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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Wasabi X

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 08/11/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ___ _  _ ____    ____ _  _ ____ ____ _  _ _ ____ _    ____ ____    ____ ____ 
     |  |__| |___    |    |__| |__/ |  | |\ | | |    |    |___ [__     |  | |___ 
     |  |  | |___    |___ |  | |  \ |__| | \| | |___ |___ |___ ___]    |__| |    
    ooooooooo.   ooooo oooooooooo.   oooooooooo.   ooooo   .oooooo.   oooo    oooo 
    `888   `Y88. `888' `888'   `Y8b  `888'   `Y8b  `888'  d8P'  `Y8b  `888   .8P'  
     888   .d88'  888   888      888  888      888  888  888           888  d8'    
     888ooo88P'   888   888      888  888      888  888  888           88888[      
     888`88b.     888   888      888  888      888  888  888           888`88b.    
     888  `88b.   888   888     d88'  888     d88'  888  `88b    ooo   888  `88b.  
    o888o  o888o o888o o888bood8P'   o888bood8P'   o888o  `Y8bood8P'  o888o  o888o 
                ____ ____ ____ ____ ___  ____    ____ ____ ____ _  _           
                |___ [__  |    |__| |__] |___    |___ |__/ |  | |\/| 
                |___ ___] |___ |  | |    |___    |    |  \ |__| |  | 
                ___  _  _ ___ ____ _  _ ____ ____    ___  ____ _   _ 
                |__] |  |  |  |    |__| |___ |__/    |__] |__|  \_/  
                |__] |__|  |  |___ |  | |___ |  \    |__] |  |   | 
    Table of contents-
         b.Moving Around
    8.Enviormental Objects
    10.Ciggerate packs
         A.SINGLE MAX
              1.The Escape
              2.The Arrival
              3.Prison Yard
              4.Aquila Territory
              7.Prison Yard Riot
              8.The Pit
              9.Pope Joe's Den
              10.Dark Tunnels
              12.Guards Quarters
         B.DOUBLE MAX
              14.Tower 17
              15.Tower 17 Base
              16.Recreation Area
              17.Feed Ward
              18.Work Pass
              19.Mine Entrance
              20.Security Checkpoint
              21.Upper Mines
              22.Cargo Transport
              23.Mining Core
              24.Tower 19
              25.C Router
              26.Crash Site
              27.Abandoned Equipment Center
              28.Central Storage
              29.Loading Docks
              30.Fuel Transport
         C.TRIPLE MAX
              32.Exercise Area
              33.Cryo Pyramids
              34.Facility Control
              35.Corporate Office
              36.Take Off Platform
    12.Secret Stuff
    14.Plot Synopsis
    15.Version History
    16.Contact Info
    18.Rate My Work
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    *  .:. 1.Copywrite .:.                                                        *
    This FAQ is copywrite (c) 2004 Wasabi X. This may be not be reproduced under
    any circumstances except for personal,private use. It may not be placed on any
    web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
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    *  .:. 2.Intro .:.                                                            *
    Welcome to the world of Riddick! Prepare to be confused. The Chronicles of
    Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay is a game from the new developer Starbreeze.
    The franchise started with the movie Pitch Black, now the movie series have
    continued with Chronicles of Riddick and Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury, an
    anime movie from the director or Reign: The Conqueror, Peter Chung. Now, the
    franchise has been expanded to the game industry, and it rocks. Chronicles of
    Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay is set before Chronicles of Riddick and Pitch
    *  .:. 3.Characters .:.                                                       *
       Riddick- Riddick is part of a nigh-extinct race of people known as Furyans. 
    It is unknown why Riddick has been put into Butchers Bay, or why he seeks out.
       Abbot- Abbot is the head of security at Butchers Bay prison. Riddick makes a 
    bad rep with Abbot upon arrival, Abbot is just searching for the right time to 
    kill Riddick.
       Hoxie- The warden of the prison, he runs thw show.
       Jagger Valance- A prison legend, Jagger did something to gain respect of the
    prisoners and be thrown down in the mines.
       Pope Joe- A strange holy man who lives down in the Pit. He helps Riddick
    along his way to escape.
       Johns- Johns is the mercenary that captures Riddick, but it is unsure 
    whether he is a freind or foe, he helps you, but is it only because of his own
    greedy intentions?
    *  .:. 4.Basics .:.                                                           *
    Right Trigger= Shoot/Punch/Loud Neckbreak
    Left Trigger= Block/Sneak Attack
    Left Thumbstick= Move
    Left Thumbstick Clikc= Crouch/Stealth Mode
    Right Thumgstick= Look
    Right Thumbstick Click= Eyeshine
    A= Jump
    X= Activate/Use
    Y= Change weapon
    B= Reload
    D-pad up= Lean up
    D-pad right= Lean right
    D-pad left= Lean left
    D-pad down= Duck
    White button= Flashlight
    Black butoon= Zoom
    Start= Game Menu
    Back= Journal/Inventory
         b.Moving Around
     Jumping- Pressing A and jumping can get you over gaps or over things.
     Climbing- Going up to certain things that look climbable and pressing X will
    have Riddick jump up and grab the ledge. Once thats done you can ether press
    left or right, to shimmy from side to side, or you can press up and climb up.
     Shimmying- If you get to a ledge you can shimmy across, do so the same way you
    would climb crates but press left or right, then you either climb up or drop
    down using the X button.
     Hangrails- Hangrails are ladders on the ceiling. If you see one, jump to it or
    press the X button and you will climb on, than you can go from side to side. To
    drop from the hangrail, press X.
     Vents- Once you have a vent tool, look at the vent and use the X button.
     Hatches and Grates- If you see a hatch or grating, you can usually kick it
    through with the X button.
    There are many ways to do combat in Riddick, but this section will focus on the
    hand to hand fighting in the game.
    Right + Right Trigger= Right hook
    Left + Right Trigger= Left hook
    Down + Right Trigger= Upper-cut
    Up + Right Trigger= Elbow throw
    Left Trigger= Block
    There are also some more complex moves you can pull off.
    D-pad(in any direction) + Right Trigger= A quick sidestep, for jumping around
    corners. You can also use these in hand to hand fights as dodges.
    While in stealth mode, push the d-pad in any direction and than the right
    There are many different types of reversals in Riddick, each with its own
    animation. The basic reversal is as follows, block, and when the enemy attacks,
    press the right trigger and you will use the enemies weapon against them. This
    can only be done from close range, but can still be used against enemies who
    are equiped with guns, as long as they are using a melee attack.
    *  .:. 5.Sneaking .:.                                                         *
    Sneaking is a vital part of the game and is used very much. you must master the
    art of sneaking if you want to stand a chance during the game. There are some
    very basic things you need to know.
    Click the left thumbstick to go into sneak mode.
    While in sneak mode, the screens tint will turn blue if you are in darkness,
    or it will be regular colors if you are not concealed in darkness.
    While in sneak mode, you can here a heartbeat if there are enemies near you.
    If you sneak up on an enemy while in sneak mode and have either your fists, or
    another melee weapon equiped, you can go behind them and do an instant stealth
    Every weapon has a different stealth kill(excluding the tranq gun) so try to
    see all of them.
    *  .:. 6.Weapons .:.                                                          *
    Bullets Per Clip- 14
    The pistol is pretty weak, but it gets the job done. The key is to stay far
    away and snipe with it, because it is very accurate where as the rifles and
    shotguns arean't. Go for headshots for instant death.
    Tranq Gun-
    Bullets Per Clip- 1
    The tranq gun is one of the most useful in the game. Although it does not kill,
    and it only has 1 round per clip, it also has unlimeted ammo and stuns the 
    gaurd hit for 10-15 seconds. this is more than enough time for you to go over
    to the stunned body and press the left trigger, which WILL kill them. The tranq
    gun will also stun riot gaurds and take out lights.
    Assualt Rifle-
    Bullets Per Clip- 38
    The assulat rifle is hard to get a hold of. Although it is the most used gun in
    the game by the gaurds, you need a DNA scan to use it, and for most of the game
    the gun is not availiable to you. Don't worry, the assualt rifle is very
    inaccurate, you can survive by other means. It also has a flashlight attachment
    on it.
    Bullets Per Clip- 8
    The shotgun is not a very good weapon, but you will be stuck with it as your
    lethal weapon through most of the game. The gun has a flashlight attachment,
    and is deadly at close range, but sucks at far range.
    Prototype Rifle-
    Bullets Per Clip- 14
    The prototype rifle is found in the deep depths or Butcher Bay. This is the 
    prototype version of the regular rifle, but it lacks a few things. It does not
    include DNA encoding, but it has a very small clip and fires really fast. This
    makes it seem as if you are only firing 5 rounds.
    Bullets Per Clip- 4000
    The mingun is fun and great. Although you move very very slow when you have it
    equiped, it rocks. you will shoot many rounds per second and never have to fear
    about running out of ammo, and you don't have to worry about enemies, they are
    nothing when you have this.
    A power-up for your fist, thats about it...
    Shivs are knifes. They can come in the form of screwdrivers or shards of glass.
    They use the same combos as fists, but it does much much more damage than the
    normal fists or even the knuckleduster.
    The club is very slow, which makes it innefective in normal combat situation.
    But it serves its purpose when you really need it. I highly suggest you use a
    shiv if you have the choice.
    The grenade is just as you would expect. Once it explodes, it creates a firey
    hell for anything near it. This weapon is esspecially useful for when the
    monsters break loose and you encounter the big ones.
    *  .:. 7.Items .:.                                                            *
    UD Money- UD money is found throughout the world of Riddick. The money can be
    used for trading or buying stuff throughout the game. You need to keep a steady
    supply of this stuff if you are planning on keeping some useful weapons.
    Nanomed Cartridge- Nanomed carts can be used to refill the Nanomed machines. 
    These fill the machines all the way.
    Smokes- Smokes are found throughout the prison and can be used to unlock 
    special things in the menu.
    Vent Tool- Vent tools are used to open ventilation hatches.
    Drugs- Used to trade, nothing more.
    *  .:. 8.Enviormental Objects .:.                                             *
    Nanomed Machine- Nanomed machines are small machines mounted on the walls, and
    they are your only means of healing. They have 4 small green lights on them.
    these represent the health squares, when you heal, however many squares it 
    healed you, the squares will dissapear on the machine. When there are no more
    squares left on the machine, you need to use a nanomed cartridge to refill it.
    Nanomed Machine+- Found in the last part of the game, there is no difference
    between the nanomed+ and the nanomed, just different models.
    Nanomed Station- Nanomed stations are 1 time use stations, but they will 
    increase your health 1 square when you use them. they look like racing arcade
    *  .:. 9.Enemies .:.                                                          *
    Inmates- Inmates will only be your enemies if you make them be your enemies. So
    don't get on thier bad side.
