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    Ermac by Mobius Gear1

    Version: Final | Updated: 12/15/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

       M   M K  K      D D    EEEE   CCC  EEEE  P P  TTTTT  IIIII  OOOO  N   N
       MM MM K K   ::  D  D   E     C     E     P  P   T      I    O  O  NN  N
       M M M KK        D   D  EEE   C     EEE   P P    T      I    O  O  N N N
       M   M K K   ::  D  D   E     C     E     P      T      I    O  O  N  NN
       M   M K  K      D D    EEEE   CCC  EEEE  P      T    IIIII  OOOO  N   N
                           EEEE  RR    M   M   AA    CCC
                           E     R R   MM MM  A  A  C
                           EEE   RR    M M M  AAAA  C
                           E     R R   M   M  A  A  C
                           EEEE  R  R  M   M  A  A   CCC
    Mortal Kombat Deception Ermac guide VFinal for PS2/Xbox by Mobius Gear1
    This should be the only version posted on a site.
    Welcome. I'll keep this short. I like Ermac...I make Ermac guide :) This only
    covers Eramc in the fighting game mode, not the chess or puzzle games. My 
    name is MobiusakaBorat on the MKO (MortalKombatOnline.com) boards. I also 
    occasionally visit the gamefaqs.com boards with the name Mobius Gear1. I am a
    Ps2 exclusive player...I dont have an xbox. Thats it, lets get started.
    NOTE: I will NEVER play online with any name such as Mobius Gear1 or 
          MobiusakaBorat or EVER reveal myself in any way as the creator of this
          guide. If anyone is claiming to be me, they are NOT. This is in regards
          to some mails I have been getting revealing some impersonators. 
         This FAQ is copyright Mobius Gear1.  You cannot steal or borrow this FAQ
    without written consent from me.  This FAQ may only be on Mortalkombatonline 
    Gamefaqs or thegenie.net. No where else and must fully credit me. I hope you
    all enjoyed this, and I hope it taught you something about our beloved Ermac.
    New to version 1.0
     - Updated the Special Move Section - added strat/uses/ratings
     - Updated the Strategy sections 5.1(DT methods) and 5.2(mixups 50/50) 
     - Added a small online section - warning to Ermac users.
     - Added a "Why Ermac?" section with pros/cons and a rating for him compared
       to the rest of the cast.
     - General polish/updates here and there
    New to version 1.2
     - Ermac's new rating, he is truely one of the best in the game.
     - Added a Bread and Butter EASY combo to the end of the combos section.
     - A few small unnoticeable fixes 
     - Kill Scorpion everytime strat added to the PROs section as well as a few
       other small update in that area.
    New to version 1.3
     - Ermac special move descriptions as requested by Ross
     - A few minor mistakes in the Bio section - corrected by Anthony Capaldo
     - Some new combos sent in by Ryan Harvey at fubarduck@gmail.com 
     - A small but sincere general Thanks section at the very end of the FAQ :)
    New to version 1.35
     - Strat section, I added a line that I should mention.
     - An alternative bread and butter combo submitted by Armagon Felspire at
     - Legal section updated with another site that may post my faq: thegenie.net
    New to version 1.36
     - Just the note at the Introduction regarding impersonators
     - Added a new EASY combo for Axe Submitted by Sam - SexyloverBoy34@gmail.com
    New to Version 1.5
     - My new love for the Axe stance, his best stance
       - Added a new mix-up for the Axe Stance in the Mix-up and strat sections 
       - Got a good Axe stance Bread and Butter added in the Axe combo section
       - New strats in the strategy section concerning, you guessed it, AxeStance
     - A substitute for fatalities in the fatality section. Its the ultimate 
       insult and almost always gets a rise+intant rematch request by players :)
     - General revisions throughout, you might want to read some sections you have
       not read for a couple versions that are gameplay related.
     - Breaker Bugs added to the breaker section
    New to the Final Version
     - Some combos added to the end of the combo section. These are from Mew2King
       at zimm11111@yahoo.com
    Note: I sold my copy of the game a couple weeks ago. I had fun with it for a 
          short while which was the plan, but the engine is too broken for my 
          tastes. Again, I totally appreciate all the e-mails people sent in. You
          have made writing this guide a treat. Farewell. 
    Final Note: People mailed me asking questions about online tactics,
                since I don't play anymore I can't answer them. 
    Why Ermac? - Rating 4.5/5
    _ IMO he is one of the best in the game, only Baraka can be cheaper/better 
      and thats just by a little. scorpions are a breeze (read below)
    - His float/dive is one of the BEST moves in the game, he owns at long range
      if played correctly. This alone is a great Pro, big part of his game. If
      you play Ermac you will live and die by how well you can use this move.
    - His float, again, allows for some garunteed added damage after certain hits
      example: an uppercut.
    - He has big juggles.
    - B D B + 4 is an awesome move.
    - He can totally tear up Scorpions, who we all see too many times. (block tele
      kick -> uppercut -> float/bomb and float/bomb to beat his spear keep moving
      and keep it long range/defensive. If they try and walk or jump to close the 
      gap B D B + 4 and do your bread and butter. As it stands I can not be beat
      by any ranked scorp unless its a fluke on my part using this strat.
