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    FAQ/Walkthrough by neothe0ne

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/02/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     ___________                    /¯¯¯¯\
    |           |                  /  /\  \  ____          |¯¯¯¯|
    |/¯¯|  |¯¯\ |                 /  /  \  | \  / \¯¯/|¯¯¯¯|/||\|   \¯¯¯¯\   /¯¯\
        |  | \¯ ¯/         \¯¯¯¯\|  |  \¯_ _\ ||   || |/||\| ||\¯¯¯\ ||¯¯\\ / /¯\|
        |  |  | |\¯¯\   /¯¯/||¯\||  |   ||`|\\||   ||   ||   || ||¯\|||   || |
        |  |  | | |  \ /  | ||   |  \   ||   |||   ||   ||   || ||_  ||__// \ \
        |  |  | | ||\ ¯/| | | ¯{  \  \  ||__//||   ||   ||   || |  { | _ /   \ \
        |  |  | | || \/ | | ||¯    \  \ | __/ ||   ||   ||   || ||¯  || ||    | |
        |  |  | | ||    | | ||      \  \||    ||  /  \  ||   || ||_/||| \\ |\_/ /
        |  |  | | ||    | | ||_/|    |  ||    ||_/|¯¯¯  ||   ||/    /||  \\|___/
        |  |  | |/  \   | |/    /    |  | \  /    |     ||   ||¯¯¯¯¯/  \  \ \
        |  | /___\¯¯¯   | |¯¯¯¯¯     |  |¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯     /  \  ||    ¯¯¯¯    \ \_
      __|  |____________| |__________/  |___________   ¯¯¯¯ /__\            \__\
        |  |            | |    |\   /   |          /_____________________________
        |  |           /   \   | \ /   /
        |  |           ¯¯¯¯¯   \  ¯   /               F U T U R E    P E R F E C T
       /    \                   \    /
       ¯¯¯¯¯¯                    \__/
                                 Written by neothe0ne
                                     Version: 1.0
                                    April 02, 2005
                    Copyright ©2005 neothe0ne.  All rights reserved.
             Based on the GameCube version of TimeSplitters: Future Perfect.
    This guide is seperated into chapters numbered by ID.  To search, use this
    general format:  a.bb.cc.dd, where each succeeding letter is another indent in
    the outline.  For example, to find the first story mission you would search
         1.  Story
              01.  Time to Split - 2401
              02.  Scotland the Brave - 1924
              03.  The Russian Connection - 1969
              04.  The Khallos Express - 1969
              05.  Mansion of Madness - 1994
              06.  What Lies Below - 1994
              07.  Breaking and Entering - 2052
              08.  You Genius, U-Genix - 2052
              09.  Machine Wars - 2243
              10.  Something To Crow About - 2243
              11.  You Take The High Road - 1924
              12.  The Hooded Man - 2401
              13.  Future Perfect - 1924
        2.  Arcade League
              01.  Amateur League
                   01.  One Gun Fun
                        01.  Rockets 101
                        02.  Big Game Hunt
                        03.  Divine Immolation
                   02.  Nightstick
                        01.  Commuting Will Kill You
                        02.  Toy Soldiers
                        03.  Dam Cold Out Here!
                   03.  On The Take
                        01.  Vamping In Venice
                        02.  Pirate Gold
                        03.  Virtual Brutality
              02.  Honorary League
                   01.  Dead Weight
                        01.  A Pox of Mox
                        02.  Rumble In The Jungle
                        03.  Freak Unique
                   02.  Fever Pitch
                        01.  Outbreak Hotel
                        02.  Missile Bunker
                        03.  Bag Slag
                   03.  Mode Madness
                        01.  I Like Dead People
                        02.  Zany Zeppelin
                        03.  Lip Up Fatty
              03.  Elite League
                   01.  Smash 'N Grab
                        01.  Screw Loose
                        02.  Oh Shoal-O-Mio
                        03.  Astro Jocks
                   02.  Group Therapy
                        01.  Zone Control
                        02.  Front Loaded
                        03.  Old Blaggers
                   03.  Retro Chique
                        01.  The Dead, The Bad and The Silly
                        02.  Ninja Garden
                        03.  Sock It To Them
        3.  Challenge
              01.  Behead the Undead
                        01.  Brain Drain
                        02.  Rare Or Well Done?
                        03.  Boxing Clever
              02.  Cut-Out Shoot-Out
                        01.  Hart Attack
                        02.  Come Hell Or High Water
                        03.  Balls of Steel
              03.  Cat Driving
                        01.  The Cat's Out of the Bag!
                        02.  Lap It Up
                        03.  The Cat's Pajamas
              04.  Super Smashing Great
                        01.  Avec Le Brique
                        02.  Absolutely Potty
                        03.  Don't Lose Your Bottle
              05.  TimeSplitters 'Story' Classic
                        01.  Queen of Harts
                        02.  Sammy Hammy Hamby Pamby
                        03.  Glimpse of Stocking
              06.  Monkeying Around
                        01.  Electro Chimp Discomatic
                        02.  Melon Heist
                        03.  Brass Monkeys
              07.  Miscellaneous Challenges
                        01.  Cortez Can't Jump!
                        02.  TSUG:TimeSplitters Underground
                        03.  Plainly Off His Rocker
        4.  Other
              01.  Characters
              02.  Weapons
              03.  Mapmaker
        5.  Miscellaneous
              01.  Version History
              02.  Legal
              03.  Contact
    |  Story                                                           |
    All story missions were completed on Hard mode in single-player.  However,
    all difficulty modes of the missions are very similar.
