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"MK:D Is Very Fun Game."

Alright to start things of. Ok if you played MK:DA and liked it then you will like this. There is a ton of new characters and new arenas. Some old characters and tons of characters come back from MK2 and MK3. If you played MK:DA, i will tell you right now that when you buy MK:D, dont expect a game like Soul Caliber or DOA or tekken or anything like that. This is a totally different game. The fighting and controls of the game are different so if you think this will be like SC or DOA then you be better of not getting it.

Graphics: 9 - They could of done a little better. Intro cinematic was looking good so i think that they might of put in more cinematics but it seems that they didnt. The arenas look great. The stage fatalities are look great and the different levels in stages are also good. It is like MK:DA in the graphics.

Controls: 8 - Easy to use. Most people will complain about this but it aint the controls. It is that the game is more slow paced. It is not like DOA or Sc so if you get this game then dont complain about controls. Some moves are a little hard to pull because the controls wont react but it is only like on one or two.

Gameplay: 9 - Alot of settings. Fighting, puzzle, Chess, and konquest and tons of unlockables. Ok the graphics are nice and clean while playing, No lag, No frame skiping, or anything of that sort.(xbox). I dont know about the PS2 but that might be worst. Easy to learn. ALot of Replay ability.

This game is alot of fun. NOW it is Online. I have played with other people and it is alot of fun in battles and puzzle. You lose track of time while playing this game. It is very fun. Inhouse battles with friends are great too.

Buy? Really is up to you. Some people dont really see the unique beauty of this game and try to compair to different games like DOA but this is not suppose to be like that. If you didnt play MK:DA and want to try a game with a unique fighting engine then i would say go ahead and rent. I cant really tell you to buy because all people like different things.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/12/04

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