    Maximum Security Light Guard- These guard carry assualt rifles but do not have
    much armor. They will usually call for backup if you confront them. They can 
    also carry shotguns or guns.
    Double-max Light Guard- They also carry assualt rifles, but they have armor on
    them, they can also carry shotguns, but not usually.
    Light Guard Squad Leaders- Most captains carry only guns or assualt rifles. 
    They arean't the first to spring into combat, but they are equipped.
    Riot Gaurds- Riot Guards are strong as hell and are almost invernerable, except
    they have a weak spot on thier backs. They sometimes have mini-guns equipped.
    *  .:. 10. Ciggarette Packs .:.                                               *
    Here is a list of all the ciggarette packs and what part of the prison they are
    1. Hogdales Finest, Escape [The Chronicles of Riddick Combo Trailer]
    2. Candy Candy, TO Platform [Movie Concept Art 3]
    3. Carls Blend, Recreation Area [Game Concept Art 5]
    4. Swift, Mining Core [Game Concept Art 16]
    5. Charlies, Tower 17 [Game Concept Art 19]
    6. Desert Air, Escape [Movie Still 1]
    7. Dog Smokes, Feed Ward [Movie Set 1]
    8. Black Death, Feed Ward [Movie Set 2]
    9. Charlies CC, Feed Ward [Movie Set 3]
    10. Pirate, Feed Ward [Game Concept Art 11]
    11. Roulette, Feed Ward [Game Concept Art 37]
    12. Dr.Filur, Infirmary [Movie Set 6]
    13. Alunda Classics, Mainframe [Game Concept Art 22]
    14. Space Cowboy, TO Platform [Cigarette List, Starbreeze Technology Demo]
    15. Mount Noir, The Pit [Game Concept Art 17, TCoR Novelization]
    16. OP, Pope Joe's Den [Movie Concept Art 2]
    17. Sensai, Feed Ward [The Chronicles of Riddick Movie Teaser]
    18. Yoyall, Tower 17 Base [Game Concept Art 20]
    19. Starlife, Tower 17 Base [Game Concept Art 39]
    20. Clemens, Tower 17 Base [Game Concept Art 6]
    21. Noname, Tower 17 Base [Game Concept Art 29, Riddick Prototype 4]
    22. Painful, Recreation Area [Movie Set 9]
    23. Cone Puffs, Recreation Area [Game Concept Art 2, Starbreeze Motion Capture]
    24. Five Fingers, Recreation Area [Game Concept Art 10]
    25. Voodoo, Prison Yard [Game Concept Art 24]
    26. The Counts, Prison Yard [Game Concept Art 25, Riddick Prototype 1]
    27. The Beetle Blend, Mainframe [Game Concept Art 01, Riddick Prototype 2]
    28. Karavan, Dark Tunnels [Game Concept Art 3]
    29. Yups, Showers [Game Concept Art 12]
    30. Q, Showers [Game Concept Art 31]
    31. Gronkos Bar, Guard Quarters [Movie Prop 1, Riddick Prototype 3]
    32. Old Timer, Recreation Area [Game Concept Art 28]
    33. Guards, Guards Quarters [Movie Set 7]
    34. Red Frog, Workpass [Movie Set 4, Riddick First Playable 2]
    35. Bloss, Escape [Game Concept Art 32]
    36. Tiny Tims, Workpass [Game Concept Art 26]
    37. Sicher, Mine Entrance [Game Concept Art 38]
    38. Rolles Rock, Mine Entrance [Game Concept Art 21]
    39. Nordqvist, Security Checkpoint [Game Concept Art 30]
    40. Space Jockey, Upper Mines [Game Concept Art 23]
    41. Jimboro, Mining Core [Game Concept Art 27, Riddick First Playable 3]
    42. Addictive M, Cargo Transport [Movie Set 10]
    43. Iron Lungs, Feed Ward [Game Concept Art 15, Riddick First Playable 1]
    44. CA Alderholm, C Router [Game Concept Art 8]
    45. 20 Musketeers, C Router [Game Concept Art 4]
    46. Robot Smokes, C Router [Game Concept Art 9, Riddick First Playable 4]
    47. 68th C Router [Movie Set 8]
    48. Maestro, C Router [Game Concept Art 7]
    49. Mummy, AE Center [Game Concept Art 13]
    50. Count gunther, AE Center [Game Concept Art 14]
    51. Cloud No. 17, AE Center [Movie Concept Art 5]
    52. Enfermo, Central Storage [Game Concept Art 18]
    53. Graes, Loading Docks [Game Concept Art 34]
    54. Gawd, Facility Control [Movie Concept Art 1, Game Concept Art 40]
    55. Lungbusters, Recreation Area [Game Concept Art 33]
    56. Yoshimi, Recreation Area [Movie Set 5]
    57. MBryo, Aquila Territory [Game Concept Art 36]
    58. Habibs, Aquila Territory [Game Concept Art 35]
    59. JR Grass, Aquila Territory [Movie Concept Art 4]
    *  .:. 11. Walkthrough .:.                                                    *
    You start the game veiwing a cut-scene. Someone is treking through a snowy
    wasteland. He(Riddick) takes out his knife and goes into a cave, he slashes
    the pursueing animal, knocking it on it's ass. The animal sees Riddicks fur and
    pursues. Then Riddick drops down on the animal and kills it. Riddick talks to
    "the voice". Riddick flashes back to his stay in Butcher Bay... Johns and 
    Riddick talk a bit, seems you are heading to Butcher Bay, captured by Johns.
    then you land, and the game begins...
    |+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++A.SINGLE MAX++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++|
    |   1.The Escape    |
    Walk up to Johns and press X, to initiate dialouge. He tells you right off the
    bat to don't ****ing move! Talk to him. Talk the the prisoner in front of you,
    he tells you to break Johns neck, walk up behind Johns and press the right 
    trigger. One of the prisoners tries to pick up his rifle, but is shocked to 
    death. Run straight behind you and you see Lambert open up a hatch, take no
    time and drop down, the guns will start firing.
    You are in a small tunnel, jump over the barrel than go down the ladder. To 
    your right will be your first ciggarette package, pack #35, Bloss. Drop down 
    right in front of where you saw the package and look around the corner, go into
    stealth mode and get near the man, he will always see you though, so get out
    of stealth and fist fight him. Once he is dead pick up his security card and 
    walk up to the nearby pannel and use it. Go into stealth mode and proceed
    slowly. When the guard walks around the corner sneak up on him and snap his 
    neck. Grab his vent tool then drag his body into the dark hall. 
    You will see a bunch of boxs, but instead, go around through the gap then 
    crouch. Go under all of the boxs until you reach a hole in the ground. Drop
    down. Go through the small tunnel and take your first right. You will find 
    Pack of smokes #1, Hogdales Finest, some UD money(10 to be exact). There is 
    nothing more to find, so go back the way you came, then climb up the hole. Go
    back through the boxs, when you are out, climb the single box out in front of
    the rest. Climb the next 2 boxs then you will be on top. There should be a 
    hangrail above you, jump up and climb it all the way to the other side, don't
    pay attention to the guard that walks in. When you get to the end, use the vent
    tool to open the vent and climb in.
    Run through the vent and take a left, then take a right until you reach the 
    grating. Kick the grating out, you will notice an empty med station. Jump down
    and grab the nanoMED cartridge, then use the station if you need to(though I
    highly doubt you do...). Go down the hall to your left, then take a right and 
    go through the door at the end. Immediatly go into stealth mode and hang a 
    left, then snap the guards neck. If he sees you, fist fight him, then grab his
    shotgun and go over to the table he was at. You will find pack of smokes #6, 
    Desert Air. Once you have that, climb the nearby boxs(should be just right of
    the bench). When you are up, look left and press X to get on the railing. Once
    you see a non-fenced spot, press up. 
    Go through the door on your left then down the hall into the elevator, acess it
    and go up. Exit the elevator and go down the hall. Before you go through the 
    door, unequipe your shotgun and go into stealth mode. Sneak up on the guard and 
    kill him, then take his ammo. Go down the nearby ladder.  Take a left and you 
    will see a locked door, but you can blast the lock off. Do so. When you get 
    into the tunnel, press the white button. Go right, when you see the guards
    light from his flashlite, turn your off, and follow him. Another guard will 
    walk the halls randomly, try to snap his neck, but if he sees you, shoot him.
    Once both guards are dead, take thier money and thier ammo and turn your 
    flashlight back on, then head towards the flare at the end of the hall. A guard
    with an assualt rifle will barrel down, get up close and shoot him. Another
    guard with an assualt rifle will most likely patrol around, hang at the dead 
    body and wait, once he checks the body, shoot him. 
    Take a left at the flare and run towards the boxs, take cover and kill the 
    guard who will see you. Once he is dead get out of stealth mode and take a 
    right, then run towards the light! No, you arean't dead yet... Rise and shine
    Riddick, Mission Completed.
    |   2.The Arrival   |
    You will see a cut-scene in which you meet Hoxie and Abbot. Then you will make
    your accent on Butcher Bay, all you can do at this part in look around and
    listen to Abbot, he will explain the rules. While this is happening, get a good
    look at your surroundings. Take a look around your cell, a toilet and a bed.
    Once the door opens, leave. Go talk to Barber, he tells you about Mattsson.
    <Weak Spot>
    <Go talk to Mattsson in the courtyard.>
    Procced behind Barber down the hall, keep following it until you see a corridor
    to your right. Go down that. At the end of the corridor take a left, then take
    a right up the stairs. Go out into the courtyard at you will see Mattsson just
    to the left of the huge lid type thing. Talk to him.
    |   3.Prison Yard   |
    Mattsson seems nervous when you talk to him, he tells you that he will give 
    you a shiv, its in his bunk. Exit the prison yard the same way you came in.
    when you are out, take an immedeit right, and then another right into the open
    bunk. 2 guys will come in and ambush you, get ready to fight. Fight them both
    using regular technique, they should be no problem, Mattsson is working for
    Rust, go talk to him.
    After a talk with Mattsson he says he will bring a shiv to your cell. After the
    conversation, Riddick will notice the pit looks like a way out, go over and
    talk to Haley. 
    <Haley won't talk until you kill Rust>
    Now, go back to your cell and wait for Mattsson. Mattsson will give you the 
    shiv, but Rust will come in and try to start something. Abbot will come in 
    before you can kill Rust though. Rust will beat up Mattsson, then leave with
    Abbot, seems there is a disturbance in the other block.
    Talk to Barber, he tells you it would be wise to find a weapon before going
    into Aquila territory. Waman can help you with that. Go on your way to the
    pit, but go left right after the first left into cell A-37. Talk to Waman in
    <Find Molina and kill him>
    Head on your way back to your cell, but instead, go past it, talk to Shabby, he
    also wants Molina dead.