       |  Time to Split - 2401                                     |
        |Sergeant Cortez returns from a daring assault on a TimeSplitter space|
        |station - with him he carries the recovered Time Crystals which could|
        |bring the war to an end. On his final approach a laser hit causes his|
        |ship to malfunction and Cortez is forced to crash land. It is        |
        |essential that he brings the crystals back to Spacetime Marine HQ.   |
    You'll start the story campaign hanging upside down.  Two marines will come
    and Cortez goes falling to the ground.  One of the marines will hand you a
    Scifi Handgun and start running away.  Follow them.  (You may want to change
    to secondary fire, which will make your shots ricochet.)
          NEW OBJECTIVE: Reach the rebel base
    Once you round the corner of the canyon, you'll see a marine taking cover by a
    rock.  Three Time Assasins will approach, so take them out.  Be warned that
    friendly fire is on, so try not to hit your allies, and make sure you aren't
    in your allies' way.  After taking out the assasins, make sure to take their
    ammo, and run forward a bit to see more assasins on the other side of the
    cliff.  Take them out and follow the marine across the wreckage to the other
    As you move forward, more assasins will appear.  Take care of them, take
    their ammo, and keep going.  Shortly, you'll turn and end up with several
    Marines, all pinned down by enemy fire.  A health pack is by the rock on the
    right if you need it.
    There will be a heck of a lot of assasins in the next battle.  After taking
    them out, grab the Plasma Autorifle the one behind the rock was using.  This
    is a nice automatic weapon, and the longer you fire the faster it fires, until
    it overheats and needs a couple of seconds of cooldown.  Down by rocks along
    the wall to your right you will find some more ammo and some Plasma Grenades.
    Up ahead you'll see a big bridge with marines standing guard on it.
    Unfortunately for them, a fighter crashes into the bridge and kills the lot
    of them.  Below the bridge along your path, you'll encounter more enemies.
    You can pick them off with the handgun, rip them to shreds with your Autorifle
    or throw one or two strategic plasma grenades to blow them all up.  In the
    clearing you'll see a massive TimeSplitter mothership falling to its doom.
    Turn right and run into two marines in a revine.  One of them walks out and
    gets shot, so the other will hand you a Scifi Sniper.  Zoom in and shoot one
    of the boxes behind the assasins, and that will finish off the two visible
    assasins and the endless resupply that you can't see.  Switch out your Plasma
    Autorifle and move ahead.  You should also pick up the double Scifi Handguns
    Just around the corner you'll encounter your first Berserker Splitter.
    It'll shoot lightning at you, which has an explosion upon impact, and turn
    invisible.  Look in the general direction of it and wait for your reticule to
    turn red before firing, and try to take it out as quickly as possible to avoid
    unnecessary damage.  More of them are ahead, so move on!
    You'll hear gunfire, and you'll soon see some Marines crying in fear.  Kill
    those splitters, and follow the marines into the barricade.  You'll find
    health, a Plasma Autorifle, and Plasma grenades.  Pick up what you need, then
    get on the turret.
          NEW OBJECTIVE:  Use the gun emplacement to defend against the
                          TimeSplitter attack
    This next part is pretty difficulty, so stay alert.  Berserker Splitters will
    come rushing towards you from the clearing beyond, and later splitters will
    approach from behind you.  Your marines will tell you when the splitters
    approach from behind, and when they do, turn around and take care of them.
    You'll be told when a splitter is coming off the cliff, so turn around again
    and take care of him.  Then the majority of the splitters will approach you
    from behind.  If you ever get extremely damaged, get off the turret and pick
    up the other health pack.  Also, don't be afraid to use the Plasma Autorifle
    occasionally for the aiming reticule, as the turret doesn't turn red when it's
    on an enemy.  Overall, there are probably around twenty splitters to take care
          OBJECTIVE COMPLETE:  Use the gun emplacement to defend against
                               the TimeSplitter attack
    Run forward and turn the corner.  You'll see a bunch of Marines and several
    Splitters shooting it out.
          NEW OBJECTIVE:  Help defend the rebel base
    Another all-out war with the splitters!  Clear out the splitters in front of
    you, then join the two marines by the wall and fire outwards towards the
    splitters.  Some splitters will be cruel enough to get right up to you or your
    allies and start slugging you.  When this happens, take extreme care not to
    kill your ally instead of the splitter, and when it happens to you, move!
    Once enough of them are dead, the marines will tell you they can handle the
    rest, so rush towards the big building to your left, behind the wall, because
    that's your finish line!
          OJECTIVE COMPLETE:  Help defend the rebel base
    Once you get to the door, you're done!  You've returned to Marine HQ with the
    Time Crystals!
