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    Noob-Smoke by The S

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    Mortal Kombat Deception (Playstation 2 Version)
    In-Depth Character FAQ -- Noob-Smoke
    Version 1.4 (Updated 10/16/05)
    Written by - The S (iamthes@gmail.com)
    This FAQ (c) 2005 The S
    All other names and etc. (c) Midway
    If you did not find this FAQ at www.gamefaqs.com or www.thes.mysitespace.com,
    please e-mail me and let me know.
    ATTENTION: I did NOT give permission for gamewinners.com to use this strategy.
    However, I have been unable to contact the owners of this site, and have been
    unsuccessful in my attempt to get them to remove this strategy from their site.
    If you can assist me in this, I greatly appreciate it.
    1. About this guide
    2. Character Backgrounds
      A. Elder Sub-Zero
      B. Noob Saibot
      C. Smoke
    3. Character Information
      A. Bio
      B. Alternate (Alt) Bio
      C. Ending
    4. Playing as Noob-Smoke
      A. Legend
      B. Special Moves
      C. Monkey Style
      D. Mi Tzu Style
      E. Finishing Moves
    5. Fighting Noob-Smoke
    6. Noob-Smoke Koffins
      A. Unlock Noob-Smoke
      B. Noob-Smoke's Alternate Costumes
      C. Other Koffins
    7. More hidden stuff!
    8. Et Cetera
      A. Revisions
      B. Special Thanks To
      C. Copyrights & whatnot
    Noob Saibot and Smoke were two of my favorite characters of the Mortal Kombat
    series. Now, they've teamed up, and play as a Tag-Team of sorts. This guide
    will help you with everything I could dig up about the two characters, and even
    Noob Saibot's secret identity (read the Ending to find out - if you don't want
    it spoiled, then just skip that part). I hope you have fun playing as
    Noob-Smoke, and playing Deception in general, because it is one of the best
    fighting games out there, if not THE best fighting game out there (and I don't
    want any hate mail from you Soul Calibur fanboys)!
    This section is here to give some important information on the characters to
    those new to the Kombat mythology, as well as possibly give a bit of
    interesting trivia that some veterans may not have known. As to why Elder
    Sub-Zero is there... well... you'll see...
    A. Elder Sub-Zero
    We are first introduced to the older of the Sub-Zero brothers in the first
    Mortal Kombat game. However, some of his earlier adventures were chronicled in
    an action/adventure game called "Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero", which
    was released for the Playstation, Nintendo 64, PC, and Tiger Handheld systems.
    In this game, Sub-Zero, who is part of a group of Chinese assassins called the
    Lin Kuei, is hired to steal a map by a sorcerer named Quan Chi. Before he could
    get to the map, however, he faced a Shirai-Ryu (um... a clan of nin-ja that are
    rivals to the Lin Kuei) warrior named Scorpion. Sub-Zero faced off with
    Scorpion, and ended up tearing off his head and spinal cord. Ouch. Anyway, Quan
    Chi thanked Sub-Zero by killing off the rest of the Shirai-Ryu. Then, Quan Chi
    hired Sub-Zero to follow the map and retrieve a sacred amulet. He did so,
    fighting off four Earthrealm Gods in the process, but was ditched in the
    Netherrealm (kinda like Hell) by Quan Chi. With the Thunder God Raiden's help,
    he was able to exit the Netherrealm, but not before he faced Scorpion's
    reincarnated form. So after floating randomly through the Netherrealm for some
    time, he fought Quan Chi and his boss, Shinnok, and saved the world. However,
    he is informed that his soul was tainted with evil, and that is why he was able
    to enter the Netherrealm in the first place. Sub-Zero was given a chance to
    redeem himself, but chose to stay on the path he had chosen.
    Fast forward to two years later. A sorcerer by the name of Shang Tsung had
    invited Sub-Zero to a tournament called "Mortal Kombat". However, Sub-Zero had
    been hired by one of Tsung's enemies to assassinate him. Alas, despite his
    mastery over the elements of cold, Sub-Zero perished at the hands of Scorpion,
    who had also entered the tournament.
