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    Arcade/Challenge FAQ by RyokoTK

    Version: 1.10 | Updated: 07/10/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                             F U T U R E   P E R F E C T
                            A R C A D E   &   C H A L L E N G E
                                   C O M P L E T I O N   G U I D E
      --By Alex "RyokoTK" Bolton
        RyokoTK [at] Gmail [dot] com
        Version 1.10
    | 1 |-------------= INTRODUCTION =---
    Welcome to the TimeSplitters: Future Perfect: Arcade and Challenge completion
    guide. This guide is here to tell you how to get through all of the Arcade and
    Challenge levels, preferably with a gold or even a platinum award. Since some
    of those can be tough, you can use this guide for some hints and instructions.
    This guide will also tell you what's unlocked by each challenge.
    This guide isn't complete. I don't have all of the platinum award requirements
    (since they aren't listed), and I also don't have the best strategies for
    completing each event. If you have any information, any better strategies, any
    platinum award info, etc. then you can e-mail me.
    For a quick search system, you can either search by the name of the event you
    are looking for [ctrl-F + name of event] or you can scan the table of contents
    to help you find what you need.
    Version 1.10 was submitted 7/09/2005 and includes an incredible number of
    changes and updates.
    Version 1.01 was submitted 4/15/2005 and includes:
    -Better strategies for:
       TSUG: Timesplitters Underground
       Zany Zeppelin
       Astro Jocks
    -Fixed/confirmed platinum requirements for:
       Zany Zeppelin [25 points]
       Rumble in the Jungle platinum [2:45 - holy hell]
       Big Game Hunt [45 points]
       Bag Slag platinum [3:10] and game time [3:30]
    NOTICE ON E-MAILS: For those of you great people that e-mailed me with good
    information, your thanks are at the end of the document. I don't respond to
    the e-mails, I'm sorry, and I'm not very quick at updating it, but I DO read
    | 2 |-------------= TABLE OF CONTENTS =---
     1 ] Introduction
     2 ] Table of Contents
       3.1 ] General Hints and Tips
       3.2 ] Amateur League
         3.2.1 ] Section 1: One Gun Fun
  ] Rockets 101
  ] Big Game Hunt
  ] Divine Immolation
         3.2.2 ] Section 2: Nightstick
  ] Commuting Will Kill You
  ] Toy Soldiers
  ] Dam Cold Out Here!
         3.2.3 ] Section 3: On the Take
  ] Vamping in Venice
  ] Pirate Gold
  ] Virtual Brutality
         3.2.4 ] Amateur League Unlockables
       3.3 ] Honorary League
         3.3.1 ] Section 4: Dead Weight
   ] A Pox of Mox
   ] Rumble in the Jungle
   ] Freak Unique
         3.3.2 ] Section 5: Fever Pitch
   ] Outbreak Hotel
   ] Missile Bunker
   ] Bag Slag
         3.3.3 ] Section 6: Mode Madness
   ] I Like Dead People
   ] Zany Zeppelin
   ] Lip Up Fatty
         3.3.4 ] Honorary League Unlockables
       3.4 ] Elite League
         3.4.1 ] Section 7: Smash n' Grab
  ] Screw Loose
  ] Oh Shaol-o-Mio
  ] Astro Jocks
         3.4.2 ] Section 8: Group Therapy
  ] Zone Control
  ] Front Loaded
  ] Old Baggers
         3.4.3 ] Section 9: Retro Chique
  ] The Dead, the Bad and the Silly
  ] Ninja Garden
  ] Sock it to Them
         3.4.4 ] Elite League Unlockables
       4.1 ] General Hints and Tips
       4.2 ] Section 1: Behead the Undead
         4.2.0 ] Section 1 Summary
         4.2.1 ] Brain Drain
         4.2.2 ] Rare or Well Done?
         4.2.3 ] Boxing Clever
       4.3 ] Section 2: Cut-Out Shoot-Out
         4.3.0 ] Section 2 Summary
         4.3.1 ] Hart Attack
         4.3.2 ] Come Hell or High Water
         4.3.3 ] Balls of Steel
       4.4 ] Section 3: Cat Driving
         4.4.0 ] Section 3 Summary
         4.4.1 ] The Cat's Out of the Bag!
         4.4.2 ] Lap It Up
         4.4.3 ] The Cat's Pajamas
       4.5 ] Section 4: Super Smashing Great
         4.5.0 ] Section 4 Summary
         4.5.1 ] Avec Le Brique
         4.5.2 ] Absolutely Potty
         4.5.3 ] Don't Lose your Bottle
       4.6 ] Section 5: TimeSplitters "Story" Classic
         4.6.0 ] Section 5 Summary
         4.6.1 ] Queen of Harts
         4.6.2 ] Sammy Hammy Namby Pamby
         4.6.3 ] Glimpse of Stocking
       4.7 ] Section 6: Monkeying Around
         4.7.0 ] Section 6 Summary
         4.7.1 ] Electro Chimp Discomatic
         4.7.2 ] Melon Heist
         4.7.3 ] Brass Monkeys
       4.8 ] Section 7: Miscellaneous Challenges
         4.8.0 ] Section 7 Summary
         4.8.1 ] Cortez Can't Jump!
         4.8.2 ] TSUG: TimeSplitters Underground
         4.8.3 ] Plainly Off His Rocker
       4.9 ] Challenge Completion Unlockables
     5 ] Unlockables List
     6 ] Legal Stuff
     7 ] Conclusion
    | 3 |-------------= ARCADE SECTION =---
    ===X 3.1 X=== General Hints and Tips
    The Arcade League is divided up into three difficulties: Amateur, Honorary,
    and Elite. Each one is more difficult than the last, and you must fully
    complete one league to move on to the next. Each league is divided into three
    sub-categories, which is the type of event, and each sub-category has three
    actual events. The Arcade League events are based on the Arcade (multiplayer)
    system, so it's all variants of what you can find in the Arcade Custom modes.
    Nothing too strange here. There are 27 events in all.
    For some more precise tips, here's what helps:
    1. Know the map! All of these maps can be found in the Arcade Custom, already
    unlocked for you, and knowing how each map works will greatly improve your
    chances of victory.
    2. Know the gametype! Make sure you actually know what Virus is, so you know
    how to win it, for example.
    3. Know the weapons! Know where they are, know what they do, and know which
    ones are best for your situation. The Dispersion Gun, for instance, isn't that
    good of a weapon, so don't try to go crazy with it if there are better ones
    lying around. Knowledge is power!
    4. Use the radar! This one goes without saying. Know where people and things
    are so you can swoop in on them quickly and efficiently.
    5. Don't rely on bots! On some levels, you'll have bot teammates. Don't rely
    on them to carry any of your weight, at all, because they won't usually do it.
    On Capture The Bag levels, for instance, you will be primarily responsible for
    scoring points, AND hunting the enemy bag-carrier down.
    6. Grenades, grenades, grenades! These little balls of love (ew) will be your
    best friend. Grenades are the best weapons for dishing out splash damage due
    to their large splash range, and heavy damage. Plus, a short fuse on the frag
    grenades means easy crowd-thinning. Alternatively, sticking someone with a
    plasma grenade is an instant kill. Keep this in mind!
    With that in mind, let's get to the game!
    [ index no. ] -X- [ level name ]
    Difficulty to Complete/With a Gold/With a Platinum: These are out of 5. 5/5
    is the hardest to complete, 1/5 is the easiest. With a Gold/Platinum means
    not only completing it, but getting a gold/platinum award.
    Requirements: [how to win]   Game Info: [info on the level]
    P - Platinum requirement     Gametype  - Deathmatch, Virus, etc.
    G - Gold requirement         Level     - What arcade level it is
    S - Silver requirement       Character - The character you use for the match
    B - Bronze requirement       Unlocks   - What you get for beating it
    [The level description, hints and tips go down here.]
    X [ 3.2 ]            A M A T E U R   L E A G U E                           X
    ===X [ 3.2.1 ] X=== SECTION 1: ONE GUN FUN
    [ ] -X- [ Rockets 101 ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 2/5 - With a Gold: 4/5 - With a Platinum: 4/5
    Requirements:           Game Info:
    P - 1st with 20 Kills   Gametype  - Deathmatch [Time - 3:00]
    G - 1st with 18 Kills   Level     - Zeppelin
    S - 1st with 16 Kills   Character - Captain Ash
    B - 1st                 Unlocks   - Slow Motion Deaths [cheat]
    I'm not gonna lie to you, this one is pretty hard - even harder for a gold -
    and it's on a crappy level with crappy guns, to boot. All you have is the
    Rocket Launcher, and let me tell you, they really killed it from Timesplitters
    2. The rockets travel slowly, and have a small blast radius, so you need to
    really aim your shots well to score a point. Aim RIGHT at the enemy's feet or
    else you won't kill them, you'll just hurt them.
    That being said, there's no real easy way to do this level. Make sure you
    begin the game in one of the big rooms, preferably with a large number of
    people in it. Zeppelin is LARGE, so you won't want to go running after people
    unless you really have to. With that in mind, stay in the room you start in
    and pick off people as they spawn until nobody's left, then move to another
    one. You have to be quick! The bots do surprisingly well on this level, and
    the time limit is fierce, so be fast. Use the radar to point yourself in the
    direction of enemies. The center room of the Zeppelin is best - it has the
    largest number of spawn points, a Max Damage powerup (allowing you to be more
    forgiving with your aim), and is also the center of traffic. Stay away from
    the corridors and the rooftop at all costs.
    [ ] -X- [ Big Game Hunt ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 1/5 - With a Gold: 1/5 - With a Platinum: 3/5
    Requirements:           Game Info:
    P - 1st with 48 Kills   Gametype  - Team Deathmatch [Time - 3:00]
    G - 1st with 35 Kills   Level     - Siberia
    S - 1st with 25 Kills   Character - Leonid
    B - 1st with 15 Kills   Unlocks   - Vlad the Installer
    This one is a breeze. It's you against all - something like 6 Deerhaunters,
    and it's all about Sniper Rifles. Go for those headshots - not like it'll be
    hard with those massive craniums the Deerhaunters boast. Just empty your clip
    fast, and reload. You'll spawn in a faraway bunker - find a hill (or even
    better, a bunker), and just fire away from there. Keep your eye on the dam,
    because sometimes enemies will appear up there, too. Move towards some closer
    bunker-ettes, so you have a clearer shot of the swarm of Deerhaunters.
    packersixers92 writes:
    "I know this level is already simple, but there is a better get a easy
    platinum. Just go right to where the deerhaunters spawn and just blast them
    one after another. They spawn amost directly across from where you spawn.
