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    Don of NYC Walkthrough by dmikester

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    The Godfather: The Game Don of NYC Guide
    Version 1.0
    September 2nd, 2006
    By Mike "Dmikester" Feldman
    This document is Copyright 2006 Michael "Dmikester" Feldman. It may be 
    not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private 
    use. It may not be placed on any web site outside of GameFAQs. It may 
    not be distributed electronically outside of the GameFAQs web site, and 
    it may not be distributed otherwise at all. Use of this guide on any 
    other web site or as a part of any public format is strictly 
    prohibited, and a violation of copyright. 
    1.0 (9/2/06):  The write-up of Part 1 (Tom's Way)
    2.0 (??/??/??): Corrections in spelling and grammar will happen here, 
    and most importantly, Sonny's Way will be added.
    1. Introduction
    2. Tom's Way: The Natural Order of The Godfather: The Game Introduction
    3.  Mission and Hits Walkthrough
    4.   Little Italy Takeover
    5. Brooklyn Takeover
    6. New Jersey Takeover
    7. Hell's Kitchen Takeover
    8. Midtown Takeover and Don of NYC Status Attainment
    9. Sonny's Way: The Everything at Once Order of The Godfather: The Game
    10. Prologue Missions and Freelancing
    11. Act 1 Missions and Freelancing
    12. Act 2 Missions and Freelancing
    13. Act 3 Missions and Freelancing
    14. Act 4 Misisons and Freelancing
    15. Conclusion and acknowledgements
    1. Introduction
    Welcome to my second-ever guide.  This guide is for The Godfather: The 
    Game, and is specifically for achieving the coveted Don of NYC title.  
    Along the way, if you wish, you can achieve 100% in the game, but this 
    is for some odd reason not required in order to become the Don of NYC.  
    Miss a few safes by accident or an execution style or two?  Not a 
    problem if you want to become the Don of NYC!  Also, there's no special 
    reward for getting 100%, only a sense of finality and accomplishment.  
    Becoming the Don of NYC, however, gets you infinite ammo (which of 
    course is utterly useless at the end of the game) and all the respect 
    you need to get to level 50!  So, let's begin!
    There are several things to address before we get into the actual 
    walkthrough.  First off, this isn't a typical walkthrough in that I 
    won't be giving you a step by step breakdown of the missions or the 
    hits.  I will point out various strategies for tough spots, but I 
    figure you're smart enough to figure out the missions on your own.  
    Also, in general, the missions and the hits, like in almost all sandbox 
    games like this, are relatively easy to pull off compared to other 
    genres.  I plan to write guides like this for most of the platform 
    sandbox games, and I'll demonstrate that all of the optional stuff that 
    improves your stats or gives you more money is 99% of the time 
    unnecessary in order to actually beat the main game (GTA: San Andreas, 
    I'm looking at you, kid!).  
    Another thing to address is the aspects of this game that I will NOT be 
    covering in this guide.  These are things that are either not needed 
    for becoming the Don of NYC or not even needed for 100%.  They include:
    Locations of Film Reels (not needed for 100%)
    Execution Styles (except for one)
    Black Market Merchants (not needed for 100%, and totally unnecessary; 
    I've beaten the game 100% without ever upgrading my weapons)
    Bank Heists (not needed for 100%)
    Racket Trucks (not needed for 100%)
    Everything else will be covered extensively.
    The last thing is likely something very different than what you may 
    have seen before in a guide of this nature.  The reason I love sandbox 
    games so much outside of their virtually limitless replay value is that 
    they present the player with a mission and objective order that is 
    clearly mapped out, yet allow the player to go about beating those 
    missions in anyway they see fit.  However, often with these games, 
    there is a clear story in which it wouldn't make sense for the 
    character to suddenly take three weeks gallivanting around and doing 
    random things that don't tie into the urgency or plot of the main 
    campaign.  Thus, sandbox games change the concept of linearity and in 
    particular the concept of how a player plays through a story in video 
    The way I've always enjoyed playing these games, and how I honestly 
    think the designers intend for these games to be played, is to play 
    through the main campaign all the way through, receiving all the 
    rewards and experience from the campaign, and then striking out on 
    one's own afterwards and accomplishing all the little things one may 
    have noticed during the campaign.  Playing the game this way makes for 
    a fun challenge and makes much more sense from a story standpoint.  The 
    Godfather: The Game is clearly designed to work in this way, yet more 
    than any other sandbox game before it, doing all of the side activities 
    and missions makes sense during the main campaign, to a certain extent. 