    <Kill Molina>
    Now, head back to where you talked to Waman, but instead, go into the cell
    on the opposite side as him, cell A-38. Walk in and start a fight with Molina.
    Once Molina is dead, grab his knuckleduster and go back and talk with Shabby
    and Waman. Shabby will give a peice of paper with a code on it, it will help
    you later in the game.
    <Mission Completed>
    Go back to Waman and talk to him. He will give you a pack of smokes #25, 
    <Mission Completed>
    You have completed all that you can now, head into the pit, then across into 
    Aquila Territory.
    |4.Aquila Territory |
    First off, equip your knuckleduster right away, then go through the corridoor
    into the main area. You will face 2 guys right off the bat, once they are dead,
    grab thier money and go into the first open cell you see, it should have a 
    nanoMED machine and pack of smokes #58, Habibs. Heal if you need to and 
    continue down the hall. Take a left at the end of the hall, then dodge the fire
    extinguisher the inmate kicks at you. Then, go fight the inmate who doesn't run
    away. Watch out, he has a shiv, keep him blocking or reciving punches to avoid
    damage, if you are hurt, go back to the nanoMED machine, then continue.
    Continue down the hall, when you see the goo on the floor, back up, it will
    explode. Then, go down the hall and fight the 2 inmates with your new shiv. 1
    of these guys has a shiv, so kill him first, if you get hurt, go back and heal
    before going on with this next part. Go up the stairs and take a right, you 
    will see a man waiting for you, it's Rust, pull out your shiv and start hacking
    away. Once he's dead, the prisoners will gawk, Abbot offers you the position
    of top dog, but Riddick declines.
    <Mission Completed>
    You will be in the same room, but 2 guards will be surrounding you. Unequip
    your shiv and take a look around, go talk the man in the doorway, he will run
    away and give you pack of smokes #59, Just regular Grass. Go back to the guards
    place. To thier left there is a hall, go through, a prisoner will be chased and
    shot by a guard, you can kill this guard and save the prisoner, but he will 
    then just attack you, so don't. Go to the other end of the hallway. Take a left 
    and talk to Blueboy, he gives you pack of smokes #57. Retrace your steps back
    to the pit(heal if you need to) and talk with Haley.
    Haley tells you that you can get to Pigsville from the pit, but you need a 
    rifle, which are all DNA encoded. The only way to get yourself into the DNA
    databank is to get to the mainframe past the infimary, Haley tells you to talk
    to Bulder to get there. While you are still in the pit, go to the barred door
    and talk to Booger behind it, he will now sell you a pack of smokes for 20 UDs.
    Buy it, and you now have pack of smokes #26, The Counts Finest. While you are
    still here, talk to Red, he will commend you for the killing of rust and give
    you some UDs.
    Go all the way to where the gate between you and freedom is(past your cell) and
    talk to Bulder, he will open up the gate and you are free to go to the infimary 
    now, so do so.  
    |    5.Infirmary    |
    Go into the infirmary and you will not see a pretty sight. Blood is everywhere,
    the guard tells you to wait for the doctor, you need to kill both the guards.
    Wait for the guard to turn his back, then run at him and try to snap his neck,
    if you don't try to use a reversal. After this guard take out your shiv and 
    kill the next one, don't forget the first guard has a security card on him.
    If you helped Shabby out, you can go inside the operation room(the first door)
    and get pack of smokes #12, Dr Filuur and a scaple shiv. Go back outside and 
    heal if you need to(then go through the door to the nanoMED machines left. You
    will immiedaitly be attacked, kill the guard(he is unarmed) and take a right.
    Right in front of you is a nanoMED Health station. USE IT!!! It will give you
    another square of health. After that, go up the nearby ladder.
    Go down the corridor and go through the door at the end on your right. You will
    be on the balcony above the infirmary. A guard will come out sporting a rifle,
    so try to reverse his attack, then go through the door he came out of. In this 
    next room crouch down on go through the service hatch to your right. Go through
    but keep crouched! In this next room, there is a guard looking for you from 
    above on your left, move from pillar to pillar to avoid detection, and never 
    walk into the path of his flashlight. Once on the other side, go through the
    opening. This corridoor will lead to some grating above you, a guard will be
    standing on it. Walk through and trun right, then left.You should hit a ladder.
    A voice will come up saying a riot has started, go up the ladder. 
    If you look through the grating to your right when you go up, you can see a 
    guard killing the inmates, take a left then go through the hatch at the end 
    of the hallway. In this next room, sneak up on the guard and stab/ snap his 
    neck, then go forward until you hit a turn, turn right and go out the door. 
    there will be a guard out here, stab/snap him and continue forward to the 
    keypad.Go through the door(using the keycard the guard you just killed dropped)
    and take a left. Go through the opening and sneak up on the guard inside, to
    make this easier, wait until he is looking another way(he usually freezes for
    a few second while looking to your right) then kill him. Go down the hall and 
    through the door to your left. You will now reach a checkpoint and be entering 
    the mainframe.
    |    6.Mainframe    |
    "The mainframe. Security'll be tight. I like a challange."
    Walk forward through the door, you should be on a balcony above a big machine,
    a mechanc type man will be talking to himself. Run to the other side, there
    should be a locked door, take a left and keep going on the rise, the path
    should end when it hits the wall. There is a small ladge protruding from the
    wall, you should be able to walk on it, jump the fence onto it. Keep walking up
    there until you see something you can land on(you won't take too much damage if
    you fall all the way, so don't be scared). When you are down, kill the man who
    was talking to himself(he should be armed with a shiv). Once he is dead, walk
    over the the computer terminal thats talks and scan your hand.
    When you are done, the computer will notify security, go grab the assualt rifle
    on the nearby box(should be just right of the computer) and get ready to fight.
    When the 2 guards appear, shoot them with your new gun and go through the door
    they came from. You will have to deal with 3 guards before this hallway is
    clear, I suggest waiting until they are near the tank, then shooting it. Once
    they are dead, go down the hallway and heal. A guard will toss a grenade into
    your room, run away and wait for the explosion. Once it has been done, go to
    the new hole in the wall and clear the debris(using the X button), then go 
    through the hole.
    When in this new room, you will have to kill a man with a shotgun, after he is 
    dead, go examine the security panel(just to the left of the locked door). This
    should trun off the big fan. Go to the opposite side of the room and climb the
    2 stacked boxs, climb up another level, then jump the gap between the boxs you
    are on adn the boxs near the fan. Crouch under the fan and it should lead you
    to a large vent place. Go to the left and try to get to the end of the hallway,
    but most likely you will be shot down and have to deal with the 2 guards. Once 
    they are dead, go to the left side of the hallway they were patrolling. You 
    hear a voice on the speaker announcing you are loose, then you will have to 
    deal with another guard before going through the nearby door.
    In this next room there will be 2 guards on the balcony above, snipe them out
    and then climb up to where they were. Take their ammo, credits and then search
    the balcony. You should find pack of smokes #13, Alunda Classics. Once you have
    cleaned the area out(another guard might walk in unexpecdedly), heal and then
    go through the opening left of where you came in. WATCH OUT!!! A guard will pop
    out from behind the box, it can scare you a tad. After he is dead, go through
    the service hatch. You will be in a room covered with green gas. Run towards
    the gas and look left, there should be a valve, examine it to cut the gas flow.
    Go forward, a guard will be talking to another guard. When you get too close 
    one will chuck a grenade, back up, then contiue forward. You might want to turn
    on your flashlight to kill the 2 guards. Once they are dead, head through the 
    nearby hole in the wall. Go forward into a strange hallway, with some weird
    thing on the right. When you continue, 2 guards should appear with shotguns,
    wait until they are near the exploding barrels then blow them both straight to
    hell, then take a right at the end of the hallway. There should be a nanoMED
    health unit in front of you, use it if need be. Then walk through the open 
    door to the machines right. 
    Now, this next room is tough, 4 guards are in here and there is a lot of cover
    for you and them. Focus on 1 guy at a time, and stay behind cover as much as 
    possible. Once they are all dead you will meet your first riot guard. If you 
    have a lot of health, you can destroy it by getting behind it and shooting it's
    back. But, I suggest the following, run to one side of the room, make sure he
    sees you. Then, when he is lured out, run into the elevator he came down and
    go up before he can do too much damage. Once you are up, go through the 
    unlocked door. Then, take a left into cell block A.
    |7.Prison Yard Riot |
    When you go through the door you will hear some voices talking, nothing vital.
    Take the second right and heal. Then, go turn the valve in the same room. Go 
    back and take the first left, down the stairs. You will see an inmate get shot.
    Go down the stairs. Kill the 2 guards, then book it to the right. The cameras 
    shooting! If any cameras start to shoot, destroy them. When you head down the 
    hall, take out the 2 cameras first, then continue. A guard will come around 
    the corner, shoot him. Go to the end of the hall and take a right. You will see
    another inmate being shot. After that, 2 guards will come around the corner, 1
    near, 1 wide. Kill the near one and then snipe the wide one. Then take a right.
    Get behind the nearby door for cover. Uncrouch and shoot the camera near the 
    entryway to the pit. Once the camera is disabled, go into that entryway. In the
    small hall leading to the pit, there should be a guard, kill him and go down 
    the hall. Destroy the camera inside this room, the doors locked, you need to
    open it. Go back the way you came, kill the guard who is pursuing the inamte,
    then continue backtracking. When you get back to the stairs, look in the 
    opposite direction, kill the 2 men behind the gate. The gate should open, take
    the radio transmitter. The door to the pit will now be open, so go back there.
    You will encounter 1 guard on the way there, and then encounter Thor in the 
    hallyway leading to the pit. Thor will ask you to put him outta his misery, you
    can do it, it doesn't matter. Continue to the pit. A cutscene will intiate.
    Riddick will be shot outta his rifle, then take the guard down with him, using
    him as a cushion for the fall. You will now reach a checkpoint.
    |     8.The Pit     |
    You start off with only 6 minutes of flashlight battery due to the fall. This
    is tricky, as the pit is a large maze. Let's get going. Go through the door
    directly in front of you when you start out. Go all the way forward until you
    are forced to take a right.[Note: If you stand at the starting point for a few
    seconds, you can hear guard saying they think you survived the fall]. Take
    another right and the enemies will start to appear. You will see a large hole
    in front of you. Drop down that hole.
    Once down the hole, take a left. Then go to the end of the hall and take a 
    right. Don't trun until you reach the end of this hall(which should be marked
    by an overturned toxic waste bin). When you see the bin, turn left. Take
    another left and go to the end wall. There should be a valve, pick it up and
    start to backtrack. When you reach the overturned toxic waste(the one you 
    turned left at last time), go right, then take the first left you see. Go up 
    the ramp, then take an immediate left(through a door arch) and then another 
    left. You should be in a large hall.