    FATALITIES - All of the Fatalities Elder Sub-Zero has used in previous Kombat
    Head Rip (MKM:SZ, MKI)
    B. Noob Saibot
    A member of a secret society in the Netherrealm known as the Brotherhood of
    Shadow,  the wraith known as Noob Saibot first appeared as a hidden Kombatant
    in Mortal Kombat II. Noob worked for a fallen Elder God named Shinnok, who
    resided in the Netherrealm. In MKII, he was merely a scout, but in the next
    game, he was ordered to side with big bossman Shao Kahn to gain his trust, then
    strike when Kahn was weakened. However, Kahn was defeated by the Shaolin monk
    Liu Kang, so he didn't get a chance. When Shinnok finally escaped the
    Netherrealm and set out to conquer the Earth and Heavens, he fought alongside
    his master until the God's defeat. After that, Noob went back to working for
    Kahn, and was rumored to have murdered the Shokan Prince Goro.
    Oh yeah, and the guys who made Mortal Kombat were named Ed Boon and John
    Tobias. See if you can figure that one out.
    FATALITIES - All of the Fatalities Noob Saibot has used in previous Kombat
    Eye Laser (MK3 Game Gear Version)
    Spinning Cloud (MK Trilogy)
    Teleport Massacre (MK Trilogy)
    Torso Kick (MK4)
    Shuriken Barrage (MK4 - PC Version)
    Freeze Shatter (MK4)
    Shadow Beatdown (MK Tournament Edition)
    Ninja Sword Weapon Fatality (MK Tournament Edition)
    C. Smoke
    Smoke is a gray-wearing Lin Kuei assassin who was a hidden Kombatant in Mortal
    Kombat II. Always surrounded by smoke (hence the name), he was the Younger
    Sub-Zero's best friend and ally. However, by the time Mortal Kombat 3 came
    around, the Lin Kuei had decided to automate their fighters. Sub-Zero and Smoke
    attempted to escape, but Smoke was captured and transformed into a heartless
    robot. His primary objective was to eliminate Sub-Zero for turning against the
    clan. Later in the Kombat, Smoke regained his human will and fought alongside
    Sub-Zero against the two other Lin Kuei Cyborgs, Cyrax and Sektor. Smoke's
    human form appeared in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Mortal Kombat Trilogy, but
    was simply there for completion's sakes.
    FATALITIES - All of the Fatalities Smoke has used in previous Kombat games:
    Armageddon (MK3)
    Liquid Nitrogen (MK3)
    Uppercut Decapitation (UMK3)
    Smoke Teleportation (MK Trilogy)
    Teleport Decapitation (MK Trilogy)
    A. Bio
    Under Shao Kahn's rule, I hunted enemies of his throne. As a member of the
    Brotherhood of the Shadow, I did Quan Chi's bidding. All the while serving
    Shinnok, Lord of the Netherrealm, as well. Now all my masters are gone; I am at
    long last free to pursue my own destiny. Outworld is where I will begin my
    ascension to power. Now is the time to forge a legion of assassins loyal only
    to Noob Saibot.
    B. Alt Bio
    I found my first "ally" in the abandoned fortress of Shao Kahn. Deep in the
    labyrinth of torture chambers and prison cells the cyborg ninja Smoke, lay
    inoperative. A war trophy of the late Emperor, Smoke had lain there since the
    invasion of Earthrealm. It did not take long for me to reactivate his
    nanotechnology, which reshaped and repaired his artificial body.
    With Smoke as his template, Noob Saibot planned to return to the Netherrealm
    and use Smoke's nanotechnology to create an army of cyborg demons. He was
    unaware that they were followed by someone Noob had not seen since before he
    became a wraith. Smoke instantly recognized their visitor. He was an echo of
    their past. He was Sub-Zero, Noob Saibot's brother. Noob Saibot was surprised
    to see how much stronger his brother had become. If he were still Lin Kuei,
    still human, he would have probably shown some degree of pride. But, as Raiden
    had revealed during the ordeal with Shinnok's amulet, his soul had been tainted
    when he died at the hand of Scorpion. Noob Saibot, the original Sub-Zero, had
    descended into the Netherrealm free from compassion. He ordered Smoke to assist
    him in slaying his brother - his first act as ruler of the Netherrealm.
