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    Dan by GenesisGamma6

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    SNK vs Capcom Chaos
    Dan Hibiki for Beginners FAQ
    Version 1.01
    By GenesisGamma6 (AKA Epsilon of Blood-sports.net)
    Started and completed on: September 5, 2006
    Formal Stuff
    This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    September 7, 2006: Added a basic combo section along with the special win 
    quote vs. Sagat. Also fixed a typo.
    (1) Introduction to the Saikyo Master
    (2) Quick bio and story information 
    (3) Legend
    (4) Game basics
    (5) The awesome power of Dan's Special Moves
    (6) The bone-crushing might of Dan's Supers
    (7) A few final words
    (8) Basic combos
    (9) Miscellaneous Information
    (10) Credits and Contact Info
    Introduction to the Saikyo Master
    It's a well known fact that the creation of Dan Hibiki is Capcom's straight
    up mockery of Art of Fighting's Robert Garcia. The ponytail, the pink gi, 
    the somewhat similar combat style and the taunts were all there from Dan's 
    debut in Street Fighter Alpha. So it was only natural for SNK to insert a 
    Capcom joke character based on one of their own in this game.
    The purpose of this FAQ is to give a brief guide for beginners to this awesome
    powerhouse in the SNK vs. Capcom game and will by no means provide insane 
    amounts of combos (even though Dan hasn't got a lot of combos to work with).
    Quick bio and story information
    This is taken from Street Fighter Eternal Challenge, the official resource 
    direct from Capcom Japan.
    Height: 177 cm
    Weight: 74 kg
    3 size (Why do they have this information?): B113-W83-H88
    Blood Type: O
    Nationality: Hong Kong
    Likes: Taunting (YAHOO!!!!)
    Dislikes: Seaweed, small time crooks, Pretentious People
    Fighting Style: Saikyo-ryuu martial arts
    Dan swore vengeance upon Sagat for killing his father and trained to gain 
    the skills needed to carry out his revenge. After being thrown out of Gouken's
    dojo, Dan continued training on his own without any guidance. When Dan heard 
    of Ryu's triumph over Sagat in the first World Warrior tournament, he set off 
    to find Sagat so he could finish the beleaguered Muay Thai fighter off.
    Primary colour: Pink karate gi, black undershirt, normal skin, brown ponytail
    Secondary colour: Same as above except with green karate gi
    u = Up
    uf = Up-Forward
    f = Forward
    df = Down-Forward
    d = Down
    db = Down-Back
    b = Back
    ub = Back
    qcf = Quarter-Circle Forward
    qcb = Quarter-Circle Back
    hcf = Half-Circle Forward
    hcb = Half-Circle Backward
    P = Punch
    LP = Light Punch
    HP = Hard Punch
    K = Kick
    LK = Light Kick
    HK = Hard Kick
    Neo-Geo System Button Configuration
    A = LP
    B = LK
    C = HP
    D = HK
    Game Basics
    Dash: Tap f twice
    Character will perform a quick dash forward. You are vulnerable to attack
    during this dash.
    Backwards dash: Tap b twice
    Character will hop backwards. Once again, you are vulnerable to attack 
    during the hop.
    Guard Cancel Frontstep: Tap f twice while blocking or press BC while blocking
    Character cancels block and dashes forward with a brief moment of 
    invincibility. This is a key concept to master so get used to it quickly. 
    This technique consumes some of your power gauge. According to Kao Megura's
    general FAQ, tapping F twice consumes less power gauge than pressing BC while 
    Guard Cancel Attack: Press CD at same time while blocking
    Character cancels block and performs a small counter attack to knock opponent
    back. This costs you one level of your power gauge and seems to deal little 
    to no damage so use this sparingly.
    Throwing: Press AB or CD when near opponent
    This is probably one of the elements that turns normal fighting game fans away
    from this game. Throwing is a bit of a hassle here (even more so than Street 
    Fighter Alpha 3's PPP or KKK throw input). If you miss a throw, there will
    be a miss animation for your character and you will be punished for a missed
    throw by losing some power gauge energy. Obviously a successful throw 
    doesn't cost any power guage. The AB throw will keep your opponent in front
    of you while the CD throw causes your character to switch sides so keep that
    in mind.
    Throw escape: Press AB or CD as soon as you are being thrown by the opponent
    Your character will perform an action to avoid being thrown by the opponent.
    Note that you must use the same input as the opponent did. So if the opponent 
    tries an AB throw, you have to press AB as well to escape the throw.
    Recovery Roll: Press AB when landing
    A standard feature in King of Fighters, this allows your character to recover 
    on their feet quickly instead of being knocked down.
    The awesome power of Dan's Special Moves
    Otoko Zuki: Press AB when near opponent
    Standard Dan throw where he grabs opponent and punches them back before 
    taunting. Classic.
    Seoi Nage: Press CD when near opponent
    A basic shoulder throw followed by a taunt. Doesn't get any better than that.
