Review by SpawnTheEternal

Reviewed: 10/08/04

Great Fighter, it will love you long time

Mortal Kombat: Deception is the latest installment in Midway's incredibly popular series that thrives off blood and shock factor. For those who understand video games must know this about fighting games, you are either a Mortal Kombat guy or a Street Fighter guy. Are you the kind that likes to play a fighter much more seeped into timings, and yes indeed more deep, or are you looking for a fighter where fast-paced action if more the style? That is why so many are polarized when it comes to Mortal Kombat, you either love it or you hate it. But enough of that, onto my own review of this game:

Gameplay 19/10- I'm not going to go and say something stupid like, "Mortal Kombat is deeper than Virtua Fighter !", because that would be utter stupidity, and it's simply not true. However I think that Mortal Kombat's fighting merit is not based sorely on just the fighting engine itself, but on the excitement that it creates with it's moves and characters. I'm sorry, but when I remember many fighting games few characters stick out in my mind like the ones in Mortal Kombat. Tekken has nothing like a Scorpion, who is a great character that you get excited about and remember. The chess and puzzle kombat are a welcome addition to the game as well, adding new twists to the game. In addition the death traps and multi tier levels are also great additions to the franchise that is finally catching upto it's competition and reclaiming the former glory the series had before the slump that came with MK3 & MK4.

Sound 9/10- I realize that alot of the sounds in this game are cheesy, but they are done purposely, so you can't really hold that against it. It's all part of the Mortal Kombat style that while still dark and violent, it is also funny and over the top at the same time.

Music 7/10- Took a few points off here for lack of custom soundtrack, but otherwise it has a very worthwhile soundtrack that while good, dosen't distract or take away from the game at hand. Again a custom soundtrack would have been so rocking.....

Replay Value 10/10- For your money you are not going to find another fighter with quite this much stuff to do and see. With a kyrpt of over 400 koffins, it's going to take a while to unlock all that the game has to offer. It personally took me 3 solid days to get Liu Kang unlocked, and there are still many, many secrets that have likely not been found. The chess and puzzle modes add to the game of course, and the Konquest mode will have you searching for a long time to come as I myself still haven't done or seen all there is in the game, and the more you love the world of Mortal Kombat, the more your gonna like the inclusion of almost every character ever in this mode. The thing that will REALLY add the replay value however is the online mode, which like any other online game adds almost infinite replay value when there is a large library of people to meet, fight, and kill.

Overall 10/10- This game is a great example of what a fun fighting game should be, and all the extras are something I think every fighting game should strive for. I know neither Tekken or DOA gave me this much replay, while I'll readily admit that Virtua Fighter has that in spades. The addition of online modes is the best addition however, and it will lead to hours of fun in a game that was meant for it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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