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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dante_Meta

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/22/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                  ______           _                  _       _
                  |  _  \         | |                | |     | |
                  | | | |__ _ _ __| | ___      ____ _| |_ ___| |__
                  | | | / _` | '__| |/ | \ /\ / / _` | __/ __| '_ \
                  | |/ / (_| | |  |   < \ V  V / (_| | || (__| | | |
                  |___/ \__,_|_|  |_|\_\ \_/\_/ \__,_|\__\___|_| |_|
                          *This Guide May Contain Spoilers*
    Copyright 2006 - Damian Uzuai/Dante_Meta. This guide is not to be distributed
    on any site without permission. I would prefer to keep track of where my
    guide is being held. It is to be kept on GameFAQs.com and its associates. This
    guide is not to be altered in any shape, way, or form.
    If you have a complaint, suggestion or a question. You can send me an e-mail
    to the address given at the end of the guide.
    This Walkthrough/FAQ is for the game entitled Darkwatch, the PS2 Version.
    Seeing as there's not much to unlock I will simply take you through the game
    beginning to end, nothing more. Seeing as you've come to this guide for help,
    I will be writing it on the easiest mode. Use CTRL + F to find what you're
    looking for.
    1.0) Updates and Versions. (UPDT)
    1.1) Controls (CNRL)
    1.2) Plot (PLT)
    1.3) Weapons (WPNS)
    2.0) Walkthrough (WLKT)
    2.1)  The Wrong Train (TWRN)
    2.2)  Ride the Devil (RTDV)
    2.3)  Boneyard (BNYR)
    2.4)  Devil's Belly Mine (DVBM)
    2.5)  Darkwatch Outpost (DRUP)
    2.6)  War Train (WRTN)
    2.7)  Torture Maze (TRMA)
    2.8)  Baptism of Fire (BPOF)
    2.9)  Rescue (RSCU)
    2.10) The Deadlight Prism (DLPR)
    2.11) Invasion (INVA)
    2.12) Hangtown (HNTN)
    2.13) The Morning After (TMRA)
    2.14) Showdown (SHDN)
    2.15) The Right Train (TRTN)
    2.16) Deadfall (DDFL)
    2.17) Curse of the West (CSOW)
    3.0) Contact Information. (CTCT)
    3.1) Closing Statements. (CLST)
                            _   _         _      _
                           | | | |_ __ __| |__ _| |_ ___ ___
                           | |_| | '_ Y _` / _` |  _/ -_|_-<
                            \___/| .__|__,_\__,_|\__\___/__/
    1.00 - Guide completed and submitted.
                              ___         _           _
                             / __|___ _ _| |_ _ _ ___| |(CNRL)
                            | (__/ _ \ ' \  _| '_/ _ \ (_-<
                             \___\___/_||_\__|_| \___/_/__/
    They're listed in the Instruction Manuel, but for whatever reason, I'll name
    them here.
    Triangle (/\) - Jump.
    Square ([]) - Melee Attack.
    X (X) - Action button.
    Circle (()) - Reload.
    Start - Pause Game.
    Select - Score Menu.
    Right Analogue stick - Move crosshair.
    Left Analogue stick -  Move/Speed up (Shadow)
    L3 - Crouch.
    R3 - Blood Vision
    D-Pad Up - Cycle Grenade/Dynamite.
    D-Pad Down - Change Weapon.
    D-Pad Left - Lean Left.
    D-Pad Right - Lean Right.
    R1 - Fire.
    R2 - Use selected Vampire Power.
    L2 - Switch selected Vampire Power.
    L1 - Throw Grenade/Dynamite.
                                     ___ _     _
                                    | _ \ |___| |_
                                    |  _/ / _ \  _|
                                    |_| |_\___/\__|(PLT)
    As a bit of self praise, and to save myself from the extra work, I'll just copy
    and paste this part from the Review I did for this game:
    The story of Darkwatch is fairly simple and easy to understand. You are 
    Jericho Cross, an outlaw, the year is in 1874. You're in the middle of
    robbing a train when you come across some undead skeletons. You battle your 
    way through the train with nothing but a revolver until you finally reach the 
    final cart. A woman tries to stop you, but you blow it open anyways. But
    instead of finding gold, a tall, inhuman man, with glowing red eyes steps 
    out, he instantly attacks you and knocks you out. You wake up to find the 
    woman, she explains that you're turning into a vampire, and the only way to 
    free yourself from the curse, is to kill that thing. She takes you back to 
    Darkwatch, you could call it, an anti-evil organization. Although, things go 
    haywire, do your dismay...
                          __      __
                          \ \    / /__ __ _ _ __ ___ _ _  ___
                           \ \/\/ / -_) _` | '_ Y _ \ ' \(_-<
                            \_/\_/\___\__,_| .__|___/_||_/__/
    Here I'll list the various weapons you can get throughout the game, just for
    the sake of it.
    Revolver - You're standard Revolver. You start out with this little thing.
    Doesn't do much damage and it's a one-time thing.
    Redeemer - Standard Darkwatch Equipment. It's a stronger Revolver with a blade
    attached to the hand piece, allowing for better melee.
    Carbine - Another standard weapon. This rifle is fairly power with fast firing.
    It's useful in almost any situation.
    Shotgun - This quad. barrel shotgun is great for up close, in regular fire and
    Melee. It has a larger blade attached to the butt allowing for an upward hit.
    Crossbow - A Crossbow with two spikes attached to the end. This baby will fire
    exploding arrows at your enemies. Be wary though, it takes a few seconds to
    blow up, and if you're caught in the blast, you'll die. Go figure.
    Range Rifle - A sniper rifle. Two Zooms and fairly powerful, both in melee and
    Dual Pistols - One of the most useful weapons, but it does take some getting
    used to. It's just that, dual Redeemers.
    Rail Rocket - A rocket launcher with controllable Rocket. Nothing more. Nothing
    Scepter - Another one of those "One time" Deals. This thing will kill a few
    enemies in a single hit. It's quite slow, though.
                 __      __    _ _   _   _                      _
                 \ \    / /_ _| | |_| |_| |_  _ _ ___ _  _ __ _| |_
                  \ \/\/ / _` | | / /  _| ' \| '_/ _ \ || / _` | ' \
                   \_/\_/\__,_|_|_\_\\__|_||_|_| \___/\_,_\__, |_||_|
    Here's what you came for, I'll give a fairly detailed explanation on how to get
    past each level in the game.
