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    FAQ/Walkthrough by adagio_kc

    Version: 2.1 | Updated: 01/12/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    MMMMM  ...:=++===:,,,,,::~~~======+I7$ZOZ$$ZZOZ$I??=,...OMMMMMMMM   ##@####
    MMMMM.....~=++++++=~~~:~~==++++++I7$$$$$$ZZO88OO$$I+,...$MZ,=MMMM   ##   $#
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    MMM::+....~+?III777777777777$$$ZZOOOZZ$$ZOOO8OOZ$??I~,+ODONO$7MMM     ##
    MMM,,:....:=??IIIII77777$$$ZZZ$$$$$ZZZOZZZZZZZZZI~=~~,~$ZD88$IMMM     ##
    MMM+~~....:???????II777777777$7$$ZOOZZ$$$$$$$$$$7,::~,,+ZD8D8?MMM     $#
    MMM8,,:...:++?II7$$$$$$$$$$$$ZZZOOZ$7777$$$$$$77$:,:~,,:$D8D7+MMM     ##
    MMMM,?=...:~=++??I7$ZZOOO88OZ$$77I77I777$$$$$7$$$,:,:..,IDD??$MMM     ##
    MMMMM8,:..+???+++?777777777777777ZOOOZ$$ODNNNNMMN8$$~...?8D7?MMMM  ##%#####
    MMMMMM.:,.$OOOZ$$77$$ZZ$$$$$$$$$Z8DDDDNNNMMMMMMMND8O?,..?D8$ZMMMM     ##
    MMMMMMMMMN..=+?+??I77777I???:=IZD88DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD8Z==?,~MMMMMMM  ##    ##
    MMMMMMMMMM:.:???IIIIIIII?I??~=IZ88888888OO88DDNNDDD8$I7I:.MMMMMMM  #&#  ###
    MMMMMMMMMM8.,?777777IIII????==IZO8888OOOOOO88DNNNDD8ZO8$:.MMMMMMM  #####M##
    =++=++=~+ODN+......+,,.,,=78NMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMNDD8888OOZ8MMMNNN  M O N E Y
                            Author: Kevin Chen (adagio_kc)
                            Completed: July 29, 2006
                            Revised: January 12, 2007
                            Version: 2.1
                  ===================== Contents ==================
                  1. General Information.................... [1.00]
                       1. Introduction...................... [1.01]
                       2. Legal mumbo jumbo................. [1.02]
                       3. How to send in submissions........ [1.03]          
                  2. Walkthrough............................ [2.00]
                       1. Death of a Showman................ [2.01]
                       2. A Vintage Year.................... [2.02]
                       3. Curtains Down..................... [2.03]
                       4. Flatline.......................... [2.04]
                       5. A New Life........................ [2.05]
                       6. The Murder of Crows............... [2.06]
                       7. You Better Watch Out.............. [2.07]
                       8. Death on the Mississippi.......... [2.08]
                       9. Till Death Do Us Part............. [2.09]
                      10. A House of Cards.................. [2.10]
                      11. A Dance With the Devil............ [2.11]
                      12. Amendment XXV..................... [2.12]
                      13. Requiem........................... [2.13]           
                  3. Game Mechanics......................... [3.00]
                       1. Controls.......................... [3.01]
                       2. Heads-up display.................. [3.02]
                       3. Rankings.......................... [3.03]
                  4. Version History........................ [4.00]
                  5. Special Thanks To...................... [5.00]
    [1.00]                         GENERAL INFORMATION
    ===| INTRODUCTION |==================================================== [1.01]
    Welcome! This is a walkthrough for each of the missions in the game, as well
    as a FAQ of sorts. Most of the strategies contained will be focused on
    achieving the Silent Assassin rank (there will also be strategies included
    that won't net you the Silent Assassin rating), and all will make sure you
    leave each level with your suit intact so that you can avoid the "Suit
    Retrieval" penalty. In addition, the guide will show you how to complete each
    mission so that you don't necessarily have to bring any extra equipment.
    I've tried to include quite a few strategies to go about each mission, but by
    no means have I exhausted all of the possibilities. In that light, I encourage
    you to experiment and discover new methods for yourself. If you have any
    strategies you'd like to share or if you've found an error in the guide, feel
    free to let me know via e-mail (I reserve the right to edit contributions for
    grammar and clarity).
    Update 1/10/07: Thanks for bearing with me during the previous period of no
    updates. I've added a considerable amount of material to this guide - I hope
    it can be useful to you somehow.
    ===| LEGAL MUMBO JUMBO |=============================================== [1.02]
    Due to touchy copyright issues, this guide may ONLY by hosted on the following
    websites at the time of this update (I give permission to these sites to host
    this document):
    [The most recent version will ALWAYS be at GameFAQs.com first]
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    If you wish to host this guide on your website, please notify me first via
    e-mail and wait for me to add your site **to this particular document** before
    posting it.
    If my guide is hosted in any source to which I have not given advance written
    permission on this particular document, I MAY send one message attempting to
    sort out the situation (do not count on this). If I do not receive a prompt
    reply with acceptable reasons ("acceptable reasons" determined based on my
    This document Copyright (c) 2006-2007 Kevin Chen, the author. All rights
    This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
    distributed publicly without advance written permission on this document. Use
    of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is
    strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    [Thanks to GameFAQs.com for the fear-inducing words in the two paragraphs
    above - they are from the copyright section of GameFAQs.com's Help section.]
    And just because it's so easy to be paranoid, I'm going to add this:
    If you use this guide in any manner, shape, or form, you agree to not hold
    the author, Kevin Chen, liable for any events that may result from its use,
    and you agree not to sue the author, Kevin Chen. 
    ===| HOW TO SEND IN SUBMISSIONS |====================================== [1.03]
    If you'd like to contact me regarding this walkthrough, here's how to do it:
    1] If you've discovered a new, interesting method of completing a certain
       objective and would like to send it in, double-check quickly that the
       method you're thinking of isn't already included in the GameFAQs.com
       version of this walkthrough. If you want to send in something else, you can
       go directly to Step 2.
          a] On a side note, killing someone in plain sight and having a whole
             bunch of guards chasing after you doesn't count as a "method" (though
             it's fun, I have to say).
    2] Spam is all over the place, so a tidy "Hitman: Blood Money" in your subject
       header will help me find your message.
    3] Relate your info as clearly and logically as you can, then fire away with 
       that "Send" button to adagio.kc[at]gmail[dot]com.
          a] Try your best to help me duplicate your results exactly. If I can't
             find Object X or can't get to Location Y, I can't include the method
             in this guide.
    4] Please be patient as I test the various strategies I receive and place them
       in the walkthrough. This process takes more time than one would think, so
       bear with me as I proceed with business as usual.
          a] If, say, I forgot to add your name to the "Special Thanks To" list,
             or if there's something you want changed in your submission, chances
             are that I simply made a mistake - don't sweat it. Just drop me a
             line and I'll fix whatever needs to be fixed. 
    And now, without further ado...
    [2.00]                            WALKTHROUGH
    [2.01]                   TUTORIAL: DEATH OF A SHOWMAN
    Welcome to your first romp into the world of Hitman: Blood Money - a romp
    which happens to be an extremely thorough tutorial. Since the level is very
    linear, you'll have a straightforward mission on your hands.
    This is one of the few missions in the game where you don't have to feel
    guilty about firing a few shots. Go ahead and unload a clip or two - your
    performance won't be ranked on this level.
    OBJECTIVES: [N/A - Kill the Swing King] 
    INTEL: [N/A]                            
    Follow the dock, and climb onto the walkway and onto the Pier. Head straight
    until you reach the gate, then watch the cut-scene as 47 takes care of the
    guard on duty. Enter the Gift Shop on the left side, and walk through it until
    you see two guards talking to each other.
    Now look to your right. See that open window, where there's a picture of a
    target? Chuck a coin straight out the window. Once the guards leave their
    posts to inspect the sound, head out the door and walk to the green double
    doors into the Theater.
    Straight ahead, you'll see a gangster torturing a man. Sneak up behind the
    gangster and fiber wire him, then take his gun. Do whatever you want to the
    blindfolded man (or you could be saintly and save him from further torture by 
    just walking away), and then head over to the right, where there's something
    that looks like a red gate. Climb up to the second floor, and jump straight to
    the other side.
    Brace yourself for your first firefight, pick the lock of the door ahead, and
    kill both of the guards in the next room with the pistol you just picked up.
    Then hide their bodies in the nearby containers. Now, hide in the closet and
    wait for a while - somebody in a white lab coat will come rushing in.
    ---> Method 1
    Exit the closet and shoot him.
    ---> Method 2
    Exit the closet, sneak behind him, and fiber wire him.
    ---> Method 3
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "Exit the closet, [remove the kitchen knife from the cabinet], and throw the
    knife at him."
    A very satisfying method (if you forgot, you can throw the knife by holding 
    and then releasing the L3 button). You can take your time with this - he's 
    not going anywhere.
    ===>>> Whichever method you choose:
    Take his clothes and keycard, and leave the room through the double doors.
    Use your new keycard to open the door ahead. Now continue along the walkway,
    past the guard, and through the doors on the left-hand side. Put your pistol
    into the green crate on the floor, pick up the crate, and leave the room. Keep
    walking in the direction you were previously going until you reach a guard.
    Let him search you, then enter through the double doors.
    Put down the crate, and take out the pistol. Walk forward into the opening up
    ahead, and you'll now be on top of an elevator. Take out your fiber wire, and
    stand near the opening of the elevator, where there's a guard standing
    underneath. You should see a command called "Strangle" - press it. (By the
    way, it's a good idea to remember this command, as it will come in handy
    later on in the game.)
    Drop down into the elevator, then break the utility box up ahead. The room 
    will turn dark, so sneak straight through the factory (don't worry about the
    guards) and into the bathroom. 
    You'll see a gangster taking a leak. With your pistol equipped, go up behind
    him and press the X button to use him as a shield. Kill all the gangsters in
    the next area, then knock out the gangster you've taken hostage. Climb up the
    ladder, and pick up the rifle suitcase in front of you. Remove the rifle from
    the case, and take a peek out the circular window.
    The first guard will be walking around outside at ground level. The second one
    is standing on a far away roof (you should see him from a distance the moment
    you look out of the window). The third one is standing on the Ferris wheel to
    the right-hand side. Once you've disposed of all three guards, leave the small
    room and make an immediate right. Walk out of the door and climb down the
    drainpipe to the left.
    After you get to ground level, continue along the building to the double doors
    with a sign above them that says "Office." Enter, and pick up the syringe in
    front of you. Walk up the stairs, and you'll see a guard on patrol. Wait until
    he's looking out the window, then quickly shove him out. Enter the office
    when the secretary isn't there, then use the syringe you just picked up to
    poison her drink. Hide in the closet, and you'll be able to see the secretary
    as she dies a painful death.
    Once the secretary is motionless on the floor, exit the closet and enter the
    Swing King's office. Watch the cut-scene, then eliminate your target with
    whichever method your heart desires.
    Climb out the window at the far side of the room. Pick up the RU-AP mine and
    detonator by the boxes, and continue along the walkway. Climb through the
    window at the end, and place a mine on the winch up ahead. Get out of range,
    then blow the bomb. If there are still any gangsters remaining below, clear
    them out. Escape through the exit. 
    Congratulations on completing the first mission of the game!
    [2.02]                    MISSION 01: A VINTAGE YEAR
    It's easier to go about the level with a disguise, but it is possible to
    finish all of your objectives without ever having to change out of your suit.
    I didn't give full specifics on how to do so, but it shouldn't be too
    difficult to formulate a strategy based on the methods here.
    There are two types of guards in this mission: the outdoor guards and the VIP
    guards. The outdoor guards are allowed everywhere except for the Hacienda and
    the secret area of the Wine Cellar. You don't absolutely need to get yourself
    a VIP guard suit, though.
    A Vintage Year introduces something unique to Hitman, which is the Intel
    system. You can receive additional information from the Agency for tips on
    making your mission an enjoyable one, but it'll cost you. Luckily, you can
    simply look up the Intel on this guide. Or...
    ** "Stevie W. from killie" writes: **
    "When you start a new mission, buy ALL the Intel and read it or write it down,
    whatever - this will cost you approximately $28,000. Then restart the mission.
    Hey, presto, [you have] all your cash back and you have a note of all the
    Cheating the system, eh? Sweet.
    OBJECTIVES: - Kill Don Fernando Delgado 
                - Kill Manuel Delgado 
                - Escape the Vineyard 
    INTEL: 1. The guided tour of the wine cellar might prove useful, especially
              when looking for potential death traps.
           2. We've heard that Manuel likes to entertain friends and enjoy the
              merchandise in the wine cellar.
           3. The entrance to the secret lab is hidden somewhere in the wine
           4. The insides are guarded by highly trained guards.
    Proceed eastward toward the Point of Interest that’s farthest to the right of
    your map, where there is a lone guard patrolling.  Sedate the guard and take
    his clothes.
    Then, climb from the nearby truck onto the roof.  Look for a hole towards the
    right side of the roof (but be careful not to be seen by anybody below, as
    they’ll start shooting if you expose yourself) and drop into the room below.
    Walk out of the room, and turn left towards the door that's tucked away at
    the corner of the Hacienda - but don’t go in it. Climb up the drain pipe onto
    the roof and climb through the open window.
    Look around. See that cello by the open window? Your target will be playing
    it soon.
    [If you take this method, skip down to "Kill Don Fernando Delgado."]
    Alternate disguise
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "At the start of the level run immediately to the right until you run past a 
    patrolling guard and into a door on your left. Run up the boxes and jump over 
    the other side. Make sure the guard ahead is asleep (which he almost always 
    is) and run to the door directly ahead of you. Check your map for the room 
    with an exclamation point (the Point of Interest that's nearest to you) and 
    (if you are on lower difficulty levels) a guard. Do not worry because the 
    guard is sleeping also. Sneak into that room and take [the VIP guard clothes 
    at the foot of the bed]. Easy disguise and no harm."
    A very smooth method, and one that will get you a very useful outfit. If you 
    took this disguise, just take the stairs up to get to the second floor of the
    Hacienda. [See "Kill Don Fernando Delgado" below.]
    Kill Don Fernando Delgado
    ---> Method 1
    Once the Don sits down to play the cello, sneak up behind him and kill him.
    You can throw his body over the balcony if you wish - it's entirely up to you.
    ---> Method 2
    You can also stand still and listen to your target's masterful cello playing
    for a while. Once he finishes, he'll walk into the next room. Follow him, and
    when he goes onto the balcony, give him a shove and he'll topple into the
    depths below. 
    Surprise, surprise, there's a guard in here, too. Luckily, he's sleeping, and
    you can sedate him if you want a VIP guard uniform (even though you don't need
    ---> Method 3 [Method beginning at start of level]
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "Bring your silenced W2000 Sniper rifle and immediately run to your right.
    There will be a guard in front of you who will patrol... eliminate him any way
    you see fit. (You can put his body into the bushes to be safe.) Run all the
    way to the end and if you look up you will see the Hacienda balconies. If you
    did this fast than your target will be there... but by the time you put
    together your W2000 he will have left. Either leave your rifle there and take
    care of the other target first or wait a while and he will come back. It is
    hard to see him but even a bullet in the leg should do the trick."
    Clean and effective.
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "Or if you do not want to wait bring another sniper rifle that goes to the ICA
    box. At the start RUN FAST to the ICA box. Don't worry about the guard - he
    won't get in the way. Grab the gun from the box and run to the little cove.
    Aim and you have about two to three seconds to fire depending on how fast you
    ran and cut corners."
    In my testing, I found that this is a bit more difficult to pull off (I used
    the M4), but it is still possible.
    ---> Method 4
    ** Allen M. [simple_wonder22] writes: **
    "Following your method of running past the guard patrolling on the right once
    you begin, you go into the door on your left and up the crates, down the
    wall, past the sleeping guard. Here is what I got.
    Instead of going into the door ahead of you, there is a drainage pipe to
    the left, and a balcony at the top, on the left side. Climb up the pipe and
    get into the room at the balcony. Use your map to watch for the guards to
    walk down the hall the other way, then go out, pick the lock and get into
    that room as quick as you can [first door to the right --Ed.], as the guards
    turn around. Once in that room you are safe until you have to get out of the
    building. Go into the middle room - there is a guard in here but not to worry,
    [as] he is asleep. [Get to where your target is,] and kill him however you
    please. To escape, go back the way you came in, use your map to watch for the
    guards, and once it is clear, make your escape."
    A quick and easy way to infiltrate the mansion and take out your first target.
    Kill Manuel Delgado
    After you've taken care of the Don, head over to the Wine Cellar.
    ---> Method 1
    Once you enter the Wine Cellar, straight ahead is an area where you can place
    a bomb. Do so once the guard on patrol isn't watching. Now wait for your
    target to walk under the barrels, then detonate the bomb to send him to his
    The only thing you have to be careful of is to not kill the guard once the
    bomb explodes - you can lure him away by throwing a coin at the door of the
    Wine Cellar.
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "Your target stops in this area two times: once entering the Wine Cellar and
    once exiting. Only detonate while he is leaving or the barrels will not kill
    ---> Method 2
    Walk all the way down the stairs, and wait near the door at the right-hand
    side. Once your target enters the room, follow him in. He'll stop at the
    table, and that's your opportunity to kill him. After you do so, quickly hide
    his body in the nearby container.
    This method is less foolproof, since a guard will usually be standing a few
    feet away from you as you take out Manuel. The risk of being caught will
    increase, but if you're quick, you can pull the hit off unscathed.
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "If your target is on his way out of the Wine Cellar he will exit this room
    through a side door unguarded. Sneak up behind him and syringe or wire him. It
    is hard to catch him without being seen so a silent bullet to the head is more
    Another technique is to stand in front of the door so when he tries to leave
    he walks right in front of you. When he does grab your poison syringe and
    press R1 very fast so it poisons him. The door may open but usually no one is
    Once Delgado's finished, drag his body to the container nearby and dump it in.
    The last two techniques are better ways to pull off this method, since the
    risk of you being seen is greatly reduced.
    Escape the vineyard
    Head back to where you sedated the guard at the beginning of the level and
    change back into your suit.
    ---> Method 1
    Go in the direction of the waterfall, then step off the path to the right.
    Looks like nothing but plants, right? But look around, and you'll see a very
    narrow path. Head down it to get to the Hangar.
    You should see a worker standing around by the water. Shove him in!
    Continue on to the elevator (but don't go up it). [See "Whichever method you
    choose" below]
    ---> Method 2
    This method takes a lot more work to pull off, and it's pretty unnecessary to
    boot. But it's fun if you're a stealth junkie or just want to test your
    Get to the Point of Interest that's farthest to the left of your map, making
    sure no guard sees you enter the area. Climb over the wall via the crates,
    and you'll now be in an area with a fountain and a guard who is sleeping.
    Stay where you are. Wait until a VIP guard exits the Hacienda and goes back
    in, then quickly go into the Hacienda.