    Stand right behind the spot where they spawn and you should have no problems."
    onizem writes:
    "On the 2nd arcade level there's a far easier way than using the sniper rifles
    on the deerhaunters. It's labelled as a team deathmatch, originally I thought
    this was a mistake but no there is a red blip there. Guess what it's a
    vehicle, welcome to carmageddon Timesplitters style. You're practically
    invincible due to the slow fire of the sniper rifles. Just mow down the deer!"
    [ ] -X- [ Divine Immolation ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 1/5 - With a Gold: 1/5 - With a Platinum: 1/5
    Requirements:           Game Info:
    P - 1st with 21 Kills*  Gametype  - Deathmatch [Time - 4:00]
    G - 1st with 18 Kills   Level     - Temple
    S - 1st with 15 Kills   Character - The Master
    B - 1st                 Unlocks   - The Master
    *need a confirmation - personal best is 28
    Another easy level here, even for a platinum. The Flare Guns, unlike the
    Rocket Launcher, make for excellent weapons. Just be warned: their aim is...
    questionable. Don't fire on someone from far away, you'll probably miss due to
    the crazy traveling nature of the projectile. Temple is also a much more
    flowing level. Don't worry about sticking to a certain area, just go hunting
    towards any areas with multiple targets. Use the radar!
    ==X [ 3.2.2 ] X== SECTION 2: NIGHTSTICK
    [ ] -X- [ Commuting Will Kill You ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 1/5 - With a Gold: 1/5 - With a Platinum: 4/5
    Requirements:     Game Info:
    P - 1st in 2:20   Gametype  - Elimination [9 lives]
    G - 1st in 2:40   Level     - Subway
    S - 1st in 3:40   Character - Jack Sprocket
    B - 1st           Unlocks   - Leonid, Fat Characters [cheat]
    This one is easy to win, and even grab a gold on, but that platinum time is
    pretty tough. First of all, you need a shotgun. Let me repeat that, with extra
    emphasis: YOU NEED A SHOTGUN. The Tactical 12-Gauge will kill every single one
    of these suckers in one shot, provided they take a full blast, so grab one,
    and keep that baby filled. Then just go hunting. Subway loops around a lot, so
    you can't get lost very easily, and you won't stray far from the action very
    much. Just go hunting, and make sure you leave nobody alive in your wake...
    except for yourself. This is Elimination, so remember, kills don't count, but
    lives do. I don't have a platinum strategy, you'll just need to get lucky.
    [ ] -X- [ Toy Soldiers ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 1/5 - With a Gold: 3/5 - With a Platinum: 3/5
    Requirements:           Game Info:
    P - 1st with 30 Kills   Gametype  - Shrink [Time - 3:00]
    G - 1st with 28 Kills   Level     - Vietnam
    S - 1st with 20 Kills   Character - The General
    B - 1st                 Unlocks   - Nobby Peters
    Getting a good medal on this level can be tricky, due to the expansive size of
    Vietnam and the nature of the gametype: Shrink. Remember: look down! Losers
    will be tiny, but you'll probably be normal-sized because you're winning. Now,
    you need to remain in the central area (the one with the two machine-gun
    turrets and the water), and you need to grab that Flare Gun with urgency, for
    it's the fastest killer, by far. And some Proximity Mines in the corridors
    would be a good idea, too, but it's not vital. Other than that, just get to
    work. Don't rely on the Machine Gun or Shotgun too much, and don't go
    wandering around. Also, don't even think about getting in the gun turrets,
    they're totally worthless.
    [ ] -X- [ Dam Cold Out Here! ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 2/5 - With a Gold: 2/5 - With a Platinum: 2/5
    Requirements:           Game Info:
    P - 37 points in 2:45   Gametype  - Zones [37 points]
    G - 37 points in 3:00   Level     - Siberia
    S - 37 points in 3:15   Character - Crispin
    B - 37 points           Unlocks   - Snowman
    The thing about this one is, if you're going to beat it at all, you're almost
    certainly going to nab a platinum. First thing's first: make sure you start
    near one of the zones. Secondly, migrate towards the Zeep and use that to get 
    to the zones you need. Just run over the Snowmen, get out of the Zeep, toggle
    the Zone, then get back in, repeat until you have your points. Alternatively,
    you can just find one of the sniper rifles, and pick off the Snowmen from the
    dam, and let your buddies flag all the Zones. Either way, it should be an easy
    ==X [ 3.2.3 ] X== SECTION 3: ON THE TAKE 
    [ ] -X- [ Vamping in Venice ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 1/5 - With a Gold: 2/5 - With a Platinum: 5/5
    Requirements:     Game Info:
    P - 1st in 2:00   Gametype  - Vampire [10 lives]
    G - 1st in 2:30   Level     - Venice
    S - 1st in 3:00   Character - Jacque de la Morte
    B - 1st           Unlocks   - Jacque de la Morte
    This one is pretty easy to beat, but the platinum requirement is incredibly
    hard to meet. Vampire is like Elimination, but you also have to kill quickly
    or else you will run out of energy and lose a life. With that being said, this
    is not a problem on this level. The only weapons are Harpoon Guns, and it's a
    one hit kill in this particular event - for them AND for you. Aim quick and
    fire quick, or else you'll be skewered very fast. Venice is small, and easy to
    maneuver in, so keep moving and always be alert. In close quarters, a melee
    attack will probably do better than a harpoon shot. Where you hit matters not
    because it'll always be a kill.
    [ ] -X- [ Pirate Gold ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 1/5 - With a Gold: 2/5 - With a Platinum: 4/5
    Requirements:           Game Info:
    P - 12 points in 1:40   Gametype  - Thief [12 points]
    G - 12 points in 2:30   Level     - Temple
    S - 12 points in 3:00   Character - Captain Ed Shivers
    B - 12 points           Unlocks   - Captain Ed Shivers
    Remember Divine Immolation? Same thing here. No, really, it's basically the
    same thing, only it's Thief instead of Deathmatch, so you need to grab the
    coin they drop to get a point. With that being said, you need to be close to
    the enemy to safely get the coin. Sometimes the bots will shoot someone from
    far away, giving you a perfect opportunity to steal their coin. Stick with
    the Flare Guns, they're better than anything else you'll find.
    [ ] -X- [ Virtual Brutality ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 1/5 - With a Gold: 1/5 - With a Platinum: 2/5
    Requirements:           Game Info:
    P - Complete in 02:30   Gametype  - Assault [Time - 11:00]
    G - Complete in 04:00   Level     - VR Assault
    S - Complete in 06:00   Character - INSETICK SD/12
    B - Complete in 11:00   Unlocks   - PROMETHEUS SK/8
    Every Arcade League ends in an Assault level. Assaults are objective-based, so
    you'll need to complete an objective in order to move on to the next one. To
    win, complete all the objectives. To get the best time, ignore as many enemies
    as possible, but make sure you kill the gun turrets, or they WILL kill you.
    Follow the compass at the bottom of the screen; it points you to your goal.
    OBJECTIVE 1: Open the Compound Door
    This involves you running up to that giant red square and holding the action
    button. Make sure the target reticle stays on the square until the meter has
    filled - HOLD the action button. If you die in this objective, restart.
    OBJECTIVE 2: Download Security Codes
    Two more buttons, at the ends of the two hallways branching off from the main
    door. Grab a Sci-Fi Sniper. If you die more than once here, restart.
    OBJECTIVE 3: Upload Virus
    From the door that opened (in the middle of the hallway connecting the last
    two buttons), you should see a gun turret. Snipe it (it takes 1 shot). There
    will be another one near the exit of this new, red room - kill that too. Upon
    entering the huge room past the turrets, turn around and look up at your
    objective. There are two more turrets up there, flanking that switch, so snipe
    them and then toggle the switch. You should not die during this objective.
    OBJECTIVE 4: Destroy Main Generator
    Go through the door near the last button, and follow the hallway. Be sure to
    grab a Plasma Autorifle. Eventually you should see a red pillar-type thing.
    Shoot it with the Autorifle. You should not die during this objective either.
    OBJECTIVE 5: Destroy Inner Core
    Opposite the main generator is the door you need to pass through. From there,
    head right, and then go across to the ramp and up. There will be a giant
    monkey head. Grab some Plasma Grenades and throw them into the mouth of the
    monkey - ONLY Plasma Grenades will work. This will destroy the core and grant
    you victory. You should not die during this objective.
    Unlockables: All Bronze or Higher - Fergal Stack
                 All Silver or Higher - Gideon Gout
                   All Gold or Higher - Dr. Peabody
    X [ 3.3 ]            H O N O R A R Y   L E A G U E                           X
    ==X [ 3.3.1 ] X== SECTION 4: DEAD WEIGHT
    [ ] -X- [ A Pox of Mox ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 1/5 - With a Gold: 1/5 - With a Platinum: 1/5
    Requirements:           Game Info:
    P - 36 points in 2:30   Gametype  - Zones [36 points]
    G - 36 points in 3:00   Level     - Spaceport
    S - 36 points in 3:30   Character - Gretel
    B - 36 points           Unlocks   - Koozer Mox, Small Heads [cheat]
    Okay, the bad news: it's Zones, it's 1 vs 5, and it's on Spaceport, which is a
    damned maze. Now for the good news: it's so ridiculously easy to get a
    platinum, and here's how. You should start in a reddish room with one Zone in
    it - make sure you start on top of a Plasma Autorifle, otherwise restart.
    Anyway, nab the first Zone and then run down the hallway directly beyond it.
    You should see another Zone, and a ramp. Go up the ramp into the main docking
    bay. There's a third Zone in the corner. By now you should have met up with
    the opposing team. Mow EVERY SINGLE ONE down with your Plasma Autorifle (no
    worries, they have almost no health). If you miss one, restart. Anyway, toggle
    the Zone and then head through the door that the Koozer Mox came through.
    Follow the hallway to the fourth Zone, toggle it, and then just hang there.
    There should be 45 seconds on the clock when you toggle it and you should have
    8 or 9 points. Now just mow down the Mox as they come by, and you'll have your
    platinum without any trouble at all. Don't ever leave this area, and don't
    miss any Mox, and don't go for the fifth Zone.
    [ ] -X- [ Rumble in the Jungle ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 2/5 - With a Gold: 5/5 - With a Platinum: 5/5
    Requirements:     Game Info:
    P - 1st in 2:45   Gametype  - Elimination [9 lives]
    G - 1st in 3:30   Level     - Vietnam
    S - 1st in 4:00   Character - Leo Krupps
    B - 1st           Unlocks   - Leo Krupps
    I'm not going to lie: this is probably the hardest gold/platinum in the game -
    or at least in Arcade - to get. It takes a huge heap of luck in order to win.
