cord)" from the bed. Go back to the main section and look at 
    the red box on the shelf. Now pocket the two sets of red paper from the 
    filing cabinets and take the APARTMENT KEYS from the wall nearby. You 
    now have access to all the other apartments.
    Room 102:
    Head back to the foyer of the building and use the right hand door we didn't 
    enter earlier. There are two dogs here. Ignore them and enter room 102. 
    Squish the slugs in the kitchen and open up the fridge. Grab the Paper from 
    inside and then leave. Go back up the stairs to the second floor, and use 
    the left hand door.
    Second Floor:
    Ignore the two dogs in here and go for the second door on the right, room 
    207. Go round the back of room 207 and grab the Putter from the bedroom. 
    Go back to the main room and take RICHARD'S REVOLVER from the chair and then 
    look out the window where you saw the apparition. Leave the room now and go 
    back to the third floor. Stop outside your door, room 302, and put ALL bits 
    of red paper you have recently acquired under the door. Then enter room 301. 
    There will now be a spirit in here, so avoid it and pass through the hole to 
    return to room 302.
    ----------------INTERESTING STUFF---------------------------------------------
    Whenever you return to room 302 for various reasons, make sure you try to do
    some of the following: Turning On the Radio, Looking through the peephole,
    Looking through the hole in the wall and looking out the window for some 
    interesting little easter eggs such as news reports and cutscenes.
    Room 302:
    Go to your front door and read all messages under the door. You'll now know 
    where Eileen's key is, so return to the bedroom and look near the window 
    and bed to get the DOLL KEY. Head back through the hole to room 301. Go 
    out onto the hallway and use the key on room 303. Enter it for the cutscene
    which ends this area.
    Between now and the end of the game, room 302 will become a very dangerous
    place. Hauntings will take place at various places within room 302
    and will cause you to lose health if you are exposed to it for too long.
    These hauntings will be instantly recognizable as you will here and
    unearthly whistling sound, the screen will become red and you will lose
    health. These hauntings occur pretty much everywhere, such as near your 
    shoes and can also mean monsters will crawl through the walls! The 
    amount of hauntings in room 302 at the end of the game can effect your
    ending as well. The way to suppress these hauntings is by lighting a 
    HOLY CANDLE near to the haunting, and it will disappear. You must
    continue to do this where possible to strive for the best ending. On your
    first time, I would just do the bare minimum to get through the game and 
    then go for a better ending later. You can briefly stop the hauntings from
    hurting you by wearing a Saint Medallion, but this can break from lengthy
    Room 302:
    When you regain control of Henry go to the bathroom and you will find the 
    hole has disappeared! Now go to the peephole and listen to what is being 
    said. Check out your window as well and save the game if you wish. 
    Go to the trunk and take out the CHAOS, TEMPTATION, SOURCE and WATCHFULNESS 
    Placards and go to your front door. Pick up the SUCCUBUS TALISMAN and get 
    the "Red Diary - July 13". After reading the diary, go to your storeroom. 
    Look at the far wall. Use the SUCCUBUS TALISMAN on this strange pattern to 
    reveal a new hole. There are four depressions on the hole where you need to 
    place the four placards. Place them here in this order:
    TEMPTATION                       SOURCE
    The hole will now be open, so proceed through it.
    | Part 6: Hospital World                                                   |
    First Floor Coridoor:
    Walk around this area to gather your bearings. Look at the map. Head south 
    down the corridor and pick up EILEEN'S BAG after the cutscene, and then 
    enter the last door on the right.
    You'll have to fight two "Patients". They are fast silent killers - be 
    on your guard. Use the Rusty Axe or the Bat to kill them quickly. 
    Once they are dead, take the ampoule from the shelf and leave.
    Now enter the first door on your left and collect the NUTRITION DRINK
    in here. Make your exit and head north and enter the last door on the right
    (Its facing you). In here you should find the PAPER CUTTING KNIFE. Pocket
    it and head back south down the coriddor and enter the last door on the
    right to get to the stairwell. Go up to the second floor. 
    Second Floor:
    There are Demon Wheelchairs patrolling this area, so watch out! They can 
    knock you down and give you headaches so be very wary. The important 
    thing to know here on this floor is that there are 22 rooms, eleven on 
    the left and eleven on the right. On every new game, the contents of 
    each room are completely random, so this makes it a nightmare for an 
    FAQ writer. Firstly, there are 2 rooms of special interest; one of 
    them has the key to Eileen's room and one is Eileen's room. It’s the 
    only locked door. All other rooms are accesable but contain either, 
    nothing, monsters or items such as Nutrition Drinks or Handgun Bullets. 
    You can either go to each door and grab the items or ignore most doors and 
    just progress the game. It's up to you, but the way of progressing is 
    always the same. Go through each door until you find the door with a 
    Snake Statue in the centre. Take the HOSPITAL ROOM KEY from here and a 
    cage will go over you. Use the HOSPITAL ROOM KEY to exit. Now use the 
    key on Eileen's room. Approach the bed for a cutscene.
    First Floor revisited:
    Now that Eileen is with you, watch her closely and keep her safe. Do not 
    leave her behind in rooms or you will have to keep coming back and 
    getting her. Go back into the hallway. The wheelchairs have gone, but 
    there are 2 patients here now. Kill them. Run to the end of the hallway 
    and examine the elevator. Push the switch to move it. Now go back to 
    the first floor. Enter the first door to the right. There is a hole here. 
    Go through it. Cutscene.
    Now that you will have Eileen in tow for much of the remainder of the game,
    make sure that you look after her well and try not to let her get hurt
    much as this can affect the outcome of the game.
    Room 302:
    Go out into the living room and grab the diary and the envelope with a 
    SMALL KEY inside. Save the game. Go back through the hole to the locker 
    room. Cutscene. Leave the locker room and head left in the corridor, and 
    enter the elevator. Use the SMALL KEY here. 
    Hospital Exit:
    You'll now be presented with a long set of stairs, and three patients 
    walking slowly toward you. Take the time to charge up your weapon, 
    preferably the Rusty Axe and take them out in one go. They'll fall 
    down the stairs, so chase after them and stamp on them. When it is safe, 
    take Eileen down the stairs and enter the door at the bottom.
    Congratulations! You are now HALF WAY through the game!
    | Part 7: Subway World   II                                                |
    Henry has reappeared back in the Subway World where he originally met
    Cynthia. It appears the same, but has more monsters guarding its coridoors.
    Henry will have to fight harder this time as he has somebody new to protect.
    Elevator Hallway:
    This area is now guarded by Monkey Men. Kill them all and pass through
    the hallway to the end, near to where we first met Cynthia. Enter
    the ladies room and use the hole to return to room 302. Take the 
    LYNCH STREET LINE COINS from the item box. Look at the front door. 
    pick up the "Red Diary - July 25" and read the "Kids Letter". Take the
    TOY KEY which is inside here and return to Subway World.
    follow the path through to the main concourse.
    Before you leave this area, make sure that you grab the NUTRITION DRINK 
    from inside the mens room.
    Main Concourse:
    As soon as you enter the concourse you will see pieces of hair littered 
    about the floor. Follow the strips of hair around to see a cutscene. 
    This is one of the super spirits I mentioned earlier. Try to ignore it
    and use the LYNCH STREET COINS on the left hand turnstile. Descend the 
    staircase and make sure Eileen is with you.
    B2 Passageway:
    Head left at the bottom of the stairs. There won't be any spirits here
    any more, but there are 2 dogs. Kill them to avoid further hassle. 
    In the left hand passage here, you'll find the RIDING CROP on a seat
    which is an Eileen Only weapon. Also pick up the NUTRITION DRINK on the
    floor near the barricade. We have no use for Eileen in the following section
    of the game, and her presence is both irritating and makes life more
    difficult, so it would be best if you leave Eileen in this coridoor
    for the time being. If you are having trouble leaving Eileen behind, 
    head to the section of this passage which is blocked and quickly turn 
    around and run down the stairs. unequipping Eileen's weapons should help 
    too. Once you've left her behind, head down the staircase.
    Track 1:
    Locate the Vending Machine here near the enterance. Enter the train
    through the enterance which is farthest north. Go through to the middle 
    section between the two trains and return to the train using an open
    set of doors further down. Use the TOY KEY we found in the envelope here.
    You'll now recieve the DIRTY COIN. You need to wash the coin in the sink
    in room 302, so Go back up the stairs to the bathroom and go through the 
    hole. Use the kitchen sink and return to the B2 passage where you last
    left Eileen. Go down the stairs here and go to the vending machine we
    noticed earlier near the entrance. Use the Coin here to get the 
    MURDER SCENE KEY. Head back into the train and use all the doors and 
    passages to work your way through to the western track.
    West Track 1:
    Head left and run up the steps, avoiding the 2 dogs. Pick up the
    PORTABLE MEDICAL KIT which is here and return down the steps. Bear right
    past the dogs and get the BULLETS from the bench which is around halfway
    along. Use the door at the end.
