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    Silent Assassin Walkthrough by darthfrott

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/07/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ;;WW;;  iiKK;;..WWiittttffEEttLL..EEff      ttWW..    ..GG      ttKK..  ..LL;;  
      WW    ..WW    WW..,,  iiDD  ;;  LLWW      GGWW      tt##,,      KKDD    ff    
      WW    ..WW    WW..    iiDD      ffGGtt  ;;ffWW      ffffLL      ffGGLL  ff    
      WWttttttWW    WW..    iiDD      ff;;KK  ff;;WW    ;;ii..WW      ff  KKttff    
      WW    ..WW    WW..    iiDD      ff  EEtttt;;WW    LLttttDDtt    ff  ..WWGG    
      WW    ..WW    WW..    iiDD      ff  iiWW  ;;WW  ..tt    ;;KK    ff    ;;##    
    iiWW;;  iiKK;;,,WWii    jjEE..  ..GG..  jj  ttKK,,LLtt    ;;WWii;;GG..    LL    
                                      iKKj. ,;iii;;:.
                                  .... .f#Wj       :tGW######KDL,.
                        .:,;itjfjti;,.  iK#G         .iE########KGt:
                   .,ijfDEWWWEGi:.      ,D#E          .f#######WLj;.
                ,iGEW#####WDt:          ;E#K          iE###WDLt;
              ;fDK#######E;             f##E       ,fK#WD;:
                .,jLDK###Ki            ,fGfi     .;KWDj;.
                    .,ifKWEf,.         ..      .iLKGi.
                         .,jGKKft;:        .tLE##Wf                          t:
                            .;L##WEGf;:   iD#####WL.                       ,jKt
                              .K#####WG, .f########Dft;,.              .,iLE#Wt
        :LWj;.                 D######E; .f############WWWKEDDGGLGGGDEW######i.
        ;E##WELjti,::...:,,;ijL#######E;  f######KGti;;;;tjfDW#############Ef
        ,G#######WKKEEEEKKWW##########E;  f###KLi:          :L##########ELt:
         iE############WKKKWW#########E;  f#Kf,           .;LK######WKfi:
          .LK######Kj:.      .,fE#####E;  fE.         :;jK###WEDji,:
           .,jDW###Wf,          :tGW##E;  ii      .ifLDEDLfti,:.
              .,tLW##ELi          .iG#E;       .:;itti,:.
                   .,ijfDGLji,.      LD;
                        .,;ttti,:.   .;:
    ;;KKLLttLLLL    iiWWii..        iiffttjjLL..    ;;LLttttLL;;  ..DDDDttjjGGii  
      KKtt    EEtt  ..WW          iiKK      ffDD  ..KK;;    ;;KK..  GGLL    ;;WWii
      KKtt    GGLL  ..WW          EELL      ..##iiLLEE        EELL  GGLL      GGEE
      KKLLttLLKK..  ..WW        ..##tt        KKLLEEGG        GGEE  GGLL      tt##
      KKjj,,ttKKtt  ..WW        ..##tt        KKLLDDGG        GGDD  GGLL      tt##
      KKtt    ffKK  ..WW        ..EELL      ..##iiLLKK        EELL  GGLL      GGEE
      KKtt    GGDD  ::WW      ii..;;KK..    ffGG  ..KKii    iiKK..  GGLL    iiWW;;
    ;;KKGGttLLGG..  ttWWffttffGG    iiLLjjffff      ..LLjjffLL..  ..DDDDjjffGG;;  
    ;;WWtt        KKff    ffjjttLL;;  iiKKii    ..GG..;;WWjjttttff..DDKK..  ..EEii.
      EEKK      ttWWii  ffLL    ..KK..  LLWW..    ff    WW,,    ii  ;;##..  ..LL    
      ffWWii    LLKKii  ##;;      GGLL  ffLLKK    ff    WW,,  ,,      LLDD  LL..    
      ffttDD  iiiiKKii;;##        LLEE  ff  DDGG  ff    WWffttDD        WWLLii      
      ff  WW;;LL  KKii::##..      LLDD  ff  ..KKffff    WW,,  ii        ttKK        
      ff  LLEEtt  KKii  KKii      DDtt  ff    ..WWDD    WW,,    ....    iiKK        
      LL  ..WW    KKii  ;;EE..  ttGG    LL      iiKK    ##;;  ..LL      iiKK        
    ttEE;;  ii  iiKKLL..  ,,KKKKff    ;;DDtt      tt  ttKKKKKKKKff    ..LLKKii      
    Hitman: Blood Money
    Professional Silent Assassin Walkthrough
    By Dennis Ferrand
    GameFAQs Username: darthfrott
    Xbox Gamertag: F Rott 01
    E-Mail: darthfrott (AT) gmail (DOT) com
      How to use the "E-Z FIND SYSTEM": With the "E-Z FIND SYSTEM", all you have to
    do to immediately get to the desired point in this FAQ is:
    1. Find the specific walkthrough you want in the Table Of Contents immediately
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    3. Choose to find that word within the document.
    01. Introduction ( =INTRO= )
    02. The Manual ( =MANUAL= )
        02.01. Controls Of The Professional
        02.02. Getting Into The Game
               1. Profile Management
               2. Difficulty
               3. A Manual For The Professional
               4. Notoriety
        02.03. Up Close And Personal
        02.04. Agility
               1. Climbing and Scaling
        02.05. Subterfuge Techniques
               1. Disguises & Concealment
        02.06. Ingression
               1. Doors, Locks & Security
               2. Distraction
        02.07. Tools Of The Trade
               1. Firearms, Situational & Equipment
        02.08. Compensation
               1. Weapons & Tools
               2. Cleaning
               3. Recovering Surveillance Tapes
        02.10. Post Mission
    03. Walkthoughs ( =WALKTHRUS= )
        03.01. Hideout ( =HIDEOUT= )
               01. Weapons Collection
        03.02. Death Of A Showman ( =SHOWMAN= )
               01. Briefing
               02. Intel
               03. Objectives
               04. Walkthrough
        03.03. A Vintage Year ( =VINTAGE= )
               01. Briefing
               02. Intel
               03. Objectives
               04. Walkthrough
                   03.01. The VIP Guard
                   03.02. The Son
                   03.03. The Father
                   03.04. 47, The Unholy Ghost
        03.04. Curtains Down ( =CURTAINS= )
               01. Briefing
               02. Intel
               03. Objectives
               04. Walkthrough
                   03.01. 47 Gets A Worker
                   03.02. D'Alvaro Gets The Shaft
                   03.03. Delahunt Gets The Chandelier
        03.05. Flatline ( =FLATLINE= )
               01. Briefing
               02. Intel
               03. Objectives
               04. Walkthrough
        03.06. A New Life ( =NEWLIFE= )
               01. Briefing
               02. Intel
               03. Objectives
               04. Walkthrough
        03.07. The Murder Of Crows ( =CROWS= )
               01. Briefing
               02. Intel
               03. Objectives
               04. Walkthrough
        03.08. You Better Watch Out... ( =WATCHOUT= )
               01. Briefing
               02. Intel
               03. Objectives
               04. Walkthrough
        03.09. Death On The Mississippi ( =OLMISS= )
               01. Briefing
               02. Intel
               03. Objectives
               04. Walkthrough
        03.10. ...Till Death Do Us Part ( =PART= )
               01. Briefing
               02. Intel
               03. Objectives
               04. Walkthrough
                   04.01. Party Invitation
                   04.02. The Cake
                   04.03. Pappa LeBlanc
        03.11. A House Of Cards ( =CARDS= )
               01. Briefing
               02. Intel
               03. Objectives
               04. Walkthrough
        03.12. A Dance With The Devil ( =DANCE= )
               01. Briefing
               02. Intel
               03. Objectives
               04. Walkthrough
        03.13. Amendment XXV ( =XXV= )
               01. Briefing
               02. Intel
               03. Objectives
               04. Walkthrough
        03.14. Requiem
               01. Briefing
               02. Intel
               03. Objectives
               04. Walkthrough
    04. Xbox 360 Achievements ( =360= )
    05. FAQ History ( =HISTORY= )
    06. Thanks List ( =THANKS= )
    = 01. Introduction ( =INTRO= ) =
      FINALLY!! IO Interactive have blessed us with Blood Money - the next, highly
    anticipated installment of the Hitman series! It's been a little while since
    Contracts, so I'm a little rusty, but hey, once you "get" the Hitman play
    mechanics, it's like riding a bicycle!
