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    Balance Changes FAQ by MantraHigh

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/30/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    (v1.0, 7-30-04)
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. Character balance changes from X2 to XX #Reload (X2 #Reload)
    3. Credits
    !! Use CTRL + F to find your character, the list in out of order !!
    This list of character balance changes was taken from GameCombos
    (http://www.gamecombos.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=12444). I 
    thought I'd
    post it here to give it more exposure since this game is going to be released 
    on Xbox soon.
    "Special thanks to Tarothin for doing 99.8% of the work in translating (hey, 
    I get .2% for asking him to do it!!!). The changes are from the official 
    softbank #R guide. Anyway, be sure to thank Tarothin for his hard work... and 
    of course, my *cough* hard work *cough* too."
    Backstep: Jump cancelled invincibility reduced from a maximum of 19F to 12F
    Air forward dash: Speed and air time reduced
    2HS: Startup 14->13F, damage 48->52. Ground counter hit causes floating and 
    downs the opponent. Base damage correction 80%.
    Sweep: Recovery 12->10F.
    Jump HS: Bounces opponent on counter hit. Base damage correction 80%. Damage 
    Jump D: Bounce on counter hit removed. Ground counter hit causes stagger (Max 
    6P: Damage 34->45
    6HS: Startup 18->17F. Untechable time increased. Midair hit knocks the 
    opponent lower. Damage 60->50
    Mappa Hanchi(K): Recovery 19->17F. Damage 45->40
    Crosswise Heel: Damage reduced, 1st hit 35->27, 2nd hit 40->32
    It's Late: Damage 44->52. Throw invincilbity 1-13F. Recovery 16-12F. Priority 
    increased (hit box extended up and down slightly)
    Chi o Suu Uchuu: Max stagger time 39->36. Knockback added. Base damage 
    correction 70%->75%. Recovers half the damage worth of life. Total time when 
    whiffed 21-27F. Stun value x1.5. Throw range 100->92. Harder to combo throws 
    into each other.
    6K: Recovery 8-7F. Moves him forward more. Midair time changed from 4~24F to 
    6K and hold K (Feint): Total time reduced 31->25F. Midair time changed from 
    4~27F to 4~21F
    Undertow: Base damage correction 70%. Can no longer be FD'ed in midar 
    (completely unblockable now)
    Dead on Time: Damage 120->140
    Ground Dash: Moves faster. Larger hittable box in front
    Standing HS: Damage 55->43
    2S: Recovery 15->17F. Hittable box moved forward
    2HS: Damage 46->35
    Jump K: Damage 15->13, Startup 4->5F, Active 21-12F, Recovery 18-27F. Base 
    damage correction 90%. Hit box on the sides is smaller
    Jump S: Damage 28->23
    Jump D: Landing recovery 7-8F. The bounce from FDCing it is smaller
    6HS: No longer cancellable
    Defense: Stun resistance 60->55. Defense 1.0->1.125
    Jump: Startup time 2->3F
    Normal Throw: Range 49->45 dots
    Taiboku o Sasuru Te(S): Startup 21->20F, Recovery 16->17F. Moves faster. 