          OBJECTIVE COMPLETE:  Reach the rebel base
       |  Scotland the Brave - 1924                                |
        |Cortez has been sent back in time to Urnsay, a small island off the  |
        |coast of Scotland to investigate the time travel residues which Anya |
        |detected.  On arrival he finds himself in the midst of a battle      |
        |raging between the British Navy and foreign troops occupying the     |
        |island.  Fortunately the eccentric Captain Ash has offered to lend a |
        |hand.  What ho!                                                      |
    When you start, Captain Ash will hand you a Kruger 9mm.  Run under the bridge
    and snipe the two guards under the tarp with your pistol.  Take care of the
    third guard standing off to the left, then run forward and grab the Vintage
    Rifle under the tarp.  Captain Ash will try to contact "Deisler" and say that
    the enemy knows they're here.
    Walk forward and the house in front of you will explode and collapse.  Walk
    forward a little more and two guards will run in opposite directions along
    the higher ground to shoot at you.  The one on the left has a Kruger, the one
    on the right uses a machine gun.  Snipe them, then move to the right and take
    out the man on the gun turret.  You can man the turret if you want, not that
    there's much you can shoot at for the moment.  Move towards the castle's front
    door, and kill the guard on the ground and the guard on the balcony.  Then move
    to the right and kill the guard behind the house and get the shield inside.
    Now go into the castle with Captain Ash.
          NEW OBJECTIVE:  Escape the trap
    Move forward and two gates will fall down, blocking any means of exit.  Take
    the left path and kill the guard there, then kill the guards at the bottom of
    stairs.  You'll get a machine gun from one of them.  Inch up the stairs and
    take off the heads of the two guards waiting.  Turn left and kill the guards,
    then go into the far room.  Kill the guard on the other side of the building,
    then grab the shield and activate the level to open one of the gates.  Now go
    to the other side and activate that level to open the other gate.
          OBJECTIVE COMPLETE:  Escape the trap
    Very shortly, the water level starts rising and the gunboat starts firing at
    Captain Ash.  Go to the bridge and use the crane to drop the gunman sideways.
    Now go down to Ash and he'll say to push on.  Go through the doors out into
    the open.
    Run forward and a truck will speed off the cliff, dumping two soldiers into
    the water with it.  Go to the right where the vehicle sped off the road and
    activate your Gravity Arm.  Throw a gas tank at the soldiers in the house,
    then throw the other if anyone's still alive.  Get all their ammo, then go
    into the room at the back for Grenades and a Vintage Rifle.  Go up the stairs
    to get a health back.  Now you can either get onto the truck's turret or get
    in the driver's seat.  Note that if you drive and get out, Ash will also get
    out, but if you shoot and get out, Ash won't stop.  Run over as many guards as
    possible, then shoot those that survive.  In the tarp to your left are some
    grenades if you need them.
    Once you get to the bridge, it will start to rise from the other side.  Kill
    the man on the turret, then kill the man on the gate in the distance.  Now use
    the Gravity Arm to pull the level down by the turret.  At this point, you can
    continue in the vehicle or go on foot.  If you drive, avoid running over the
    gas tanks or you'll be sorry.  Another guard will show up on the gate, so kill
    him.  Two more guards will show up before you get to a door.  Pick up the TNT
    and throw it onto the door (NOT the door with the little ramp at the far side,
    the close door!).  The TNT will respawn regardless of what happens, so you can
    pick up another before going inside.
          OBJECTIVE COMPLETE:  Infiltrate the castle
    Kill the four guards on the stairs and second floor, then go upstairs.
          NEW OBJECTIVE:  Locate the time crystal mining site
    Once you reach the landing, a guard will show up on the stairs in front of you
    and another will soon follow out of the doorway to the right.  Kill them.
    Captain Ash will go through the doorway the guard came out of, get some wine
    and flares, and say he needs to signal the navy.  Time to split ;)
    Go through the other doorway.  Keep to the left and kill the guard by the
    bars.  Grab the full health pack, then turn around and go up the stairs you
    passed.  Run towards the door.  A cutscene will occur where you find the door
    locked, but your future self will drop you the key.  Go down the stairs into
    the wine cellar.  A drunk guard will be towards your left, and he's entirely
    harmless.  You can listen to him rant if you want, but eventually, melee the
    little fool until he dies.  He'll never react.  Pick up the Flare Gun by him,
    then run towards the cage.  Captain Ash will be at the top of the lift, and
    he'll raise you up and say he needs to rescue someone.
    Go to the door and a guard will be complaining.  Shoot him.  Turn around and
    kill the second guard who asks who you are, then kill the third guard in the
    doorway that should be next to you.  Go through the doorway to a dining room,
    then go to the doorway at the left.  If you turn right and try the door, you'll
    find it's locked, so go to the left.  Keep following the stairs up until you
    reach a bunch of guards.  Kill them all, them enter the door to your right.
    Go to the other side of the bed into the little library.
    You'll hear a soldier talking to an old grouch.  Open the door.
          OBJECTIVE COMPLETE:  Gain entry to the meeting hall
    Kill the three soldiers and go through the door to the left of the fireplace.