          _____                                         _____
         () ||)    _    (|  |  |_/,_   _         _,    () | ,_   _,  o
            ||/\  |/     |  |  | /  | / \_/|/|  / |       |/  | / |  | /|/|
          (/ |  |/|_/     \/ \/     |/\_/  | |_/\/|/    (/    |/\/|_/|/ | |_/
    Start out by getting used to the Controls. If you use up some ammo, reload
    then grab some next to the door. Walk up to it and use a Melee attack to
    open it. In the next room, cannons are lined up along the walls, just crouch
    underneath the barrels to get through.
    In the area after that, you'll see turrets blocking your path, use triangle to
    jump over them. And no, the bodies aren't going to come to life and start to
    attack you. Barrels will block your path to the door, just get on one side
    then use Melee attacks to knock it out of the way. For the next area, I hope
    you're not a Horse Lover. Just walk past it through the door. You'll end up
    in a freezer.
    Yeah, see that... Thing? It's called a Reaper. You'll be seeing a lot of them.
    Get in a few shots from afar, it'll start to come after you. Headshots work
    nicely, but if your aim sucks, just go for body/arm shots. Reload before going
    into the next room. Two Reapers are in here, keep moving around and try not to
    get hit too much. Once they're dead, a man will come in and give you a new gun.
    The Redeemer, you'll never want the Revolver again.
    You can hold down the Trigger button to fan the hammer on the Revolver, but
    only use it in dire needs. It uses up your ammo pretty fast. In the next area
    you'll be swarmed by Reapers. You'll notice it no longer takes five shots to
    knock a head off. In fact, it only takes on. If they get close, use the Melee
    attack, try to keep in a corner so they can't get behind you. Once they're all
    dead, go straight through the door. You'll come across the vault.
    His name is Dracu- I mean, Lazarus.
    You'll wake up to find the woman, Cassidy. She'll kill a Reaper and inform you
    that Blood Clouds will now Heal you. She'll then explain you're turning into
    a Vampire after you jump up. Just stick behind Cassidy and shoot whatever you
    can. Lazarus will occasionally run at you, so make sure you keep away from him
    and just keep shooting. Keep doing this throughout the Train ride. Once his
    health is depleted, you'll get a cut scene and start the next level.
                    , _
                   /|/ \ o  _|   _    |\ o |)   _    _|_ |)    _
                    |__/ | / |  |/    |/ | |/) |/     |  |/\  |/
                    | \_/|/\/|_/|_/   |_/|/| \/|_/    |_/|  |/|_/
                                  (|  \  _      o |\
                                   |   ||/ |  |_| |/
                                  (\__/ |_/ \/  |/|_/(RTDV)
    This level takes place on your horse. Get used to it before the enemies catch
    up. And no, this isn't a one time deal. There's not much to explain for the
    first part except just keep shooting. Eventually Lazarus will catch up, shoot
    whatever he throws at you, or just dodge it, and don't let up. This isn't a
    hard level in the slightest bit. Remember to do what Cassidy says and use
    Shadow like a shield when you need to. 
    Once he's finished, he'll fly off and you'll end up in the next level. You got
    Blood Vision.
                         , _
                        /|/_) _         _       _,   ,_   _|
                         |  \/ \_/|/|  |/ |  | / |  /  | / |
                         |(_/\_/  | |_/|_/ \/|/\/|_/   |/\/|_/
    As soon as you can move, grab the Carbine. It'll become your best friend. Once
    you reach Cassidy, a few Reapers will hop over the gate. Grab some Dynamite
    and shoot down the gate. Remember, now that you have Blood Vision, you can
    use it to snipe down enemies. Once you progress, you'll come across
    Gunslingers. You will learn to hate these things in time.
    Just pick them off from afar. You can take the Crossbow that's on the ground,
    or you can stick with the Carbine. Take your pick, personally I prefer the
    Carbine. Keep moving and you'll come across more Gunslingers and Reapers.
    Eventually Cassidy will alert you to the Riflemen up above you, take them
    out as quickly as possible.
    Stand your ground and just keep on killing them, eventually a tree-like thing
    will rise from the ground. This is a Mark of Evil, you'll want to destroy these
    things as soon as possible. They'll kill any currently spawned enemies. The
    catch is, these also spawn enemies. Yet another reason to destroy it faster.
    Another one will appear on a ledge. Once it blows up, the door will unlock.
    Grab the Dynamite and Carbine if you need it, then head down.
    You'll get a glimpse of the Shotgun. Most people would get rid of the Redeemer
    and take it, but you'd be surprised how useful the Redeemer actually is. So
    it's your choice. I'll stick with the Redeemer and Carbine. Head down the
    steps, yeah, you can tell what's coming. Once the gate opens, you'll be
    faced with four Reapers. Two outside, and two inside the center pillar. Kill
    them all and head down. You'll get attacked by even more Reapers and a
    One will burst from the ground, kill it and jump down. Two Reapers, two
    Gunslingers. Kill them all then head out into the open room. You can now double
    jump. You can grab the Shotgun on the higher level right in front of you, but
    the Carbine will be more useful for what's coming up. Make your way to the
    highest level. Just shoot any Reapers that come near you. Once you kill them
    all, some new enemies will appear. Banshees. These things are some of the most
    annoying things you'll ever face. Keep moving and try to get around their
    purple... Ball, attack, thing. And the easiest way is to get a clean headshot.
    Hence why I said the Carbine was more useful. Once the three of them are dead,
    some Gunslingers will open up a gate at the bottom. Hop down and kill both of
    them. In the next area, a few Reapers and a Banshee. Kill them all and head
    to the next door.
    As you step forward, a Reaper will burst from a grave. Kill it, then turn to
    your right for another one will jump down from a ledge. Kill them and head
    through the valley. At the end, three Reapers will attack you. In the main
    Graveyard area, you'll be swarmed with quite a few Reapers. Fight your way
    to the hill in the backdrop, you'll need to go there anyways. You'll get
    a choice here, Good or Evil.
    Frankly, I prefer going Evil. It's gorier and the "Powers" look cooler. So go
    with whatever you want. Some Reapers will pop up. There's a Crossbow around
    there, take it or leave it. After you kill off a few, some fat things with
    machetes will spawn. These are another enemy you'll hope you never have to
    see again, but unlike the Banshees, they ARE an eye sore. Take them out from
    a distance with whatever weapons you please. Two more will spawn, no different
    except you have to move around more.