    Right when you enter the Hacienda, enter the door to the left. There will be
    a guard walking with his back to you. Don't sedate him - instead, follow him
    at a distance. He will open the door at the very end of the hallway. Quickly
    enter the door at the left-hand side (where there's a Point of Interest). 
    After a while, the guard will go back the way he came. Once he's a safe
    distance away, exit the room you're in and enter the room that he was
    previously in. Enter the door straight ahead. 
    ---> Method 3
    This is a more unorthodox method, and it takes some good timing to get it
    Climb up the truck and onto the roof (yes, in your suit), and sneak over to
    the very left side of the roof. Make sure nobody can see you, then quickly
    drop down and enter the door to the left.
    --------> For Methods 2 and 3:
    You should end up in a dark storeroom. Now that you're in a safe area, take a
    look at your map. See the Stairs icon closest to where you are? You want to
    go through the door there and take that flight of stairs all the way down.
    Hold on, though - there's a guard patrolling that area, and you'll need to
    sedate him without him seeing you.
    The guard walks up and down the stairs continuously, so wait until you can
    nab him with his back to you. Then open the door and go wild with the 
    sedative. After you've sedated the guard, take the stairs down to the secret
    area of the Wine Cellar.
    Once you're in this area, take the elevator to the Hangar when no one can see
    ===>>> Whichever method you choose:
    Push the VIP guard that's taking a cigarette break into the water (be careful
    of the worker that takes the elevator down sometimes), and proceed all the
    way around the Hangar until you get to the plane (don't worry about the other
    guard - he's taking a nap). Press the Escape button, and pat yourself on the
    back: you're home free as a Silent Assassin.
    [2.03]                     MISSION 02: CURTAINS DOWN
    At first glance, this looks like a convoluted mission since there are so many
    floors. However, it's actually pretty easy to complete - just stick to the
    first floor and the attic and you'll be fine. 
    OBJECTIVES: - Kill Alvaro D'Alvade
                - Kill Richard Delahunt
                - Escape opera
    INTEL: 1. The content of toolboxes will not be searched when you are frisked.
           2. There is a lift shaft from the backstage area to the stage. It is
              closely observed and only actors are permitted.
           3. Lead Actors go to their private rooms to rehearse during breaks.
           4. The large chandelier is attached with bolts to the floor of the
           5. Only actors are allowed on stage.
           6. Light Technicians have keycard to Light Control Room.
           7. There is a light rack above the stage that might prove useful.
           8. The prop gun used for the execution in the opera is an exact replica
              of a real World War I pistol.
    ---> Disguise 1
    Once you enter the theater, turn left and head over to the guard at the booth.
    Talk to the guard on duty there to pick up the Real WWI Pistol, then enter the
    restroom at the right-hand side.
    Wait in the restroom until a worker starts using the urinal. Once the worker
    has his back to you, sedate him, take his clothes, and hide his body in the
    nearby container. Leave the restroom, pick up the toolbox on the ground, and
    place the pistol you just received in the toolbox.
    ---> Disguise 2
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "When you enter right in front of you will be a policeman with a tour group.
    Follow the tour and on the third floor the cop will stop for a break. Follow
    him [into the room] and sedate him. Grab his clothes and whatever you want out
    of the room."
    The little extra something about this method is that when you change into the
    guard's outfit, you can hear the tourists saying things like "Worst tour guide
    ever." They'll also follow you around for a little bit, but you can lose them
    if you run away quickly.
    Note: It does take a while until the tour group reaches the third floor, so
    you might consider taking Disguise 1 if you don't want to wait.
    There are a couple of ways to get yourself into the inner part of the theater.
    ---> Method 1
    Take the stairs down from the main area, and make a left. Continue down the
    hallway until you reach a door that's guarded by two guards. Let the guard
    frisk you, then proceed through the door and down the stairs. Walk through
    the next door.
    Make a left down the stairs, turn right, and head over to the set of double
    doors on the far side of the room. Then walk through the door that has a green
    sign above it.
    ---> Method 2
    Another way is to go down the stairs from the main area, make a right, then
    proceed down the hallway until you reach a worker in a white suit who's
    painting a door. Head through the opening, and walk through the door. Make a
    right down the stairs, then make an immediate right down the double doors.
    Walk through the door with a green sign above it.
    ---> Method 3
    You can also take the door to the left-hand side of where you received the
    WWI Pistol. Once you get to the bottom of the stairs, make a left and head
    through the double doors. 
    Look to the right. See that metallic door at the far side of the room? You
    need to pick its lock. But first, you'll need to turn off all the lights in
    the room so you're not seen. Once you're through, proceed through the next
    door. Continue all the way down the hall (ALL the way down) until you reach a
    dead end - take the door to the left that has a green sign above it.
    ===>>> Whichever method you choose:
    Maneuver your way through the area, and you'll eventually walk through a
    black curtain into a makeup room. Walk through the double doors straight
    ahead - you'll now be in the back area of the first floor.
    Setting up Richard Delahunt's assassination
    There are two ways to kill Richard Delahunt by having something drop on top
    of him.
    Proceed down the right side of the hallway until you get to a set of double
    doors at the left-hand side. Enter the next room, and head all the way up the
    ---> Set-up 1: If you want to kill him before he gets to the stage:
    Make your way around the scaffolding and through the door with the light
    above it. Straight ahead will be a winch. Wait for the worker to leave (or
    push him off the attic and send him to his doom), then plant the bomb.
    ---> Set-up 2: If you want to kill him on the stage:
    Look around the scaffolding for a place where you can plant a bomb, then
    plant when the worker in the area isn't watching.
    Kill Alvaro D'Alvade
    Make your way down the stairs where you came from and back out to the first
    floor. Right when you get out, enter the nearest door on the left. Hide in
    the closet, and wait for the actor to enter the room. He'll place his prop
    gun on the table. As soon as he leaves, exit the closet and replace the prop
    gun with the real gun you got from the receptionist at the beginning of the
    Make your way back to the main area of the theater, and change back into your
    suit in the restroom. Walk down the steps from the main area and through the
    double doors into the inner theater. Then watch from a distance as your target
    is shot... unfortunately for him, by a gun that isn't fake. [Skip down to
    "Kill Richard Delahunt."]
    Alternate method to kill D'Alvade
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "Once you have a disguise go to the actors' dressing rooms. When the guard
    watching D'Alvade's room goes to the bathroom, sneak into the actor's room.
    When D'Alvade enters strangle him. Wait for the guard to leave again and
    Even though there's a closet in this room, I found that whenever I exited
    D'Alvade saw me. So, I recommend hiding behind the door (next to the
    light switch). You can nab D'Alvade as he's walking to the next area of the
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "Or if he sees you just head butt-punch punch him and poison syringe his
    unconscious body."
    Of course, using this method throws out the chance of getting Delahunt to
    leave his theater box, so you'll either have to take a potshot at him from
    a safe distance or run into his box and shoot him.
    Another method to kill D'Alvade
    ** Lindsay V. writes: **
    "There is another way that will kill D'Alvade and Delahunt, but may not get
    [you] a Silent Assassin rating...
    Once you're in the actor's room where you can switch the pistols, don't.
    Either hide in the closet or behind the door until he comes in. When he's in,
    either kill him or sedate him and take his suit. There is a paper note on the
    counter near the wall. Take it and look at it. There is also an identical
    paper on the body. Leave the room and go to the stage. It doesn't matter which
    side you enter on, but make sure you stand off the platform but on the same
    side as the "X" on the floor (the paper note will show you). (I find that it's
    helpful if D'Alvade doesn't see you before the actors line up at the edge of
    the stage; weird bugs can pop up if you interact with him beforehand. --Ed.)
    Once D'Alvade is in, he will start to take his place. Walk up onto the stage
    and stand on the X. Make sure you do it right or else he gets mad and you'll
    get busted. Once you're standing there take out the WWI pistol when you're
    cued (drum roll and opera woman screaming) shoot him in the head. If you miss
    the cue, your cover is automatically blown because they assume you're the
    actor and should know what you're doing.
    From here I dropped my bomb on the floor and walked offstage. You can stand
    there and watch until Delahunt comes onto the stage. Detonate the bomb. Please
    note that it will be highly likely that you'll kill some innocents. Once he's
    dead, escape. Good times. Another way I'm sure would work is to place the bomb
    on the lights above the stage (before taking the suit and shooting D'Alvade)
    and blow it when Delahunt runs on, either way the noise level is up and you'll
    still kill innocents.
    That's how I did that mission. I watched my boyfriend do it another way and I
    wanted to see if it could be done my way. It's a little tricky and it may help
    to watch a rehearsal first in case the picture isn't clear."
    Very smooth. Placing a bomb on the lights above the stage does work, and you
    can also place a bomb on the other winch to catch Delahunt as he trips in the
    middle of the theater aisle.
    It might be tough getting the Silent Assassin rank with this method, but it
    was a ton of fun pulling this one off.
    Kill Richard Delahunt
    Soon after D'Alvade is dead, Delahunt will frantically run into the inner
    theater. The way you assassinate him will depend on the set-up you chose
    before you exchanged the prop WWI pistol for the real one.
    ---> If you took Set-up 1:
    Delahunt will come running into the inner theater through the door that you
    came from. He will trip and fall in the middle of the aisle - that's your
    chance to send a chandelier crashing down on him.
    ---> If you took Set-up 2:
    Detonate the bomb once Delahunt runs onto the stage. A chandelier will come
    from above to crush him.
    Alternate method to kill Delahunt
    ** Vlado D. writes: **
    "Delahunt can also be killed in a very fun way. Just take a toolbox and load
    it with a bomb. Then, put it in front of his box door. Get a safe distance
    away and detonate.
    I would recommend that you kill D'Alvade in the changing room first. Detonate
    from the entrance area if you don't want any bodies to be found and from
    halfway between the stage and the box if you want to see a body fly
    Innocents will die but it is always effective."
    And of course, it's fine if innocents die if we get to see a body fly
    Sniper method for both assassinations
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "Once you have a disguise go to the area with the actors' dressing rooms (on
    the first floor - see "Infiltration" above). There are three doors. Take the
    middle one (it's at the Stairs icon that's at the bottom of the map) and go up
    the stairs. Go in the door at the end of the hall (the one with the Point of
    Interest symbol) and get the keycard to the light control room. Go all the way
    back the way you came into the lobby. Go up the stairs to the third floor.
    Wait until no guards can see you and use the keycard on the center room. Go in
    and set up your sniper rifle. To make the actor's death look like an accident,
    shoot him at the same time as the executioner actor does. Wait for the other
    target and eliminate him as well."
    Another method for both assassinations
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "Once in worker's suit go up where the winch is that holds the chandelier.
    Behind it is a ladder - go down it and around to a hole in the ground. From
    here you are on a scaffold. Take a weapon and fire as you have clear sight.
    As always if you want the actor's death to look like an accident wait for the
    execution scene."
    An excellent vantage point. Once the actor's gone, eliminate Delahunt as he
    runs onto the stage.
    The only danger of going about this method is that you might be seen by the 
    guards entering through doors below. Use caution.
    Very quick method for both assassinations
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "Run up the stairs and to the left. Drop a bomb near the plant near the
    stairs. Run to the door [up ahead] and detonate the bomb, then pick or shoot
    the lock. Aim through scoped silent Silverballers at the far corner where the
    actor comes from (the left side of the stage --Ed.). Shoot him when you see
    him. If he doesn't come in six seconds check your map because you may have
    been too slow. Aim at Delahunt's box where he is alone and fire. If you run
    back to the exit fast enough maybe no one will find Delahunt's body."
    This method is difficult to pull off, but it works. You can literally be in
    and out of here in seconds.
    A new method/speed run
    ** Michael J. writes: **
    "Items Needed: Silverballer with Type 1 Silencer and Low Velocity Ammo.
    Quickly run up the stairs to the guards, run to the left and down to the last
    door. When you reach it and the patrolling guard has just closed and locked
    it, pull out your gun and bust the lock and holster your weapon again. Run
    back to the guards and go to the right this time (from the stairs - you will
    pass a guard again). Run down to the last door and shoot the lock here, then 
    go inside and take out D'Alvade. Run back to the door you shot first (you
    should meet Delahunt and his guards on the way), then shoot Delahunt when you
    see him running to the stage. 
    Now you just have to run/walk back out the door. This gave me a Silent
    Assassin rating and a complete time of around 1 min 30 sec. (But I have done
    it in 1 min 8 sec. with a scoped gun.)"
    Definitely viable. You could also just take out both targets from the right
    side, leaving you with a time that is roughly 50 seconds.
    Another effective speed run
    ** Kacper I. writes: **
    "Take the case with the silenced W2000, and run to the left and upstairs. At
    the crescent-shaped floor with closed doors, pick the one on the far left, so
    as you enter, you'll have a beautiful view at D'Alvade and Delahunt as well.
    Wait till the policeman opens this door, and as soon as the door closes, pick
    the lock (no one should see you if you're fast). You enter a balcony with a
    scaffolding in front of you. Crouch so that anybody from the lower floor
    won't see you.
    Assemble the rifle (be sure to have a silencer!). D'Alvade should be singing
    already. Aim, and silence the pervert. Now, as fast as you can, turn to the
    balcony with Delahunt, aim, and shoot. Pack the rifle to the case. Run out of
    the opera. Silent assassin in 1:43 minutes."
    My copy of the game seems to be a bit different, so this is what I did (based
    on Kacper's method):
    Run upstairs with your W2000 case and to the very left of the crescent-shaped
    area. Pick the lock on the door - a guard should be leaving out the other
    side just as you get in. Get to about the middle of the scaffolding, crouch,
    and take out your sniper (make sure nobody sees you as you're doing this).
    Take out Delahunt in his theater box, then quickly snipe D'Alvade on stage
    (he wasn't singing yet in my copy of the game). Drop your rifle, then run
    like mad to the exit. Silent Assassin in 52 seconds (I bet you could improve
    on that, too).
    This might apply to you and your copy of the game:
    ** S.J. writes: **
    "I just got Hitman Blood Money and I had trouble beating Curtains Down so I
    figured it out using the sniper method. It does get you Silent Assassin, but
    if you leave your sniper rifle there you get a money penalty (I forgot to
    mention this - hopefully the money penalty isn't of any concern if you decide
    to drop the rifle --Ed.). Also, when you shoot Delahunt, [be careful when 
    aiming - if you aim at the head, you might] kill an agent as well."
    Update: It looks like Todd K. was able to duplicate Kacper's result. Here's
    what he wrote:
    ** Todd K. [Vorlin] writes: **
    "In your walkthrough, you had mentioned that you hadn't confirmed on the
    Curtains Down level about the person who did the 1:43 sniper rifle kills on
    the second level after picking the far left door when the guard goes through.
    I figured I'd give it a shot and see if it was possible. Come to find out, if
    you run the entire time and make sure your rifle is packed before the guards
    come in, you'll be fine. I made it out in 1:37."
    Escape opera
    Once you've successfully carried out both of your hits, you'll find the
    theater in utter confusion. Now's your chance to calmly scoot out of the
    location. Return to the point where you first started the level, and put
    another notch in that achievement column.
    [2.04]                         MISSION 03: FLATLINE
    Another fun mission. This time around, you can go just about anywhere with
    any staff disguise, with the only exception being mainly the Rehab clinic.
    There, you need to nab an outfit from one of the orderlies.
    OBJECTIVES: - Find agent
                - Identify target
                - Smuggle out agent
                - Escape
                - Kill Lorenzo Lombardo
    OPTIONAL OBJECTIVES: - Kill Carmine DeSalvo
                         - Kill Rudy Menzana
    INTEL: 1. Admission papers are required to check-in. Future patients often
              wait in the park outside.
           2. Troublesome patients are often confined to the medical wing.
           3. The brochure lists some interesting facilities such as a library, a
              gymnasium and a large spa area.
           4. Therapists occasionally get contacted for private sessions.
           5. Some guests hide stashes of alcohol in quiet places. Let's hope they
              don't get alcohol poisoning.
           6. Weight lifting can be fatal.
           7. Some guests cheat on the spa's strict diet by smuggling camping
              stoves into their rooms. Sounds dangerous!
           8. Deceased patients are taken straight from the medical wing to the
    ---> Disguise 1
    Follow the path until you reach an area with dumpsters. There will be a
    patient standing around. When nobody else is around, quickly sedate him and
    hide his body in one of the dumpsters. Take his clothes, and make your way up
    to the main building.
    ---> Disguise 2
    Continue along the path until you see a man taking a cigarette break. You'll
    notice that his admission paper is conveniently placed on the seat next to
    him. Sneak up to the seat and snatch the paper up, then make your way to the
    main building.
    This method is safer, as the risk of you being caught in the act decreases.
    Plus, you don't have to burden yourself with dumping a body.
    --------> For Disguise 2:
    Place your paper on the reception desk, then change into the patient's clothes
    in the nearby room. 
    ===>>> Whichever disguise you choose:
    Let the guard by the reception desk frisk you, then proceed through the double
    ---> Disguise 3
    There's yet another way to infiltrate the building and immediately get a
    security guard outfit, all without having to check in at the reception desk.
    Take a look at your map. Head over to where the "ICA" icon is, make sure no
    one is watching you, then climb up the drainpipe to the roof. Make your way
    to the other side of the roof while crouching (there will probably be somebody
    looking out in your direction from the ledge to the right) and drop down to
    the ground below.
    Break the nearby utility box, wait for a guard to come out to inspect it,
    sneak behind him, sedate him, take his clothes, and hide his body in the
    dumpster up ahead.
    If you use this method, go ahead and skip down to the "Find agent" section.
    ---> Disguise 4
    ** Method by Josh G. [expo030290] (paraphrased): **
    Once you start the mission, look to the left. You'll see a door that leads
    into the security building - head over to it. Open your map, and you should
    see a guard looking straight towards your direction. Wait for him to leave,
    then enter the building. During this time, another guard will have entered the
    building - wait around the corner until he sits down. Once he does so, quickly
    sneak up behind him and sedate him. Drag his body around the corner and take
    his clothes.
    If you use this method, skip down to the "Find agent" section after reading
    the description in Disguise 3.
    ---> Disguise 5
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "From the start run straight to the drainpipe on the left side of the
    building. Climb and go straight and then to the [right]. Run all the way to
    the far balcony and go in the first door. Sabotage the gas. Run into the hall
    and all the way to the end to the room on the far upper right of the map. In
    there is a therapist's suit."
    Although you won't be given your targets at this point in the level, you can
    set up one assassination and be prepared for the next two with this method.
    [See assassination strats below.]
    And now for another disguise
    ---> Disguise 1
    Turn left and make your way through the double doors at the very end of the
    room. You'll see a guard standing on duty. Once he starts walking away with
    his back to you, quickly enter the door he's guarding. This requires some
    good timing - chances are that he'll see you the first time. If that happens,
    simply walk out and try again when he has his back to you.
    You'll now be in a room with a security guard sitting on a chair. Pass him by
    and go through the door straight ahead.
    ---> Disguise 2
    Head up the stairs to the left of the fireplace, and make a right into the
    next hallway. Go through the first door on the right.
    Walk outside to the balcony, then drop down from the balcony to the ground
    ===>>> Whichever disguise you choose:
    Now look to the left. See the utility box by the window? Sneak past the
    window by crouching, and break the box. 