      Right out of the gate, I'd like to thank IO Interactive and Eidos for making
    this next installment! I'm not prone to writing FAQs, but the Hitman series
    just seems to motivate me enough to sit down and write out walkthroughs. Now,
    with the addition of "Accidents", it's now possible to safely do away with some
    of the more...pesky civilians that seem to be standing at just the right place
    at just the right time to foil your carefully laid plans. CHEERS for this new
    concept! Couple that with the new "push" move, and the levels really open up
    even more than before! I can only imagine how Hitman 2: Silent Assassin or
    Contracts would have played out with just those two new innovations. Remember
    the level "Shogun Showdown"? How about "The Jacuzzi Job"? Imagine pushing one
    of those patrolling guards off the ledge of the skyscraper! Awesome! How about
    the Contracts version of "Traditions Of The Trade"? You could Syringe the Guard
    in Fuchs room and throw him over the balcony ledge!
      Okay, maybe that won't happen, but at least we have some really good levels
    in Blood Money that DO incorporate those mechanics. That's good enough for me.
      Along with the addition of Accidents however, is the almost impossibility of
    all-zero Silent Assassin rankings. What used to be a goal is now unattainable.
    If you kill your targets, that's counted. If you create convenient "Accidents"
    for your marks, then that counts in the Accidents column. Either way, you can't
    get all zero anymore. However, there is still fun to be had by staging ONLY
    ACCIDENT kills, so there's something to aim for. Plus you can take out
    civilians that make your job hell without being punished for it on the end of
    mission stats screen!
      These walkthroughs are by no means a "be all-end all" way of getting a Silent
    Assassin ranking in Blood Money. If you have a different, or you feel, better
    way, then by all means, DO THAT! That's the beauty of Hitman games...the wide
    open gameplay, which allows for several solutions for any specific Objective!
      These are my personal favorite ways to get Silent Assassin. I like to play it
    safe...you'll notice that as you read and implement these Walkthroughs. I try
    to go after the Silent Assassin ranking in the most reliable and repeatable way
    possible. I also tried to write these walkthroughs with no extra or upgraded
    weapons in mind whenever possible, so anyone, even on their first run through
    of the level, could use the given walkthrough and get Silent Assassin. On some
    levels though, this is unavoidable because it goes against my safe and reliable
      Do yourself a favor and GET USED TO THE LEVELS! Basically, once you get used
    to the surroundings, then you start remembering Guard patrol patterns, who's
    going to be where and when, and where level-specific items that aid in your
    Objectives are located. Once you know all of these things, you can pretty much
    get a Silent Assassin ranking on any level at any time by using a little
    thought and strategy. The levels just open up!
      Don't be afraid to just "run and gun" the first few times you enter a new
    level - it can really help you get accommodated and familiarized.
      This FAQ can only be published on GameFAQs ( http://www.gamefaqs.com/ ). If
    you happen to stumble across this FAQ published ANYWHERE ELSE, PLEASE drop me a
    line at: darthfrott (AT) gmail (DOT) com.
    = 02. The Manual ( =MANUAL= ) =
      I'm adding the manual for the game for those of you who weren't lucky to buy
    a copy with one included. Hey, maybe some of you got a used one from a game or
    video store. There's been plenty of times when I bought a used game in the past
    and wished that someone would give me the instruction manual in their FAQs. The
    following section is dedicated to YOU, the gamer without a manual. There is a
    catch however...I only have the Xbox 360 version. I don't know how closely they
    translated the controls to other consoles, and it just won't work PERIOD with
    the PC version as far as button layout and configuration. I'm sure you could at
    least use the layout as a good guide to get you started on the right track,
    = 02.01. Controls Of The Professional =
    |            BUTTON             |                    ACTION                   |
    | L Stick                       | Move character; Zoom map;                   |
    |                               | Highlight menu options                      |
    | L Stick (Click, Hold/Release) | Throw item                                  |
    | R Stick                       | Aim                                         |
    | R Stick (Click)               | Open/Close sniper scope;                    |
    |                               | View Mode switch                            |
    | Directional Pad Up/Down       | Zoom sniper scope/binoculars;               |
    |                               | Scroll through actions/items;               |
    |                               | Highlight menu options                      |
    | Directional Pad Left/Right    | Scroll through maps/inventory               |
    | Y Button                      | Drop item; Exit map; Exit legend; Cancel    |
    | X Button (tap)                | Holster/Unholster weapon                    |
    |          (hold/release)       | Open/Close inventory                        |
    | B Button (tap)                | Pick up item                                |
    |          (hold/release)       | Pick up list                                |
    | A Button (tap)                | Carry out action; Confirm                   |
    |          (hold)               | View action list                            |
    | L Trigger (pull & hold)       | Crouch; Sneak                               |
    | L Button                      | Map                                         |
    | R Trigger                     | Fire; Use weapon; Close combat              |
    | R Button                      | Reload weapon                               |
    | Back Button                   | Objectives                                  |
    | Start Button                  | Start/Pause game                            |
    = 02.02. Getting Into The Game =
    1. Profile Management
       Before embarking on a career as a Hitman, you must first prepare a profile.
       The profile keeps a record of your progress and preferences, along with
       weaponry choices, funds and other equipment and items you acquire.
       From the PROFILE MANAGER screen, choose CREATE PROFILE and enter
       a name for the profile. If you have a previously created profile, you can
       select this to resume the career. You can also delete profiles you no
       longer want.
    2. Difficulty
       Once you've created a profile, you will then choose a difficulty level:
       * ROOKIE           For the inexperienced, and those new to the world
                          of the assassin. There are no limitations on how many
                          saves you can make while attempting a mission.
       * NORMAL           Suitable for those comfortable with contract killing.
                          Each mission allows seven saves.
       * EXPERT           For the practiced and experienced. Only three saves
                          per mission are permitted.   
       * PROFESSIONAL     For the true professional only. No saves are permitted
                          once a mission is in progress.
    3. A Manual For The Professional
       This manual provides insight into the mind and practices of the professional
       Hitman. This manual refers to the Hitman as "the professional." It explores
       the complexities, skills and the intricacies with which "the professional"
       conducts his craft.
       The professional techniques outlined in this manual vary in complexity,
       and are graded by difficulty using the following ranking system:
                       H I T M A N          T E C H N I Q U E S
       /|                                                                     |\
      / |                                                                     | \
     /  |---------------------------------------------------------------------|  \ 
    |     BASIC                                                      ADVANCED     |
     \  |---------------------------------------------------------------------|  /
      \ |                                                                     | /
       \|                                                                     |/
    |   1   |     2     |       3       |         4         |          5          |
    |   *   |    * *    |     * * *     |      * * * *      |      * * * * *      |
    4. Notoriety
       Longevity in the profession is dependent on transparency in the world. The
       professional seeks solace in a world where the only way to carry out this
       sort of work is with anonymity.
     * The professional avoids the blood bath wherever possible, as this
       attracts the unwanted eyes of the law or multiple witnesses and an audit
       trail to his door.
     * If a witness lives, the professionals notoriety increases. The professional
       negates this by making sure he is not discovered on a job, and that no
       witnesses or clues are left on the scene.
     * When the professional takes civilian lives, the invariable result is taped
       TV footage and witnesses at the scene of the crime. When this happens,
       the professional gains notoriety. As notoriety increases, the ease with
       which the professional can carry out his next contract decreases.
     * For further insurance against discovery in areas covered by TV cameras,
       the professional can make sure to destroy all video-surveillance tapes.
     * The professional can assess his successfulness and his notoriety
       following a contract through the media. If there have been witnesses, the
       newspaper is the best way of finding out. The professional should look
       out for newspapers while on location. These may detail previous targets
       and missions, and may even give a clue to the professional's identity.
    = 02.03. Up Close And Personal =
    The professional uses close hand combat skills to eliminate the mark
    with minimum noise and when dealing with unforeseen circumstances.
    The majority of these skills are ideal in firearm-restricted areas.
    HEAD USE ( Technique complexity: * )
      Use L Stick to position yourself in front of the victim, then pull R Trigger
      to head butt your target.
    THE PUNCH ( Technique complexity: * )
      While the victim is dazed, use L Stick to position yourself in front of your
      target, then press pull R Trigger to punch.