    6~15F throw invincibility
    Taiboku o Sasuru Te(HS): Moves faster. 11~23F throw invincibility
    Kyoogen Jikkoo: FRC point added 42~44F
    Madogiwa Desperate: Width of the hit box extended
    Genkai Fortissimo: Can now change guard while blocking it
    None/Dog Standing K, None Close Standing S, None Far Standing S: Gatling to 
    6HS added
    None/Dog 2HS: Can gatling from 2HS to any other normal move
    Sword Standing K, 2P, 2K, Far Standing S, 2S: Gatling to 6HS added
    Sword Close Standing S: Damage 30->36
    Sword Far Standing S: Attack Level 3->4
    Sword Standing HS: Damage 25x2->35x2
    Sword 2S: Recovery 16->15F
    Sword 2HS: Damage 30->40
    Ghost Close Standing S: Attack Level 3->4. Damage 40->36
    Ghost Far Standing S: Attack Level 4->3. Stagger max reduced from 43->39F
    Ghost 2S: Recovery 18->16F
    Ghost 2HS, Jump HS: Attack level 5->4, Untechable time decreased. Damage 35-
    Umareru!!: Invincibilty changed from 1~21F invincibility to strikes to 1~19F 
    complete invincibility, 20~21F invincibility to strikes. Recovery 40->30F
    Sword Upper: FRC point added at 13~16F. Damage 30->40. Attack level 3->4. Hit 
    box expanded to the side. Counter hit downs the opponent. Invincibilty 
    changed from 1~11F invincibility to strikes to 1~11F complete invincibility, 
    12F throw invincibility
    Sword Rush: Recovery 29->27F. Return Strike Damage 30->45
    Sword Slash: FRC point added at 23~26F
    Dog D: Recovery 36->31F
    Dog 6D: Can be hit as it jumps back after hitting the opponent
    Dog 8D: Startup 11->10F. Active 7->12F. Recovery 42->31F. Invincibility from 
    41->end removed. Height of the dog's jump increased. Damage 30->25. No longer 
    downs the opponent except on ground counter hit
    Dog 4D+D: Base damage correction 75%. Damage 30->25. Dog can be hit after it 
    Dog 2D: Base damage correction 50%. Damage 30->60. Recovery 16->22F. No 
    longer downs opponent on a ground hit. Opponent flys toward the side after it 
    hits. No longer air FC guardable
    Jump: Startup time 2->3F
    Throw: Range 49->45 dots
    Movement: Dash initial velocity 8.80->9.5 dots. Forward high jump velocity 
    6.00->7.50 dots
    Defense: Stun resistance 60->55. Defense 1.13->1.16. Guts 1->0
    Jump 2S: Damage 46->35
    Roger Rush: FRC point added at 16~17F. Startup 32->28F
    Roger Razor: Active 185->105F. Roger moves twice as fast. FRC point added at 
    Air Roger Razor: Startup 27->29F. Entire move 32->37F. Time after which the 
    move will still active even if hit changed from 11->13F
    Starship: Damage 21x4->22x4
    Air Starship: Landing recovery 4->10F. Damage 21x3->18x3. Invincibility 1-14F 
    inv. to strikes -> 1-13F inv. to strikes. Bridget floats a little after doing 
    the move. Falls slower. Hit causes opponent to float instead of downing them
    Loop the Loop: Startup 4+2F->5+1F
    Super Roger: Damage 30x12->25x12. Active 129->117F
    Bad Trick: Entire move 49->47F. Startup 1+43F->1+7F. Active 44->48F. Damage 
    30x18->24x16. Appears diagonally in front of Bridget
    Jump: Startup 2->3F
    Throw: Range 49->45 dots
    3P: Startup 7->8F. Recovery 6->7F. Doesn't move as far. Invincibility changed 
    from 1-18F foot inv. to 1-19F foot inv.
    Dead Angle Attack: Invincibility from 1-13F complete inv. 14F upper body inv. 
    14-16 throw inv. to 1-12F complete inv. 13-14 upper body inv. 13-16 throw 
    Roger Hug: Startup 27->30F. Active 42->27F. Damage 12->30. Homing speed 
    After Roger Hug Hits: Can do all yoyo moves other than Roger Hug.
    Standing K: 2nd hit Active 8->6F. Recovery 10->13F
    2K: Recovery 7->8F. Base damage correction 80%->70%
    6P: Startup 8->9F. Invincibility altered 1F along with startup
    6HS: Startup 14->13F
    Gunflame: FRC timing changed from 11~12F to 14~15F. A 2nd gunflame can't be 
    done while the first is still on the screen
    Gunflame Feint: Entire move 35F->31F
    Bandit Revolver: 1st hit Active 4->5F. Time between first and 2nd hit 12-
    >11F. Landing recovery 10->8F. 2nd hit makes them float less
    Volcanic Viper Tataki Otoshi: Hit box reaches higher
    Gun Flame (Dragon Install): Startup 26->20F. Untechable time 30->40F
    Bandit Revolver (Dragon Install/Ground): Startup 9->7F. Landing recovery 10-
    >7F. Attack Level 3/3->4/5. 1st hit makes them float less. Last hit damage 
    Volcanic Viper (Dragon Install/GroundHS): 1st hit damage 30->40. All hits 
    after Damage 16->18
    Jump: Startup 2->3F
    Jump D: Increased guard damage. Makes them float less.