    You'll be introduced to wormholes, and Cortez will step through and go back
    in time, dropping the key to Past Cortez.  Go into the room on your left to
    find some ammo and a health pack.  Go forward and up the stairs until you see
    a guard in a room in front of you.  Kill him.  Turn right and go up the stairs
    and kill all the guards here.  Turn left into the first room and you'll find
    K-SMG rockets on the table.  Keep going and turn right into the first room.
    Kill the guards and use the three peepholes.  Go up the stairs and grab the
    Sniper if you need ammo, then go on to see an explosion in the courtyard
    through the window.  Go on and you'll hear Captain Ash talking to someone.
    He'll ask for your assistance to free his assistant.
          NEW OBJECTIVE:  Help Captain Ash rescue his assistant
    Exit this room and go into the room next to it.  Shoot the tank to release a
    bunch of black goop, then throw a grenade at it.  The tank will explode,
    taking part of the wall with it, letting the assistant out.  Ash will thank
    you and you're now on your own.
          OBJECTIVE COMPLETE:  Help Captain Ash rescue his assistant
          NEW OBJECTIVE:  Access the underground areas of the island
    Go down the stairs and grab the shield.  You can play the organ if you want.
    When you're ready, go to the door and open it.
          OBJECTIVE COMPLETE:  Protect Captain Ash
    BOSS:  Tank
    A big tank will burst out of the doors to your right.  You need to fire a
    K-SMG rocket into the back of the tank, which will make the tank stall.  While
    the tank's not moving or firing, throw a TNT onto the back of the tank.  This
    will take out a fourth of the tank's life.  The TNT spawns in the back right
    corner behind a pillar, close to where the tank first burst through.  K-SMG
    grenades can be found towards the back left behind a pillar, and a second
    spawn point for both the TNT and the K-SMG rockets is the room at the far back
    left corner.  When you finish off the tank, the gun turret will go flying off
    and land somewhere.  After a few seconds, it will explode.  Make sure you're
    far away from it!
          OBJECTIVE COMPLETE:  Destroy the enemy tank
    Congratulations, there's no more gunfire to go through!  Go to the circular
    room where the tank came out of.  This room will turn into an elevator and
    will drop into the ground.  
          OBJECTIVE COMPLETE:  Access the underground areas of the island
    Run across the bridge to the door and open it, and you're done!
       |  The Russian Connection - 1969                            |
        |Cortez follows the mysterious Time Traveler from 1924 Scotland to a  |
        |train Depot in Russia in 1969.  Here, it seems that the Time Traveler|
        |is leading a cult and has teamed up with the arch criminal genius,   |
        |Khallos.  A potentially letahl alliance but no match for the combined|
        |talents of Cortex and the super chilled agent Harry Tipper!          |
    While Harry Tipper talks, snipe the guard in the window at the back right,
    then let Harry Tipper deal with the three guards who'll come out of the hut
    you're behind.  Tipper will crack a joke about your measure of stealth.
          NEW OBJECTIVE:  Find the Time Traveler
    Drop down into the river, and Harry Tipper will use a laser to cut a path
    through the bars.
    At this point, Harry Tipper and you will split.  Tipper will disappear down
    the pipes, while you get to go over ground through the guards.  Inch up the
    stairs and snipe the lone guard in the grass.  Move over to where he was and
    turn to the left after going through the opening.  Snipe the guard in front
    of the door.  Move forward a bit and snipe the guard walking slowly towards
    the right of the building.  Now inch along the wall at the left until it turns
    and stop.  Move very slightly to the left so you can snipe the guard by the
    traincar.  Now snipe the guard in the grass to the left, who miraculously
    didn't hear a thing.
    Go back to the right and go forward until you reach the end of the building.
    Snipe the guard walking in front of the buggy, grab his Machine Gun, then
    enter the building at the back.  Go forward until you reach the end of the
    wall, turn right, and snipe the man hunching over the generator.  A woman will
    pop up about an inch in front of you, so headshot her too.  Get the health
    pack and Grenades on the shelves, then turn off the generator.
          OBJECTIVE COMPLETE:  Deactivate electricity
    Now you need to decide whether or not to break your cover.  You can get into
    the buggy if you want, but I strongly recommmend to continue on foot and main-
    tain stealth.  Turn right where the brick wall ends, then move forward until
    see a guard walking towards the left.  Snipe him.  Now turn around the corner
    of the traincar and snipe the guard in the grass by the building.  Go forward
    a bit until you see the female henchmen leader standing on a traincar.  Snipe
    her.  Now there's no one left in this area.  Grab whatever ammo you missed,
    then go through the now-open electric gate.
          OBJECTIVE COMPLETE:  Rendezvous at the Water Tower
    Harry Tipper will rise out of a pipe under the water tower and say that you
    need disguises.  He's going to go to the barracks using the pipes to steal
    uniforms.  Meanwhile, you need to climb up the Water Tower and protect Tipper
    from the henchmen.  Once you reach the top of the tower, grab the Sniper Rifle
    and ammo, then melee the drunk guard once to kill him.  Zoom in with the scope
    on the barracks at the left, and you'll see Tipper run into the building at
    the left.  Henchmen will pour out the building at the right, so headshot them.