    - Axe stance, his best stance, is great, check strategy section
    - Ermac lacks a good agressive 50/50 game (doesnt need one imo)
    - Internet lag doesnt allow you to consistently use his best juggles
    - He lacks one super solid stance. Either its missing good sweeps or mids.
      The closest thing is Axe stance. If it had a sweep it would rock even more.
    - All his combos/juggle launchers hit highs except Axe stance! >.<
    - He really is NOT a dial-a-combo character if thats your thing. I'm not sure,
      is this is a pro or a con? LoL
    If you still want to learn him read on! He is fun to use and can kick some 
    serious butt regardless of some flaws of his. Truly one of the most 
    overlooked and best characters in MKD.
    Table of Contents:                                              Search Symbol
    1. Conventions                                                          [CON]
      1.1 Breakers                                                          [BRK]
    2. Biographies                                                          [BIO]
      2.1 First Person Bio                                                  [BI2]
      2.2 Alt Bio                                	                        [BI3]
      2.3 Ending                                   	                        [END]
      2.4 Alt. Costume                      	                        [COS]
    3. Moveslist                                 	                        [MOV]
      3.1 Special Moves                      	                        [SPM]
      3.2 Hua Chuan                         	                        [HUA]
      3.3 Choy Lee Fut                        	                        [CLF]
      3.4 Axe                                	                        [AXE]
      3.5 Fatalities/Hari-Kiri                	                        [F&H]
    4. Combos                                 	                        [CMB]
      4.1 Hua Chuan                           	                        [CM1]
      4.2 Choy Lee Fut                        	                        [CM2]
      4.3 Axe                                	                        [CM3]
    5. Strategy                              	                        [SGT]
      5.1 What are good Methods to DT?       	                        [DTM] 
      5.2 Mixups and 50/50 forces             	                        [MIX]
      5.3 Online Issues with Ermac            	                        [ONL]
      5.4 Auto-Tracking                      	                        [TRK]
    1. Conventions:                         		                [CON]
    Back            B
    Forward         F
    Up              U
    Down            D
    Move        Abbreviation   PS2            X-Box
    Attack 1        1          Square         X
    Attack 2        2          Triangle       Y
    Attack 3        3          X              A
    Attack 4        4          Circle         B
    Change Style    CS         L1             L  
    Block           BL         R2             R       
    Throw           TW         R1             Black (thanks to Shaun Greiner for 
                                                     the X-box controls)
    +       indicates to press both buttons at the same time
    DT      This is an abbreviation for Death Trap.
    ->      In combos, means "followed by." Does NOT mean forward.
    whiff   Refers to when your move gets blocked or you miss.
    1.1 Breakers:                                                           [BRK]
    - A breaker is performed by pressing F + BL
    When can it be performed?
      - While you are getting pounded in by a ground combo 
      - On a single hit, right as it is about to hit you.
      - While you are blocking you can use the breaker 
      - Throws - On some throws you can break. You can like Scorps and thats only
        one one of the last hits. Dont waste breakers on throws.
      - Juggles - You can stop juggles as well.
    - You can NOT use a breaker to knock someone into a DT.  
    - You only get 3 per match and they do no damage. 
    Having trouble performing breakers? 
    -Use the breaker MASH tactic. This works in every case. If you are in one of
    the above situations, you can use this method to help you. Hold down on the 
    block and start tapping forward over and over and you will perform a breaker.
    Sometimes you see people using a breaker on your very first move! If you are
    blocking you can be tapping forward before any attacks are attempted by the
    opponent...as soon as they try something you will breaker on the very first 
    Note on Breaker Bugs:
     - Dont Break throws, you take full throw damage anyway. This is a bug.
     - Also, try and use a break instantly after a juggle or you end up take- 
       ing just as much damage as you would without breaking. Sometimes if you
       break late, you take full damage and then break. 
       Example: I'm comboing and my opponent breaks, then falls over and dies :/
    2. Biographies:                     		      	                [BIO]
    Name: Ermac
    Difficulty: 4 (in-game rating, not personal)
    Place of Origin: Unknown
    Alignment: Good
    Allies: Kenshi, Liu Kang
    Foes: Dragon King, Ashrah
    A being created through Sorcery, Ermac is the combined might of many warrior
    souls fused together. He was once a servant of Shao Kahn until Kenshi freed 
    him. Now he seeks to make amends for all the harm he has caused in the past 
    by freeing Liu Kang's enslaved allies from the Dragon King's control.
    2.1 First Person Bio:                                                   [BI2]
    We are Ermac. We are the fusion of the souls of dead warriors, created by 
    Shao Kahn to obey him without question. We served as his enforcer for many
    years, until the Earthrealm warrior Kenshi released us from our bondage and 
    awakened our perception of the worlds that surround us. We are now free to 
    choose our own destiny. We encountered a fellow warrior spirit, who, like 
    Kenshi, understood our suffering. Eager to atone for the atrocities we had
    committed in Shao Kahn's name, we agreed to help this warrior, Liu Kang, to
    liberate his allies from the control of the Dragon King. Shao Kahn may be
    dead, but it seems his essence lives on in this new menace. It is as if they 
    are both manipulated by the very fabric of the realms. 
