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"It Will Konsume You!"

The "Mortal Kombat" franchise is back yet again after 2002's successful "Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance". This time with "Deception", the game starts off right where "Deadly Alliance" left off and brings some new shocks to us.

The story is simple, all of Earthrealm's warriors have been defeated at the hands of Shang Tsung and his buddy Quan Chi. And our only hope for victory lies in the skilled hands of the thunder God himself, Raiden. In the sweet opening movie, we see Raiden go all bad ass on his two foes. He fights well, and all looks good for him, until they manage to get the upper hand and defeat him. Suddenly, Quan Chi and Shang Tsung stare each other down and realize there must be one ruler. Sort of like "Highlander", there can be only one! Anyway, they do battle and Quan Chi emerges as the victor. So he looks to be the boss to beat now in this entry eh? Wrong...enter Onaga, The Dragon King. Think of True Ogre from the "Tekken" series, the former emperor of Outworld has returned. And boy, is he big and angry, realizing he wants to reclaim his crown, Quan Chi unleashes projectile attacks towards the beast. This does nothing to affect Onaga, suddenly Shang Tsung and Raiden appear and together they form a new alliance out of desperation to rid this great threat. Still...with all their power combined, nothing is stopping Onaga, so Raiden does the unthinkable. He sacrifices himself and creates a huge blast that makes a Nuclear Bomb resemble a fire cracker. He does this as a last resort to beat Onaga, but still...Onaga stands, and this is where the game starts. Pretty simple story, but executed nicely, I dig it.

The fighting mechanics in this game are similar to that of those in the title prior, "Deadly Alliance". You can switch in-between three styles on the fly and destroy many a fighter. The "Impaling" move from "Deadly Alliance" however, was removed. The combat can range from easy to being complex, there aren't many grapple moves, which I found disappointing. You can strike with the simple punches, kicks and so on with ease. Special moves are not very hard to execute either, which is good...but performing certain combos can prove to be a chore. It feels as though your character can be too sluggish to perform one, or the buttons don't respond well. Aside from that though, everything is smooth and fairly easy to get ahold of. And now, you can get to sit comfortably on your couch and kick someone's ass miles away from you thanks to Online play. Also, the infamous "Fatalities" are back and better than ever, you wanted gore? You prayers have been answered, this delivers it by the bucket full. Also, new to the series are "Hara-Kiri's", a move in which your character kills himself\herself before you can pull off your Fatality. Pretty awesome stuff!

Sound here is good, every blow dished and served is done greatly. The sounds of your opponent's screaming as you dismember their limbs are awesome. The blood gushing sounds as if you are squishing through entrails or something along those lines, great stuff here. Also, if you happen to get bored with all the fighting, you can try your hand at "Puzzle Kombat" (Similar to Super Puzzle Fighter) or "Chess Kombat". These are very fun mini-games thrown in for replay value, and do they deliver on that. They are also done with the traditional "Mortal Kombat" style humor and bloodshed. Still not enough? Start on "Konquest Mode", an RPG-like side story where you play as a character named "Shunjinko". You start the game playing him as a child, learning different fighting styles along the way. Until you gradually become older, it is also a way for you to unlock more things in the game. You also get a short but sweet demo of the upcoming remake of "Area 51" on here. Along with some developer interviews and more unlocking items in "The Krypt", this game should keep you glued to that controller for quite some time.

If you happen to pick up the "Kollector's Edition" you can get all the bonus features of the regular version, plus more. Those are an "Arcade Perfect" version of the original "Mortal Kombat". A metal trading card of one of the character's from the game and an in-depth history of the franchise. It also packs a different cover, five in total.

So does the newest entry in the MK series deliver? You bet it does, "Mortal Kombat" rose from the grave and showed us it still had the goods in 2002. Now in 2004, it snatches the crown and proves to be the fighter to beat. Go out and buy this game, you will thank yourself for doing so.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 10/09/04

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