    After that, a bunch of Reapers will attack you, pick them off before they get
    close. Once they stop spawning, a Banshee will appear. Take care of her like
    always. You'll get a cut scene, I hope you weren't too attached to Cassidy. But
    you have to admit, she's got a nice head on her shoulders. But she's way too
    reckless, just jumping out in the middle of gunfire, she better watch her neck!
    Fine, I'll stop.
          ___               o        , _                   ,_ _
         (|  \  _      o |\ / ,     /|/_) _ |\ |\         /| | |  o        _
          |   ||/ |  |_| |/  / \_    |  \|/ |/ |/ |  |     | | |  | /|/|  |/
         (\__/ |_/ \/  |/|_/  \/     |(_/|_/|_/|_/ \/|/    | | |_/|/ | |_/|_/
    You can choose Evil or Good here, again, I'll just keep choosing Evil. The
    choice is yours. As you step forward, some Reapers will burst from the ground.
    Keep jumping and pick them all off. There's some ammo scattered around the
    room. Find the Plunger to blow up a wall. A Reaper will be there waiting for
    As you go down this path, a Reaper will run around the corner, kill it then
    get a few shots on the Reaper having a feast on the body. Head down the path
    to your right, Lazarus will inform you that you can take the Victim's soul
    (Evil) or purify it (Good.) These give a small amount of "Experience" but
    it does add up. Choose what you will. As you approach it, the wall will break
    and a Reaper will jump out. Kill it then get the Victim.
    As you continue, some Reapers will jump down from the ceiling. Kill them and
    keep going. As you approach a turn, you'll get a glimpse of Dual Pistols. I
    say replace your Redeemer with them, either way, kill the Reaper next to them
    and head forward. A Mark of Evil will rise, you know what to do. Just go down
    and blow it back to Hell. The door will open; jump back up and through it. Two
    Reapers will climb up. Kill them then jump down.
    Follow this path into an open area with some Gunslingers firing at you. You
    want to get up there, then get into the left side. So jump on the piece of
    machinery next to you, then up onto the bridge. Kill the Gunslingers and hit
    the Plunger. Now, jump down and kill anything in your way.
    Eventually you'll come to a fire blocking your path, find a small hole in the
    wall and crouch to get under it. Follow up the hill and kill any Reapers you
    come across, eventually you'll get a cut scene as Reapers carrying explosive
    barrels appear. These things are called Keggers, you'll want to shoot them/the
    explosives before they get close. You may want to stick in the cave-area
    and take out all the Keggers before moving out. Once they stop coming, head
    up the path to your left. Some Gunslingers have spawned.
    Once at the top, head in the right alcove, two Reapers and one Gunslinger
    behind the barricade, kill them all then take the Victim. As you turn around,
    more Reapers will probably be running at you. Kill them all then get to the
    other side and hit the Plunger. Head through the newly opened door way.
    Take a few steps forward and a Reaper will burst from the wall, another one
    will also show up. Kill them both and move on, eventually you'll come to a
    turn. You can look to your right and you'll see some Riflemen. Grab the Carbine
    if you don't already have one and pick them off from here. Make a running
    jump and land on the central pillar, don't worry about the enemies in this
    area. Once you're on the pillar, jump off to your left, there's a shack-type
    building. Inside is the first plunger.
    Careful, Banshees aren't exactly uncommon here, keep moving. You may want to
    stay in the shack just to pick off some enemies. Either way, make another
    running jump and get back onto the pillar. Get around to the other side and
    jump onto the ledge you see. Face your left and get to a wooden platform.
    Follow the cave, you'll come across a victim. Do what you will with it then
    Make sure you jump over the hole, there might be an enemy at the end if you
    didn't bother to kill it. Once outside, face your left and you'll see the
    second plunger. Jump over to it and hit it, then fall down to the bottom
    level. You should see another shack, the Plunger is just in front of it. The
    door next to you will then open up, head through. Two enemies inside, kill
    them both then touch the door. But we're still not done in the mines just yet.
    A Reaper will drop down immediately, kill it and head forward. You'll see a
    Gunslinger, and he has friends. Three or four more will show up, kill them
    individually or use the TNT Barrels, whatever you find easiest. In the first
    hole you come to, there's a victim inside. Take it then go back on the main
    path. You'll come across one at the very end, inside are a few Gunslingers and
    If you happen to be short on TNT, there's plenty of it here. You need to use
    one to destroy the wooden barricade. Throw it then pick up another stick to
    refill your inventory, head through. Careful, as you round the corner a
    Kegger or two will run around. Take it out as fast as you can. As you finally
    get around, another one will pop up. Take it out, you'll be in an area with
    a bunch of holes. Enemies aren't exactly rare so kill them all. There are 
    about five Reapers and three Gunslingers. Once they're all dead, jump down
    any hole. 
    Find the next one and jump down it, you'll hit a checkpoint. Go straight and
    another Mark of Evil will appear. You know the drill, ignore the enemies and
    destroy Metal G- Uh, the Mark of Evil. The door will open, run around the
    corner and two Reapers will attack you. Kill them while Lazarus is giving
    you a spiel about how you're forgotten, or something. For someone so
    dedicated on telling you you're forgotten, he sure doesn't leave you alone,
    huh? Anyways, there's the end of this level.
     ___                                              __
    (|  \  _,   ,_  |)           _, _|_  _  |)       /\_\/     _|_      _   , _|_
     |   |/ |  /  | |/) |  |  |_/ |  |  /   |/\     |    ||  |  |  |/\_/ \_/ \_|
    (\__/ \/|_/   |/| \/ \/ \/  \/|_/|_/\__/|  |/    \__/  \/|_/|_/|_/ \_/  \/ |_/
    As soon as the level starts, run to the left door and grab the Range Rifle from
    behind. Peak out to the right and look high on the walls, you'll see a Sniper
    walking back and forth. Take him out, then bring your focus to the lower level.
    There are at least four down here, if you press the right D-Pad, you can take
    all four of them out with the Range Rifle, without them firing back. As long
    as you stay hidden.