    2.2 Alternate Character Bio:                                            [BI3]
    This can be found in the krypt - koffin  PJ - 254 Gold Koins - Bio: Ermac Alt
          CREDIT goes to John Ryall known as Bronzie on Gamefaqs.com,
                 for the location from his Krypt FAQ. 
    We encountered a fellow warrior spirit who, like Kenshi, understood our 
    suffering. Eager to atone for the atrocities we had committed in Shao Kahn's 
    name, we agreed to help this warrior, Liu Kang, to liberate his allies from
    the control of the Dragon King. Shao Kahn may be dead, but it seems his 
    essence lives on in this new menace. It is as if they are both manipulated by
    the very fabric of the realms. 
    2.3 Ending:                       			                [END]
    In an outer chamer of the Dragon King's throne room, Ermac did battle with 
    Liu Kang's ensalved comrades. Ermac was more than a match for the five 
    warriors, but their defeat was not his objective. Liu Kang materialized and, 
    one by one, freed their souls while Ermac occupied the rest. Eventually all 
    five were awakened from their enchantment and freed from Onaga's control.
    Ermac was pleased that his warrior skills could for once bring about a noble
    outcome. He sensed, however, that an ominous force still shaped the destiny 
    of the realms. It was everywhere, he could feel its influence on Onaga, 
    though the Dragon King was oblivious to its manipulation. Time was running 
    out.Ermac feared the celebration of this latest victory would be short lived.
    Note: The five enslaved warriors were Johnny Cage, Sonya, Kitana, Kung Lao 
          and Jax
    2.4 Alternate Outfit:                                                   [COS]
    Ermac -  Koffin QP - Key Location - A-8/Netherrealm. 
          CREDIT goes to John Ryall known as Bronzie on Gamefaqs.com,
                 for the location from his Krypt FAQ.
    3. Moveslist:                                            	        [MOV]
    3.1 Special Moves:                                                      [SPM]
    Mystic Float                           D U + 3
    Mystic Bomb (During Mystic Float)      D + 3
    Dive Kick (During Mystic Float)        F + 3           * Can be used to DT
    Telekinetic Throw                      F B + 2
    Telekinetic Slam                       B D B + 4
    Hado-Energy                            D B + 1
    Set and Spike                          R2 or black  
          Note: his throw does not juggle :(   
    Mystic Float - rating: N/A
    Description: Ermac floats straight up with his arms spread out making the 
                 letter T. He glows green all over and hovers there slightly
                 bobbing up and down for 4 seconds (or bobs).
    By itself this really isnt a move. The worst thing about this move is that
    there is no way to cancel it without having to do the bomb or kick. I would 
    have liked such an option, but its not necessary. As it stands, dont just 
    float there. You cant move around while in the air and just staying there 
    is begging to get comboed or knocked into a DT. You can also be hit by 
    standard fireballs like freeze and Spear even though it looks like they may
    go under you, but there is a counter for that :) read the bomb section below.
    Remeber to mix up bombs and kicks (mostly you will be using bombs).
    Mystic Bomb - rating:  5/5 
    Description: Ermac starts to decent to the ground very quickly and slams into 
                 the floor flat on his back. Before he hits the ground he tucks 
                 in his arms and legs to focus his weight. Upon hitting the 
                 ground the green energy that encircled him from the float shoots
                 out of him in all directions. 
    Note: This move hurts the enemy no matter how far they stand, as long as they
          are touching the floor.
    I love this move. If you quickly float/bomb you can get some garunteed hits
    after an opponent lands from a pop-up. Most players dont even jump when you 
    float so abuse this against those players. When you float, stall, and they 
    will get eager and jump early, then bomb as they land! The bomb is so fast it
    almost seems instantaneous. You can float, and when you see a fireball/spear
    /etc coming at you as a counter, you can bomb before it gets to you. You
    should hit the ground and the fireball will go over you and you'll get em 
    with another bomb. For those defensive players or defensive segments of a 
    match (when you are far from your opponent in general) you should use this 
    to lure your opponent in and close the gap. After a couple bombs/stalled 
    bombs/missed fireballs they will give up and close in. If they dont, well, 
    then you will chip away at them until they do :) You can also bomb after your
    opponent lands from certain attacks such as an uppercut for a garunteed hit.
    Dive Kick - rating: 2.5/5
    Description: Ermac shoots forward at a 45 degree angle in a jumpkick
                 animation leaving a trail of the green energy that was flowing 
                 around him from the float.
    This move can DT but its not that great when used as such since you shouldnt
    be floating at close range. At that range you are more vulnerable to
    fireballs/attacks even if you try and bomb counter (although you still can 
    beat them a lot which is why that move rocks). If your opponent tries to 
    attack you as you are dive kicking you will usually trade hits with them :/
    The moves sole purpose is to act as a mix-up for the bomb...even though 
    stalling bombs from a float is a better mix-up. Its an Ok move but I wont 
    lie when I say that I sometimes go for several matches or days without using
    it and do great.