    Sneak back to where the dumpster is, and wait for the guard to come out to
    inspect the box. Sneak behind him, sedate him, take his clothes, and hide his
    body in the dumpster.
    --> You could also:
    Sedate the guard from behind while he's sitting on his chair, being sure to
    dump his body in the dumpster once you've taken what he has.
    Find agent
    Go into the security room and steal the video tape and Rehab keycard on the
    desk. Use the keycard to open the gate, and proceed down the hall until you
    reach the Medical Wing.
    There will either be one or two orderlies in the room (don't let them see
    you). If there's two, wait for the one to leave and walk far away from the
    area. If there's only one, make sure his buddy isn't coming to check on him.
    Once the coast is clear, climb through the window, sedate the lone orderly,
    take his clothes, and hide his body in the container at the corner of the
    room. Take his cell key (and his stun gun if you wish) and leave the room
    through the door ahead. Make your way down the stairs, and find the room
    where the agent is. Go up to him and select "Talk to Agent," then sedate him
    after the cut-scene finishes (walk up next to him and select "Sedate Agent").
    Identify target
    Once you've sedated the agent, Diana will give you a ring, and there you have
    it: your targets.
    Make your way back from where you came. Once you're in the security room,
    take the door to the right to get back into the main building.
    Your three targets will periodically perform certain actions, actions that
    you can take advantage of. Lorenzo Lombardo will lift weights, Carmine
    DeSalvo will cook on the stove he smuggled in, and Rudy Menzana will enter
    the library to take a swig from his bottle of alcohol. Let's take them out,
    shall we?
    Kill Lorenzo Lombardo
    Head east to the gymnasium, and wait for Lombardo to start lifting weights.
    Walk up behind him, and as soon as he's finished, drop the weights onto him.
    Naturally, make sure no one's watching you perform your devilish deed.
    Kill Carmine DeSalvo
    ---> Method 1
    Take the stairwell to the left of the fireplace, make a right into the
    hallway, and take the first door to the right. Go outside to the balcony,
    turn left, and then walk into your target's room from his balcony door when
    he's not around. Sabotage the gas on his stove, get far away, then wait in
    anticipation for the moment he starts cooking his pasta again.
    ---> Method 2
    ** Jason A. [The Stain] writes: **
    "In the Rehab Center level there is another method to kill Carmine DiSalvo
    other than sabotaging his gas canister. If you can sneak into the kitchen,
    you can use a poison syringe to poison the bottle of wine in the corner, and
    when he is in there, he will sneak a drink from it."
    If you need another explanation of this awesome method:
    ** Rico S. writes: **
    "If you go to the big kitchen, in the corner next to the mop and bucket there
    is a bottle on the ground.  It's in the back of the kitchen.  Ironically
    enough, Carmine uses this as his alcohol stash similar to the globe. Simply
    poison the bottle on the floor for an identical death as the guy with the
    globe.  It's also very silent so that helps your rating."
    Always gotta love a good wine assassination.
    Kill Rudy Menzana
    ---> Method 1
    A very easy way to kill Menzana is to poison his bottle of alcohol that he's
    hidden in the globe of the library (which is to the right of the fireplace).
    When no one's looking, open the globe, use the poison sedative on the bottle,
    then close the globe. Menzana will never know what hit him.
    ---> Method 2
    The alternative method of killing Menzana is to get up to the second floor
    via the stairwell to the right of the library, then planting a bomb at the
    Point of Interest. Once your target goes to the globe for his drink,
    detonate the bomb.
    ---> Method 3
    There's ANOTHER way to kill Menzana? Yep. I was actually just playing around,
    when I happened to catch him alone in the jacuzzi (at the northeast corner of
    the rehab clinic). Once he got out, I shoved him in, and... well, you know the
    Alternative method for all three assassinations
    You take out each of your targets by dressing as a therapist, talking to
    them, and waiting for them to come into a therapy room.
    For a therapist outfit, go up the stairwell to the right of the library. Make
    a left into the hallway, and go into the second room on the left. The suit
    is tucked away on a table in the corner.
    Now go talk to one of your victims, wait for him to enter the therapy room,
    then kill him from behind. Hide the body, and repeat the process for your
    other targets if you wish to.
    Note that if you choose to assassinate your targets with this method, you
    might end up with the "Stalker" ranking at the end of the level.
    Once you've taken care of your business in the clinic, change back into your
    suit and make your way all the way back to where you started. Then enter the
    Morgue (the security guards won't be alerted if they see you entering).
    Revive the agent when no one can see you, then lead him out through the
    nearby door with the red sign above it that says "Exit."
    [2.05]                       MISSION 04: A NEW LIFE
    Looks like a drastic change of environment.
    You only have one target in this mission: Vinnie Sinistra. However, you can
    take out his wife if you wish (the microfilm is hidden in her necklace).
    Be careful around the house if you don't have a disguise. There are a lot of
    FBI agents around who won't hesitate to pull out guns on a whim, so be sure
    not to give yourself away before the fun has even started. If you get caught
    on camera, raid the surveillance truck on the other side of the street from
    Vinnie's house, then steal the video tape there.
    Also, watch out for the locals around the area - make sure they don't see
    you doing anything suspicious. The civilian who might give you the most
    trouble is the jogger you see once you start the mission. Make sure jogging
    is the only thing on his mind.
    The key to attaining the Silent Assassin rank in this level is to avoid
    commotion. If a large flood of FBI agents comes into the house (usually
    after a dead body is found), your chances of a SA rating will greatly
    OBJECTIVES: - Kill Vinnie Sinistra
                - Retrieve microfilm
                - Escape suburb
    INTEL: 1. Garbage trucks can dispose of all kinds of waste.
           2. The surveillance team have an unhealthy appetite for donuts.
           3. Vinnie has complained about the neighbor's son taking pot shots
              into the garden with an air gun.
           4. Vinnie lives close to a veterinary surgeon. Sometimes a vet needs
              to tranquilize wild animals!
           5. Rumor has it that Vinnie's wife flirts with hired staff. But Vinnie
              trusts her completely.
           6. Some field agents are too nosy in teenage girls' rooms.
           7. A barbeque is being prepared for the party. Be careful with
              flammable liquids!
           8. Vinnie just bought a very expensive and unusual necklace for his
    ---> Disguise 1
    The easiest way to get your hands on a reliable disguise is to head straight
    to the catering truck once you begin the level. When the catering person
    isn't watching, pick up the box of donuts from the back of the truck and run
    back to a safe area near where you started the mission. Inject sedative into
    the donuts, then bring them to the back of the surveillance truck (the white
    truck that's across the street from the catering truck). Choose the option
    "Put down donuts," and step off to the right side of the van as an FBI agent
    comes out to pick up his afternoon snack.
    Once both agents are unconscious, step into the surveillance truck when no
    one can see you, change into an FBI suit, steal the nearby video tape, and
    head into Sinistra's house.
    The other methods aren't as easy to pull off, and they won't give you a
    reliable disguise right away. But go ahead and perform them if you want a
    challenge or just want to try them out for fun.
    ---> Disguise 2
    Head over to the veterinary clinic straight ahead on the far side of the
    street. Go into the garage (it's a good idea to wait until the nearby woman
    disappears completely behind the bushes before you walk into the garage),
    and pick the lock to the door. Once you're inside, pick up the bottle of
    ether on the desk.
    Exit the clinic, head over to the clown's van, and wait for the clown to show
    up. When the clown stops at the back of his van, sedate him when no one's
    watching, take his clothes, and dump his body in the box that's 
    oh-so-conveniently open at the back of his van.
    ---> Disguise 3
    Again, go get the ether from the veterinary clinic first. Then wait until the
    catering person steps out beside his truck for a cigarette break. Sedate him,
    drag his body off to where you first started the mission, take his clothes,
    then throw his body into the nice little manhole nearby.
    A word of caution about sneaking up to the catering person:
    When I was playing through the level, the catering person had an annoying
    tendency to spot me right when I was about to sedate him. I actually found it
    easier to simply run up behind him and quickly nab him.
    --------> For Disguises 2 and 3:
    Since you have limited access to the areas of the house in your current
    outfit, you need to change into an FBI agent outfit. Head inside the house
    and continue through the double doors straight ahead.
    ------------> Method A
    Make an immediate right through the door, and go through the door you see on
    your left. Be careful not to let anybody see you enter. Once you're in the
    room, look to your right - an FBI agent suit is on the stool at the corner.
    ------------> Method B
    Walk out to the pool area, make a left, and hug the house until you get to a
    dead end (all the while making sure you're not seen). Climb up the drain
    pipe, climb through the window, then enter the door at your immediate right.
    Continue through the rooms (careful not to walk out into the hallway) until
    you reach a room with a lot of pink. On the desk is a pair of panties - pour
    some ether on the lingerie, then hide yourself in the restroom straight
    You might want to take a peek through the keyhole for this. A guard will
    come into the room and start sniffing the panties (uh...). He'll be knocked
    out by the effects of the ether. Once that happens, take his clothes and
    hide his body in the walk-in closet he came from.
    You can also just wait for the guard to come in and sedate him - it's up to
    If you're going to use Method 3 to kill Vinnie [under "Kill Vinnie Sinistra"
    below], Method B will make it easier to do so.
    ---> Disguise 4
    Get into the veterinary clinic again, but this time pick up the tranquilizer
    darts (and the ether, if you wish). Now open up your map. You want to get to
    the uppermost Point of Interest. When you do, take out the dog and the
    camera from the left window. Now you can enter the yard without making a
    There will be a set of stairs close to where the dog is, and that'll take
    you to the basement - enter the room at the bottom of the stairs. Wait for a
    guard to come into the room through the door at the other side, then sedate
    him and take his clothes. I actually find that hiding to the right of the
    door and waiting for the FBI agent to stand still with his back to me is an
    effective tactic.
    You could also go straight into the other area of the garden and sedate the
    guard on patrol there. Be careful of the pool boy, though, who walks around
    the area periodically.
    ---> Note:
    You can also sedate the garbage person at the very end of the neighborhood.
    However, his outfit isn't going to get you anywhere safely inside Vinnie's
    house. The only use I can find for a garbage man outfit at the moment is
    being able to bypass the annoying lady by the veterinary clinic and climbing
    through the back window to get to the ether and tranquilizer darts. If you're
    having trouble getting inside the clinic without being seen, consider using
    this method.
    ---> Another note:
    ** Handy tip from Daniel G. [adapted]: **
    If you want to inherit the pool boy's outfit, you could tranquilize the guy
    from the tree house with the gun.
    Retrieve microfilm
    To get to the microfilm, you're going to have to snatch it off the neck of
    Vinnie's wife. There are multiple ways to do this.
    ---> Method 1
    This is the cleanest and most no-hassle method, and it'll allow you to make
    the death of Vinnie's wife look like an accident. When your victim is walking
    around by the edge of the indoor pool, simply run up to her and push her into
    the water.
    ---> Method 2
    Find your victim alone and sedate her (you don't have to kill her).
    ---> Method 3
    This is, I must say, the most satisfying method of disposing of Vinnie's
    wife. Go into the shed around the pool area, pick up the lighter fluid, and
    rig the barbeque grill. Then sit back and watch the theatrics the next time
    she uses the grill.
    If you're going to use this method, know that it may prevent you from
    achieving the Silent Assassin rank.
    I use the word "may" instead of "will" above because of this send-in:
    ** Sean C. [deStache] writes: **
    "Just to update what happened to me... I did manage to get [the] Silent
    Assassin rank on A New Life despite lighting the wife on fire at the [grill]."
    So the official position now is that your chances at a SA ranking *might* be
    reduced if you use this method.
    ---> Method 4
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "Go behind the shed and wait for the pool boy to come. Take care of him and
    take his clothes. Wait around the pool area for Mrs. Sinistra and approach
    her. She will say, "The pool's not the only thing that needs attending...
    follow me" or something along those lines. Follow her [up to the second floor
    of the house] until you are alone. Also I have read that she will ask you to
    leave... simply do so, wait outside the door and she will take a nap. Take her
    necklace in her sleep."
    An interesting method. In my experience, you could also just wait in the room,
    and eventually she'll go to sleep.
    And some confirmation of the validity of this method:
    ** Raz A. writes: **
    "Basically, disguised as a FBI agent make your way to the pool area. If you
    follow the pool cleaner he will walk towards the shed (where you get the
    lighter fluid). Take him out and take his costume! Dump his body in the shed.
    Dressed as the pool cleaner, approach Vinnie's wife and she will get all
    horny and ask you to follow her!
    She takes you to her bedroom and then says she doesn't feel in the mood
    anymore! Instead she takes a nap, [when you can take her necklace]. (You can
    stay in the room when she gets in bed.) Once you've got [the necklace], head
    down to the pool area and shed and get back your FBI costume! Then carry on
    with the mission."
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "Funny glitch... combine Methods 3 and 4 and while Mrs. Sinistra is on fire
    she will tell you to follow her and walk calmly away."
    ---> Method 5
    A very clever method... described two ways!
    ** Daron H. writes: **
    "I noticed that if you shoot the glass on top of the structure with the indoor
    pool, it shatters and kills you if it falls onto you. Not particularly useful
    in that manner, but you can also shoot it when the wife goes in there, and the
    falling glass will kill her. Seems to count as an accident, too. You can even
    shoot it from inside the house, on the second floor, through that little
    circular window near the staircase. I can't remember now, but I would bet you
    can also hit it from the treehouse."
    ** Michael J. writes: **
    "I discovered a cool accident in A New Life... it is possible to kill Mrs.
    Sinistra when she is swimming in the indoor pool, by shooting the glass roof
    and thus shower her with pieces of broken glass (this can be done with good
    results from the round window next to the stairs on second floor, or of course
    from anywhere you can see the glass roof)."
    Kill Vinnie Sinistra
    ---> Method 1
    Head up the stairs, walk along the hall, and enter the door on the right
    (it's the door on the left if you go up the stairs from the kitchen). Hide
    in the small alcove of the room, wait for Vinnie to enter and use the
    computer, then kill him from behind.
    The drawback to this method is that you can't avoid Vinnie's body being
    found unless you take out the guard standing outside the room. However, it's
    possible to perform the hit on Vinnie, then quickly make for the exit before
    his body is found.
    ---> Method 2
    Near the entrance of the house, there's a utility box. Break it once
    Sinistra is in the living room and no one is watching, and Sinistra's guard
    will come out to inspect it. Quickly go to where Sinistra is, kill him,
    and stash his body in the closet behind where he was sitting.
    ---> Method 3
    When Vinnie is upstairs in his office, his accompanying guard will stand
    outside the room. Take care of the guard with whatever method you want, drag
    him off into the next room. Then, when Vinnie walks to the stairs, push him
    down while no one can see you. A handy accident.
    It's easier to pull this off if the other guard in this area is out of
    the picture. You can sedate him or render him unconscious by pouring the
    ether on the panties in the pink room.
    Another note:
    It may be a bit more difficult to achieve the SA rating with this method if
    Vinnie's body is found.
    ---> Method 4
    ** Terrance C. writes: **
    "The method is to plant a mine on [Vinnie's] desk when he is not there. ([Take
    out the mine and turn your view to the desk -] you will see the crosshairs
    turn red.) Wait for him to come up and when he inspects it... bam, he's gone."
    ---> Method 5
    There's another way to get rid of Vinnie, but you'll need to bring a sniper
    rifle to pull it off (and that doesn't include the air rifle). 
    Get into the garage that leads to the veterinary clinic, and drop your
    rifle there. Then head over to the surveillance truck.
    There's an option in the surveillance truck called "Redial Phone (Witness)."
    Choose that option. Vinnie will come to the front window of the house to
    pick up the phone. That's your chance to take him out from the garage. Oh,
    and, if you want the Silent Assassin ranking, make sure only two bullets
    leave your rifle: one to shatter the window of the house, and the other to
    pierce the contents of Vinnie's skull.
    Escape suburb
    Once you've taken care of your victims, head back to where you got your first
    disguise, change back to your suit, and vamoose to the exit.
    Beat A New Life with only the clown disguise
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "Bring no guns.
    At the start go to the clown's van, [and sedate the clown when he comes]. Take
    his clothes and hide the body. Go to the house and get searched.
    Go to the backyard and to the cove off to the left. Wait for the FBI agent to
    leave there and climb the drainpipe and go through the window to the left.
    QUICKLY run to the bathroom to your right and check your map (a guard steps in
    here periodically - that's why you have to head to the bathroom quickly
    --Ed.). Go through the rooms until you are across from Vinnie's computer room
    and go in there. Prepare your fiber wire or poison syringe and take him out
    when he comes. [Now] SNEAK out of the room and go down the stairs to your
    right that [leads] to the kitchen. From here run outside.
    Wait for Mrs. Sinsitra to come and approach her. She will say that she needs a
    laugh and to follow her; do so - you won't be searched. Follow her until she
    goes up to her drink and turns around with it. She will take a sip and say you
    are funny. When she turns around again, [you can] do one of four things: take
    out Vinnie's gun and human bodyguard her and knock her out, sedate her, fiber
    wire [her], [or] poison syringe her. [Take her necklace.] Leave out the front
    door and when no one is looking switch clothes [at the clown's van]. Exit."
    An excellent way to make use of that clown costume. I would actually go for
    Mrs. Sinistra first, so that you can take care of Vinnie in the computer room
    without his body being found (because you can run like heck to the exit).
    [2.06]                    MISSION 05: THE MURDER OF CROWS
    Welcome to New Orleans and a huge Mardi Gras party. You'll be operating in
    a sprawling environment, and that means a lot of traveling on foot.
    You're going to have to take out three people who plan on assassinating the
    Secretary of the Interior (they'll be dressed in black bird suits). It looks
    like you don't have that much time to take them out, but don't worry - there's
    an easy way to prevent the murder of the politician. Simply make sure that
    the diamonds briefcase doesn't get into the grimy clutches of Purayah, and
    then you'll have all the time in the world to complete your objectives.
    It's important that if you leave your diamonds briefcase somewhere (or your
    rifle briefcase, if you brought it), it's kept out of sight. I find that
    leaving it by the "ICA" symbol on the second floor of the hotel makes it safe
    from foreign hands. Just in case you're wondering, you need to hide your
    briefcase because a briefcase left in plain sight will eventually be picked up
    by a security guard, and that definitely wouldn't be fun.
    If the diamonds briefcase is delivered, it's best to go after Purayah first
    - Kulinsky will do something stupid if he finds out that Mason's dead, and
    Mason will do something stupid if she finds out that Kulinsky's dead (let's
    just say that your V.I.P. is going to get a little something-something).
    A word: Diana will say in the mission briefing that Mason is probably just
    recon and support. However, she's also capable of killing your V.I.P. - 
    she'll go directly up to him and slit his throat. Be cautious.
    Let me also say that it'll give you sadistic enjoyment if you take an 
    automatic rifle and gun everybody down in the streets. But, of course, there
    are more discreet ways to go about this mission.
    OBJECTIVES: - Kill Mark Purayah, Jr.