    For example, you're encouraged to extort businesses throughout the 
    game, and it makes sense that an associate would be doing this.  At the 
    same time, your ultimate goal is to eliminate the other four families.  
    Doing this before the final mission in which you eliminate the Dons of 
    the other four families makes virtually no sense story-wise, especially 
    considering Don Barzini's final words to you (which I won't spoil 
    One final point to make here is how the designers in sandbox games 
    design the missions so that they incrementally increase their rewards 
    based on what the designers likely feel is either their difficulty 
    level or the optimal story order.  GTA: San Andreas is the game where 
    this most applies, and I'll be writing a guide in this vein for that 
    game soon.  In The Godfather: The Game, the missions and hits follow 
    this concept in terms of both monetary reward and respect points 
    reward.  Therefore, for this guide, the story missions and the hits 
    will be woven together as the main campaign, since I'm certain that's 
    how the designers meant for the game to be played.
    So, with all of this in mind, I am presenting here two completely 
    different ways to play through the game and become the Don of NYC.  The 
    first way is what I'm naming the "Natural Order" of the game, which 
    basically consists of playing through the main story first and then 
    doing all the side activities.  This will also be known as "Tom's Way," 
    for reasons to be made clear once the walkthrough begins.  The second 
    way, or "Sonny's Way," involves eliminating the families during the 
    main campaign, one at the beginning of each act.  This is presented not 
    as my recommended way of playing the game, but as another option that 
    may appeal to those players that like to do side missions during the 
    game.  When I say eliminating families, by the way, I don't just mean 
    destroying their compounds, but taking over all of their businesses, 
    rackets, warehouses and hubs as well.
    And, finally, let's begin!
    2. Tom's Way: The Natural Order of The Godfather: The Game Introduction
    Welcome to the way of becoming the Don of NYC that makes the most sense 
    story-wise, and as you'll see if you try both methods presented in this 
    guide, by far the easier of the two!  This is why I call this the 
    Natural Order of the game; it's the easiest and makes the most sense at 
    the same time, and it's also just more fun in general.  It allows you 
    to focus and keep track of what you're doing much more than if you 
    freelanced in the middle of the game.
    The reason this is called Tom's Way is that fairly early on in the 
    game, Tom Hagen and Sonny Corleone give you tips on how to extort 
    businesses.  While Sonny basically suggests brute force, Tom suggests 
    diplomacy.  If you follow this guide, you will be able to count the 
    number of businesses and rackets you will have to extort with force on 
    one hand.  The rest will be through diplomacy, which will not only 
    guarantee an optimal amount of money received, but will simply be 
    easier to manage considering that you can practically ignore all the 
    gangsters guarding the businesses when you use diplomacy, whereas if 
    you use force, you'll have to take down numerous gangsters, increasing 
    your vendetta levels and reducing your ammo needlessly.
    So let's get going! 
    3. Mission and Hits Walkthrough
    If you're a total beginner, definitely play through the Prologue.  Not 
    only is it a well-done scene, but it'll give you essential practice if 
    you don't know how to fight in the game yet, considering that in this 
    scene only, you're invulnerable.  Try to get used to it, since it's a 
    bit awkward at first, but becomes quite intuitive after practice.
    Now, go through the Prologue, which consists of Missions 1-3.  In 
    Mission 1, make sure to break the crate against the wall to your right 
    by throwing one of the punks against it.  It'll give you an extra 
    $1000, which at this point in the game is a very large amount of money.
