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    Darrius by Moggy

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    Mortal Kombat: Deception Darrius Guide for the Playstation 2, Gamecube, and 
                                   X-Box consoles
                               by Patrick Kulikowski
                                     Version 1.2
    This FAQ is copyright of Patrick Kulikowski. You may not steal or borrow this
    FAQ without my consent. Please contact me at [Gilgamesh0317@gmail.com]
    (remove the brackets) if you wish to post this anywhere else. 
    You must give me full credit.
    This FAQ should be shown on the following sites ONLY:
    IV.   STORY
    V.    OUTFITS
    11/25/04 - Began typing the guide.
    11/28/04 - Submitted guide.
    12/04/04 - Added correction in Darrius' description, 
               made a few very minor changes.
    12/06/04 - Minor change, gave credit to a person.
    12/17/04 - Added another Kool Kombo.
    01/18/05 - Added another Kool Kombo and minor update.
    01/25/05 - Minor, Minor update in Kool Kombo Section.
    03/08/05 - Submitting this FAQ to GamerHelp, Gamecube Controls Update.
    I've written this guide to aid gamers in using Darrius in MK: Deception. This
    guide contains everything you'd want about Darrius. You will find move lists,
    special moves, fatalities, his hara-kiris, as well as his bios and endings.
    He is one of my favorite fighters in the game, although I don't know anyone who
    uses him. He's fun to use against n00bs offline as well as online. ;)
    By the way, come challenge me at PS2 Online Kombat! My username is "BABALITY"
    Back      B
    Forward   F
    Up        U
    Down      D
    Move        Abbreviation   PS2            X-Box      Gamecube
    Attack 1        1          Square         X              B
    Attack 2        2          Triangle       Y              Y
    Attack 3        3          X              A              A
    Attack 4        4          Circle         B              X
    Change Style    CS         L1             L              L
    Block           BL         R2             R              R
    +    means to press both buttons at the same time
    Place of Origin: Realm of Order
    Alignment:       Neutral
    Allies:          Havik & Dairou
    Foes:            Hotaru
    Leader of the Resistance in the Realm of Order, Darrius lives a life in the
    shadows. His ambition is to overthrow the oppressive regime that strangles
    freedom. To some his a hero... but to others he is nothing more than a
    1st PERSON BIO (Pt. I)
    I am Darrius. There are many in the Realm of Order who would call me a 
    terrorist. But to the true pariots of Seidan, I am a hero. I fight against
    the rule of an oppressive regime. I am the leader of the resistance movement. 
    Our numbers are ever-growing. One day I will lead the charge against the
    establishment. Until then, I wait... and plan... and scheme.
    1st PERSON BIO (Pt. II)
    One of the best recruitment tools I have discovered is the law itself. If my
    ranks are in need of a powerful warrior like a Seidan guardsman, for instance,
    I will hire an outsider to kill the man's family in the hope that his rage will
    lead to a violent altercation with the assassin. Once he is imprisoned for the
    attack, I free the Seidan guardsman and easily recruit him to our cause.
    The mercenary Dairou had succeeded in stealing the Declaration of Order 
    and was paid many koins for his efforts.  After Darrius hid the document, 
    he announced its capture to the world and heralded in a new beginning for 
    the realm of Seido.
    (Scene desc.: Dairou hands the document to Darrius)
    As Darrius had predicted, officials were outraged that the Resistance had 
    stolen the most prized possession of the Seidan government.  Hotaru was ordered 
    to lead the charge against them.  He underestimated their numbers, however, and 
    the Resistance defeated him and his men.  The senate would soon be in the hands 
    of the revolutionaries.
    (Scene desc.: Hotaru & Darrius charge toward each other; a crowd encircles 
    the kombatants) 
    (Thanks to Kevin Oakley for letting me use his ending for Darrius.)
    Darrius is the only African American male character in
    Mortal Kombat: Deception.  I guess he is just replacing Jax who is
    missing in action (you can see Jax in Konquest, however).  
    (thanks to Cyana Jackson for the correction of Darrius being the only black
    MALE, not the only black character, that's playable in the game)
    Primary Costume:
    Darrius is bald, has a goatee and wears sunglasses while he fights.  
    He wears a gold and black vest with sleeves that stop at his elbows; 
    the collar of this vest covers his neck.  He wears black gloves on his 
    hands and dons baggy blue pants. These blue pants are over his 
    huge yellow boots that have shin guards attached to them.
    (thanks to Mike Zielisnki for using his description of Darrius)
    Secondary Costume:
    What a horrible costume! Darrius has black hair in this one. His skin is also
    a bit lighter. He wears orange sunglasses and no shirt. He also has black
    gloves and black shoes, and he wears baggy orange pants with a karate black 
    belt tied around his waist. He looks like he came straight outta the 70's! 
    At least this costume fits him well when you're fighting in Yin Yang Island.