    Air Throw: Stun damage x1.5. Counter hit is untechable and cause them to 
    All Volcanic Vipers: Landing recovery 6->8F
    Bukkirabou ni Nageru: Untechable. Counter hit state from 1-14F. Recovery 30-
    Ground Viper: Base damage correction 80%. Charging portion Damage 7->8
    Fafnir: FRC frames 2->4F (FRC point at 17-20F)
    Standing HS: Startup 11->10F. Damage 37->42
    2HS: Damage 30->28. Attack level 5->4. Recovery 30->20F. Ground counter hit 
    causes the opponent to float. Air hits cause the opponent to be pulled 
    towardes Ky
    Jump P: Startup 7->6F
    6P: Base damage correction 90%. Active 4->5F. Recovery 12->15F. Higher 
    6HS: Ground hit forces the opponent to duck
    Vapor Thrust(S): Damage 42->48. Causes the opponent to float less
    Vapor Thrust(HS): Damage 50->52. Base damage correction 80%. Opponent is 
    thrown back farther when hit. Untechable time increased a lot
    Greed Saber: Doesn't hit right before Ky lands
    Stun Dipper: Recovery 25->26F
    Ride the Lightning(Both): Starts up faster. Hit box extends up and down 
    farther. Invincibility 1~11->1~14. Damage 32->36
    Air Stun Edge: FRC point added at the first 3Fs of landing
    Jump: Startup 2->3F
    Jump D: Damage 45->38. Stun x1.75
    Restive Rolling(Ground): Startup 17->13F. Landing recovery 13->9F. Slightly 
    greater untechable time on the first hit
    Mr. Dolphin Upper(S&HS): Untechable time increased. Has better priority 
    directly above it
    Mr. Dolphin Across(S): Startup 8->7F. Active 20->14F. Has better priority in 
    front and above it.
    Mr. Dolphin Across(HS): Moves faster. Has better priority in front and above 
    Dolphin Dive: Auto activates after 18 seconds. Dolphins appear slower 7->15F
    Far Standing S: The lower portion of the hit box is smaller
    Overhead Kiss: Untechable time increased
    Jump: Startup 2->3F
    Movement: Air Dash 22.0->20.0 dots. Air back dash 16.5->15 dots
    Dust: Startup 27->25F. Recovery 27->23F
    Jump D: Damage 40->36. Normal hit causes the opponent to fly sideways. Active 
    6->7F. Landing recovery 5->6F. Increased priority
    Tandem Top(HS): Increased guard damage
    Far Standing S: Added hittable frames as it comes out
    Jump S: Decreased priority
    Dead Angle Attack: Recovery 28->33F
    Normal Throw: Base damage correction 50%->40%
    Jump: Startup 2->3F
    Air Back Dash: Increased size of hittable frames
    Iron Saber: Damage 48->36. Base damage correction 90%
    Bad Moon: Base damage correction 80%. FRC point added at 6~8F after hiting 
    the opponent or touching the ground. Landing recovery 4->7F
    Silent Force: Base damage correction 80%. Guard damage set to 10. Distance to 
    retrieve needle 128->100 dots. Attack level 3->2. Max stagger 52->49
    Defense: Stun defense 65->60. Guts 1->0
    Backstep: Invincibility 1~9->1~7
    Standing K: Base damage correction 80%->70%. Can no longer gatling to sweep
    Far Standing S: Damage 16->20
    Standing HS: Active 2,6,6F->2,6,3F. Recovery 16->15. Damage 20x3->25x3. 
    Increased priority. Ground counter hit causes stagger for any of the hits 
    (Max 41F). Can't gatling to sweep. Can now gatling to dust. Increased guard 
    Dust: Startup 28->24F
    2K: Startup 8->7F. Active 4->2F. Recovery 10->9F. Can now only gatling to 
    6HS, 2HS, far standing S. Increased priority.
    2S: Startup 8->9F. Damage 28->24. Can no longer gatling to sweep
    Sweep: Startup 12->15F
    Jump K: Active 6->8F. Recovery 9->6F. More effective as anti-ground
    Jump HS: Startup 13->11F
    6P: Can no longer gatling to sweep
    6K: Startup 24->23F. Recovery 15->12F. FRC timing changed from 24~25 to 
    Break the Law: Eddie is in a counter hit state until the move ends. For the 
    60~121F hiding time frame, invincibility 7->6F, recovery 11->9F. For the 
    122~F hiding time frame, invincibility 7->6F, recovery 17->18F.