                - Kill Raymond Kulinsky
                - Kill Angelina Mason
                - Protect the politician [completed once above three are killed]
                - Escape
    OPTIONAL OBJECTIVE: -Retrieve diamonds case
    INTEL: 1. Walkie Talkies transmit everything - even background sound and
              music, which could reveal someone's location.
           2. Clubs usually have a back entrance for the staff.
           3. Bookstore walls are like paper - you can overhear what's going on
              next door.
           4. Clubs in this area are known for having hat-dress codes and music
           5. Some private apartments have a useful view.
           6. Pianos can kill - especially when they are dropped from the sky.
           7. A guy dressed as a yellow bird checked into a hotel room a couple
              of hours ago.
    You don't necessarily need a disguise to kill Purayah or Mason, but you'll
    have more ways to kill Purayah with one.
    ---> Disguise 1 
    Right when you start the mission, you'll see someone in a red bird costume
    talking to a man at the counter. Once he leaves the hotel, follow him. When
    he stops in an empty alley, sedate him, take his clothes, throw his body in
    a nearby dumpster, and take the briefcase he dropped. There might be a
    policeman walking around the area - make sure he doesn't see you doing
    anything suspicious.
    Note: The person in the red bird suit isn't always going to stop in the same
    place. Sometimes he stops in the central western alley, and sometimes he
    stops in the central eastern alley. If he stops in the central western alley,
    be careful when putting his body into the dumpster nearby - chances are
    that there will be a policeman around just when you're dumping the body.
    ---> Disguise 2
    In the northwesternmost alley, there's a door which one of the guards will
    periodically stand outside by to take a cigarette break. Once he goes back
    through the door, follow him and enter the closet in the room. As soon as he
    passes by, exit the closet and sedate him.
    Note: If you're not wearing a red bird costume, make sure you're not seen
    entering this alley.
    Kill Mark Purayah, Jr.
    Once Purayah's dead, it's best to take his walkie-talkie. Doing so will make
    finding your other two targets a breeze.
    ---> Method 1
    This method is sloppy, but it's discreet nevertheless. There's a bookstore
    at the northwestern corner of your map (where Purayah is located). Make sure
    the person on duty there isn't following you (he'll stop invading your
    personal space after he's chucked three insults at you), then make your way
    up to the second floor and through the door there. Once inside, go straight
    and make a right turn.
    Drop a mine by the boarded-up door. When Purayah stops by the area, detonate
    the bomb. Strangely, the boarded-up door will not be cleared, but no
    matter - Purayah's dead.
    Note: If you don't plan on picking up a bird costume disguise to collect 
    Purayah's walkie-talkie, you're going to have to listen behind the boarded
    door to discover the location of Kulinsky and Mason (though knowing Mason's
    location isn't as helpful because she doesn't stay put in one place for long).
    I might be mistaken, but it seems like you can only hear talking from 
    Purayah's walkie-talkie if the diamonds briefcase has been delivered. Please
    let me know if I'm wrong about this.
    ---> Method 2
    You can also dispose of Purayah from a distance. On the very left side of
    your map, there are two Points of Interest that are grouped very close to
    each other. In that area, there is a drainpipe leading to a little shack of
    sorts. From there, you can have a clear view to the room Purayah's in.
    Purayah will periodically step through the doorway - when he does, you can
    snipe him.
    ---> Method 3
    There's also a more showy way to kill Purayah. Once you're in the red
    bird costume and have the diamonds briefcase, place a mine in the
    briefcase. Deliver it to Purayah, get a safe distance away from him the
    briefcase, and detonate the mine when Purayah's in range.
    Note: I wouldn't suggest using this method - if you blow up the diamonds
    briefcase, you're going to lose the chance at a big chunk of money at the end
    of the level.
    ---> Method 4
    With this method, you can either deliver the diamonds to Purayah or get
    a yellow bird costume disguise to infiltrate Purayah's office.
    If you're in a red bird costume, hide in the room's closet, but you can
    stand out in the open if you have a yellow bird costume. Wait until Purayah
    stops by the couch in the room, then sneak up behind him, kill him, and
    hide his body in the nearby container, all before the guard outside enters
    the room.
    ---> Method 5
    ** Omid Roostaeyan writes: **
    "When killing Purayah, leave the suitcase on the ground and let the yellow
    bird take it. When the bird is out of the room and Purayah is at the balcony,
    push him [over the rail]. (You'll probably have to push him twice to get this
    to work --Ed.)
    When I tried it it worked out. No one notices. Yuhahahahaha"
    Now THAT'S a good time for an evil laugh.
    ---> Method 6
    ** Pete writes: **
    "When you have the red bird suit and the diamonds case and you enter
    [Purayah's] office, the yellow bird guy will tell you to put it on the table.
    I stood there and then the yellow bird walked away, and when the boss sat down
    I just walked behind him and poisoned him. Easy as that!"
    Yup - easy as that. To get rid of Purayah's body, you can either drag it to 
    the container on the other side of the room or throw it over the rail on the
    Kill Angelina Mason
    Mason will be wandering around the level, but she'll be easy to locate once
    you've taken Purayah's walkie-talkie.
    ---> Method 1
    Find Mason in a dark alley, make sure no one's around, kill her from behind,
    and put her body in a dumpster.
    ---> Method 2
    In the alley across from the bookstore (near where Purayah's located), there's
    a place you can climb up near the dumpster. Make your way all the way around
    to the Point of Interest, then plant a mine on the winch that holds the 
    piano up. Wait at a distance, and when Mason makes the mistake of standing
    under the piano, detonate the bomb.
    Kill Raymond Kulinsky
    Kulinsky isn't always in the same location, but he's probably on the second
    floor of the Salsa Bar. If he's not there, he'll be in the upper floors of
    either the Rock Bar or the Blues Bar.
    ---> Method 1
    You're not going to be able to enter the Salsa Bar without a costume, but you
    won't need one. There's an alley to the left of the Salsa Bar entrance where
    you can sedate a waiter taking a break.
    However, you don't have to use up a sedative. In the alley to the right of
    the hotel entrance (the central western alley), there is a drainpipe near
    a plant in a well-lit area that you can climb up. Get to the second floor, 
    head through the open door on the other side, and take the take the waiter's
    outfit (make sure you don't make too much noise, or the waiter will wake up).
    Once you have your costume, enter the door in the alley near the Salsa Bar
    and take the stairs up (you could also do this without a waiter's costume if
    you're super-sneaky). Kulinsky will be walking around in the next room
    through the door here. Check your map to make sure he's not facing your
    direction, enter the room, sneak up behind him, and kill him.
    ---> Method 2
    In the central eastern alley, there's a blue door you can enter. Once you do
    so, head up the stairs and through the two sets of doors, then sedate the
    person on the couch. You can snipe Kulinsky from the windows.
    Quick method of killing all targets
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "At the start run fast to the side street across from the birds' hideout. Ms.
    Mason will be there - shoot her as she gets near the door she exits through."
    There will be a policeman entering the alley from the other side - I would 
    sedate him, but expo also says that you can "human bodyguard-knockout him."
    Then dump Mason's body.
    "Near where the piano is suspended there is a drainpipe. Climb up it and aim
    your silenced W2000 across the street. Fire when you see [Purayah]. His body
    will be found. Will still get SA if [Mason] is not found."
    Then it's just a matter of nabbing Kulinsky using one of the methods described
    above, and you've taken care of all of your targets.
    Alternate method of killing all targets
    ** S.J. writes: **
    "First to kill Mark Purayah, Jr. [use] the method with the red bird costume
    and the diamonds suitcase. Then take the walkie talkie and head to the back of
    the Salsa Bar (your target won't always be in the Salsa Bar, but he is in
    there a large percentage of the time --Ed.). Sedate the waiter outside and
    take his costume and hide the body. Go upstairs and creep behind Raymond
    Kulinsky and kill him. Pick up the sniper rifle that is in the room - it is
    leaning on the piano.
    When Angelina Mason says "I'm ready to take him out" (something along those
    lines --Ed.), she will walk out of the right side of the alleys (you might
    want to check your map to make sure --Ed.). Snipe her in the head. I was able
    to get it in one shot. There [isn't a silencer on the rifle], so the police
    will run at you up the stairs. Change out of your costume into the waiter's
    and pick the lock of the door that is in his room that leads you to a way
    Once you've assassinated the trio of would-be assassinators, change back into
    your suit and retrieve the diamonds briefcase - it's time to leave this
    Mardi Gras party behind.
    [2.07]                 MISSION 06: YOU BETTER WATCH OUT...
    Whad'ya know - we leave one party and head straight to another one.
    It's possible to perform both of your hits in just your suit - all you'll need
    is your good 'ol sniper rifle.
    If you want access to the VIP lounge and the grotto, you need to get yourself
    a VIP guest suit or a bodyguard outfit. If you want to get into the studio
    floor, you'll need a bodyguard suit, and nothing else.
    But - turns out there's another way to get into the studio:
    ** Daniel G. writes: **
    "Go behind the waterfall (from the grotto side) and knock out the
    photographer, then drag him under the water and take his outfit. [Now] you can
    go upstairs to the studio without being checked out."
    So THAT'S what he's there for. Clever. And if you need some help to get there:
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "Go up the elevator and around to the far jacuzzi that no one is in. Make sure
    no guards are near you and run inside to where the waterfall is. Go inside the
    waterfall without being seen and sedate the photographer from behind. Drag him
    into the waterfall and take his clothes. This will get you access to the
    Studio Floor."
    And Lucas K. was able to find another good use for the photographer's suit:
    ** Lucas K. writes: **
    "To get a great bodyguard costume without having to worry about too many
    guards seeing you, take the photographer's suit.  Now, on the party floor,
    take the staircase on the far far right [the easternmost staircase on your map
    --Ed.].  It'll lead to a platform whose rail you can hop over; follow the
    trail along the wall till you get to the utility box.  Break it, sedate the
    guard, and presto!  You've got a painless bodyguard suit!"
    OBJECTIVES: - Kill Lorne de Havilland
                - Kill Chad Bingham Jr.
                - Retrieve video tape
                - Escape the estate
    INTEL: 1. Don't expect any presents this year - Santa drinks too much.
           2. The bartender knows how to help improve performance in the grottos!
           3. Waiters often shower in the staff changing room.
           4. Even small, annoying Dogs eat sausages.
           5. The glass-bottomed outdoor jacuzzi looks down on the pier 70 feet
           6. Among the high society, spiked drinks are all the rage.
           7. Heavy light rigs are installed in the Photo Studio.
           8. Lorne recently hired a former US Air Force helicopter pilot.
    ---> Disguise 1
    This method will net you the bodyguard suit, which can take you through both
    of your objectives.
    Once you start the mission, head straight and turn right into the eastern
    part of the dock. You'll see a guard taking a cigarette break. Once he walks
    away from the area, head into the indoor area where there's a guard looking
    out a large glass window. Stand by the door, and open your map. When he
    walks to the other side of the room with his back turned to you, quickly
    enter the room, press the big red button by his desk, then go as fast as you
    can around the corner. Take the elevator up, and enter the door on the right.
    Sedate the guard, drag his body into the shadows, and take his clothes.
    Note: There's a slight chance that there will be a guard standing right
    outside the elevator once you get to the top. If you want to be on the safe
    side, climb the hatch of the elevator first, and check your map before
    stepping out.
    Here's another method to get past that pesky guard in the room:
    ** Peter M. writes: **
    "Just a quick amendment for Mission 6 (You Better Watch Out) in getting a
    disguise. I've only tried this strategy on normal difficulty with 0
    notoriety so I don't know if it will work on harder difficulties.
    From the start head to the easternmost elevator, the one with the laser beam
    sensor. Instead of waiting for the guard to turn his back to sneak in and
    press the switch, however, I threw a coin through the laser sensors (this
    might take a few throws). This will alert the guard in the room who will exit
    the room, walk through the sensors and around the corner to inspect. When he's
    out of sight enter the room and press the switch, then exit and wait outside.
    When the guard returns walk past him, just past the laser sensors and wait
    next to the wall between the guard room window and the elevator. (I've tried
    to make the run in one but he saw me when he re-entered his room). Once the
    guard sees the sensor off he will turn it back on. This is your chance to make
    it to the elevator."
    Nice use of the handy coin.
    ---> Disguise 2
    Take the same route as in Disguise 1. When you get out of the elevator,
    take a peek around the corner. Once you're sure the coast is clear, make
    your way through the glass double doors to the balcony. Break the utility
    box nearby, and when a guard comes out to inspect it, sedate him, take his
    clothes, drag his body around the corner, and hide his body in the container.
    Note: There's a ledge around here that will lead to the grotto. It's a narrow
    path, but it shouldn't be too hard to find.
    ---> Disguise 3
    You can also nab a waiter's outfit by taking the same route as in Disguise 1
    and heading over to the Point of Interest that's farthest to the left on
    your map. Someone will be taking a shower there (and singing a catchy
    jingle having something to do with Santa as well); you can snatch his outfit
    away right under his nose from the next stall.
    Note that the waiter's outfit won't really get you any special perks, and
    you'll eventually have to trade up to a bodyguard outfit anyway. It's best
    just to go directly for the bodyguard's suit.
    ---> Disguise 4
    If you're not worried about getting a civilian kill (or any kill for that
    matter), you can take this path.
    Once you start the mission, head straight into the elevator (you can avoid
    being filmed on camera by walking behind the guard). When you're alone,
    climb up the hatch. Wait for a VIP guest to walk into the elevator (VIP
    guests wear red flashing heart buttons on their suits), then strangle him
    from above.
    You could also wait for a Christmas guard or a bodyguard to show up before
    doing your strangling, but it might take a while before you see either.
    ---> Disguise 5
    Take the elevator up, then enter through the glass double doors. Look to the
    left, and you'll see a sign by a door that says "Staff Only." Make sure no
    guards are in the area ahead (or wait until a guard walks out), then enter 
    through the door. Make a left around the corner and head through the double
    Here (or in the next room), there will be a drunken Santa. Sedate him, take
    his clothes, and hide his body in the container nearby.
    ---> Disguise 6
    ** Nitant S. writes: **
    "This is a much simpler method for a guard costume, right at the start of the
    level, plus with guarantees that no one will find out. 
    Simple method, with no running/hiding:
    -Start mission
    -Go to right, see smoking guard 
    -Wait for him to leave
    -Enter the room, while the other guard is getting a cola
    -Sedate him
    -DO NOT take his clothes
    -Switch off the light and hide in the closet
    -Wait for smoking guard to return
    -As soon as he walks in, he will switch on the light
    -Knock him out or sedate him
    -Take any one costume and enjoy"
    Nice method. When I tried this out, the returning guard saw his buddy
    unconscious on the floor before going to turn on the lights, so I tried to
    find a place where the first guard could be stashed. I actually found that you
    can just sedate the first guard, take his clothes, dump his body over the rail
    by the cola machine, and proceed with the mission. Of course, you could also
    get rid of his body first, then hide in the closet and take out the other
    guard just for the heck of it.
    Kill Chad Bingham Jr.
    ---> Method 1
    Pick up the bottle of aphrodisiac from the bartender on the party floor
    (you'll see it on the 1st floor map as the bottommost Point of Interest).
    Note: If you're wearing the Santa suit, the bartender won't give the
    goods to you; you're going to have to get behind the counter (via the
    "Staff Only" area) and pick up the aphrodisiac for yourself.
    Depending on when you arrive at the bar, there may or may not be a martini
    glass on the countertop. If there is one, add the aphrodisiac to the glass,
    and if there isn't one, wait for a waiter to bring one to the bar for a
    fill-up. Either way, follow the waiter to the jacuzzi once he's picked up
    the spiked alcohol. He'll give the drink to Bingham, Bingham will chug it
    down, and soon thereafter he'll leave with a girl in a bikini.
    Follow the aroused couple into and through the grotto, and soon they'll
    start hitting it up in a private room. Walk around outside the door (or open
    the door if it's closed) to break up the rendezvous. Bingham will walk down a
    stairwell to a balcony - follow him all the way, and when he stops to take a
    look at the scenery, give him a shove and he'll plummet into the empty void
    below. Of course, you could fiber wire/knife/poison him as well.
    ----------> Strange occurrence:
    ** Steve V. writes: **
    "In You Better Watch Out,  there's a mystery assassin lurking,  who will kill
    47 if you give her a chance.  When you follow Chad Bingham Jr. and his
    squeeze to their bedroom,  look for a woman in a sexy Santa costume who will
    beckon you into another bedroom.  If you follow her,  she will say "Men are
    so easy" and try to kill you.  Every time I kill her,  I end up losing the
    Silent Assassin rating,  but I've only done it a few times.  And if you drag
    her body behind the couch, you'll find an unconscious woman that she's
    apparently impersonating."
    Ah, the infamous mystery assassin that has been intriguing everybody for so
    long. Since this issue is so interesting, this section will be dedicated to
    any new findings about this lady in a sexy Santa costume.
    The legend lives on:
    ** Bruce Lee writes: **
    "I had a VIP costume and was making my way through the building and there was
    a girl making out with a guy in the hall (the mystery assassin! --Ed.). As I
    got there he walked away. I followed the girl into her room and I got a
    CUT-SCENE in which she approaches me and injects me. I couldn't do anything
    about it... it would be cool if somehow Chad (the son) could somehow get set
    up to her so she kills him."
    Ah. Having the assassin kill Chad would be something, wouldn't it?
    In my copy of the game, after the initial cut-scene, if you turn around she'll
    put away her weapon and try to whip out a gun on you. These few moments are
    crucial. Read this:
    ** Sam H. writes: **
    "Here's what I know about the assassin:
    If you look carefully on the opening screen where it shows your two targets,
    there is a silhouette with a question mark - that's her.
    Diana doesn't say anything about her, and no clues are given about why she
    is there. But after having played later levels, the reason is quite apparent.
    She's one of the franchise, kind of like how Eve tries to kill you in A Dance
    With The Devil. The only difference is Diana knew Eve would be there, and
    had no personal idea about this random woman being at the You Better Watch Out
    Pointless for her to be a target then, right?
    No. If you wait for her to pull out her weapon which she tries to stab you
    with and you either flip around behind her and cut her with a knife or shoot
    her first it will mark her on the map as a dead target, and you will be
    given additional money at the end of the mission.
    If you simply walk in and shoot her before she has attempted to kill you, it
    counts her as an innocent since it seems like you just killed some hoochie."
    Take that, mystery assassin.
    ---> Method 2
    Remember how the jacuzzi Bingham's in is glass-bottomed? You can take the
    route as in Disguise 2 or enter the grotto and take the stairwell down (as
    in Method 1). Shoot a single shot at the jacuzzi, and Bingham and his
    lady friends will fall 70 feet to their doom.
    Note: Even though civilians will die through this method, you won't be
    penalized in terms of your ranking at the end of the level.
    ---> Method 3
    ** Steve V. writes: **
    "Hang around the hot tub and try to stay inconspicuous.  You can throw a mine
    into the tub without anyone noticing.  The bodies fly amusingly."
    And of course, we all love seeing bodies fly amusingly.