    Fighting Styles:
    Shinto Ryu
    Face Chop                  1
    Leaning Elbow              B+1
    Low Stomach Punch          D+1
    Nose Chop                  2
    Skull Chop                 F+2
    Uppercut                   D+2
    Hi Face Kick               3
    3-D Sidekick               U+3
    Low Snap Kick              D+3
    Head Kick                  4
    Shin Kicker                B+4
    Flipping Kick              U+4
    Foot Kick                  D+4
    Chopping Wind              1,1
    Heavy Damage               1,1,4
    Fierce One                 1,1,B+1
    Swift Chops                1,2,F+2
    Hazy                       1,2,3
    Triple Speed               2,3,4
    Shinto Stealth             1,1,U+4,U+4
    Blending Hands             1,2
    Blending Feet              3,3,3
    X-Feet                     2,3,3,3
    Knock You Out              1,2,4
    Wake Up                    1,2,3,3
    Krazy Styles               1,2,3,3,3
    I have the power           1,2,3,4
    Shinto Claws               1,2,3,CS
    Leopard Paw                1
    Sabertooth Uppercut        B+1
    Double Palm                U+1
    Low Paw Strike             D+1
    Knuckle Fist               2
    Upward Jackhammer          B+2
    Batting Practice           D+2
    Power Spin Kick            3
    Leg Trip                   B+3
    Walking Heels              D+3
    Razor Heels                4
    Spinning Sweep Kick        D+4
    Blurry Punches             1,1
    Knuckle Pain               1,1,1
    Sneaky Leopard             1,1,3
    Face Splat                 1,1,1,2
    Stalking Eyes              1,1,U+1
    Pouncing Paws              1,1,B+1
    Outstanding Results        1,1,2,4
    Keep it Cool               1,1,2,CS
    Talon Face Slash           1
    Chest Pain Elbow           F+1
    Chest Slash                B+1
    Leg Poker                  D+1
    Forward Strike             2
    Double-handed Strike       B+2
    Smooth Uppercut            D+2
    Upwards Hand Blade         3
    Sweeping Gauntlet          B+3
    Shin Kick                  D+3
    Rib Kick                   4
    Freaky Stun Kick           D+4
    Power Glove                1,2
    Total Destruction          1,2,4
    Letting Loose              1,2,4,4
    Enraged                    1,2,4,4,4
    Kombat Control             4,4
    Sharp Feet                 4,4,4
    Special Moves
    Chiropractor               Throw (R1 for PS2)
    Tricky Blast               B,F+2
    Twisty Kick                B,F+4
    Chest Cruncher             B,F+1
    Target Practice            D,F+3
    (After you hear "FINISH HIM/HER!" go up close to your opponent, change style 
    to FATALITY and press:)
    Darrius starts to rearrange various body parts of the opponent. He steps back,
    grins, and kicks them to the ground. Then he poses. DARRIUS WINS. FATALITY.
    (After your hear "FINISH HIM/HER!" back up from the opponent until there's just
    a bit of space between both of you. Basically, close enough to be able to leg
    sweep the kombatant. Change style to FATALITY and press:)
    Darrius rips off the arms of the opponent's, and bashes their head off with
    the opponent's own arms. He raises the arms up above his head, and yells while
    the blood sprays all over. DARRIUS WINS. FATALITY.
    (If you're defeated by the opponent, enter the following before he/she can
    finish you off):
    Darrius puts his hands on each side of his head, yells, and squeezes his head
    right off. OPPONENT WINS. HARA-KIRI.
    After doing the move "Target Practice" (D,F+3), immediately follow up with 
    Chest Cruncher (B,F+1).
    If you're in a pinch where you're near a Stage Fatality, try doing the move
    "Double Handed Strike" with your gauntlets (B+2). You'll flip the enemy over 
    your head so that they are in the danger zone of a Stage Fatality. An 
    alternative is to do the Leopard kombo (1,1,2,CS) which ends with the Double
    Handed Strike.
    Here are 2 kool Leopard combos: 
    1,1,B+1, then D,F+3
    1,1,B+1, then B,F+4
    Here's a kool kombo from Dmario14. Thanks!
    Dmario14 says: 
    Darrius strategies:
    Darrius is a very decent character and has a great 50/50 mix up. His weapon
    stance is the only one you should consider using because everything else
    doesn't compare to it in terms of safety and damage. Let's analyze his moves
    in it...
    "3" [Upwards Hand Blade] - this hits mid and is fairly safe; you don't need 
    anything else besides this mid if you thought about using other mids.
    "Throw" - obviously you can throw in any stance,but in his weapon stance he
    gets a lot of damage after his throw. The combo is discussed below.
    "Combos in weapon stance and strategies applying them"
    Throw, walk up to the opponent and 1,2,4,4,4 [Enraged]
    -This does a lot of damage,but is escapable using a Combo Breaker.The lowest
    percentage of damage you'll get is 49%; the highest I've ever gotten was 63%
    of damage
    3, d,f+3 [Upwards Hand Blade, Target Practice]
    -I know youre asking yourself "Why the hell would I want to use this combo?"