    Amorphous: Startup 1+15F->8+8F. Recovery 32->28F. Invincibility changed from 
    1~17F inv. to strikes to 1~17F complete inv. 18~29F inv. to throws
    Jump S: Is worse against ground and better at hitting air
    6P: Upper body invincibility 1~20F->1~16F
    Normal throw: Total length 53->65F
    Shadow Shield: Recovery 15->10F. Damage 20->30. 1~18F inv. to throws
    Invite Hell(S): Startup 17->18F. FRC removed
    Invite Hell(HS): Startup 17->18F. FRC timing changed from 11~12F to 12~13F
    Shadow Gallery: 1st hit damage 30->25. 1st hit untechable time decreased. 
    Invincibility to strikes after appearing from the ground removed.
    Summons: Shadow uppercut gauge consumption 115~120. Shadow fish gauge 
    consumption 301->451
    Drill Special: Eddie gauge doesn't start recovering until 6F before the 
    drill's attack is active
    Shadow Upper: Increased guard damage
    Shadow Fish: Base damage correction 70%. Damage 40->25
    Eddie Gauge: Gauge regeneration slower. Total time to regenerate 302->352F. 
    Regeneration after unsummoning eddie or blocking an attack is x1.5
    Summon Shadow(Unsummon): Total time 33->29F. After eddie is unsummoned, 
    hittable time changed from 11->7F
    Standing HS: Active 5->7F. Recovery 21->16F
    2S: Ground counter hit causes stagger (Max 43F)
    2HS: FRC point added at 18~20F
    Jump S: Ground counter hit causes stagger (Max 39F)
    6HS: FRC point added at 20~21F
    Heavenly Potemkin Buster: Recovery 2->10F. He now starts to fall after the 
    hit frames end. Damage 190->170
    Chipp's normal throw: The abnormally fast get up time was fixed. No longer 
    gets a free potemkin buster
    Jump: Startup changed to 5F
    F.D.B.: After reflecting, he has 1~22F invincibility to strikes
    Far Standing S: Startup 6->7F. Recovery 18->19F
    Dust: Startup 29->25F. Recovery 13->9F. Increased priority
    Sweep: Recovery 16->18F. Attack level 3->2. Damage 30->26
    6P: Startup 7->9F. Active 5(9)6F->3(9)5F. Recovery 12->10F. Increased 
    Standing HS: Gatling to 6K removed
    Alpha Plus: Counter hit effect changed from dust to wall bound
    Beta Blade: Untechable time added. 1st hit damage 32->30. Floats them higher 
    now. 1st hit untechable time 28->38F
    Banki Messai: Ground hits damage 8->9. Air hits are less likely to drop the 
    opponent. Opponents weight no longer takes effect during the super. Hitback 
    Standing K: Increased priority
    Close Standing S: Increased priority
    6K: Startup 11->19F. Active 7->5F. Recovery 14->8F. Guard type changed to 
    Air/Standing. Attack level 5->2. Wall bound on counter hit removed.
    Air Beta Blade: Landing recovery 10->5F.
    Jump: Startup 2->3F
    Jump 2K: Movement vector changed
    Phantom Murder: Startup 32->30F. Landing recovery 14->10F. Movement speed 
    increased. FRC point changed from 35F after it hits to 36~37F
    Far Standing S: Startup 7->8F. Recovery 22->25F. Gatling to sweep removed. 
    Doesn't reach as far. Doesn't move Faust forward as much
    2HS: Gatling to Standing P and 2P added
    Sweep: Recovery 18->23F
    Jump D: Landing recovery 5->4F. Ground counter hit causes stagger (Max 39F). 
    No longer grounds opponent on ground counter hit. Stun value x0.87->x1.0
    Going My Way?: Increased guard damage. Untechable time increased
    Super Deathfist: Recovery 104F->80F. FRC point added during the 40F of his 
    taunt. Movement speed increased
    Jump 2K: FD cancelling causes him to fall backwards slightly. Landing 
    recovery of 4F after FDCing
    Rerere no Tsuki: Active 16->12F. Recovery 22->18F
    Front/Back Door: Recovery 24->26F. FRC point added at 63~64F
    Pogo Balance: Delay before you can do additional attacks 32->28F. FRC 
    removed. Guard damage increased (About double). Pogo Cancel total time 16-
    Pogo Slam: Counter hit causes wall bound
    Head Flower: Recovery 24->22F. Damage 50->35. Stun x2.0 Attack level 1->3. 