    If you haven't noticed yet, during the regular loading screens we will see
    either the cults symbol or a figure in the background. By playing around
    with the R3 button you can make these two get bigger and smaller (Kind of
    like Metal Gear Solid 3, you get the picture). Anyway, it certainly
    passes a little bit of time as the game loads. Inventive.
    Maintenance Hatch A:
    There is a hole here, use it to discard any items. Go down the ladder
    to the tunnel. Turn right and follow the path, ignoring the 2 spirits
    who will be stalking you. Use the door at the bottom.
    Main Track:
    Head towards the escalator, running away from the two spirits who are
    guarding this area. Go up the escalator. Evade the wall monsters just
    like you did in your first visit to this area (Go close enough to
    them so they will take a swing at you, move backwards and run past them
    after they swing and miss). At the top, the game will take over.
    B2 Passageway:
    Turn left at the top and head for the blockade. Kill the dog here and
    grab the NUTRITION DRINK. Go back and head up the stairs. 
    Main Concourse:
    You'll find CYNTHIA'S COMMUTER TICKET amongst all the items sprawled
    on the floor. Pick it up and use the MURDER SCENE KEY on the office
    door. Inside there will be a TRAIN HANDLE which will end this area for you
    in a while. We now need to get Eileen. If you did as I suggested and 
    left Eileen in the B2 Passegeway (Where we found the whip), then use the 
    immediate turnstile here and the next to get to B2. Bring Eileen back to
    the escalator and head down to the main track, evading the wall monsters
    for the final time.
    Main Track:
    Turn 180 degrees round. We need to return to the train where we found
    the first golf club a long while back. Enter the train using the open door
    and make sure Eileen is with you. Use the TRAIN HANDLE in the driver's 
    compartment at the front. The train will move a few hundred yards. 
    Locate the open door to the left a little while back. Take Eileen with
    you and pass down the staps, taking the SWORD OF OBEDIENCE at the bottom
    and use the door here. Cutscene.
    Boss Fight: Man with the coat
    You'll now have to battle the main with the coat. He has 2 attacks; He will
    either attack you at close range with a pipe or he'll shoot you with a 
    Handgun. The Rusty Axe is the best weapon to use here as it takes quite a 
    lot of ammo to defeat him with firearms and using them will leave you prone
    to getting shot as well. Dodge his gunshots using the Shoulder buttons and 
    constantly charge up the Axe and hit him. Don't worry about Eileen in this
    battle as he rarely attacks her. When he's down, make sure you stamp on him
    or he will get up again. Take Eileen with you and use the door at the end.
    If you return to the area where we fought with the man with the coat, he 
    will still be here and will be fully regenerated. There is no reason for
    you to return here, and its a battle we could do without. Even so, if you
    want to kick his ass all over again, you know what to do...
    Spiral Staircase:
    Descend the spiral staircase and enter the hole halfway down. Save the game
    and deposit any unwanted items. Use the door at the bottom.
    | Part 8: Forest World II                                                  |
    You'll resurface in Forest World in the cemetary. In the far corner
    here you will find a TORCH. Pick it up and light it in the flame. Use the
    only other door here. Examine the well. You can now see inside it,
    and you can now grab the DOLL'S HEAD. Kill the 2 dogs in here and 
    pocket the NUTRITION DRINK from under the lamp. Use the gate to leave.
    Evade 2 more dogs who are in here and pass through the next gate to return
    to Wish House.
    Wish House:
    Wish house has burned to the ground following recent events. Walk to 
    where it once stood and walk up the plank to gain access to what 
    was once the main room. Notice the Doll on the wheelchair. Use The 
    DOLL'S HEAD on it, pocket the nearby HOLY CANDLE and exit this area using 
    the Southeast door - leaving Eileen behind (She's fine here).
    Mini Shrine:
    In this pathway, pick up the NUTRITION DRINK which is underneath a lantern.
    Pass through the gate and the next passage ignoring the man with the 
    coat. In the final pathway, you'll find a SILVER BULLET which is
    very useful against the ghosts. Use the gate to get to the shrine. 
    Light the torch here and use it on the well to get the DOLL's LEFT LEG.
    Head back to Wish House using the 3 passageways. Once back at 
    wish house, Head to the Northwest door. This area shouldn't yet
    be on the map as we never went there in our first time here.
    Try not to use the Silver Bullet you recently acquired just yet. Instead,
    Put them in the storage box for the time being because I have a little 
    something in mind for that Bullet later on.
    Northwest Passage:
    Ignore the dogs here and pick up the NUTRITION DRINK near the gate.
    Pass through this passage to enter the Tool Room. In here, take the 
    barrells. Use the hole in the wall to get to the lake.
    The Lake:
    Go left. Cutscene. When the Cutscene finishes, get the 
    CRESTED MEDALLION from the statue here. Take the REVOLVER BULLETS 
    near some reeds in the northernmost corner and a FIRST AID KIT.
    USe the hole to get rid of some items, save the game and when you 
    are there, before going back, soak the Torch in oil in the storeroom.
    Then return. Light the torch near the lake and pass through the Tool 
    room. 3 spirits are here now, but try to ignore them. When back in
    the northwest passage with the dogs, use the torch on the well here
    to get the DOLL's RIGHT LEG. Go back to Wish house again.
    Northeast Passage:
    Use any Doll items on the doll before leaving through the northeast
    passage. Kill the double headed monster here and pass through to
    the next passage. Get the LEFT ARM from the well here. Go through
    another passage and you'll get a cutscene. There is another super
    spirit here. Try to ignore this one as well. Run over and light the torch 
    once more here before going through the gate at the end. Ignore the car and 
    head toward the building.
    Storage Building:
    Pick up the NUTRITION DRINK and evade the solitary spirit in this
    building and use the door to get to the next building. In here there 
    will be 2 spirits. Again, ignore them both and follow the passage 
    round to the end and use the door. Use the hole here if you're 
    inventory is getting heavy and proceed to enter the next path using the
    gate here. 
    Woodland Path:
    This is the room where forest world began first time up. Now, there 
    is a Monkey Man guarding the area. Kill him and look in the well to
    and head back to the buildings. There are now 4 Monkey Men guarding the
    passage before the first storage building. Ignore them and follow
    the pathways back to Wish House. 
    Wish House:
    Use all Doll Items on the Doll. When the DOLLS HEAD, LEFT ARM, RIGHT ARM,
    RIGHT LEG and LEFT LEG are in place, there will be a cutscene. Make
    sure that Eileen is with you and you have the CRESTED MEDALLION and 
    head down the steps once they are revealed. Get the
    "Descent of the Holy Mother - the 21 sacraments" file from the altar.
    Use the CRESTED MEDALLION on the door here.
    Spiral Staircase:
    Take this ominous staircase down once more, and return to Room 302
    to save the game and discard items again. Use the door at the bottom
    of the staircase and enter the elevator with Eileen. Cutscene. When 
    the cutscene is over, make note of the hole. Use the door. Welcome
    back to Water Prison World.
    | Part 9: Water Prison World II                                            |
    Sluice gate control area:
    Man with a coat will be pointing a gun at you straight away!
    Run away from him with Eileen using the door here.
    Cylindrical Prison Exterior:
    Don't bother using the staircase, it takes ages to descend. Go down to
    the 3rd floor using the ladders. Do not worry about Eileen, she will
    catch up if you wait for her. Let her join you when you enter the third
    floor main doors.
    Third Floor:
    Kill the three two headed monsters in the passage here. Remember the 
    room with the bloody bed on the third floor? Find it. Look in every door
    if nessecary. Eileen will be left here but she'll be safe. Once you
    find the door, enter it and use the holes to get back to B1.
    You'll now be in the kitchen. Waste the tentacles here and use the west 
    door. You'll now be in the torture chamber which is where the Prison world
    ended last time. Remember the wierd message you got when you interacted 
    with the bath in room 302 much earlier in the game? You'll know where to 
    go next. Grab the PRISONER'S SHIRT and go back to the kitchen,
    to get to the dining hall. Get back into the main hall of B1, with the 
    ladder (Use the Map). Bear left and use the door here to return to the 
    spiral staircase. Use the ladder to get to the water wheel room.
    Water Wheel Room:
    Go round the back of the water wheel. There are no bats here now, so 
    you should be okay. Go to the hole and pick up the FIRST AID KIT
    nearby. Pass through the hole.
    Room 302:
    Get the "Red Diary - July 28" from the door and leave behind some 
    unwanted items (Extra Ammo, Health items in the trunk), and bring
    with you a SWORD OF OBEDIENCE and the PISTOL. Remember when I advised you 
    to keep the Silver Bullet we found in the forest world earlier? Take this
    from the item box now. Go to the bathroom and use the PRISONER'S SHIRT in 
    the bathtub. You'll now have the "Note from bloody Prisoner's shirt". 
    Head back to the Water Wheel room using the hole. Once you make your way to 
    the spiral staircase, you will see a cutscene.
    ---------------DID YOU KNOW?---------------------------------------------
    Heather Morris, who provides the voice of Eileen Galvin in Silent Hill 4
    also provided the voice for Heather, the main playable character in Silent
    Hill 3.