    Telekinetic Throw - rating: 4/5
    Description: Almost identical to Kenshi's tele throw, Ermac uses both hands
                 to telekinetically pull the enemy in front of him and toss him
                 to his opposite side. Both his hands glow green as he does this.
    This move is best used as a Juggle ender and a good ender it makes too. It
    can not DT but you can use it to position someone by a DT though. Dont use 
    this move at close range unless you see an opening or your opponent is
    walking forward, backward or jumping. It, like the Slam, also is fairly easy 
    to see coming thanks to all the green glow and easily punishable on a whiff. 
    If any one jumps you can catch them in the air with this move, though a 
    T.Slam would be a better option.
    Telekinetic Slam - rating: 4.5/5
    Description: Almost identical to Kenshi's tele slam, Ermac uses one hand to 
                 raise his opponent into the air and them slam them into the 
                 ground with enough force that they bounce back up high enough to
                 be juggled. Again, his hand glows green as he does this.
    This is Ermac's best move for juggles. You want to master doing this from
    both sides and want to be able to do it fast enough to get it off in tight 
    juggle situations. Some juggles require you to do it mulitple times in one 
    combo, so I hope dexterity is not an issue for you. Seriously, Ermac needs 
    this to do decent combo damage, otherwise he is very limited in his juggles.
    Its easy to see coming and very easy to punish on a whiff though. There are
    some situations where you can catch your opponent off guard like when they
    are walking toward or away. If anyone jumps you can catch them in the air 
    with this move. Since you will be float/bombing people WILL be jumping.
    Hado-Energy - rating: 1/5  
    Description: Easily the coolest looking fireball in the game. Ermac leans 
                 back and faces away from his arm, which he extends outward 
                 toward his opponent, as if it emits great heat. Then a snake-
                 like figure of green energy shoots from his palm and slithers
                 through the sky leaving a long trail of green energy. Upon 
                 impact many particles of energy are expelled. 
    This is as bad as any other straight forward fireball in this game. The 
    Hado-Energy (a clever twist on Hado-Ken...or is it? LoL) doesnt come out 
    fast/travel fast, doesnt do much damage, and can not knock oponents into a 
    DT. Its not even good as a juggle ender. I dont suggest using it. Even at 
    long range, if you use it someone like Scorpion can telehit you (worst case) 
    or you miss completely (best case). Plus, at long range you have much better
    options with your bombs/delayed bombs. Unless you are playing someone of very
    low skill and what to see the move because you miss it dont use this 
    otherwise cool looking move. The ONLY uses I can think of are if sub makes a 
    clone and you do this to punish him, or if you are too far and scorp whiffs 
    a ground flame. Dont use this move much.
    Set and Spike - rating 4/5
    Dont get me wrong, I dont want to be cheap, but throwing is a big part of MK 
    all of a sudden. You can not block throws in this game as you could in the 
    last. Since the engine of the game is flawed, there is also no designated 
    throw escape implemented. SO, you can abuse this move. Many a time at mid
    range you can just dash/walk right upto opponents and throw them on the 
    average player. At close range its deadly. Players tend to block right after
    a whiffed combo they just did so they can block your counter-combo. Since 
    there are many safe combos and they actually CAN block in time, you can just 
    take a step or two forward and throw them! Ermac's throw is standard in 
    damage (still pretty high) and doesnt juggle like a few do :( but all throws
    in this game are deadly. Man, only if it juggled... (by juggle I mean like
    Nightwolfs throw). All throws are damaging, dont forget about this move in
    your aresenal. Also, people get real angry when you throw more than a couple
    times and might lose their composure...you will win those matchs. or if they
    are better than you they will abuse it better...abuse it if you feel 
    confident of your skill.
    Note: There are stars (*) next to moves that can knock an opponent into a DT
          (Deathtrap) or through walls and such. Any move without a star can not,
          such as Ermac's Tele Throw. One an opponent is airborn from a juggle 
          launcher, pretty much anything can DT them at that point, just dont try
          and pop them up again.