    Now, here's what you'll want to do. First, your starting weapon is a stack of
    Proximity Mines. Keep in mind that sticking an enemy with a mine will always
    kill them. Start in one of the NON-CENTRAL regions, but one that has a couple
    people nearby. Kill them, then head toward the central area (with the gun
    turrets and the river in the middle). Dump ALL of your mines in the hallways
    and the surrounding areas in order to pick up extra kills, and head towards
    the Dual Flare Guns and a suit of armor. Now chill in the middle, blasting
    everyone with the Flares (there should be one on each side of the river). Stay
    out of the gun turrets and don't use anything but the 2x Flares. Staying alive
    in this area is key, because if you respawn in one of the outer regions more
    than, say, once, you're boned - it takes far too long to get back to the
    middle. Only use the Heatseeker on enemies that are very far away, and don't
    use any other weapons. Other than that, you'll just need to be lucky near the
    end so that people don't keep spawning on the outskirts of the level.
    [ ] -X- [ Freak Unique ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 1/5 - With a Gold: 2/5 - With a Platinum: 3/5
    Requirements:          Game Info:
    P - 30 Kills in 2:40   Gametype  - Team Deathmatch [30 kills]
    G - 30 Kills in 3:00   Level     - Subway
    S - 30 Kills in 3:45   Character - Hans
    B - 30 Kills           Unlocks   - Hans
    This one isn't as hard as it seems. Like on the last Subway level, the
    Tactical 12-Gauge is going to be your savior, and the Grenades won't hurt
    either. This is 1 vs 3 vs 3 (2 other teams!), so be on your toes. Now, your
    spawn points are actually sandwiched between the spawns of the other two
    teams, which is convenient for you, because you're always in an area of high
    traffic. Now, I have found that grabbing the Tac-12 ASAP (and maybe Grenades)
    and then bouncing between the Green and Red spawn points is the best idea. Use
    your radar! Kill off all 3 members of one team, then head to the other team,
    etc. etc. There's a pair of Tac-12s very near your spawns, so you should never
    be having trouble.
    ==X [ 3.3.2 ] X== SECTION 5: FEVER PITCH
    [ ] -X- [ Outbreak Hotel ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 1/5 - With a Gold: 1/5 - With a Platinum: 1/5
    Requirements:          Game Info:
    P - Survive for 3:00   Gametype  - Virus [Time - 3:00]
    G - Survive for 2:30   Level     - Hotel
    S - Survive for 1:30   Character - Envirosuit
    B - Survive for 1:00   Unlocks   - Big Heads [cheat]
    The first of two very, very easy Virus levels. I beat this level packing only
    the Shotgun and some Proximity Mines. Find the mines, and then look for any
    corridor where enemies don't spawn and is not heavily trafficked - having some
    more ammo in reach helps a lot - and just mine both ends of the hallway. Keep
    your shotgun out to pick off whoever's left. Easy win.
    [ ] -X- [ Missile Bunker ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 1/5 - With a Gold: 1/5 - With a Platinum: 1/5
    Requirements:          Game Info:
    P - Survive for 3:00   Gametype  - Virus [Time - 3:00]
    G - Survive for 2:30   Level     - Bunker
    S - Survive for 1:30   Character - Nurse Tourniquet
    B - Survive for 1:00   Unlocks   - Nurse Sputum
    It's as easy as the last one. On the second floor, in the central area of the
    level, there should be a room with a Minigun and a pit in the middle, with one
    entrance. Just chill in there with the Minigun, blasting everything that comes
    your way. Should emergency strike, bail out via the pit in the middle. Try
    spawning near it, if you're lucky (I was). Alternatively, chill in one of the
    hallways at the ends of the level - they're cylindrical, and also have
    Miniguns in them.
    medeepblue clarifies the Minigun idea:
    "You hint at the cylindrical tubes, but you don't tell the reader to exploit
    this. At the end of one tube is a minigun, if I recall correctly behind some
    crates. If you stand on the minigun, keep it spinning (or don't, it doesn't
    matter a whole lot, it just kills faster), keep your crosshair at the hall
    before you, and fire whenever a virus appears (or at any enemy). Nobody can
    come to you, and you don't have to do anything hard for it at all."
    [ ] -X- [ Bag Slag ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 1/5 - With a Gold: 1/5 - With a Platinum: 1/5
    Requirements:               Game Info:
    P - Hold the bag for 3:10   Gametype  - Bag Tag [Time - 3:30]
    G - Hold the bag for 3:00   Level     - Disco
    S - Hold the bag for 2:30   Character - Anya
    B - Hold the bag for 1:30   Unlocks   - Venus
    Disco is probably the most newbie-friendly Arcade level, simply because it has
    an abundance of health. Nab the Bag and then just start running. You don't
    need to worry about the enemies - in the event that they hit with those
    machine guns, you can simply find a health kit/armor suit. Do a circuit of the
    outer area of the level and you'll be fine.
    ==X [ 3.3.3 ] X== SECTION 6: MODE MADNESS
    [ ] -X- [ I Like Dead People ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 1/5 - With a Gold: 2/5 - With a Platinum: 2/5
    Requirements:           Game Info:
    P - 1st with 38 Kills*  Gametype  - Shrink [Time - 4:00]
    G - 1st with 32 Kills   Level     - Hotel
    S - 1st with 25 Kills   Character - Edwina
    B - 1st                 Unlocks   - Deadwina
    *need a confirmation - personal best is 38
    Not terribly difficult, this one. Head towards the central area of the level
    as soon as you can, and you'll rake in the kills. The Machine Gun should be
    adequate for this one. Don't be tempted to use the Flare Gun, it's not fast
    enough. The Tactical 12-Gauge and 2x Machine Guns will be a blessing to you if
    you find them, but I don't think they can be found in the main area. Just stay
    in there, enemies will come to you.
    [ ] -X- [ Zany Zeppelin ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 3/5 - With a Gold: 4/5 - With a Platinum: 4/5
    Requirements:           Game Info:
    P - 1st with 25 Kills   Gametype  - Gladiator [Time - 4:00]
    G - 1st with 20 Kills   Level     - Zeppelin
    S - 1st with 12 Kills   Character - Khallos
    B - 1st                 Unlocks   - Booty Guard
    This is an irritating level, made more irritating by the lack of good weapons.
    Like, at all. I know there are grenades and a K-SMG on this level, but I have
    no idea where they are - if you do, GET THEM. Also, make sure you spawn VERY
    near the Gladiator. Cap him quickly, and then haul ass to the center main room
    of the ship [v1.00 suggested going to the roof, but that sucked]. On the
    bottom of this room, near the doors leading into the bowels of the ship, are
    a K-SMG on one end (VERY IMPORTANT) and a health kit (pretty important), and
    at the very top of this room on a crossbeam is a Max Damage. The K-SMG, in
    conjunction with the Max Damage, will get you at least 6 or 7 kills without
    Holy Rabbit writes, (paraphrased), that once you become Gladiator, run to the
    lowest part of the ship, and grab the grenades. Watch the radar, and just as
    a huge crowd heads to where you're at, chuck a grenade and you should score
    big. Repeat until you win.
    [ ] -X- [ Lip Up Fatty ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 1/5 - With a Gold: 2/5 - With a Platinum: 2/5
    Requirements:           Game Info:
    P - Complete in 04:00   Gametype  - Assault [Time - 10:00]
    G - Complete in 05:30   Level     - Mars Prison Assault
    S - Complete in 07:00   Character - Mordecai Jones
    B - Complete in 10:00   Unlocks   - Dozer
    Slightly tougher than the previous Assault, but the same general rules apply:
    move quickly, largely ignore the enemy. The only difference here is that you
    can safely ignore all of the gun turrets.
    OBJECTIVE 1: Breach the Prison Wall
    In front of the big door on the wall are some Timed Mines. Grab it, and then
    turn left. You should see a huge crate. Toss all your mines at it, and watch
    it explode. If you die, restart (unless you die due to the explosion).
    OBJECTIVE 2: Download Security Codes
    Along the second wall you should see two indentations. On the left side are
    the terminals. Simply hold the action button until you succeed. You shouldn't
    die more than, say, twice here, although it can be tough because there are
    lots of explosions and heavy guns.
    OBJECTIVE 3: Secure the Barracks
    Simply follow the compass through all the slow-opening doors. You should be
    able to grab an armor along the way. After the third door opens
    (automatically), you will complete the objective. You shouldn't die here,
    unless you are seriously injured from the last objective.
    OBJECTIVE 4: Deactivate Prison Lockdown
    Again, follow the compass. Now you'll be moving along the wall of the prison.
    If you fall, kill yourself and start again, it's faster. Find the switch
    (you might have to look a bit, it's small), activate it, boom. Again, you
    shouldn't die here.
    OBJECTIVE 5: Assassinate the Prisoner
    Head back out along the wall, and follow the compass. You'll be running
    through a veritable gauntlet of hallways and rooms with autoguns in them. You
    can ignore them. Search for the fat guy statue, shoot him with your favorite
    weapon, and you'll be done. You shouldn't die in this objective.
    Unlockables: All Bronze or Higher - Neophyte Constance
                 All Silver or Higher - Warrant Officer
                   All Gold or Higher - Changeling
    X [ 3.4 ]                  E L I T E   L E A G U E                           X
    ==X [ 3.4.1 ] X== SECTION 7: Smash n' Grab
    [ ] -X- [ Screw Loose ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 5/5 - With a Gold: 5/5 - With a Platinum: 5/5
    Requirements:           Game Info:
    P - 25 points in 3:00   Gametype  - Team Thief [25 points]
    G - 25 points in 3:30   Level     - Mars Prison
    S - 25 points in 4:00   Character - Prison Officer
    B - 25 points           Unlocks   - Prison Officer, Candi Skyler
    This one is hard - flat-out tough. Team Thief is the cheapest idea I can think
    of. It's you against about five monkeys - they're all faster and smaller than
    you. Whenever you kill one, all the others in the area will swoop to grab the
    coin, meaning that if a group of monkeys is coming at you, you have to kill
    ALL of them. Your best weapons for this are the Plasma Autorifle and Rocket
    Launcher. I have found two areas of great success for this level, where you
    can cluster all of the monkeys in one area and purge them all without getting
    ambushed, and ammo/health is in close reach. The first area is along the front
    wall (the wall you breached in the previous Assault). There is a rocket
    launcher along the top of this wall (on the upper ledge, head through the
    door and you'll find a rocket launcher). On the bottom of this wall there is
    a door with a suit of hi-armor next to it. Grab the armor, grab the rockets,
    and go through the door. The enemies will come in droves, but in such close
    proximity you should be able to nail them all. The other good location is on
    the far side of the map. On the second floor there should be a T-intersection
    of corridors with a door. Through the door is a rocket launcher and a health
    kit, and in one of the corridors is a plasma autorifle. Chill in this area and
    you should be able to herd the monkeys without much trouble. This is still
    very hard and will take several re-tries, but this is probably the best way
    to do it.
