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    Akuma/Gouki by GenesisGamma6

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    SNK vs Capcom Chaos
    Akuma/Gouki FAQ for Beginners
    Version 1.0
    By GenesisGamma6 (AKA Epsilon of Blood-sports.net and G3 Evolution)
    Started and completed on: January 21, 2007
    Formal Stuff
    This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any website or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright.
    (1) Introduction to the Fist of Destiny
    (2) Quick bio and story information 
    (3) Legend
    (4) Game basics
    (5) Special Moves of the Fist Master
    (6) The Powerful Techniques of the Dark Hadou
    (7) Basic Combos
    (8) Miscellaneous Information
    (9) Credits and Contact Info
    Introduction to the Fist of Destiny
    A late happy new year to all of you readers! I promised that when I started
    writing FAQs that I would get out an FAQ for Shin Akuma/Gouki but before I can
    do that, there may as well be a basic tutorial on using his original version.
    There are some minor differences between the SNK version and the Capcom 
    version so I'll try and highlight those as we go along.
    The purpose of this FAQ is to give a brief guide for beginners to Akuma in the
    SNK vs. Capcom game and will by no means provide insane amounts of combos.
    Quick bio and story information
    This is taken from Street Fighter Eternal Challenge, the official resource 
    direct from Capcom Japan.
    Height: 178 cm
    Weight: 80 kg
    3 Size: B118-W84-H86
    Blood Type: Unknown
    Nationality: Unknown
    Likes: Unknown
    Dislikes: Unknown
    Fighting Style: Shotokan Karate
    Akuma's lust for absolute power corrupted his mind, slowly transforming him
    into the murderous fighting demon he is today. Once he was able to obtain the
    Dark Hadou and slay his master, he saw the power he was capable of and 
    relinquished any intention of turning back.
    Following a path of pure evil, Akuma traveled to a small island south of Japan
    filled with active volcanoes, known as the Island of Flame. He spent many 
    weeks training there before heading out across the world in search of worthy
    opponents who could prove their worth in the face of the death he represented.
    Finding Ryu, and seeing in him the potential to harness the powers of the Dark
    Hadou, Akuma wonders what his destiny will bring and whether he will continue
    onwards as the Fist of Destiny.
    Primary Colour: Dark skin, red hair, blue karate gi (blue??)
    Secondary Colour: Lighter skin, purplish red hair and violet gi
    u = Up
    uf = Up-Forward
    f = Forward
    df = Down-Forward
    d = Down
    db = Down-Back
    b = Back
    ub = Up-Back
    qcf = Quarter-Circle Forward
    qcb = Quarter-Circle Back
    hcf = Half-Circle Forward
    hcb = Half-Circle Backward
    P = Punch
    LP = Light Punch
    HP = Hard Punch
    K = Kick
    LK = Light Kick
    HK = Hard Kick
    Neo-Geo System Button Configuration
    A = LP
    B = LK
    C = HP
    D = HK
    Game Basics
    Dash: Tap f twice
    Character will perform a quick dash forward. You are vulnerable to attack
    during this dash.
    Backwards dash: Tap b twice
    Character will hop backwards. Once again, you are vulnerable to attack 
    during the hop.
    Guard Cancel Frontstep: Tap f twice while blocking or press BC while blocking
    Character cancels block and dashes forward with a brief moment of 
    invincibility. This is a key concept to master so get used to it quickly. 
    This technique consumes some power gauge energy. According to Kao Megura's
    general FAQ, tapping F twice consumes less power gauge energy than pressing BC
    while blocking. 
    Guard Cancel Attack: Press CD at same time while blocking
    Character cancels block and performs a small counter attack to knock opponent
    back. This costs you one level of your power gauge and deals no damage so use
    this to get the enemy off your back if they're pressuring you too much.
    Throwing: Press AB or CD when near opponent
    This is probably one of the elements that turns normal fighting game fans away
    from this game. Throwing is a bit of a hassle here (even more so than Street 
    Fighter Alpha 3's PPP or KKK throw input). If you miss a throw, there will
    be a miss animation for your character and you will be punished for a missed
    throw by losing some power gauge energy. Obviously a successful throw 
    doesn't cost any power guage. The AB throw will keep your opponent in front
    of you while the CD throw causes your character to switch sides so keep that
    in mind.