    A. Legend
    Since this FAQ is written especially for the Playstation 2 Version, the Legend
    will only cover that version. If you have the X-Box version or Gamecube
    version, you'll need to adjust the controls accordingly.
    Up: Press Up on the D-Pad or Left Thumbstick
    Down: Press Down on the D-Pad or Left Thumbstick
    Back: Press the D-Pad or Left Thumbstick away from your opponent's current
    onscreen position
    Forward: Press the D-Pad or Left Thumbstick toward your opponent's current
    onscreen position
    (Attack) 1: Press the Square ([ ]) button
    (Attack) 2: Press the Triangle (^) button
    (Attack) 3: Press the Ex (X) button
    (Attack) 4: Press the Circle (O) button
    (Style) Change: Press the L1 button
    B. Special Moves
    SMOKE ONLY- Smokeycut: Forward, Forward, 4. Smoke teleports behind and slightly
    below the opponent and delivers a devastating uppercut.
    SMOKE ONLY- Stinky Cloud: Up, Down, 1. Smoke hops back, leaving a cloud of
    smoke, which can choke the opponent and leave them momentarily stunned.
    SMOKE ONLY- Dark Assassin: Down, Back, 2. Noob Saibot appears and throws a few
    shurikens at the opponent, then retreats.
    Death From Above: Forward, Forward, 3. The current character switches with the
    other, coming in with a jump kick.
    Dark Shadows: Down, Back, 3. The current character switches with the other,
    coming in with a dashing jab from behind the enemy.
    NOOB ONLY- We Live: Down, Back, 2. Smoke appears, and the two perform a dashing
    jab on the opponent simultaneously. Smoke then retreats.
    NOOB ONLY- Darkness: Up, Down, 1. With a cloud of smoke, Noob becomes
    invisible. Repeat the move to become visible again.
    C. Monkey Style (Noob Saibot)
    Sloth Fist: 1.
    Downward Slap: Forward + 1.
    Low Twisting Slap: Down + 1.
    Hooking Wrist: 2.
    Berzerk Slap: Back + 2.
    Palm Uppercut: Down + 2.
    Thrust Kick: 3.
    Leg Scraper: Back + 3.
    Push Kick: Down + 3.
    Bad Monkey: 4.
    Whirling Low Kick: Down + 4.
    Tree Monkey: 1, 1.
    Going Ape: 2, 1.
    Krazy Apes: 2, 4.
    Monkey Rage: 2, 1, 1.
    Monkey Trouble: 2, 1, 3.
    Double Trouble: 1, 1, Change.
    D. Mi Tzu Style (Smoke)
    Lunge Attack: 1.
    Thigh Break: Back + 1.
    Low Quick Claw: Down + 1.
    Turning Lunge Strike: 2.
    Dual Upward Wrists: Forward + 2.
    Single Upward Palm: Down + 2.
    Axe Kick: 3.
    Sneak Attack: Down + 3.
    Reaching the Poke: 4.
    Shattering Kick: Up + 4.
    Dancing Foot: Back + 4.
    Low Flat Foot: Down + 4.
    Flowing Wing: 1, 1.
    Lunge Strikes: 1, 2.
    King Palms: 1, 2, Forward + 2.
    Long Ranged Strikes: 1, 2, 4.
    Deadly Foes: 1, 2, 4, Change, 1.
    A combo that I like to perform, although it is not in the moves lists, is in Mi
    Tzu Style, and goes as follows:
    As Smoke, perform his throw with the R1 button. Then, immediately use the
    Smokeycut, Dark Assassin, and follow with a double "Reaching the Poke." This
    little bugger got me through most of Arcade mode with Flawless Victories.
    E. Finishing Moves
    A NOTE ON FINISHING MOVES: Since the old days of Mortal Kombat I, Fatalities
    have been a gruesome way to dispatch your opponent after defeating them. To
    pull off a Fatality, stand at the proper distance, input the button code
    listed, and watch your opponent die. You may press L1 to switch into your
    character's Fatality Stance to help you with the move. Note that both of
    Noob-Smoke's Fatalities are done at sweep distance. In the old games, this
    meant you just had to be at a leg's length away from your opponent with a sweep
    kick. In MK Deception, however, you should have an equal amount of space
    between you and your opponent of one to one-and-a-half character spaces away -
    that is, one character space is approximately the size of the average
    character's body.