    DISARMING ( Technique complexity: * * )
      Use L Stick to position yourself in front of an armed victim, then pull R
      Trigger to disarm the person.
      (Note: During the struggle, it's possible that the firearm will go off
    CONCEALING WEAPONS ( Technique complexity: * )
      Whenever possible, the professional carries out his work using tools that can
      be concealed on his person. He has a number of tools at his disposal that,
      when concealed, can go undetected in most public areas.
      Use L Stick to walk toward the mark, hold X Button to access the inventory
      and then select a firearm. Pull R Trigger to discharge the firearm, then tap
      X Button to holster and conceal it.
    FIBER WIRE ( Technique complexity: * * * )
      The fiber wire is the most difficult of your weapons to use but the easiest
      to conceal. It is also the quietest and most efficient tool to use to avoid
      raising an alarm.
      Select the fiber wire from inventory, then pull and hold R Trigger to tighten
      the fiber wire and automatically enter sneak mode. Use L Stick to maneuver
      behind the mark, then release R Trigger to strangle the victim.
      (Note: If you are spotted or you fail to execute this move in one fluid
      movement, your intended victim may become alerted, and attempt to raise an
      alarm or attack!)
    ELEVATOR ( Technique complexity: * * * * )
      The professional often looks for secluded areas away from TV cameras and
      civilian witnesses to eliminate a guard or mark. Elevators provide excellent
      space in which to do this.
      While in an elevator, access the roof hatch by pressing pull A Button. Equip
      the fiber wire from inventory, and then look toward the open hatch. While
      a victim is visible below, press A Button to strangle and pull the mark up
      and out of the elevator.
    KNIVES ( Technique complexity: * * )
      Knives are another silent, easy to conceal, efficient means for the
      professional to eliminate their mark.
      Select the knife from inventory. Pull and hold L Trigger to enter sneak mode,
      and sneak towards the mark. When you're behind the victim, pull R Trigger
      to silently slit the mark's throat.
    SYRINGES ( Technique complexity: * * )
      The professional uses two types of syringes. The sedative syringe (non
      lethal) is an effective means of sedating guards and civilians obstructing
      your path. This reduces your notoriety by limiting the amount of civilian
      casualties. Use the poison syringe (lethal) either to eliminate a mark
      directly or to administer poison to food and drink, allowing you to terminate
      the mark from a safe distance.
      Select a syringe type from inventory, and then pull L Trigger and use L Stick
      to sneak up behind the victim. Once behind the mark, pull  R Trigger to inject
      poison into the victim's neck.
    POISON ( Technique complexity: * * )
      The professional often studies behavioral patterns, and then uses poison to
      eliminate the mark with clinical precision from a safe distance.
      Stand in front of the food or beverage, open the inventory and select the
      required syringe. Use R Stick to aim the cross hair at the food or beverage
      and pull R Trigger to poison the item.
      (Note: The professional will use any means at his disposal to gain the
      strategic Advantage required to successfully execute his contract.)
    HUMAN SHIELD ( Technique complexity: * * * )
      When backed into a corner, the professional must take every advantage to
      safeguard his exit from the scene; this may mean using a human life as a
      protective shield.
      Equip a concealable firearm from inventory, then approach the victim from
      behind and press A Button to grab the mark and use him as a human shield.
      ( Technique complexity: * * )
      Press R Button to reload the firearm while holding a human shield.
      ( Technique complexity: * * )
      When out of danger, press A Button again to knock the human shield
      unconscious, or press Y Button to push the human shield to the floor once his
      usefulness is over.
    JUMPER ( Technique complexity: * * )
      The professional can use the veil of suicide when offered a huge height and a
      target. Walk up behind the mark. When you're close enough, pull R Trigger to
      push the mark over a ledge or railing.
    = 02.04. Agility =
      The professional looks for the most anonymous path through the environment
      and will exhaust all possible avenues of access to the mark in preparation
      for a contract.
    1. Climbing and Scaling
    JUMPING WALLS ( Technique complexity: * )
      Using L Stick, first approach the wall, then push forward toward it to
      automatically jump it.
    JUMPING BALCONIES ( Technique complexity: * )
      Using L Stick, approach the balcony, then push forward toward the edge to
      automatically jump across it.
    CLIMBING THROUGH WINDOWS ( Technique complexity: * )
      Using L Stick, approach the open window, then push forward toward it to
      automatically climb through.
    WALKING A LEDGE ( Technique complexity: * )
      Approach the ledge, then push toward it to automatically climb onto it.
    CLIMBING DRAIN PIPES ( Technique complexity: * )
      Approach the drainpipe, then push toward it to automatically climb onto it.
      Push L Stick Up/Down to ascend/descend. Pull L Trigger to drop off the
    CLIMBING LADDERS ( Technique complexity: * )
      Approach the ladder, then push toward it to automatically climb onto it.
      Push L Stick Up/Down to ascend/descend. Pull L Trigger to drop off the
    = 02.05. Subterfuge Techniques =
    1. Disguises & Concealment
       The professional will often apply subterfuge techniques to evade detection
       and introduce the element of surprise to an unsuspecting mark.
    DISGUISES ( Technique complexity: * * * )
      The professional seeks anonymity on a contract, acquiring disguises from
      rooms and changing areas, and opportunistically from the people wearing them.
      Disguises allow the professional to infiltrate and move undetected through
      areas of high security. Similarly, when dressed as a worker, the professional
      carries the tools of that profession and can use them as weapons without
      raising suspicion. For example, as a workman the professional will carry
      hammers and nail guns; as a gardener he will carry shears; and so on.
      Stand near a dead or unconscious body, then press B Button to change into the
    CONCEALING BODIES ( Technique complexity: * * * )
      The professional carries out his work exercising discretion. When unplanned
      terminations are made during a contract, the professional quickly seeks out a
      hiding place to conceal the body or bodies.
      Stand near a dead or unconscious body and press A Button to begin dragging it.
      Press Y Button to drop the body.
    DISPOSING OF BODIES ( Technique complexity: * * * )
      On more complicated contracts, unplanned casualties may occur. These
      terminations can jeopardize cover, alert security and arouse suspicion in the
      mark. The professional avoids this at all costs, quickly adapting to the
      environment, disposing of bodies in freezers, wardrobes, showers and badly
      lit areas.
      Stand near a dead or unconscious body and press A Button to drag it. Press A
      Button to open the lid of a container, then press A Button again to dump the
      body inside.
    = 02.06. Ingression =
    1. Doors, Locks & Security
       The professional is an expert locksmith with a number of specialist tools
       and distraction techniques at his disposal to gain access to the most highly
       secured areas.
      Knowledge is integral to the professional's survival. Every detail is
      meticulously researched so that all possible scenarios, exits and escape
      routes are thoroughly explored.
    SURVEILLANCE ( Technique complexity: * * )
      The professional will often scope out a room before entering it, negating any
      unnecessary surprises and ensuring that nothing is left to chance.
      Using L Stick, approach a door. Pull and hold L Trigger to crouch in front of
      it, then press A Button to look through the keyhole. Press A Button again to
      exit keyhole view.
    COMMUNICATION ( Technique complexity: * )
      The professional often applies subtle communication techniques on staff
      members to gain layout and location information.
      Walk up to the person and press A Button to initiate conversation.
    LOCK PICKS ( Technique complexity: * * )
      The lock pick is a default tool used by the professional on every job; it is
      easily concealed and is not detectable by hand-held or walk-through detection
      devices. The professional can also purchase more enhanced lock picks for
      slicker, speedier access.
      Approach a locked door and press A Button to begin picking the lock.
    KEY CARDS & READ/WRITE DEVICES ( Technique complexity: * )
      In areas of high security, the professional requires access key cards to gain
      access to the mark. You can steal key cards from rooms or security when on a
      Approach the locked door and press A Button to equip the key card and open
      the door.
    BREAKING LOCKS ( Technique complexity: * * * )
      Things occasionally go wrong on a job and the professional needs to gain
      quick entry to an area without time to use a lock pick. When faced with no
      other option, you can gain access by shooting the door lock. (This only works
      on conventional door locks and not on key card areas.) This is the riskiest
      solution as the noise of shooting the lock may alert security or result in
      discovery of a damaged door.
      Select a firearm from inventory, walk up to the door, and use R Stick to aim
      the crosshair at the lock. Pull R Trigger to fire and break open the lock.