    Take whatever weapon you switched for the Range Rifle, or keep it. It's up to
    you, but this is probably the only time I found it useful for this level. Head
    right and you'll come across the shotgun. Like everything else, I'm sticking
    with the Carbine. Jump up onto the wooden path past the arch. You'll see two
    Snipers in the distance, dispose of them how you will and head to where they
    Look to your left before you jump down and you'll see a Sniper. Kill him and
    head into the next area. You'll see a small house, inside is a Victim. Be
    warned, however, some enemies will spawn. And these guys are a pain in the
    ass. They take quite a bit of damage and move around a lot. So kill them and
    then take whatever you want. Head back outside. Head into the near by opening
    and some Reapers will spawn. Kill them and grab the TNT if you need it.
    Jump onto the next wooden path, only to be greeted by a Sniper. Kill it and
    jump down. You should see a dead horse in the snow, if so, head left and follow
    the tracks. The door will lock and you'll be swarmed by a ton of enemies.
    Cassidy will tell you to just stay alive while she opens the Ghost Door. What
    she meant to say was "Kill anything that moves 'cuz I'm not doing anything."
    Do just that, kill everything and the door will open.
    My personal spot is just above the Ghost Door, a small square platform. You
    can see the entire area and they can't get behind you. Just shoot to kill. You
    know who Rambo is, right? Well make him proud. Eventually some Banshees will
    spawn. Cassidy will make comments such as "C'mon Jericho, get a move on!" Or
    "God I hate these things!" These are annoying, why? Because she's not doing
    anything to help you. You're the one doing everything.
    If you're low on ammo, and high on Health, my advise is to kamikaze. Just make
    a running jump towards the Banshee and shoot/use melee when you think you might
    knock their head off. Either way, once they're all dead the door will open.
    Collect your spoils and head through it. I guess Cassidy lost her head, I mean
    she didn't even offer to help you. I know, I know, I said I'd stop.
    You'll end up in some sort of ice-barren facility. Once you advance, three
    or four of those Darkwatch Zombies will attack you. Kill them all then head
    through the only path. Some Dual Pistols on the way if you want them, you'll
    get another choice. Frankly, just from reading the "Intro" to it I want to kill
    him. Even if I was picking the Good Side all along.
    Anyways, head through the next path, if you come across some people hanging
    from Meat Hooks, you're on the right path. A bunch of Reapers will spawn, take
    care of them all and head to the next area. Some Reapers and a zombie, kill 'em
    all and then head into the next area. Cassidy  will explain that you have to
    get to the citadel before the sun rises. How will you do that? She explains
    that too.
                     (|  |  |_/_,   ,_     () | ,_   _,  o
                      |  |  | / |  /  |       |/  | / |  | /|/|(WRTN)
                       \/ \/  \/|_/   |/    (/    |/\/|_/|/ | |_/
    This ride is exactly the same as last time, only without some giant vampire
    chasing you. 
    You'll eventually get to a Darkwatch Wartrain. It's been hijacked,
    it wants to kill you. You need to kill it. Simple enough? It will throw
    explosive barrels at you. After you kill all the Ghost Riders, you can attack
    the train. Get up beside it and take out the Gunner first. Then, shoot the
    flashing light between cars. This will single it out, now, make your way to
    the front of the train and just keep shooting it. I find shooting the light
    works best, either way, it'll roll and you'll reach it.
                 _____                            ,_ _
                () | _   ,_ _|_        ,_   _    /| | |   _,   __   _
                   |/ \_/  | |  |  |  /  | |/     | | |  / |  / / _|/
                 (/ \_/    |/|_/ \/|_/   |/|_/    | | |_/\/|_/ /_/ |_/
    This place can either be annoying, or fun. Start out by listening to the
    General's blabbering. Finally he'll let you grab the Scepter. He'll then tell
    you that he's making this place a pain in the ass, just for you. How kind of
    him. Well, the first part? Just bash away. The enemies will get progressively
    harder, but still no problem.
    In the next area, you have to go through without killing anybody. Seems easy,
    right? If you're like me it isn't. It's just so fun seeing their bodies fly
    in all directions. But fight the temptation to reach the next area. In this
    part, it's an all out blood bath. You can get a Redeemer from the enemies, but
    I advise sticking with the Scepter. It's stronger and it'll be the last chance
    you get to use it.
    Enemies will keep spawning, and eventually some Riflemen. After you've
    eliminated them all, some people will spawn. Do not kill them, take a look at
    your enemy before you kill them. I'm not sure what happens if you do kill them,
    but I just love proving that bastard wrong. In the hallway, a few Reapers and
    Riflemen await. Kill them all to open the door and head for it.
    Cassidy will explain what you have to do. I can't help you here because I'm not
    even sure myself. I usually just randomly run around killing stuff until I
    find them. Blood Vision helps. Once all the Valves are turned, the smoke will
    clear and you'll be attacked by a bunch of enemies. My advise is stick to 
    corners, that way you can't get attacked from behind.
    He'll show you how much of a bastard he is again by making you trek through the
    sewers. Head straight and you'll get a glimpse of something, keep going and
    you'll find out what it was. Warning, these things can teleport. Warning, these
    things are strong. Warning, there's more than one. These Vipers are annoying,
    very annoying. Just keep shooting them. Make your way to the upper levels of
    the sewer.
    Once you get the Splitter Grenade, head to your left and find the key, behind
    two Vipers, of course. Take it then head to the right, kill anything in your
    way and make your way to the ladder.
    You'll end up in a Western Movie Set. Right in  front of you is a cart with a
    bunch of weapons placed. I recommend taking the Range Rifle, it may come in
    handy due to its stopping power.
    Either way, get behind the set, do not stay in the middle of the area or you'll
    get swarmed. There's not much  strategy except keep moving and shoot. So I'll
    skip ahead to the cut scene.
    Now, you'll be in sunlight. So your Blood Shield and Vampire powers are
    useless. What are you going to do? Quite simple, grab the Rail Rocket in the
    middle of the room. And blow open the gate, you can use any gun, but what fun
    is that? Once you're outside, it's even ground. It's the exact same as before.
    Shoot anything that moves.
    The General will tell you that you've completed his test and he has a new
    uniform. Now you'll meet the lovely Tala. She's your new partner. Get ready
    for the next mission.