    [ ] -X- [ O Shaol-o-Mio ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 1/5 - With a Gold: 2/5 - With a Platinum: 3/5
    Requirements:          Game Info:
    P - 40 Kills in 1:45   Gametype  - Team Deathmatch [40 Kills]
    G - 40 Kills in 2:00   Level     - Venice
    S - 40 Kills in 2:20   Character - Deep Diver
    B - 40 Kills           Unlocks   - Deep Diver
    From one of the hardest events to one of the easiest, this one is a piece of
    cake to beat. That Platinum time is rough, but definitely doable. First off,
    it's you vs eight Shoals, but they have basically no health and the worst aim
    in the galaxy. What I have done is taken the Machine Gun and the Grenades, and
    simply charged towards their spawning areas. I'd die a lot, but pick up at
    least 5 or 6 kills every time. If you can find a Soviet Rifle, you'll be in
    great shape, because it'll take, maybe, two shots to kill one of them with it.
    Just go berserk with your guns and grenades and you should be able to nab at
    least a Gold.
    [ ] -X- [ Astro Jocks ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 1/5 - With a Gold: 4/5 - With a Platinum: 5/5
    Requirements:     Game Info:
    P - 1st in 2:00   Gametype  - Elimination [7 Lives]
    G - 1st in 2:15   Level     - Spaceport
    S - 1st in 2:30   Character - Candi Skyler
    B - 1st           Unlocks   - Nothing
    Another amazingly hard platinum, this is one I haven't yet achieved despite my
    greatest efforts. I'm sure this one boils down to luck, really, in how the
    enemies spawn and where you spawn if you die. First of all, the Dispersion Gun
    is a total piece of crap, but there's nothing better on this level save the
    Plasma Grenades. Second of all, Cortez, the General, and Security have a TON
    of health. Whenever you see them, stick a Plasma Grenade on their face. Third,
    the radar is useless on this level because it overlaps so much. So, unlike the
    other Elimination stages, you'll be camping on this one as much as you can.
    There's two key areas to spawn in: one is a tiny gray room with Plasma Nades
    and a health kit. It has some windows and is very near the main docking area.
    The other key area is also near the docking area: it's a large brown room with
    a ramp, some Plasma Nades, and has about 40 jillion spawn points. Both of
    these are good camping areas. Just camp until there's maybe three players
    remaining, and hunt as best as you can. Very hard platinum to get, but keep
    bryancallow1234 writes:
    "Second as way to beat Astro Jocks is to get in the room on the red side i
    guess, but the room, with the machinery in the middle(red lights, its a intial
    spawn point, you can't die otherwise you can't win), if you need a better
    discription of the room email me back, its really not that hard to get at
    least a gold by doing this method.  and there is plasma nades just outside of
    the room and its a favorite spawn point for the computer, so basically you
    shoot them and stick them, and then when you're down to two or so, you have to
    go and hunt and pray that they spawn by you for platinum."
    ==X [ 3.4.2 ] X== SECTION 8: GROUP THERAPY
    [ ] -X- [ Zone Control ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 2/5 - With a Gold: 3/5 - With a Platinum: 4/5
    Requirements:           Game Info:
    P - 35 points in 2:30   Gametype  - Zones [35 points]
    G - 35 points in 3:00   Level     - VR
    S - 35 points in 3:15   Character - GOLIATH SD/9
    B - 35 points           Unlocks   - Neophyte Lucian, Cascade [cheat]
    This is the last Zones match, and it's the toughest of the three, mainly due
    to the fact that the bots are, well, stupid. The zones in VR are like this:
    there's one in each main base, one on the lower central area, and two in the
    upper central area (one in the middle, one on the sniper ledge). When you
    spawn, grab the Plasma Autorifle between the two ramps, then go up, toggle the
    central Zone, then barrel down to the enemy's spawn points, and kill everyone.
    Take their Zone and just camp it. The moronic enemy AI will point all their
    attention at you and your Zone - blow them to pieces while your team picks up
    the other Zones. If you die, act quickly to take the Zones back. There's
    really nothing else to do here, and it takes a bit of luck, so I wish you the
    [ ] -X- [ Front Loaded ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 1/5 - With a Gold: 3/5 - With a Platinum: 3/5
    Requirements:          Game Info:
    P - 10 Kills in 1:50   Gametype  - Deathmatch [10 Kills]
    G - 10 Kills in 2:10   Level     - Disco
    S - 10 Kills in 2:50   Character - Kitten Celeste
    B - 10 Kills           Unlocks   - Stumpy
    This one is fun, and fast paced. It's a one-on-one battle with dual Machine
    Guns being the only weapon. Now, Disco is somewhat large, meaning that if you
    have bad luck with spawning, you'll have a lot of trouble getting a platinum.
    However, the abundance of health on this level means you really shouldn't die.
    Just go hunting - always move straight to the target, blast her to pieces,
    maybe grab some health, and repeat. The only problem is a very strict time
    limit for that platinum.
    [ ] -X- [ Old Baggers ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 2/5 - With a Gold: 4/5 - With a Platinum: 5/5
    Requirements:  Game Info:
    P - 5 points   Gametype  - Capture the Bag [Time - 3:30]
    G - 4 points   Level     - Bunker 
    S - 3 points   Character - Braces
    B - 2 points   Unlocks   - Braces
    This is another rough team-based arcade level with a very difficult platinum
    requirement. Capture the Bag is hard because you have to rely on your team
    members in order to defend the bag while you score points, and of course, at
    least one of the boneheads on your team is going to run off and do something
    lame. Grab a Soviet Rifle and a Mag-Charger and head straight to the enemy
    bag. Once you pick it up, you can't shoot, so haul ass back to your bag area.
    If the enemy grabs your bag, your team will usually be there to get the bag
    back swiftly, but if not, and you have the bag (so you can't shoot), you might
    as well restart if you're going for that platinum. If you don't have the bag,
    use the Mag-Charger's alternate fire mode and zap their carrier through the
    walls. Once you get a rhythm this shouldn't be too hard, but you'll need a lot
    of good luck to pull those 5 points.
    ==X [ 3.4.3 ] X== SECTION 9: RETRO CHIQUE
    [ ] -X- [ The Dead, the Bad and the Silly ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 2/5 - With a Gold: 2/5 - With a Platinum: 4/5
    Requirements:          Game Info:
    P - 30 Kills in 2:00   Gametype  - Team Deathmatch [30 Kills]
    G - 30 Kills in 2:25   Level     - Mexican Mission
    S - 30 Kills in 2:30   Character - Sheriff Skullface
    B - 30 Kills           Unlocks   - Jared Slim
    All of the Retro Chique levels use the TimeSplitters ½ levels. Now, this one
    is kind of tricky, but once you get a good pattern down you shouldn't have
    much trouble. All 3 of your enemies spawn in the courtyard outside, so you'll
    want to spawn close to there too. There's two ways to do this: the sniper way,
    or the shotgun way, depending on your skill at sniping. There's a Vintage
    Rifle in the bell tower, and a Shotgun on the side of the courtyard. If you
    want to be a sniper, make sure you spawn on that upper area. If you want to
    use the shotgun, you'll want to spawn on one of the houses in the courtyard.
    Either way, go nuts. There's a health kit in the courtyard and more shotgun
    ammo. Watch out for enemies with Flare Guns/Heatseekers, because those will
    roast you easily, but stay away from them yourself because they're too slow.
    Other than that there isn't much to really do here, because as long as you
    remain in the courtyard, you'll rake in the kills. The only trick is that if
    you die AT ALL, your chances of a platinum are basically shot.
    [ ] -X- [ Ninja Garden ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 2/5 - With a Gold: 4/5 - With a Platinum: 4/5
    Requirements:           Game Info:
    P - 1st with 25 Kills*  Gametype  - Monkey Assistant [Time - 4:00]
    G - 1st with 20 Kills   Level     - Chinese
    S - 1st with 17 Kills   Character - Chinese Chef
    B - 1st                 Unlocks   - Chinese Chef
    *need a confirmation - personal best is 30
    This one is a pain in the ass. The kill count can be somewhat tough to reach,
    especially that platinum one, and the monkeys don't make it any easier. Yes,
    monkeys. The person in last will get squadrons of monkeys to help them, that
    will attempt to go out and assassinate the person in first - probably you.
    Now, monkeys don't count for points, so it's in your best interest to ignore
    them and try to bring the smackdown on everyone else. Almost all the weapons
    here are good (except for the pistol), they can kill quickly, and Duckman
    Drake/Calamari have almost no health at all, so these are easy kills. Keep
    moving and try to stay away from those large blobs on the radar, they're
    probably the monkey squads.
    [ ] -X- [ Sock it to Them ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 1/5 - With a Gold: 1/5 - With a Platinum: 2/5
    Requirements:          Game Info:
    P - Complete in 1:00   Gametype  - Assault [Time - 4:00]
    G - Complete in 1:50   Level     - Training Ground
    S - Complete in 2:40   Character - Mr. Socky
    B - Complete in 4:00   Unlocks   - Mr. Socky
    Men in Gray from TimeSplitters 2 was basically this level - so how did it get
    so damned easy? Men in Gray was really tough. Anyway, basic Assault, only
    shorter and even easier than the other two. I did this entire level without
    dying, so you shouldn't die either. You can safely ignore the weak gun turrets
    and the weak Handymen.
    OBJECTIVE 1: Secure the Middle Ground
    First of all, spawn on top of your little building, you should have a rocket
    launcher - handy for clearing a path in the narrow canyon. Then jump down and
    go RIGHT around the outskirts of your main area. Close in on the canyon area.
    There should be a health kit sitting in front of a rock - grab it, and then
    run straight up the hill to the waterfall area. Look for the purple square on
    the screen to find the checkpoint.
    OBJECTIVE 2: Destroy the Fuel Barrels
    Climb up the hill from here, grabbing the armor in front of the big rock.
    Follow the compass to each of the barrels (six in all), and destroy them. Be
    aware - there's one on top of their building, and one behind it. Use the
    Soviet Rifle if you have it, it'll do the job the most quickly.
    OBJECTIVE 3: Smash the Computers
    Easy, again. Simply run inside their base and throw all of your grenades at
    the computers, if you have any, or else blast them with the Machine Gun/Soviet
    Rifle. They should burn, and you should win.