    HIDING IN THE CLOSET ( Technique complexity: * * )
      Stand in front of the closet and press A Button to enter it. Press A Button
      when inside the closet to exit.
    2. Distraction
       Using a range of distraction techniques, the professional gains extra time
       on a contract and access to high security areas.
      The professional will often throw an item such as a coin into a guarded area
      to force security to investigate the created distraction. The professional
      often uses these techniques to lessen civilian and security casualties, or to
      enable an undetected passage into high security areas.
      Select a coin from inventory (or equip another small item to throw) then
      click and hold L Stick to prepare to throw. Use R Stick to aim the crosshair,
      then release L Stick to throw the item.
      The professional can use a firearm to shoot out lights and shut down power
      junction boxes to plunge areas into darkness, forcing security to
      investigate. The professional will manipulate light wherever possible to
      remain anonymous.
    = 02.07. Tools Of The Trade =
    1. Firearms, Situational & Equipment
    = 02.08. Compensation =
    1. Weapons & Tools
    2. Cleaning
    3. Recovering Surveillance Tapes
    = 02.10. Post Mission =
    = 03. Walkthroughs ( =WALKTHRUS= ) =
      If this is your first time playing a Hitman game, do yourself a favor. TURN
    DOWN THE DIFFICULTY and just get used to the way the game plays. Take time to
    experiment and practice with distances, positioning, what you can and cannot do
    and why, as well as the overall flow of the levels. Check out your Map and be
    sure to visit those places marked with Exclamation Points. They're there for a
    reason, and they won't be there for you later on when you amp it up to
    Professional Difficulty, so enjoy them while you can. A little knowledge gained
    on Rookie goes a long way on Professional.
      I've also included the Intel from each level so you don't have to spend your
    money purchasing Intel that may or may not help you anyway.  Some of it is
    pretty ridiculous to spend thousands of dollars on. As well, I'm also providing
    the detailed Objective information that you might have passed up inside the
    game. It's truly some interesting stuff and really helps immerse you in the
    = 03.01. Hideout ( =HIDEOUT= ) =
    01. Weapons Collection
        Well, since this isn't really a mission, I'll go ahead and give you a list
        of all the weapons you can accumulate throughout the levels, as well as
        where you can find them. I'll give this info out in a wall-by-wall layout.
        (NOTE: This section is FAR from complete!)
        = Wall One =
        1. Bull .480
           Level(s): A New Life, Death On The Mississippi
        2. Snub Nosed
           Level(s): A Vintage Year
        3. Desert Eagle
        4. Six Shooter
           Level(s): ...Till Death Do Us Part
           A lot of the Party Guests pack these, as well as the brown-suited cowboy
           Gang members that aren't sporting Shotguns.
        5. SLP.40 Pistol
           Level(s): The Murder Of Crows, A House Of Cards, A Dance With The Devil
           Basically, these guns are almost EVERYWHERE. It's harder NOT to get one
           than it is to get one.
        6. SLP.40 .S
           Level(s): The Murder Of Crows, A House Of Cards
           You can only find this weapon on Angelina Mason, one of your hits in The
           Murder of Crows, or Hendrik Schmutz, the Afrikaaner from A House Of
        = Wall Two =
        1. MP5
           Level(s): Curtains Down, 
        2. MP7
        3. MP9
        4. SAF SMG
           Level(s): A Vintage Year
           You can swipe one of these from the VIP Guards.
        5. TMP
           Level(s): A Vintage Year, Flatline, A House Of Cards
           You can either score this one from Manuel Delgado, or just complete the
           mission A House Of Cards. It'll already be in your ICA drop box in your
           room on the 7th Floor. The sheikh's bodyguards also tote these potent
        = Wall Three =
        1. Shotgun
           Level(s): A Vintage Year, Death On The Mississippi, ...Till Death Do Us
           The outside guards at the villa carry these things around, as well as
           one of the Gator gang members on Death On The Mississippi. Some of the
           cowboy hat-clad gang members on ...Till Death Do Us Part carry these
           around as well.
        2. M14
           Level(s): Amendment XXV
           The US Marines own these awesome rifles. You can get one fairly easy
           with just a little effort. Get a US Marine disguise and walk it to the
           ICA drop box.
        = Wall Four =
        1. FN-2000
           Level(s): Death On The Mississippi, A Dance With The Devil
           On Death On The Mississippi, the FN-2000 is being kept in the crew's
           quarters. Just put it in its Rifle Case and walk your happy butt down to
           the ICA drop box for an easy achievement. You can also pry this from the
           cold, dead hands of Anthony Martinez on A Dance With The Devil.
        2. SG552
           Level(s): The Murder Of Crows
           This weapon belongs to the leader of the assassin's group, Mark Purayah
           II. It's set alongside his desk where the briefcase of diamonds is
           delivered. You're going to have to knock out a lot of Yellow Bird Guards
           to get it safely to your ICA drop box.
        3. Air Rifle
           Level(s): A New Life
           You have to get this gun from the tree house overlooking Vinnie
           Sinistra's Witness Protection house. Be prepared for lots of Human
           Shields with a pistol to knock out the majority of civilians who will
           completely freak out if you don't as you run it to your nearby ICA drop
        = Wall Five =
        1. W2000 Sniper
           Custom weapon. You start with this.
           In previous games, the W2000 was the sniper rifle that was sought after
           more than any of the others. They also offered a rare custom version to
           collect in Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. It had a sweet wood grain finish.
           Now, the W2000 takes its place as a 47 standard. I say, it's about damn
           time that he kept it. Now we don't need to scour all of the levels
           looking around for it.
        2. M4
           Custom weapon. You start with this.
           I don't know why they start you off with some of the best weapons in the
           game. You don't really need to collect any other weapons besides the
           ones they start you off with. Just upgrade the Silverballers alone and
           you have the best damn gun in the game, let alone a bad-ass M4. Put the
           drum upgrade on this bad boy and you have almost limitless ammo.
        = Wall Six =
        1. Silverballer
           Custom weapon. You start with this.
           I mean really, come on.
           It's 47.
           They're Silverballers.
           It's a Hitman game.
           OF COURSE they're a starter weapon. This one's kind of a no-brainer for
           anyone with any kind of past knowledge of the Hitman series whatsoever.
        2. SP12 Shotgun
           Custom weapon. You start with this.
           Big gun. Go BOOM!
           ...And with silencer and lower noise level ammunition upgrades, it goes
           (boom) instead.
        3. SMG Tactical
           Custom weapon. You start with this.
           Concealable, yet has all the joys of the bigger guns. Use this with the
           increased clips upgrade for your basic "Run and Gun" scenarios. Now,
           that's what I call fun!
        = Wall Seven =
        1. Elephant Rifle
           Level(s): ...Till Death Do Us Part
           Dress up like one of those cowboy Gang members to get entry to Pappa
           LeBlanc's second floor bedroom where this beauty resides on a gun rack.
        2. Dragunov
           Level(s): Death Of A Showman, A Dance With The Devil
           Irretrievable in Death Of A Showman, but EASILY gained on A Dance With
           The Devil. It'll be in the room where you obtain the Intel from a
           laptop. This is also the room where you take out Eve...or Eve takes you
        3. Kazo TRG
           Level(s): The Murder Of Crows
           This is Raymond Kulinsky's rifle. There's no real way to get this one
           out with a Silent Assassin rating. Complete all of your Objectives
           FIRST, then come back for it and hoof it for the Escape location with
           this in your hands. The Police will freak out...no way around it. RUN
           LIKE HELL!!
        = Other Weapons =
        1. Nailer
           Level(s): Curtains Down, A New Life
           Although it won't register in your Hideout, you can collect the Nailer
           you find in various levels like Curtains Down or A New Life in the
           basement. This..."gun" is incredibly fun. You can find it in your Weapon
           Selection right before a mission.
    = 03.02. Death Of A Showman ( =SHOWMAN= ) =
    01. Briefing: There's no real Briefing for this level. You basically follow the
        narrarator and do what he says. It doesn't get much easier than this. If
        you die on this level, then I can safely gauge your Hitman proficiency:
        You suck! Keep playing! You can get better!
    02. Intel:
        There's no Intel received for the Training level.
    03. Objectives:
        01. Kill The Swing King
        02. Escape
    04. Walkthrough:
        COMING SOON!