    Shower Room:
    You have to kill this spirit to progress. Head up the ladder back to B1
    and load the pistol with a silver bullet. When the spirit attacks, shoot
    him once with the pistol and then stab him with the SWORD OF OBEDIENCE.
    Take the WATER PRISON GENERATOR ROOM KEY from him. We now need to
    get Eileen from the third floor. Head up the Staircase, through the
    Vacant Room (Where there is a NUTRITION DRINK to collect), and unlock 
    the door here to get outside.
    NOTE: That boss battle is Much harder with normal weapons.
    Cylindrical Prison Exterior:
    Use the ladders for quick access to the third floor. Get Eileen who 
    should still be here and go down to the first floor using the ladders,
    once again waiting for Eileen to join you after descending every ladder.
    After a while, you should be back at the first floor.
    Generator Room:
    Go down the SPiral Staircase, this time ignoring the ladders and follow 
    it down. Kill the tentacles which block your path and get the SAINT
    MEDALLION from the path. Get to the Water Wheel room and use the only
    door in here with the WATER PRISON GENERATOR ROOM KEY. Kill the multiple
    Two Headed Monsters or run away and proceed through the door at the end.
    Spiral Staircase:
    Save the game using the hole if nessecary and use the door at the bottom.
    | Part 10: Building World II                                               |
    Car Park:
    You'll see a cutscene. Ignore the spirit and grab the "Reminisces" file
    from near the car nearby. Head to the elevator taking Eileen with you.
    Press the bottom button. When the elevator stops, use the ladder in the
    Shower Room:
    Ignore the opposite ladder. Head to the left and kill the tentacles to
    get past. Grab the BILLIARD BALL and head up the ladder.
    Vacant Street:
    Follow the road around until there is a cutscene. When it finishes,
    there will be some new spirits floating around. Ignore them and follow
    the path around. In this rubbish strewn area, pick up the SAINT 
    MEDALLION from near the water tower and a VOLLEYBALL from the pile of boxes,
    and then use the door here.
    Descend the staircase, and you'll find there are some phantom Wheelchairs 
    patrolling around here. Ignore them and enter the door. Descend the next set
    of stairs and use the door at the bottom.
    South Ashfield Bar:
    On the bar is a file, "New Bartender's Memo". Take it and then use the 
    BILLIARD BALL you got in the shower room on the table. Use the code
    4890 on the panel to unlock the door. You won't need to use this door,
    however for another 15 minutes of gameplay, so head back the way you came,
    up the stairways, through the vacant street down the ladder and back 
    through the shower room to the elevator.
    Once back here, press the top button.
    Outer Ledge:
    Follow the ledge around.
    Outer Staircase:
    Grab the NUTRITION DRINK near the locked door. Kill the dogs and head up 
    the staircase taking Eileen with you. Use the door at the top.
    Albert's Sports shop:
    You should remember this area from your first visit.
    Take the 3-WOOD and put the VOLLEYBALL in the Volleyball basket.
    Take the CAKE CANDLES from the counter and exit through the southern door.
    Use the door in the storeroom to get to an alley. Use the other door here.
    Ascend the staircase and use the door at the top.
    There will be a spirit here, so evade him. Pick up the STUFFED CAT from
    near the entrance and use the CAKE CANDLES on the cake here.
    Exit and return back to ALbert's Sport shop. Use the only door in the
    sport's shop we haven't been through this time and descend the stairs.
    Enter the Pet Shop at the bottom.
    Pet Shop:
    There will be three spirits in here. Use the recently acquired 
    STUFFED CAT in the cage near the counter. Once this has been done
    there will a loud ringing. Use the back door in the petshop.
    Note: You must bring Eileen with you for the rest of this section.
    Clock Room:
    Read the newspaper article and listen to what happens. When you 
    are satisfied, head down the stairs. In the next room, there will
    be many bats. Kill them off with a melee weapon such as the RUSTY
    AXE. Locate the Clock on the wall which is actually a door. Use it.
    Stairway with lots of doors:
    Just like the title says, only there is only one unlocked door here
    right down the bottom. Evade the many spirits here and descend the
    stairs all the way to the bottom. Don't worry about Eileen, the
    spirits will only go after you. Wait until she joins you before you
    pass through the door at the bottom.
    Here, there are 4 monkey men and a dog. Charge up the rusty axe and 
    kill them all. Some of them have golf clubs too, so Pocket them if you have
    the space and exit using the door round the back.
    Vacant Street:
    You'll resurface here with Eileen in tow. Outrun the spirits and follow the
    pathway to the end with eileen. In the next section, use the door and
    descend the stairs. This is where the phantom Wheelchairs are patrolling.
    Avoid them with Eileen and use the door at the bottom, being wary that
    she might not be fast enough to catch up in time. Descend one final 
    staircase and you'll be back at the bar.
    South Ashfield Bar:
    Save the game here and then use the door in here. This is the area which
    has a huge staircase. A wall has collapsed meaning you can now descend
    the stairs. There are bats here, so kill them and stamp on them where
    possible as they will make your life miserable as this staircase seems
    to go on forever. At the bottom, equip the Rusty Axe and pass through
    bringing Eileen with you again.
    Boss Fight: Wall Monsters
    Boss Fight: Wall Monsters.
    This skirmish takes place in a large rectangular area with a chasm in the
    center, see Diagram below.
     X        X       X
    |                      |
    |  |----------------|  |
    |  |                |  | X                    X= Giant Wall Monster
    |  |                |  |                      D= Exit Door
    |  |                |  |
    |  |                |  | X
    |  |                |  |
    |  |                |  | X
    |  |                |  |
    |  |                |  | 
    |  |----------------|  |   
    |                      | 
    Swinging from each of the four walls are three giant wall monsters.
    The key to winning this boss battle is this factor. Most of the monsters
    are dummies, there is one "Boss", or real monster out of the 12 active ones.
    What you have to do is find the one monster who is real and kill it. Once
    you have struck the real monster, all other monsters will be hurt at the 
    same time so all monsters will react to the hit so you will instantly know
    which one he is. Once you have figured it out, keep hitting it until it
    is dead. Fot this battle I would reccommed the Rusty Axe. It is random as
    well, so you would be best using trial and error to find the right one, its
    really the only way. Once you have killed the monster, the fight is over
    and the door will unlock. Pass through it to progress.
    Spiral Stair:
    This ominous staircase keeps getting nastier each time, doesn't it.
    Descend the stairs once more and you'll find the door to room 302 
    at the bottom! Read the "Superintendant's Diary (Man with the coat)" and
    then enter what should be room 302.
    Room 302 of the past:
    On the coffee table are 2 files; "Old Picture Book" and "Crimson Tome".
    Read them both. Enter the bedroom. You should know how to get there,
    this is your apartment after all. In here, read the Red diaries August
    2, 3, 4 and 5. Go back to the living room and head to the puddle in the 
    middle for a cutscene. When it is over, you can pick up the
    PICKAXE OF HOPE from the wall in between the bedroom and bathroom. Use the
    hole in the bathroom to return to YOUR room 302.
    ---------------DID YOU KNOW?----------------------------------------------
    In case you haven't figured it out for yourself, the man we just encountered
    in the previous cutscene was indeed Joseph Schreiber, the man who lived in
    room 302 previously and has been leaving you hints in the form of diaries
    ever since.
    Room 302:
    Use the PICKAXE OF HOPE on the corresponding wall in here, between the bed 
    and bathrooms. Enter the hole. Cutscene. Investigate the hanging body and 
    pocket the KEYS OF LIBERATION. Head back to the main section of Room 302.
    Now, we are about to enter the final section. Discard all items into the
    Box except your weapon of choice and the KEYS OF LIBERATION. Save the game
    and use these keys on the front door. Are you finally free? Cutscene.
    | Part 11: Apartment World II                                              |
    Third Floor:
    Room 302 is now the only place where you can save the game, so if you
    desperately need to save, you'll have to return here. There is a barricade
    in this coridoor, so enter room 301. Kill the 3 monsters in here with the
    Axe and descend the stairs here to enter room 201. Exit using the door here.
    NOTE: Make sure that Eileen is with you during this section of the game.
    Second Floor:
    Evade Walter and enter room 202. Pick up the SWORD OF OBEDIENCE from the 
    back room. Use the hole in the wall in room 202 to pass through to room
    203. You'll find some BUG SPRAY in here. Pocket it and then proceed to pass 
    through into the hallway. Use the door at the end to get to the stairway. 
    Kill the 5 Patients, that's right 5 of them. Charge up the RUSTY AXE and 
    you can kill them all quickly. Once you've taken them all out, use the door
    which faces you.
    Second Floor - West Wing:
    Head to room 206, grab the HOLY CANDLE and use the hole in the wall to get to 
    room 207. Use the door here to go to the hallway. There is now a staircase 
    here. Descend it to go to the first floor.