    3.2 Hua Chuan:                       	                                [HUA]
    Thigh Punch                    1                             
    Long Arm Fist                  B + 1
    Razor Hand                     D + 1
    Fast Hammer Strike             2
    Hammer Fist Uppercut           D + 2        * 
    Soaring Edge Hand              3            *
    Low Mule Kick                  D + 3 
    Foot Plant                     4            *
    Creeping Leg                   D + 4
    Chop Shop                      2 2 
    Blender Fist                   2 2 2        * (on final hit)
    Face Chop                      B + 1 3      * (on final hit)  
    Chop Em Up                     2 2 1          
    Face Plant                     2 B + 1      * (on final hit)
    Swift Like The Wind            2 2 CS       * (on final hit)
    3.3 Choy Lee Fut:                         		        	[CLF]
    Tiger Claw                     1            *
    Sloping Ridgehand              U + 1        
    Deadly Palm                    F + 1        *  
    Kneecap Strike                 D + 1        
    Dual Rising Ridgehand          2            *
    Ridged Knife Chop              B + 2        
    Grasping Uppercut              D + 2        *
    Twin Ox                        3            *
    Twin Fingers                   B + 3        *
    Choy Lay Foot                  D + 3
    Snapping Sidekick              4            *
    Dragon’s Tail                  B + 4        
    Sneak Attack                   F + 4
    Whirling Demon                 D + 4
    Nitro Strikes                  1 1          * (on first or final hit)
    Strong Ox                      1 1 3        * (on first or final hit)
    Strong Mule                    1 U + 1      * (on first hit)
    Bloody Master                  1 1 4        * (on all hits)
    Carving The Way                1 1 B + 2    * (on all hits)
    Grasping Fingers               1 1 2        * (on all hits)
    Choy Lay Powder                1 1 2 CS     * (on all hits except last)
    3.4 Axe:                              			                [AXE]
    Overhead Slice                 1
    Whirling Blade                 B + 1
    Sideways Cut                   F + 1        *
    Power Jab                      D + 1        
    Horizontal Slash               2            *
    Windy Axe                      B + 2        *    
    Slice You In Two               U + 2
    Unresting Axe                  D + 2        *
    Stomach Mash                   3            *
    Low Slasher                    B + 3        
    Pelvis Cut                     U + 3        *
    Foot Slice                     D + 3        * One of the best in the game!
    Quick Fist                     4            
    Ankle Slicer                   D + 4            
    Slice And Attack               1 3          * (on all hits)       
    Mystic Rush                    1 3 4        * (only on firt and second hits)
    Beat Down                      1 3 4 4      * (only on firt and second hits)
    Into The Shadows               1 3 4 4 4    * (only on firt and second hits)
    3 jabs                         4 4 4          This is not listed in the game
                                                  menu for some reason.
    3.5 Fatalities/Hari-Kiri:                			        [F&H]
    Ermac Fatality 1: D,B,B,D, 3 (Sweep) 
            Description - Tele Slams - Ermac tele slams his opponent a few times
                                       and the final slam his opponent explodes.
    Ermac Fatality 2: B,D,B,D, 4 (Sweep) 
            Description - Tele Rip - Ermac lifts his opponent up and makes him 
                                     crumple up into a ball. Then in one full 
                                     motion he makes them uncrumple and tear 
    Ermac Hari -Kiri : D,U,U,D 3 
            Description - Head Bang - Ermac bangs his head on the floor a couple
                                      times...gets dizzy, and does a final bang
                                      causing his head to explode.
    His most insulting finisher though is what I love to do and is my Signature
    finisher since I have seen NO ONE else do it online for the entire period the
    game has been out...and Ive seen many players. After this update with my new
    finisher up I am SURE I will see it places, but I like to think that I am
    the one to come up with this, so without further ado here is what I do:
    I walk up to the dizzy opponent and then Tele Float right in their face! You
    have to time it so that they fall over right as your float ends. This is a 
    mean and demeaning way to end a match. It looks like they are bowing down to 
    you, like you own them, you are their king! Its so evil :) 
    Note: I only do this when I want to be real mean and it has a HIGH percent 
          chance of getting the other player to instantly challenge with 
          a rematch! ^^
    4. Combos:                               	                        [CMB]
    In this section I will not list all combos by any means. I will try and make 
    a few easy ones for decent damage. I'll add em as I go along. During my 
    comboing I found many slick looking combos of medium to hard skill. I didnt 
    list them because the damage was pitiful and they really werent worth doing
    with these other options.
    EASY - These are pretty easy
    MEDIUM - These are well, medium lol
    HARD -  Not neccesarily hard.I am assuming you are an average skilled player.
    A plus(+) sign mean its borderline, almost next difficulty level. 
    IMPORTANT NOTE: You can not buffer moves in MKD. So when juggling, wait till
                    one animation is over and then do the next button inputs 
                    quickly. All these combos work, they have been tested.
    IMPORTANT NOTE2: All my combos were done on Sub-Zero. Ryan Harvey at 
                     fubarduck@gmail.com wrote to me that different characters
                     take different amounts of damage. Which is why you might try 
                     these combos and get a different percent damage. I totally 
                     overlooked this and it is Very true. Thanks to him for
                     mentioning this. Read his original note below:
    "Another thing you should note is that the combo damage percentages
    vary from character to character.  For example, the same combo done to
    Mileena and Sub-Zero will do more damage to Mileena because she has
    less stamina."
    4.1 Hua Chuan:                       			                [CM1]
    All of these hit HIGH only :/
    2,B+1 is a good pop up. Poke with 2 and follow through if it conncets. 