    = 03.03. A Vintage Year ( =VINTAGE= ) =
    01. Briefing:
        Hello, 47. Your next target's in Chile. His name is Fernando Delgado. Used
        to be a Colonel in Pinochet's intelligence service; now he's running a
        cocaine factory under cover of a vineyard. Satellite imaging suggests the
        lab is underground. Fernando's son Manuel is in on the coke trade, so to
        make it look like a drug hit, you'll need to take him out too. We'll get
        you in with a pensioner's club from Santiago for the big celebrity
        unveiling of Delgado's new wine label, named for 80s "B" action star Rex
        Stanton. There'll be at least one TV crew on hand, so keep an eye on them
        and their cameras. Delgado's got a seaplane, and that may be your best way
        to get out in a pinch.
    02. Intel:
        1. The guided tour of the wine cellar might prove useful, especially when
           looking for potential death traps.
        2. We've heard that Manuel likes to entertain friends and enjoy the
           merchandise in the wine cellar.
        3. The entrance to the secret lab is hidden somewhere in the wine cellar.
        4. The insides are guarded by highly trained guards.
    03. Objectives:
        01. Kill Don Fernando Delgado
            This retired colonel working for Chile's feared intelligence service is
            considered a well-respected and highly successful wine producer, even
            though it's just a cover operation for his true business of drug
            trafficking. To promote this year's fine line of Chilean red wine, he
            has persuarded the American movie actor Rex Stanton to endorse it. His
            agent is one of Delgado's main customers and well-connected in Tinsel
            Town, where trade is booming.
        02. Kill Manuel Delgado
            The eldest son of Fernando Xalvador Delgado. He tries to live up to his
            father's reputation and aspirations. He wishes nothing higher than to
            walk in the footsteps of his beloved Papa, but has already broken the
            #1 rule: Never use the stuff yourself. He has no formal education, and
            spends most of his time water-skiing, playing tennis or downloading
            porn from the internet. The daily cocaine high makes him unpredictable
            and dangerous. "Cover Boxes are for sissy cowards!"
        03. Escape The Vineyard
            Once you have completed your objectives escape the vineyard by sea
    04. Walkthrough:
        Weapons to bring: Silverballer (Optional)
        03.01. The VIP Guard
                 One of the first things I do whenever I start a new Hitman level,
               is experiment with the various given disguises to see which one will
               garner you the most security clearance throughout the level. After I
               do that, I try to find the best place to get that disguise. On A
               Vintage Year, the best disguise is without a doubt, the VIP Guard.
               These guys basically get to walk anywhere without fear of suspicion.
               The best and most convenient place to get one is at the Plane
               Docking Bay. That way, when you're all said and done with your
               mission, you can easily change back into your Suit without too many
               people catching you red-handed.
                 From the start, turn slightly to your left and head East. Continue
               to go around the outside of the vineyard, and turn right with the
               wall. Keep heading South, and be aware of the Shotgun toting Guard
               who patrols this side of the wall. He doesn't take too kindly to you
               being around this part of the vineyard, so just to be safe, steer
               clear of him by moving over to the left, out of range of his
               suspicion. Once you pass him, you'll come to a low wooden fence.
               Head to your right, over the makeshift planks and down the path that
               criss-crosses its way down the side of the vineyard.
                 At the bottom of the path, you'll reach the Plane's Docking Bay,
               where a vineyard worker is taking a smoke break while enjoying the
               lovely view of the huge waterfall. Keep running right up behind him
               and hit your R Trigger to push him into the drink. Since it's an
               "Accident", it won't count against you on the end of mission Rating
                 Head North, but slow down and hide yourself behind the wall on
               your left. There will be another vineyard worker coming down the
               Elevator Shaft in just a moment, and we don't want him interfering
               with our quest for the VIP Guard who's stationed right beside the
               Elevator. You could choose to run right over to our VIP Guard and
               take him out before the gentleman gets down to the Dock, but I
               prefer to play it safe and just eliminate the risk. Wait for the
               warker to head back up in the Elevator, and then head North towards
               our first Mark. Our Guard will be facing East, so we need to creep
               up behind him and either Sedate him with a Sedative Needle, or get a
               Pistol out and ready and take him as a Human Shield. (I prefer the
               Human Shield approach because you can move the target around faster
               and knock him out when you're in the right place.)
                 By the way, take this opportunity to grab the SAF SMG for your
               Weapons Collection in the Hideout if you haven't collected it
                 From the main placement of the Guard when he's facing East, drag
               or move the victim to your left and then East behind the crates on
               the North side of the Docks. This will keep him out of sight of the
               worker who comes down here every now and again to check things out.
        03.02. The Son
                 OK, now we have our super-duper extra special VIP Guard suit and
               we're ready to tackle our first hit, Manuel Delgado, the son.
                 Head for the Elevator and call it down. Ride it up to the secret
               cocaine lab and head South when the door opens. Run your way through
               the lab until you reach the area where Manuel likes to take a little
               sniffy break, and hide behind the barrels just behind him. There's
               also a convenient thing I like to call a "body box". This is
               ultimately where the young Mr. Delgado will end up. I always open
               the lid to get the ball rolling and save a little time later on.
               This might take a little while depending on how fast you reached
               this destination, so check out your Map and keep dibs on Manuel to
               pass the time. Eventually, he'll bring Rex Stanton down to the lab
               to try the cocaine, then he'll leave him in the lab and start
               heading back up out of the cellar. On his way back up, he'll take a
               short snort. After he's finished, make sure he doesn't see you as
               he's leaving, and from your hiding spot behind the barrels, sneak
               behind him when he opens the door. Follow him outside of the door,
               then stop sneaking and start walking to catch up to him, and pull
               out a pistol to take him as a Human Shield. Drag him back into his
               break room and over by the body box. Knock him out and switch to
               your Poison Needle. Administer the dose, then dump him in the box
               and close the lid. You can also pick up his handy TMP for your
               Weapons Collection before you place him in the box.
                 One Delgado down, one more to go!
        03.03. The Father
                 The Don is surprisingly easy to hit. From the break room where you
               disposed of Manuel, head West out the door that the son used earlier
               and head up the stairs on your left and out of the wine cellar.
                 From the double doors of the wine cellar, go East and through the
               door located here that's guarded by a lower-level Shotgun Guard.
               Once you're through this door, continue East past the front entrance
               of the Mansion until you reach a wall with a small doorway that
               leads to the Kitchen. Don't enter the Kitchen, but instead, to the
               right of the doorway on the side of the Mansion is a drainpipe that
               you can climb up to the second floor. Check to make sure the coast
               is clear, (it usually is), and climb the pipe. Once you're on the
               top of the roof, be especially cautious of the Shotgun Guard we
               passed earlier on our way down to the Docks. He'll be to your left
               and down on the ground, patrolling his little pathway. If you think
               he didn't like you before, he REALLY doesn't like you on the roof,
               even if you're a VIP Guard. Make sure he doesn't spot you up here.
               Head through the first available window you see on your right and
               you'll wind up in the Don's private quarters, where he'll either be:
               A. Playing his cello.
               B. In the other room out on the balcony.
                 If you see the Cello on its stand, he's in the other room. Check
               your Map and wait until he starts heading back into your room to
               play some more. You could go into the other room, but then you'd
               risk the chance that he'd be heading back and spot you. I'm not sure
               whether the VIP Guard disguise would keep him from freaking out or
               not, because I've never taken that chance. Someone e-mail me and let
               me know as far as that one goes. ANYWAY, you could alternately wait
               for him to stop playing and head back to the other room to the
               balcony, where you could sneak up behind him and use your R Trigger
               to push him out the window, which is a fun option.
                 Once he gets settled in and begins playing, sneak up behind him
               and either Poison him with your Needle or Strangle him with your
               Fiber Wire. You can also use this opportunity to grab his Snub Nosed
               Pistol for your Weapons Collection.
        03.04. 47, The Unholy Ghost
                 After doing the Don in, go back towards the window you climbed in,
               but instead of heading back out, turn completely around and Pick the
               Lock on the door behind you. The VIP Guards in the hallway have
               absolutely no problem with you LEAVING the Don's private quarters,
               but man, don't let them catch you Picking the Lock to get in.
                 Once you open the door, head West and down the stairs on your
               right. At the foot of the stairs is the entrance to the Mansion.