    The spirit we encountered at the beginning of Building World Second Time
    will appear in room 207, if you didn't defeat him earlier. If he is there, 
    simply avoid him and leave using the door.
    First Floor - West Wing:
    The objective here is to get inside the Super's Room. Problem is, it is 
    bound by 6 metal chains. To unlock them, you need to find 6 bodies which are
    bound by straightjackets in the various rooms and coridoors of the first 
    floor and you can "activate" them by pressing X. Explore the first floor; 
    You'll find these bodies in most rooms, and one at the end of the First 
    Floor East wing coridoor. Here is where you need to go:
    1: Head to the first floor lobby and read the picture book, then pass
    into the East Wing.
    2: Press X at the hanging body in the coridoor here.
    3: Go to the end of the coridoor to find another hanging body.
    4: Enter room 104. Pick up the PORTABLE MEDICAL KIT. There is another
    body in here.
    5: Enter room 103. Take the NUTRITION DRINK. There is another body in here.
    6: Now enter room 102. Take another NUTRITION DRINK and locate another
    hanging body. 
    7: Finally, enter room 101 and locate another body. Pick up the PISTOL
    BULLETS here, but only if you have one item left in your inventory.
    You should now have unlocked all 6 chains. Head back to the Supers room
    (Room 105) by passing through the lobby. There will be a cutscene here.
    Enter room 105.
    Superintendant's Room:
    Go to the back room and you will find a NUTRITION DRINK. Remember the
    stinking red box we saw here a long time ago? Find it on a shelf in the
    living room. Pick it up to see a cutscene. You'll now have the 
    Room 302:
    We must now return back to room 302. Return to the hallway and look at the
    pad on the floor. Head upstairs through rooms 207 and 206 and get back
    to the east wing of the second floor. Go back through rooms 203, 202 and 201.
    Go upstairs to room 301 and then return to room 302. You now need to prepare
    for the final battle. Saving the game is a given. I suggest you take at least
    one high powered healing item (AMPOULE) and a decent melee weapon such as
    the Spade or Axe. Bring RICHARD'S REVOLVER and 6 bullets if you have space.
    Try to keep 4 spots free in your inventory if nessecary. Head through the 
    hole in the wall. Go to where the "Corpse" was earlier. Head down the hole 
    here. Cutscene. Head down the next hole. Cutscene.
    | Part 11: The Final Battle                                                |
    The plot has now come full circle and you must now defeat Walter Sullivan to
    save yourself and Eileen's. The arena where this battle takes place is this: 
    A pit in the centre with a revolving spike ball. On the sides of
    the walls have statues with spikes in them, 8 in total. Walter is wandering 
    around and there is a large "Monster" here also. Eileen is also present. 
    She is in a trance and will walk toward the spiked ball in a set amount of
    time, which will be much quicker depending on how badly injured Eileen was
    during your adventures with her. If she is very bloody, it will be near
    impossible to save her. You need to kill Walter before she dies to get the 
    best ending. 
    See the diagram below for a better explanation.
             /        \
             \   B    /
         /                \ X
     X  /    __________    \                   KEY:
       /    /          \    \
    X /    /            \    \ X               A: Your Starting Position.
     /    /              \    \                B: Huge Monster.
    / D  /                \    \               C: Spiked Ball.       
    \    \       C        /    /               D: Walter's Starting Position.
     \    \              /    /                E: Eileen's Starting position.
    X \    \            /    / X               X: Spikes.
       \    \__=__=____/    /         
     X  \      =  =      A / X
               =  =
    The objective is to kill Walter. But striking him is no use because he is
    immune. You need to kill the large monster first using the spikes. But the
    Spikes are firmly in place in the statues. Getting the picture?
    When the cutscene is over, use the UMBILICAL CORD on the monster. The spikes
    can now be taken. Take as many as your inventory will hold and stab the 
    monster as many times. There are spikes in total. Stab it 8 times and you'll
    see a cutscene. Walter is now vulnerable. Charge up the Axe (Remembering that
    you'll be invincible for a short amount of time) and constantly hit him.
    Shoot him with the Revolver if nessecary, and after a short while, he will be
    dead and the game will be over!
    Enjoy the final cutscene and you will soon know which ending you have got.
    I imagine you'll get "21 Sacraments". I did, gee what a downbeat ending.
    That made me feel a hole lot better! lol.
    I hope you've enjoyed reading this guide as much as I did writing it and
    playing Silent Hill 4, it really is a top game. Stay tuned for further 
    updates in the coming days including ending information and further back
    stories. So for now, good luck playing Silent Hill 4.
    | Ending Requirements                                                      |
    There are a total of four different endings for you to uncover and earn in
    Silent Hill 4, and this time it is much harder than in previous games.
    The endings are titled as follows: 21 Sacraments, 
    There are two variables which will determine which ending you will recieve,
    1: Eileen's survival and 2: The presence of spirits in room 302. Here is 
    how to recieve each ending in detail.
    Ending One: 21 Sacraments (Bad ending)
    This is the easiest ending to get, and you probably will get it on your 
    first play through. The reason for this is because you really do not have to
    do anything. To get this, Eileen must die and room 302 must have spirits or
    hauntings still inside when you leave room 302 for the last time. Simple.
    Ending Two: Eileen's Death (Bad +)
    You will get this ending if you have fully eradicated all the spirits in
    room 302 and Eileen dies in the final battle.
    Ending Three: Mother (Good ending)
    You will recieve this ending if you are able to save Eileen in time, but
    room 302 is not free of Spirits.
    Ending Four: Escape (Good +)
    This is the best of the four possible endings, and you will achieve this
    by eradicating all the spirits in room 302 and by Saving Eileen in time.
    How do I Eradicate Demons?
    Its very simple to do, just make sure that most of the hauntings that occur
    during the game are eradicated by using the Holy Candles. Achieve that and 
    you will more than likely be able to achieve this criteria.
    How do I save Eileen?
    Unfortunately, this is a much harder task as you really do not know what
    condition Eileen is in. One way of course is to see how bloody she is, as 
    the more bloody, the worse her condition. You only need protect her as best
    you can when you are with her and try not to let her get any damage. Do
    that for as long as possible and you will be given a bigger advantage in the
    final battle.
    Healing Eileen
    There is one small trick that has been found in the game which will heal
    Eileen at one point in the game, making it much easier to achieve this 
    criteria during the final boss battle. What you must do is when inside
    the Superintendants room, 105, is light a HOLY CANDLE at Eileen's feet
    just before you pick up the UMBILICAL CORD and triggering the cutscene.
    Wait until the candle has burnt out completely to maximise its effects.
    If done correctly, you will see a difference. I know it bends the rules ever
    so slightly, but really does help out at a difficult time. If you need a 
    HOLY CANDLE, you can find one in room 206 of the Apartment World Second 
    |Ranking System                                                            |
    Once you've seen the final cutscene and witnessed the credits roll, its time
    to see how well you have fared in your journey through Silent Hill. You will
    be presented with a screen detailing certain statistics from your game.
    Difficulty: Difficulty level selected at title screen.
    Play Time: The amount of time it took for you to complete the game. Its 
    unclear whether time spent looking at the map, memos or in cutscenes effects
    this score.
    Saves: The amount of times you saved the game.
    Continues: The amount of times you continued the game after being killed.
    Enemies Defeated: The amount of enemies you killed during the game.
    Memo Items Found: How many out of the possible 52 files you found.
    Ending: Which of the four endings you recieved.
    Rank: All of the statistics above will lead to what rank, composed of Stars,
    you recieved.
    Now, the biggest rank you can achieve is TEN whopping big stars. Of course, 
    you can only do this with certain requirements fulfilled. Basically, you
    need to get the best results for all the statistics detailed above. For 
    instance, you will get better rankings on Hard mode than you do on Easy.
    Also, you need to defeat as many enemies as possible 
    (Exceeding 120 at least) and obtain all of the files. You will also be
    penalised for saving and continueing the game. So if you want a better 
    score, try and push these criteria to the limits. I know that gaining some
    secrets depends on ranking, but I'm not sure what the requirements are yet!
    If anyone can help out, give me an E-Mail.
    | Items Listing                                                            |
    Found: Throughout the game.
    Purpose: Replenishes a small amount of health.
    Found: Various locations throughout the game.
    Purpose: Replensishes a large amount of health.
    Found: Several locations throughout the game.
    Purpose: Fully replenishes health, can continue to restore
    health for some time afterwards.
    Found: Throughout the game.
    Purpose: Low Calibre Bullets for the Pistol.
    Found: Various locations throughout the game.
    Purpose: Larger Calibre Bullets for use with Richard's Revolver.
    Found: Several Locations throughout the game.
    Purpose: Special Bullets for the Pistol or Richard's Revolver.
    Are particularly useful against the Victims.
    Found: Several Locations throughout the game.
    Purpose: Can be worn alongside a weapon to weaken the effects
    of evil spirits in room 302 or in the other worlds.
    Found: Various Locations throughout the game.
    Purpose: Weakens the effects of evil spirits in room 302 and the
    other worlds. Can also be used to heal Eileen at one point.