    Unlockables: All Bronze or Higher - Tommy Jenkins
                 All Silver or Higher - Sister Faith
                   All Gold or Higher - INSETICK SK/10
    | 4 |-------------= CHALLENGE SECTION =---
    ===X 4.1 X=== General Hints and Tips
    Challenges, unlike the Arcade League, consist of unique events that you can't
    really re-create in Arcade Custom. They all vary from course to course, so
    general hints don't really apply to all of them. These are tough, though. The
    best way to win is to know the level (play it a few times), and keep your
    objectives in mind. Since many of them are about survival, also keep your own
    safety in mind and play it safe.
    [ index no. ] -X- [ level name ]
    Difficulty to Complete/With a Gold/With a Platinum: These are out of 5. 5/5
    is the hardest to complete, 1/5 is the easiest. With a Gold/Platinum means
    not only completing it, but getting a gold/platinum award.
    Requirements: [how to win]   Game Info: [info on the level]
    P - Platinum requirement     Character - The character you use for the match
    G - Gold requirement         Unlocks   - What you get for beating it
    S - Silver requirement       Scoring   - Info about scoring points
    B - Bronze requirement
    [The level description, hints and tips go down here.]
    ===X [ 4.2 ] X=== SECTION 1: BEHEAD THE UNDEAD
    [ 4.2.0 ] -X- [ Section 1 Summary ]
    The Behead the Undead series is all about survival. You have one weapon, a
    tiny playing space, and you have to fight off a horde of zombies. Zombies come
    in waves, and you get points for killing zombies, with bonus points acquired
    at the end of each wave depending on your performance. The game goes on until
    you die. While there are doors and other areas to go, if you leave the playing
    area and don't return in three seconds (there's a warning counter), you will
    instantly die. The best strategy for these levels is to be alert, and know
    where the enemies come from. Remember: enemies in Challenge do NOT get the
    "spawning invincibility" that you get when you respawn in Arcade, so when one
    teleports in, kill him!
    [ 4.2.1 ] -X- [ Brain Drain ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 1/5 - With a Gold: 1/5 - With a Platinum: 2/5
    Requirements:      Game Info:
    P - 35000 Points   Character - Dr. Lancet
    G - 25000 Points   Unlocks   - Brains, Rotating Heads [cheat]
    S - 15000 Points   Scoring   - 75 points per monkey, 50 points per ghost.
    B -  5000 Points   Wave bonus is equal to the points earned that round.
                       A perfect round (no damage) doubles the wave bonus.
    This one is easy. The playing area includes the whole lower floor up to the
    pillars. The stairs are out-of-bounds. To score a perfect, you must take no
    damage for that round, which is damn hard later but it doubles your wave
    bonus. The zombie monkeys are easy to kill - a single shot to the face will
    take them down. Past level four, or so, ghosts will also appear - these are
    even easier, as one shotgun shot can clear a cloud of them. The challenging
    beasts are the zombies with shotguns. They only appear in one place: from the
    first landing of the stairs to the immediate left of where you spawn. Keep an
    eye on that landing at all times, so when a zombie spawns, you can kill it.
    Catching a shot of that will take off at least a third of your life. This
    should be an easy win for you.
    [ 4.2.2 ] -X- [ Rare or Well Done? ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 2/5 - With a Gold: 4/5 - With a Platinum: 5/5
    Requirements:      Game Info:
    P - 50000 Points   Character - Gaston Boucher
    G - 30000 Points   Unlocks   - Carrion Carcass
    S - 20000 Points   Scoring   - 50 points per cow. Wave bonus is double the
    B - 10000 Points   points earned that round. Time bonus is 100 points per
                       whole second under the par time.
    This one, unlike Brain Drain, is freaking hard. The Injector blows, and
    furthermore, if you kill a cow too close to you, you'll take damage. Luckily,
    bonus points are not accrued by not taking damage, but instead by clearing the
    stage as fast as you can. 3 shots from the Injector kills a cow. Rotate around
    the outside of the kitchen, but beware - sometimes enemies will spawn in one
    of the corners - right out of the ground! If you get cornered, you're going to
    take a ton of damage. Shoot into crowds when possible so other cows take
    damage, lowering the number of shots it takes to kill them. There are also,
    occasionally, fast cows, but you don't get extra points from them. Just avoid
    them, when possible, and keep moving at all times. Make sure the path in
    front of you is clear, and be fast, because those bonus points mean a LOT.
    [ 4.2.3 ] -X- [ Boxing Clever ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 2/5 - With a Gold: 3/5 - With a Platinum: 4/5
    Requirements:       Game Info:
    P - 100000 Points   Character  - Cortez
    G -  50000 Points   Unlocks    - Tin-Legs Tommy
    S -  20000 Points   Scoring    - 75 points per zombie, 100 points if killed
    B -   5000 Points   with a head. Wave bonus is the points earned that round.
                        A "perfect" round doubles it. Zombie Combos are earned for
                        multiple kills with only one shot.
    That platinum score is high, isn't it? This one is frustrating because your
    weapon of choice here is the Temporal Uplink. Oh, goody. There are some boxes
    that you can use to behead the undead, here, but you can also use the heads
    of previously decapitated zombies to get the job done too. This one is easier
    than the last one, but by no means easy. Stick with the boxes for as long as
    possible, because they're easier to aim with, and they're also easier to
    perform Zombie Combos with. I have no reliable method of getting these, except
    to aim into thick crowds. Zombie Combos are worth bonus points, and they're
    worth TONS once you get high combos (5 or more), plus those points are counted
    AGAIN at the end of the round for your wave bonus, and yet again if you get a
    perfect. Go for the home runs!
    ==X [ 4.3 ] X== SECTION 2: CUT-OUT SHOOT-OUT
    [ 4.3.0 ] -X- [ Section 2 Summary ]
    These levels test your accuracy and quick shooting. There are giant cardboard
    targets, and on each level, you need to shoot them quickly and accurately.
    Points are lost either on how long you take to shoot the target, or how
    accurate you are, depending on the level. Sometimes you have to move yourself,
    so there is a time limit, and sometimes movement is taken care of. There are
    also friendly targets, and if you shoot one, you will LOSE points. To get a
    platinum award, you need to get a perfect score. For this section, rather than
    give tips, I'll provide a checklist of targets.
    [ 4.3.1 ] -X- [ Hart Attack ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 1/5 - With a Gold: 3/5 - With a Platinum: 4/5
    Requirements:     Game Info:
    P - 1800 Points   Character - Corporal Hart
    G - 1750 Points   Unlocks   - Viola, Cardboard Characters [cheat]
    S - 1600 Points   Scoring   - 100 points per target, reduced over time
    B - 1100 Points   You LOSE 100 points for shooting a friendly (Cortez)
    Okay, some people really hate the Spaceways music. I love it! So catchy. <3
    Anyway, you have 1:30 to clear the level, so be quick. This level is about
    half of "Time to Split," the first Story level.
     1. First rock on the left
     2. First rock on the right
     3. Second rock on the left
     4. Mobile target above archway (first left turn)
     5. Rock underneath archway (and right by target 4)
     6. Behind the next rock (protected by Cortez!)
     7. On top of crashed spaceship (left edge)
     8. Underneath crashed spaceship
     9. Behind crashed spaceship, on the right (Cortez is on the left, watch out)
    10. Amidst some rubble, beyond spaceship (Cortez in front)
    11. Behind some rocks, past a fallen shuttle (Cortez in front)
    12. Behind target 11, amidst rocks
    13. Jumps out from cliff wall, as you enter the open area with the bridge
    14. In window to the right of the bridge
    15. Moving right-to-left across bridge (Flanked by Cortezes, be careful!)
    16. Behind a large rock as you turn right, past the bridge
    17. Behind rocks on the left, past target 16
    18. Moving in window past target 17. Go around the bend to finish the level.
    [ 4.3.2 ] -X- [ Come Hell or High Water ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 2/5 - With a Gold: 4/5 - With a Platinum: 5/5
    Requirements:     Game Info:
    P - 1800 Points   Character - Viola
    G - 1600 Points   Unlocks   - Goddard
    S - 1450 Points   Scoring   - 100 points maximum, depending on accuracy. Aim
    B - 1150 Points   for the dead center of the target. -100 per tourist.
    On this level, you are always mobile, so you don't have a time limit. Put the
    scope on the pistol so you can aim a lot better, and let's begin. Note that
    sometimes these targets duck back behind their cover. Just wait for them to
     1. Hiding behind a corner to your left when you start
     2. Pops out of water, before the tunnel
     3. Pops out of water, in the tunnel
     4. Comes out from left corner, exiting the tunnel (right corner is a tourist)
     5. Comes out from behind a door, past the tunnel, in the middle of the canal
     6. Comes out of archway to your left (mobile) as you pass it (before corner)
     7. In left window, above the canal, in the overpass (mobile)
     8. In the other window, right next to 7
     9. Comes out of white archway to the left of the overpass (left side of arch)
    10. Slides through archways to your left (past the overpass, before bridge)
    11. Left end of bridge
    12. Right end of bridge
    13. Comes out from behind left corner (past bridge)
    14. Comes out from inside an archway on the right (tourist appears here too)
    15. To the left of target 14, not in the arch, along the right wall
    16. Appears behind corner on the left
    17. Appears behind next corner on the left
    18. Appears behind right corner, across from target 17.
    The course ends shortly after that.
    [ 4.3.3 ] -X- [ Balls of Steel ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 1/5 - With a Gold: 2/5 - With a Platinum: 4/5
    Requirements:     Game Info:
    P - 1300 Points   Character - R-One-Oh-Seven
    G - 1000 Points   Unlocks   - Badass Cyborg
    S -  875 Points   Scoring   - 100 points maximum, depending on accuracy.
    B -  700 Points   You lose 100 points for shooting a babe (aim for robots)
    This one is by far the easiest of the three. You have a sniper rifle, and you
    don't even have to move. You have 1:00, but that should be more than enough.
    It's also confusing to write a list because if you miss a target, it comes
    back, and since some targets are in the same place, you might get caught up.
    Look in these locations for targets - this is NOT the actual order.