    ---> Method 4
    Take the stairs up by the sign that says "Staff Only" on the first floor,
    then head for the Point of Interest. There are footholds on this wall that
    you can climb up on - do so when you're not being watched.
    Head around the corner and look over the ledge - you'll see the jacuzzi
    Bingham's in. It's tough to get a clear shot at him with the scope of your
    sniper rifle, so you'll probably just have to use your regular crosshair.
    I wouldn't recommend this method, as it's the most difficult to pull off
    and the risk of you being seen is fairly high.
    ---> Method 5
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "At the very start of the mission run towards the elevator and take a right.
    A guard should be walking in that direction. Follow him slowly and when he
    stops walk near him so he looks at you. Wait until he walks away and move to
    the left towards the guard room... but not too close. DO NOT let the camera
    see you but still be out of sight of the guards. Aim your silenced SCOPED
    Silverballers at the glass bottom [of the jacuzzi] and fire."
    In my experience, the best location to pull this off is right at the corner
    where you turn from the pier to look at the guard room (just out of sight of
    the camera).
    Note: You need the scopes on your Silverballers because they'll allow you to
    see all the way up to the jacuzzi while aiming. You won't be able to do that
    from the angle described with un-scoped Silverballers.
    ---> Method 6
    ** Josh G. [expo030290 writes]: **
    "At the start of the level go up the elevator. Once you're up run to your
    left. Drop a bomb at the wall and detonate it while running towards the
    jacuzzi. Go to the second jacuzzi that on one is ever in and wait next to it.
    Chad will come running alone and with good timing you can push him into it.
    He will drown and it will count as an accident."
    In my testing of this method, what happens after the explosion is
    inconsistent. Sometimes Chad stays where he is and is left alone (when you can
    push him into the first jacuzzi), and sometimes he is surrounded by people
    but doesn't go to the second jacuzzi. Then again, sometimes he'll run around
    madly and won't go near the second jacuzzi. You might have to try this method
    a few times before it works, but it does work when the situation's right.
    Kill Lorne de Havilland
    ---> Method 1
    As in Method 3 to kill Bingham, climb up the footholds when the coast is
    clear. Wait for Havilland to walk out onto the studio balcony, then put a
    bullet in his brain with your rifle.
    ---> Method 2
    Head to the Studio Floor (you can get there by taking the elevator near the
    grotto or by taking a stairwell from the security office of the staff floor,
    where you'll need to pick a lock). Then make your way to the area with the
    uppermost Point of Interest (where a film shoot is being held). At the back
    of the room, there is a ladder - climb up that, and head to the Point of
    Interest. Place a bomb when the option presents itself, then detonate the 
    mine when the porn king shows up.
    ---> Method 3
    The other way of killing Havilland in the studio is to catch him alone on
    the balcony. Dispose of Havilland's yapping dog by feeding it a 
    sausage from the kitchen (in the "Staff Only" area of the first floor)
    injected with sedative, shooting it, blowing it up (not recommended), or
    whatever else you can think of. Then get rid of the porn king. Method? It's
    completely up to you. (I like to push people off balconies, so that's what I
    do to him.)
    Retrieve video tape
    Once you've put an end to Havilland, make your way to the Point of Interest
    on the Studio Floor that's farthest to the left (or the one in the middle).
    Steal the tape on the desk when you're not being watched.
    Cleaning up the evidence
    Chances are that you got caught on CCTV. If you don't want your face plastered
    over national T.V., then head up the stairs by the sign that says "Staff
    Only" from the first floor, then head over to the big yellow star on your
    map. Stand by the table where the tape is, and when the guard on duty there
    turns his back, snatch up the evidence. 
    If you're having trouble getting the tape without the guard seeing you, try
    turning off the lights, then taking the tape when the guard goes to turn
    the lights back on.
    Escape the estate
    ---> Method 1
    If you don't mind surrendering any handguns you have on you and won't sweat
    when you're clocked with the suit retrieval penalty, then you can take the
    elevator (the one that takes you to the Studio Floor) up to the Helipad.
    Let the guard to the outside area frisk you, then proceed to the helicopter. 
    ---> Method 2
    I prefer this method because you get to leave in your suit and take any
    handguns you have tucked away.
    Change back into your suit, then head all the way back to where you began the
    level on the Pier. Hop on the yacht, and it's smooth sailing from here on.
    [2.08]                MISSION 07: DEATH ON THE MISSISSIPPI
    A pretty straightforward mission. There aren't really that many ways to
    dispose of your targets, but it certainly is fun pushing people off the ship.
    OBJECTIVES: - Kill Skip Muldoon
                - Kill the Gator Gang [there are six]
                - Retrieve pictures
                - Escape via the rescue boat
    INTEL: 1. The engine room is off limits to passengers - the furnace is a
              dangerous workplace.
           2. Man over board - the wild waters of the river will cause certain
           3. The captain's cake is being prepared in the galley in the rear of
              the 4th deck.
           4. Only the 1st Class Pursers are allowed in the Gators Private area.
           5. The lower class kitchen prepares food for both the tourists on
              board as well as the Gators on the top deck. Extra flavor could be
           6. The boss has received some heavy duty hunting gear from a business
              alliance. The present is kept secure at the staff quarters.
    Kill Gator Gang member #1
    You actually have an opportunity to eliminate the first Gator Gang member soon
    after the mission starts.
    ** Daron H. writes: **
    "Shortly after the mission starts, the Gator Gang member will walk down the
    front stairs and to the engine room. As long as he is somewhat close behind
    the sailor that walks down that side (him and that other sailor seem to
    sometimes have a conversation, and sometimes not, so the timing is a bit
    random; if he's too far behind the sailor can start doing the rounds again
    before you're finished) you can "human shield" the gang member (if you forgot,
    take out a gun, walk behind him, then select the option --Ed.), walk him over
    to the edge, and just toss him over using the drop button (triangle --Ed.)...
    although a couple times I did that and his body would somehow jump back up
    onto the deck, usually in a bad spot. You do have enough time to knock him
    out, then drag-drop him over the side, which doesn't feature any ragdoll
    An excellent method. The only thing I'll add is that you might want to wait
    for the Gator Gang member to walk a bit further into the deck before you take
    him as a human shield, because some wandering eyes might see you if you
    capture him too close to the stairs.
    Note: If you choose not to take this route, there are still other ways to take
    out your target.
    ---> Disguise 1
    Once you start the mission, hang around for a while. There will be two guards
    on deck; they'll converse for a while, and then they'll separate and start
    walking towards different ends of the ship. You can follow either of them.
    Once your target stops, sedate him, drag his body behind the crates nearby,
    and take his clothes.
    ---> Disguise 2
    Before you start the process of getting this disguise, open your map and 
    check the 2nd Deck, Staff Quarters page. Take a look at the uppermost Point
    of Interest, and make sure there's a guard in there with his back toward
    the entrance of the room.
    Head up the flight of stairs located in the middle of the deck (the stairs
    will lead to a walkway). Make a right, and enter the door straight ahead.
    Sedate the guard standing there, then take his clothes. It's all right if you
    just leave his body on the floor - nobody else comes in here anyway.
    Note: There's a higher risk of you being seen with this method, because you
    never know who's looking into this room from the deck (unless you check your
    ---> Disguise 3
    Head over to the utility box on board (you can see it on your map as a
    blue lightning bolt in a blue circle). Break the box, and a guard from the
    second deck will come to inspect it. Go into the room he just came out of,
    inject sedatives into the bottle of alcohol up ahead, and hide in the closet
    nearby. The guard will come back and take a swig from his bottle. Once he's
    knocked out, exit the closet and take his clothes.
    The engine room key
    Once you have a disguise, pick up the engine room key from the desk in the
    room described in Disguise 2 and 3. Head down the flight of stairs, then
    enter through the door that's directly under the walkway you just ran down.
    Kill Gator Gang member #1
    If you didn't kill the first Gator Gang member before, this is where you
    should conduct your business. If you already offed him, skip down to "Kill
    Gator Gang member #2."
    ---> Method 1
    Locate your target. If he's not anywhere close to a rail, wait for him to
    walk to one. If he is standing at a rail, that's perfect. Go up behind him and
    give him a nice shove.
    ** Bryan G. writes: **
    "On Mission 7 (Death on the Mississippi), killing the first gang member is as
    easy as following him to the back of the engine room and pushing him into the
    engine when no one's around. The huge room-sized hydraulics are more than
    enough to kill a person."
    There's a more clear explanation for ya.
    ---> Method 2
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "Also to kill the first gator (not recommended), go to the [engine] room at
    the start of the level and snipe him with your sniper or even with your
    silenced Silverballers. Just stand at the back of the room so he does not see
    you. Body will most likely be found."
    An interesting strategy. I'm not sure how it will affect your rating, but it
    definitely works.
    Kill Gator Gang member #2
    Head through the door at the southern end of the engine room. Go around either
    of the corners, through the door up ahead, and up the flight of stairs. Once
    you're in the Staff Quarters, head to the end of the hall, make a right, then
    proceed through the door that leads to another flight of stairs. Go up to the
    third deck (the Cabin Deck), and head around the corner to the right. Walk up
    to the Gator Gang member and the lady he's making out with, and they'll take
    themselves to a private room away from your prying eyes.
    ---> Method 1
    Once the woman leaves, enter the room while the door's still open (the door
    will lock automatically once it's closed). Then sneak up behind your target
    and fiber wire him. Turn off the lights so that anybody walking around in
    the hallway will have a tough time seeing the dead body.
    Apparently, the woman your target was making out with will want some more
    lovin', so you're going to have to get rid of the woman as well before she
    comes back to discover that her partner in sinful acts is dead.
    The woman will be taking a cigarette break on the deck outside. Head down the
    hallway from where you came, make a left, then go through the door straight
    ahead. Now, take care of this woman (not in the nice way, of course).
    ---> Method 2
    This method is more efficient, as you only have to take care of one person.
    Plus, you can make the death look like an accident. 
    When the Gator Gang member leaves his room, follow him out to the deck. There
    might be someone also taking a break out here; wait until the person leaves.
    Then sneak up behind your target and shove him into the waters below.
    Becoming a First Class Purser
    You'll need a First Class Purser outfit if you're going to get to the top
    deck. If you're going to get a First Class Purser outfit, you're going to have
    to get yourself to the fourth deck.
    ---> Method 1
    This is easy to do if you just took Method 2 to kill Gator Gang member #2.
    Near where you are at right now, there's a place where you can climb over the
    rail to get onto a narrow ledge. Do so, and continue down the walkway - you
    should see "EMILY" in big letters on a big wheel.  Jump to the other walkway,
    then continue to the other side of the deck. Now right in front of you is
    something you can climb up. Make sure nobody will see you on either deck, 
    then climb up to the fourth deck. Head into the door ahead, and you'll now
    be in the kitchen - quickly walk through the other door straight ahead, since
    you're really not supposed to be in here yet.
    ---> Method 2
    Head back inside, then make a right around the corner once you hit the
    hallway. Continue through the double doors ahead, then make a left around the
    corner at the other side of this area.
    Note: If you have any weapons on you, make sure you place them in an ICA
    container before proceeding up these stairs.
    Head up the stairs right here, and let the guard frisk you (be careful of
    the purser here - he seems like a sharp fellow).
    ---> Method 3
    Take the same route as in Method 2, but this time don't go up the stairs.
    Instead, go outside and look to your left. Climb up the framework and go
    through the door.
    ===>>> Whichever method you choose:
    Head over to the hallway, and enter the door where there's a sign that says
    "STAFF ONLY" (next to the kitchen). Behind the cabinet, there's a first
    class purser outfit - change into it. Now exit from where you came, and make
    an immediate right into the kitchen (there's a sign that says "PRIVATE" next
    to it). Receive your orders from the chef on duty here, take the cake on the
    table, and exit the kitchen to the deck.
    Kill Gator Gang member #3
    There will be another Gator Gang member walking around on the deck; when he
    stops to take a break, push him off the ship.
    Kill Skip Muldoon
    Once you've pulled off another silent kill, drop your cake.
    ---> Method 1
    Inject the cake with poison.
    ---> Method 2
    Place a mine in the cake (not recommended).
    Head up the stairs, then head to the door ahead. Let the guard frisk you,
    then go through this door and through the door ahead. Go through the door
    at the other side of the room, and place the cake on the table.
    ---> If you took Method 1:
    Watch with glee as Muldoon gets it.
    ---> If you took Method 2:
    Wait until Muldoon is near the cake, then blow up the pastry Skip's not going
    to have a chance to enjoy.
    Retrieve pictures
    After you've placed the cake on the desk, look to the left and enter through
    the door ahead when the coast is clear (you're not supposed to be in there).
    Take the pictures out of the safe.
    Kill Gator Gang member #4
    ---> Method 1
    Head back to the large room with the pool table in it. See that long table
    by the T.V.? At the end that's farthest from the T.V., there's a bottle
    that a Gator Gang member drinks from periodically. Poison it.
    ---> Method 2
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "On Death on the Mississippi when you killed the Gator by poisoning his drink
    you could also have waited for him to go to the bathroom and fiber wired him."
    Definitely a viable strategy. Here, you'll have automatically hidden the body,
    and you'll be able to save some of your poison for some other use.
    Kill Gator Gang member #5
    There's a Gator in a green shirt who walks all around the deck. Wait until
    he's taking a break over a rail (bad idea), then push him off.
    Note: There's a purser here who might give you a bit of trouble. If he proves
    to be too troublesome, sedate him before tackling the bigger fish.
    Kill Gator Gang member #6
    Remember that guy at the door who had the nerve to frisk you? Well, it's time
    to make him pay for his mistake.
    It's best to nab him outside - sneak up behind him, fiber wire him, then drag
    his body away into the shadows.
    Escape via the rescue boat
    Head back to where your suit is, then change into it. Now, enter the engine
    Since you're not supposed to be in here while in your suit, this portion will
    be a small test of your stealth skills.
    Don't worry about the guy working the furnace - he won't see you walking by.
    The other worker here might give you a bit of trouble, though, so push him
    off into the ship's machinery. There's also another worker that periodically
    stops to take a break in the area as well, so take care of him if you want.
    Now it's just a matter of not being seen by anyone as you're heading to the
    exit. Jump into the rescue boat, and you're home free.
    [2.09]                 MISSION 08: TILL DEATH DO US PART
    Another straightforward mission. You only have two targets, and you can make
    both of their deaths look like accidents.
    If you don't have a sniper rifle and want to use one of the methods that
    require a sniper rifle, you can find an elephant rifle in the room where
    Pappy watches T.V. (on the second floor).
    OBJECTIVES: - Kill the Groom
                - Kill the Bride's father
                - Ensure the Bride's safety [already completed]
                - Escape
    INTEL: 1. Guns and shooting in outdoor areas don't make Rednecks panic.
           2. The water is home to alligators.
           3. The Priest rings the Wedding Bell to announce the ceremony.
           4. The Father's recently deceased brother is buried at the family
           5. The Groom can't keep himself away from the whipped cream on the
              wedding cake.
    Once you start the mission, head down the walkway and make your way to the
    large outside area. You should see a drunk person who's releasing the contents
    of his stomach onto the grass. Wait until he enters the shack nearby and 
    falls asleep, then take his clothes and party invitation. Now head into the
    Head around the corner to the left of the stairs and into the restroom
    (there's a sign outside this door that says "Washrooms"). Stand outside the
    door on the left-hand side.
    There's a guard roaming around in this room. Make sure he won't see you once
    you've picked the lock of the door, then pick the lock, enter the area when
    the guard's back is turned to you, sedate the guard, drag the guard's body
    into the nearby single-person restroom, and then take the guard's clothes.
    Kill the Groom
    ---> Method 1
    Head all the way up to the attic from the flight of stairs right where you
    sedate the guard.
    Now check your map. Plant a bomb at the Point of Interest that's farthest to
    the left of the map. 
    In the reception room, the Groom will play a few notes on the piano trying to
    gain some attention. Then is the time to detonate the bomb.
    ---> Method 2
    Head around the corner to the right of the stairwell you saw once you entered
    the mansion. Enter the door ahead (there will be a sign that says "Private"
    next to it) into the kitchen. Then, when no one's around, poison the cake.
    The Groom will take a lick from it, and... well, you know.
    ---> Method 3
    If you have a rifle, you can head over to the westernmost side of the mansion
    (it's the oval-shaped area where all the plants are). Head up one of the 
    spiral staircases, and look out the window where you can see the chapel
    (where the ceremony is taking place). Once you have the groom's skull in
    clear view, look through your rifle's scope and pull its trigger.
    Kill the Bride's father
    It's time to kill Pappy, the pappy of the Bride.
    ---> Method 1
    Wait for Pappy to go into a room upstairs to watch television, then fiber wire
    him. Drag his body into a corner, and you're done.
    ---> Method 2
    Wait for Pappy to head to the graveyard. He'll stand by an open grave; push
    him in, and you've just created another accident.
    ---> Method 3
    You could also push Pappy into the water while he's feeding his gators - just
    make sure you're not being watched.
    Hint: If you stand and watch for a while, you'll see Pappy being eaten by some
    type of amphibious animal.
    ---> Method 4
    Take the route as in Method 3 to kill the Groom, but look through the window
    that lets you see the graveyard. Wait for Pappy to stand by the open grave,
    then snipe him from afar.
    ---> Method 5
    ** Method from Daron H. (adapted): **
    Head over to the attic (route described in Method 1 of "Kill the Groom"), and
    place a bomb at the Point of Interest that's at the southern part of the room.
    Go back to where you first entered the mansion, and wait for Pappy to walk up
    the stairs. Once he does, detonate the bomb and the chandelier will come
    crashing down on top of him.
    Once your targets have been eliminated, change back into your suit and head
    back to where you started the level. Hop into the water vessel, and you've
    just bought yourself a ticket to Las Vegas.
    Alternate/very quick method of completing the mission
    ** John J. writes: **
    "Here's a very [quick] way to get through the level 'Till Death Do Us Part.'
    I don’t know if this will work every time, but when I tried it the targets’
    routine timing is always the same (when I restart mission). This mission can
    be [finished] in about four minutes, and you won't need a disguise. Just grab
    that drunk guy’s party invitation at the beginning, run towards and into the
    main house, pull out your map and wait till the kitchen area is clear, then
    enter and poison the cake. Then quickly run out of the house to the backyard
    and run to the Guard Quarters (by the graveyard). Right as you get on the
    wooden walkway you should see a bucket of chicken sitting there, which Pappy
    will pick up later. Place a bomb in the bucket and find a place to hang out
    until Pappy walks out of the house and picks up the bucket. [When he does],
    detonate the mine and say goodbye to Pappy. All you have to do now is run back
    to where you started. The Groom should have eaten the cake by then; if not,
    just wait next to the boat for the cut-scene showing [him dying]. Then hit X 
    and escape.
    1 body found, but still got a Silent Assassin rating, 0 Notoriety."
    A very clever method. Placing a mine in the bucket is genius, and definitely
    is a satisfying way to kill Pappy.