    All the story missions have bonus money like this, and I'll give you 
    strategy on how to collect them.  They're essential for building up 
    your money early on, which will help with buying clothes and just 
    generally saving up money for all the negotiating you'll be doing.  
    Buying clothes, by the way, gets you respect, which is critical early 
    on for building up your stats.  The tips I'll give you for buying 
    clothes are based pretty much exclusively on the official strategy 
    guide for the game, an excellent resource in general.  
    In Mission 2, you'll be introduced to side missions.  You'll extort 
    your first business, take over your first racket, and crack your first 
    safe.  The business, Emilio's Butcher Shop, is one of two or three 
    you'll actually take over with force, but hey, Luca Brasi isn't exactly 
    the best diplomat of all time, is he?  Punch and slam Emilio until he 
    starts to be willing to pay, then hold him and wait until the payout 
    price gets to be around 1100, then talk to him.  Congrats on your first 
    business extorted!  Only 83 to go.  
    Go upstairs, and again, use force.  This time, though, you'll actually 
    be fighting gangsters as well.  You should be able to pull off a number 
    of Execution Styles here, about 2 or 3.  Threaten the racket boss in 
    the same way that you did Emilio, and threaten him until he pays around 
    750, then talk to him.  Finally, go over to the safe, plant your 
    dynamite, run behind cover, and get the money and dynamite from the 
    safe.  A safe will always conveniently include dynamite to replace the 
    one you used to crack it!  The money from the safe, $1500, is the 
    "bonus" money for this mission.  
    Before Mission 3, buy some clothes, specifically a Closed w/ rolled up 
    vest, Casual Pants with belt, Oxford shoes, a snap brim hat, and wire-
    frame glasses.  This will likely drain you of money, but don't worry.  
    If you can't afford it all, don't worry about it.  Just make a mental 
    note of what you didn't buy, and buy it first chance you get.  
    Now chances are you've gone up a few levels, and can upgrade.  Without 
    a doubt, the three most important are Fighting, Shooting, and Health.  
    After these, get your Street Smarts up to Level 4 so that you can steal 
    parked cars without any heat, and then upgrade your speed.  Speed 
    really only comes into play in the end when you're taking out compounds 
    and need every advantage you can get.  Also, don't completely upgrade 
    Health, but save some points.  When you upgrade your Health, you get 
    fully healed, which can be a lifesaver in some of the last missions.
    Go ahead and do Mission 3.  The bonus money, $2000, is in the graveyard 
    that you beat up the second college brat in.  Before you beat him up, 
    run to the other side of the graveyard and towards the right.  You 
    should see the money behind a gravestone.  Then go ahead and finish up 
    the mission.  Congratulations, you're through the Prologue!
    Now for Act 1.  Here, the official strategy guide assumes that you've 
    been doing an insane amount of freelancing before you do Mission 4, and 
    therefore assumes you can afford a $12,000 closed double-breasted coat 
    with a tie.  Wow.  Well, don't worry about that.  Let me just say if 
    you did that much freelancing before this you'd likely be close to a 
    vendetta with the Tattaglia's and would have to deal with them shooting 
    at you at every turn.  Sound like fun?  Didn't think so.  
    Anyhow, don't worry about the coat yet (but buy it first chance you 
    get), and try to buy Dress Pants, Loafers, and a wide-brim Fedora.  
    Then go meet Luca Brasi.  The bonus money, $2500, is quite fun in this 
    one.  When you're shooting the first dummy, shoot it in its left knee 
    (it's the knee on your right in case you're confused) and it'll fall on 
    the crate with the money in it.  Now finish the mission.  Well, that 
    sucked, didn't it?  This is the first real challenge of the game, and 
    should be a real wake up call to what this game will mostly be like in 
    terms of missions.
    Now, in an annoying design choice, you have to wait to meet with Monk 
    until the next day in the afternoon.  Now, you could freelance in this 
    time if you'd like, but I wouldn't recommend it.  You'll just get 
    gangsters needlessly angry with you.  If you want to buy weapon 
    upgrades and get film reels, be my guest.  In any event, before Mission 
    5, try to purchase Dress Pants with a belt, Wing Tips, and Sunglasses.  