    Tachi Chouhatsu: Press Start while standing
    Standard normal taunt but this raises the opponent's power gauge. The sweet 
    thing about normal taunting in this game is that you can cancel it before your
    opponent tries to punish you. Still, this isn't something I would do often 
    since he has other taunt options that don't give power gauge energy to the
    Shagami Chouhatsu: Press AC when crouching
    Dan crouches and taunts. This won't raise the opponent's power gauge but 
    you're still in a vulnerable position by staying in one place. You can't 
    really cancel out of it either like a normal taunt so be cautious when using
    Kuuchuu Chouhatsu: Press AC in air
    Dan shouts "YAHOO!!!" while in the air. This is a great taunt and is 
    relatively safe so use this to tick off your opponent when you have a chance.
    Gadouken: qcf + P
    Dan unleashes a really tiny fireball. SNK seriously weakened this move. I 
    mean, in the Capcom games, at least this had a few practical uses. Although
    you can use this to cancel out normal projectiles thrown at you, it's not 
    worth it.
    Gadou Shoukou Ken: f, hcf + P
    Dan leans back and crosses his arms before unleashing a giant, short-ranged
    fireball. Even though it looks as large as Mr. Karate's Haoh Shoukou Ken, it's
    just as useful as his other projectile and even worse. The start up time 
    leaves you vulnerable to attack and even his recovery time isn't so great.
    You can only negate normal projectiles with this. The only real use I found
    was to constantly use this against CPU Violent Ken since he keeps running 
    into it when he uses his Rasetsu Kyaku (the teleport dash). Don't bother 
    using this against any decent SVC players because they will punish you for it.
    Kouryuu Ken: f, d, df + P
    The standard anti-air move that all shoto characters have. Dan's move pales
    in comparison to Akuma's, Ken's and Ryu's but it still has some uses like 
    being comboed into from a standing close C. This will randomly flash when
    used and when that happens, he gets some mid-level invincibility. A decent
    move but not abusable so use with caution.
    Dankuu Kyaku: qcb + K (can also be performed in air)
    The LK version will cause Dan to perform one kick while the HK version will 
    cause Dan to perform three. This is best used to knock someone down while 
    they're still vulnerable or you can combo into this from a standing close C.
    You can also perform this in the air but he will 'float'when he performs this
    move. On an interesting note, you can use the standing LK Dankuu Kyaku to hit
    someone who has already been hit by a previous standing LK Dankuu Kyaku in the
    corner. I was surprised to catch CPU Kyo with this a few times. I'm not 
    totally sure of the specific requirements and characters needed for a juggle
    with this move so any more information would be appreciated.
    Zenten Chouhatsu: qcf + AC
    Dan will roll forwards and taunt. I don't recommend using this taunt since 
    he's more open as he rolls. Even though he can avoid some attacks during the
    roll, the opponent will have more than enough time to punish.
    Kouten Chouhatsu: qcb + AC
    Dan rolls backwards and then taunts. Commentary for Zenten Chouhatsu is 
    applied here.
    Kyuukyoku Tenchi Gadou Zuki: qcb x 2 + AC
    Dan stretches out his palm and then performs an unblockable super punch. Upon
    a successful hit, he will be left vulnerable as he cradles his injured arm 
    before giving the thumbs up. I seriously love this move because it's a great
    parody of Ryo's Tenchi Haoh Ken and it's a hilarious technique. In real play,
    you won't be getting anybody with this (unless they have no idea how this move
    works). Dan's autoguard is quite high so anybody can hit him with a low 
    attack. Also, the autoguard still causes Dan to take chip damage from special
    moves, Supers and Exceeds as if he were blocking. The actual punch will not
    dizzy an opponent nor do more damage on a counterhit but at least it's 
    unblockable. Even still, a character like Ryo or Hugo can use their 
    'autoguard' parry moves to cause Dan to go into recovery mode upon striking 
    the autoguard. Some characters can also duck the punch completely. You can be 
    hit out of the move as Dan prepares to punch the opponent. Last but not least,
    the recovery time is pretty long so if the opponent does a recovery roll, they
    can easily punish you for landing that strike.
    The bone-crushing might of Dan's Supers
    Hisshou Burai Ken: qcb x 2 + K
    Dan performs a series of attacks in one place before ending with a Kouryuu 
    Ken. LK will have him perform 5 hits while HK causes him to perform 10. 
    If you use the HK version, Dan does a low kick for the fourth hit which must
    be blocked low. If the opponent is hit by that kick, the rest of the move 
    connects for small damage. This is a pretty decent super that can be comboed 
    into but the opponent could get knocked down by any of the prior hits and 
    then get back up while Dan is still performing the move in the same place.
    This is why I prefer the next one.
    Kouryuu Rekka: qcf x 2 + K
    Dan performs a small Kouryuu Ken followed by a large one for a total of 7 
    hits. Although it doesn't really have him hop a small distance forward to 
    perform the move like in the max version of it in Capcom VS SNK 2, this is
    still a good move to combo into and seems to be somewhat more safer to use
    than Hisshou Burai Ken since the time to perform this move and recover from 
    it is smaller than Hisshou Burai Ken.
