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"A Hyped up game that fails to deliver"

For years World War II games have dominated the war game market. First person shooters, 3rd person shooters, RTS the list goes on.
So after years of Nazi bashing games and with graphical technology advancing in the way it is it makes perfect sense to chose another conflict to base a new generation of games on and lets face it, the list of wars to base a game on is huge. So Vietnam was chosen. And here is one of the first games to be based on this sub genre of games.

As the name implies this game takes place in Vietnam during 1967. The player takes on the role of a GI beginning his tour of duty. He is joined by a group of other GI's fresh
out of boot camp. The games starts out great and really gives you a sense of tension and excitement as you prepare to venture out into the jungle with your team mates.
After been given a mission briefing and having a quick wander around the U.S base you are ready to go. Items can be purchased from the base's unofficial supplier, weapons can be tested on the range and dog tags from dead enemies can be traded for some time with the local prostitutes. What this acomplishes i have no idea but still.

After a few missions with your squad you are upgraded to special forces, this is were the typical one man warrior style gameplay comes into play. A big let down if you ask me. Most missions involve destroying an objective with C4 or clearing out enemies from an area. The gameplay is incredibly tedious and involves completing the same objectives over and over again. Your team mates are no help either with the AI been the worst i have seen in a long time. If a soldier shouts "Follow Me!" That is the
signal for you to run ahead and shoot.

The gameplay is unrealistic in the sense that your weapons have little recoil and aiming down the sight can give you near perfect accuracy.
The health feature is unique to the game and is called "Shellshock". Every hit you take will increase your shellshock meter, once it is full every other hit will damage the player. Considering this game is advertises it's realism factor, you can take a unbelievable amount of hits.

Graphically the game could be better, the animations are choppy and the jungles look bland. The graphic engine seems to have had a late night as everything looks blurry.
The gore and violence is nothing more than comical limbs that fall from a VC'S torso once a grenade explodes. Cutscenes however are good. They are violent and well acted.
Even the ingame cut scenes are above average. It seems the violence has been saved for the non playable sections of the game. Sometimes the violence goes overboard.

The sounds arn't bad but they could of been a lot better. Voice acting wise they have done a good job however the Vietcong's lines do get repetitive. Gunshots sound realistic enough but not good enough to create a good atmosphere.

The game prides it's self on realistic graphic violence, something which is laking ingame. The cutscenes however seem to be ripped off every great Vietnam film out their.
Platoon seems to of been a heavy influence on the game developers. Cutscenes take violence to the extreme so this is strictly for over 18's only.

And now for the worst feature of the game, it's lifespan.
Their were rumors that the game could be completed in under five hours. I did it in three hours twenty. That is a terrible time for a thirty quid game.

This game isn't that bad. But it could of been a lot better, we were promised a realistic gritty Vietnam shooter. What we were given was a sublime 3rd person shooter that fails to impress.

Score 6.5/10

+Good voice acting
+Lots of weapons
+Big Levels
+Nice cut scenes

+Bad Graphics
+No Multi player
+Very short game
+Trying too hard to be violent

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/06/04

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