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"New Kombat Old Feel"

Game Play: Ah.. Mortal Kombat, a game that never gets old, and this one is no exception. To start out, if you played Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance, then this game is not going to be a surprise in the regular fighting department, but even if you did, you never played Puzzle or Chess Kombat. Two new styles of Mortal Kombat with Puzzle Kombat being an alternative to Tetris which is very fun for a break from the brutal battles you face, and Chess Kombat like the name suggests is Chess with a very deep Mortal Kombat spin on it. Both games are fun, and can give a nice break from all of the fighting. In addition, there is Konquest Mode. In MK:DA, Konquest mode was training you how to use characters moves which you forgot before the end, in this however, Konquest mode is a tiny little Everquest kind of thing, where you play a boy doing a quest in a world of Mortal Kombat characters. While on this quest you do many the side quest and slowly learn how to use characters. This is a welcome change to Mortal Kombat, but not one that was absolutely necessary.

Overall: 10/10

Audio/Video: The graphics in this game can be stunning, while at other times can be... odd. The graphics are good, but some things like blood and flesh don't make you feel like your staring into the real thing. The graphics aren't bad by any means, but haven't really improved since MK:DA. The sound is alright for level design. It gives you the feel of danger and battle, but doesn't really feel like it's the best music to fit the level. The character sounds and slashes are extremely well done, but as far as voice overs in Konquest mode are concerned, Midway really dropped the ball. Many character will have horrible dialogue and characters which would seem to be tough and strong, have odd, high pitched voices. But overall the music is acceptable, and the graphics are awesome aside from a few exceptions.

Overall: 7/10

Replay Value: One thing Mortal Kombat has done for years, is make a game that pulls you in. Whether you play this game non stop or simply play it, get bored, and move on, you'll find yourself coming back to this game over and over again. The awesome head to head fighting makes this games great to have at a party, and with the new Konquest mode, Mortal Kombat: Deception has enough to keep many the gamer happy for months to come. And now with X-Box Live, X-Box users will have even more of a reason to play this game.

Overall: 9/10

Rent or Buy: There is no choice here. A game like this is not something you rent for a few days then give back. A game like this, whether your a fighting game fan or not, deserves to be in your collection. To not buy this game, your robbing only yourself of an experience that you'll enjoy for quite some time.

Rent or Buy: Buy

Overall: Overall Mortal Kombat: Deception has a lot of new features, and enough of the old feel to keep you playing. Unfortunately, many of the old characters don't make a return, instead Midway introduced several new characters who don't really contribute to the story line and are only wastes of space for old characters who deserve to be brought back. In addition, many of the pointless characters like Bo' Rai Cho and Le Mei from MK:DA are brought back, for no real reason. The lack of solid new characters and good old characters makes this game loss a bit of its touch, but there are several good characters, and with multi-level platforms and instant fatalities, this game makes up for its flaws.

Overall: 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/13/04

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