    Then go ahead and do Mission 5; you have to activate it by picking up a 
    phone.  The bonus money here is in a car parked on the bridge where the 
    ambulance stops and you have to interrogate the capo.  It's the car on 
    the left side of the bridge that's sitting all alone.  Shoot it until 
    it blows up and collect $3000.  
    Now get to your first "rendezvous," which is at the Corleone Compound.  
    If you can, buy an Open Sport Coat with a Vest and a Homburg hat 
    beforehand.  Now get over there and get promoted to Enforcer.  With 
    great power comes great.  Oh whoops, wrong movie.  Anyhow, now you get 
    to do Hits!  Yes!  These are really fun, and if you go for the bonus 
    objectives, which you should and will, occasionally quite challenging.  
    Let's do the first Hit by chatting with Tessio and getting the 
    contract.  Before you actually whack the guy, go ahead and buy a Dress 
    Shirt rolled up with suspenders.  Now, the bonus here is very easy; 
    just kill him with no weapons of any kind.  In other words, punch him 
    to death!  Easiest one you'll get, by far.  The reason for doing the 
    bonuses is that you get much more money and respect for doing them, and 
    when you do the hits with the bonuses, the respect rewards correspond 
    very nicely with the main story missions, suggesting that the designers 
    meant for it to be this way.  
    Next, take on Mission 7, where you get to be the guard at the hospital 
    while Don Corleone is sick!  Excellent.  Buy, if you can, a Leisure 
    Coat open with a vest and a tie.  Also, prepare yourself for the 
    complete transformation of Michael Corleone, both in regards to his 
    body and his voice.  I have to admit, they did an excellent job with 
    this considering the bizarre circumstances of Pacino not giving them 
    permission to use his likeness.  Here, the bonus money, $2000, is in 
    Don Corleone's room, which opens up once your objective is to meet 
    All right, now do Mission 8, which is really just another rendezvous.  
    Buy a narrow brim Fedora for this one.  Just get in and out.  Go ahead 
    and do Mission 9, which is also the end of Act I.  Buy an Open Vest 
    rolled up and untied before the mission.  The bonus money, which totals 
    $5000, is on the roof of the building you have to throw the sergeant 
    off of in the form of five separate $1000 bags hidden in crates.  Shoot 
    them open, collect the money, and then throw the sergeant off the roof.  
    Act I is complete.
    Act II begins with you being called to the Corleone Compound.  To 
    prepare for the occasion, buy a closed dress coat.  Head over to the 
    Compound and get promoted to being an Associate!  Now let's pull off 
    another hit.  Head back to Tessio and prepare to whack another 
    Tattaglia.  The bonus here is to kill him using a baseball bat.  This 
    actually only means you have to deliver the final blow with a baseball 
    bat, but to play it safe, use the bat the whole time.  
    Now go ahead and do Mission 10, where you help out Clemenza by taking 
    out Paulie Gatto.  The bonus money here is the first real challenge 
    you'll have as far as collecting bonus money goes.  When you go 
    upstairs to plant the bomb, you'll likely notice a locked door to your 
    right.  Once you plant the bomb, that door opens and a gangster comes 
    out of it.  In order to collect the money, which totals $20,000 (!), 
    you have to rush past him, collect the money, dash downstairs and vault 
    out of a downstairs window, likely seconds before the bomb goes off.  
    This will likely take you a couple of tries, but it's definitely 
    doable, and you'll be much richer for it.  Also, note that you get a 
    new safehouse after this (finally!)
    Mission 11 is next, and it's yet another rendezvous.  Buy some horn rim 
    glasses and a dress shirt with suspenders for the occasion.  Meet with 
    Monk, and yes, ignore the Trojan for now.  We'll do his hits later on.  
    Besides, it's more fun to meet him for contract hits in a church 
    Mission 12 is the excellent recreation of the horse head scene, where 
    you escort the man who planted the horse head.  Of course, if you're a 
    big fan of the film, you might cringe at how out of sequence this is in 
    the game (this should have happened before the Don was shot in the 
    street), but it doesn't take away from how awesome the mission is.  