    Well,it's not escapable at all,and the opponent can't tech-roll after d,f+3,
    which means you can walk up to the opponent and start your 50/50 mix up. Either
    do your Throw or do your mid move ("3").The opponent CAN'T interrupt anything.
    The only thing the opponent can do is guess; they must either duck and avoid 
    the throw,or stand and block in order to avoid the mid move ("3"). If the 
    opponent guesses wrong,punish properly;that means,if you throw,do the combo 
    mentioned above.If you hit a "3",do d,f+3 after it and walk up to the opponent 
    again,and let them guess yet again.This is how Darrius is played correctly and
    "Random Hints,Combos and Strategies"
    -If you ever hit a d,f+3 [Target Practice] outside of combos,the opponent can't 
    still tech. Obviously,walk up to them and proceed with your 50/50 mix up.
    -After you throw, you can surprise the opponent and throw again after you walk
    up to them. Don't abuse this because you'll get predictable and mess up your
    50/50 mix up
    -In corner after you throw do:
    Deep Jump Kick (exactly when they are about to fall on the ground), 1,2, d+2,
    Deep Jump Kick (I am not sure if the last Deep Jump Kick is guaranteed).Anyway,
    you can view this combo at http://www.konqrr.com/vids/Combos/. Many thanks to
    Konqrr for putting it online.
    -Don't use your Projectile (b,f+2) unless you know it will hit.For example,when
    a Noob-Smoke player abuses his Smoke Cloud, is a case where you could use your
    projectile to create a little bit pressure and to punish Smoke if possible.
    -d+4 is a VERY important low move.It doesn't give you anything free,but what it
    does give you is 50/50 mix up after it.Therefore, either do his "3" or his
    Throw,and follow up properly after them
    Danny poopalot says:
    When in Gauntlet Style. Go to your opponent and throw him. Walk up to him
    and throw him again. Now walk up to him and do a twisty kick (B,F+3). Since 
    the opponent thinks your going to throw again.. He'll duck. And the special 
    move hits low blocks.
    When your abusing this you should change the number of throws your doing.
    1. 2 throws and kick
    2. 1 throw and kick
    3. 3 throws and kick
    Change it up.. It will get your opponent crazy!
    Another one similar in this is to do Target Practice (D,F+3). Do this twice and 
    do Chest Cruncher (B,F+1)
    When in Gauntlets. Press Square. The enemy covers his face when he bleeds.
    The thing about this is that he's WIDE open. And he takes a few steps back.
    The few steps back might be a free win. A Death Trap will get him if you do
    Chest Cruncher (B,F+1)
    If anyone wants to add any, please e-mail me!
    In the main story of Konquest, you fight Darrius in Orderealm as a mission that
    is given by Hotaru. 
    You can do an optional quest from Darrius:
    He walks in B4, you can find him later as the story progresses.
    Mission: Deliver the key to the prisoner in jail
    Find him here: prisoner in the back of prison (C4)
    Reward: 600 ruby koins
    You can optionally train with Darrius after beating Konquest.
    Find him in C8 in Orderrealm.
    You can optionally fight Darrius in the following locations:
    Earthrealm E3
    Darrius has brought the Resistance to Earthrealm! Will you put him in his place?
    Defeat Darrius. You cannot block.
    2 rounds
    350 koins
    Chaosrealm A1
    Darrius will destroy you in the name of the Resistance. Do you accept this
    Defeat Darrius during an EaRtHquAkE!
    2 rounds
    300 koins
    Darrius' Alternate Costume: 
    Key for Koffin TB - E-8 in Outworld (In A House) in Konquest Mode
    Darrius' Alternate Bio
    Koffin QD in the Krypt - 392 Gold Koins
    Darrius Concepts (Production Art):
    Koffin GL in the Krypt - 99 Sapphire Koins
    Darrius Promo Render (Production Art):
    Koffin IE in the Krypt - 216 Sapphire Koins
    Darrius Character Concept (Production Art):
    Koffin ME in the Krypt - 66 Jade Koins
    This FAQ is copyright of Patrick Kulikowski. You may not steal or borrow this
    FAQ without my consent. Please contact me at [Gilgamesh0317@gmail.com]
    (remove the brackets) if you wish to post this anywhere else. 
    You must give me full credit.
    This FAQ should be shown on the following sites ONLY:
    Thanks to CJayC for making Game FAQs one of the coolest gaming sites ever.
    THanks to Gamerhelp for accepting the FAQ.
    Thanks to Midway for making a sweet game.
    Thanks to LUE for SOMETHING! (you guys got angry at me for dissing you)
    Thanks to Kevin Oakley for letting me use his ending for Darrius.
    Thanks to Mike Zielisnki for letting me use his Darrius description.
    Thanks to Cyana Jackson for correcting a part of Darrius' description.
    Thanks to Dmario14 for an additional (very) kool kombo!
    Thanks to Danny poopalot for another kool kombo!
    No Thanks to Sony for deleting my Mortal Kombat: Deception save =(
    Fin. Termina. Koniec. End!

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