    2,B+1 -> 2,2 -> B D B + 4 -> 2 -> F B + 2                 8hits 36%    MEDIUM
    Ryan Harvey at fubarduck@gmail.com adds a more damaging variation to the
    above combo:
    "2,B+1 -> (take a step back ) 2, 2 -> B D B + 4 -> 2, 2 -> F B + 2. (38%)
    Author's Note: Basically, you can do two button 2's between the tele-slams and
    the tele-throw at the end.  This is the most damaging combo I found that he 
    can do in this stance.  However, you have to juggle the last 2, 2 at just the
    right height in order to land the tele-throw afterwards--you should be hitting
    them pretty high up (before they fall too low to the ground)."
    2,B+1 ->* B D B + 4 -> 2 -> B D B + 4 -> 2 -> F B + 2     8hits 37%    HARD
       *Note: you will have to take 1 step back then do the tele slam. 
              Otherwise they may bounce over your head. 
    2,B+1 -> B+1,3                                            4hits 27%    EASY
    2,2,CS is another option. Whats bad about it is that after the pop-up, you
    have very limited options for both moves and damage. Again, poke with 2 and
    follow through if it conncets.
    2,2,CS -> B D B + 4 -> F B + 2                             6hits 28%    EASY+
    2,2,CS -> B D B + 4 -> 1,1,2,CS                            9hits 24%    EASY+
    4.2 Choy Lee Fut:                                                       [CM2]
    All of these hit HIGH only :/  T.Slam hits HIGH and MID, but it can be
    blocked HIGH and MID as well so there really is no classification for it.
    Im not too crazy about this combo launcher. It leads to Ermac's most damaging
    combos in this particular stance. The 1 has some decent range, however, it 
    can be easily side stepped/punished. Dont whiff the second part of it either.
    Some decent damage for average skill also.
    1,U+1 -> D+2 -> B D B + 4 -> F B + 2                      6hits 34%    MEDIUM
    1,U+1 -> 2 -> B D B + 4 -> 2 -> F B + 2                   7hits 33%    MEDIUM
    1,U+1 -> CS,1,3 -> B D B + 4 -> F B + 2                   7hits 36%    MEDIUM
        or 1,U+1 -> CS,1,3 -> B D B + 4 -> 1,3,4,4,4          9hits 32%    MEDIUM
    1,U+1 -> B D B + 4 -> 1 -> B D B + 4 -> 1 -> F B + 2      8hits 35%    MEDIUM
    1,1,B+2 or B+2
    Almost the same deal as the above launcher for 1,1,B+2 but less damaging 
    juggles. B+2 by itself comes out fast, but you cant abuse it. It seems to
    have less recover time when its blocked rather than missed? Still, you can be
    B+2 -> CS,1,3,4 -> B D B + 4 -> F B + 2                   7hits 36%    MEDIUM
    1,1,B+2 -> B D B + 4 -> B+2 -> 1,1,2,CS                  10hits 24%    EASY+
           or 1,1,B+2 -> B D B + 4 -> B+2 -> F+1*             8hits 21%    EASY
        *Note: This finisher doesnt do much damage but sends           
               the enemy across the screen and if there is a 
               DT, into it. It has some nice range which is 
               why I put it in.
    B D B + 4
    If they jump you can catch em, if they walk towards/away from you can also.
    B D B + 4 -> 2 -> B D B + 4 -> D+2 -> Float/slam          4hits ~25%  EASY+
    B D B + 4 -> D+2 -> Float/slam BREAD AND BUTTER COMBO     3hits ~20%  EASY
    Alternate Bread and Butter Combo submitted by Armagon Felspire at
       felspiresdream@hotmail.com : B+2 -> B+2 -> B, D, B, 4 -> F, B, 2
    Author's Note: B+2 comes out fast enough to catch people in recovery from 
                   many blocked attacks (great way to punish Scorps!) In fact,
                   it comes out faster than B,D,B,4, and if you time it, you'll
                   have plenty of time to do your Tele-Slam since the opponent
                   goes nice and high. The timing on the Tele-Throw, however,
                   seems to be a bit tighter than normal for some reason,but it
                   isn't a big issue.
        Warning from me: Use this if you are a more agressive player that tends
                   to stay at closer range and watch out not to get B+2 ducked,
                   use it on counters and not so much on offense.
    4.3 Axe:                                                                [CM3]
      NOTE: The launchers here are not half bad. D+2 is good, damaging and a 
            great counter for throws, blocked teleport kicks/other moves etc.
            Also, this stance is the least effected by lag if its affecting 
            your combos online. 
    Bread and Butter combo for this stance:
        B D B + 4 -> D+2 -> B D B + 4 -> F B + 2              5hits 32%    EASY
      and it can usually be added to like so...
        B D B + 4 -> D+2 -> B D B + 4 -> D+2 -> B D B + 4 -> F B + 2 
      ... for 7hits 41% HARD or replace the second D+2 with a B+2 like so...
        B D B + 4 -> D+2 -> B D B + 4 -> B+2 -> B D B + 4 -> F B + 2
      ... for 7hits 39% MEDIUM. For the second two you have to judge your 
      distance to see if you can connect with another D+2 or B+2. Obviously,
      you have to be much closer and will not often get a chance to do that
    U+2           MID
    If you whiff or are blocked there is much time for you to get punished. But 
    this does hit MID 100% of the time so you can use that to your advantage.