    Hara-Kiri moves (literally Japanese for abdomen/stomach cut) are a new addition
    to Mortal Kombat games. A Hara-kiri is a way of killing your own character
    during the "FINISH HIM/HER" time before your opponent can pull off their
    Fatality. The Hara-Kiri can be performed at any distance.
    NOOB ONLY- Shuriken Barrage Fatality: Back, Forward, Back, Forward, 4 (sweep
    distance). Noob Saibot throws a bunch of shuriken, aiming at precise pressure
    point targets. At the end, he throws a cluster of stars at the opponent's head.
    SMOKE ONLY- Invisible Dismemberment Fatality: Up, Down, Down, Forward, 2 (sweep
    distance). Smoke becomes invisible and knocks the opponent around a bit,
    confusing them. He then decapitates them, tears off their top torso, and then
    Hara-Kiri: Down, Up, Up, Down, 4. When this move is performed by Noob Saibot,
    he tosses a cluster of shuriken into the air and they impale his head, chest,
    and arms. When performed by Smoke, he sets a self-destruct sequence on his arm
    panel and blows himself up.
    If you play MK Deception's "Arcade Mode", there is no doubt that you'll face
    Noob-Smoke, as they are a designated sub-boss. You will always fight them right
    before Onaga, the Dragon King. However, they are a rather weak sub-boss, in my
    opinion. Tanya, a regular character in the game, is much tougher. Nevertheless,
    Noob-Smoke can be rather cheap at times, using their "Dark Shadows" attack
    repeatedly to trap you in-between them (which, ironically is how I beat Onaga
    with them). A good rule of thumb is to move Up or Down to move your fighter out
    of the way of this move, as opposed to simply blocking. Also, if you can
    anticipate exactly when and where Noob or Smoke will appear, you can press
    Forward + R2 to use your "BREAKER" against them, but be warned - you only get
    three "BREAKER"s per match. Also, although it goes without saying, if playing
    against the menacing duo in a level with a stage weapon or death trap, use
    those to your full advantage as quick as you can.
    A. Unlock Noob-Smoke
    You'll notice that when you first play the game, Noob-Smoke is not selectable.
    That is because they are what we call in video games a "Secret Character",
    which were first popularly released in the original Mortal Kombat, with
    Reptile. If you wish to play as them, simply play a bit of Konquest Mode, or
    beat Arcade Mode a half-dozen times, or even fart around in Chess Kombat or
    Puzzle Kombat. Amass 3642 Onyx Koins, head to Koffin DM in the Krypt, and buy
    yourself a brand-spankin' new Noob-Smoke. It's a two-for-one deal!
    B. Noob-Smoke's Alternate Costumes
    So you're bored with Noob-Smoke's normal looks. Or, perhaps your opponent wants
    to play as him, too, but doesn't want to get stuck having Smoke look like he's
    been palette-swapped into Cyrax. That's all right, because once you've
    scrounged up 1494 Platinum Koins, an Alternate Costume for the duo is waiting
    for you in Koffin EJ.
    C. Other Koffins
    If you'd like to unlock other Koffins having to do with either Noob Saibot,
    Smoke, or both of them, you'd better find a way to get a whole lot of koins.
    And, no, checking your couch won't help.
