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    Raiden by anigz

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    Mortal Kombat: Deception
    Raiden FAQ Version 1.0 (Final)
    By: Anthony Ngo 'anigz @ gamefaqs.com' 'anigz @ neoseeker.com'
    Date written: November 30, 2004
    contact info: i_m_raven_x@hotmail.com
    Table of Contents:
    1) Biography (Parts 1 & 2, first person perspective)
    2) How to get Raiden
    3) Why Raiden?
    4) Moves
    - Nan Chuan
    - Jujutsu
    - Staff
    - Special Moves
    - Fatalities
    5) Combos
    - Nan Chuan
    - Jujutsu
    - Staff
    - Style Branching Combos
    6) Strategies
    7) Credits
    1) Biography
    Part 1: "I was well aware of Onaga, the former ruler of Outworld. Shao Kahn had
            been his advisor until he poisoned the Dragon King and stole Outworld
            for himself. But Onaga had somehow returned, more powerful than before.
            His powers seemed augmented by a force previously exhibited by only the
            Elder Gods. Even the might of the Deadly Alliance combined with my own
            could not defeat him. I did the only thing I could: I released my god-
            like essence in an attempt to destroy them all."
    Part 2: "By the time my energies reformed in Earthrealm, I was aware of all
            that had transpired. I became disgusted with the doings of mortals.
            It was Shujinko's vanity and desire for glory that had led to the
            return of the Dragon King. I will no longer allow the will of men to
            determine the fate of this realm. They will fight for it, or I will
            destroy them. All will fear the new God of Thunder."
    2) How to get Raiden
    Complete Konquest Mode and return the Realm of Order. You will find Raiden
    around area E-3 or E-4 surrounded by Seidan Guardsmen. Challenge and defeat
    the Thunder God to obtain the key to his Koffin in the Krypt.
    3) Why Raiden?
    To answer this question, I'll ask another one. WHY NOT? Granted, for newcomers,
    Raiden will be a difficult character to use. For MK veterans, he plays exactly
    the same as in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. Massive combo ability,
    quickness, and new moves (CLASSIC moves) that make him significantly more
    powerful than in MK:DA. Raiden's combo ability, though difficult in some
    aspects, rivals that of Shujinko's. His fighting styles (Nan Chuan, Jujutsu,
    and Staff) remain unchanged from MK:DA.
    4) Moves (as seen in the move lists)
    (Abbreviation)           XBOX              PS2
       Up (U)              D-Pad Up          D-Pad Up
      Down (D)            D-Pad Down        D-Pad Down
     Toward (T)        D-Pad Left/Right  D-Pad Left/Right
      Back (B)         D-Pad Left/Right  D-Pad Left/Right
    Attack 1 (1)              X              Square
    Attack 2 (2)              Y             Triangle
    Attack 3 (3)              A                X
    Attack 4 (4)              B              Circle
    Change Style (CS)      L. Trigger          L1
    Block (BLK)            R. Trigger          R2
    Throw (THR)              Black             R1
    Pick Up Weapon (PUW)     White             L2
    Distances (Abbreviation)
    Opposite end of screen (OS)
    Sweep (S)
    Close (C)
    - Nan Chuan
       Name               Button Combination
    Lightning Jab                 1
    Low Strike                  D + 1
    Uppercut                    B + 1
    Shoulder Slap               T + 1
    Rainbow Chop                  2
    Palm Uppercut               D + 2
    Overhead Chop
                   B + 2
    Dual Thunder Palms          T + 2
    Stepping Snap Kick            3
    Shin Strke                  D + 3
    Hook Leg Knockdown          B + 3
    Hop Side Kick                 4
    Low Chin Strike             D + 4
       Name               Button Combination
    Open Hand Strike              1
    Bearhand Chop               B + 1
    Low Strike                  D + 1
    Bent Wrist Strike             2
    Thunder God Palm            T + 2
    Diagonal Fist               D + 2
    Front Snap Kick               3
    Sweep                       B + 3
    Back Sweep                  D + 3
    Front Thrusting Kick          4
    Front Sweep                 D + 4
       Name               Button Combination
    Overhead Strike               1
    Low One Handed Poke         D + 1
    Upward Strike                 2
    Charged Stick               B + 2
    Low Strike                  D + 2
    Leaping Strike                3
    Reaching Poke               B + 3
    Sweeping Strike             D + 3
    Reverse Thrust                4
    Staff Blast                 U + 4
    Sweeping Swing              D + 4
    -Special Moves
       Name               Button Combination
    Shocking Lift Kick           THR
    Static Teleport            D,U + 3
    Lightning Bolt             D,B + 1
    Shocking Touch             T,T + 2
    Flying Thunder God         T,T + 4
    Fatality 1: B,D,T,D + 1 (S)
                As in the opening movie sequence, Raiden will begin his God-essence
                release spell. He will then raise his hand in the air and
                lightning strikes as both Raiden and his opponent are blown to
                pieces. Not really my favourite fatality.
