Review by Evisace

Reviewed: 11/07/04

The best fighting game on Xbox thus far.

Many times when a sequel to a very popular game comes out, There is always a danger of it falling into the hype trap, Where developers raise people's expectations to extreme levels and end up doing nothing but bringing about disappointment to many eager gamers. Having experienced this many times before i was skeptical of Deception and chose to be as objective as possible when reviewing it. But after owning this game for only a week i know i made a good decision.

Graphics 9/10- The graphics are improved over Deadly Alliance but not by leaps and bounds. The characters still have a great amount of detail and the animation is smooth with no bugs or graphical glitches found thus far. the Konquest mode graphics are not as high quality as the actual gameplay but they are not entirely hideous either.

Gameplay 10/10- I dont normally like to give 10 rating to anything but this game deserves it new mini games such and chess and puzzle combat add an entertaining diversion and konquest mode is a good attempt to make the redundant tutorials of DA somewhat more interesting. A slew of new characters as well as old favorites offer a wider variety than DA did. The fighting system remains mainly the same only with new combo breaking attacks that stop your enemy's onslaught in its tracks(no longer will you fear maniacs who can hit those 10+ hit 3 style branching combos everytime.) The developers were obviously looking to balance the system for online play and they succeeded. every character now has a full range of attacks and their own strengths and weaknesses. All in all a great improvent on DA's fun but unbalanced system.

Sound 8/10- The background music fits each fighting arena well, each one setting a particular mood. along with old arenas being redone in 3D the old musical tracks have been added as well adding a touch of nostalgia for avid MK fans.

Replay Value 10/10- Usually almost all fighting games worth playing get this rating, since no fight goes the same way twice it is hard to get bored with it if you enjoy the game and you have a person to play with who can compete Now with online play via the xbox live accessory finding a good opponent is easier than ever.

Deception is a worthy follow up to the classic Deadly Alliance. I recommend it to any one who wants to play a great game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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