              , _                                         _____
             /|/_) _,     _|_ o  ,              _  |\    () |_ o  ,_   _
              |  \/ |  |/\_|  | / \_/|/|/|     / \_|/      /| || /  | |/
              |(_/\/|_/|_/ |_/|/ \/  | | |_/   \_/ |_/    (/   |/   |/|_/
                      (|                           |)(BPOF)
    You'll start out with a Carbine and Redeemer. This is just a straight forward
    blood fest. So head straight after the scene, there's a Gunslinger on the roof
    of a Shack. Enter that shack and take the Victim. Exit and kill everything
    else. It will tell you to meet Tala at the top of the hill. Easier said than
    Start heading towards the path, at the top, Tala will tell you to clear the
    enemies out, you'll be thrown back to the ground level. Some Keggers will come
    now. It's quite simple if you stay at the far back, facing the hill and pick
    them off as they come. Once you've killed everything, you'll be brought to the
    next level.
    There are three Riflemen after the scene, kill them and then continue. Two
    more will spawn, kill them and Tala will tell you to split up. Jump onto the
    ledge and you'll get a scene of a Mark spawning, and a Rail Rocket. Follow the
    wooden bridges to come to the place with it, pick it up and then find the Mark.
    The Rail Rocket will come in handy later, so save your missiles. 
    Head into the house just past the Mark, there are three Riflemen in here, you
    should take out the two you can see before you enter. Once inside, the third
    one is around the shelf. As you go up the stairs, another Mark will appear.
    Remember how I was saying it would come in handy? Yep, here's the place to use
    it. Take aim at the mark from the right-most window and let loose. Careful,
    the Banshees occasionally get in your way.
    After it's destroyed, jump out for another one to spawn, take a few steps
    then look under the bridge-like structure. You can see it from here, so like
    before, let loose with the Rail Rocket. Once it's destroyed, Tala will
    tell you that you're on your own. You were working with people that whole time?
    Hm, never noticed them.
    Cassidy will tell you that she doesn't trust Tala, pointless really, so just
    head forward and some people will run screaming, they're being chased by
    Reapers. Kill the people for Health and if you want to get HP. Doesn't really
    matter, keep following this path for more people and enemies. Just do as you
    always do. You'll eventually come to a door, if it doesn't open, there's an
    enemy somewhere. Kill it to open it.
    Inside, you'll get a choice. As usual, Evil for me. Hey, who's there to see
    you? Some Reapers will hop in. Face the stairs and open fire when you see them.
    Head upstairs and approach the windows, face the large hole in the floor and
    get ready for some Reapers to hop up. Kill them all then drop down. Head
    around the house and you'll see a Victim.
    Now head around the flame and find the doorway, there's a Shotgun just through
    it, you may want to take it if you don't have any good weapons. You'll get a
    scene of something that looks like it came out of a bad horror movie. But
    don't let the looks fool you, they're fast, they're strong, and they're
    durable. It may take a few shots, but go for headshots. You can  always use
    the Rail Rocket's melee, that's probably the strongest thing you'll hit them
    with. Do not use the actual rocket, however. It'll probably kill you too.
    At the very end, some Marks will spawn. Cassidy tells you to make a stand. TV
    tells you to shoot them in the head. I tell you to shoot them in the head while
    proving that you're a one man army. Go with whatever advice you please,
    whatever gets the job done quicker.
    In this area, they'll say something like "About time you finally made it. Now
    take out these Snipers." Frankly, that's no way of showing gratitude for all
    the crap you just went through. So what I like doing, is ignore damage and just
    rush in and melee every last enemy in front of them. Just to prove they're a
    bunch of wimps. They'll blow open the house and some Reapers will attack.
    Walk in and slaughter them all, they're coming from the left, so go left.
    Tala will meet up with you again, she'll tell you to watch her back. But really
    she should be watching yours, if you're anything like me. Run  through and kill
    anything that moves. At the end, you'll reach what  looks to be a small town.
    Just walk through the town and kill anything, for the first time, Tala will
    actually be of some help. Eventually another Mark will spawn inside of the
    house, the Reapers will break down the door. Make your way through the house
    until you come to it, unload everything you have on it, since this is the end.
    You're in the Citadel now, you'll end up in front of a scientist. Select
    whatever mission you want. Seeing as Rescue is first on the list, let's do that
    shall we?
                               , _
                              /|/ \  _  ,   _         _
                               |__/ |/ / \_/   |  |  |/(RSCU)
                               | \_/|_/ \/ \__/ \/|_/|_/
    Cassidy will start this level out, once she's finished, walk up to the buggy
    and press X to flip it. It will give you the controls as you approach it. This
    level is straight forward for a while, so I'll skip ahead until you reach the
    small "Town."
    Once here, just keep driving around and kill all the Keggers. After a while,
    some Gunners will spawn. Here, just find a secluded corner where the Turrets
    can't hit you, and you can see everything. This way, no Keggers nor Gunners can
    hit you. Quite simple. Just before half way, some Banshees will spawn. They're
    amazingly simple with the buggy, so just fire away.
    Once the bar is gone, a Mark will spawn. So find the house that's glowing and
    barge in. It's filled with Gunslingers, so get ready to shoot. Make your way to
    the Mark and destroy it. Now another one will spawn at the end. This Mark
    loves Banshees, so hop back in the buggy and get shooting. This one shouldn't
    even take half the time unless you want to stop and kill everything.
    The door will open and Cassidy will tell you to find the survivors. Once it
    loads again, you'll be in a small house. You'll be constantly getting ambushed,
    so just keep yourself aware. You might as well try to protect the Regulators,
    they can be of SOME assistance. Anyways, once that's done and over with, you'll
    be back in the Citadel. So select the Deadlight Prism.
     _____          ___                                    , _
    () ||)    _    (|  \  _  _,   _|  |\ o  _, |)  _|_    /|/ \ ,_  o  ,
       ||/\  |/     |   ||/ / |  / |  |/ | / | |/\  |      |__//  | | / \_/|/|/|
     (/ |  |/|_/   (\__/ |_/\/|_/\/|_/|_/|/\/|/|  |/|_/    |      |/|/ \/  | | |_/
    Throughout 95% of this mission, you'll be in sunlight. So say good bye to your
    Vampire Powers. As soon as the level starts, you'll be swarmed with Indian
    Reapers. Stay under the bridge-like rock to keep your Blood Shield. After
    you kill a bunch, some Banshees will spawn. Kill them all to open the next
    area. Just follow the path to reach the next area.
    I suggest taking the Range Rifle. Snipe all the enemies that spawn then jump
    down. Just run down this path and kill anything in your way. A Mark will appear
    eventually, destroy it while dodging the attacks to progress. As soon as you
    enter the next area, you'll know what's coming. So to do this easier, lean
    around the corner and snipe them. Run to where they were and stay in the
    shadows. Some Reapers are there, with two Snipers. Kill them all and run down
    that path.