    Found: Several Locations throughout the game.
    Purpose: Can subdue spirits for an indefinite period of time.
    Found: First floor hallway in hospital world.
    Purpose: A weapon for Eileen.
    Found: Inside the hole in Room 302.
    Purpose: A Weak weapon, but effective.
    Found: Inside the Train near the escalators, Subway world first 
    Purpose: Powerful Golf Club. Unfortunately it will break easily.
    Found: On a treet trunk near the car, Forest World first time.
    Purpose: Very powerful weapon. It has unlimited fuel.
    Found: Underneath the cabinet in Room 302's living room. This
    weapon cannot be found until after you've visited Subway World
    at least once
    Purpose: Small Calibre Handgun.
    Found: Inside room 207, building world first time.
    Purpose: Large Calibre Revolver.
    Found: Inside tool room, near the lake. Forest world second time.
    Purpose: Cumbersome weapon, yet very powerful.
    Found: Behind Northernmost Elevator (3F), Building World second 
    Purpose: Very powerful weapon.
    Found: Inside Albert's Sports shop, building world, first time.
    Purpose: Powerful weapon which never breaks.
    Found: Inside Albert's Sports Shop, building world first time.
    Purpose: Powerful Golf Club. Unfortunately it will break easily.
    Found: Inside Albert's Sports Shop, building world second time.
    Purpose: Powerful Golf Club. Unfortunately it will break easily.
    Found: Room 207 bedroom, Apartment World first time.
    Purpose: Powerful Golf Club. Unfortunately it will break easily.
    Found: Being held by a monkey guarding the door that leads to 
    the Fan Stairway. Building World, first time.
    Purpose: Powerful Golf club that will break easily.
    Found: Inside the South Ashfield bar, on a stool. Building world, 
    first time
    Purpose: Very powerful weapon.
    Found: On mannequin inside ladies room, subway world first time.
    Purpose: Used to gain access to the Lynch Street Line.
    Found: On Ticket office door, King street Line. Subway World First
    Purpose: Used on Room 302's storeroom wall to reveal a new hole.
    Found: On door inside Wish House, Forest World first time.
    Purpose: Used on Room 302's storeroom wall to reveal a new hole.
    Found: On Torture Room door inside the Cylindrical Prison, Prison
    WOrld first time.
    Purpose: Used on Room 302's storeroom wall to reveal a new hole.
    Found: On the door to room 207, Building World First time.
    Purpose: Used on Room 302's storeroom wall to reveal a new hole.
    Found: Inside Room 302's refrigerator. It can be retrieved at
    any point during the game.
    Purpose: Once given to Jasper outside Wish House, you will recieve
    the Trowel.
    Found: Near the front door to Wish House, after you have given 
    Jasper the Chocolate Milk.
    Purpose: To dig up the roots of a tree to obtain a key.
    Found: Under a trees roots on the south east passageway from
    Wish house, third pathway.
    Purpose: Unlocks the door to Wish House.
    Found: On a noticeboard in the Water Wheel room, Water prison world
    first time.
    Purpose: Unlocks the door to the exterior of the prison, enabling
    access to the second, third floors and the roof.
    Found: Inside the house, on a spirit impaled with a sword of 
    obedience. Building World, First time.
    Purpose: To unlock the door to the house.
    Found: Amongst tins of Cat food, in the pet shop. Building World
    First Time.
    Purpose: Unlocks the door in Albert's sports shop.
    Found: Behind a poster inside room 301, apartment world first time.
    Purpose: Unlocks locker 106.
    Found: Behind a poster inside room 301, apartment world first time.
    Purpose: Unlock's the Superintendant's room.
    Found: On The Apartment World Staircase.
    Purpose: Serves no Actual Purpose, although Its possession will have certain
    Found: On a wall inside the Superintendant's room, apartment world
    first time.
    Purpose: Unlocks every door in the south ashfield heights apartment
    Found: Inside Room 302's bedroom, near the wall. Can only be found 
    after reading the red piece of paper in room 104.
    Purpose: Unlocks Eileen's door, room 303.
    Found: Pushed unde room 302's door, after visiting apartment world
    the first time.
    Purpose: When used on room 302's storeroom wall, will reveal a new
    Found: Inside caged room, Hospital world 2F.
    Purpose: Unlocks Eileen's room.
    Found: Pushed under room 302's door after returning from Hospital
    Purpose: Unlocks ELevator door in Hospital World.
    Found: In envelope pushed under room 302's door.
    Purpose: Opens toy box on train to get Dirty Coin.
    Found: Inside Toy Box on train, SUbway world second time.
    Purpose: Needs to be washed in room 302's kitchen sink, and then
    needs to be used in vending machine near Train.
    Found: At crime scene on King Street Line enterance.
    Purpose: To gain access to the King Street Line.
    Found: Inside King Street Line Ticket Office.
    Purpose: Moves the train near the Wall Man Escaltor.
    Found: In the cemetary, Forest World, Second time.
    Purpose: Lights up the wells in forest world, enabling you to see
    pieces of the Doll Puzzle.
    Found: Inside the wells, forest world second time.
    Purpose: Used on the wheelchair doll in Wish House.
    Found: Inside the wells, forest world second time.
    Purpose: Used on the wheelchair doll in Wish House.
    Found: Inside the wells, forest world second time.
    Purpose: Used on the wheelchair doll in Wish House.
    Found: Inside the wells, forest world second time.
    Purpose: Used on the wheelchair doll in Wish House.
    Found: Inside the wells, forest world second time.
    Purpose: Used on the wheelchair doll in Wish House.
    Found: On statue near to the lake, Forest World second time.
    Purpose: Opens The Door beneath the trapdoor under the Wheelchair
    Found: Inside Torture room underneath cylindrical prison, second
    time (B1).
    Purpose: Needs to be used in bathtub in room 302 to progress.
    Found: Is held by the spirit of Andrew DeSalvo.
    Purpose: Unlocks the generator room, Water Prison World second 
    Found: Inside B1 Shower room, Building World second time.
    Purpose: Part of reminices puzzle, used on snooker table in the
    Found: Vacant Street, near a pile of boxes. Building World, Second
    Purpose: Part of reminices puzzle, used on volley ball box inside
    Albert's sports shop.
    Found: Inside the House, Building World second time.
    Purpose: Part of reminices puzzle, used inside open cage in 
    the pet shop.
    Found: Inside Albert's sports shop on counter.
    Purpose: Part of reminice puzzle, used on birthday cake inside house,
    building world second time.
    Found: On wall between bathroom and bedroom, in room 302 of the past.
    Purpose: Used on corresponding wall in the real room 302.
    Found: On Walter's corpse, in secret room in room 302.
    Purpose: Unlocks the doors to room 302.
    Found: Inside red box in the superintendant's room, Apartment World
    second time.
    Purpose: Needs to be used in final battle.
    | Memos                                                                  |
    Acquiring memos at points during the game can be very useful as it contains
    hints on how to progress in the game and also goes some way to explaining
    some of the more complex aspects of the games plot. Also, the collection of
    memos influences your rating at the end of the game as the more you pick
    up the better your rating. This section provides a transcript of every memo
    in the game in chronological order, so you can find them from the beginning.
     001:  FIRST LETTER
      Why don't it Wake up?
    Location: Its pushed under your door at the beginning of the game.
    Info: This first letter will make a lot more sense after completing the 
      Through the Ritual of the
      Holy Assumption, he built a world.
      It exists in a space seperate from
      the world of our lord.
      More accurately, it is within, yet
      without the Lord's world.
      Unlike the world of our Lord,
      it is a world in extreme flux.
      Unexpected doors or walls,
      moving floors and creatures,
      a world only he can control...
      Anyone swallowed up by that world 
      will live there for eternity, undying.
      They will haunt that realm as a spirit.
      How can our Lord forgive such an abominationm...?
      ...It is important to travel lightly in that
      world. He who carries too heavy 
      a burden will regret it...
    Location: Room 302's living room, at the beginning of the game.
    Info: This file gives away a lot of hints as to the origins of 
    the "Otherworld" you will be visiting. There is also a little hint
    on organizing your inventory at the end which is a good touch!
     Jasper's Memo Pad
      I'm not sure what that nosy guy meant
      When he said:
      "His home is the orphanage
      in the middle. The lake is northwest
      So the oppositte is the southeast."
      The nosy guy said one other thing 
      I don't understand:
      "If you bring the dug-up key,
      you can't go back.
      put it away somewhere before
      you return there."
    Location: Forest World
    Info: This gives some hints on how to solve the puzzle of the wish house 
    key. Its also commonly accepted that the "Nosy Guy" is Joseph Schreiber.
     Exploration Memo
      Lucky ! I finally escaped from the cell.
      I decided to take a look around 
      this building.
      The scariest place was the 1st floor 
      basement. There's a kitchen in the
      northeast, but next door in the 
      northwest is a death chamber.
      To get in there, you have to  
      punch in the right numbers. I don't know 
      the numbers, and it was too dark to even 
      see the panel, so I didn't go in.