    Guard changed from Air Faultless to Standing/Air Faultless
    Ground Flower: Startup 20->14F. Counter hit cause opponent to float and is 
    not techable
    Going My Way(From Pogo Slam): Startup 13->9F. Damage 20->16. Now goes almost 
    straight forward instead of angling upwards. Active 35->30F. FRC timing 
    changed from 48~51F to 41~46F
    Ai: Changed so it can trade with other projectiles. Can now be reflected by 
    Potemkin's F.D.B.
    Poison: Poison damage changed from 2~8 to 4~10
    Standing HS: Added gatling to 6K
    Dust: Startup 29->25F
    2K: Added gatling to 6K
    Sweep: Base damage correction 70%. Recovery 9->13F. Worse priority
    Jump D: Ground hit downs opponent. Increased guard damage
    6K: Attack level 3->4. Damage 22->24. 1~11 invincibility to throws. Ground 
    counter hit stagger max changed from 39->43F
    Air Dash: Movement speed lowered
    Sakura: Active 4->2F. Reach extended. FRC point added at 17~18F.
    Youshijin: Recovery 18->22F. Attack level 2->1. Hitback reduced. Base damage 
    correction 70%. Ground counter hit and air hit causes the opponent to fly 
    higher. Untechable time reduced.
    Youzansen: Causes them to float higher. Is techable on a ground hit.
    Mawarikomi: FRC point added at 17~19F.
    Movement: Forward walk 4.5->5.5 dots. Backwards walk 3.3->4.5 dots. Initial 
    dash velocity 9.5->10.0 dots. Forward high jump 5.0->6.5 dots. Backward high 
    jump 5.0->6.5 dots
    Standing P: Startup 4->3F. Recovery 7->4F. Damage 9->12
    Standing K: Base damage correction 90%
    Close Standing S: Damage 26->34. Active 6->8. Increased priority
    Far Standing S: Startup 7->6F. Active 11->9F. Damage 30->34
    Standing HS: Can no longer gatling to dust or sweep. Damage 20->24
    Dust: Startup 23->22F
    2P: Base damage correction 80%->90%. Recovery 7->4F
    2K: Recovery 10->9F
    2S: Base damage correction 80%
    2HS: Can no longer gatling to dust or sweep. Recovery 27->25F
    Sweep: Startup 7->6F. Active 3->4F. Recovery 21->16F. FRC point added at 1~5F
    Jump P: Damage 9->11
    Jump K: Damage 12->14. Active 6->8. Recovery 12->11
    Jump HS: Recovery 12->16F
    6P: 1st hit stagger max 33->41F. 2nd hit stagger max 39->45F
    Hawk Kick: Startup 8->9F. Landing Recovery 8->6F. 1st hit attack level 3->4. 
    Base damage correction 80%
    Calm Morning Breath: K charge time 68->64F. S charge time 75->68F
    Burst Rush: Startup 8+20F->8+17F. Active 10->3F. Recovery 14->15F. Damage 
    18x3->50. Attack level 3->5. Base damage correction 75%. Counter hit causes 
    wall bound
    Burst Rush Reverse: Active 8->3F. Recovery 28->12F. Attack level 3->5. Base 
    damage correction 75%. Damage 20x4->50. Hit causes wall bounce. Double stun 
    Burst Rush Reverse(From the back): Startup 26->29F. Active 8->3F. Recovery 
    26->15F. Attack level 3->5. Base damage correction 75%. Damage 20x4->50. Hit 
    causes wall bounce. Double stun damage
    Trillion Phoenix Rise: Dash speed increased. 2F added to the time you can't 
    move during super flash. Startup 7+1->7+0. The amount moved forward during 
    the super flash is extended slightly
    Dragon Pillar: 1st hit damage 30->50. 2nd hit damage 50->70. 1st hit Base 
    damage correction 200%->150%. 2nd hit Base damage correction 100%->75%. 
    Doesn't cause the opponent to fly towards the side as much.
    Jump: Startup 2->3F
    Far Standing S: Startup 7->8F. Active 6->3F. Recovery 19->23F
    2S: Can no longer gatling to Standing HS and dust. Recovery 12->10F. Guard 
    type changed to Ducking/Air Faultless. Base damage correction 75%. Priority 
    2HS: Recovery 26->28F.
