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"Its back!! And to stay I hope..."

Aaa Mortal Kombat where do you begin? Seeing as this is my first review, I want it to be good,informative and open-minded. Ok then:

Seeing as this game is notorious (by soccer moms and politicians) or dubbed "freaking awesome" by those that actually play it, for it blood and gore. This are fairly realistic graphics as in people look and move like people and not blocks with legs. Capes swish in the wind, hair shines and moves and Baraka's teeth and blades are sharp, shiny and ready to tear flesh.Characters actually bruise and have cuts depending on how the fight is going. The only thing that you might notice is the outstanding supply of blood. Example: Stab in the leg=your face bleeds and gets cut as well.

Control:8/10 for older controllers.
I do not have a newer smaller Xbox controller. I have the old bulky on but it works fine.Except for with the d-pad goes direction you dont want it to. Joy Stick and d-pad are used for movement. Punches and kicks are your arsenal with a set of fluid combos. If you have played MK3 then you must remember the computer's advantage as it knows all the combos and isn't going to stop pulling off combo after combo until you die. Well this changes here with the combo breaker. This interrupts the combo "breaking it"and allowing you to fight back againest a fluid beating.

There are sooo many kinds of gameplay in this MK. For example the new Chess Kombat(kinda a mix of classic chess,mortal kombat fighing and a little bit of yu-gi-oh), Puzzle Kombat which is a great puzzle game and highly addictive, the original Mortal Kombat fighting(tournaments and player vs.), And the new Konquest.(an RPG of sorts which includes all the kharacters of most if not all the MK characters) All of which I love and all tie back to the original style of beat the crap out of them. If you like fighting,puzzles,chess or RPGs then this is your kind of game.

If you have play MK:Deadly Alliance you probably remember the krypt which was a grid of graves ranging from AA-ZZ housing a lot of unlockables and unfortunately empty koffins. But in this there is a lot less graves(Only goes to Ts like AA-AT,BA-BT etc...) But still a boat and a half of goodies just waiting. Not to mention beating the krap out of friends, family, and people online(via x-box live)which a large kast of kharacters adds to the beating. And probably the coolest unlockable(but beware its ONLY for the kollector's edition which is about ten dollars more.) is the original MK from the arcade. "Arcade Perfect"

Music,sound etc:10/10
More screams, grunts, crunches, splatters and sound effects than ever before. Music is catchy and not repetitive. Sound is clear and in place(Unlike UMK3 where a character's head is eaten by reptile he/she screams but continues to do so again and again where the torso and shins are devoured.).

In closing this game is awesome and should not be missed even if your new to the MKs. And after you get all the unlockables then tear people up online.

End of Line

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/11/04

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