    Throw escape: Press AB or CD as soon as you are being thrown by the opponent
    Your character will perform an action to avoid being thrown by the opponent.
    Note that you must use the same input as the opponent did. So if the opponent 
    tries an AB throw, you have to press AB as well to escape the throw.
    Recovery Roll: Press AB when landing
    A standard feature in King of Fighters, this allows your character to recover 
    on their feet quickly instead of being knocked down.
    Special Moves of the Fist Master
    Seoi Nage: Press AB when near
    Standard shoulder throw grab move that shotos have. A nice quick toss.
    Tomoe Nage: Press CD when near
    Standard back roll grab move that shotos have. Moving along.
    Zugai Hasatsu: f + C
    His two hit overhead attack that has been with him since the Street Fighter
    Alpha series. Can cancel this move into other moves when in Maximum Mode. This
    is the only command move that CANNOT be canceled into from a normal attack.
    Hiza Geri: f + D
    Akuma will ram his knee forward to hit the enemy. A decent cancelable attack
    which is not so great in this version but is a staple in one of Shin Akuma's 
    Max Mode combos. 
    Kurubushi Kick: db + D
    The shoto crouching MK from the Capcom games appears here. I'm certain you all
    remember how this could be canceled into another special back in the Street 
    Fighter II days and it still remains a steady cancelable move.
    Tenma Kuujin Kyaku: Jump uf, db~df + B at apex
    Akuma's diving kick that has been with him from the Alpha series. A decent
    opener to start combos with.
    Gou Hadou Ken: qcf + P
    The standard shoto fireball that we've all seen and remembered from Street
    Fighter. This projectile knocks down an enemy if they get hit shortly with 
    this after it is thrown.
    Zankuu Hadou Ken: qcf + P in air
    A signature move of Akuma's since Super Street Fighter II Turbo. It doesn't
    pin down an enemy as much nowadays but this is a decent move to use if you're
    backing off. This also works nicely as a way to open combos since the enemy
    takes a bit of time to recover after being hit with this.
    Shakunetsu Hadou Ken: hcb + P
    Akuma tenses up before firing a three hit fireball which causes someone to
    light up if they are hit with it. During the charge-up, Akuma has mid-level
    invincibility. Unfortunately, this is still a standard projectile which can
    be easily nullified. Best used to go for chip damage finishes to get to Red
    Arremer in the arcade mode.
    Gou Shoryu Ken: f, d, df + P
    Both versions hit three times and unlike Ryu and Ken, Akuma has no startup
    invincibility. However, his Gou Shouryuu Ken comes out pretty fast and lets
    him recover fairly quickly when he lands. A good move that can be inserted
    into combos as well.
    Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku: qcb + K
    A key move for many of Akuma's simple combos as I will note later. The D
    version has him spinning longer but you can still juggle your opponent if
    the first few rotations miss. Considering how it takes him longer to recover,
    I stick with the B version as there are many great followups one can perform.
    This also allows him to pass through some projectiles.
    Kuuchuu Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku: qcb + K in air
    An aerial version of the move previously mentioned. Like in previous Street
    Fighter games, you can juggle the opponent from this move if you hit them 
    with it. I haven't found a totally practical use for it in here in terms of
    combos but it's still a good option for Akuma to have.
    Hyakki Shuu: f, d, df + K
    It's a good thing that SNK used the new input for this instead of the old 
    Alpha input since I never really got used to that. Basically, Akuma will flip
    into the air and do one move depending on what followup input is used.
    Hyakki Gouzan: Do nothing after Hyakki Shuu
    Akuma will attack with his inner leg that must be blocked low upon his 
    Hyakki Goushou: Press P after Hyakki Shuu
    Akuma will strike the opponent with his outer palm and knock them down. The
    strike will come out as soon as you press P.
    Hyakki Goujin: Press K after Hyakki Shuu
    Akuma will dive down and kick the opponent with his outer leg as soon as you
    press K.