     Guard's Diary
      To get to the surveillance rooms in the 
      middle of this complex, you have to use 
      the corpse disposal chutes in the cells. 
      However, on the 1st and 2nd floors, 
      these cells are locked. That's so the kids 
      wouldn't discover 
      So you have to get to the 1st floor from 
      one of the cells on the 3rd floor.
      I know how to do it, but it's really a pain. Also,
      the lights only work on the 3rd floor.
     Waterwheel Room Message
      To turn on the lights in the 3rd floor
      cells, turn this waterwheel. Remember 
      that the water must flow in the 
      direction of the waterwheel. Of course, 
      you also have to open the sluice gate on 
      the roof.
    | Secrets                                                                  |
    There are several little easter eggs hidden within Silent Hill 4 for you
    to find and come back to during the game. This section includes all the 
    secrets within Silent Hill 4 and how to achieve them.
    To get the chainsaw, you need to complete the game once and then load that
    save to get the Brand New Fear mode. You will find the Chainsaw in Forest 
    world in the area we find Jasper's Car. Its very easy to find as it is 
    running when you enter the area. Its an immensely powerful weapon and will 
    help you no end during the course of the game.
    Stun Gun
    This is a hidden weapon in the game, although there are no special 
    requirements for obtaining it. You can get it on any play through from
    The Water Prison world on your first visit. The Stun Gun is inside a locked
    room with a hole on the second floor. To get to the Stun Gun, you simply
    need to align a room on the third floor with a hole with the room with the
    Stun Gun. Remember you need to get to the control room to achieve this.
    Then just go to the room with the hole on the third floor you
    rotated a moment earlier and grab The Stun Gun. Its quite a useful weapon,
    especially at close quarters.
    Inside room 205 of the south ashfield apartment building (Apartment World,
    First time) you will find a Cassette. Picking this up is not compulsary, but
    if you do you can use it on your cassette player in room 302's living room
    where an interesting tale will unfold.
    Bug Spray
    On your second visit to apartment world, you will find some bug spray inside
    room 203. I've been reliably informed that it proves effective against the
    ghosts. I never found this before, so thanks to Rui Afonso to alerting me 
    to its presence.
    A Brand New Fear
    When you complete the game and are prompted to save after the credits roll,
    do so. This new save will read "A Brand New Fear" and you can play this 
    after loading it from the main screen. This mode will have all the secret 
    items such as the chainsaw you have obtained.
    Eileen's Nurse Costume
    To obtain Eileen's nurse costume, you need to fulfill certain long drawn 
    out criteria. First, you need to complete the game with an ending where 
    Eileen lives. For more info on endings, refer to the ending section of this
    guide. After obtaining one of these endings, load the game from the save of
    the ending where Eileen lives. Begin the game and once you get to Apartment
    World, first time, go to room 303. Inside here is the nurse costume. Pick
    it up and keep it in your inventory (Not your Item Box!) for the remainder
    of the game. Complete the game making sure Eileen lives once more, save the
    game and load that save. You'll then be able to select whether Eileen wears
    this costume.
    Eileen's Sub Machine Gun
    You'll definately want Eileen to do all the fighting once you obtain this!
    To get the Sub Machine Gun, you must get 9 Stars in Hard Mode in Brand New
    One Weapon Mode
    To get this mode, you must go one better and get 10 Big Stars in Hard Mode
    in Brand New Fear (Again, I am uncertain what the direct criteria is for
    getting 10 stars, but I'm certain that its influenced by excelling in the
    ranking criteria). Once you get this mode, after getting 10 Big Stars, load 
    that file. In Subway World where you start you will be given a choice of
    all unbreakable weapons which are set apart on the floor. You have to
    choose One weapon to go through the game with. Choose wisely!
    | F.A.Q                                                                    |
    Well, an FAQ should surely live up to its name at some point? In this 
    sction you will find answers to all the common gripes, queries and difficult
    bits featured within Silent Hill 4 and more, so before you E-Mail me with a 
    particular problem, please have a small peek here to see if your question is
    answered as it most likely is in some shape or form.
    | How Many Endings are there?                                             |
    There are four endings at present, 21 Sacraments, Eileen's death, Mother 
    and Escape ranked from worst to best. For a detailed description on the 
    requirements of achieving these endings, please refer to the "Ending
    Requirements" section.
    | Is there a UFO Ending?                                                 |
    There is one thing that is almost a certainty in the Silent Hill series 
    (As well as perpetual wierdness and steel pipes) and that is a wacky spoof
    UFO ending. Unfortuantely, Silent Hill 4: The Room does not feature a UFO
    ending which is a major disappointment or at least it hasn't been discovered
    yet. Oh well.
    | I can't activate the keypad in B1 of the prison world, the game says Its|
    |too dark. What have I done wrong?                                        |
    This is a common glitch in the game, and it occurs because you have done 
    something wrong in this section. To stop this glitch occuring, you need to 
    have completed the following.
    1: You need to have used the Sluice Gate valve on the rooftop.
    2: You need to have seen the Cutscene between Andrew and the kid in the B1
    3: You need to make sure that the three rooms you have lined up to gain 
    access to the kitchen area a little way back must all have a bloody bed
    and a hole. This is probably the likeliest reason why you cannot progress,
    even though it is possible to get to B1 using a regular hole, the game will
    prevent you from reading the Keypad.
    Make sure you have done all three of these things to avoid this problem, 
    which I have fallen foul of myself.
    | How do I kill Spirits?                                                  |
    By using a Sword Of Obedience on spirits, you will be able to subdue them. 
    For locations of the Swords Of Obedience, please refer to the items listing
    section of this guide. 
    | Should I buy Silent Hill 1, 2 and 3 ?                                   |
    Well my answer would have to be yes. In terms of Silent Hill 4 you really
    do not need to have played these games to get a better understanding of the
    story. However, All 3 of these games, even the now ancient Silent Hill are
    all worthy of purchase. All three games feature a superb storyline and 
    decent gameplay and are probably a lot cheaper these days.
    | Will there be a Silent Hill 5?                                          |
    That's a good question. From a business point of view, the Silent Hill 
    series has been a success story, and for the sake of profits this may mean
    that there will be another Silent Hill. I also believe that the series is 
    not yet finished, there has been no round up of events in a game yet and 
    the plot has not really progressed since SH3. But as of yet, there have 
    been no plans for a Silent Hill 5 announced by Konami and the future of this
    series remains unclear. Once I recieve word of another sequel, I will post
    the news in this guide. 
    | What is the Shabby Doll?                                                |
    In the original apartment world, on the staircase, we meet the man with the
    coat in the normal game (IE not in a cutscene). If you stay and listen to
    him, he will put the shabby doll on the floor. It can be picked up, but 
    doing so has consequences. But What? If you pick it up, you will encounter
    a new haunting in room 302 near the end of the game. Simply put, do not
    pick up the shabby doll.
    | Back Stories                                                             |
    If you've never played Silent Hill or Silent Hill 2, go out and buy 
    them both now!!! If you cannot, read this section, which is a recap 
    on events in the strange town from the first game. I've chosen to put 
    this in the appendix of the guide, as its bloody long! 
    Basically I just pasted this section from my Silent Hill 3 guide, but 
    I have written a synopsis of the events of Silent Hill 2. Although there 
    is no direct link between any of these three games and Silent Hill 4: 
    The room, I still think it will be a nice addition, and something 
    that sets the scene a little. It also gives me the opportunity to 
    tell a story!
    | Silent Hill                                                              |
    Harry Mason is a 30-year-old writer who is taking a vacation with his 
    daughter, Cheryl. His daughter picked the destination, a lakeside 
    town called Silent Hill. On the tiring drive to the town, light turns 
    to dark. Abruptly, a police motorcycle overtakes Harry. Moments later 
    as he turns a corner, he sees the Motorcycle deserted by the side of 
    the road. Soon after that a figure in a blue dress steps out into the 
    road; Harry swerves to avoid her, but crashes off the embankment.
    Harry awakens. His car is destroyed by the accident. Its light now, 
    and everything appears to be fine. Harry glances into the back of his 
    Jeep - Cheryl is gone. Harry steps out into the street. He appears to 
    be Okay - but something isn't right about this town. An eerie mist 
    has descended upon the town. It's also snowing out. Cheryl is 
    probably in danger, and Harry desperately searches for his daughter.
    Harry discovers a figure in the distance - Cheryl? He follows the 
    elfin like figure into an alleyway were she disappears. It also seems 
    to be getting darker, when without warning it becomes pitch dark. The 
    alleyway Harry has entered looks more like a dungeon than an alley - 
    Wheelchairs are strewn on the floor, there's blood stains are also 
    present. When Harry rounds a corner, he discovers a sickening sight, 
    a skinned body pinned to a fence. If Cheryl wasn't in danger before, 
    she sure is now. Demonic creatures invade the room Harry is in. Harry 
    attempts to leave the area, but the creatures cut him down.