    If you're bad with headshots and there's a crowd of henchmen putting holes in
    Tipper's hide, blow up the gas tanks and finish off the rest with bullets.
    All the guards in this section will be dead when Tipper's health meter
    disappears.  He'll run to the pipes and eventually end up in the barracks on
    the far right.  Zoom in with the scope over here, and Tipper will run into the
    building at the far right.  Henchmen will come out on the left, so snipe them.
          OBJECTIVE COMPLETE:  Protect Harry Tipper
    Cortez can't jump and he's afraid of heights, so you can't climb back down
    the ladder.  You'll need to follow the plank down to the caved-in roof, and
    blast your way down the house.  (NOTE:  If you fall off the roof, it's okay.
    Go back through the electric door, past the water tower, and go towards the
    end of the building.  Kill a few guards on the bottom floor, walk out and kill
    the guard that appeared behind you, and the disguise cutscene will occur.)
    If you went into the house, it's a little trickier.  Open the door and a guard
    will come up the stairs at the other side.  Machine gun him.  Go down and a
    guard will be waiting by a door, and another guard will pop out the door.  Get
    them both and go into that room.  You can pick up a shield on the table.  At
    this point, a guard will be coming up the stairs, and he might be in the door-
    way or just off to the left when you approach it, so watch out for the machine
    gun fire.  (NOTE:  If you want to take a short-cut, go down the hallway from
    the door you were in to the door you passed by.  You can drop down a hole there
    to the ground floor, but there will be more guards here than if you went down
    the stairs.)
    Go down the stairs and kill any guards that are on the stairs or in the
    landing.  Go through the open doorway and kill the guard in the window if
    he's there, then go towards the closed door and open it.  Kill the guards here
    and exit.  Now Harry Tipper and Cortez will change into Henchmen outfits.
    (Tipper's in a henchWOman's outfit ;) ).  Go through the gates into the train
    Turn right and eavesdrop on the two women talking.  One of them spills her
    guts and reveals a LOT of information on the Time Traveler.  After a loooong
    time, Tipper will express his glee to you.  He'll point out the blast doors to
    Sector 3, which leads to the train Khallos is on.
          NEW OBJECTIVE:  Gain Access to Sector 3
    And just at that moment, a public announcement says the power to Sector 1 has
    been deactivated.  You need to turn it back on to open the blast doors.
          NEW OBJECTIVE:  Restore Main Power
    Go up the stairs on the right into the Sector 1A door.  Turn right, then right
    again, and you'll see an engineer handling the machinery.  According to the
    prints, you need to activate a motor before activating the power generator.
          NEW OBJECTIVE:  Activate Starter-Motor
    Follow the engineer back into Sector 1, where you'll find a Henchman examining
    gorgeous Tipper, thinking he's a she.  Tipper replies in a high-pitched voice
    that's hilarious, and they'll be done talking about the same time the
    engineer gets to the Sector 2 door and unlocks it.  Follow him all the way to
    the starter-motor, where you'll find a health pack and learn the motor needs
    water to power it.
          NEW OBJECTIVE:  Restore Water Pressure
    Now go back and turn right at the first right.  You should see painted words
    saying Sector 2C and Level 3 pointing to the left.  Go there and open the door
    to see turbines that need water to power them.  Go down the stairs past the
    lockers, then get on the turbines and down the stairs.  Go through the opening
    on the ground floor all the way through to where Anya says there's no water
    flow, where you'll find a wheel on the left wall.  Turn it and guards will
    come to investigate why power was restored.  (That is, if you didn't already
    kill them in the first room with the lockers.)
          OBJECTIVE COMPLETE:  Restore Water Pressure
    Go to the Starter-Motor, where you should see an engineer.  Turn the motor on
    and he'll pull out a pistol!  Kill him and take his Engineer Swipe Card, then
    run back to Sector 1A and activate the lever on the ground floor of the
    generator room.
          OBJECTIVE COMPLETE:  Restore Main Power
    Now your cover is blown.  Once you get back to Sector 1, the henchmen will
    start shooting at you.  Take care of them and get to the blast doors.