               Turn and go South, then East down the hallway directly underneath
               where you just were on the second floor. Open the door at the end of
               the hallway, then turn to your left and open another door on the
               same wall as the one you just entered. This next room should contain
               a winding staircase with shiny gold wallpaper. It takes you down to
               the cocaine lab near the Elevator you'll want to use to get back to
               the Hangar. At the bottom of the stairs, exit through the door and
               go South for that Elevator.
                 Take it down and run over to the unconscious VIP Guard to regain
               your Suit. Keep heading East and wind around with the Dock, running
               past the sleeping VIP Guard to the Sea Plane until the option to
               Escape pops up in your Contextual Button Display.
               MISSION COMPLETE
    = 03.04. Curtains Down ( =CURTAINS= ) =
    01. Briefing:
        Hello, 47. We've got some business at the Paris Opera. There are two
        targets: The famous tenor, and Richard Delahunt, the American Ambassador to
        the Vatican. Our client claims they're behind a prostitution ring
        trafficking in boys and girls from Eastern Europe. Tosca is still in
        rehearsal, so there's plenty of activity at the operahouse and you
        shouldn't be too conspicuous. Ambassador Delahunt watches most rehearsals
        from his box. He travels with an armed escort, but there shouldn't be any
        other security to speak of. You'll get some cover from the construction
        crew renovating the theatre for the new season. We've also left you a
        pick-up in the cloak room. In the third act of Tosca, the tenor faces a
        firing squad. That scene may provide a useful opportunity. It's a
        straightforward assignment, 47, but the Agency's been having some problems
        in Paris. Use extreme caution.
    02. Intel: 
        1. The content of toolboxes will not be searched when you are frisked.
        2. There is a lift shaft from the backstage area to the stage. It is
           closely observed and only actors are permitted.
        3. Lead Actors go to their private rooms to rehearse during breaks.
        4. The large chandelier is attached with bolts to the floor of the attic.
        5. Only actors are allowed on stage.
        6. Light Technicians have keycard to Light Control Room.
        7. There  is a light rack above the stage that might prove useful.
        8. The prop gun used for the execution in the opera is an exact replica of
           a real World War 1 pistol.
    03. Objectives:
        01. Kill Alvaro D'Alvade
            The Italian singer lives and breathes opera, and he has a reputation of
            never being satisfied with his fellow actors. Alvaro strives for
            perfection in all things, but his single minded dedication to his art
            has left him with serious flaws. His temper often gets the best of him
            and he has developed an addiction to sex with juveniles of both sexes.
            He has an avid fan in the US Ambassador Richard Delahunt, and lately
            the two have become almost inseparable.
        02. Kill Richard Delahunt
            Richard Delahunt is a man living on borrowed time. He is constantly
            surrounded by US bodyguards in tuxes and equipped with guns and
            earpieces. Allegedly involved in child prostitution he has created a
            lot of enemies, and he knows it. Presently, he spends most of his time
            watching his now only trusted friend Alvaro D'Alvade rehearse as the
            lead tenor role in Puccini's Tosca, soon to premiere at the Paris
            Opera. The Ambassador spends every spare moment attending these
            rehearsals, watching Alvaro D'Alvade's every move from his lodge, with
            a sordid fascination bordering on obsession.
        03. Escape Opera
            Escape the opera.
    04. Walkthrough: 
        03.01. 47 Gets A Worker
        03.02. D'Alvaro Gets The Shaft
        03.03. Delahunt Gets The Chandelier
    = 03.05. Flatline ( =FLATLINE= ) =
    01. Briefing:
        It's good to have you back, 47. I'm glad to hear you're fully recovered.
        Your next assignment's in Northern California. Three mobsters have been
        checked into a rehab clinic for alcoholics. One of them plans to turn
        state's witness as soon as he's discharged. Our client wants to avoid that
        but we don't know which of the three is the target. An undercover agent
        placed at the clinic to find out hasn't been heard from in a few days. The
        clinic will only discharge patients if they're sober or dead. The agent
        who's in there is apparently being kept drunk for unknown reasons, so
        you'll have to kill him to get him out--but we need him alive. We're
        giving you an experimental serum that'll give him the appearance of being
        dead, along with the antidote to bring him back once you're out.
        Something's very wrong at this clinic, 47. Keep your eyes open.
    02. Intel:
        1. Admission papers are required to check-in. Future patients often wait in
           the park outside.
        2. Troublesome patients are often confined to the medical wing.
        3. The brochure lists some interesting facilities such as a library, a
           gymnasium and a large spa area.
        4. Therapists occasionally get contacted for private sessions.
        5. Some guests hide stashes of alcohol in quiet places. Let's hope they
           don't get alcohol poisoning.
        6. Weight lifting can be fatal.
        7. Some guests cheat on the spa's strict diet by smuggling camping stoves
           into their rooms. Sounds dangerous!
        8. Deceased patients are taken straight from the medical wing to the
    03. Objectives:
        01. Find Agent
            Find CIA Agent
        02. Kill Carmine Desalvo
            A notorious smuggler of illegal arms from Central America. Being under
            constant scrutiny by different domestic intelligence services as a
            prime suspect in the ongoing investigations around, he was somewhat
            hampered in his efforts to contact other prospective clients. As a
            result he became a little jittery and developed a substance abuse and
            drinking problem, which is why he has been admitted to the remote
            Rehabilitation Center for treatment.
        03. Smuggle Out Agent
            Inject Smith with the experimental serum. This will drastically slow
            his heartbeat, giving the appearance that he is dead. Once he has been
            transferred to the morgue located near the entrance, revive him with
            the antidote.
        04. Escape
            Look for a way to escape
        05. Kill Rudy Menzana ( Optional )
            A long time organizer of the illegal aliens traffic across the Mexican
            border to the US. Rudy is just about a household name on both sides of
            the border when it comes to delivering drugs, weapons or 1
            dollar-per-hour manpower. But with dwindling goodwill from his good
            fellows and a huge price on his head, his days are numbered and he
            knows it. Undergoing treatment in the clinic is more or less a last
            ditch attempt at hiding from the growing number of bounty hunters.
            Ironically, in here he's developed a dependency on alcohol to escape
            the horror in his head.
        06. Kill Lorenzo Lombardo ( Optional )
            Ultimately, he was known as "the Brain & Bankroll" in the circuit. He
            became a strategic master planner and a multimillionaire gambler. He's
            been accused - but never convicted - of such crimes as: Hijacking,
            mayhem, bootlegging, white slavery, narcotics trafficking, rape,
            burglary, bookmarking & fixing sporting events, numbers racket,
            extortion and numerous murders. Lombardo knows his time is limited -
            soon some sort of forensic evidence will connect him with one of these
            crimes. He has planned his departure from the US, but first, he has to
            undergo some preliminary tests at the Rehabilitation clinic.
    04. Walkthrough: 
    = 03.06. A New Life ( =NEWLIFE= ) =
    01. Briefing:
        We're sending you down to the other end of the state, 47. The target's a
        gangster by the name of Vinnie Sinistra. He's in a witness protection
        program pending a court appearance later this month. Our client wants to
        be sure Sinistra doesn't make it to the witness box. Sinistra's also got
        some hard evidence that can't be allowed to see the light of day. Our
        client thinks it may be on a bit of microfilm, ensure that you retrieve
        it. Sinistra is extremely unstable and hasn't taken well to suburban life.
        They're having a birthday party for the youngest child on Sunday, and this
        may give you the angle you need to get in. The house is being monitored
        and protected by the feds, so extreme discretion is required. Tread
        lightly, 47.
    02. Intel:
        1. Garbage trucks can dispose of all kinds of waste.
        2. The surveillance team have an unhealthy appetite for donuts.
        3. Vinnie has complained about the neighbor's son taking pot shots into the
           garden with an airgun.
        4. Vinnie lives close to a veterinary surgeon. Sometimes a vet needs to
           tranquilize wild animals!
        5. Rumor has it that Vinnies' wife flirts with hired staff. But Vinnie
           trusts her completely.
        6. Some field agents are too nosy in teenage girls' rooms.
        7. A barbeque is being prepared for the party. Be careful with flammable
        8. Vinnie just bought a very expensive and unusual necklace for his wife.
    03. Objectives:
        01. Kill Vinnie Sinistra
            A former Cuban crimelord, Vinnie has admitted his involvement in
            several high profile killings on US turf. He has agreed to a plea
            bargain that ironically has gotten him into the federal witness
            protection program. Vinnie, who was once the carefree goodfella
            thinking he was untouchable, is now eaten up by paranoia and boredom as
            a result of being locked up in a cage.