    It is then that Harry awakens again - In a Cafe. Someone is with him, 
    the Police Officer he saw earlier. She says her name is Cybil, and 
    she's from Brahms, the next town over. It transpires that electricity 
    is out, as are the radio and phones. Cybil leaves Harry with a gun 
    for protection, and tells him to stay here. With his daughter 
    outside, he's go to find her. Cybil wanders off to call backup.
    Harry meanwhile finds a pocket radio buzzing on the table of the 
    cafe. Then suddenly, a flying demon smashes through the window and 
    attacks Harry! He quickly dispatches it with his gun. This is 
    certainly not a dream and Harry knows that he must find his daughter 
    Harry wanders around town and finds three keys that enable him to 
    access a house. As he uses the keys, a total eclipse occurs! Its dark 
    again, and more creatures seem to be about. Harry then discovers 
    pages from Cheryl's colouring book torn out -- "To School" is written 
    on them. Harry finds midwitch elementary school on Midwitch Street, 
    and after entering the clock tower, a foreboding air raid siren 
    sounds in the distance. Then a transformation occurs. A most likely 
    mephistophelian image has appeared in the courtyard of the school. 
    Floors have turned to metal walkways. The school looks decrepit, and 
    reminds Harry of the alley he dreamt of. Harry has no idea what to 
    do; what is going on? After exploring all he can in the school, Harry 
    enters the boiler room, where a lift takes him into a medieval arena 
    of death. There, the giant lizard Harry read about in a fairytale in 
    the school library is waiting for him. Using the method described in 
    the book, Harry defeats the Lizard. When this happens, Harry is hit 
    with a whirling sensation. He Collapses. Harry awakes (Again) in the 
    school boiler room. The true boiler room. Everything is normal and it 
    appears to be light out. But he still hasn't found Cheryl. As he 
    wakes up, he sees an apparition of a girl in a blue dress. The Girl 
    he probably hit on the road into Silent Hill.
    As he gets his bearings, Harry hears the church bell ringing, which 
    is where he goes next. When Harry enters the church, a middle-aged 
    woman, probably one of the clergy, confronts him as her clothing 
    suggests. The woman clearly summoned Harry here and was waiting for 
    him. She spouts off a lot of gibberish and makes little sense, but 
    she does mention "The Girl". Could this be Cheryl? The woman, later 
    identified as Dahlia Gillespie, leaves him with a pyramid shaped 
    object that is described as a "Cage of Peace" - "Make haste to the 
    Hospital!" she continues. Although puzzled by this encounter, He 
    hasn't much to go on, so he proceeds to the Hospital.
    After opening the hospital gates, Harry hears gunshots. When the 
    reception, Harry hears another gunshot. Harry locates the shots as 
    coming from an examination room. When he opens the door he sees a 
    dead demon on the floor. Standing above it, holding a revolver is a 
    man in a grey suit. After nearly shooting Harry, they both come to 
    the conclusion that each other is human. He's Dr. Michael Kaufmann, 
    the hospital director. He's probably been there for a while as his 
    eyes are bloodshot. He's as clueless as Harry as to what's going on, 
    and hasn't seen Cheryl. He leaves rather hurriedly as well. Harry 
    searches the hospital and finds some strange liquid on the floor. He 
    scoops it up and enters the lift. Of the three floors on the elevator 
    dial, he tries floors 2 and 3. Both doors are locked. When Harry re-
    enters the lift, a fourth floor has materialised on the lift dial. 
    What does this surreal fourth floor contain? Harry punches in the 
    number to find out. As he exits the lift, Harry has a vision of the 
    girl in blue entering the Green Lion Antique Store. The fourth floor 
    is reminiscent of the school - its decrepit and crumbling. It's also 
    dark and ugly and full of monsters. After a while of searching, Harry 
    finds a key, which will give him access to the Examination Room. When 
    he re-enters this room, a woman hiding under the desk runs at Harry 
    and gives him a big old hug. Yeah, she's pleased to see him.
    She's Lisa Garland, a nurse at the hospital. She hasn't seen Cheryl 
    either and hasn't a clue how any of this happened. Harry mentions 
    that he was in the hospital basement earlier. Lisa replies that they 
    are never allowed in the basement. As the conversation continues, 
    weird sirens are heard in the background. Harry clutches his head in 
    agony. And he collapses. And he awakens again! He's in the 
    examination room. Its light out, and everything seems to be normal 
    again. The woman he saw in the church earlier, Dahlia appears. She 
    says the town is being devoured by darkness, and that only he can 
    stop what is going on. He's told that he must go to the other church. 
    She reveals that the image he saw on the floor in the schoolyard is 
    the mark of samael - it must not be completed! Harry finds a key to 
    the green lion antique shop. This is where he goes. Harry moves a 
    shelf to look what's hidden behind, when he's interrupted by a person 
    behind him. It's Cybil. She's got good and bad news. She couldn't get 
    out of town, the roads are all blocked and cars have stopped working. 
    She did see a little girl on Bachman Road, heading to the lake, when 
    it appeared as if she walked across thin air. This gives Harry some 
    hope, but how does he get to the lake? Cybil puts down Dahlia's 
    madness to drugs. She also seems to not experience this "Other 
    World". Cybil covers Harry as he enters the cave he's discovered. 
    Inside is an Altar - The other church? As he leaves to see Cybil, the 
    candle on the altar combusts. Cybil meanwhile enters the altar room, 
    where Harry has vanished.
    Harry wakes up in the examination room in the hospital. Lisa is 
    present. She says that he was dreaming. She explains that supposedly 
    Dahlia went nuts after her kid died in a fire. Lisa also says that 
    years ago, many people were involved in the occult - could Dahlia be 
    a member? Just then Harry passes out. He awakens yet again in the 
    Antiques shop. He takes a dangerous detour through the shopping mall. 
    The television screens light up, showing Images of Cheryl having a 
    seizure that cuts to the mark of Samael. This disturbing sight 
    repeats itself over and over. Harry is now on the second floor, when 
    the floor collapses. Harry ends up in a sand pit where he is attacked 
    by a giant larva. He defeats it and escapes to the hospital where he 
    meets up with Lisa again. In this brief encounter, Lisa tells him to 
    take the waterworks near the school to get to the lake. He needs to 
    find his daughter and leaves despite Lisa's protests. The world has 
    changed again outside, with all roads destroyed. The only place to go 
    is the water tower, where he discovers that our old friend Larva has 
    grown into a giant moth. Harry swats it out of the sky and when this 
    happens, those ghastly sirens reappear. It turns light again. Harry 
    makes his way to the waterworks. He goes through some sewer sections 
    and ends up at the lake. He enters a nearby bar.
    Inside is Kaufmann, who is being attacked by a demon teddy. Harry 
    kills the teddy. Kaufmann is grateful. He reassures Harry that the 
    craziness can't go on forever, and that a rescue squad will appear 
    soon. Kaufmann leaves very suddenly. Harry discovers that the 
    careless prat has left his wallet on the floor. Harry proceeds to the 
    motel, where he can use the key found in the wallet. He eventually 
    discovers a vial of pink liquid hidden in a motorcycle engine - it's 
    the same liquid that he found earlier in the hospital. Kaufmann 
    enters, and he's pissed. He snatches it away and threatens Harry. 
    Harry, realizing he's wasted enough time heads towards the amusement 
    park, where the metamorphosis occurs again. Roads have turned into 
    metal walkways, buildings look destroyed, and monsters roam 
    everywhere. He fears this may be a permanent transformation. After a 
    long run, Harry gets to a houseboat, where he meets Cybil again.
    Cybil tells him that she went through the sewers. Harry says that the 
    world is being invaded by "The other world", and that it's swallowing 
    up the world. Harry knows that Cheryl is with whoever created this 
    darkness. Dahlia enters again, and this time says that the mark of 
    samael is almost complete and it must be stopped it will seal the 
    town into the abyss. They need to go to the centre of the amusement 
    park and the lighthouse. Harry is also warned that the demon (Samael) 
    is taking Cheryl form. She'll become a human sacrifice if he's too 
    late! Cybil agrees to go to the park while Harry investigates the 
    lighthouse. Dahlia warns Harry that he must use the flauros.
    Harry's too late though. The mark of samael has already appeared on 
    the lighthouse. He knows he must rush to aid Cybil and follows her 
    path through the sewers. Its then we see Cybil attacked by an unseen 
    Harry negotiates the ghastly sewers again. At the amusement park, 
    Harry finds a merry-go-round. Inside is Cybil, sitting in a 
    wheelchair, eyes demonic and demented. She's clearly not herself and 
    looks possessed. She pulls her gun out and shoots at Harry. Harry 
    avoids her and pulls out his vial of pink fluid, because it MIGHT 
    just help. Sure enough, a huge parasite crawls out of Cybil. Harry 
    stamps on it. Cybil now appears to be okay. Harry confesses to Cybil 
    that Cheryl isn't his biological daughter. They found her abandoned 
    by the road and took her in as their own - his wife was dying, and 
    they couldn't have children. There may be a connection between Cheryl 
    and Silent Hill. In the middle of the park the girl in blue appears 
    again. Alessa. Harry pleads with Alessa to let Cheryl go. She stands 
    there mute. Suddenly, The Flauros launches itself out of Harry's 
    pocket and shoots out a blue laser (!) hitting Alessa. Dahlia then 
    enters, ignores Harry and talks to Alessa about "What a bad girl 
    she's been". A blue light then envelops them both. Harry reappears in 
    the hospital examination room.