       |  The Khallos Express - 1969                               |
        |The Time Traveler has given Cortez the slip - but back at base Anya  |
        |hopes to trace the Brotherhood of Ultra Science into the future and  |
        |find a new lead.  Meanwhile there are pressing issues to attend to!  |
        |That twisted dude Khallos is threatening to start World War 3 by     |
        |firing a nuclear missile from his train.  "Hey spaceman!", Harry     |
        |Tipper needs a hand to save the world and rescue his girl!           |
       |  Mansion of Madness - 1994                                |
        |Anya has traced the Brotherhood of Ultra Science to an isolated      |
        |creepy Connecticut mansion house in 1994.  There's no time to lose - |
        |Anya's research has revealed that the mansino will burn to the ground|
        |on this very night!  Good news is that Cortez has a resourceful new  |
        |chum to help him out, the very capable Jo-Beth Casey, the bad news is|
        |that the mansion is infested by zombies.  Eugh!                      |
       |  What Lies Below - 1994                                   |
        |Cortez and Jo-Beth descend to the catacombs below the mansion.       |
        |There's still no sign of the Time Traveler but the horrors and       |
        |craziness around them are clearly the result of the twisted research |
        |of the Brotherhood of Ultra Science.  Who is behind this madness?    |
       |  Breaking and Entering - 2052                             |
        |At last the Time Traveler has a name - Jacob Crow, a crazed genius   |
        |carrying on his perverted research across two centuries.  Firstly as |
        |the father of the Brotherhood of Ultra Science and then a hundred    |
        |years later as the founder of U-Genix.  Crow might think he's safe   |
        |but Cortez is hot on his tail.  In 2052 the U-Genix Corporation is   |
        |under investigation for illegal research - sounds like a good time to|
        |sneak in and find out what's going on.                               |
       |  You Genius, U-Genix - 2052                               |
        |Deep in the heart of the U-Genix building, Cortez and Amy Chen find  |
        |themselves at the heart of Jacob Crow's secret research lab - but    |
        |where is Crow and what exactly is he researching?                    |
       |  Machine Wars - 2243                                      |
        |Thrown into the mnidst of the Machine Wars, Cortez cunningly enlists |
        |the aid of an R110 combat droid.  Now he must explore the war-torn   |
        |ruins around the Ultra-Net complex.  There must be an entrance to    |
        |Crow's lab nearby...                                                 |
       |  Something to Crow About - 2243                           |
        |Far beneath the war-torn city, Crow's Ultra-Net base houses his war  |
        |machines, battle tanks, robots, and who knows what else?  What       |
        |exactly has he been researching for 200 years? - Genetic             |
        |modification? - Time travel? - Immortality? - Perhaps even all three!|
       |  You Take The High Road - 1942                            |
        |Cortez might have destroyed the TimeSplitter army in 2243 but that   |
        |hasn't stopped Crow!  There's a grotesquely mutated cyborg on the    |
        |loose and he could easily travel to another time and place and start |
        |all over again.  The only way to permanently stop Crow is to prevent |
        |him from mining the crystals in the first place.  Without the Time   |
        |Crystals, Crow could never have built a time device and then, the    |
        |TimeSplitters will never have been created at all.  So, back to 1942 |
        |and under the remote Scottish Island of Urnsay where Cortez and R110 |
        |have a mission - to find and destroy the source of the crystals and  |
        |the time travel device ending Crow's insanity before it begins!      |
       |  The Hooded Man - 2401                                    |
        |It looks like Cortez isn't the only one trying to use time travel to |
        |stop things before they happen!  Crow has sent a crack team of Time  |
        |Assassins from 1924 Kronia to 2401 where their mission is to kill    |
        |Cortez before he can deliver the time crystals to Anya at Spacetime  |
        |Marine HQ.  Cortez must protect his past self from the Time Assasins!|
    What do you know, you're back where you started!  Now you know how you got
    back to Marine HQ with the Time Crystals:  you helped yourself.
    Turn right and inch along until you reach a break in the path towards the left.
    Zoom in with the scope and snipe the Time Assasin waiting at the window there.
    Get out that guy's Scifi Handgun and move on.  Up ahead a Time Assassin will
    appear from aroud the corner at the right.  Kill him.
          NEW OBJECTIVE:  Protect your past self from the time assassins
    Move forward and kill the assassin looking down the cliff.  Now zoom in with
    the Scifi Sniper and kill the one assassin you can see on your side of the
    chasm.  Now kill the other three assassins on the far side.  Once Past Cortez
    and the marines cross the chasm, kill the two assassins who show up by them.
    Now move on.
    Very shortly an assassin will appear from the left and shout at you to reveal
    yourself while shooting.  Kill him and pick up his double Scifi Handguns.  DO 
    NOT TURN LEFT HERE.  If you turn left here, you will attract the attention of
    an assassin farther down the path, as well as a second assassin even farther
    down the path.  If this happens, restart the mission.  You won't be able to
    protect yourself with assassins on your back.
    Once you get to the end of the cliff by going straight, zoom in on the cliff
    on the other side of the path and kill the lone assassin who would snipe at
    you if he wasn't taken care of.  Now zoom in down on the battle and kill the
    assassins who aren't already dead.  NOW go down the left passage.
    Kill the two assassins and pick up the Plasma Autorifle one of them was using.
    Now kill the other two assassins who appear by the box (or shoot the box and
    make it explode).
    Move to the left and kill the drunk assassin at the far back left.  Now go
    onto the bridge and kill the assassin who says you must die on the far side of
    the bridge on the left.  Now man the turret.
    BOSS:  TimeSplitter Mothership
    So much for a "boss."  Aim your turret towards the top-most parts of the
    mothership.  If you aim this way, you can eliminate most of the guidance
    missiles by simply flicking the C-stick a touch.  As the missiles guide in on
    you, they center in towards your aiming reticule.  After getting used to the
    method, you should be able to take down the mothership without getting touched.