    Hyakki Gousai: Press AB/CD when near
    Akuma will grab the opponent and spin them once in the air before slamming
    them on the ground.
    Ashura Senkuu (Forward): f, d, df + AC / BD
    The teleport move that has been with him since Super Street Fighter II Turbo.
    The AC version moves you further than the BD version. Unlike the crappy SFIII
    teleport, Akuma can use this and safely bypass anybody that throws a super or
    Exceed at him while he's in the main duration of the move. At the end is 
    another story unfortunately since he is vulnerable when reappearing.
    Ashura Senkuu (Backward): b, d, db + AC / BD
    Comments from above can be applied here. Only difference is that he moves
    backward instead of forward.
    The Powerful Techniques of the Dark Hadou
    Tenma Gou Zankuu: qcf x 2 + P in air
    Akuma fires a super version of his air fireball which goes for 8 hits. The LP
    version goes a bit slower than the HP version. This move is not recommended
    for any situation other than a wakeup for one who is abusing their projectiles
    since there are many vulnerabilities with this move. For one, it takes about a
    second for the super flash to occur after the input and if he's hit during
    that time, you still lose the super bar. Damage wise, this is probably one of
    his weaker supers. And it's fairly easy to avoid the super if you play smart
    and after that, he's open for a combo as he needs time to land.
    Messatsu Gou Hadou: hcb x 2 + P
    A super fireball which goes for 8 hits. LP version is fired a bit slower than
    the HP version. The nice thing about this move is that if you hit the opponent
    in the corner with this, you can juggle them but you'll have to be quick with
    a followup input to get the juggle. Recovery is decent assuming the enemy does
    not use Guard Cancel Dash.
    Messatsu Gou Shoryu: qcf x 2 + P
    A seven hit dragon punch super which is more or less the same in design as 
    Ken's Shoryu Reppa. The initial animation can duck underneath projectiles
    as Shin Akuma has done to me many times when I first started playing. If this
    is blocked, prepare to get punished. This move is combo friendly so keep that
    in mind.
    ShunGokuSatsu: A, A, f, B, C [EXCEED]
    Seriously, who didn't see this coming? As Akuma's most powerful trademark move
    in the Alpha series and in other titles, the Raging Demon is restricted to a 
    one time use in a battle in SVC. Akuma's warp is pretty quick although not as 
    fast as Shin Akuma's. He also has total invincibility at the beginning of the
    warp. The interesting thing is that this move is classified as a pure grab 
    move while Shin Akuma's version is classified as unblockable but not a grab.
    To clarify, Shin Akuma's move can be stoped with autoguard moves while Akuma
    simply plows through for the complete damage. A friend of mine named AcidGlow 
    has recorded footage which examines both versions of the ShunGokuSatsu on 
    YouTube. The vids are near the last pages of his profile so you'll have to do
    some digging.
    It would have been cool to get Messatsu Gou Senpuu and Kongou Kokuretsuzan in
    here but sadly that's not the case.
    Basic Combos
    I swear, he has got to be one of the most combo friendly characters in this 
    1. Zankuu Hadouken (or another jump in) => Close/Crouching C => Messatsu Gou
    Shoryu/Gou Hadouken/Gou Shoryu Ken
    2. Zankuu Hadouken (or another jump in) => Crouching A/B x 2 (3 if you're 
    lucky. Can alternate between A and B) => B Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku => Messatsu
    Gou Hadou
    If you do the above combo in the corner, you can use alternate followups after
    Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku such as Messatsu Gou Shoryu or Gou Shoryu Ken. You can
    also add on an extra followup after Messatsu Gou Hadou like so...
    B Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku => Gou Shoryu Ken 
    Mind you that you'll have to properly time the Messatsu Gou Hadou so that the
    followup input juggles the opponent properly.
    On an interesting note, the slowness of the Zankuu Hadouken can be an asset.
    Assume you corner someone and then jump back to fire a Zankuu Hadouken before
    jumping forward for another Zankuu Hadouken. If the first one hits, the second
    one will combo from it and you can combo from there.