    Run down the hall, killing any enemies you see. Make sure to check behind you
    also, they seem to come frombehind a lot. In the large hall, take the SECOND
    left turn you see. You should see a flare in this hall. Run to the flare.
    There should be a small box connected to a large chain right next to the flare.
    Examine it and Riddick will use the valve. Examine it again to turn the valve,
    which opens the door. Head theough the newly opened path. You will be in a
    small corridor thats made out of chain links. Kill any enemies you see and 
    proceed. When you see an overturned toxic waste bin, take a left. Follow this
    hall, when you see an opening to the left, take it. There should be a cig. pack
    in front of a barred fence. Get the smokes, Pack #15, Mont Noir.
    About face and turn left, then right. Then left again, then right again. You
    will rwach a checkpoint.
    |  9.Pope Joes Den  |
    Pope Joe will talk to you right away. Follow Joe into the elevator. Joe will
    talk to you about "The Dwellers"(the strange enemy you faced) and how someone
    told him you would come. Follow the Pope, when he stops, talk to him. Joe will
    send you on a mission to get his voicebox. Grab 12 flares from the nearby box,
    and heal if you need to, then go out the way you came in. Go to the elevator
    and take it down. Exit the elevator and look left. There will be an overturned
    toxic waste bin. Follow the path behind it.
    Take a left at the end of the pathway through a door arch. Take a right and 
    follow the path down to the next door on the right. Enter the room, and get 
    ready to kill, more Dwellers. Go straight forward into the next room. Kill the
    Dweller and grab the voicebox. Don't go back to the den now however, go through
    the large crack in the wall on the left side first. In this small room is a 
    nanoMED cartridge, and Pack of smokes #16, OP. Now, make your way back to the
    den of Pope Joe with the voicebox in hand. On the return trip, there will be
    many Dwellers in the corridors, but they are no match for your shotgun. Once 
    you are back safe and sound with Pope Joe, heal, then talk to him.
    It will go to a cut scene. Pope Joe will stich you up. Joe will show you a
    hidden path. Something weird then happens. Riddick will hear "the voice". 
    Riddick is blind! The voice gives him sight!!! You now have the eyeshine 
    ability, click to right thumbstick to toggle it on or off.
    |  10.Dark Tunnels  |
    Use your new eyeshine, its quite useful. Go forward then uncrouch. Take the 
    first right that you can. Go straight forward, killing any Dwellers that cross
    your path. When you hit the end of the hall, take a left, then another left,
    then go straight again. Kill the 3 Dwellers that attack you and then take a
    right through the opening. On the right side of this place, there is a ladder
    leading up into a sewer grate, go up. A cut-scene will show Riddick emerging
    from the Dark Tunnels. You are at the next checkpoint.
    |    11.Showers     |
    Disable your eyeshine. Go out of the shower area and turn left. Go into stealth
    mode. Run up to the stall door and start shooting. A guard with a shotgun will
    run into the room, take care of him and the man in the stall, then take their
    ammo. Another strategy is to turn off the lights in the stall, then kill him
    when the guard emerges. Either way, kill the 2 guards. Afterwards, switch off 
    the lights near the arch that leads into the locker rooms, then go in.
    In the locker room, open every locker and grab whats inside, this includes the
    civil guards clothes, the assualt rifle and pack of smokes #29, Yup's. Once you 
    have everything, exit the room via the exit across from where you entered. 
    Equip your regular gun just to be safe, but I don't think anyone will notice
    you. Take a right after the ext, heal if need be, left go through the door just
    left of the machine. Here's a tricky part, go into this room and snap the 
    guard neck, then hide the body and do the same to the guy patrolling the hall.
    As long as the alarm does not sound, you are safe, and this way you can get 
    some extra ammo. 
    Go back to the first hall, and take the path you didn't the first time. You 
    will be in a large room with many guards. But none of them know you. In this
    large room, take a right into a small hall. Then take a left, you will see 2
    guards who jammed the elevator. Don't mess with them, they can and will 
    dicover you. Move along to the next hall. Take a left and go around, heal if
    need be, then go the the hall opposite to where you came in. Take the first
    left to see a large machine and wires hanging from the walls. Take a right and
    then a left in the next hall. Turn right at the no smoking sign, then take a 
    right once you get out of the small hall. You should see a large closed door 
    that says "Hangar A412" above it. Talk to the nearby guard. He's a tad drunk...
    Then go up to the retina scanner just left of the door and examine it. You will
    need some eyes....Abbots.
    Go to the hall opposite to where you entered the Hangar port. A guard will come
    running in. You might need to kill all the guards in the room now to proceed. 
    Do so, then go down the next hall and to the next chackpoint.
    | 12.Guard Quarters |
    You will see a big billboard in front of you. Exit via the left or right
    doorways into a large hall. Your new objective is to find Abbot's place. Talk
    to Jenkins in the large hall, he will give you a bottle of booze. Go to the end
    of the hall. There will be 2 doors, one on the left, and one on the right. Go
    in either one, if you went in the right side, you should see an elevator button
    but it won't do anything. So go into the nearby door and search for the switch.
    Press the switch to go up. Exit the elevator and take a right. Talk to 
    Chancellor and he will offer you 50 UDs for the booze. Take the trade and he 
    will also give you pack of smokes #31, Gronkos Bar.
    Also, before you get too far, you can go back to the main hall and find one 
    open shop, but the smokes there to get pack of smokes #33, Guards.
    Go back to the elevator, but instead of going in, just go straight forward. You
    will end up in the next part of the guards quaters. Go down the stairs and take
    a left, go through the door and straight forward over the balcony looking
    over the main hall. Go through the next door and it looks like you are now in
    the halls where the guards rooms are. Go down the hall all the way. The path
    will split, take a right. You will see a guard, pass him and activate the
    control panel, the halls will now be in darkness. Turn on your eyeshine and 
    snap the necks of the civil guard and the regular guard. Then go back to where
    the path split, and take the other path.
    Going down the hall, you will run into Little Mad and Martinez. Continue up the
    stairs just right of where you met them. Go down this hall. In this large room,
    you can see a case on the floor, pick it up, it's the rifle case. Now, Abbot's
    apartment is right by here, so ring his doorbell. Pick the following options
    to get into the apartment:
    -Try to trick Abbot into opening the door
    Easy stuff. Now equip your rifle and go in. 
    |     13.Abbot      |
    This fight is easy stuff. Shoot him up, if you need to reload, take cover 
    behind a wall, once he is dead, a cut-scene will go. Johns will save Abbot.
    You will now be sent to the mines, DOUBLE MAX.
    |+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++B.DOUBLE MAX++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++|
    Watch a neat cut-scene then begin.
    |   14.Tower 17     |
    You will be in your cell box, go to the box to the right of you, flip the bunk
    to get Pack of smokes #5, Charlies. Go to the door that isn't blocked by the 
    guard(should be to the right if you are facing out looking at the huge pit).
    Go down this hall and then take a left, you will be in an elevator with 2
    other inmates. 1 of the inmates will go crazy and get shot to death, when you
    reach the bottom, you will be at another checkpoint.
    | 15.Tower 17 Base  |
    Exit the elevator and talk to Rael. Rael will tell you soem things, maily to
    talk to dogbone, and to talk to Centurion to set you up a fight. Exit via the
    nearby door, then go down the stairs. When down the stairs, talk to Dogbone on
    your left. He tells you the only way you get info is if you beat up Abbot, or
    kill Bam in the ring, I suggest killing Bam. Talk to Centruion. Centurion
    tells you to go talk to Herman to start the fight. 
    <Fight Herman>
    When you have the mission, go to find Herman, he is near the door. To get to
    him, go back where you came in(to the entryway), then turn around and run all
    the way to the opposite end, then turn right. Herman has a purple face, talk
    to him.  Go back and talk to Centurion after you have talked to Herman, the 
    fight will then begin. 
    <-----Ringfight 1----->
    The rules? Don't step outta the ring. Herman will rush you, so keep him on his
    toes with as many punches as you can dish out, do not let up, wait until he 
    looks like he is gonna punch, then pummel him. Once he is dead, you win UDs and
    the guard drag Herman off.
    <Mission Completed>
    Go talk to Centurion again after the fight. Pay him 5 UDs and he will suggest 
    Baasim. He is in the courtyard.
    <Fight Baasim>
    Now, go past where Herman used to be blocking off, take a left and onto the
    next checkpoint.
    |16.Recreation Area |
    Walk into the rec area. It should be a huge room with multiple doors. There is
    a giant door to the left side, get near it(it looks like a wal at first) for it
    to open. Go inside, you will be in a huge room. Talk to the man in the hood in
    this room. Buy the shiv for 30 UDs. Cricket tells Asif to take the money and 
    hide it, don't bother following Asif, he goes nowhere. To Cricket's left is
    another door, head through.
    You will now be in section B. Talk to the man in the hat, he asks you to kill
    all of the Blueskins, accept his mission.
    <Kill all of the Blueskins>
    You cannot complete this mission until later in the game. Now, go talk to the
    inmate with no shirt on, he is Baasim. Once he accpets, go back to the ring.
    [Note: There is no checkpoint inbetween, but there is a loading screen, just a
    heads up]
    Once back to the ring, go talk to Centurion to start the fight.
    Once the fight is initiated, equip your shiv. Then start to pummel him. If he
    gets the upper hand, circle him, then try another flurry. Once he is dead,
    Centurion warnes that Baasim's brother arean't going to be happy. You get 20
    UDs and pack of smokes #18, Yoyall. 
    <Mission Completed>
    After the fight, go talk to Centurion, pay the 5 UDs and he will suggest
    Sawtooth as your next opponenet, he is in the Feed Ward.
    <Defeat Sawtooth in the ring>
    Go back into the junction room(this is my name for the room where you can 
    acsess the Recreation Room and the Feed Ward). Instead of going into the rec
    room, turn right into the other unlocked door, the Feed Ward. Asif will be
    standing outside the room that leads to the Feed Ward. There will be a 
    checkpoint right before you reach real room.
    |   17.Feed Ward    |
    Walk into the first room. There will be 4 guys minding their own buisness. Talk
    to Cuellas, he will give you another mission.
    <Get the snitch list back to the Surenos gang>
    Continue to the door labeled "Feed Ward". Once in, take a left. Talk to 
    Georgie to learn some intresting info. After you have talked to him, continue
    into the Feed Ward. You will be ambushed by an inmate! Equip your shiv and show
    him who's boss, then grab the poison he drops. Now, go into the main room(past
    where the inmate was standing). Once in, go to the dark hall on the right side
    of the ward. Sit back, and watch Asif walk in, he will place the UDs in a 
    secret storage place. Don't let him see you. Go to the secret stash and grab 
    the goods when he leaves.