          OBJECTIVE COMPLETE:  Destroy the TimeSplitter mothership
    Now run forward and off the bridge, as that fighter that kills the bridge will
    still crash!  You'll meet two assassins very shortly, followed by four more
    that may take cover behind boxes.  Soon you'll approach the spot where Past
    Cortez sniped the boxes to destroy the assassins.  Run forward all you want,
    because the explosion is triggered and won't harm you.  Now look out the
    window where the snipers did.  Wait for your past self and fellow marine to
    encounter the TimeSplitter, then use the Plasma Autorifle to take care of it.
    You should also take care of the second TimeSplitter that pops out just around
    the corner of the cliff.
    Now run forward and keep an eye on the little ramp thing below a hole in the
    ceiling.  A TimeSplitter will drop down it, so put a bunch of holes in it.
    There will be four more splitters, so watch your aiming reticule.  Get to the
    elevator at the end and activate it to slowly go up.
    Grab the Scifi Sniper ammo at the end and look down at the battlefield.  This
    is the hardest (and last) part of this mission.  If you zoom in with the scope
    the aiming reticule won't turn red when it's on a splitter, so you'll have to
    guess where it's heading.  You could also try to use the Plasma Autorifle, but
    it's more likely that you'll hit the marines or yourself.  In any case, once
    you've killed enough splitters, Cortez will run into the base, and now you're
    free to find Crow's Time Machine and destroy it!
       |  Future Perfect - 1924                                    |
        |Safe in the knowledge that he has foiled the Time Assasins, Cortez   |
        |returns to Kronia to find and destroy the source of the time         |
        |crystals.                                                            |
    Note that this mission has no checkpoints, so if you die, you get to start all
    In the beginnning, you can take a stealth approach of bash in and let R110
    apologize to their faces ;) (Eventually your stealth approach will come to a
    close, at which time you can let R110 deal with all the guards and so preserve
    your health.)  Assuming you start the stealth approach, silence your pistol
    and open the circular door.  Kill the guard directly in front of you.  Now
    wait a bit for a guard to walk out from the left on the plank in front of you,
    and kill him.  A guard on the ground floor might start talking about how he
    heard gunshots, so aim for the guard on the ground floor to your left.
    After clearing out the guards, you might want to check out the area around the
    Time Machine.  There will be S-KMG ammo and grenades lying around which
    respawn, as well as a shield (that doesn't respawn).  Grab the shield now if
    you want, but it can come in useful later...
    After clearing out all the guards, circle around the room in the back until
    you hear a guard yell "Intruder!".  Kill him, take his S-KMG, and keep going
    until you reach a staircase leading down.  Grab the health pack on a crate if
    you need it and go down.  There will be several guards down here.  Blow up the
    gas tanks and take care of the survivors.  Continue towards the green glow to
    pick up your first and only Time Crystal in this game!  (At this point, the
    music changes to Splitter Crow Boss music.  Hmm.. I wonder why....)  Go back
    up the staircase and race towards the Time Machine to blow it up with
    unrefined crystal!
    BOSS:  Cyborg Crow
    Let hell loose on this guy's hands, knees, and feet, or whatever it is those
    circles are on, and KEEP MOVING!  Crow likes to fire these machine guns that
    don't overheat or run out of ammo, so staying still is the same suicidal act
    it was when you faced the first cyborg Crow.  Once Crow is immobile, fire
    K-SMG rockets into his back.  Repeat this cycle.  (If you ever need more ammo
    or more grenades, they spawn in two places by the crates.)
    Once Crow gets to half-life, a cutscene will occur where R110 dies.  Cortez
    will ask Anya what to do, and Anya suggests to travel back in time to help
    your past self, despite her warnings about the dangers of time paradoxes.  So,
    you'll travel back in time to your past self and tell him that Crow's here.
    Now you get to start the battle all over again.  Use the same strategy, except
    this time, you get both Past Cortez and R110, and you don't need to protect
    them! ;)
    Once this freak is dead, he'll mumble "Rosebud" and you'll watch a cutscene
    involving the disapearance of everything related to the TimeSplitters wars as
    well as Cortez and Anya just about to kiss.  (Too bad, Corp. Hart!)
    Congratulations, you just finished story mode on Hard!
    |  Arcade League                                                   |
    The Arcade League contains three leagues, each with three categories, each
    with three missions.  By default, the first mission of each category is
    |  Amateur League                                                  |
    |  One Gun Fun   |
    In these missions, there will only be one kind of gun in the entire map.