    Jump K: Damage 24->20
    Mist Finer Upper(Lvl1): Startup 8->4F. Recovery 22->17F. Attack level 3->4.
    Mist Finer Upper(Lvl2): Recovery 25->22F. Attack level 3->5. Damage 70->50
    Mist Finer Upper(Lvl3): Recovery 33->20F. Damage 26x9->20x9. Guard damage for 
    each hit is reduced
    Mist Finer Middle(Lvl1): Startup 10->6F. Recovery 36->33F. Attack level 3->4. 
    Base damage correction 85%. Increased guard damage.
    Mist Finer Middle(Lvl2): Recovery 26->23F. Attack level 3->5. Damage 70->50. 
    Base damage correction 85%.
    Mist Finer Middle(Lvl3): Recovery 34->25F. Damage 24x9->18x9. Guard damage 
    for each hit is reduced
    Mist Finer Lower(Lvl1): Startup 16->11F. Recovery 30->29F. Attack level 3->4. 
    Base damage correction 85%.
    Mist Finer Lower(Lvl2): Recovery 26->23F. Attack level 3->5. Damage 70->50. 
    Base damage correction 85%.
    Mist Finer Lower(Lvl3): Recovery 34->27F. Damage 22x9->17x9. Guard damage for 
    each hit is reduced
    Mist Finer: Time to go into Kamae Cancel for Lvl 1 7->9F, Lvl 2 7->6F, Lvl 3 
    7->4F. Entire time for the cancel 3->4F. Can dash during the cancel.
    Bacchus Sigh: Total time 36->42F
    Normal Throw: Base damage correction 50%->40%
    Jump: Startup 3->4F
    Ensenga: Landing recovery 12->16F. Both hits have base damage correction of 
    90%. Not as effected by inertia anymore
    Dust: Startup 29->26F. Active 8->6F. Recovery 12->15F. Foot invincibility 
    changed from 17~24F to 17~25F
    6K: Now jump cancellable
    Raieisageki Vertical: Damage 50->45. Opponent doesn't float as much after hit
    Byakue Renshou: 1st and 2nd hit damage 60->50
    Jump P: Gatling to Jump 6P added
    Jump K: Gatling to Jump 6P added
    Jump: Startup 3->4F
    3P: Attack level 2->3
    Tenhouseki: Whiff time changed from 25->29F
    Housoubako: Whiff time changed from 22->23F
    Rensengeki: FRC time changed from 15F to 15~16F. Increased guard damage. 
    Damage correction added
    Kou: 1~6 inv. to strikes
    Jump: Startup 2->3F
    Close Standing S: Startup 6->7F. Added knockback
    Far Standing S: Increased priority
    Standing HS: Startup 17->15F. Active 11->4F. Recovery 13->21F. Guard point 
    changed from 1~8F->4~11F. Can cancel into 6P on whiff.
    2K: Added knockback
    2S: Added cancel time
    2HS: Can gatling into 6P?
    Jump HS: Added gatling to Jump D. Damage 36->32
    JUmp D: Recovery 21->17F. Landing recovery 5->3F. Upper body invicincibility 
    added at 1~8, 23~30
    6P: Startup 17->18F. Recovery 22->16F. Attack level 4->5. Damage 28->24. 
    Added cancel time. Invincibility changed from 1~20->1~21 above the waist inv.
    6H: Can cancel into 6P on whiff. Untechable time increased
    6K: Recovery 12->13F. Guard point 1~6F->1~7F. Can gatling to Standing K on 
    whiff. Floats opponent higher
    Kai(P): Damage 42->32. Priority increased
    Kai(K): Recovery 12->13F. Landing recovery 12->8F. Damage 25->50. Attack 
    level 3->4. Knocks opponent to the ground. Counter hit bounces them opponent 
    off the ground. FRC point added at 23~25F. Priority increased
    Fuujin(S): Damage 40->30. Doesn't bounce the opponent as high in the air
    Shin Ichishiki: Startup 31->32F. Landing recovery 12->6F. FRC point addded at 
    16~18F. Total move time 77->68F
    Shitsu: Falling portion attack level 3->4. The Shitsu doesn't fly as high 
    after being blocked
    Issei Ougi Sai: Recovery 44->40F. First 11 hits damage 20->12. Reduced guard 
    damage on first 11 hits. FRC point changed from 13~14F to 51~52F. Last hit 
    damage 100->50
    Kachoufuugetsu: Startup 1+6F to 7+0F. Invincibility changed from 1~21 inv. to 
    strikes to 1~21 complete inv. Damage 50x4->40x4
    Shin Nishiki: Damage 18x6->16x6
    Hitoashitobi: Air time 9->5F. Total time 33->28F. Moves farther
    Tenjinashi: Damage 20x13->15x13. Reduced guard damage. Charge time 60->40F
    Standing HS: Startup 13->10F. Active 6->7F
    Dust: Startup 24->23F
    Jump D: Active 7->8F. Recovery 20->12F. Slight increase to untechable time
    Stinger Aim: Powers up faster. S - Lvl 2 19~31F, Lvl 3 32~69F, Lvl 4 70~137F. 
