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"A Great.... Not perfect game"

Growing up playing Mortal Kombat, excitement was high for finally getting to play this game. From the moment I popped this game in I realized that my hype was not misplaced.
For those who thought that this was Deadly Alliance re-vamped are critically wrong. This game has taken everything from DA and gave it a great overhaul. This game is the type of game that if you liked DA you'll like this game. Even if you didn't, there is so many other things to divert your attention. More on that a little later.

SOUND: Ok this is one of the downfalls in this game. Dont get me wrong, the mini snipits of sound that the game does have is great. Its the music. It is not at all energy inspiring. It really drags some of the game down. Some levels have nice beats (Ying-Yang island) but not enough to keep the game running really great music. But other then music the game still has all the great bone crunching sound from past mortal kombats
Rating: 6

GRAPHICS: First off the people that said DA graphics sucked will not be wowed by this game. It is a great step up though. Everything looks a lot smoother in this game. They also did away with a lot the "popcorn" from the last games fatilities. Now everything looks like it should in this game. The level layout is excellent and in great detail. It really sets the mood for the game
Rating: 9

CONTROLS: As i've said many times before, if you've played DA and liked the control style you'll love this one. They really simplized a lot of the controls making throws and dodging a lot less of guess work. Now one button controls throws at all times and dodging is just double tap in the direction you would wish to go (Opposed to the only certain style dodges of DA). They've also added a Combo Breaker system which makes this game less of a first person to start a combo wins type game.

KONTENT: This game is packed full of everything you could ever imagine. This game has classic arcade mode, always great versus mode, incredibly deep puzzle kombat, suprisingly strategic chess kombat, a great rpg type game in konquest mode, that and all of the many unlockables. Also another great thing... ONLINE. It is packed to the grill with everything you could ever want in a Mortal Kombat game.

REPLAYABLILTY: Between Live and fighting with friends this game is great

All in all this game has a lot going for it. This just leaves one thing though:
If you are a MK fan this is a no brainer, If you love fighting games this is a no brainer, for casual non- fighting gamers i would rent see if you like it then choose from there. All in all if you reading this review this game is probable a game your already thinking of buying this game, this is a great game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/04

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