    KOFFIN AN: Cost - 179 Sapphire Koins. Unlocks Noob-Smoke Story Board
    KOFFIN ES: Cost - 234 Onyx Koins. Unlocks Sektor and Smoke Concept Art
    KOFFIN FR: Cost - 288 Onyx Koins. Unlocks Double Character Concept Art (shows
    an unused Fatality for Noob-Smoke)
    KOFFIN GB: Cost - 390 Sapphire Koins. Unlocks Noob-Smoke's Alt Bio
    KOFFIN HI: Cost - 312 Gold Koins. Unlocks Noob-Smoke's Bio
    KOFFIN JF: Cost - 217 Platinum Koins. Unlocks Concept Art for Noob Saibot's
    Alternate Costume
    KOFFIN KB: Cost - 225 Sapphire Koins. Unlocks Concept Art for Noob Saibot
    KOFFIN MF: Cost - 385 Jade Koins. Unlocks Noob Saibot Demo
    KOFFIN OM: Cost - 181 Onyx Koins. Unlocks Noob and Smoke Demo
    KOFFIN PN: Cost - 161 Sapphire Koins. Unlocks more Concept Art for Noob Saibot
    KOFFIN TD: Cost - 289 Platinum Koins. Unlocks Noob Saibot Demo Version 2
    If you've played through Konquest Mode, you've no doubt found out that you can
    face Noob or Smoke on their own. Despite the fact that this is an obvious
    hinderance from Noob-Smoke, as they only have one style each and have about
    half the moves (it would have been nice to give them each a weapon style, ya
    know? Like Noob could have had his Scythe from MK4, and Smoke could have had a
    Kusarigama that is wielded similar to his harpoon), there is apparently some
    lines of code that allow you to control them individually. I don't know what
    the deal with the 3.14 code is, because I had one older than that, and the code
    would not work... and Codejunkies e-mailed me back, saying that copies of
    Action Replay MAX under 3.14 would not be able to utilize any of these codes.
    So apparently, you NEED a Action Replay MAX above 3.14 to use these codes.
    (M) -- NOTE: This is the Master Code, and MUST BE ENTERED or no other codes
    will work--
    Below 3.14 Fix -- I imagine this is a code for Action Replay MAX devices below
    version 3.14, so the others will work--
    Play as Noob
    Play as Smoke
    And in case you're too lazy to unlock Noob-Smoke on your own or something, the
    code below will have them replace Scorpion after selecting him:
    While using the codes to play as Noob or Smoke individually, they cannot use
    Fatalities, because the "Finish Him/Her!" message does not even appear when
    they win. However, Fatalities may be used AGAINST them. Additionally, they can
    both utilize and be killed by Death Traps. I've not tried using their
    Hara-Kiri, though. Also, the only Special Move I can find between the two is
    Noob, who can turn invisible by pressing Down, Back, 2.
    8. ET CETERA
    A. Revisions
    Version 1.4 - Updated the Action Replay MAX codes thing... you know, this is
    Helluva confusing.
    Version 1.3 - Fixed a couple of things including, but not limited to: grammar,
    spelling, updated references to the Gamecube version (as opposed to saying it
    was "coming soon"), updated Action Replay codes info, and put a warning to
    those con artists at gamewinners.com
    Version 1.2 - Confirmed that the Action Replay Codes do not work.
    Version 1.1 - Fixed a few typos, added Noob & Smoke-related Action Replay MAX
    Version 1.0 - Finished this in less than the span of one day. Have fun.
    B. Special Thanks To
    Me - For doing this blasted thing. Once again, instead of doing more important
    things, I've written you something to assist you in a video game. You'd better
    appreciate it.
    Brandy - My late and great sister, who still to this day, is an active part of
    my life.
    Athena - My Guardian Goddess, and the most prominent deity in my life.
    Artue - A friend who helped me through some really tough times, and an overall
    really cool person.
    Christopher Reeve - A wonderful man who recently passed; a man whose brilliant
    acting, miraculous road to recovery, and strive for stem cell research is an
    inspiration to us all.
    Midway - The company that makes Mortal Kombat - duh!
    Ed Boon & John Tobias - For creating Mortal Kombat, one of the greatest
    fighting game series of all time.
    John Vogel - For developing the best storylines in Mortal Kombat history. That
    backwards speech in Konquest Mode is right - you ARE a genius!
    You - For reading this
    Any possible future contributers - Because an FAQ is never truly finished!
    -gamewinners.com, for totally ripping me off.
    -Jen, for dumping me WITHOUT giving me a reason, then having the gall to cut me
    and everyone I know out of her life completely
    C. Copyrights & Whatnot
    This FAQ (c) 2005 The S (iamthes@gmail.com)
    Mortal Kombat (c) 2005 Midway

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