    1. Right behind the guard rail
    2. Back end of the goo pit
    3. Behind the pipes on the left, behind the goo
    4. Moving to the right of the pipes
    5. Dead center
    6. Moving across the center of the level
    7. Moving near the back of the level
    8. Moving at the back of the level
    ==X [ 4.4 ] X== SECTION 3: CAT DRIVING
    [ 4.4.0 ] -X- [ Section 3 Summary ]
    This section is frustrating, and can be very hard. You'll be driving Strudel,
    Khallos' remote-controlled cat. It's top-heavy and has miserable steering, so
    you'll be tipping it over a lot. Don't worry, though! To make sharp turns, let
    up on the acceleration a little bit before hand and ease into the turn. If you
    tip over, mash the flip over button to set it straight and you shouldn't lose
    much of your momentum at all. You'll need to clear a series of checkpoints in
    order to win, and your award is based on time. It takes three laps to win.
    The thing about the walkthrough for this section is, all three of these levels
    are extremely straight-forward, and the compass will direct you much better
    than any written instructions will.
    [ 4.4.1 ] -X- [ The Cat's Out of the Bag! ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 2/5 - With a Gold: 3/5 - With a Platinum: 5/5
    Requirements:        Game Info:
    P - Finish in 1:10   Character - Strudel
    G - Finish in 1:20   Unlocks   - Human Gun Sounds [cheat]
    S - Finish in 1:30   Average per-lap time required:
    B - Finish in 1:40   P: 23.3 sec | G: 26.7 sec | S: 30.0 sec | B: 33.3 sec
    This course is short, but the track is generally narrow and has a lot of very
    sharp turns. It's the opening area of "Breaking and Entering," plus a couple
    of barriers and cones to regulate the level into a short track. Due to the
    abundance of sharp turns, you'll need to really be careful going around them.
    Other than that, all you need is expert steering, because I still haven't got
    a platinum on this one yet.
    [ 4.4.2 ] -X- [ Lap it Up ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 3/5 - With a Gold: 3/5 - With a Platinum: 5/5
    Requirements:        Game Info:
    P - Finish in 2:00   Character - Strudel
    G - Finish in 2:15   Unlocks   - Comrade Papadov
    S - Finish in 2:30   Average per-lap time required:
    B - Finish in 2:45   P: 40.0 sec | G: 45.0 sec | S: 50.0 sec | B: 55.0 sec
    This is a longer course, but it has fewer super-sharp turns than the first
    one. That being said, there are still many turns, and this one is made more
    difficult by the inclusion of hills and bumps. With that in mind, my strategy
    for this one was to bomb down hills as fast as I could and when I hit the
    ground (and invariably fell over), I immediately righted myself. I pulled a
    platinum this way without too much trouble. Keep the compass in mind, though,
    because you can get lost on this level, and if you do, you've immediately shot
    your chance of a gold.
    [ 4.4.3 ] -X- [ The Cat's Pajamas ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 2/5 - With a Gold: 3/5 - With a Platinum: 4/5
    Requirements:        Game Info:
    P - Finish in 2:25   Character - Strudel
    G - Finish in 2:35   Unlocks   - Gilbert Gastric
    S - Finish in 2:50   Average per-lap time required:
    B - Finish in 3:10   P: 48.3 sec | G: 51.7 sec | S: 56.7 sec | B: 63.3 sec
    This is undoubtedly the easiest of the three courses. This is everyone's
    favorite sniper-whore map, Siberia, only now it's suited up for everyone's
    favorite cat-turned-nuclear-missile-remote, Strudel. Ahem. Anyway, this is the
    easiest because it is so easy to take shortcuts - in fact, the course is built
    for them! Ignore the way the track bends and head straight for the checkpoint
    by looking at the compass. You'll be taking the risky road over the hills and
    such, but that's okay, just right yourself when you fall over immediately so
    you don't lose too much speed. The ice will make steering more difficult, but
    the hills will cause a loss of speed. It's your call.
    [ 4.5.0 ] -X- [ Section 4 Summary ]
    This section is all about breaking things - most notably, things made out of
    glass. In these levels, your goal is to break all the pottery, windows, china,
    and so forth as fast as you can. You only beat the level once you've destroyed
    EVERYTHING, and it takes a keen eye to do it, so you need to be on your toes,
    have swift aim, and a good knowledge of the course. You'll only have one
    weapon to do the job, too, so you have to know the physics of said weapon.
    [ 4.5.1 ] -X- [ Avec Le Brique ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 2/5 - With a Gold: 4/5 - With a Platinum: 4/5
    Requirements:                   Game Info:
    P - Break 103 objects in 2:40   Character - Gaston Boucher
    G - Break 103 objects in 2:50   Unlocks   - Aztec Warrior
    S - Break 103 objects in 3:00
    B - Break 103 objects in 3:30
    This is the Chinese level, only most of it is cordoned off so only a little
    bit of it is for you to break things. Items come in clusters, here, and you
    need to know EXACTLY where they are, and how the trajectory of the Brick works
    so that you can nail each of the tougher targets without wasting too much
    In the kitchen there are 43 objects, divided into six shelves:
    1. You start out facing this shelf.
    2. Right next to shelf 1.
    3. On the opposite wall of shelves 1 and 2.
    4. Further down the wall from shelf 3.
    5. Further down the wall from shelf 4.
    6. Opposite wall of shelf 5.
    Then you can leave the kitchen (via the door between shelves 3 and 4) and go
    into the first dining room. Ignore the bathroom. There are 33 objects in here.
    1. Four rows of 28 windows, inset into the outside wall. Break them all.
    2. Two sets of two windows separating the dining tables.
    3. One window along the stairwell, on top, as part of the railing.
    You may ignore the glass on the floor.
    After that, you can go up the stairs and through the door into the next room.
    There are 22 objects in here.
    1. Along the ceiling are 18 glass panels. Your best bet for hitting these is
    to stand on the main floor and throw up at them.
    2. Along the railings on the balcony are 4 glass panels.
    After that, go down the stairs and head to the door. There are 5 glass panels
    surrounding the door. Break those and you'll clear the level.
    [ 4.5.2 ] -X- [ Absolutely Potty ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 2/5 - With a Gold: 3/5 - With a Platinum: 4/5
    Requirements:                  Game Info:
    P - Break 52 objects in 1:40   Character - Captain Ash
    G - Break 52 objects in 1:50   Unlocks   - Paintball [cheat]
    S - Break 52 objects in 2:00
    B - Break 52 objects in 2:30
    This one isn't nearly as hard as the last one. You have the Tactical 12-gauge,
    and a decent pile of ammo, but it isn't infinite (luckily the ammo is in plain
    view). You also have a radar, which will pinpoint all of the pots for you.
    The additional trick is that occasionally, monkeys will be carrying pots. You
    have to shoot the pot out of their hands without hitting the monkey, or else
    suffer a 5-second time penalty. Lastly, you need to know when to reload. After
    clearing an area, while heading to the next one, reload, and try to hit as
    many pots with one shot as you can. Saves a lot of time.
    Anyway, this is a pretty straightforward level - the entire first area is a
    series of hallways, and you can't miss the pots. At the T-intersection, a
    monkey should show up. Blast that pot, and then hang a left at the
    intersection, because there's a dead-end with a pot hiding in it. Shoot it,
    then go the other way.
    When you reach the big room with the pillar in the middle, clear it out, and
    then head through the hallway at the side of the room, NOT through the caves.
    Clear out the hallway, and then go into the "entry hall." In here, don't miss
    the third monkey that comes running up the stairs or you'll regret it. Once
    you clear this room out, look in the corner of the upstairs area of this
    region for a hole. Go down the hole, and hang a right - don't miss the final
    monkey! Blast the remaining pots in this cave and you'll win.
    [ 4.5.3 ] -X- [ Don't Lose Your Bottle ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 2/5 - With a Gold: 4/5 - With a Platinum: 4/5
    Requirements:                  Game Info:
    P - Break 31 objects in 1:30   Character - Harry Tipper
    G - Break 31 objects in 1:35   Unlocks   - Brick [weapon]
    S - Break 31 objects in 1:45
    B - Break 31 objects in 2:00
    This one is a bit trickier than the others - I recommend turning down the
    sensitivity on your controller, because you'll be doing some precision
    shooting here. Now, you're breaking these tiny bottles of Flying Seamen with
    dual LX-18s... or will you? Actually, once you start, shoot the three bottles
    in front of you, then hang a left and, while walking, change firing modes to
    the single scoped LX-18. You'll save ammo (there's no more), and you'll save
    time. On the balcony are some bottles; shoot them, and go down the stairs.
    Nail the bottle in the corner of the landing, then go round the bend, and you
    will see a Henchman. Don't shoot the Henchman - just shoot the bottle he's
    holding, which is a tough shot. Shooting the Henchman adds 5 seconds to your
    score. Anyway, shoot his bottle, and go out to the main floor of the Disco.
    Out here, hang a left and check out the tables surrounding the dance floor.
    There's bottles all over them, so make sure you nail them all. Use the scope
    for added precision. Once you've cleaned up the tables, shoot the bottle on
    the dance floor that the guy is holding, then go up the ramp in the corner
    (to your left, if you're facing the dance floor from the tables). There's
    another guy with a bottle. Shoot it, then keep going along the outer area, but
    take a right as soon as you can and go onto the balcony overlooking the dance
    floor. There's more bottles on these tables - shoot them and keep moving until
    you end up in the little lounge overlooking the stairs. There's a few bottles
    over here, including one bottle right at the edge of the overlook. Then move
    on into the band area. There's a single bottle on the drumset on the stand -
    shoot that. At the bar there's a drunk and another bottle, so shoot them and
    find some stairs (there's some along the wall to the right of the bar, if you
    are facing the bar). Get up on the upper ledge (by the big statue) and you
    should find the last person with a bottle.
    If you missed a bottle, find out where it is using the radar, and then
    restart. You should have your platinum in no time.
    [ 4.6.0 ] -X- [ Section 5 Summary ]
    TimeSplitters "Story" Classic is a homage to TimeSplitters 1, in which the
    Story missions consisted of going down hallways until you found an item, then
    turning around and finding the exit. Yeah... whoopee. Anyway, these levels are
    a lot of fun, but they're intense and can be somewhat difficult to nail the
    gold medals. You'll usually have an assortment of weapons, and you'll just
    have to bomb down the corridors. You will have to kill ALL the enemies you see
    (unless otherwise mentioned) in order to proceed to the next area, and you 
    will need to be very fast. When you grab the item, Berserker Splitters
    will appear (yuck) - haul ass back to the start point. An exit will appear
    [ 4.6.1 ] -X- [ Queen of Harts ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 1/5 - With a Gold: 3/5 - With a Platinum: 5/5
    Requirements:          Game Info:
    P - Complete in 2:00   Character - Corporal Hart
    G - Complete in 2:30   Unlocks   - All Characters Cloaked [cheat]
    S - Complete in 3:30
    B - Complete in 6:00
    Getting a platinum on this is a real trick. You start out with dual Sci-Fi
    Handguns, which will serve you fairly well for now. Shoot the droid in the
    room you start in, then go through the door he came in. Shoot the guys that
    come around the corners. At the intersection, keep going straight, and reload
    while you pass under the arch. Coming out, there are two INSETICKs with Sci-
    Fi Snipers. Kill them and the other droid, pick up a Sniper but don't use it
    yet, and turn around. Some guys should be charging at you from behind - peg
    them, and then keep going. There should be an Electrotool - IGNORE IT. In the
    next room are two PROMETHEUS droids with Miniguns - kill them both, grab one
    minigun, and move on.