    Jump down into the alcove and stick to underneath the cave. They come from the
    left, then the right. Then they stop. Head up to the left and just keep moving
    down this path. Stick to the shadows and kill everything. At the end, there
    are three snipers. So take them out one by one, from behind the rock. Now enter
    the cave.
    You'll reach a choice. If you go Evil, the Regulator will start firing at you.
    If you pick Good, he'll thank you. Frankly, I've been  wanting a good reason
    to kill one of these bastards. So pick whatever you want. Head down the path
    and some Reapers will attack. Kill them all and keep going down the path. Some
    Snipers and Reapers, eventually some Keggers will join the party. Just keep
    fighting your way through. You'll know you're on the right path once a Mark
    of Evil spawns. Destroy it to open the door. Jump up to it and head inside.
    In the next area, you'll be in a shaded area with a Range Rifle lying next to
    a dead Regulator. Pick it up and snipe the Reapers that appear. Kill the first
    two by using the explosive barrel, and just headshot the others. Keep it or
    discard it, then jump down. Cassidy will tell you that the Deadlight Prism is
    here. So run around the cliff to it and stay near it.
    Fight your way to it and then hop in the turret. Kill any Reapers, if any, then
    get ready to unleash Hell. Some more will jump from a cliff, they're to the
    left. DO NOT let go of R1. Keep firing even if nothing is there. You have to
    be quick, so no time to let it warm up. 
    You'll get a small variety of enemies here, but just keep shooting, and the
    level will end in no time. You'll know you're almost done when the path blows
    open and a large swarm comes out. Kill them all and Cassidy will tell you that
    you're done. Onto Invasion.
                            |\             _,   ,  o  _
                          _ |/ /|/|  |  |_/ |  / \_| / \_/|/|
                          \_/\/ | |_/ \/  \/|_/ \/ |/\_/  | |_/(INVA)
    This level is similar to the rest, except that barrels are different. They're
    more along the lines of jugs. Red is still explosive, so watch out. Start by
    going forward and killing all the Reapers. Ignore that path for now and keep
    going straight. There's a Victim at the end, now turn around and find that
    small cave.
    Follow it around and kill the Sniper inside. Kill the two Reapers below you,
    then jump down. One of those fat creatures will spawn, along with some Reapers.
    Kill them all and continue, oh and beware, two Snipers on the Bridge-like
    thing above you. Throughout the next area, you'll be attacked by Keggers,
    Snipers, and Reapers. Kill them as you walk through, and at the very end, you
    will reach a drop. Make sure you're guns are full, 'cuz as soon as you jump
    down, one of those fat creatures will pop up on the far end. Let loose before
    he can get to you.
    Now, follow down the revealed passage. Through here, you'll get a choice.
    Do what you will and kill the enemies that attack you after. There are three
    barrels to your left, destroy them for a Carbine and Redeemer ammo. In the next
    area, a bunch of Innocents will run past you, being chased by Reapers. Kill
    them and then take out the Sniper on the roof of the house. Run through the
    door on the bottom, another Innocent being chased by a Reaper. Kill it and
    continue on. 
    As you come around, 2 enemies will walk by the fire. Kill them and go to your
    left. There's a shotgun on the ground, take it if you will and then fight
    your way to the gate, it's straight ahead. As you approach it, a Mark of Evil
    will appear, destroy it to open the door.
    This next area is loaded with weapons, and enemies. It's quite straight forward
    though. Enemies in front, enemies behind. Kill them as they appear to finish
    this mission. Speak to the Scientist again and accept Hangtown.
                      /|  |  _,         _,_|_  _
                       |--| / |  /|/|  / | |  / \_|  |  |_/|/|
                       |  |)\/|_/ | |_/\/|/|_/\_/  \/ \/   | |_/
    At the start, just follow the path and you'll get a cut scene. After it, no
    matter how tempting, DO NOT kill any Regulators. They will literally destroy
    you. Though, this would make a good "Game" with a friend. See who can stay
    alive the longest.
    Anyways, head into town, he's in the first building on your right. Head over
    to the left, and grab whatever weapons you want. Then find the two Regulators
    to the front. They'll take you to the north. Wipe out all the Vipers and
    Snipers, and they'll tell you to retreat to the Hoh-tael! Yeah, I couldn't
    resist that either. Anyways, just keep your ground and kill everything to
    open it.
    Although enemies will spawn, just run through and up the stairs to move on.
    This is one of my favorite areas, the saloon is loaded  with guns, and you
    can infinitely spawn Regulators. So you can pretty much wage war against them.
    But let's not, for now. At the start you'll get another choice, you should be
    nearly getting the Soul Stealer now. The ultimate Evil Power. Anyways, start
    out by running all the way to the right, you'll see a small indent in the
    wall with a Victim.
    Now enter the Saloon and they'll tell you that you have to fight along side
    of them, they'll all come from the barn. Just hold your ground and keep aware.
    They'll stop for a few seconds then come from the left. Eventually a Mark
    will spawn inside of a barn. Destroy it to spawn another one, Black Shroud
    helps here. Just destroy it to end this portion.
    Tala will tell you that more people are supposed to be inside the church. So
    head up the path. This time, the area is loaded with Snipers. You should be
    used to taking these out by now, so there's not  much I can say. Eventually
    some Vipers will spawn, so make sure you deal with them quickly. End of level.
       _____          ,_ _                                   __,
      () ||)    _    /| | |   _   ,_        o        _,     /  |  |\_|_  _  ,_
         ||/\  |/     | | |  / \_/  | /|/|  | /|/|  / |    |   |  |/ |  |/ /  |
       (/ |  |/|_/    | | |_/\_/    |/ | |_/|/ | |_/\/|/    \_/\_/|_/|_/|_/   |/
                                                     (|           |)(TMRA)
    The mission will start with Cassidy informing you that you screwed up. Once you
    can move, go forward and crab the Redeemer and Shotgun, leave your room. Run
    to your right and exit to the next area. You'll have two Regulators helping
    you for this short while. Just kill all the Vipers; you should be used to them
    by now.
    Once the door opens, follow through and walk past the area where the
    scientist was. Open the next door and head down the stairs. Kill all the Vipers
    again. Make your way to the Ghost Door and hop in a turret. Don't let up and
    keep firing. Once the door closes, turn  around and make your way back around
    the place where the scientist was. You'll get a glimpse of a new Viper. So
    head through the door, kill the two Vipers that attack then head through the
    lower door on the level.