       |  Rockets 101                                              |
        |Learn all about high explosives and what they do to peoples' faces as|
        |Captain Ash takes to the skies with a merry bunch of like minded     |
        |fools and an arsenal of rocket propelled armaments.  Let's just hope |
        |they had the sense to fill the airship with helium and not hydrogen  |
        |(and people say videogames aren't educatinal, tsk, tsk).             |
        |Play as:                                                  Captain Ash|
        |Time Limit:                                                     3 min|
        |Game Mode:                                                 Deathmatch|
        |Platinum:                                            1st and 20 Kills|
        |Gold:                                                1st and 18 Kills|
        |Silver:                                              1st and 16 Kills|
        |Bronze:                                                           1st|
    Your only weapon is the Rocket Launcher, so get used to it fast.  It fires a
    somewhat slow rocket and takes a long time to reload, so aim predictably.  Use
    the radar well and you should rake up a large number of kills without too much
       |  Big Game Hunt                                            |
        |Things haven't been the same around Oblask since Leonid pulled the   |
        |wrong level and dumped a tank of radioactive coolant into the frozen |
        |lake.  The wildlife has mutated and now locals are enjoying the best |
        |hunting season since aliens landing in Tunguska back in 1908.        |
        |Play as:                                                       Leonid|
        |Time Limit:                                                     3 min|
        |Game Mode:                                            Team Deathmatch|
        |Platinum:                                                    45 Kills|
        |Gold:                                                        35 Kills|
        |Silver:                                                      25 Kills|
        |Bronze:                                              15 Kills and 1st|
    You have three minutes to complete this mission.  There are several ways to do
    it.  Method one would be to stay at your little island, use the Sniper Rifle
    zoomed all the way in, then use the radar to aim at the deer.  (Make sure you
    stock up on Sniper Ammo if you do this!)  Method two would  be to snipe and
    run to the truck, get in the truck, and then drive to the most populated area
    of deer at a nearby island (NOT the wall, since you can't get up there!).
    Then you can run around in circles and run the deer over.  Either way, it
    shouldn't take you too long to complete.
       |  Divine Immolation                                        |
        |Heretics are running amok in the sacred temple.  Let your sacred     |
        |cleansing fire guide them along the path to enlightment and gently   |
        |release their souls to achive spiritual calm.  Breath deeply and     |
        |repeat after me 'Ommmm'.                                             |
        |Play as:                                                   The Master|
        |Time Limit:                                                     4 min|
        |Game Mode:                                                 Deathmatch|
        |Platinum:                                            1st and 21 Kills|
        |Gold:                                                1st and 18 Kills|
        |Silver:                                              1st and 15 Kills|
        |Bronze:                                                           1st|
    You have four minutes to complete this mission.  The Double Flare Guns are
    like rocket-launcher pistols, and they don't exactly fire straight, so learn
    fast.  Use the radar to follow the bots around, and aim predictably since
    flare guns aren't the most accurate weapons.  This shouldn't give you too much
    |  Nightstick   |
       |  Commuting Will Kill You                                  |
        |Cancellations and overcrowding on the morning trains have just driven|
        |the commuters a few stops past the end of the line.  Everyone's gone |
        |off the rails and now it's camage central on the subway.  The        |
        |stationmaster says the last one standing gets a free off-peak travel |
        |pass - go for it!                                                    |
        |Play as:                                                Jack Sprocket|
        |Game Mode:                                                Elimination|
        |Platinum:                                      1st in 1 min 40.0 secs|
        |Gold:                                          1st in 2 min 40.0 secs|
        |Silver:                                        1st in 3 min 40.0 secs|
        |Bronze:                                                           1st|
    Each person has 9 lives.  You need to stay alive and finish off everyone else
    as quick as possible.  I strongly recommend getting the Tactical 12-Guage, and
    make good use of the Grenades and health packs.  Use the radar to find the
    smallest groups, as large groups will steal your kills and can suicide
    themselves without your presence.  This shouldn't give you too much trouble.
       |  Toy Soldiers                                             |
        |Trials of a new combat drug are having some freaky results.  An      |
        |unforeseen side effect is causing anomalous pituitary gland activity |
        |and combatants are tunring into midgets!  Get out into the field and |
        |show them that the top brass doesn't shrink in the face of battle.   |
        |Play as:                                                  The General|
        |Time Limit:                                             3 min 30 secs|
        |Game Mode:                                                     Shrink|
        |Platinum:                                            1st and 36 Kills|
        |Gold:                                                1st and 28 Kills|
        |Silver:                                              1st and 20 Kills|
        |Bronze:                                                           1st|
    I recommend staying in one of the open areas and avoiding the caves, unless
    the radar tells you differently.  I would stay away from the Flare Gun and use
    the double pistols or Machine Gun instead, or mine lots of corridors with
    proximity mines.  If a bot stickies you, run up to them and take them down
    with you.  This shouldn't be too difficult.
       |  Divine Immolation                                        |
        |Heretics are running amok in the sacred temple.  Let your sacred     |
        |cleansing fire guide them along the path to enlightment and gently   |
        |release their souls to achive spiritual calm.  Breath deeply and     |
        |repeat after me 'Ommmm'.                                             |
        |Platinum:                                            1st and 21 Kills|
        |Gold:                                                1st and 18 Kills|
        |Silver:                                              1st and 15 Kills|
        |Bronze:                                                           1st|
    You have four minutes to complete this mission.  The Double Flare Guns a
    Use the radar to follow the bots around, and aim predictably since flare guns
    aren't the most accurate weapons.  This shouldn't give you too much trouble.
    |  Conclusion                                                      |
    |  Version History   |
    Version 1.0 ~ Released March 30, 2005
    - Initial release
    - Story missions 1, 2, 12, and 13 finished, as well as first 6 arcade leagues
    |  Legal   |
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    for personal and private use only.  It may not be hosted on any web site or
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    these terms would be a copyright violation.
    Currently, the following sites are allowed to host this guide:
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    |  Contact   |
    If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, have an error to correct,
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