    HS - Lvl 2 14~26F, Lvl 3 27~64F, Lvl 4 65~137F
    Stinger Aim(HS): Startup 11->10F. Damage 44->42. Total move time 51->45F. FRC 
    point 16~19F->13~14F (uncharged). When charged, changed from 9~12F->9~10F.
    Carcass Raid(S): Total time 31->32F
    Jump: Startup 3->4F
    Stinger Aim(S): Total time 43->40F
    Dubis Curve: Recovery 15->9F
    Standing P: Damage 8->9. Startup 7->6F. Active 2->3F. Recovery 8->7F. 
    Increased priority
    6P: Base damage correction 85%
    6HS: Damage 60->55. Recovery 26->28F. FRC point added at 23~27F
    HITOMI: Set time 21~23F
    Air Zeinesto: Total time 30->28F
    6K, 6P, 6HS: Gatling to dust added
    Jump: Startup 3->4F
    Phantom Soul(P): Startup 60->37F. Total time 44->58F. Attack level 3->2. 
    Damage 15->5. Vector changed
    Phantom Soul(K): Startup 60->31F. Total time 44->47F. Attack level 3->2. 
    Damage 15->5. Vector changed
    Warrant: FRC point added at 34~36F after the counter
    Grave Digger: Increased guard damage
    Zeinesto: Characters hit in mid air that touch the net can no longer tech 
    right away.
    Crow Attack: Attacks now changed to 4 patterns. The pattern can be discerned 
    by the first attack
    Crow Transformation Attack: Damage 50->30. Guard type changed from All to 
    Standing/Air. Attack level 3->5. Knocks opponent down. Base damage correction 
    Poison: Damage 2~8->4~10
    Nightmare Circular: Startup 10+5F->8+5F. Recovery 7->9F
    Master of Puppets: Startup 7+8F->7+4F. Recovery 32->38F. Damage 30->60. 
    Knocks opponent to the side. Untechable. FRC point added at 11~13F. 
    Invincibility changed from 1~10 to 7~14 inv. to strikes
    Dust: Startup 29->27F. Active 22->14F. Recovery 20->15F. Attack level 3->4
    2HS: Startup 7->8F. Damage 49->44. FRC point added at 8~10F. Stun damage 
    Sweep: Startup 13->12F. Recovery 44->33F. FRC point added at 12~14F. Reach 
    Jump D: Active 12,3F->9,3F. Recovery 16->15F
    6HS: Both hits cause stagger on ground counter hit (Max 47F). FRC point added 
    at 18~20F
    Necro Archer: Recovery 10->14F. Invincibility changed from 9~12F to 9~14F 
    inv. to strikes
    Ice Pillar: Damage 60->55. FRC point changed from 18~19F to 31~32F. Guard 
    damage slightly increased
    Standing HS: Hittable box moved forward
    Bubble: Total time 28F->22F. Explosion of the bubble is larger. Dizzy falls 
    slower after setting the bubble
    Demon Teeth: Active time for S 23->40F. The vector is changed to cover the 
    top half of the screen. Active for HS 27->35F. The vector is changed to cover 
    the bottom of the screen. 
    Imperial Ray: Damage 32xn->40xn
    Jump: Startup 2->3F
    ...and that's it folks! These changes make this the most balanced 2D fighter 
    of all time, tiers don't even matter in this game because it's all skill 
    3. CREDITS
    Sammy, ArcSystem Works, Ishiwatari Daisuke for another great game. And of 
    course Majesco Games for porting it to the U.S and Gamecombos.com for the 
    information. Email me in case I left anything out on accident: 

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