    Now that thats over with, go talk to Sawtooth, he should be sitting down eating
    something on one of the tales to the left side of the Feed Ward. Challange him,
    then make your way back to the ring for a fight. But, before you leave the Feed
    Ward, make sure you take the opposite side(the one Georgie is NOT on) to go 
    back, while your going stop by Gomer to buy Pack of Smokes #7, Dog Smokes, for
    10 UDs. Then go back to the ring.
    When the fight starts, equip your shiv. Sawtooth also has a shiv. You can use
    2 strategies to defeat him. You can just keep pummeling him with attacks, or
    circle him, cutting him to shreds. He should not be a hard fight. When you kill
    him, you will get 20 UDs, and Pack of Smokes #19, Starlife.
    <Ring Fight>
    <Mission Completed>
    After the fight, go talk to Centurion, he will suggest a new opponent.
    <Fight Cusa>
    Cusa is in the courtyard. Wheres the courtyard? Go the recreation area first.
    In section C, you will run into Gulag, if you have stolen the suppllies from
    the secret stash in the feed Ward, you have already completed his mission.
    <Red Tube>
    <Get Gulags Red Tube back to him>
    <Red Tube>
    <Mission Completed>
    You will get Pack of Smokes #3 Carls Blend. Now, talk to Wilkins in the same 
    <Find out if Jaggar Valance is still alive>
    Now, head on over to the weird guy in the corner. He is "Nurse". Talk to him
    to accept yet another mission!
    <Poison Binks food>
    Now, you should already have the poison, but we will leave the mission until
    later, head into section 4. Section 4 is home to Cusa, but don't talk to him
    yet. Go talk to Twotongue for... another mission. But, you have already 
    completed it if you found the secret stash.
    <Find Twotongue's injector and bring it to him>
    <Mission Completed>
    Now that you have done ALL of that. Go talk to Cusa. He seems... confident. 
    Now, you have a few things to do before you head back to the ring. First off,
    there are moths scattered all around the recreation area, you have to capture
    them. To capture them, just wait until they get close to you, then press X.
    When you get one, talk to Twotongue, he will then give you a list of items that
    are availiable. He has a pack of smokes ready for 10 moths, so start getting
    them. Once you have 10, go back to Twotongue and trade for Pack of Smokes #22,
    Okay, now you have 1 more task to do before you head to the ring. Go to the 
    Feed Ward and look for Bink's food. It should be on a table on the left side.
    Poison the food and let the sparks fly, go back to Nurse to get your reward. 
    Pack of Smokes #32, Old Timer.
    <Mission Completed>
    Now you can head back to the ring. Go back to the ring, talk to Centurion, and
    let the fight commence.
    Cusa is a pushover, circle him and cut him up with your shiv, he's too slow to
    react to the things you are capable of throwing at him. Once he is dead, you
    get 20 UDs, and Pack of Smokes #20, Clemens.
    <Mission Completed>
    Go talk to Centurion for your final fight. Centurion suggest Bam, but he also 
    says that if you beat Bam, Abbot will be sent down.
    <Fight Bam>
    You will go directly from talking into a fight. Pull out your shiv ASAP. Bam is
    very powerful, take a swipe, then back up. Once you do this a few times, he 
    will go down, he's not that hard.
    <Mission Completed>
    You will skip to a cutscene where Riddick is interrogated by Abbot, "the voice"
    starts talking, and Riddick starts rampaging! Your new mission? Kill Abbot
    once and for all. Abbot is one hard mother. He blocks like a crazy man, and has
    a club at his disposal. That's right, he can hurt you even when you are
    blocking. So, you can complete this fight 2 ways:
    1- Use your fists of fury and never let up, hope to god you get a counter or
    he never has a chance to attack; or
    2- Duck in, swipe, duck out. Rise, repeat, until he's down. Either way, he has
    an assload of health, it will take awhile. It doesn't help that you have no
    weapons... just keep trying, don't get discouraged. Another tip, the hall Abbot
    came from, once your health is down, go into that hall and go through the door
    across from the way Abbot entered the room you started in. Then take a left. In
    here is a NanoMED Health Station, if you are low on health, use it, you get an
    extra health square also, this makes the fight MUCH easier.
    When Abbot goes down, take his club and his key card. Use the Health Station(if
    you haven't already) and go out the door near the station. Use your new key 
    card to enter the feed ward. Make your way to Georgie, and pay him the 50 UDs
    he requests to distract the guards for you. Now, make your way back to the
    ring in Tower 17. Pick up Bam's dropped knuckleduster, and then talk to
    Centurion. He was told not to give you any more fights, but gives you the 20
    UDs he owes and give you Pack of Smokes #21, ???.
    Now, go to section D. Go to the farthest door from you, and go in. Here you 
    will find the entrace to the work pass. Go through.
    |   18.Work Pass    |
    When you get in, take an immediate right, DO NOT LET THE GUARDS SEE YOU. When
    you get into the door labeled "Power Central" go into stealth mode. Take a
    right, and duck under the cover. Wait until the lights are shut off and the
    guards are split up, then work your way to stealth killing both, then take care
    of the mechanic and take his vent tool.
    After they are dead, take a look around. To the left of the machine the
    mechanic was at is some grating, kick it in and go into it to get a pack of
    smokes. Then, go to the grating left of that one for the next part. Go through
    the vent, and up the conviently placed ladder. Go through the next vent, and
    onto the top of the elevator. Now, you will be in the mines.
    |  19.Mine Entrance |
    You will start by seeing a cut-scene. Your mission, find Jaggar. When the
    cut-scene ends you will be on top of the elevator, wait until both the guards 
    clear out and then jump down. Go out of the front door of the elevator and
    creep across the bridge like the guards should be doing ahead of you. If one
    of them sees you flee back into the elevator and let them follow. They are
    stupid enough to do so and you should be able to ambush them and take them out
    with ease. Once they are both dead, cross the bridge laid out in front of you.
    You will see a level and a platform to the right, but you can't get up it, so
    go to thr right. There will be a small corridor. Go through that corridor.
    On the other side there is a guard. He should be facing towards a large door,
    sneak up on him and slit his throat. Take his UD money when he is dead and head
    through the door he was facing. You will now be at the Security Checkpoint.
    |20.Security Checkpoint|
    Go through the door right in front of you once the loading screen is finished.
    Immediatly go into stealth mode. This is one of the hardest parts of the game,
    so be patient and don't give up if it takes you a few tries to pass all of 
    this. There are 3 guys in this room. 2 guards and one riot guard. The riot 
    guard is going to be your worst enemy. You goal? Get up. Near where the riot
    guard stands on the far right side of the room there are ton's of boxs stacked
    on eachother, you will be able  to climb these. However, this really is not
    possible to do without alerting the riot guard. So, first things first, on the
    left side of the room, there are some boxes with lot's of shadows. Get behind
    those and work your way aeound them until the guards back is exposed. Kill him
    quickly, then duck back into the cover. The riot guard should see you. When 
    they start to go over to their dead pals body, go around the other way! Now,
    quickly run your ass over to the stacked boxes where the guard used to be.
    Get on top of both, this can be challanging due to the fact that if you are hit
    with a bullet while climbing, you stop. But, if you get up both boxes, you are
    safe. Once on top of both boxes, climb up to the scaffolding. When up there,
    there should be a door to your right, but you want the cigs first, right? Right
    to the right of the door is a weird thing inbetween 2 ledges. Jump the fence
    and land on the tinyest ledge, then work your way to the middle, when in the
    middle section, climb the ledge that should be to your right, there is a small
    area in here that holds a pack of cigs! Pack of Cigs #39, Nordqvist Nicotine.
    Once you have that, head back to the door(the other are doesn't have anything)
    and go through. Head down the stairs, once you reach the door, checkpoint, you
    are now in the Upper Mines.
    |  21.Upper Mines   |
    Go into stealth mode and make your way across the corridor with many windows,
    but make sure noone sees you. Take a left, then do it again, but this time,
    jump through the first window onto a box, then jump down into the shaded area.
    Peek out from the box and make sure noone is looking. If you see a guard, hide
    again, and work your way onto taking him out STEALTHFULLY!!! Not doing it the
    stealth way will screw you, they have much better weapons that you. If you kill
    someone, hide their body in the shadows. Once you have killed any lurking 
    guards on your level, head down the corridor you were looking at when peeking
    from behind the original boxes. There should be a door at the end of this hall,
    in that door, some stairs, go up them.
    At the end of these stairs there is another door, go through and you will be
    on a scaffolding with another door infront of you. Go through that door also.
    This is pretty tricky, in this room, there is 1 guard, and one "blueskin". The
    blueskin seems to be in a bit of a situation, sneak kill the guard and talk to
    him. He says the best way to Jagger is to take the sharpshooters key card and
    head through the door next to him. After you know this, kill him, he's a
    blueskin, remember? You're supposed to. After killing him, head back the way
    came, but take a left onto a new area. This will be a very small room, take a
    left through the door onto the balcony, out here to your right there will be
    Pack of Smokes #40, Space Jockey. Into the room will stroll the sharpshooter,
    kill him and take his card, then book it back to the door and go through. Once
    inside, you are safe, and in the Cargo Transport.
    | 22.Cargo Transport|
    Go through the door right in front of you. YAY! A NanoMED machine. Use
    it. Then, look behind you, it's some smokes, Pack of Smokes #42 Addictive
    Mayor. Once that's done, hop onto one of the things going down on the left side
    of the NanoMED. Down there, you will see a dead guard and a guy, talk to the
    living man. Buy the Tranq Gun from him ASAP! It will make your life so much
    easier. Then, when you are done, hitch a ride back upstairs via the box on that
    will rise on the right side of the room. Go up to the third floor with this.
    Once on the third floor, go to the right and there will be a big door, go
    through this door into the Mine Entrance.
    Go through the door in front of you and take a right. See those boxes? Climb.
    When on top, jump towards the metal vent and press X, on the metal vent, go
    right. There should be a break in the vent, jump down. Go through this vent
    until you reach the opening. In this next room, take a right and stealth kill
    the guard. Then talk to Valya. He's pretty crazy, but he gives you the code to
    his "chamber" which has lot's off good things in it. Nothing else is in the
    room, so go back the way you came.
    <Valya's Chamber>
    <Get to Valya's chamber.>
    Once you are back in the room where you climbed the boxes, go through the vent
    hatch just right of the said boxes. Follow this vent until you get to an
    opening. Look, you are back in the room you started in! Drop down and go
    through the only other open vent there is. Midway through the vent there should
    be a hatch above you. Go through it. It's the old elevator. Drop down into it
    and cross the old bridge. Remember that keypad and mini-elevator thing you
    could not go up before on the left side? Now you can, so do so. Up here there
    will be a NanoMED Health Station, so your life should be at 7 squares now. Also
    in here are some boxes, climb around and find Pack of Smokes #37, Sicher.