                anigz rates this: 1/5
    Fatality 2: U,D,T,T + 1 (OS)
                Raiden raises his hand to the sky and absorbs lightning energy. He
                then annihilates his opponent with lightning until his opponent is
                blown to pieces. A typical fatality for a Thunder God, but at least
                he's not killing himself in the process.
                anigz rates this: 3/5
    Hara-Kiri (Suicide): T,U,U,B + 1
                         Raiden uses his God-essence release spell to blow himself
                         anigz rates this: YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE TO USE THIS BECAUSE
                                           RAIDEN IS A THUNDER GOD and YOU SHOULD
                                           NOT LOSE AS A THUNDER GOD!!! 2/5
    5) Combos
    - Nan Chuan
    Button Combination            Hits/Damage
    Thunder Clap                    2,3                       2/13%
    Trickster                    1,1,B + 2                    3/15%
    Electric Strike               2,B + 1                     2/11%
    The Middle Way                2,B + 2                     2/10%
    Knowledge and Skill            1,1,3                      3/18%
    Finishing Touch               1,1,2,3                     4/20%
    Natural Way                 1,1,2,B + 2                   4/18%
    Wake the Dead               1,1,2,B + 1                   4/19%
    - Jujutsu
       Name                  Button Combination            Hits/Damage
    Heavenly Strikes                3,4                       2/17%
    Long Arm Pokes                 1,1,2                      3/19%
    Essence of Strength           1,1,3,4                     4/22%
    Reigning God                   1,1,3                      3/18%
    Thunder God Fists            1,1,B + 1                    3/19%
    - Staff
       Name                  Button Combination            Hits/Damage
    Slap Down                       4,4                       2/12%
    Great Lightning God            4,4,4                      3/16%
    Pain From Above                4,4,3                      3/19%
    Static Stick                 4,4,B + 3                    4/24%
    - Style Branching Combos
    NC - Start from Nan Chuan
    J  - Start from Jujutsu
    Style: Name              Button Combination            Hits/Damage
    NC: Power Bolts           1,1,2,CS,1,B + 1                6/29%
    NC: Out of Order           1,1,2,CS,1,3,4                 7/31%
    NC: Blackout             1,1,2,CS,1,3,CS,4,4              9/34%
    NC: Rend                 1,1,2,CS,1,3,CS,4,3              9/35%
    NC: Sparky             1,1,2,CS,1,3,CS,4,B + 2           10/37%
    J: Fireworks                1,1,3,CS,4,4                  6/24%
    J: Dark Thunder             1,1,3,CS,4,3                  6/25%
    J: Chain Lightning        1,1,3,CS,4,B + 2                7/27%
    6) Strategies
    For starters, Raiden can be played as a pure aggressor. Abusing the style
    branching combos will almost guarantee a win. Using Raiden requires a bit of
    practice, however. The only special move you should rely on is the static
    teleport. If used at the proper time, you can set up a rather painful
    combination attack like Sparky or Rend. Basic Kombat skills like sidestepping
    attacks, ducking, forward step, back step and blocking are also good ways to 
    start up a killer combo.
    Against Onaga: ABUSE SPARKY and REND like NO TOMORROW. Simply touch a Kamidogu
                   around the arena and utilize either combo when Onaga is
                   stunned. There are 6 Kamidogu and if you use 3 either round, you
                   will kill Onaga with these combos. Flying Thunder God is
                   somewhat effective as well when used correctly. If it's blocked,
                   however, you're in for a rough ride (Dragon throw or a combo).
    7) Credits
    Thanks to Midway for adding another great game to an overall amazing fighting
    game series. Thanks to the overall FAQ/Move List of MZielinski for the X-Box
    Controls. Thanks to The Faceless Master for his one page fatalities list.
    Thanks to gamefaqs and neoseeker for putting this FAQ up. This FAQ is written 
    by Anthony Ngo (anigz @ gamefaqs.com/neoseeker.com) and cannot be posted 
    without my consent.

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