    Fun way to complete the mission
    ** Jason A. [The Stain] writes: **
    "Bring the sniper rifle with you.  Get the party invitation from the drunk guy
    in the beginning, and then walk over to the left-side window in the same
    building that he has passed out in. Watch the house, and after a moment, you
    will see the groom come out and stand right by the dance floor and fire his
    gun into the air.  Snipe him while he's standing there, then drop the sniper
    rifle and run to the house.  Go through the house, being as quick as you can
    without raising suspicions, and go to the graveyard.  If you are quick enough
    getting there, Pappy will be standing right by the grave at this point and you
    can shove him in.  Then just run back to the beginning and get away."
    Very nice method. I wasn't able to get to the graveyard without being seen,
    but there are numerous ways to kill Pappy anyway.
    Alternate method of completing the mission (priest's suit)
    ** Steven G. writes: **
    "Basically, I've found a way of completing the mission as the priest, 
    something not mentioned in the walkthrough. At the start of the mission I
    took the drunk guy's clothes and invitation. I then went out to the place
    where Pappy feeds the alligators. I pushed most of the guards into the
    water, syringed one and took his clothes. Then when Pappy came out I poison
    syringed him.
    Then I went back into the house, to the main dining room. The
    priest wanders about, then leaves. If you follow him he goes into a small
    room with a closet in it. I syringed him, put him in the closet and took his
    clothes, Bible and boat key. Then I went outside to the front and rang the
    bell. Then everyone goes to the wedding pavilion thing.
    [Go to the wedding pavilion] once everyone's there and you have an action
    called "Begin wedding ceremony" or something, and you have a cut-scene of
    yourself conducting the ceremony, which is pretty cool. Then everyone turns
    around and the guests start shooting in the air. After a while they all walk
    back to the house, but the groom walks a bit slower. I just poison syringed
    him, and nobody noticed - nobody turns around. I just ran over to the boat
    and completed the mission. I think there's probably a way of blowing [the
    groom] up as you can put a mine in the Bible, but I'm not sure how it would
    work. I got a Professional rating for the mission, only because one of the
    guards saw me pushing another guard into the water (so I had one witness)."
    Dress up as the priest, eh? Who knew? Very clever. And I'd like to see a 
    strategy for placing a mine in the Bible - that'd be something to see.
    Another disguise you can nab and a level walkthrough
    ** Klovne J. [K-jap] writes: **
    "For an easy Silent Assassin on "Till Death Do Us Part," do the following:
    Take the drunken guy's clothes and invitation as soon as he's passed out. Then
    run to the main entrance of the plantation building. Once inside, go straight
    to the main living room (the one with the piano and plenty of wedding guests)
    and enter the narrow door on your left: you'll be outside on some kind of
    veranda where one guard (gang member) sits on a chair. Walk up behind his
    chair and wait for ol' man pappy to come out. He'll walk over to the guard
    shack and pick up a bucket of guts (or whatever it is) for the gators.
    Wait until he's picked it up and has started walking away. The guard in front
    of you will now have gotten up from his seat to take a smoke. Wait until he's
    back in his chair (just stand right behind it, he won't mind you at all), then
    pull out your poison syringe. Poison the SOB, then quickly put on his garb.
    Then run to the family graveyard. Ol' pappy will be standing in front of his
    brother's open (strange ain't it?) grave. Push him into it. No one will
    Then run quickly back to the kitchen (the easiest way is to run back to where
    you exited from the main living room; DON'T enter the main doors, but keep on
    going around the building until you reach a set of open windows, then jump
    into the kitchen through one of 'em). Pull out your syringe again, and poison
    the wedding cake. Wearing your guard outfit you can simply wait in the kitchen
    until the groom enters to have a taste of the whipped cream. When he chokes,
    grab his body, drag it to the container and dispose of it. Then get the hell
    out (I used the exit which is identical with your point of entry). Swift and
    easy. NOTE: I tried to merely tranquilize the sitting guard, but then got a
    "Hitman" rating on account of - presumably - that guy being counted as a
    "witness." But when I gave him a dose of the lethal stuff, I got Silent
    Assassin sure as you please."
    Swift and easy - agreed.
    Complete the mission without entering the house!
    ** thailine writes: **
    "Run to where the vomiting drunk passes out. Assemble your rifle and drop it
    before the drunk arrives. The second the drunk passes out (when the options of
    suiting him and getting the invitation appear) pick up your rifle and
    head-shot the groom as he re-enters the house. You'll be making the shot to
    the right (facing out) of the shack's entryway. You have to time the shot so
    the front doors remain open because his corpse keeps them from closing. *As
    soon as you make the shot* (i.e. while reloading), move to your right and out
    of sight. Pack up your rifle. Move to the left (facing out) of the entrance to
    the shack. From a squat, you'll be able to see the groom's body through a
    bush. As Pappi is re-entering the house from the cemetery, squat and
    reassemble your weapon. When Pappi sees the groom's body, he'll run to it.
    Stand up (or your shot will be blocked by the bush), head-shot Pappi, and
    immediately squat (as you are reloading). The bride will probably have some of
    Pappi's blood on her since she's come back to shed more croc tears over her
    ex's corpse. Pack up. Head out.
    2 kills
    2 shots fired
    2 shots hit
    2 head shots
    2 bodies found
    0 everything else
    Normal: Silent Assassin
    Expert: Professional (I assume it's the 2 bodies found part)
    The rating on Professional is disheartening but there's something
    poetic about dropping both of them on each other and on their own
    Agreed in full - an ingenious method.
    [2.10]                    MISSION 09: A HOUSE OF CARDS
    Welcome to Las Vegas. This time, you'll be staying at the Shamal Hotel, home
    to tight security and clever vantage points you can perch upon to instantly
    send rifle bullets to your friends.
    OBJECTIVES: - Kill Sheikh Al-Khalifa
                - Kill the scientist
                - Kill Hendrik Schmutz
                - Escape
    OPTIONAL OBJECTIVE: - Steal diamonds
    INTEL: 1. It would be wise to check in at the reception as one of the first
              things you do at the Casino.
           2. Security is very tight in high profile casinos, so staff have
              keycards which only provide access to the floors they work on.
           3. As requested, we have left an Agency Pickup in your hotel room,
           4. The casino has strict fire-safety procedures. Easily accessible fire
              alarms are located on the top floors.
           5. It's important to find good vantage points. Room balconies may
              provide this.
           6. The VIP Lounge has been reserved all day by the Sheikh - only
              waiters are allowed in this area.
           7. There is no cell phone coverage inside the casino to prevent
              cheating. Anyone receiving a call has to step outside.
           8. The items used in the trade are carried around in an ordinary
              looking suitcase so they don't catch too much attention.
    Head inside the Shamal Hotel, and make your way to the reception desk. Pick
    up your keycard from the receptionist. Now, head up the stairs nearby.
    Kill the scientist
    ---> Method 1
    You might find this to be the easiest and most stress-free way to eliminate
    the scientist. Also, it makes it very easy to get the diamonds case.
    Go into the elevator on the left and climb the hatch when you're alone. After
    a while, Schmutz will enter the elevator; strangle him when he's by himself,
    then take his keycard and the diamonds briefcase if you want (you can come
    back for it later if you leave it in the hatch).
    ---> Method 2
    Spare the scientist's life for the time being and let him get to his room.
    While you're waiting for him to get there, head up to the seventh floor. There
    are a few locations you can snipe your target from:
    --------> Method A
    Go to your room, then snipe the scientist from your balcony when he arrives
    in his room on the eighth floor (more precisely, the bedroom in his room).
    Note: I wouldn't recommend Method A, as it's too easy for the scientist to
    see you (and then he'll alert the guards).
    --------> Method B
    The preferable location to snipe the scientist from is from Hendrik Schmutz's
    room. However, to do that, you'll need Schmutz's keycard, and to get that,
    you'll need to eliminate Schmutz himself (see "Kill Hendrik Schmutz" below if
    you need help with this).
    Alternatively, you can head to the seventh floor balcony (it's by the Guard
    Quarters on your map), sedate the casino staff member, take his keycard, then
    throw his body over the rail. (Make sure no guard is roaming around your area
    while you're pulling this off.) Now you have access to any room on the seventh
    floor, including Schmutz's.
    Once you're in Schmutz's room, take out your sniper rifle, open the door to
    the balcony, then snipe the scientist once he's in his bedroom.
    ----------> Note for Method 2:
    Believe it or not, you can still retrieve the diamonds briefcase after sniping
    the Scientist. Here's how:
    ** FlyingDewDew writes: **
    "You can go to the balcony on the seventh behind the lifts, sedate/kill the
    hotel employee, and climb the trellis to the eighth. Once on the eighth
    floor, there's a hotel employee sitting in a room who can be sedated/killed to
    get a keycard from.  The room is the one 'Staff Only' room to the right of the
    lifts as you come out of them."
    Very sleek. (You don't absolutely have to do anything to the hotel employee
    on the 7th floor, but I have to admit that it *is* fun pushing him off the
    ----------> Another note for Method 2:
    There's another way to get to the Scientist's room (and to kill the
    [You can get to the eighth floor by climbing the trellis from the seventh
    floor (as explained above).]
    ** Peter M. writes: **
    "To get into the Scientist's room without a card is a little more involved.
    You need to set off a fire alarm. It's best to use one situated on the central
    block with the elevators because time is important. Once the alarm goes off
    everyone will congregate in front of the elevators. Use this time to get out
    the window [the right-hand window of the two windows opposite the elevators
    --Ed.] and follow the ledge to the Scientist's room. (The reason you need to
    set the alarm off is because there is a guy watching TV in one of the rooms
    and one of the Scientist's guards is looking right at the ledge you use.)
    Once you've killed the Scientist by whatever means you choose you'll need to
    sedate the guard in the next room to escape. Sneak up on him through the
    bathroom, then hop out onto the ledge. I don't know how to get past the guy
    watching TV again. Maybe he walks away at some point."
    Sneaky sneaky. You can get past the man watching television by entering his
    room, going through the bathroom, then sneaking out right behind his back.
    An fun little challenge for stealth junkies.
    Kill Hendrik Schmutz
    ---> Method 1
    Note: Schmutz won't show up to participate in this method until about six
    minutes after the start of the mission, so you'll probably have to do some
    Go up the stairs to the elevators, and enter the elevator on the right. Climb
    up the hatch when you're alone. Strangle Schmutz once he's by himself in the
    elevator, then take his keycard (and his clothes if you need to, depending on
    which route you want to take to kill the Sheik).
    ---> Method 2
    Wait in Schmutz's room (by getting the casino staff keycard; method described
    in Method 2B of "Kill the scientist"), then kill him when he arrives.
    A good way to pull this off is to wait in the bathroom, and as he's walking to
    the balcony, run up behind him and fiber wire (or poison) him. Whatever you
    do, don't kill him on the balcony - there is going to be a high chance of you
    being seen by those pesky civilians.
    ---> Method 3
    Head over to the Point of Interest on this floor. Start a cut-scene with the
    drunk woman in this area, and she'll invite you into her room.
    Of course, you'll oblige her, right? Watch her perform a dance for you (one
    that's *supposed* to be erotic), and she'll eventually keel over and fall
    Now, once Schmutz arrives in his room, bust out your sniper rifle and snipe
    him from the balcony. 
    ---> Method 4
    You could also snipe Schmutz from your balcony. Just be careful not to be
    seen hanging around with that big gun of yours.
    ---> Method 5
    Since Schmutz is tasked with getting the DNA briefcase to the Sheik, simply
    get into Schmutz's room with the casino staff member's keycard and plant a
    bomb in the briefcase. Then blow the case up when your two targets meet up.
    Note: It'll be a while before the meeting between your two targets takes
    ---> Method 6
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "Simply wait until [Schmutz] goes to the bathroom and kill him in the stall."
    Perfectly possible. Naturally, make sure nobody sees you doing this.
    ---> Method 7
    ** Method by Josh G. [adapted]: **
    Take Schmutz as a human shield in his room, then knock him out and throw his
    body over the balcony.
    ----------> Note:
    You can get to Schmutz's room without a keycard:
    ** Peter M. writes: **
    "From the balcony on the seventh floor [opposite the elevators --Ed.] you can
    get across to Hendrik's room by using the ledge [travel east --Ed.]. When I do
    it the hotel guy having a smoke outside doesn't see me - just watch out for a
    cop patrolling inside. When you get to the other side of the ledge you'll be
    on the balcony of another room full of people playing cards. When I play it
    through you can just walk straight past the window and jump to Hendrik's
    balcony without being seen."
    Gotta love those ledges.
    Kill Sheikh Al-Khalifa
    ---> Method 1
    [See Method 5 of "Kill Hendrik Schmutz"]
    ---> Method 2
    Dress up as Hendrik Schmutz, get your hands on the DNA briefcase, and then
    plant a bomb in the briefcase. Meet with the Sheik (he'll be in the "Lounge"
    area of the casino floor), give him the briefcase, then blow the case up
    (taking the Sheik along for the ride) once you're a safe distance away.
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "If you bring the DNA briefcase to the Sheik in YOUR clothes he will still
    think that you are Schmutz. No need to ever change into his clothes that I can
    And if you don't want the explosion and you don't want his body found instead
    of blowing him up quickly run behind him after the cut-scene and poison
    syringe him. It works very well."
    Good advice on both counts, and the assassination method is smooth and clean
    fun. The only thing I would add is that after the cut-scene, you should sneak
    behind the Sheik immediately. If you wait around for a while, another
    cut-scene will ensue with the Sheik and 47 conversing, and then the Sheik will
    sit back down.
    ** Jason A. [The Stain] writes: **
    "An alternate way to kill the Sheik is to put an RU-AP mine in the briefcase -
    but instead of walking in there and triggering the cut-scene, you stand a
    little to the left of the two guards who are guarding the entrance to the
    Sheik's private area, and just throw the briefcase up over the wall into his
    area. Then you can walk away and trigger the bomb. This way, you don't have to
    get searched and give up your weapons."
    Tossing briefcases - always a good thing.
    ---> Method 3
    Apparently, we love to blow up our targets. Case in point:
    ** Soulhunger writes: **
    "There are bathrooms near the bar in the casino, and a room behind them with a
    Point of Interest. Go into the bathrooms, and, when nobody's looking, pick
    the lock and continue into the next room.
    In this room, there should be a box on the left, and a door straight to the
    right that leads into a staff-only area. A waiter comes into here through
    that door, so hide by it, and sedate/kill/punch him, steal his clothes, and
    stuff him into that box. The clothes will let you into the lounge that the 
    Sheik is in.
    In the lounge, there are three dining areas, separated by walls. Sheikh
    Al-Khalifa and his guards are only in one. So go into the middle one, where
    nobody's at, and make sure you're out of sight of the two guards at the
    lounge entrance. From this middle section of the lounge, hidden from guards,
    toss a bomb over into Al-Khalifa's area with L3, get to a safe/hidden place
    within detonation range (I stayed in the lounge, but in the furthest dining
    section), and spoil his party with an explosion.
    This suit also allows you into the area where the videotape is located."
    Nice method - tossing mines is also a good thing.
    ---> Method 4
    You'll need a keycard for the eighth floor to pull this method off.
    First, get your paws on Hendrik Schmutz's outfit, as well as the DNA
    briefcase.  Now make your way to the scientist's room (803). On the way there,
    you should see a fire alarm. Pull it, and the guards near room 803 will 
    scramble away. Now enter the scientist's room and go into the bedroom. On the
    table, there is a cell phone - choose the option to "Redial Sheik." You should
    see a split screen showing the Sheik picking up his phone. If not, choose the
    option a few more times.
    Once you do so, make your way to the Sheik's location. As you're being
    frisked, take a look straight in front of you. See those double doors with
    a sign above them that says "Exit"? Head through those, being careful not to
    let a guard see you enter. Now it's just a matter of catching the Sheik
    while his back is turned to you and fiber wiring him. Easy, right?
    ---> Method 5
    There's something else you can do with the scientist's cell phone. Again,
    ring up the Sheik. This time, however, head down to your room and walk out
    onto the balcony.
    To the right, you can climb over the rail to get to a convenient platform that
    just so happens to be a prime position for sniping the Sheik. Once the Sheik
    stops outside to talk on his phone, send a bullet down with his name on it.
    ---> Method 6
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "Ring the phone in [the Scientist's] room and run FAST to the [area where you
    hand off the] DNA briefcase. Get searched and RUN to the back and upstairs.
    The Sheik should be on his way back. Sneak behind him and push him down the
    ---> Method 7
    ** Daron H. writes: **
    "In A House of Cards, you can get the diamonds in the meeting with the Sheik,
    although probably not with an SA rating. First off, I had sniped both of my
    other targets in their rooms. Then I put a mine in the DNA briefcase (from
    Schmutz's room --Ed.), and headed to the meeting with it. I went and saw the
    Sheik, and he said whatever he says about having to have it checked out.
    Anyway, one of his guys eventually showed up with the diamonds, and took the
    DNA case. I was a bit confused at this point, and didn't really know what to
    do, so I just detonated the bomb. The case happened to be in that hallway near
    the bathrooms (I had the long range detonator). That probably isn't the best
    place to detonate the bomb, since it creates a giant blockage in there with
    all the people checking out the noise, and I think you have to exit that way
    to avoid the cameras. Anyway, the Sheik's guards ran off to see what happened,
    leaving him alone and frightened. I consoled him by fiber-wiring him, and
    strolled out with the diamonds.
    Oddly, just as I reached the exit door, the guards started shooting at me.
    Maybe they had gone back to check on the Sheik and realized I killed him, or
    recognized the briefcase? I don't know, but I took my time getting out
    avoiding the cameras and trying not to spook anyone by running, so it's
    probably possible to avoid getting shot at if you hurry, especially if you've
    stolen the tape."
    Pick up the diamonds briefcase if you killed the scientist in the elevator, 
    and change back into your suit if you decided to have a change of outfits.
    If you happened to get yourself caught by a video camera, you can steal the
    tape in the security office on the first floor (where the Point of Interest)
    is. You'll have to get a staff disguise, though, or sedate the guard in the
    office and scram for the exit as fast as you can before he's found
    If you didn't get caught on camera, that's great. Now scram for the exit, and
    then hop in the limousine to leave this shell-shocked casino in the dust.
    [2.11]                 MISSION 10: A DANCE WITH THE DEVIL
    This is a pretty straightforward mission, but it's just bubbling with style.
    OBJECTIVES: - Kill Anthony Martinez
                - Kill Vaana Ketlyn
                - Retrieve information
                - Kill Eve
                - Kill Maynard John
                - Escape
    INTEL: 1. Trailers arrived earlier with decorations for the parties.
           2. Information about who is trying to kill you might be found on a 
              laptop on the top floor.
           3. Don't go for a swim in the shark tanks at the Hell Party.
           4. Be careful playing with pyrotechnics - they could kill someone.
           5. Bartenders are usually well informed.
           6. Look out for the singer at the Heaven Party. Looks can be deceiving.
           7. The devil is never to be trusted.
           8. There is a food elevator which might be used to transport more than
              just food.
    Head into the lobby up ahead (the parking structure is off-limits to you at
    the moment), and talk to the receptionist at the desk. Once the cut-scene is
    finished, the guard will start walking to another area.