    <Valya's Chamber>
    <Mission Completed.>
    Once you have everything, go back to the elevator, then up the ladder inside
    and through the vent hatch. Right in front of you should be a ladder, go up,
    then navigate the vent's until you see some grating you can kick out. Enter
    the new hallway. In this hallway is a guard, kill him with your new tranq gun,
    but remember to stomp on him afterwards(L button). There's another guard at
    the very end of the hallway, take him out by spining him then running up and
    stomping him before he can get up. The door he is guarding can't be unlocked,
    so go the the middle of the hallway and go up the vent hatch. Navigate these
    vents. Take the first left, then take the second one, which will be a dead end
    with Pack of Smokes #38, Rolles OK. Go back and take a left again. Kick out the
    grating and enter the new room.
    Jump down and activate the panel, it will kill the lights, now turn on your
    eyeshine and go to town on the unsuspecting guard. Then jump down the nearby
    hole(there should be some fans, but they are turned off. You are back at the
    Security Checkpoint. This is not a checkpoint, so be careful. The guards will
    notice you instantly. So, book it to the door the Riot Guard was guarding last
    time you saw him. The guards will not follow and the door will be open. Inside
    there is a NanoMED machine, use it, then go down the spiralling stairs to a
    door. You'll be back in the upper mines. Run in, shoot every guard you see.
    Take the first right, kill the guard and the prisoner, then access the panel 
    with the huge door nearby. Inside, press the red button. You will now be in the
    Mining Core.
    | 23.Mining Core    |
    You will see a Riot Guard going the other way. Do not give chase. Shock the
    mechanic then book it to the control panel. Deactivate the rail defense, then
    kill the next guard that will enter the space. After this, go to the keypad 
    near the door(to the left of where you started). Go in, shoot out all the 
    lights in here, then heal yourself with the NanoMED machine. If the Riot Guard
    comes back, wait until he goes behind the big machine, then jump the rail at
    the top of the room where you heal yourself, then book it left down the
    corridor. At the end of this corridor is another big room. Go into stealth mode
    and sneak around the right side of the room making sure to stay in the
    shadows. You will meet Jagger Valance. He tells you that there is a place at 
    the end of this corridor which holds a package he needs. You have to get it for
    <Mission Completed.>
    <Find Jaggers package.>
    Keep sneaking on the right side, kill all guards that get in your way until
    you reach a ramp, go up, kill the guard, turn right and you will enter a small
    room. 2 guards are in here, easy stuff. Once they are dead, use the keypad to
    open the door and duck under the sign into the room. Climb the box right in
    front of you, then take a left, then duck under a br to the right and you will
    be in a large room. In this room is a NanoMED Cart and Jagger's package. Take
    both and head back to Mr.Valance. He tells you that if you were to let loose
    the creatures living under the gas leak, hell would break lose and you would
    most likely be able to make it to the spaceport with ease. But you'll need a 
    <Mission Completed.>
    <Get a bomb from Jupiter in Tower 19>
    Head back to the room you shot out all the lights in, now, go through the only
    door in there. To the Cargo Transport. Take the semi-elevators to the second
    floor, then go through the only open door. Inside, 2 blueskins. Kill them. Both
    are blueskins and one has the list of rats. Make your way out of the main
    entrace to the upper mines, you are going to need to go all the way back to
    the original elevator. The path is pretty set. However, there is one 
    challenging part. You need to get back through the security checkpoint. It's
    hard, and dying will put you way back. So, here's what you do. When you get to
    the NanoMED machine right before the room, heal. Then, open the big door, shoot
    down 1 guard, go back, open door, shoot next guard, back. Then, run through
    and shoot the riot guard, then BOOK IT to the left door. This works. Once you 
    are there, it's homefree towards the elevator. Go up. Once you are up, take
    a left. Go till you reach the end, then kick in the grating and get the smokes
    inside, Pack of Smokes #36 Tiny Tims Blend.
    Climb the nearby box then scale the wall in front of it. Below you is a room
    with a riot guard, not where you want to be. Go to your left while on the wall,
    uncrouch if crouched and jump straight up, you will grab onto a ladder which 
    you can take across the room. Stay on top of the ledge. Down to your right is
    a riot guard. Wait until he is facing away from you and then run your ass to
    the power central room at the end of the hall. In here, go through the door at
    the back-right. Kill the guy and go in, it leads to the Feed Ward(or the vent
    inside does). You will actually be above the ward. Kill the guard and go
    through the only door you can, take a right and activate the service panel,
    this will kill the lights. Then, take out any guards you see. If you go left
    where you went right to activate the panel, you can go througha vent and at the
    end get Pack of Smokes #43 Iron Lungs. Then head back.
    Go past the grating and you will be above the ward again. There should be a
    guard, but the guy will start "distracting" if you payed him earlier. There
    should be a series of halls, the path is laid out for you pretty well. There
    will be 2 guards, kill them both, soon you will see a ventilation hatch on your
    right side, go through it.
    |   24.Tower 19     |
    When you "drop in" on Tower 19, you will immediatly be attacked. Kill the
    guard and take his white key card, then activate the computer to open the
    cells. Use the nearby NanoMED machine if needed, then go to the room left of
    it. Access the keypad and go through the door. The cells will open, Jupiter
    will emerge. Talk to him, get the bomb, and then deal with the guards who come
    from both sides. Once this is done, you are trapped, you can't get out any
    way...or can you? See the boxes going down? Jump on one and hitch a ride. A 
    cut-scene will show you narrowly escaping.
    |   25.C Router     |
    Once your back in action, wait until the crate stops and ditch it. Take out
    the 2 guards down there and then go down the ladder nearby. There will be a
    guard down here, take him out and then go up the first ladder. Look around up
    here and you will find Pack of Smokes #44 CA Alderholm. Go back down the ladder
    and take a left. Now, there will be another ladder, don't go up, go behind it
    and down the ventilation shaft. Take a right and you will be in a small room.
    In here are a bunch of moths and Pack of Smokes #45 20 Musketeers. Now, go
    past where you came and up the ladder opposite of where the room you were
    just in was. At the top of the ladder, a guard. Wait for his back to be
    turned then go up. When all the way up, kick in the nearby grating and go
    through the vents. Drop down at the end and kill the guard stationed there.
    Take a left outta the room, then a right, then another right, and a left. You
    should be at a ladder, go up. At the top, grating, kick it in and go through
    the vent's till the end. Up here, there are 2 guys, a mechanic and a guard. Do
    not let them touch the alarms, shock them both THEN stomp them. Take the
    mechanics red key card also. There should be a computer at the end of the
    hall. Use it. It seems the rail broke down, you need another. Head to where
    you entered the room via grating, but take a right. See that panel? Use it and
    step forward, it's an elevator. Once down, take a left through the door, then
    use the card to get through the panelled door. Shoot the guard and then stomp
    him. Go through the door near the guard. In this room is a camera. Walk past it
    and kill the 2 guards who will come to confront you. 
    End of the hall? Another guard, a door, a ladder and a corridor. Go to the 
    corridor and kill the mechanic, then activate the nearby computer. It tells you
    that it needs the back-up generator online to function. So, head out and
    through the door I mentioned earlier. In here, 2 cameras, 2 guards. You know
    the drill. There is also a NanoMED machine, use it, then continue. You will
    have to open a securtiy door, but you already have the card, out here are 2
    guards. Kill them then go down the ladder far from you. There will be a hole
    with red lights, do down it. Down here is the back-up generator. Activate it
    and head back to the computer. Activate that and head back to where you killed
    the two guards. The rail track is functioning, jump onto a crate to head out.
    Once stopped, jump down and kick in the grating. Go through the vent and you
    will be in the mining core again. Hear that? Yeah, a riot guard. Run to where
    Jagger once was, the guy tells you to place the package in the gas room. So,
    make your way to it. Once in, a cut-scene will go. Leave the room and another
    cut-scene will trigger.
    |   26.Crash Site   |
    You're captured, but en route to going back to the
    cell, the bomb goes off, you are left with a scardey-cat guard, first thing's
    first, kill him. After he's dead, turn on your eye shine and walk around the
    corner. Head down this hallway and a cut-scene will initiate. Well, that looks
    painful. Monsters are on the loose. When the scene's over, there's no way to
    go but down. Drop into the hole.
    |   27.Abandoned Equipement Center   |
    Look in front of you, supplies galore. There's a shotung, and two grenades,
    grab them.
    <Spaceport Hangar>
    <Find the exit to the Spaceport Hangar>
    Make your way around the corner, when the battle music cues, get back into te
    tunnel with the shotgun and such. Chuck a grenade at the best that attacks you
    to kill him easily. You might need to chuck two. Once he's dead, walk out of
    your cave and take a left, then take another left into a different cave. In
    here, there's another monster, but this one can be killed with your shotgun,
    do so. Go through this corridor and you will reach an opening with more
    monsters, kill them with your shotgun. There's a few routes you can take here,
    go straight to a metal opening, you will see a bridge that's broken, there's
    nothing you can do, so grab the shotgun shells and make your way back to the
    room with the branching paths(last room you were in). Now, go up the ramp,
    scale the wall, go up the next natural ramp, and take a left.
    In here is a room of boxes, jump and climb up them and jump over to the other
    side. There's a door here, but it needs to key, so about-face and head down
    the hallway. Enemies will constantly swarm you, so keep going. Towards the end
    of the hall is some shotgun ammo, pick it up. When you reach the end of the
    hall, take a right, kill the enemies and make your way up the ramp. Take a look
    at the box the enemy was standing on, there's a vent tool on it, grab it and
    climb up into the nearby vent(just left of the box). Make your way through the
    vent, kick out the grating and drop into the room below.
    Activate the service panel, then duck through the opening just to the right of
    it. In this room, there's a large machine and a NanoMED health device(it's
    empty). You can't refill it, so just go for the machine. Well well, you need a
    <Find a powercell>
    Dericetly behind the machine is a door, go through it and take an immediate
    right, then a left. Go out of the corridor and you will see the broken bridge
    again, except this time you are on the other side of it. Out here there's the
    key to the door you found earlier, and some shotgun ammo. Grab both, then, head
    to the back of the area. There's yellow light back there, and it shows some
    cords, jump up and grab them, then make your way across the broken bridge.
    Now, take the same route you did back to the locked door, unlock it, and enter.
    Here's a NanoMED health device, use it, then take a left. Duck under through
    the opening. Activate the service panel, and then kill all the enemies. In this
    room is a cell charger, looks like you're going to have to find a cell, charge
    it, then make your way back to the drill. Go through the door opposite of the
    charger. Creepy hallway, no? Go down it.