    Heading into the Docking Bay, you should first shoot the gun turret on the
    underbelly of the ship, then the PROMETHEUS droids. Charge up the ramp, turn
    around, and start shooting, but don't move. Two INSETICKs should come running
    up the ramp - kill them, then move towards the door on the upper area. When
    you reach the door, stop, and shoot everyone you find with the minigun. There
    might be one guy left on the far corner - use your sniper rifle to shoot him,
    but use the minigun on everyone else, then go through the door.
    Now - if you're going for platinum, your time MUST BE UNDER 1:20 or else you
    cannot physically get the medal. You do NOT NEED TO KILL ANYONE ANYMORE unless
    they are right in front of you. Haul ass towards the hallway in the far right
    corner, then go down the hill. Turn left, and go straight until you reach the
    next hill on the right. Go up it. You should see the Time Crystal on the left
    side of this room. Get it, turn straight around, and head back the way you
    came. Beware of Berserker Splitters! Head back towards the outside area and
    you should see the exit.
    [ 4.6.2 ] -X- [ Sammy Hammy Namby Pamby ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 2/5 - With a Gold: 4/5 - With a Platinum: 5/5
    Requirements:          Game Info:
    P - Complete in 2:20   Character - Renzo
    G - Complete in 2:40   Unlocks   - Sapper Johnson
    S - Complete in 3:20
    B - Complete in 6:00
    This level's platinum requirement is a LITTLE easier on you, but to twist it
    up, the gold requirement is a bit tougher. Health is going to be of a much
    greater concern this time - there is none to collect, so you have to survive,
    and that can be hard because the enemy shots are tougher to avoid than the
    lasers, and they do pack a serious punch. The Tactical 12-Gauge will not do
    you a great service, so we'll be ditching it as soon as possible. Right off
    the bat, use the shotgun on the two guys that show up, and pick up their guns.
    Use the MACHINE GUN for now, we'll need the Soviet later and the last thing
    we want to have happen is have it run out of ammo. Blast your way down the
    corridors - you can't miss anybody, and nobody is going to sneak up behind
    Past the first door, go into the open area, and clean it up with your machine
    gun. Before you go around that corner, turn around - there should be one guy
    who came through the corridor behind you. Kill him, then proceed to the next
    gate. There should be four guys left - watch out for the guy chillin' behind
    the wall, right by the gate.
    Entering the third area, you can bust out the Soviet now. Head through these
    corridors. As you reach the river, be very aware of grenadiers - they can
    easily kill you, so be alert. Once you go outside, shoot the guy on the left,
    then progress up the beach to the bridge. Once you reach the bridge, shoot
    the last two guys heading towards you from down the river, then turn around -
    three guys will have appeared behind you, so make sure you nail them now. Then
    go up the bridge and clear a path to the next gate.
    From here on, you don't HAVE to kill anyone anymore, but survival is going to
    be tough if you don't. Blow away anyone you see, but don't stop moving - that
    time limit is reaching its doom. If your time is over 1:30 as you pass through
    that gate, you probably won't get a platinum. Head up the hill, shooting
    everyone you see. Once you grab the bag, turn around, and hurry back to the
    last gate. The exit will be right there, waiting for you - beware of the
    [ 4.6.3 ] -X- [ Glimpse of Stocking ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 1/5 - With a Gold: 4/5 - With a Platinum: 5/5
    Requirements:          Game Info:
    P - Complete in 2:40   Character - Mr. Underwood
    G - Complete in 3:00   Unlocks   - Mr. Underwood
    S - Complete in 4:00
    B - Complete in 6:00
    This one is considered to be the hardest of the lot - and for good reason. The
    2x Krugers are all your getting for this level, and ammo is stingy. For that
    reason, we'll be going for headshots, and we'll also be using the melee
    attack a LOT. One headshot with the pistol, one torso-shot and one smack, or
    two smacks will kill a zombie without a problem. Adjust your crosshairs so
    they're always at head-level, and get going. Health shouldn't be a problem,
    and neither should any sneaky snakes coming from behind, until the end. Any
    zombies on fire can safely be ignored; they'll kill themselves.
    In the first room, kill the three zombies near the stairs, then go through the
    door across the room from where you spawned, killing the fourth along the way.
    Another zombie should be at the base of the stairs, and a flaming zombie will
    rush at you. Ignore him, head up the stairs, and kill the next three zombies.
    In the big room, there's a box of ammo, and a whole mess of zombies. Don't
    miss the zombie under the stairs, in the dark. There's also two or three on
    the first landing of stairs, and three more on top, as well as a few on the
    ground. Another burning zombie should be coming from where you came in, but
    he'll kill himself.
    In the next area, simply keep heading down the hallways. There aren't many
    areas to miss zombies here, so you should have no trouble.
    In the third area, you'll first be overlooking the entrance. Stay where you
    are and let the zombies come to you - there will be several from all
    directions, and if you miss one, your platinum chance is ruined. Once you've
    cleared out the whole mess, continue down the hallways. At the T-intersection,
    head right; you shouldn't need the ammo at the dead-end. In the big room, go
    down the stairs, then turn around and go under where you came in. Let all the
    zombies in the area come at you, kill them, and go back up the stairs. If you
    missed anyone, they should be around here; if not, progress to the other end
    of the room. Underneath the stairs you should see a stairwell with some ammo.
    The door over there doesn't automatically open, you have to walk up to it.
    Grab the bag, then turn straight around, cross the big room, walk up the far
    stairs. You should see the exit at the T-intersection.
    [ 4.7.0 ] -X- [ Section 6 Summary ]
    Monkeying Around is actually a series of miscellaneous challenges, with no
    common theme - except the monkeys. Each challenge directly relates somehow
    with monkeys. They generally take a good amount of dexterity, and this section
    also boasts the hardest challenge in the game (and the easiest). Get your
    melons out for the monkeys!
    [ 4.7.1 ] -X- [ Electro Chimp Discomatic ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 1/5 - With a Gold: 1/5 - With a Platinum: 1/5
    Requirements:          Game Info:
    P - Survive for 6:00   Character - Harry Tipper
    G - Survive for 4:30   Unlocks   - Monkey Gun [weapon]
    S - Survive for 4:00
    B - Survive for 3:00
    This one is pathetically easy. Really, it's stupidly easy. A series of monkeys
    will run on the dance floor and start dancing - all you have to do is keep 'em
    juiced up with the Electrotool so they can keep dancing. Each monkey has a
    meter next to them, showing their energy. Zap them until the meter turns
    yellow, then move on to the next monkey. Use the radar to find out where they
    are. Monkeys can appear on the dance floor, on the paths, and on the balconies
    surrounding the dance floor. My strategy was to stand in the middle of the
    dance floor and rotate in a circle - once I knew where the monkeys were. All I
    did was zap one until it was full, then move on to the next one. The "wave"
    system simply counts the minutes you've been in the game - wave 1 has 3
    monkeys. By the end of wave two there will be 7 monkeys, and after that there
    will be 10 monkeys. Every time a monkey either gets over-charged, or runs
    all out of juice, it will explode and another monkey will take its place, and
    you will lose a life (alternatively, if you're right next to a monkey when it
    explodes, you'll die outright and it'll be a game over). Run out of lives to
    end the game.
    [ 4.7.2 ] -X- [ Melon Heist ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 3/5 - With a Gold: 5/5 - With a Platinum: 5/5
    Requirements:     Game Info:
    P - 2400 points   Character - Elite Henchman
    G - 2000 points   Unlocks   - Elite Henchman
    S - 1200 points   Scoring   - +100 points for shooting a melon
    B -  750 points               -150 points for shooting a monkey
    Now this challenge is a beast. Monkeys will run throughout the barracks yards,
    carrying melons. You have to snipe the melons out of their hands without
    shooting the monkeys. Definitely a hard, hard challenge. Turn the sensitivity
    of your controller ALL the way down. Zoom in all the way with the scope, and
    follow the melon with your sights. Alternatively, once you know the paths of
    the monkeys, you can simply position the sights in one place and wait for the
    melon to pass through. Use the radar to find the general position of monkeys,
    and then line up the hit with your scope. Other than that, it all relies on
    your skill with the sniper rifle. If you hit more than one monkey, restart if
    you're going for a gold or platinum, because your chances are gone.
    edarklord has an incredible suggestion:
    "I don't know if you care, but for the challenge "Melon Heist," it's
    definitely worth mentioning that if you shoot two melons within a
    short time, you get combo points, and they're massive. Just a 2 combo
    gives you I believe 450 points."
    It's good to keep aware of this, but it's nigh on impossible to actually do it.
    [ 4.7.3 ] -X- [ Brass Monkeys ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 1/5 - With a Gold: 2/5 - With a Platinum: 3/5
    Requirements:     Game Info:
    P - 3000 points   Character - Mischief
    G - 2500 points   Unlocks   - Mischief
    S - 1500 points   Scoring   - 500 points maximum, depending on the accuracy of
    B -  500 points   the shot. Center is 500, outer edge is 10. If you hit one of
                      the monkeys already down, scoring is based on THAT monkey's
                      resting position.
    This one is just... weird. You all know about curling, right? Olympic sport
    and all that? Well, anyway, all you have to do is slide a monkey across the
    ice and onto the giant target. Naturally it's not that easy, but it really
    isn't that hard either. You need to hit two slider bars in order to launch a
    monkey - the first one is the power, second is aim. You want the power shot to
    be roughly around 30% full, and the aim shot to be dead in the center. Once
    launched, you can have your monkey assistants (watch the camera) "brush" the
    ice with their brooms. Doing so will give your shot a little extra distance.
    There's no way to slow it down, though, so you always want to undershoot the
    power meter, not overshoot. Every round consists of targets - there's 6 (?)
    rounds, and the target score for each round gets steadily higher. When you
    finish the whole game (or miss a target score), your total score determines
    your award. Simply aim for the center every time and you should be pulling in
    big points without too much trouble.