    You'll hit a Checkpoint if you went the right way. In this area, run
    out to the right. Three Darkwatch Zombies and some rifle men, at the very
    end is a Victim, so grab it then turn around and head to the right. I suggest
    taking a Range Rifle. Now as you run out, take your first right into the
    armory. A bunch of enemies will spawn, so take cover and snipe them. Once
    all the ones close to you are dead, run in. Depending on where you took them
    out, there may be more.
    Once they're all dead, run into the back room. One or two more will spawn.
    Once THEY'RE dead, you're free to roam in this area. So grab whatever weapons
    you may need, and leave. You have to go through the door in that same room.
    Head through the next one, fight your way onto the tracks and head to the left.
    In the area, run around the corner and through the door. Grab the Rail Rocket
    and turn to your right, use it to kill the two Zombies and then jump down.
    Keggers and Riflemen will spawn, keep the Rail Rocket and take out the Keggers.
    Then, go into the main area and kill all of the Riflemen, with the Rail Rocket,
    or with something else. Jump up on the platform to get into the next area.
    Get ready to make Rambo proud AGAIN. You have a fairly large array of weapons
    here. So grab what you want then head around to the left. An Oozer (Cassidy
    will finally tell you what they're called) will spawn. So kill it and head
    forward. Four Snipers and two Zombies will now appear, kill them and head
    forward. The Snipers are on the roofs. Two Keggers will appear, now head
    into the center and down the stairs. Kill the two Riflemen and hop run inside.
    Two Zombies, kill them and head around the corner to unleash Hell. A bunch
    of enemies will spawn, just stand your ground and shoot anything that moves.
    At the end, some random person you can't see will tell you to buy him some
    time. So do just that, shoot everything and leave no survivors. Once you kill
    the last one, the door will open. So restock and get what you want, and then
    enter. There's a Carbine and a Redeemer here, so take whatever you think you
    may need. 
    Head through and Cassidy will tell you to shut down the Reactors. You could
    waste your time fighting, or you could rush in and turn them off. Let's go
    with option 2. First to the right, just keep jumping until you get in and find
    the switch in  the middle. Then, do the same for the left.  Now the door
    will open. Find it to the north/front and then get to the second door. You'll
    be to your objective.
    Lazarus will absorb the prism and turn into one ugly bastard. You just KNOW
    you gotta fight that thing. Anyways, after that you'll be attacked by some
    of those Shotgun-wielding executioners and Banshees. Just  kill them all and
    protect the Regulators. They may be of some assistance. After it's done, find
    the open door and leave through it. Aren't you glad that's over?
    You are? Good. 'Cuz you're not done yet. Time to fight Lazarus. This is a
    tough battle for some, an easy one for others. It all depends on your skill
    level. Oh, by the way, you only have the Redeemer.
                      () |)    _           _|   _
                      /\ |/\  / \_|  |  |_/ |  / \_|  |  |_/|/|(SHDN)
                     /(_)|  |/\_/  \/ \/  \/|_/\_/  \/ \/   | |_/
    His attacks haven't changed much. Still uses those fireballs. Anyways, just
    keep dodging them  and shooting them if possible. Eventually he'll summon
    some Reapers. Deal with them first as you run. Try to find a way to get up
    on either side of the building, keep following those as you fire at Lazarus.
    At the end, do a long jump and get inside the top of the building. As long
    as he isn't above you (Which isn't often) his attacks won't be able to hit you.
    Just remember to take out the Reapers. On the right side, there's a Carbine
    on the way, by the way.
    If you run out of ammo, jump over to the other building for a Shotgun. Now
    he should be getting above you much more often, which is a royal pain the ass.
    Just keep up what you're doing, and use some of your powers and he'll go down
    in no time. Oh, just letting you know, when he summons his third batch, you're
    defensive roof won't be all that useful anymore.
    Once you get to the bridge, it's quite simple. Only a few enemies and Lazarus
    isn't going anywhere. Just unleash everything you have and use Black Shroud
    if you have it. Now you get the ultimate choice. This decides your final boss.
    Good -> Tala.
    Evil -> Cassidy.
    Cassidy has done absolutely nothing to help me and only complains, and I've
    been picking Evil all this time, so that's what I'm going with.
              _____          , _                    _____
             () ||)    _    /|/ \ o  _, |)  _|_    () | ,_   _,  o(TRTN)
                ||/\  |/     |__/ | / | |/\  |        |/  | / |  | /|/|
              (/ |  |/|_/    | \_/|/\/|/|  |/|_/    (/    |/\/|_/|/ | |_/
    Now you'll have to hijack a train. If you didn't  notice it, the title of this
    level is parallel to the first mission, The Wrong Train. Just some useless
    Once it starts, pick up speed and get on the left side of the train. Kill
    the Rifleman at the very top, right at the back, then get right onto the side.
    A bunch more will spawn, the  easiest way to do this is to lean on your
    horse so they can't hit you. Then set your crosshair on their head, quickly sit
    up right, fire at them a few times, then hide. They won't be able to hit you
    and if you aim correctly, they'll die in a single hit.
    Now you'll be able to get on the train, so slow down and get around to the
    right of the train via the back. Hop up and get up the stairs. A Rifleman
    will be there, so kill him and take the Range Rifle. Take out the two Ghost
    Riders and then get back down the stairs. Head into the next car, as you pass
    through the hall, there's a Reaper on your left, so be careful.
    A bunch of Ghost Reapers will spawn as you move down the stable, just kill
    them and jump up. There's a Shotgun on the way also. As you approach the
    hole, reload on ammo 'cuz you'll get a scene where Jericho jumps down. This
    area is filled with Reapers. If you want to kill them quickly, just launch
    a Soul Stealer. Then again, a lot  more spawn. So you'll probably want to
    save it. The door will open once you kill them all, so head through.
    Through here, there's a bunch of Riflemen. Just kill them and hop in the
    turret, like in the Deadlight Prism, do not stop firing. Just kill the Ghost
    Riders, Keggers/Reapers, and Riflemen that  attack. Once that's done, this
    ride will be over.