    Once you go through the door at the end of the hallway, you will be at a
    junction, go through the left door now. Here's a room full of supplies, pick
    up everything. There's grenades, a prototype rifle(with no DNA protection),
    shotgun ammo, and behind a showy box, Pack of Smokes #50, Count Gunther. Oh, 
    and a power cell Once you have everything, make your way back to the charger.
    Now, charge the thing and duck back to the hall where the NanoMED machine was.
    Take a right and go down the same hall you went down before, then go back
    through the old vents. While going through the vent's, you will notice that
    something smashes against the bottom, when you drop down, throw a grenade
    behind you, a big guy attacks. Once he's dead, head into the HUGE hole that
    thing made, and pick up Pack of Smokes #51, Cloud no.17. Now, head to the
    drill, put the cell in, and watch the sparks fly.
    Go into the hole the drill made for you, then take a left and duck under the
    garage door. Go up the hill here, and into the broken vent. Make your way
    through the said vent.
    |   28.Central Storage   |
    Looking down, you see that the guards are fighting off the monsters. Head
    forward into the next vent. MAke your way through and kick out the grating.
    Above you is a ladder, jump to it and make your way to the next shelter.
    There's ladder to your right, go up it. You can't go anywhere, it's a dead end,
    but it hold Pack of Smokes #52 Enfermo. Now, head back down the ladder, and
    then head down another ladder just left of that. There's a hall where a guard
    is fighting, kill him and any monsters that attack, the guard was holding a
    NanoMED cart, take it. Now, head through the door to the right, kill the three
    monsters in here, then go into the next room. Look up, it's a service hatch,
    this must be an elevator. Go up it and activate the controls, you shall drop
    down, go through the next hall and open the door to find a riot guard and
    large monster duking it out.
    Don't bother killing anything, head straight across the room to another door.
    In this next hallway, use the NanoMED device and take a right at the turn. Go
    through the door to find a riot guard...standing there. Rush across the hall
    to the next door.
    |   29.Loading Docks     |
    Open the new door, and people wll notice. Run out guns blazing and kill all
    the guards. The rail system SUCKS. So run your ass forward and there will be a
    door on the left, with a guard waiting inside there for you. Kill him. Then,
    press the button and go inside the room, it's an elevator. Kill the guard in
    here, then take the left door. Go down the hallway to the next door, when it
    opens, kill the guard and use the NanoMED before activating the switch.
    Go down the elevator and through the small hall to the next door. In this next
    area, there are 3 guards, kill them all, then navigate into the gated area
    (right of the door). Inside here, press the elevator button. Once at the top,
    start shooting. There's a riot guard and a few rugulars here, the only way to
    kill the riot guard is to get behind him and use the prototype rifle, then
    take care of the rest regularly. Once they are all dead, go out to where they
    all were and go through the door to the left. There are 2 guards waiting for,
    but a monster will soon attack them both, wait till they're distracted and
    kill them both, then go up the hall and take a left. Then, take a right. There
    will be a huge hall, and a huge room on the right side. Kill the three guards
    and monsters, then go into the room. It's a NanoMED health Station!!! The final
    one. Use it.
    Now, continue down the hall, take a right, then a left. Then go through the
    door. Here's another big room, 4 guards, kill them all and grab their ammo.
    Up on the left balcony there is Pack of Smokes #53, Graes. After you get that,
    head to the end of that balcony and jump to the overhead ladder, then make your
    way across to the other balcony. Here is a NanoMED machine, use it, then make
    your way back down to the floor. Go to the huge door, open it, then use the
    elevator button. You will go up. There's another riot guard up here, kill it
    using the same tactics, then pick up it's minigun. Go around the boxes to a 
    door, go through it, then take a right. Go up the stairs to another door.
    Kill the guard in here, then head for the house type thing, activate the door
    button, then kill the emging riot guard with your minigun, then pci kup his.
    This is the left side door, then go to the right side door and open it with the
    button on the opposite side. You will hit the fuel transport.
    |   30.Fuel Transport    |
    When you step through the door, you get a big suprise. It's a tank. This thing
    lives up to it's name and appearance, you cannot kill it with regular guns.
    Instead, look above. Small fuel things are constantly going by above, shoot
    those down on top of the tank to destroy it. Once it's exploded, head to the
    big door, towards the hangar.
    |       31.Hangar        |
    Go through the large door in front of you. There are two riots guards out here,
    wail on them with your minigun, then take a left. You will see a large ship,
    defeat the 3 guards guarding it, then walk towards it. It will open it's hatch,
    walk inside.
    <Mission Completed.>
    You see Jaggar trying to open a door, then Johns comes in and stops you.
    Riddick stabs him and he drops his weapon, then Jaggar picks it up, tries to
    shoot Johns...but shoots you instead! Then Jaggar is killed by guards, and you
    are captured. Hoxie says that you are to be put in "Cold Storage" or
    "Cryosleep" a.k.a Triple Max.
    |+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++C.TRIPLE MAX++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++|
    |    32.Exercise Area    |
    You wake up in a silver room for a "Mandatory 2 minutes of exercise". There's
    nothing you can do but run around then go back to sleep. On day two, you are
    joined by "Magico", who is crazy >_> Then Napolean comes out, and you sleep.
    The same thing happens, day after day. Then, one day, Riddick realizes he can
    take someone elses cell, do so.
    |    33.Cryo Pyramids    |
    Once out of your box, grab the nearby club. You soon fall asleep, when you
    wake, an alarm is sounding and droids are everywhere. Attack them if need be,
    but try and use stealth. There is one door that's unlocked, and a bunch of
    larger drios will come out of that. Escape them, then go through that door into
    a hallway. Go through the door at the end.
    |   34.Facility Control  |
    Go though the door and take a right. Go a little bit and you will suddenly be
    closed in, then droids will emerge from the floor, destroy them and drop down
    into a hall filled with red gas. Run through the hall killing the droids until
    you reach the end. Once you reach the end, climb up, then kill the guard, he
    has a gun. So grab it and a NanoMED cart when he's dead. In this next corridor,
    there is a NanoMED machine, use it if need be. Then, proceed across the hall
    and drop down into the next tunnel.
    Kill all the droids down here(with the club preferably, you'd be wasting your
    gun ammo otherwise). Then climb up the other side. Once up, go up the neaby
    stairs. Make sure to equip your gun. Once up the stairs, look to your left,
    there's a guard in the distance, aim carefully for the head from behind, and
    kill him in one hit, then take care of the guard that emerges from his room.
    Take both's ammo, then go into the room the second guard was in, look at the
    desk for Pack of Smokes #54, Gawd.
    Exit the room now and go to where the first guard was, just right of where he
    was standing is a computer terminal, activate it. The security doors open. Now,
    some guards will step out from the stairs, kill them and the droid, then pick
    up the ammo and the shotgun, then head back down the stairs. Go back down to
    the tunnel, destroy all the droids, then go up the other entrance. You're back
    in the room with the NanoMED, use it if need be. Then, head across the hall and
    drop down into the next tunnel. Destroy the droids, go to the adjescant
    entrance, go up. There's two large droids up here. Run the hell past them.
    Run run run. Go past them and take a left, then a right, you should now be in
    the weapons facility. Go to the back of the room and grab the tank, this is
    where it gets fun. Start wailing on everything in sight. Kill all the light
    tanks, then go into the room to the right. A big tank will attack you, destory
    it with missiles, then enter the room it was in, an elevator.
    |   35.Corporate Office  |
    Keep going down the elevator. Once you reach the bottom, exit. The next couple
    minutes is relatively straight forward, continue down the hall and blow the
    living shit out of everything. At the end, you should enter an elevator.
    |   36.Take Off Platform |
    This area is self-explanitory also. Kill everything on sight. At the end of the
    road, you will find a big tank, your tank will then tell you to exit due to
    damage. So, get out. You're back to square-one as far as weapons, but jump up 
    the left side via the boxes for Pack of Smokes #2, Candy Candy. Then drop down
    and look over the red button, there's some smokes of there also, Pack of Smokes
    #14, Space Cowboy. After you get those two things, press the red button. Then,
    book your ass through the door to your left. Run as fast as you can, and a
    cut-scene will go, showing you in slo-mo escaping. Johns rescues you in a ship,
    but you have one more thing to do, screw Hoxie over. But, Hoxie presses the
    alarm, and you have 2 more people to defeat.
    These last 2 guys can go invisible, but there happens to be a minigun nearby
    (imagine that -_-), so pick it up, and start wailing on them. Kill them one at
    a time, it's faster. You shouldn't have a problem with health, but if you do,
    step behind a pillar and take a breather. Once they are both dead, cut-scene
    time, this is a hilarious cut-scene. Riddick plans to jack Hoxie's ship.
    Riddick dresses up as a guard and leads him and Johns to safety, ties Hoxie to
    a chair with his goggles and a gun, and his own guards pump him full of lead.
    XD, he deserves it! The bastard. Well, you fly off with Johns, and
    Congrats, you beat The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay. Did you
    enjoy it? Of course you did! It was short and sweet, and the ending levels and
    scene kicked ass. Thanks for playing and thanks for reading!
    P.S Make sure to watch after the credits for the true ending.
    *  .:. 12.Secret Stuff .:.                                                    *
    There's two secrets that can be found in The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From
    Butcher Bay, and it's not that hard to obtain. This secret includes...toilets.
    Yes, toilets, here's how to obtain the secret:
    [Please note, you have to be at the beggining of the game to get this. It takes
    place in your cellblock]
    -In your cellblock, go to your room and flush your toilet 5 times(this only
    counts if you hear the "flush" sound)
    -Next, go to Waman's cell and do the same thing(5 times, hear the flush all
    -Next, go to Molina's cell and do the same(Molina's cell will be open after
    the first scene with Rust)
    -Last, go to Mattson's cell and do the same. Please note, Mattson's cell will
    not be enterable after you have done so once, so make sure to get it!!!
    Once you have done this, go out into the courtyard, you now see a picture of
    someone(I don't know who), with the words "Los Tres Amigos" or "The Three
    The second secret:
    When you reach "Pigsville" (the guards quarters) after meeting Pope Joe,
    continue through the shower area. Once you leave it and step into the first
    corridor, turn right and go into the doorway at the end of the hall. These are 
    the guards individual quarters. Go to the first room on the right (the 
    nameplate will read "Keenan") and ring the doorbell. You'll hear mostly 
    gibberish but also a mention of "Vatar." Vatar was the main villain of Enclave,
    another game made by Starbreeze (who are the developers of Escape from Butcher
    Bay), and the voice is that of the goblin character, a low-ranking enemy in 
    Vatar's forces.
    Thanks to VGAce for the second secret!
    *  .:. 13.FAQs .:.                                                            *
    Q: When are you going to have your FAQ done?