    This is really the only main story mission where you'll have to use 
    stealth exclusively.  Just make sure to follow Rocco's lead and to wait 
    for people to exit rooms before you follow them.  You'll likely have to 
    do this mission multiple times just to get used to the guard positions, 
    but you'll get it eventually.
    This is by far the hardest bonus money to get, but at $20,000, it's 
    definitely worth it.  When you get to the final corridor, when you see 
    the maid exit out to a door on the right, you have to sneak out the 
    other door (the door closest to you) quickly, grab the money that's 
    lying against the wall, and sneak back out without the guard or the 
    maid seeing you.  Again, this may take you a couple of tries, but it's 
    one of the more interesting challenges you'll face.  For all you Metal 
    Gear Solid fans, this'll be easy.  
    Mission 13 is the fourth rendezvous you'll have, but this one has an 
    excellent reward.  You'll get a new safehouse and finally make your 
    relationship with Frankie official.  And in one of the stranger moments 
    in the game, you never end up taking Frankie dancing. Huh. Anyhow, now 
    it's time to do your third hit.  Quite appropriately, the bonus for 
    this mission, which is to kill Bianchi with only a garrote, involves 
    sneaking, just like Mission 12, but this one is much easier.  Take the 
    skills you learned from Mission 12 and use them here to good effect.
    And for Mission 14, you get to be the guy who plants the pistol in 
    Louis' Restaurant!  How great is that?  Go ahead and buy a sport coat 
    open with vest and tie and sunglasses for the mission.  This isn't a 
    particularly difficult mission, so go ahead and complete it.  The bonus 
    money here is obtainable after Michael kills Sollozzo and McCluskey.  
    When you have to meet up with Michael at his car, first go upstairs in 
    the restaurant and you'll find a weapon stash and $5000.  Then run 
    outside and complete the mission, which also signals the end of Act II.
    For the beginning of Act III, you have a meeting at the Falconite Club.  
    Go there and be promoted to a Soldier by Don Corleone himself!  
    Now we have Mission 15, the beginning of the end.  Appropriately titled 
    Now It's Personal, this mission will, at least storyline-wise, harden 
    your character by killing your lover.  Nice parallel to what happens to 
    Michael in Sicily, no?  Well, OK, it's nowhere near as good, but it's a 
    nice effort on the part of the designers.  Notice by the way that this 
    is the only time in the whole game that anyone even makes any kind of 
    effort to whack you, and they were really gunning for Frankie in this 
    case.  How odd.  Oh well.  The bonus money is simple here.  In the 
    beginning of the mission, go upstairs in your safehouse and find $5000 
    behind a bar in a room on the top floor.  That's it.  Now finish the 
    mission and witness the transformation of Monk and how your character 
    doesn't even shed a tear at Frankie's death.  
    To take your revenge, at least a little bit, perform another hit from 
    Tessio.  Buy an open Leisure Coat for the occasion.  This is actually 
    one of the trickier bonuses to achieve, at least if you want to do it 
    with no innocent deaths.  You have to kill Nobile with no witnesses.  
    You can either sneak your way around the garage, avoiding the maid, or 
    just kill her, any Tattaglia thugs lying around, and then Nobile.  
    While the second method is by far the easiest and most feasible, it's 
    certainly not the most elegant of solutions.  I leave it up to you, but 
    I'd recommend killing everyone, which is contrary to the strategy 
    guide.  It just makes the bonus easier.
    Mission 16 is a very brutal but damn satisfying mission.  It also fills 
    in a hole in the movie, which is exactly how Bruno Tattaglia was 
    killed.  The bonus money for this mission wins for strangeness.  When 
    you get to the funeral home, look in the nook on the corner of 34th 
    Street, which is on the same side of the street as the funeral home for 
    $7,500.  The game will warn you that you're going out of bounds, but 
    nothing bad will happen.  Then go to the funeral home and throw Bruno 
    into the fire.  That'll wipe that slimy smirk off his face.  