    Lisa is there again. Apparently she went to look in the basement. She 
    claims she felt like she'd been there before but couldn't place her 
    finger on when and why. Lisa then tells Harry how scared she is. Lisa 
    runs off, "No! You don't understand" She wails. The place Harry is in 
    now is composed entirely out of the places he's been to before. Many 
    parts of this place seem to look like the Hospital; some rooms are 
    parts of the school, and the antique shop. Harry dubs this place 
    "Nowhere". After a while of searching, Lisa interrupts Harry, this 
    time not in the Examination Room. She says she finally understands 
    what's wrong with her and whys she's still alive. She's come to the 
    conclusion that she's a monster herself! She pleads with Harry to 
    help her and stand by her. Harry, in vain, leaves the room 
    barricading it so Lisa can't escape. Lisa, after realising what she 
    is, has no reason to live and begins bleeding to her pensive death.
    Harry now knows he's close to finishing this. He encounters two more 
    apparitions, one showing the cult talking about what to do with 
    Alessa, and another with Dahlia deciding what to do with Alessa. We 
    come to the conclusion that Dahlia burnt Alessa to death in order to 
    harness the power she had within her. Harry descends a staircase to 
    find Dahlia, Alessa and a burnt figure in a wheelchair. If the burnt 
    figure is Alessa, then who is "Alessa"? Cybil is also present but 
    she's soon incapacitated. Dahlia admits that "Alessa" was actually 
    Cheryl the whole time! After more gibberish from Dahlia, the figure 
    in the chair transforms into a angelic girl. Dahlia is suddenly shot 
    by Dr. Kaufmann. Kaufmann pulls out a vial of the pink liquid that 
    Harry found in the motel. "Aplaphotis!" Dahlia wails vainly. Kaufmann 
    then throws the vial at the angel - a demon sprouts out of the angels 
    back. This must be Samael. Dahlia, bleeding begins laughing 
    hysterically. The demon responds by shooting a flame at her, burning 
    her to a crisp.
    Harry defeats Samael in a tough battle. Kaufmann, who was lying on 
    his ass the whole time, attempts to escape the area, but as he does 
    so, he's grabbed by what used to be Lisa. He's dragged below the 
    floor presumably straight to hell. After Samael is defeated, the 
    angelic girl, enveloped in a ball of light, presents Harry with a 
    newborn baby. Cheryl/Alessa then makes a light appear in the 
    distance. As Harry and Cybil both try to leave, Cheryl/Alessa is 
    swept up in a ball of flame. Harry and Cybil both escape onto the 
    road, and out of Silent Hill. 
    | Silent Hill 2                                                            |
    James Sunderland, the protagonist of Silent Hill 2, reveals his situation 
    upon arriving in the town.
    "I got a letter.
    The name on the envelope said ‘Mary.’        						
    My wife’s name...
    It’s ridiculous, couldn’t possibly be true...        
    That’s what I keep telling myself...     
    A dead person can’t write a letter.    
    Mary died of that damn disease three years ago.       
    So then why am I looking for her?       
    Our ‘special place’...        
    What could she mean?      
    This whole town was our special place.
    Does she mean the park on the lake?
    We spent the whole day there.
    Just the two of us, staring at the water.
    Could Mary really be there?
    Is she really alive... waiting for me?"
    James sets off in search for the truth. He decides to go to the lake first. 
    Finding the main road into Silent Hill blocked, he takes a footpath through 
    the countryside. An eerie fog has descended on the town and strange noises 
    are coming from the undergrowth.
    After a while he comes accross a deserted graveyard. In the middle of the fog
    he sees a woman. She's Angela Orosco, although we won't learn her name until
    much later on. She's apparently here to look for her mama, but hasn't found
    her. James recounts his mission to Angela, and she warns him about going to
    town saying its too dangerous. She can't explain it to James in words, but
    there is apparently something "wrong" with it. But James doesn't care; He 
    has to get to the bottom of these strange events. James and Angela both 
    wish each other luck  in their respective quests and go their seperate ways.
    James follows the path into town but finds it completely deserted. Cars 
    are inactive, shops and most doors are broken and locked up. The fog is now
    much denser in this section of town. After seeing strange marks on the 
    floor, James follows them. He then notices a figure walking off in the 
    distance; they appear humanoid yet move with animal characteristics. Unnerved
    and determined, James follows it to a rail underpass. The figure turns out
    to be a twisted and demented creature which attacks James. James defeats the
    monster with a plank of wood he finds nearby. After exploring this area of 
    town he finds that the only way to Rosewater Park on the lake is through an
    apartment building. James succeeds in finding his way into the apartment 
    building and explores its various rooms finding a Handgun which should come
    in useful.
    James encounters a little girl running around a corridoor. How can a young
    girl be still alive in a nightmarish world such as this? He also encounters
    a terryfying creature. Its a ghoulish monster with a large triangular face
    helmet and a huge rusty sword. This creature - dubbed Pyramid Head by James 
    - continues to stalk him throughout his time in Silent Hill. He also
    comes accross An overweight young man called Eddie Dumbrowski in one of the
    apartments. Upon entering this room, James finds a dead body. When he comes
    accross Eddie, he immediately protests his innocence despite James not
    mentioning a thing. Eddie is seen throwing up in the Toilet and claims that
    he ran in here when he was scared by the monsters. James and Eddie wish
    each other luck and tell each other to be careful and go their seperate 
    James later comes accross Angela, the woman from the graveyard. But Angela 
    has since transformed from the seemingly normal young woman he met earlier.
    James sees Angela in an empty apartment. She's on the floor holding a knife
    and its clear to James that she may be contemplating suicide. She's distant
    and emotionless. James does his best to talk her out of it - if that was
    her intention - and a conversation ensues which results in Angela running 
    away. Its clear that this woman is deeply disturbed and not someone to be 
    James explores the apartment complex further and eventually discovers the 
    stairwell which leads to the streets below. However he is ambushed by
    Pyramid Head here, but James fights the monster off and it flees. 
    After he is sure the monster has left the area, James makes his exit and
    More Later!
    | Silent Hill 3                                                            |
    In a shopping mall in an everyday town, a young girl called Heather goes 
    about her business. She phones her dad, saying that she will be arriving
    home soon. As she goes to leave, she is approached by a man in a trenchcoat.
    He says his name is Douglas Cartland and he already knows Heather's name. He
    says he is a private detective and requests to have half and hour of her 
    time to discuss her birth. Heather, unnerved yet confident ducks away from 
    Douglas and goes to the ladies room to hide. There, she decides to make a
    run for it while Douglas waits outside.
    Heather returns to the shopping mall from a blocked outside pathway to find 
    it completely deserted. Heather finds most doors are locked or inaccesable.
    She eventually enters a clothes store and sees a terryfying sight. A 
    mutilated corpse lies on the floor. Nearby, the killer lurks. Its no
    ordinary creature, it is a nightmarish monster. Heather picks up a nearby
    Handgun and kills the creature. Heather finds that the whole shopping mall
    is infested with these insane creatures and Heather has to fight to survive.
    Heather encounters a woman called Claudia, but this woman speaks no sense.
    She mentions off the wall things such as telling Heather to "remember her 
    true self". These strange events are beginning to get wierder. Heather then 
    descends an elevator. The previously normal interior of the mall has changed
    into a dank dungeon instead. Monsters are more harder now. Eventually 
    Heather explores this "Alternate" mall until she encounters a huge Worm
    monster, which she dispatches with ease. After killing the worm, the mall
    transforms back to its original state. But things are still far from normal.
    People are still not present, and things still do not add up. 
    Heather proceeds towards the subway, intent on getting home. She encounters
    Douglas. The both of them seem as clueless as each other as to what is 
    happening. Heather appears distant, as if she thinks this whole scenario is
    just a bad dream. They go their seperate ways. Heather explores the subway, 
    and takes the train towards her home. Unfortunately, the train takes a 
    detour, stopping off at an underground passage. Heather makes her way 
    through these sewage tunnels and emerges at a construction site, which leads
    to a large office building. It is in here where she again experiences the
    strange transformation of the real world into the Other world.
    |Thanks                                                                    |
    Thanks to everyone who supported me in making this guide. Special 
    thanks goes out to Konami who made one of the best games of all time 
    and Akira Yamaoka whose excellent scores throughout the series 
    Enlightened us all. Thanks to CjayC for posting this FAQ. Thanks to
    Jeroen van Bunder for providing me with the locations for some of the 
    weapons I missed off the guide in earlier updates.
    Thanks to everybody who has contributed to this guide in any shape or form.
                     This document Copyright Millers C (2004- )

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