    U+2 -> 1,3 -> B D B + 4 -> 1,3,4,4,4                      8hits 34%    MEDIUM
    U+2 -> 4 -> B D B + 4 -> 4 -> B D B + 4 -> F B + 2        7hits 36%    MEDIUM
    U+2 -> D+2 -> B D B + 4 -> B+1                            6hits 28%    EASY+
    U+2 -> U+2 -> B D B + 4 -> D+2                            4hits 23%    EASY
    U+2 -> *4,4,4 -> B D B + 4 -> F B + 2                     7hits 34%    EASY+
       *Note: Delay a slight bit before hitting these 
              so that all 3 can hit.
    U+2 -> *4,4,4 -> B D B + 4 -> CS,B+1,3                    7hits 31%    HARD
       *Note: Gotta get your opponent high with these
              so that you have time to do that extra
              CS later. 
    Here is an EASY level comob for nice damage submitted by 
     Sam at SexyloverBoy34@gmail.com :
    U+2 -> D+2 -> B D B + 4 ->  F B + 2                       5hits 35%    EASY
    D+2           MID
    Your most damaging launcher in Axe, and best, is D+2. This hits MID most of 
    the time. What does that mean? The games collision detection isnt all that
    great so sometimes it misses MID, but 80% of the time it will hit MID. The
    D+2 combo here may not be practical at all for some players, so I suggest
    either practicing it or sticking to an easier one.
    *D+2 -> B D B + 4 -> D+2 -> B D B + 4 -> F B + 2            6hits 44%    HARD
        *NOTE: You have to be close when you connect the first
               hit or you will miss the second D+2. You may have
               to take a quick step forward before the second D+2.
               Gently tap forward. You know if your step is too big
               if your second D+2 goes through your opponent.
    D+2 -> B D B + 4 -> 1,3,4,4,4                               6hits 32%   EASY+
    B+2          HIGH
    This is the weakest single attack amongst these juggles. It doesnt throw your
    opponent as far out as D+2 does. The 44% combo with above can be done much 
    easier with B+2 but it will do considerably less damage, 11% less. Similar to
    D+2 in safety, seems slower in execution. Hits HIGH and not MID which is why
    its not as good as D+2
    B+2 -> B D B + 4 -> 1,3 -> B D B + 4 -> 1,3,4,4,4          9hits 32%   MEDIUM
    B+2 -> *4,4 -> *4,4,4                                      7hits 22%   HARD+
         *NOTE: Hold forward while doing these first 2 4s   
         *NOTE: Can be tricky to connect. You can also reverse
                Them. Do three 4s, then two. This combo can
                be done though.       
    Mew2King at zimm11111@yahoo.com combos
    This is the raw e-mail he sent me. Since Im done with the game I wont be 
    reformatting the text to the standard I set throughout the guide. The combos
    are all in xbox controls, but you can use the conventions section found at 
    [CON] to convert them to ps2 if thats what you need. Enjoy.
    "---53% - 8 hits - (Stance 1) - Back B (L), Tele-Slam, (L) Down Y, Tele-Slam,
                      Down Y, Tele-Slam, Tele-Throw
    ---44% - 6 hits - (Stance 3) - Down Y, Tele-Slam, Down Y, Tele-Slam
    ---41% - 7 hits - (Stance 3) - Tele-Slam, Down Y, Tele-Slam, Down Y, Tele-Slam
    ---41% - 7 hits - (Stance 2) - Forward Y, Tele-Slam, Down Y, Tele-Slam, Down Y
    ..........The 53% combo is shown as a 37% (and 7 hits) combo in the game,
               but it’s REALLY 53% (and 8 hits)"   
    5. Strategy                                                             [SGT]
    Random strats:
    - In general, people get caught with a B D B + 4 more than you would thing,
      just look for an opening and catch em. 
    - Many float/bombs lead to jumpy opponents...Tele-slam to catch em out of the
      air and do a combo. 
    - **In general, you want to stay in Choy Kee Fut the most. Its got your only 
      good sweep and decent combo options.
       **REVISION: Experience has lead me to say that Axe is your best stance now! 
                   See Axe stance strats below
    - The float/bomb wins over many moves, good priority on this one.
    - Ermac's combos/launchers all hit high in both Hua Chuan and Choy Lee Fut,
      you dont want to combo much since you can easily be ducked.
    - Upper cuts in CLF and HC stances lead to floatbombs. If you want you can 
      end combos in uppercut/bombs instead of F,B,2. 
          Example of uppercut to bomb: Block Scorps telekick and uppercut, then
                                       bomb for an extra hit.
    - Anti Throw, you can uppercut them as you duck under the throw attempt and
      get a free bomb as they land/recover from the uppercut.
    Axe strats
    - Your new Bread and butter starts from a T.Slam just as before except it 
      does much more damage, about 7% more! (than the one listed in CLF)
    - D+3 in Axe is one of the best single hit DT moves in the game! It recovers 
      fast too, its easy to abuse in a offensive DT situation.
