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One anti-hero that is astonishing 06/22/04 ballermatt1
Riddick= Total Badass 06/07/04 CaptSpazz24
An Amazing FPS, this has GOTY written all over it! 06/10/04 D M X
One of the best FPS Xbox has to offer. 06/24/04 dantedevil4
A good licensed game? No it isn't. It is a great one. 06/14/04 Fried CPU
You're not afraid of the dark, are you? 06/02/04 gmk0taku
If it was only a little bit longer. 07/04/04 GNick4
There isn't a word to sum up how great this game is... 06/07/04 GRAVE
Does Riddick hold his own on the small screen? 06/03/04 Heritage
Minor flaws, but overall a awesome game 07/24/04 ieatdirttoo
"Beutiful" 06/07/04 indycolt32
Finally, a game to hold me over til Halo 2 06/15/04 kotorman123
Interesting, but sometimes rather complicated shooting game 06/05/04 miyaa
Great Game that could have been Perfect had it Been Longer 06/13/04 moose1132
Starbreeze with a stunning debut. 06/03/04 NuclearCheetos
Don't mess with Riddick or he'll mess YOU up. 04/23/07 Obeliskos
Best Single Palyer Xbox Game Avalible 06/28/04 pcgamer87
The first great licensed game 06/07/04 PoopyMcPoopster
History's Coolest Convict 06/12/04 solid11190snake
Not your typical movie game, not at all.. 06/03/04 SupaDupaTrueIllusion
Your thrilling escape from Butcher Bay 06/03/04 Terell Owens81
Riddick = Awesome 06/10/04 The Phoenix of Fyre
"What's hell, without a little fire?" 06/17/04 Timedown
"What do I have to do to get eyes like that?" 06/03/04 Wufei
Escaping the Darkness 06/03/04 Zydicore

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