    Some Max Mode Combos...
    3. Zankuu Hadouken (or another jump in) => Close/Crouching C => Gou Shoryu Ken
    => (Super Cancel on second hit) Messatsu Gou Shoryu
    4. Zugai Hasatsu => Gou Shoryu Ken => (Super Cancel on second hit) Messatsu 
    Gou Shoryu
    A few final words
    Unlike previous Capcom games, the Hurricane Kick => Dragon Punch combo only
    works in the corner since Akuma's uppercut is just out of range if you do it
    while in the middle of the stage or something. At least SNK compensated for
    allowing you to juggle the enemy with Messatsu Gou Hadou instead.
    Akuma gains super energy at a turtle's pace. If you do his Gou Shoryu Ken, you
    only get super energy if it makes contact with the enemy. Try to conserve your
    super bar for emergency situations or for a combo that can guarantee a KO.
    Akuma's stamina is also an issue so keep on the offensive with this character.
    Also, the old trick of getting the CPU to fall for the ShunGokuSatsu isn't as
    reliable here. You'll need to open them up with something like Zankuu Hadouken
    to ensure they are stunned enough for you to enter the input and get the 
    Exceed out.
    Speaking of the CPU, a majority of opponents are dumb enough not to block
    an incoming Zankuu Hadouken if you corner them. Talk about a great way to
    breeze through the game and get used to some of Akuma's combos.
    Last note... the ShunGokuSatsu finish here is the most awesome, second to the
    finish in the SFIII series.
    Some CPU End Boss Tips for those having trouble getting to Akuma's ending
    Shin Akuma: He falls under the CPU majority that was mentioned earlier. He
    will usually get hit by the Zankuu Hadouken if he's cornered (and he won't
    teleport out of it) so just keep him there. If he blocks, just back off until
    you have another opportunity to combo him again.
    Violent Ken: Time your jumps carefully so that he can whiff his HP Shoryuuken
    and then nail him with a combo. Violent Ken also falls under the CPU majority.
    Orochi Iori: Use your dashes as ways to feint so that he will whiff his 100
    Shiki: Oniyaki in front of you. He's a turtler here so the Zankuu Hadouken
    freebie won't apply here.
    Serious Mr. Karate: Learn to master Guard Cancel Frontstep so that you can
    punish him when he does Chou Haoh Shikou Ken. He will occasionally leave 
    himself wide open when he does his HP Built Upper and Kyokugen Kohou so be
    ready to combo him there. He does fall under the majority for the most part.
    Red Arremer: Falls under CPU majority as well. If he does block, keep on him
    by doing LP Gou Shoryu Ken since he won't GCD if he's in the corner (as I 
    wrote earlier in my Dan and Hugo FAQs). Once you guard crush him and knock
    him down, try for the freebie again.
    Athena: Easy for anyone in general. All you need to do is be aware of her move
    properties and their openings for a counterattack.
    Miscellaneous Information
    Win pose 1: Goes into his horse stance and shakes.
    Win pose 2 (ShunGokuSatsu Finish): Remains standing and shows you the Ten 
    symbol on his back.
    Win quote 1: To you defeated in battle, regret your folly in Hades!
    Win quote 2: Oh, can you hear it...? The dogs of war await you!
    Win quote 3: Be gone with you! You lack conviction to follow the way!
    Win quote 4: Defeating you takes less effort than smacking a baby. Not that
    I'd ever do that! (AN: Seriously... what the hell?)
    Special win quote against Bison: Destroy!
    Special win quote against Ryu: Just try to defeat my murder wave, ponce!
    Credits and Contact Info
    Thanks to Kao Megura's FAQ for some additional notes on move properties for
    this version of Akuma.
    Kudos for Capcom and SNK teaming up together on these projects. Hope to see
    another one in the works soon.
    Additional extra FAQs not featured on GameFAQs can be found at
    AIM: GenesisGamma6
    Yahoo: nemesisalpha1@yahoo.ca
    MSN/Hotmail: deadalpha@hotmail.com
    Copyright 2007 Isaac Tong

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