    - Mix-up: Try throwing out D+1s for a low hit and mixing that up with B+1 
      for a mid attack. B+1 is 17% by itself alone! Or you can mix D+1 to a 
      D+2 laucher leading to some damaging combos.
    - In Axe 4444 is fast and can beat out throws. Use it agains throw lovers.
    - Duck under throws and uppercut(D+2) then T.slam and combo from there 
    - Uppercuts (D+2) lead to combos now, dont Float/bomb after this one, T.Slam
      them instead
    - Remember that every character loses more life in a weapon stance than a 
      none weapon stance. 
    5.1 What are good Methods to DT?                                        [DTM]
    General Methods of DT: 1) You can simply just nail em.
                           2) You can side step real quick and nail em
                           3) You can throw them, some throws can DT, Ermacs cant
                           4) You can juggle them and at some point they DT.
                           5) 50/50 force with their back to a DT - this is best.
                              50/50 force is explained in 5.2
    - In general I dont suggest trying to force a combo in a DT situation. Every
      thing hits high...can easily be ducked.
    Hua Chuan -  In this stance Ermac has a nice variety to choose from. But they
                 are not all that great as far as single hitters are concerned. 3
                 has big recover time and ok speed - I dont suggest it. The same
                 goes for D+2. 4 is your fastest and safest option as far as 
                 single hits go, but even that isnt all that great. If you do
                 knock them up  with a laucher and they dont DT, you can simply 
                 just nail em with a power move like 4 go get the DT. I dont 
                 suggest going for combos since most of his hit high and players
                 naturally like to duck or sidestep etc when their back is to a
                 DT. 4 is what I use with most success.
    Choy Lee Fut - This stance isnt good at all as far as single hits are 
                   concerned. All his single hits hit high, but if you must use 
                   some I guess you could use B+3 since it executes the fastest.
                   His worst stance for DTs I think.
    Axe - D+3 is your best option for a mid hit or standing 2 for a faster high
          hit. D+3 in Axe is one of the best single hit DT moves in the game! So,
          its obviously your best option. Expect a high level of success with it,
          just another reason why this stance is so great. You really dont even 
          need to look at his other options.
    5.2 Mixups and 50/50 forces                                             [MIX]
    Note: 50/50 is an aggresive style of play required for higher lvl fights.
          Basically, once your opponent is on the floor a 50/50 force can start.
          You walk upto them while they are getting up and you can either sweep
          (low block required) or mid attack (high block required). If the move
          connects the 50/50 force loops and you walk up to them. This time will
          have to guess if you will sweep or mid attack? They have to guess and
          block accordingly. They have a 50% chance of guessing correctly. This 
          is a broken feature in the game, no skill required really. 
    This is an area that Ermac takes a hit. In order to be able to have good 
    50/50 you simply need to parts. A good sweep and pretty much any mid hitting
    move. His Stance Hua Chuan stance lacks a sweep move while it has workable
    mids. His Choy Lee Fut stance has great sweeps but has NO MID attacks! His 
    final stance, Axe, has good mids and no sweep. If you try and use the CLF 
    lows and switch stances to another with good mids, then yourm opponent will 
    see it coming...since you dont have good lows there and the enemy will catch
    on to this quickly. Nontheless...here are some mixups you can do....but dont
    expect as much success as his his Float/bomb/delaybed bomb mixup.
     - Mix-up, Axe stance: I have been recently paying more attention to axe 
       stance and noticed a decent mix-up. Try throwing out D+1s for a low hit 
       and mixing that up with B+1 for a mid attack. B+1 is 17% by itself alone!
     - Mix-up, Axe stance: Similar to the one above, you can poke with D+1 and  
       mix up with a D+2 laucher. This can lead to his biggest combo of 44%. If
       not that then still some hefty damage, a good mix-up. Watch out for the 
       D+2 part, sometimes it will miss MID (like 20% of the time) even though 
       its a MID move because of the games bad collision detection.
    5.3 Online Issues with Ermac                                            [ONL]
    Well we all knew there would be some issues. When challenging an opponent or 
    accepting, do not play against 1 or 2 star pingers. These people will lag
    the match and make it nearly impossible to perform at a normal level. The
    lag will keep you from doing your juggles almost completely. Ermac struggles
    to consistently do his juggles online, your inputs are lagged so miss unlike
    a dial-a-combo player. Im not saying dont combo or you cant, just dont be 
    dependant on one powerful and hard to do juggle that does much damage. 
     NOTE: If you are having trouble with juggles online, Axe stance in
           general is less affected by the lag. IMO its easier to juggle in 
           that stance than his other two. Try it out.
    5.4 Auto-Tracking                                                       [TRK]
    coming soon
       This FAQ is copyright Mobius Gear1.  You cannot steal or borrow this FAQ
    without written consent from me.  This FAQ may only be on Mortalkombatonline 
    Gamefaqs or thegenie.net, no where else I hope you all enjoyed 
    this, and I hope it taught you something about our beloved Ermac.
    Thanks goes out to everyone who sent me e-mails to better the guide, you know
    who you are. Feedback is always appreciated. 

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