                           (|  \  _  _,   _|  |\  _,  |\ |\
                            |   ||/ / |  / |  |/ / |  |/ |/(DDFL)
                           (\__/ |_/\/|_/\/|_/|_/\/|_/|_/|_/
    You're finally here. You'll be attacked instantly, as usual the Regulators will
    be killed off immediately. So run over to the other side and crab whatever you
    need. Dual Pistols are there so you might want to grab those. A bunch of Ghost
    Reapers will keep jumping in, so deal with those while hiding from the Snipers.
    Once they stop coming, use the Lean Technique (Hide, and lean so they don't
    shoot you.) to take out the Snipers will the Carbine.
    Get on top of the opposite train and kill any Ghost Reapers that may attack
    you. You'll see a Regulator using a turret, as you approach he'll get killed,
    so hop in and get firing. Keggers, Ghost Reapers, and some Snipers will start
    swarming in. So as always, don't stop firing. Any health you may have lost
    during this little bit will probably be restored by the massive amounts of
    Blood Clouds left over.
    At the end, two Snipers and a bunch of Reapers/Keggers, stay behind the
    right wall and lean to kill them all. Eventually the door will break open and
    some Keggers will rush out. Kill them and run through the door. Approach the
    one at the back to leave this area. You'll get a glimpse of an  enemy that
    will annoy  you the most for a while, a Ghost Banshee. So collect any ammo
    in the house and hop down.
    As you exit this area, a Sniper and a Ghost Reaper will attack, the Sniper
    is on the building directly in front of you, in a small platform. Once that's
    done, head around to the left. Kill the Sniper while he's distracted with the
    woman, and you'll see the Banshee come out. Remember how I told you to grab
    those Dual Pistols? Yeah. They're useful here. Keep strafing and avoid the
    Banshee like any other. Remember to use walls for cover.
    Run around to the next area, all while killing the Snipers, another Banshee
    will come out to play. So teach her the meaning of playing with fire. Now
    go around to the left again and you'll see a fireball destroy most of a house.
    So jump up onto that platform and a Mark of Evil will spawn. Ignore the
    enemies and jump down. Face your right and destroy it. Use the Black Shroud
    if you need to. Now head into the house and find the door inside, it's to your
    Now, a Banshee, Sniper, and a few Reapers will attack. Kill them all one by
    one. You'll hear another Banshee, she's most likely above you on the house.
    So hop up and take your "Relationship" to a whole new level. Make your way
    to the house at the very end of this path. Get inside and kill the two Riflemen
    at the bottom. Get upstairs and you'll find a Rail Rocket. I recommend taking
    Jump down and head straight, a Mark of Evil will appear. So equip your Rail
    Rocket and Black Shroud, and run to it, using Melee to kill the enemies, and
    Rockets to obliterate the Mark. A door will explode, opening the area to your
    next path. As soon as you enter you'll be taken there.
    Three regular Reapers will run at you, you shouldn't even need to waste a
    bullet. There's a Shotgun on the ground just in front of you, but I advise
    you stick with the Rail Rocket and Dual Pistols. Then again, a Mark of Evil
    will spawn, so whatever floats your boat. Jump up and enter this next hall.
    This place is packed with enemies, so I'm going to say use the Dual Pistols.
    Not only are they useful, but they look stylish too. So keep up killing them
    Take it slow and you'll come across some MORE stairs. Head up those to enter
    the NEXT area.
    This place is... Different. That's for sure. As soon as you can see, you'll
    wish you couldn't. You'll see more enemies spawn, including a Banshee. As you
    look over the edge, you'll see this place is pretty much made of Lava. So you
    will want to stay on the houses. Once the Banshees stop coming, grab a Range
    Rifle and use the Lean Technique  to take out any Snipers.
    Just keep following this path and wage war on these annoying bastards. If
    worst comes to worst, you can always rely on the Rail Rocket's melee. Also,
    remember you have Vampire Powers to rely on, don't think they're useless!
    At the end, a Mark of Evil will appear. You can take it out, depending on what
    your weapons are, from where you're standing. Get ready, 'cuz you're in for
    a bumpy ride.
         / ()        ,_   ,   _     _  |\    _|_ |)    _    (|  |  |_/_  , _|_
        |     |  |  /  | / \_|/    / \_|/     |  |/\  |/     |  |  | |/ / \_|
         \___/ \/|_/   |/ \/ |_/   \_/ |_/    |_/|  |/|_/     \/ \/  |_/ \/ |_/
    This consists entirely of a boss fight. It plays almost exactly like Lazarus.
    Shoot the large blue orbs when Cassidy fires them, they can hurt. A lot. And
    like in the Lazarus fight, there are various weapons placed around the arena.
    Throughout the battle, statues will close down on the sacrifices. These will
    drop blood clouds, so pick them up. Cassidy will gain various attacks
    throughout the battle, but it really isn't that hard at all.
    Just keep moving. When she closes her wings around her, get the Hell away and
    as far away as possible. It's a near-full area attack that does quite a bit
    of damage. She should go down in no time. After she's dead, you'll see just how
    badass Jericho really is. Not only did he get the girl before, he became
    the king of Vampires, killed an Angel, and killed his would-be Queen. Not to
    mention slaying just about all of Hell.
    Congratulations on beating Darkwatch. Wasn't so hard, was it? You finally got
    to screw Cassidy's head on right this time. Hey! End of the guide, end of the
    cheesy jokes!
                ___            _              _     ___         __
               / __| ___  _ _ | |_  __ _  __ | |_  |_ _| _ _   / _| ___
              | (__ / _ \| ' \|  _|/ _` |/ _||  _|  | | | ' \ |  _|/ _ \
               \___|\___/|_||_|\__|\__,_|\__| \__| |___||_||_||_|  \___/(CTCT)
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    - Suggestions, self-explanatory.
    - Questions about this guide.
    Some people are out for my E-Mail address for unknown reasons, so if you get a
    rude response, it's not me.
                             ___  _           _
                            / __|| | ___  ___(_) _ _   __ _
                           | (__ | |/ _ \(_-<| || ' \ / _` |
                  ___  _    \___||_|\___//__/|_||_||_|\__, |(CLST)
                 / __|| |_  __ _ | |_  ___  _ __   ___|___/ | |_  ___
                 \__ \|  _|/ _` ||  _|/ -_)| '  \ / -_)| ' \|  _|(_-<
                 |___/ \__|\__,_| \__|\___||_|_|_|\___||_||_|\__|/__/
    Well, there you have it. That's the end of the guide. I'm glad if this helped
    you and I'm glad you decided to pick up the game, Darkwatch. It truly is a
    good game.

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