    Chouhatsu Densetsu: qcf x 2 + AC
    The legendary taunt makes its way here to the game! SNK also adds in a few 
    extra taunts by borrowing from Joe Higashi and Yuri Sakazaki. Upon successful
    completion of this move, both Dan and his opponent will be in Maximum mode.
    If you want to perform this move successfully and safely, perform this move 
    just as time runs out so that you can taunt your opponent like crazy. It may
    be a useless move but it's still pretty funny to pull off.
    Otoko Michi: C, B, b, A, A [EXCEED]
    The best move of Dan, period! This move can only be used once a match and only
    when your name is blinking (which happens when you lose all of your first 
    lifebar and are on your second). Originally introduced in Marvel Super Heroes
    vs. Street Fighter, this Raging Demon parody was unblockable but it didn't do
    a lot of damage and it caused Dan's health to go down to 1% in which any 
    special or super would kill him (even when blocked). Not here. The damage is
    good, the dash is invincible and Dan takes no damage upon a successful 
    connection with this move! Whenever you see your name blinking, find ways 
    to nail this sucker on your opponent! You can even catch characters jumping 
    in with this! What can't this thing do?!?
    For any Dan players used to him from previous Capcom games, sadly, SNK did
    not give Dan the Shinkuu Gadouken. What were they thinking?!?
    Basic combos
    1. Standing C => Kouryuu Ken/Kouryuu Rekka
    2. Standing C => Otoko Michi 
    (This will always connect if the standing C hits. For some strange reason, if
    the opponent blocks the standing C, the Otoko Michi misses even though it 
    seems the enemy is in grab range.)
    3. Crouching B => LK Dankuu Kyaku
    A few final words
    Although he plays like a shoto, you can't rely on classic shoto strategies
    to win with this guy. You'll need to be fast with your hands to keep ahead
    of the opponent (and taunt them mercilessly) and force them to make mistakes
    that you can punish with a super or another combo.
    To play as the Saikyo Master in the arcade (since he isn't selectable 
    normally), press Start to activate Roulette Mode. Then tap Down, Left, Left,
    Left, Left, Left, Left, Left with the joystick. After that, press any punch 
    or kick button while holding Start.
    Some CPU End Boss Tips for those having trouble getting to Dan's ending
    Shin Akuma: Use Dan's Kyuukyoku Tenchi Gadou Zuki on a regular basis. Shin 
    Akuma will often toss out a Zankuu Hadouken that your autoguard can block 
    before smashing him with the punch.
    Violent Ken: Time your jumps carefully so that he can whiff his HP Shoryuuken
    and then nail him with a combo. Gadou Shoukou Ken should be used frequently
    here too as Ken will run into it as he comes out of his teleport dash.
    Orochi Iori: Time your dashes right and he usually whiffs his 100 Shiki: 
    Oniyaki right in front of you. Refrain from jumping in too often.
    Serious Mr. Karate: Learn to master Guard Cancel Frontstep so that you can
    punish him when he does Chou Haoh Shoukou Ken. He will occasionally leave 
    himself wide open when he does his HP Built Upper and Kyokugen Kohou so be
    ready to combo him there.
    Red Arremer: Easy for Dan, believe it or not. Just corner him and keep doing
    LK Dankuu Kyaku. CPU won't bother to Guard Cancel Frontstep and you can easily
    Guard Crush the devil before smacking him with a Super or Exceed.
    Athena: Easy for anyone in general. All you need to do is be aware of her move
    properties and their openings for a counterattack.
    Miscellaneous Information
    Win pose 1: Shakes his arm and shouts "Rakushou!" (An easy win!)
    Win pose 2: Gives a thumbs up and shouts "Yatta ze, oyaji!" (I did it, dad!)
    Win quote 1: My name is Dan Hibiki! Dan Hibiki! That's Dan Hibiki! Got it?
    Win quote 2: How about becoming my disciple? And with that marvelous offer,
    you receive an outfit like me!
    Win quote 3: Huff. Puff. Passed out, eh...? Too bad. J-just when I was
    getting warmed up! Gah ha ha!
    Win quote 4: I blow away all foes! That is the way of "Saikyo!"
    Special win quote against Ryo: Pack in that Kyokugen stuff! I told you, this
    is the age of the Saikyo groove!
    Special win quote against Sagat: I did it, Daddy-o!
    (Strange how the Kyokugen quote doesn't pop up when Dan wins against either
    version of Mr. Karate)
    Credits and Contact Info
    Special thanks to all other FAQ writers for giving me a glimpse on how to 
    properly write a guide and Kao Megura for providing move names and some notes
    on SVC Dan in his General FAQ.
    Since this is my first FAQ, I would appreciate some good constructive 
    criticism on what I could have done better. I know that I'm missing an 
    analysis on Dan's normal punches and kicks but I feel the player can decide
    for themselves what normal moves works for Dan and what doesn't.
    Kudos for Capcom and SNK teaming up together on these projects. Hope to see
    another one in the works soon.
    AIM: GenesisGamma6
    Yahoo: nemesisalpha1@yahoo.ca
    MSN/Hotmail: deadalpha@hotmail.com
    Copyright 2006 Isaac Tong

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