    ---> Disguise 1
    Follow the guard, and when he stops, sedate him and take his clothes.
    You don't have to get this outfit, but doing so will make your life a lot
    If you don't want to take the guard's outfit, you could also head directly
    into the door you should see if you start looking to the right (when the guard
    has left the lobby). However, you'll need to do some sneaking around, and that
    might have you restart the mission a few times.
    ---> Disguise 2
    Once you hit the double doors leading into the parking structure (they're at
    the bottom of the stairs), check your map. There should be a guard walking
    around near where you are. Wait until he starts walking to the north, then
    go through the doors, sneak up behind him, sedate him when he stops, and take
    his clothes.
    ---> Method 3
    Once the guard around your area starts walking north, open the door and look
    to your right. Hide behind that dumpster over there, and when the guard
    walks through the doors you just came out of, start heading north. Go down
    the stairs when the guard who's walking around here starts walking with his
    back to you, then follow him. Now veer off to the right side and hide behind
    the blue van.
    Once the guard's cigarette break is over, he'll start walking west. When the
    coast is clear, start heading east.
    ---> Method 4
    There's a way you can get to a costume by going through the parking garage:
    ** Nick K. writes: **
    "You can avoid being seen at all on CCTV by using a silenced pistol to take
    out the camera that overlooks the entrance to the carpark. This will also
    cause the two guards there to come out and investigate, and you can sneak past
    them when they’re on their way back in. If you wait a while at the beginning
    before doing this, you can time things so that the guards in the carpark
    itself don’t see you, and you can sneak along the far wall to get the Heaven
    Party costume. You can also distract the guards at the entrance by throwing a
    coin just inside their door."
    Now THAT'S some satisfying stealth play.
    ===>>> Whichever method you choose:
    Get to the Point of Interest that's farthest to the right on your map. There's
    a Heaven Party guest suit there - change into it. Now head over to the
    If you don't mind giving up your weapons, enter the elevator on the right
    after being frisked by the guard. But if you want to keep your goods, head
    around the corner - you can pick the lock on the door to get on top of the
    elevator and drop down from the hatch. All you have to do first is sedate the
    guard standing around.
    ---> Note:
    There's also someone in a Hell Party suit around this area. You could also
    sedate him and take his clothes, but just make sure you can hide his body in
    the dumpster nearby before a guard catches you in the act.
    It's more convenient to nab the Heaven Party guest suit first, however. Doing
    so will result in a more fluid unfolding of events.
    Kill Eve
    Once you've taken the elevator up to the Heaven Party, head straight through
    the double doors onto the dance floor. Stand by the stage up ahead. In a
    moment, it will be occupied by a singer - who just so happens to be one of
    your targets you don't know about as of yet.
    After Eve completely trashes the song (there's a much cleaner version of the
    song in the end credits), meet up with her once she walks out from the "Staff
    Only" section. She'll invite you to the restricted area of this floor for a
    little something-something - follow her. 
    Eve will stop once she enters the room she lead you to - now (and now only) is
    your chance to kill her from behind. Wait a few seconds longer, and you'll be
    turned into minced meat. Try it for yourself... but save your game first.
    Alternate method of killing Eve
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "Once [you're] at the Heaven Party go upstairs to the lighting area above the
    party. When Eve is on stage and the guards patrolling around you are not
    looking, take out your sniper and shoot her. Tested and works."
    You could also use the weapon found in the room described in the last 
    paragraph of "Kill Eve."
    Retrieve information
    Once you've taken care of Eve, hide her body behind the desk up ahead, then
    check the laptop nearby. Now you'll acquire your other target: Maynard John.
    Pick up the rifle case if you wish (there's a Dragunov sniper rifle in there),
    then head to the elevator.
    Kill Anthony Martinez
    When you're alone in the elevator, climb up the hatch. Wait for Martinez to
    enter the elevator, then strangle him once the door closes for another easy
    kill. Take his clothes, and now you have free access to both parties.
    It's important that you don't lose any of your health in this mission (you'll
    see why later), so wait until the elevator stops, then drop down. You'll
    avoid losing any of your life that way. 
    Take the CIA agent's rifle case if you wish (the FN-2000 rifle might be of 
    greater assistance later on), exit the elevator, then head to the basement
    from the other elevator.
    Alternate method of killing Anthony Martinez
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "Go to the bathroom at the north end of the Heaven Party and wait behind the
    door. The CIA Agent will come in to go to the bathroom. Sneak behind and
    strangle him... then quickly jam the body to the back of the stall and shut
    the stall door. No one else used this stall."
    Kill Vaana Ketlyn
    Ketlyn will be walking around the Hell Party dance floor, and that will give
    you a few ways to kill her.
    ---> Method 1
    If you meet Ketlyn in the CIA agent's suit, she'll invite you into a private
    room - once you're alone with her, fiber wire her from behind.
    ---> Method 2
    Head over to the back area of the floor (in the southeastern part of the map).
    There's a control board that has the option "Rig pyroshow." Choose it. Now all
    you have to do is head over to the dance floor, then sit back and watch as
    something happens to Ketlyn. You can see the finale by standing by the shark
    Kill Maynard John
    Now head over to the bar, and talk to the person in the devil costume - who
    isn't a bartender. He's your last target, and he's begging you to take him out
    by challenging you to a duel. He'll invite you into the Torture Room - follow
    After the cut-scene, pick up the weapons on the table, and unpack your rifle
    if you took Martinez's rifle case. Now go hunt down the world's second-best
    John will be in the middle of the room. You don't have to face him head-on,
    though - all you have to do is locate him from behind a gate and mow him down
    with your rifle. 
    Once John is lying dead, pick up the Storage Key from him and exit the Torture
    Chamber as the world's best assassin. 
    Cleaning up the evidence
    Chances are that you were seen on CCTV, so it's best that you get your hands
    on the tape. Change back into the security guard outfit, then head to the
    Point of Interest that's farthest to the bottom of your map. Snatch the tape,
    then head back to where you first changed out of your suit.
    Once you've changed back into your suit, head to the exit in the parking
    structure (if you need help with that, the method is explained in Method 3
    of "Disguise."
    Hop in the blue van, and enjoy the ensuing cut-scene.
    [2.12]                      MISSION 11: AMENDMENT XXV
    Welcome to the White House - and your last mission.
    OBJECTIVES: - Kill Mark Parchezzi III
                - Kill the Vice President
                - Escape
    INTEL: 1. The guards here will open fire if weapons are detected by the metal
           2. Any confiscated weapons at the museum entrance will be stored away
              by security.
           3. The White House is surrounded by an iron gate - which varies in
           4. Guards will respond if the laser alarm system in the Museum is
           5. The First Lady has a dog, which is regularly taken out for a walk in
              the backyard.
           6. The Oval Office has been the setting for many historical meetings.
           7. Carpenters working in the main building have put up scaffolds for
              renovation purposes.
    ---> Disguise 1
    This is a method with a little pizzazz (and it'll set off a little commotion).
    Once you start the mission, enter the East Wing, put your rifle case on the
    conveyor, then walk through the metal detector. Now head to the Point of 
    Interest that's farthest to the bottom of your map. There will be a glass
    display case here, which is guarded by security lasers. Throw your briefcase
    into it (stand next to the display case, press L3, then release after a few
    seconds), and the alarm will sound. A flurry of guards will come running into
    the museum - now's your chance to get into the restricted area of the building
    (which is roped off).
    ** Nick K. writes: **
    "Another way of activating the alarm is to sneak up behind the woman intent on
    studying the items covered by lasers, and pushing her from behind. Be careful
    not to be seen, though, or the guards will open fire. If you get away with
    pushing her and hang around, when the guards help her back up she’s insistent
    that someone pushed her - but it’s obvious the guards don’t believe that."
    Now you can get to the staff restroom (it's a square-shaped room by the Point
    of Interest that's farthest to the left of your map). Sedate the staff member
    who's taking a shower, then take the clothes on the bench.
    ---> Disguise 2
    If you want to go directly for a guard outfit, take the same route as in
    Disguise 1, but head to the "Stairs" icon on your map. Outside, there's a
    guard walking around - sedate him and take his clothes.
    ---> Disguise 3
    If, however, you don't want to make a big fuss, head into the roped-off area
    (don't worry, you won't be stopped as long as you don't enter the staff area)
    and make a left into the restroom. Now wait until a staff member walks in,
    then sedate him and take his clothes.
    ===>>> Whichever disguise you choose:
    Head to the Point of Interest that's farthest to the left of your map. Take
    the Main Building keycard, steal the video tape nearby, then head over to the
    "Stairs" icon on your map.
    ---> Disguise 4
    ** Andre G. writes: **
    "I found another nice way to get into the White House that worked pretty well
    for me.
    I placed my Silverballers behind the bus left-hand from the exit point near
    that tree (you can get there by heading straight to the other side of the area
    --Ed.). The guard patrolling will see the weapon and try to collect it, [when]
    you can just sedate him. The other guard won't see it. Even if the guard does
    not see the weapon and walks back, the other will already be in position again
    so you can also sedate him and drag him behind the bus without the other guard
    seeing that. Tried both two times and it worked [both times]. This way you
    have a guardsman outfit without causing any trouble in the White House plus
    you can bring along all weapons you want. But even as a guard you'll still
    have to put the rifle case on the [conveyor]."
    This sounds like a great method, but I wasn't able to pull it off on my copy
    of the game. Instead, this is what worked for me (based on Andre's method):
    In my testing, both of the guards already walked back to the White House
    entrance before I could use the Silverballers trick. So, I threw a coin near
    where the guard on the right was standing, and the guard walked out a few
    feet. Once he did so, I sedated him (strangely, the other guard didn't take
    any notice to this), dragged his body behind the tour bus, and took his
    ** Andre G. replies: **
    "Just read the update. I might know why my method did not work for you. When
    you start the level both guards start walking back to their positions. You
    have to wait till they start moving again. [This] takes a few minutes. [I]
    think I waited for two or three minutes till they went on the next patrol
    round. I don't know if their patrol [rounds are] linked to any script (like
    entering the building or something), but they definitely start to walk their
    paths again."
    OK, that didn't work for me either. *But* - I did find out that the guards
    start on their patrol routes if you run around them right in their faces.
    Then you can nab one of them while he's far away from his buddy.
    Smuggling the Silverballers
    Of course, you don't absolutely need your Silverballers to pull this mission
    off, but there are ways to bring them into the White House if you so desire.
    ** Chris F. [redhotchilypepper] writes: **
    "After reading the section for Amendment XXV in your FAQ for Hitman 4 I
    discovered a rather nifty way to smuggle your Silverballers into the White
    House. I have not had the time, though, to make out if there was any
    significance to this trick. Anyway...
    At the start of the mission, when the passenger puts her briefcase down (there
    will be a woman stopping for a break behind the tour bus you start the mission
    by --Ed.), steal it, and hide the Ballers in it. Then go to the right gate 
    (to the right of the White House) and THROW the briefcase over the fence
    (by the ICA container, and you can throw the case by pressing L3, holding the
    button for a while, then releasing the button --Ed.). Then pick it up later."
    This is an excellent way to get your Silverballers into the White House, when
    you can pull off some easy kills with them.
    During my testing of this method, a guard on patrol outside actually found the
    briefcase and took it to the Guard Quarters (a yellow star with an "S" on it).
    I then made my way to that location (after picking up a disguise) and
    retrieved my guns.
    Chris' method gave me another idea to get your Silverballers into the White
    Again, wait for the woman to put down her briefcase, but this time don't steal
    it - just place your Silverballers in. Now enter the building and walk through
    the metal detectors. In a while, the woman from the start of the level will 
    put her briefcase on the conveyor and walk through the detectors. She'll
    freak out once she's stopped, and her briefcase will be taken to the Guard
    Quarters. The woman will be whisked away for questioning, but all you have to
    do is get a disguise and retrieve your Silverballers from the Guard Quarters.
    Smuggling the Silverballers and the rifle
    ** Chris M. writes: **
    "I was just messing around with the White House level and stumbled upon a
    good way to get your Silverballers and your rifle in pretty easily. Go to the
    front of the tour bus and drop a mine there. When the lady drops her suitcase
    behind the bus put the Silverballers in it and make sure you have the
    undetectable rifle case and put it on the belt and walkthrough.
    Wait around in the lobby till the lady with your guns walks through. Just as
    soon as her case is put on the belt, detonate the mine in front of the bus.
    This will cause the guards to forget about the guns in the case. Put down your
    rifle case and pick up the briefcase with the Silverballers in it. A guard
    will pick up your rifle case and take it to the security office. Just go to
    the bathroom and wait till the staff member arrives, sedate him, and take his
    clothes. Then just go pick up the rifle case from the security office. There
    shouldn't be anyone in there because they should all be distracted by the
    Everyone loves an explosion - and it works perfectly here.
    You're going to have to ditch your current outfit in favor of one of a Secret
    Serviceman. Changing into a sleek Secret Service outfit will give you access
    to the West Wing.
    ---> Method 1
    If you have a guard outfit, use your keycard to get through the double doors
    at the end of the hallway. Keep going, and you'll eventually enter the Main
    Building. Now head up the next flight of stairs, and you'll be on the second
    floor of the Main Building.
    Go through the double doors, then look to the right. Head through the double
    doors at the end of the area, then make a left through the single door. You
    should see an open window around here - climb through it when you're alone.
    Then climb down the scaffolding.
    ---> Method 2
    If you didn't nab a guard outfit, head up the stairs and onto the roof.
    Look behind you once you're standing on the roof. See the ladder that leads
    up to the scaffolding? Climb up the ladder, but don't jump onto the platform
    yet - there should be two workers conversing with each other, and they'll
    panic if they see you.
    Check your map of the second floor of the Main Building. You have to time
    your movements correctly to make your way to the Point of Interest that's 
    farthest to the left of the map. Once you do, change into the carpenter's
    outfit that's on the table, climb through the window when the coast is clear,
    and then climb down the scaffolding.
    Kill the Vice President
    ---> Method 1
    Unpack your sniper rifle. When the Vice President comes out into the courtyard
    to take the First Lady's dog for a walk, put an end to him and his shady ways.
    ---> Method 2
    If you didn't bring a sniper rifle, you're going to have get right in the
    Veep's face. Right where you climb down the scaffolding, you can climb down
    the wall to the left. When your target is taking his little stroll around the
    courtyard, go up behind him and fiber wire him.
    Now scram - the First Lady's pesky dog is going to identify you to the guards
    as the killer if you don't get away. Climb back up to the roof.
    ---> Method 3
    If you don't want to get the Vice President in the courtyard, you can catch
    him alone in his office, when you can fiber wire him and no one will be any
    Join the Secret Service
    Unfortunately, your current outfit isn't going to cut it anymore - continue
    west until you hit a building. 
    A member of the Secret Service will periodically come outside to take a
    break - when he does, sedate him, take his clothes and keycard, then drag him
    around to the other side of the circular structure. Leave your rifle case here
    as well - you'll come back to it later.
    Kill Mark Parchezzi III
    Make your way to the first floor of the West Wing, then enter the Oval Office.
    A short cut-scene will ensue. Now make your way back up to the roof, and
    unpack your sniper rifle. 
    Parchezzi will be taking cover around the scaffolding - bring up your rifle,
    take careful aim, then pull the trigger.
    Again, if you don't have a sniper rifle, you'll have to confront Parchezzi
    up close. That could be dangerous, as his gun can deplete your health quickly
    if you're not careful. All you have to do to eliminate him, however, is just
    take out the MP5 that the Secret Service guard had and fire away.
    Alternate method of killing Mark Parchezzi III
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "When you are at the semi-circle after taking out the Secret Service agent go
    to the other side where there are pieces of wood and stuff (by the
    scaffolding --Ed.). [This is the area] where Parchezzi will hide later. Drop a
    bomb there.
    Go on with the mission and when it's time to face Parchezzi simply blow him
    up. It's quite amusing."
    Oh yes, it is.
    Alternate method of killing Mark Parchezzi III
    ** Farshid writes: **
    "There is a good way of wiping out the last assassin in the president's office
    (the last crow) without the need to fight with him face to face. Just disguise
    [yourself] as a [Secret Service] agent, [then] go the back door of the office.
    Don't enter the office; just place a mine there. Then exit the office and
    go to the windows of the office in the yard. When the crow sees you, he will
    leave the office fast and go to the back door. Detonate the bomb with the
    remote and the crow is toasted!"
    Toasted, indeed.
    Alternate method of killing Mark Parchezzi III
    ** Brandon R. writes: **
    "Before entering the Oval Office, get [into] first person view and take out
    your gun. Go in and as soon as the cut-scene ends, pull the trigger and you'll
    shoot him. The body will probably be found and you may be found too unless you
    use a silenced weapon."
    You'll need to pull the trigger instantaneously, but this works perfectly.
    It's a great way to avoid the rooftop shootout that will result if Parchezzi
    gets away.
    Kill two conspirators with one stone
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "You know the area where the VP walks the dog? Well later he meets there (the
    middle window of the Oval Office --Ed.) with Mark Parchezzi III. If you place
    or drop a bomb in the far corner and wait for them to meet, well... you know
    what to do. The bodies will be found and [your rating may be affected]."
    A great method to try out - it's quick, simple, and effective.
    Once you've completed your objectives, head back to where you first changed
    into another outfit and change back into your suit. Make sure you're not
    carrying any guns on you, then calmly walk through the metal detectors and
    leave the frenzied White House behind.
    [2.13]                              REQUIEM
    It seems as if 47 has taken his last breath - but he's only pretending to be
    just a memory. And it turns out that Diana isn't going to betray him after
    all, because what rests by 47's hands minutes before his cremation turns out
    not to be a bouquet of flowers, but a pair of handguns: the Silverballers.
    OBJECTIVE: - Leave no witnesses
    Once the credits start rolling, move the analog sticks around continuously
    until 47 gets up. 
    ---> Method 1
    Grab someone from behind for a human shield, then take your time and pull off
    headshot after headshot.
    ---> Method 2
    Run to the southeast, and take cover behind the wall-like structures. Now you
    won't be surrounded and can eliminate your targets as they chase you to their
    Once you've disposed of as many people as you can in the church, exit the
    building and start to make your way to the exit.
    ---> Method 3
    ** Charlie S. writes: **
    "Requiem can be pretty hard on the 'Pro' setting, but I found one fairly
    consistent way to beat it:
    Wiggle the analogs around till 47 gets up, run to the East (around the head
    end of the bed you were just on), go out the first opening to get outside and
    run right. You want to go in between the tree (on the left) and the building
    (on the right). You will likely be catching fire to the back already, but you
    can sort of use the tree for some cover as you run after you get past it.
    After you get to the graveyard, run down the hill and go into the building on
    your right (you just ran right past the roof of it as you went down the hill).
    Get in there and close the door. No one will come in here. Get the melee
    weapons if you want them. Two guards will come up to the front of the door
    (you can see them right through it). Bust open the door and pop caps in their
    heads. Then you can just wait there (guards will keep coming down for you to
    kill, until just the wheelchair guy and the two civilians are left). Go kill
    them, but be careful of the wheelchair guy (he's packing a custom 1911 and
    chances are your power is already down from running to the graveyard). 