        02. Retrive Microfilm
            Retrieve the microfilm concealed in a piece of jewellery.
        03. Escape Suburbs
            Escape suburb.
    04. Walkthrough: 
    = 03.07. The Murder Of Crows ( =CROWS= ) =
    01. Briefing:
        Hello, 47. The American Secretary of the Interior is being targeted for
        assassination at today's Mardi Gras parade. We're not sure who's behind
        the hit, but our client wants you to prevent it by taking out the would-be
        assassins. There are three. The leader is Mark Purayah, Jr. His associates
        are Raymond Kulinsky and Angelina Mason. Kulinsky's a former world-class
        biathlete, so he's probably the trigger man. Mason is probably just recon
        and support. They're romantically involved and mentally unstable, so expect
        a violent reaction if either of them learns the other is dead. Their
        whereabouts are a mystery but we've identified the payment on its way to
        them. The money should lead you straight to them. There'll obviously be a
        lot of civilians in the mix on this one, and a high-profile hit like this
        is bound to have back-up units on the side, so you'll have to be even more
        discreet than usual.
    02. Intel:
        1. Walkie Talkies transmit everything - even background music, which could
           reveal someone's location.
        2. Clubs usually have a back entrance for the staff
        3. Bookstore walls are like paper - you can overhear what's going on next
        4. Clubs in this area are known for having hat-dress codes and music
        5. Some private apartments have a useful view.
        6. Pianos can kill - especially when they are dropped from the sky.
        7. A guy dressed as a yellow bird checked into a hotel room a couple of
           hours ago.
    03. Objectives:
    04. Walkthrough: 
    = 03.08. You Better Watch Out... ( =WATCHOUT= ) =
    01. Briefing: 
    02. Intel: 
    03. Objectives:
    04. Walkthrough: 
    = 03.09. Death On The Mississippi ( =OLMISS= ) =
    01. Briefing:
        Welcome to Mississippi, 47. A local gang known as the Gators handle the
        distribution of drugs up and down the Mississippi. The Gators move their
        merchandise on a tourist riverboat. Our client wants you to shut them down.
        Your job is to eliminate the six Gator crew members and their boss. The
        client also wants any documents you find in the boss's safe, which is
        somewhere on the upper deck. The Gators stay in their private area on the
        top two decks of the ship. Access to that area is limited. We have no other
        information. Keep up the good work, 47.
    02. Intel: 
    03. Objectives:
    04. Walkthrough: 
    = 03.10. ...Till Death Do Us Part ( =PART= ) =
    01. Briefing:
        Hello, 47. One more assignment from our Mississippi client. Margaux LeBlanc
        has married the leader of the Blueclaws. They were just married in a civil
        ceremony but they'll be having a private ceremony for friends and family to
        celebrate. Your targets are the groom and the father of the bride. The
        bride herself is absolutely off-limits. We ought to be able to get you back
        to civilization after this one.
    02. Intel: 
        1. Guns and shooting in outdoor areas don't make Rednecks panic.
        2. The water is home to alligators.
        3. The Priest rings the Wedding Bell to announce the ceremony.
        4. The Father's recently deceased brother is buried at the family
        5. The Groom can't keep himself away from the whipped cream on the wedding
    03. Objectives:
        01. Kill The Groom
        02. Kill The Bride's Father
        03. Ensure The Bride's Safety
        04. Escape
    04. Walkthrough:
        You can pretty much score Silent Assassin in about three and a half minutes
        with relative ease on this one. If you're fast enough taking out the drunk
        party guest, then everything else falls conveniently in place. Since this
        is one of the later contracts in the game - damn well near the end -  you
        would think that it would be a touch harder than what it is, but no. It's
        04.01. Party Invitation
               When you start, 
        04.02. The Cake
        04.03. Pappa LeBlanc
    = 03.11. A House Of Cards ( =CARDS= ) =
    01. Briefing:
        Welcome to Las Vegas, 47. There's a white supremacist from South Africa,
        his name is Hendrik Schmutz, who is trying to sell some DNA material and
        lab reports to the wealthy Saudi sheikh Muhammad bin Faisal Al-Khalifa. The
        sheikh is working for someone else, but we're not sure who. Our client
        wants to force them into the open by disrupting the deal. You've got three
        targets: the Afrikaaner, the sheikh, and the sheikh's scientist, who'll be
        there to verify the material. We've been losing a lot of agents lately, 47.
        Any mission could be a set-up at this point.
    02. Intel:
        1. It would be wise to check in at the reception as one of the first things
           you do at the Casino.
        2. Security is very tight in high profile casinos, so staff have keycards
           which only provide access to the floors they work on.
        3. As requested, we have left an Agency Pickup in your hotel room, #701.
        4. The casinos have strict fire-safety procedures. Easily accessible fire
           alarms are located on the top floors.
        5. It's important to find good vantage points. Room balconies may provide
        6. The VIP Lounge has been reserved all day by the Sheikh - only waiters
           are allowed in this area.
        7. There is no cell phone coverage inside the casino to prevent cheating.
           Anyone receiving a call has to step outside.
        8. The items used in the trade are carried around in an ordinary looking
           suitcase so they don't catch too much attention.
    03. Objectives:
        01. Kill Sheikh Al-Khalifa
            Saudi Sheikh and CEO of Arabian Pharmaceutical Exports, a corporation
            suspected of manufacturing and exporting illegal biological agents. The
            Sheikh will arrive at the Shamal Hotel tonight. He intends to purchase
            DNA specimens from a private dealer.
        02. Kill the scientist
            The brains behind APRIX, an eccentric and reclusive scientist. Prefers
            to live and work in isolation. Compulsive about the integrity of his
            work. On hand to confirm the authenticity of the DNA specimens being
            purchased by his employer, Sheikh Al-Khalifa.
        03. Kill Hendrik Schmutz
            South African white supremacist. Arrived yesterday at the Shamal Hotel.
            Intends to sell DNA specimens and research papers to Sheikh Al-Khalifa.
            Keeps the specimens and papers in a suitcase in his hotel suite. Has
            arranged a meeting with the Sheikh later this evening.
        04. Escape
            Use the fire exit to escape through the back alley.
        05. Steal Diamonds ( Optional )
            A black suitcase containing a number of untraceable blood diamonds will
            change hands at the Shamal.
    04. Walkthrough: 
    = 03.12. A Dance With The Devil ( =DANCE= ) =
    01. Briefing:
        It's over, 47. I'm closing shop on this end. This will be your last
        assignment. There are two targets. Vaana Ketlyn, a former Romanian circus
        performer who's now a big player in the global gray market, and a CIA
        operative who's been playing both sides of the fence. Ketlyn's hosting a
        masquerade party at the Shark Club, in Vegas, and the CIA op'll be there to
        close the deal. Even if this job isn't a set-up, your presence will almost
        definitely be expected. You're our only surviving agent, 47. Find out
        whoever it is that's been coming after us. Eliminate both targets--and
        anyone that targets you--and exit in the vehicle I'll have ready for you in
        the parking garage. You've been a very effective agent. It's been pleasant
        to work with you. I hope the future is kind to you.
    02. Intel:
        1. Trailers arrived earlier with decoration for the parties.
        2. Information about who is trying to kill you might be found on a laptop
           on the top floor.
        3. Don't go for a swim in the shark tanks at the Hell Party.
        4. Be careful when playing with pyrotechnics - they could kill someone.
        5. Bartenders are usually well informed.
        6. Look out for the singer at the heaven party. Looks can be deceiving.
        7. The devil is never to be trusted.
        8. There is a food elevator which might be used to transport more than just
    03. Objectives:
        01. Kill Anthony Martinez
            Anthony Martinez used to be one of the good guys. But his penchant for
            fast cars and fancy nightclubs left him cavorting with the wrong
            company. At some point, an offer just turned up that was too tempting
            and now he's neck-deep into arms smuggling. As an added bonus he and
            Vaana have found a mutual interest that runs deeper than running guns.
        02. Kill Vaana Ketlyn
            Vaana is a female of great renown in the Nevada desert area. At the age
            of 35, she has established an empire in her own right and she has a
            flair for the dramatic. She's also an adept Escrima-style swordfighter.