    A: Soon enough -_-
    Q: Why does it sometimes say [You already have this pack] when I get smokes 
    A: Well, there are 2 scenarios for this. Either you are playing a new game on a
    profile that already has the smokes, or you got the smokes, got killed, and 
    then bothered to get them again. You see, it auto-saves everytime you get a
    pack. So if you have gotten the smokes once, don't bother to get them again.
    This goes 2 fold for things like buying smokes(or collecting moths to get them.
    Just don't bother.
    Q: What does the ending mean???
    A: Look below, a lot of people have asked this same question.
    *  .:. 14.Plot Synopsis .:.                                                   *
    [NOTE: This is a plot synopsis of the movies, the movies plots need to be
    understood in able to get the full plot of Escape From Butcher Bay]
    *Thanks to Wikipedia for the info and plot synopsis of the movies*
    As the film opens, the Hunter Gratzner, a passenger spacecraft, crash-lands on 
    a strange desert planet. Most of the ship is destroyed; only 12 survive. Among 
    them are a dangerous criminal (Riddick, headed for a new lock-up) and his guard
    , the surviving pilot, Fry, some Islamic men (settlers headed for New Mecca) 
    and some other men, women and children.
    Assessing the situation, they realise that the planet's three hot suns 
    illuminate the surface continuously, creating the desert conditions. The ship's
    destruction has left them without food or water; only some meagre personal 
    possessions including a stash of alcohol. Led by Fry, the survivors gather what
    little they have and set off in search of water.
    The group is disoriented, scared and barely cohesive. This is no brave band of 
    survivors; there are personality problems and arguments right from the start. 
    Nobody is happy to discover a dangerous criminal among them, either. Riddick 
    has altered eyes which enable him to see in the dark (an adaptation to prison 
    mines he has done time in). However because of this light-sensitivity he needs 
    to wear welding goggles during daylight (especially in the harsh continuous 
    sunlight of this planet).
    The survivors find strange boneyards and then lose a person in a bloody 
    struggle near a burrow. Is the escaped Riddick to blame? Fry investigates and 
    encounters strange creatures living underground. Riddick tells the survivors 
    that they now have something other than him to fear ...
    Near the boneyards they find an abandoned research base. This provides a water 
    generator and some shelter. Even better, there is hope for escaping the planet,
    in the form of a small spacecraft (the skiff). But why is the base abandoned? 
    An encounter with flying creatures kills another survivor. Then it is 
    discovered that the three suns will eclipse each other soon, and not rise again
    for months.
    The skiff needs power cells to restart its electrical systems, for which they 
    must return to the ruins of their ship. But then the suns set — all of them. 
    The creatures of the night begin to stalk the survivors in the dark. Now, 
    Riddick is one of their most important assets.
    Hiding in their ship with their only sources of light, they make a plan to take
    the power cells back to the skiff. Riddick, with his superior night vision, 
    leads the remaining survivors through the dark. The group takes all their 
    available light with them after learning that light damages the aliens.
    En route to the settlement and the skiff, the group loses several people to the
    aliens with just four people—Riddick, Jack, Carolyn, and Imam—to reach the 
    canyon just before the settlement. When most of their light sources (save a 
    flashlight) are gone, the three remain in a cave while Riddick heads back to 
    the ship promising to return with more light.
    While waiting in the cave, they discover little creatures with bioluminescence.
    They put the creatures into a bottle and Carolyn makes for the Skiff. Carolyn 
    finds Riddick in the skiff preparing to take off and realizing that he had 
    intended on leaving them behind.
    After a discussion and minor physical brawl, Carolyn talks Riddick into going 
    back for Jack and Imam. On their way back, Riddick has trailed behind and 
    surrounded by two aliens. After an unseen fight, Riddick is found by Carolyn 
    (who had made it back to the skiff and left to find him) with a severe leg 
    During Carolyn's desperate help to Riddick in getting back to the ship, she's 
    picked off by an alien and pulled away into the darkness.
    Riddick makes it back to the skiff to find Imam and Jack waiting. In a final 
    show of Riddick's true nature, he waits for the aliens to close on the ship and
    put the engine at full throttle to burn the aliens.
    Shortly after escaping the planet from Pitch Black, Riddick, Jack and Imam are 
    picked up by a ship. They quickly discover that it's a merc ship, making Jack's
    remark at the end of the previous movie ironically prophetic. Although Riddick
    attempts to conceal his identity from the mercenaries, they quickly voice-print
    him and know exactly who they're dealing with.
    Captured by the mercenaries, the trio of survivors rapidly discovers that their
    captors have unusual plans for them. The ship's owner, Antonia Chillingsworth
    (Tress MacNeille) is a collector of unusual "art." And in her mind, Riddick is
    the ultimate "masterpiece" for her collection.
    Riddick, Jack, and Imam must face down and fight their way through the enormous
    army of human and nonhuman creatures at her disposal, or they will meet a fate
    far crueler than death.
    Five years after the events of Pitch Black, a 4-person group of bounty hunters,
    lead by Toombs, are on the trail of Riddick on the frozen planet of U.V.6. 
    After boarding the ship, Riddick tells Toombs he made three mistakes:
       1. He took the job
       2. He came light: a 4-man crew is insulting
       3. Having an empty gun rack
    Riddick discovers that Toombs was paid 1.5 million by a private party from 
    Helion Prime. Riddick throws Toombs out of the ship and heads to Helion Prime, 
    and there's only one person who could have betrayed him: Imam, whom he saved 
    long ago.
    mam, working with Aereon — an ambassador from the mysterious and rarefied race 
    known as the Elementals — reveals his reasons for seeking Riddick. The 
    Necromongers (aka "World Enders") are poised to attack Imam's planet, Helion 
    Prime (aka "New Mecca"). The bounty was put on him to draw him back to Helion 
    Prime and fight for them. Aereon believes that Riddick, a Furyan, can rebalance
    the universe against the Necromongers.
    It is from Imam that Riddick learns where Jack (aka Kyra) can be found: 
    Crematoria. While, presumably, leaving to seek Kyra, Helion Prime is attacked 
    by Necromongers.
    The Necromongers are a patriarchal warlike race seeking to convert, violently 
    if necessary, the universe to their faith while on a journey to the Underverse,
    a constellation of Dark new worlds. They see life as antagonistic to the 
    "natural state" — human life is spontaneous outbreak; an unguided mistake — to 
    which they seek to correct by converting others to the Necromonger faith. The 
    Purifier tries to convince the people of Helion Prime of this, but most are 
    unwilling to convert, that is until the Lord Marshal pulls out one man's soul.
    Riddick shows up to the gathering to seek the Necromonger that killed Imam. It 
    is after the fight that Riddick and Lord Marshal meet, though it seems as if it
    were not the first time, and takes Riddick to the Quasi-Deads. Before the 
    Quasi-Deads, Lord Marshal (and others including the Purifier) learn that 
    Riddick is a Furyan: a warrior race massacred by none other than the 
    Necromongers. During Riddick's escape from their ship, he is caught by Toombs, 
    but this time with a 5-man crew (one of whom is a woman). Riddick craftily 
    steers Toombs to Crematoria to seek bounty payment.
    After landing at the underground hanger, they travel by an underground rail 
    cart 29.4 kilometres to the actual prison. Shortly after being put into the 
    prison, Riddick and Kyra are reunited (where they recite familiar lines from 
    Pitch Black). During Toombs' second negotiation for the price of Riddick, an 
    all-out-brawl ensues when they learned the Necromongers trailed Toombs' ship 
    to Crematoria.
    Back on Helion Prime, Dame Vaako seeks answers from Aereon about Riddick. She 
    learns that Lord Marshal learned 30+ years ago that a male child on Furya would
    be born who would cause him his downfall. Lord Marshal attacks Furya and kills 
    all males to prevent the foretelling from coming true. While Dame Vaako is 
    telling Vaako (who is now hunting Riddick) of this story, the Purifier 
    overhears the conversation.
    The remaining guards on Crematoria escape down the rail cart passage (though 
    without the cart because it was destroyed during the brawl) on foot. Riddick, 
    Kyra, and three prisoners leave the prison, not underground, but aboveground 
    because the doors to the passage are non-operable. On the surface, they race 
    against the upcoming sunrise where the temperature rises to 700 degrees. Upon 
    reaching the hanger, they learn the Necromongers have beaten them there. After 
    the Necromongers defeat the guards that ran underground, they fight it out with
    Riddick where he is left for dead and Kyra jumps on the Necromonger ship.
    When the Necromongers leave, the Purifier is found to have stayed in the hanger
    and pulls Riddick into the hanger and is spared from the immense heat of the 
    sunrise. It is then that Riddick learns he is not the only Furyan. The Purifier
    reveals to Riddick that he is a Furyan living and killing for a religion he 
    never wanted, and walks out into the raging sunrise to kill himself.
    Taking Toombs' ship again, Riddick flies after the Necromongers back to Helion 
    Prime. Riddick boards the lead Necromonger ship and plans to kill Lord Marshal.
    After his surprise attack, which Lord Marshal foiled, he learns that Kyra was 
    converted and is now a Necromonger. Riddick, now enraged that Lord Marshal has
    taken everything he's loved, battles it out with him. Secretly with Dame Vaako,
    Vaako plans to kill Lord Marshal when he's at his weakest to claim the 
    Necromonger throne.
    However, it is Riddick that deals the killing blow to Lord Marshal and Riddick 
    claims the throne after recalling the words Lord Marshal told him: "you keep 
    what you kill."
    *  .:. 15.Version History .:.                                                 *
    0.5- Up to the Feed Ward checkpoint in the walkthrough. Do not have any 
    questions yet, so no FAQ section.
    0.7- Up to the Cargo Transport. Haven't updated in a while.
    1.00- Done as far as I am concerned. Been working on this for almost a year
    now, and I am THROUGH.
    *  .:. 16.Contact Info .:.                                                    *
    If for any reason you need to contact me, you have a couple options. You can
    email me(Wasabi.X@gmail.com), you can IM me(RedAlertZero), or you can
    seek me out on the Chronicles of Riddick game message board(Wasabi X). Please,
    if you are planning on contacting me, use proper grammar, if you don't use
    passable grammar and spelling, I will disregard your message completely.
    *  .:. 17.Thanks .:.                                                          *
    Whoever the hell had any part in The Chronicles of Riddick movie, it sucked.
    -Starbreeze Studios, which came from nowhere to make such a great game.
    -VU Games, for publishing the game.
    -CJayC, for creating GameFaqs, the best gaming site on the web.
    -Emachines, for creating the crappy ass computer I have typed all my Faqs on.
    -My dad, for buying the game for me(...what? I was short on cash...).
    -Microsoft, for creating Xbox, making a game like The Chronicles of Riddick
    possible on a console.
    -The folks who made Metapad, couldn't have made this faq without you.
    -VGAce, for the second secret.
    *  .:. 18.Rate My Work .:.                                                    *
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