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    Dimitri by GriMM ReaPeR X

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    +++] DEMITRI MAXIMOV MOVELIST[++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    This FAQ is for your enjoyment and use in SNK vs Capcom. Do not edit, copy
    and reproduce, or alter without permission. Much thanx.
    Dimitri Maximov, and all moves of said character, © Capcom 1997
    1.  Character Info
    2.  Command Lengend
    3.  Throws
    4.  Basic Moves
    5.  Special Moves
    6.  Super Moves
    7.  Combo System
    8.  Strategies
    ----[Character Info]------------------------------------------------------
    Name:           Demitri Maximov
    Country:        Romania
    Date of Birth:  1438
    Race:           Vampire
    Height:         179 cm
    Weight:         101 kg
    Demitri was the prince of darkness, he ruled the Underworld for eons with
    an iron fist until he was defeated by Morrigan's clan. He fights to prove
    his massive strength and agility and be hailed once again as the prince of
    ----[Command Legend]------------------------------------------------------
    For the purpose of simplicity, the machine buttons will be noted in
    numbers as follows:
      the layout-     \|/      (1)  (2)  (3)
                      /|\      (4)
    @=360 motion
    @*=720 motion
    1 + 2 when near opponent        Bat Dive
    3 + 4 when near opponent 	Dark Kiss 					
    ----[Basic Moves]---------------------------------------------------------
    1                               quick thrust punch
    2                               quick kick
    3                               strong thrusting punch, has long reach
    4                               standing kick, also has long reach
    1                               quick low jab, not much damage,links well
    2                               quick crouch kick, has long range
    3                               crouching punch
    4                               the sweep, huge range, very quick
    -Command Moves
    b + 1                           Devil Blow
    df + 3                          Cape Sweep
    ----[Special Moves]-------------------------------------------------------
    qcf + 1 or 3                    Fireball (can be done in air)
    qcb + 2 or 4                    Bat Drill (can be done in air)
    @ + 1 or 3 (when close)         Down You Go!
    dpf + 1 or 3                    Demon Uppercut
    u + 2 or 3 (when close)         Devil Spike (must be next to opponent that
                                    was just knocked to ground, input command
                                    as they fall)
    [Vampire Dashing]
    To Vampire Dash, hold 2 + 3 and tap b,f to dash forward. hold 2 + 3 and
    tap f,b to dash back. there are a few options during the dash:
    Demon Uppercut -dpf + 1 or 3    Perform while in the dash, can be angled
                                    45 degrees up towards enemy.
    Super Unknown  -qcf + 1 + 3     A super special, easiest when done in
    ----[Super Moves]---------------------------------------------------------
    qcf + 1 + 3                     EX fireball (can be done in air)
    qcf + 1 + 3                     Super Unknown (easiest during vamp dash)
    1,1,f,2,4,4                     Midnight Kiss
    @ + 1 + 3                       Deadly Oppression
    @* + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4              Ultimate Journey
    ----[Combo system]---------------------------------------------------------
       For those of you who play the Vampire Hunter series, this should be very
       familiar. Dimitri still has the same combo system, the hunter chain
       It pretty much consists of weaks into fierces into specials, some
       1 > 1 > 2 > 3 > 2 > qcf+1+3
       1 > 1 > c1 > c2 > c df+3 > 4
       1 > 1 > f > 2 > 4 > 4  (this is a combo in itself, ending in Midnight
       Due to the simplicity of the Hunter chain method, Dimitri's combo
       system is very fluid, and makes for very easy combos, so long as they
       follow the same formula of links. Most of the hits are canceled into
       from the preceding move
       Dimitri has a very flexible combo system, so take advantage of it at all
       times. He's quite the jump in fighter too, one good tactic is to toss
       one or two fireballs, then a superfireball, (which negates almost every
       other projectile in the game) and jumping in after it. Wait a second,
       then start the combo.
      -This is also a great [unblockable] setup for Midnight Kiss, since the
       button presses for it can connect and then the special,or they can
       block the hits and take the special anyhow, since your right on top of
       them putting on the pressure.(this also works for deadly oppression,
       except you have to do a normal combo, and cancel into it, so it comes
       out without a pause)
      -Fireballs are extremely usefull, and a large part of Dimitri's game.
       always vary between the fast (3) and slow (1) fireballs, it confuses
       the opponent, who for instance may anticipate jumping over your next
       fireball, then land on it because it moves slower... :D
       Always be ready to throw a Super Fireball into the mix with some normal
       fireballs, since it doesn't have flash or otherwise signify that it's a
       special move, at a glance it looks like a normal fireball. This is a
       great advantage since the usual tactic for negating a fireball is to
       send one of your own, in this case the super plows right through it for
       2-3 hits on the enemy. this also works on the Super Fireballs of some
       other characters.
      -If you are close enough to an opponent that you can land at least a 5
       hit combo, always go with a sweep > Devil Spike on the end of your
       combo, instead of slapping on two more hits. The Devil Spike will do
       more damage than half of the combo anyhow, and it looks much cooler to
       stomp on someone whos laying on the ground... :D
      -Jump ins frequently get the Dragon Punch treatment, keep a close eye on
       the enemy, if you see them winding up for a dp manuever, be ready to
       Bat Drill. If you time this right (its not too hard to do with some
       practice) you can dissapear at the moment of contact and lay a few hits.
       Most times in the anti-Dragon Punch Bat Drill, you end up low enough
       on the enemy to start a ground combo. (another excellent opportunity
       to Midnight Kiss!)
      -Always keep a pair of fingers on 2+3 when your not otherwise using
       them, since they are held to teleport. A nice and quite confusing trick
       is to start a combo, and abrubtly teleport during the combo, ending up
       on the other side for a punishing Super Fireball or sweep+spike combo.
       Always use the teleport,it makes Dimitri confusing to fight, and is
       very effective at turning opponents into a turtle waiting to be
       punished. You can also back someone into a corner, and then teleport
       towards them as they try to fend you off, this is very usefull since
       your almost on top of them to start a combo.
    ----[Notes on moves]------------------------------------------------------
     - The button used for bat drill determines where Demitri will appear
       before the drill. 1 is closest to enemy, 3 is half screen
     - The vampire dash will pass through attacks, it starts with Dimitri
       visible, then he blinks out.The dash can cancel into -most- moves, but
       not all.
     - Midnight Bliss and Super Unknown are unblockable, like Demon Rage. both
       moves are very similar in action, with the exception of Super Unknown,
       it has no flash when executed.
     - Deadly Opression and Ultimate Journey are very simple to perform if the
       circular motions are done while jumping in or during Vampire Dash.
    special thanks to the kaillera community for good competion
    for questions or comments on Dimitri's faq, contact ++GriMM ReaPeR++X
    AIM: GriMM ReaPeR X69

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