            She earns a pretty penny on arms deals, which help finance her high
            standard of living. Lately she has taken a liking to a certain
            less-than-straight CIA agent.
        03. Retrieve Information
            Retrieve information from laptop about who is targeting you.
        04. Kill Eve
            According to Eve's file, she likens herself to a spider. Luring her
            target into her web, from where she will move in for the kill...
        05. Kill Maynard John
            According to his file, Maynard is an efficient killer, although his
            flair for the theatrical sometimes makes his job more complicated than
            it has to be.
        06. Escape
            Use the escape vehicle in the garage to get out of Vegas.
    04. Walkthrough: 
    = 03.13. Amendment XXV ( =XXV= ) =
    01. Briefing:
        Listen up, 47. The President of the United States is about to be
        assassinated. You'd expect the CIA, FBI, or Secret Service to prevent the
        assassination, but we can't rely on them. We can't rely on them because the
        man behind this assassination is the acting Vice President. The same
        shadowy group that got him appointed to the Vice Presidency wants to put
        him into the Oval Office. They've got pull at every domestic agency. The
        assassins are probably already in position. In the White House. Unless you
        can stop them, the President will almost certainly be assassinated as soon
        as he returns from Los Angeles. Your targets are the notorious Mark
        Parchezzi III and the Vice President himself.
    02. Intel:
    03. Objectives:
        01. Kill Mark Parchezzi III
            Mark Parchezzi III is the head of The Crows - a moniker for the cloned
            assassins created by The Franchise, a subdivision of Alpha Zerox, the
            shadow government organisation. He is by far the most complete
            specimen, and close to perfect. He has extraordinary physical powers,
            but at an expense - he is haunted by his own mortality, and has a
            personal interest in uncovering the secret behind a successful cloning
            process. In the process he must eliminate the renowned Agency and their
            legendary ace assassin Agent 47. He's an expert assassin and master of
            disguises, blending in like a chameleon to carry out subversive
            operations. He speaks with a deep voice, very calm and calculating.
        02. Kill The Vice President
            Daniel Morris is sick and tired of his position under the 1st lady. He
            is now interim Vice President after the previous Vice President's
        03. Escape
            Escape the White House via the gate in the parking lot.
    04. Walkthrough:
    = 03.14. Requiem ( =REQUIEM= ) =
    01. Briefing:
        There's no real briefing for Requiem. You basically kick ass and take
        names. Here's a condensed version for you, if you really, reeeeaaally need
        a briefing for this level:
        Hello, 47. Seems I didn't stab you in the back after all. I merely gave you
        the death serum you used earlier on Agent Smith so you can wake up and kick
        ass. I seem to remember you calling me a "bitch" when I stuck you with the
        serum that saved your life. Thanks for the supreme display of gratitude,
        a-hole. Looks like you really put your foot in your mouth on that one. Oh,
        and by the way, I could have easily taken that job in The Franchise, so
        yeah, you're welcome.
    02. Intel:
        There's no Intel either, so I'll give you a few friendly pointers:
        1. Guards do much less damage to you WHEN THEY'RE DEAD.
        2. You look DAMN good in white.
        3. I like cheese.
        4. The capitol of Nebraska is Lincoln.
        5. When you shoot people in the head, they like, die and stuff.
        6. There are a lot of Guards on this level.
        7. 47 doesn't take very good care of birds.
        8. This Funeral Home is friggin' weird.
    03. Objectives:
        Since there's no Objectives either, I'll make a few up myself:
        1. Kill everyone
        2. Escape
        3. Make a tuna sandwich on Pumpernickel Rye
    04. Walkthrough
          When you start this level, the credits will begin to roll while you look
        down at 47's immaculately dressed corpse as they prepare him for cremation.
        It seems this is the end! 47 bit the dust and The Franchise won all because
        of Diana's betrayal!
        Enjoy the credits.
          BUT NO! If you wiggle the L Stick around, 47 will regain consciousness
        from Diana's antidote-laced final kiss! Now, first and foremost, the best
        advice I can give you is to secure a Human Shield as quickly as possible,
        and try as hard as you can to keep your back against a wall! Your best bet
        is to wait just a little for the priest to come around to your side and
        turn away from you. This buys you plenty of time to start picking off the
        numerous Guards. As soon as the first major wave of Guards is down and
        dead, head for the main gate, where the last few stragglers are residing.
          Now, you have to kill off every single living entity on this level to end
        it, so take your time, head over to the mausoleum in the lower left corner
        of the map where you can find plenty of fun toys to finish off this last
        batch of victims. There's Hedge Clippers, a Shovel, a Hammer and all KINDS
        of fun things just waiting for you. Be creative, and enjoy the reprise of
        "Ava Maria" that starts playing as soon as you near the end.
          OK, FOR REAL this time, enjoy the credits. Did you know that the song
        that plays during the real ending credits is from a band called Swan Lee,
        and it was a proposed song for the James Bond film, "Tomorrow Never Dies"?
        You can also hear Eve butcher the hell out of it Karaoke style in A Dance
        With The Devil. Too bad Sheryl Crow got the theme song, and KD Lang got the
        end credits. This version was really cool, and would have been a great
        addition to the 007 franchise. At least it gets a second life in Blood
    = 04. Xbox 360 Achievements ( =360= ) =
      Here's a list of attainable Achievements for all of you Xbox 360 players,
    including the "Secret" Achievements!
    1st Mission Complete [25]: "Death of a Show Man" completed on any Difficulty.
    Rookie Mode Complete [25]: Completed Rookie Difficulty.
    Normal Mode Complete [50]: Completed Normal Difficulty.
    Expert Mode Complete [75]: Completed Expert Difficulty.
    Professional Mode Complete [150]: Completed Professional Difficulty.
    Silent Assassin [25]: A Silent Assassin Rating has been awarded.
    5 Normal Silent Assassins [25]: 5 Silent Assassin Ratings awarded on the Normal
    5 Expert Silent Assassins [50]: 5 Silent Assassin Ratings awarded on the Expert
    5 Professional Silent Assassins [100]: 5 Silent Assassin Ratings awarded on the
                                           Professional Difficulty.
    Fully Customized Silverballers [25]: All custom Silverballer components
    Fully Customized SP12 Shotgun [25]: All custom Shotgun components purchased.
    Fully Customized SMG Tactical [25]: All custom SMG Tactical components
    Fully Customized M4 [25]: All custom M4 components purchased.
    Fully Customized W2000 Sniper [25]: All custom W2000 components purchased.
    All Firearms Collected [100]: All firearms collected and displayed in Hideout.
    Tier 2 Kruger Schmidt [5]: Tier 2 of the Kruger Schmidt upgrade shop unlocked.
    Tier 3 Kruger Schmidt [15]: Tier 3 of the Kruger Schmidt upgrade shop unlocked.
    Tier 4 Kruger Schmidt [20]: Tier 4 of the Kruger Schmidt upgrade shop unlocked.
    47 Kills In A Mission [20]: A mission has been completed with precisely 47
    Special Rating [50]: A Special Rating has been awarded.
    Redemption [50]: You can't keep a good man down.
    Notorious [20]: 47 is the world's most wanted.
    Accidents Do Happen [20]: A successful accident kill has been performed.
    High Roller [50]: $5,000,000 have been accumulated.
    = 05. FAQ History ( =HISTORY= ) =
    06-21-06: Started the FAQ. Added the Introduction, layouts for the
              Walkthroughs, half of The Manual, Xbox 360 Achievements, FAQ History
              and Thanks List sections.
    07-07-06: Planning on sending in the first draft to GameFAQs. Had to take a
              brief haitus for a bit due to a heavy workload over the 4th Of July
              holiday festivities.
    = 06. Thank List ( =THANKS= ) =
    - People who have contributed to this FAQ! Thanks!
    - IO Interactive and Eidos for creating yet another superb title in the Hitman
      series! I look forward to MANY MORE!
    - Hitman Forums ( http://www.hitmanforums.com/ ) for the endless strategy
      discussions and just an overall great place to hang out online - Be sure to
      check this place out OFTEN! If there's anything new going on in the world of
      Hitman, AND I DO MEAN ANYTHING, this place will have it first!
    - GameFAQS ( http://www.gamefaqs.com/ ) for an awesome FREE online gaming
    - DeGraeve.com ( http://www.degraeve.com/gif2txt.shtml ) for the GIF2TXT ASCII
      Art creator used in this guide. I can't say enough about this free online

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