    Note: If no one seems to be coming down to the graveyard to get you, go
    outside and do some shooting, then go back in and wait."
    This strategy greatly reduces the risk of you being killed - and you'll need
    all the advantages you can get for the Pro difficulty. Nice.
    Have some fun before you make your final exit
    ** Josh G. [expo030290] writes: **
    "To kill your last targets there are also some ruins marked on your map by a
    Point of Interest symbol. Inside are melee weapons, a kitchen knife, a shovel,
    a screwdriver, hedge clippers, and a silhouette. 
    When you have killed all of your targets with guns take these weapons and have
    fun. Personally I like to throw the screwdriver at their feet a few times and
    then put a kitchen knife between their eyes. 
    A personal challenge after you killed all the people at the church and the
    wheelchair guy has one guard or two left: Try to kill them all with the melee
    weapons. I've done it once. Sneak up and throw."
    The final stretch
    If some of your targets got away, they'll probably be waiting around the two
    parked cars at the bottom of the trail. If, however, you have killed most of
    your victims, the rest of your targets will run to the exit gate. They are
    trying to escape from you - but their efforts will be futile. Finish them off
    in whichever way pleases you most.
    Enjoy the cut-scenes at the closing of the level, and congratulations on 
    completing the game!
                                          * *
                                         *   *    
                                        * End *                              
                                         *   *
                                          * *
    [3.00]                           GAME MECHANICS
    ===| CONTROLS |======================================================== [3.01]
            |        X        | TAP: Carry out action                    |
            |                 | HOLD: View action list                   |
            |     Square      | TAP: Holster or unholster weapon         |
            |                 | HOLD: Open or close inventory            |
            |    Triangle     | Drop item; Exit; Cancel                  |
            |                 |                                          |
            |     Circle      | TAP: Pick up item                        |
            |                 | HOLD: Open pick-up list                  |
            |       L1        | Crouch; Sneak                            |
            |                 |                                          |
            |       L2        | Open map                                 |
            |                 |                                          |
            |       R1        | Fire; Use weapon; Close combat           |
            |                 |                                          |
            |       R2        | Reload                                   |
            |                 |                                          |
            |      Start      | Pause; Open pause menu                   |
            |                 |                                          |
            |      Select     | View objectives                          |
            |                 |                                          |
            |   Directional   | UP/DOWN: Zoom; scroll actions/items      |
            |                 | LEFT/RIGHT: Scroll maps/inventory        |
            |   Left Analog   | Move                                     |
            |                 |                                          |
            |   Right Analog  | Rotate camera                            |
            |                 |                                          |
            |    L3 (Press    | HOLD AND RELEASE: Throw                  |
            |  left analog)   |                                          |
            |    R3 (Press    | Use scope; Switch view mode              |
            |  right analog)  |                                          |
    ===| HEADS-UP DISPLAY |================================================ [3.02]
      |                                                                        |
      |        (T)    [1]                                [3]  W   N   E   S    |
      |                                                         ---------      |
      |             (C)                                             /\         |
      |                                                                        |
      |        (X)                      ( ! ) [2]                              |
      |                                                                        |
      |                                                                        |
      |                                                                        |
      |                                                                        |
      |                                   |                                    |
      |                                 -   - [4]                              |
      |                                   |                                    |
      |                                                                        |
      |                                                                        |
      |                                                                        |
      |                                                                        |
      |                                                                        |
      |   +-----------+                               +------------------+     |
      |   |           |                               |                  |     |
      |   |  [5] [6]  |                               |        [7]       |     |
      |   |           |                               |                  |     |
      |   |           |                               |                  |     |
      |   +-----------+                               +------------------+     |
      |                                                                        |
    [1] Commands
    The possible commands at hand will show up beside their respective buttons.
    [2] Interest symbol 
    When a special event is occurring that you should take notice of (maybe you
    got caught on CCTV, or a guard is doing something interesting), this symbol
    will pop up.
    [3] Compass
    This walkthrough occasionally refers to certain compass directions.
    [4] Crosshair
    When you have a weapon out, this will turn red as soon as it crosses over a
    [5] Health meter
    Don't let this run out!
    [6] Threat meter
    If this is empty, you're A-OK. But when it starts turning yellow or red,
    be cautious - it might be that the surrounding guards are very suspicious or
    you're in some kind of danger.
    [7] Current weapon
    If you have a weapon out, it will show up in this box, along with its ammo
    ===| RANKINGS |======================================================== [3.03]
    Here's a list of the various rankings you can attain in Hitman: Blood Money.
    I've included a few of my own results, but credit goes mainly out to Jeron and
    the various posters at the Hitman Forum
    (http://www.hitmanforum.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=31761 - link sent in
    by Josh G. [expo030290]).
    I was originally going to put question marks in the spaces where there isn't
    any information, but then I realized that there'd be way too many of them.
    Yep, there's still a lot of information left to be filled in, so any help
    would be appreciated (that's what I was getting at in the first place, heh).
    Since it's possible to get, say, slightly different money counts or
    Noise/Violence counts, I ***won't be accepting any corrections unless there
    are glaring errors***. But any new information is, of course, welcomed.
    If you'd like to send in some information, please let me know in your e-mail
    exactly how you got the ranking. For example, you might include the level you
    were playing on, what weapon you used, how many people you sedated/killed, 
    what kind of playing style you were using, etc. Basically, if your description
    is like a cooking recipe I can follow to duplicate your results, that'll be
                           | N : Noise           |
                           | V : Violence        |
                           | * : Special Ranking |
             RANKING            N/V     BONUS              REQUIREMENTS
    | Armed Madman          |   6/6   |   $0   | Kill armed individuals only, no |
    |                       |         |        | innocents; No stealth - go      |
    |                       |         |        | "Rambo" style                   |
    | Assailant             |         |        |                                 |
    | Assassin              |         |        |                                 |
    | Beelzebub*            |         |        |                                 |
    | Berserker             |         |        |                                 |
    | Cleaner               |  3-4/2  |  $15K  | Kill targets with bombs (a few  |
    |                       |         |        | innocents killed in process)    |
    | Clumsy Killer         |         |        |                                 |
    | Contract Killer       |   3/1   |        | Kill target with bomb (a few    |
    |                       |         |        | innocents killed in process);   |
    |                       |         |        | No covers blown; No witnesses;  |
    |                       |         |        | No bodies found                 |
    | Deranged Slayer       |   2/6+  |        | Kill many people; Let bodies be |
    |                       |         |        | found                           |
    | Dr. Death*            |   2/6+  | $100K  | Kill many people with poison    |
    |                       |         |        | syringes (need Infinite Ammo    |
    |                       |         |        | cheat)                          |
    | Electrocuter*         |         |        |                                 |
    | Eraser                |  1-2/4  |  $15K  | Shoot all targets and witnesses |
    |                       |         |        | with a silenced MP5             |
    | Evil Eye Gouger*      |         |        | Kill many people with the       |
    |                       |         |        | Screwdriver                     |
    | Exhibitionist         |         |        |                                 |
    | Expert                |         |        |                                 |
    | Fierce Offender       |         |        |                                 |
    | Frenzied Firefighter* |   4/6+  |  $55K  | Kill many people with the Fire  |
    |                       |         |        | Extinguisher                    |
    | Gangster              |   4/1   |  $25K  | Use a bomb; Have witnesses      |
    | Garrotteer*           |         |        |                                 |
    | Ghost                 |  0/1-2  |  $50K  | Kill targets with a gun         |
    |                       |         |        | (unsilenced                     |
    | Hired Killer          |   2/0   |  $75K  | Kill targets any way you want;  |
    |                       |         |        | Kill a few innocents; Some      |
    |                       |         |        | witnesses allowed               |
    | Hitman                |  0-1/0  | $100K  | Kill half-a-dozen non-targets   |
    |                       |         |        | using a silenced pistol; No     |
    |                       |         |        | witnesses or bodies found       |
    | Hoodlum               |         |        | One witness knocked out         |
    | Insane Florist*       |         |        | Kill many people with the Hedge |
    |                       |         |        | Cutter                          |
    | Insurance Agent       |         | $100K  | Many accidents; Few witnesses   |
    | Invisible Killer      |         |        |                                 |
    | Killer                |  4/4-5  |  $5K   | Kill guards to get to your      |
    |                       |         |        | targets; Kill other people only |
    |                       |         |        | for self-defense (covers blown, |
    |                       |         |        | witnesses, etc.)                |
    | King of the Jungle    |   4/6+  |  $50K  |                                 |
    | Lean Killer           |  1-3/5  |  $10K  | Kill people with an unsilenced  |
    |                       |         |        | gun; Avoid witnesses; About a   |
    |                       |         |        | dozen kills in total            |
    | Loose Cannon          |         |        |                                 |
    | Lunatic               |  5-6/4  |  $5K   | Kill a dozen guards with guns;  |
    |                       |         |        | Have most of the bodies         |
    |                       |         |        | discovered; Few witnesses       |
    | Mad Butcher           |         |   $0   | Kill many people; Leave many    |
    |                       |         |        | witnesses                       |
    | Madman                |         |        |                                 |
    | Man In Black          |   0/3   |  $75K  |                                 |
    | Maniac                |         |        |                                 |
    | Mass Murderer         |  6+/8+  |   $0   | Two words: Killing spree        |
    | Messy Murderer        |         |        | Knock everyone out; Have many   |
    |                       |         |        | witnesses; Get caught on        |
    |                       |         |        | camera; Kill target with an     |
    |                       |         |        | accident ("zero" for other      |
    |                       |         |        | stats)                          |
    | Mobber                |         |        |                                 |
    | Mugger                |         |        |                                 |
    | Murderer              |         |        |                                 |
    | Murderous Manicurist  |         |        |                                 |
    | Needle Pumper*        |         |        |                                 |
    | Perpetrator           |  4-5/1  |  $15K  | Run up to your targets and kill |
    |                       |         |        | them; One or two extra kills    |
    |                       |         |        | and knockouts allowed           |
    | Phantom Killer        |  1/3-4  |  $25K  | Only kill in self-defense; Have |
    |                       |         |        | no witnesses                    |
    | Pianoman*             |         |  $90K  | Kill many people with the Fiber |
    |                       |         |        | Wire                            |
    | Prince of Darkness*   |         |        |                                 |
    | Professional          |   0/1   | $100K  |                                 |
    | Psychopath            |   5/6+  |  $0    | Enact a slightly more           |
    |                       |         |        | controlled killing spree (one   |
    |                       |         |        | step down from Mass Murderer)   |
    | Raging Bluecollar     |   5/6+  |  $40K  | Kill almost everyone with the   |
    |                       |         |        | Hammer; Mostly stealth kills    |
    | Russian Hare*         |  3/6+   |  $75K  | Use mostly the sniper rifle;    |
    |                       |         |        | All shots must be headshots     |
    | Serial Killer         |  0-1/6+ |  $10K  | Kill everyone on the entire map |
    |                       |         |        | without being seen with a melee |
    |                       |         |        | weapon; Have a large Damage     |
    |                       |         |        | Control                         |
    | Shadow Killer         |         |        |                                 |
    | Silent Assassin       |   0/0   | $100K  | *********
    | Slugger*              |  2-3/6+ |  $55K  | In A New Life, kill everyone    |
    |                       |         |        | with the Baseball Bat; Take out |
    |                       |         |        | the dog                         |
    | Skull Splitter*       |         |        | Kill many people with the       |
    |                       |         |        | Hammer                          |
    | Sociopath             |         |        |                                 |
    | Specialist            |         |  $75K  |                                 |
    | Stalker               |  0/1-2  |  $75K  | Silently kill targets; No       |
    |                       |         |        | bodies found, no covers blown,  |
    |                       |         |        | no witnesses                    |
    | Sushi Chef*           |   3/6+  |        | Use only the Kitchen Knife      |
    | Swashbuckler*         |         |        | Kill many people with the Cane  |
    |                       |         |        | Sword                           |
    | Terrorist             |   4/6+  |        | Kill people with an unsilenced  |
    |                       |         |        | gun (i.e., Shotgun, SAF SMG);   |
    |                       |         |        | Leave witnesses but have no     |
    |                       |         |        | appearance description          |
    | Thug                  |  5-6/1  |  $15K  | Kill a handful of people; Allow |
    |                       |         |        | witnesses                       |
    | Undertaker            |   1/5   |        | 15+ kills; No witnesses         |
    | Violent Criminal      |   2/6+  |  $5K   | Low stats; Many witnesses       |
    | Violent Thug          |         |        |                                 |
    [4.00]                          VERSION HISTORY
    Version 2.1: January 12, 2007
    Added strategy contributions from Daron H. and S.J.
    Version 2.0: January 10, 2007
    Created a new layout.
    Added the Game Mechanics section with Controls, Heads-Up Display, Rankings,
    and Features.
    Minor changes to the text.
    Added strategy contributions from Terrance C., Michael J., Daron H., 
    Nitant S., Vlado D., Todd K. [Vorlin], S.J., Bruce Lee, and Sam H.
    ** More coming soon! **
    Version 1.85: December 11, 2006
    Changed some wording in the walkthrough.
    Version 1.83: November 12, 2006
    Minor update to the copyright section.
    Version 1.82: November 9, 2006
    Added strategy contributions from Steve V.
    Changed some wording in the walkthrough.
    Version 1.8: November 6, 2006
    All strategy contributions have been tested by me.
    Added MyCheats and Games In Action to the copyright section.
    Added strategy contributions from Michael J., Jason A., Chris M., Peter M.,
    thailine, Soulhunger, Nick K., and Charlie S.
    Version 1.65: October 1, 2006
    Added For Gamers By Gamers to the copyright section.
    Added strategy contributions from Klovne J. [K-jap], Kacper I., Bryan G., Josh
    G. [expo030290], and Peter M.
    Version 1.55: September 17, 2006
    Added strategy contributions from Lucas K. and Steven G.
    Version 1.52: September 12, 2006
    Added Tracix Studios to the copyright section.
    Version 1.51: September 10, 2006
    Added a strategy contribution from Brandon R.
    Version 1.5: September 2, 2006
    Added strategy contributions for several levels by Josh G. [expo030290],
    Daniel G., Andre G., Allen M. [simple_wonder22], "Stevie W. from killie," Sean
    C. [deStache], Raz A., Pete, Omid Roostaeyan, and Lindsay V.
    Version 1.4: August 20, 2006
    Added several strategy contributions for several levels by Josh G.
    [expo030290], Chris F. [redhotchilypepper], and Andre G. Again, thanks for the
    clever strategies!
    Fixed some grammatical issues in the walkthrough.
    Version 1.3: August 13, 2006
    Added several strategy contributions for several levels by Josh G. 
    [expo030290], John J., and Farshid. Thanks, guys!
    Version 1.2: August 4, 2006
    Added SuperCheats.com and FAQs.IGN.com to the copyright section, and added a
    few helpful strategies for Death on the Mississippi by Josh G. [expo030290] 
    (who happens to be the guy who submitted the credits for the Blood Money game
    info page).
    Version 1.1: July 31, 2006
    Fixed some spacing issues, and reworked some wonky things with words. Added
    Neoseeker.com to the list of websites that I will give hosting permission to,
    and changed some things in the legal section.
    Version 1.0: July 29, 2006
    The guide has been completed!
    [5.00]                          SPECIAL THANKS TO:
    The kind folks at GameFAQs.com, for their permission to have this guide
    hosted on their site.
    GamersMark.com, for allowing me to host this guide on their site, and for
    continuing to generously support my work.
    GlassGiant.com, for the ASCII art at the beginning of the walkthrough.
    Microsoft Word Spellchecker, for catching those little things that slip by
    my radar.
    The folks at Io Interactive, for putting in the tremendous effort to develop a
    unique and wonderfully deep videogame.
    The folks at Eidos, for working tirelessly to get Hitman: Blood Money out for
    us to enjoy.
    Josh G. [expo030290], for his strategy contributions for several levels.
    You'll see his fine work sprinkled around the walkthrough.
    John J., for his strategy contribution for Till Death Do Us Part.
    Farshid, for his strategy contribution for Amendment XXV.
    Chris F. [redhotchilypepper], for his strategy contribution for Amendment XXV.
    Andre G., for his strategy contributions for Amendment XXV.
    Daniel G., for his strategy contributions for A New Life and You Better Watch
    Allen M. [simple_wonder22], for his strategy contribution for A Vintage Year.
    "Stevie W. from killie," for his tip to outfox the Intel system.
    Sean C. [deStache], for sending in a correction for A New Life.
    Raz A., for his strategy contribution for A New Life.
    Pete, for his strategy contribution for The Murder of Crows.
    Omid Roostaeyan, for his strategy contribution for The Murder of Crows.
    Lindsay V., for her strategy contribution for Curtains Down.
    Brandon R., for his strategy contribution for Amendment XXV.
    Lucas K., for his strategy contribution for You Better Watch Out.
    Steven G., for his strategy contribution for Till Death Do Us Part.
    Klovne J. [K-jap], for his strategy contribution for Till Death Do Us Part.
    Kacper I., for his speed run for Curtains Down.
    Bryan G., for his strategy contribution for Death On The Mississippi.
    Peter M., for his strategy contribution for You Better Watch Out and A House
    of Cards.
    Chris M., for his strategy contribution for Amendment XXV.
    Jason A. [The Stain], for his strategy contributions for Flatline, Till Death
    Do Us Part, and A House of Cards.
    thailine, for a clever contribution for Till Death Do Us Part.
    Soulhunger, for a strategy contribution for A House of Cards.
    Nick K., for his strategy contributions for A Dance with the Devil and
    Amendment XXV.
    Charlie S., for his strategy contribution for Requiem.
    Michael J., for his strategy contributions for Curtains Down and A New Life.
    Steve V., for his strategy contributions for You Better Watch Out and for 
    pointing out something for me on A Dance with the Devil.
    Joshua S., for, well, describing this guide as "A Work Of Art." Took me fully
    by surprise.
    Terrance C., for his strategy contribution for A New Life.
    Daron H., for his strategy contributions for A New Life, Death on the
    Mississippi, Till Death Do Us Part, and A House of Cards.
    Nitant S., for his strategy contribution for You Better Watch Out.
    Vlado D., for his strategy contribution for Curtains Down.
    Todd K. [Vorlin], for his strategy contribution for Curtains Down.
    S.J., for his strategy contribution for Curtains Down.
    Bruce Lee, for his thought-provoking words regarding You Better Watch Out.
    Sam H., for his information about the infamous mystery assassin in You Better
    Watch Out.
    Neoseeker.com, SuperCheats.com, 1UP.com, MyCheats.com, Tracix-Studios.com,
    FGBGamers.com, and GamesInAction.com, for expressing their interest in this
    FAQs.IGN.com, for allowing me to host this guide on their site.
    My fellow gamers who wrote walkthroughs for this game, for inspiring me to
    create a guide of my own.
    And you! For letting me share my ideas with someone who enjoys this game as
    much as I do.
                                  T H A N K   Y O U !
                            - Adagio out, 'till next time -
                                    End of document

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