    [ 4.8.0 ] -X- [ Section 7 Summary ]
    These challenges are just what the title says: miscellaneous. There's no real
    relation between any of them. They didn't fit in anywhere else, so they ended
    up here. These challenges are fairly difficult, but overall they aren't that
    [ 4.8.1 ] -X- [ Cortez Can't Jump! ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 2/5 - With a Gold: 3/5 - With a Platinum: 4/5
    Requirements:    Game Info:
    P - 350 points   Character - Cortez
    G - 250 points   Unlocks   - Big Hands [cheat]
    S - 150 points   Scoring   - More points depending on the distance of the
    B - 100 points   target. 4 or more shots at one target doubles the potential
                     value. Hitting a target from below is always double points.
    Well, he can't. Anyway, if you know your movie culture, this challenge is all
    about basketball! To win, you must use the Temporal Uplink to pick up those
    metal blobs on the lift below you and shoot them into the hoops that are set
    up down the slope. The further away the target, the more points a successful
    shot is worth, and you're going to need exceptional aim to score a platinum.
    Going for the ones that are far away are good - the ones close up are a waste,
    because you'll only get 5 or 10 points, and you only have 25 shots. If you get
    a clear shot of a hoop from below, take it, because that's always worth double
    points. Otherwise, try to hit the same target multiple times so you can get
    extra points. When the elevator reaches the bottom of the slide, the game
    [ 4.8.2 ] -X- [ TSUG: TimeSplitters Underground ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 2/5 - With a Gold: 4/5 - With a Platinum: 4/5
    Requirements:     Game Info:
    P - 4000 points   Character - Cortez
    G - 3500 points   Unlocks   - Oleg
    S - 2000 points   Scoring   - 25 points per Berserker Splitter
    B - 1000 points
    This one seriously blows. It's very lengthy, and there's no way to amplify
    your score rate, meaning that in order to get a platinum you need to kill 160
    Berserker Splitters! Even for a gold, you need 140, and that takes a long
    time. Now, you have two auto-guns situated at opposite ends of the central
    area of the Subway level. The Splitters will appear through the hallways, and
    attack your turrets. When both turrets die, game over. You have to manipulate
    both simultaneously in order to do well... or do you? In reality, it's much
    easier than that. The Splitters have a strange tendency to target the right
    turret first, and almost totally ignore the left one until the right one is
    dead. Once a camera dies, it still can see, so my strategy was to let the
    right one die, but aim it at one of the platforms. Once it died I would watch
    that camera to see if any Splitters were coming while I had the left gun aimed
    at the other platform. Simply make sure the left camera doesn't take any hits.
    Splitters will only appear at a few places, so if you know where they are
    (by the soda machine on the left, halfway down the tracks near the right, and
    by the close doorway on the right, mostly), you should have no problem getting
    a platinum until the later waves. There's so many by that point that survival
    gets tricky. Horror story: my game crashed after getting a platinum, but
    before it saved. This level takes quite a while. Needless to say I was pissed.
    lemondemon sent the following advice:
    I completed it on platinum with ease thanks to a great trick I found. Two
    players on one pad! One of person holds the right side, the other the left.
    Preferably you would wan't to play with one left handed person and one right
    handed, and it may be a little awkward, but it is easier than doing it
    alone. Plus you get used to it.
    [ 4.8.3 ] -X- [ Plainly Off His Rocker ]
    Difficulty to Complete: 2/5 - With a Gold: 3/5 - With a Platinum: 5/5
    Requirements:    Game Info:
    P - 300 points   Character - Captain Ash
    G - 200 points   Unlocks   - Pulov Yuran
    S - 150 points   Scoring   - 25 points per plane, 100 points per UFO
    B - 100 points
    This one can be a challenge to get, too. You have one minute to shoot as many
    aerial targets as you can. All the planes in the sky are yours to shoot down.
    Lead your shots by a little bit (more if they're further out) and you should
    have no trouble at all. Now, about halfway through, a UFO will appear. It's
    loud, it's small, and it's fast, and you NEED to hit it for a gold/platinum.
    Use the radar to pinpoint targets, and then just aim and let loose with the
    cannon. Other than that, there's no real strategy. This is basically a less
    lame version of TSUG, but with a trickier platinum requirement.
    Unlockables: All Bronze or Higher - Mr. Fleshcage
                 All Silver or Higher - Sewer Zombie
                   All Gold or Higher - Jed
    | 5 |-------------= UNLOCKABLES LIST =---
    Entries listed here are in alphabetical order. Before each entry is a hyphen,
    so if you want to search for an unlockable, simply enter in the name with a
    hyphen in front (for instance, if you're looking for The Impersonator, you
    would enter in "-The Impersonator". Note that The Impersonator is not in the
    If an entry is not found, then either it's unlocked at the beginning of the
    game for you, or it isn't unlocked by the arcade/challenge mode (in other
    words, it's unlocked in the story mode, which isn't covered here).
     *------------*         *------------*
     | Unlockable |         | Event name |
     *------------*         *------------*
    -8-Bit Mode             Screw Loose
    -Aztec Warrior          Avec Le Brique
    -Badass Cyborg          Balls of Steel
    -Big Heads              Outbreak Hotel
    -Booty Guard            Zany Zeppelin
    -Braces                 Old Baggers
    -Brains                 Brain Drain
    -Brick                  Don't Drop Your Bottle
    -Candi Skyler           Screw Loose
    -Captain Ed Shivers     Pirate Gold
    -Carrion Carcass        Rare or Well Done?
    -Cascade                Zone Control
    -Changeling             Honorary League: All Golds
    -Chinese Chef           Ninja Garden
    -Comrade Papadov        Lap it Up
    -Deadwina               I Like Dead People
    -Deep Diver             Oh Shaol-o-Mio
    -Dozer                  Lip Up Fatty
    -Dr. Peabody            Amateur League: All Golds
    -Elite Henchman         Melon Heist
    -Fat Characters         Commuting Will Kill You
    -Fergal Stack           Amateur League: All Bronzes
    -Gideon Gout            Amateur League: All Silvers
    -Gilbert Gastric        The Cat's Pajamas
    -Goddard                Come Hell or High Water
    -Hans                   Freak Unique
    -Human Gun Sounds       The Cat's Out of the Bag
    -INSETICK SD/10         Elite League: All Golds
    -Jacque de la Morte     Vamping in Venice
    -Jared Slim             The Dead, the Bad and the Silly
    -Jed                    Challenge: All Golds
    -Koozer Mox             A Pox of Mox
    -Leo Krupps             Rumble in the Jungle
    -Leonid                 Commuting Will Kill You
    -The Master             Divine Immolation
    -Mischief               Brass Monkeys
    -Monkey Gun             Electro Chimp Discomatic
    -Mr. Fleshcage          Challenge: All Bronzes
    -Mr. Socky              Sock it to Them
    -Mr. Underwood          Glimpse of Stocking
    -Neophyte Constance     Honorary League: All Bronzes
    -Neophyte Lucian        Zone Control
    -Nobby Peters           Toy Soldiers
    -Nurse Sputum           Missile Bunker
    -Old Film               I Like Dead People
    -Oleg                   TSUG: TimeSplitters Underground
    -Paintball              Absolutely Potty
    -Prison Officer         Screw Loose
    -PROMETHEUS SK/8        Virtual Brutality
    -Pulov Yuran            Plainly Off His Rocker
    -Rotating Heads         Brain Drain
    -Sapper Johnson         Sammy Hammy Namby Pamby
    -Sewer Zombie           Challenge: All Silvers
    -Sister Faith           Elite League: All Silvers
    -Slow Motion Deaths     Rockets 101
    -Snowman                Dam Cold Out Here!
    -Stumpy                 Front Loaded
    -Tin-Legs Tommy         Boxing Clever
    -Tommy Jenkins          Elite League: All Bronzes
    -Warrant Officer Keely  Honorary League: All Silvers
    -Venus                  Bag Slag
    -Viola                  Hart Attack
    -Vlad the Installer     Big Game Hunt
    | 6 |-------------= LEGAL STUFF =---
    1. This document is allowed on the following sites:
    If you see this document on a site not listed, e-mail me at the address listed
    at the beginning of the guide. If you wish to host this file someplace else,
    e-mail me and I'll consider it.
    2. You may reproduce (print) this document as many times as you wish for no
    profit or any other sort of commercial use.
    3. Don't copy the stuff. I mean, that's obvious. You can use the factual
    information (i.e. where to unlock so-and-so) but don't directly lift the
    material and place it into your own document without the appropriate credit.
    4. All trademarks, copyrighted material, and whatever else is property of
    their respected owners. This particular document is copyright 2005 Alex
    "RyokoTK" Bolton.
    | 7 |-------------= CONCLUSION =---
    The appropriate thanks go to Free Radical for making this fantastic game, and
    also whoever is hosting the guide (with my permission) - you guys rock.
    Specific thanks:
    -lemondemon - TSUG strategy
    -bryancallow1234 - Rumble in the Jungle plat time, Astro Jocks strategy
    -king.pettry - Big Game Hunt plat requirement
    -campkillyourself - Bag Slag plat/game time corrections
    -bigkountry1976 - Pirate Gold plat requirement
    -medeepblue - Missile Bunker strategy
    -packersixer96 - Big Game Hunt strategy
    -julescatch - O-Shaol-O-Mio plat requirement
    -onizem - Big Game Hunt strategy
    -brianmac - The Cat's Out of the Bag! plat confirmation
    -zicore - Zone Control plat requirement
    -ilovetetris - Freak Unique plat requirement
    -edarklord - Melon Heist strategy
    -mrip92 - Lip Up Fatty plat confirmation
    -Holy Rabbit - Big Game Hunt plat requirement, Freak Unique plat requirement,
                   Zany Zeppelin strategy
    If you want to e-mail me, here's a quick run-down on how you should do it:
    DO e-mail me if:
    -There is an incorrect entry (i.e. wrong score requirement)
    -You have a better strategy than my own
    -You want to praise me for being awesome
    -I missed anything important (esp. some of the platinum requirements)
    -You want to host the guide on your own site
    -Anything else important that pertains to the guide.
    DON'T e-mail me if:
    -You're asking for strategies ("How do I beat Astro Jocks?!"). That's what
     this guide is for. If you didn't read the guide, you won't read my e-mail,
     so I won't read yours.
    -You're flaming me. Yeah, you're gonna get filtered.
    -I made a typo. Who cares?
    -You want to add me to your buddy list on AIM.
    -Any other totally stupid reason not directly pertaining to the guide.
    -You don't have anything to add - if you're confirming an already-confirmed
     platinum, or telling me that some score that I don't have listed is wrong,
     you're not helping me, so spare me.
                                 Eat It, Vid Boi!

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