    And now for Tessio's final hit, Don Tattaglia's son.  You'll need a 
    molotov cocktail for the bonus objective here, which is to kill Johnny 
    Tattaglia by burning him alive.  While there are explosives all around, 
    blowing them up in Johnny's face almost never kills him (or any 
    gangster for that matter).  Once Johnny's been critically wounded from 
    the explosions, throw a molotov cocktail in his face to get the bonus 
    objective.  And that's it for Tessio's hits!  
    Now for your fifth rendezvous, which is also Mission 17.  What's fun 
    here is that Jaggy will recommend that you bomb the Tattaglia compound 
    now.  Uh-huh.  Kinda jumping the gun there, Jaggy.  Well, we'll whack 
    him in good time. :)
    Next up, go back to the Trojan.  Head over to Hell's Kitchen and get 
    your first hit against the Straccis.  The bonus here again is to burn 
    Ottavio alive, so make sure you have Molotovs.  Conveniently, there's a 
    merchant that sells Molotovs right next to the hit location, so use 
    that if needed.  The best way to do this is to drive down to where 
    Ottavio is, get out and shoot out all the crates and random thugs, 
    wounding Ottavio in the process, and then throw a cocktail in his face 
    to finish the job.  In other words, do this just like the last hit, but 
    make sure to drive down to Ottavio's level rather than trying to kill 
    him from the bridge above.
    Next up is the most epic mission you've had thus far, Mission 18, or 
    Sonny's War.  This will take a long time and can be very challenging in 
    parts.  It will give you excellent practice in taking over a warehouse 
    though, which you'll need to do a lot after the story is complete.  The 
    bonus money here is simple.  After you get the information from the 
    racket boss (kill him if you really want to, but he'll be the only 
    business or racket owner you'll ever kill), run up to the roof of the 
    warehouse and collect $10,000 from the wired-off chicken coop.  Then 
    run over to the warehouse and take it over (this warehouse doesn't 
    actually count as one of the warehouses you need to own for some 
    reason, so it really is just practice).
    Go back to the Trojan for your next hit.  The bonus objective for this 
    hit is to kill Grossi by throwing him in the baker's oven, exactly like 
    how you killed Bruno Tattaglia (what's up with these bonus objectives 
    and fire?!).  Go ahead and do your worst.
    Now for the tragic Mission 19, where Sonny is brutally murdered in one 
    of the most famous scenes in movie history.  It's actually quite nicely 
    done in the game.  The bonus money, which totals $15,000, is located in 
    the tollbooth on your right as soon as the mission starts.  So yes, you 
    have to get out of the car, sprint into the tollbooth and grab the 
    money, then run back to the car and drive as fast as you can after the 
    tollbooth attendant.  You won't have a problem in terms of losing the 
    attendant's car if you do everything efficiently.  Also, beating this 
    mission signals the end of Act III.  
    And now, it's time to do a ton of hits.  Four, to be exact.  Head over 
    to the Trojan and get your next hit against the Straccis, Oscar 
    Zavarelle.  The bonus objective here is rather odd.  You have to shoot 
    Zavarelle in three different parts of the body, and in a specific 
    order.  First, shoot him in the knee (kneecap him), then the shoulder, 
    and finally, the head.  This actually isn't nearly as hard as it 
    sounds, but you have to make sure to shoot him in that order.  
    The next hit is from Clemenza in the basement from the Corleone 
    Compound, and is your first against the Cuneos.  You might think by 
    walking into the Corleone Compound that you'd activate the next 
    mission, but you don't.  You have to go meet Michael specifically to do 
    that.  If you head straight to the basement, you'll be able to do the 
    next hit without activating the next scene.
    For this hit, you have to throw Marcolini off of the bridge.  This is 
    one of the tougher ones to accomplish.  First off, if he doesn't run 
    down the flight of stairs in the middle of the bridge on his own, you 
    have to drag Marcolini down there yourself, which can be hard.  Also, 
    make sure you take out all the gangsters guarding him, including the 
    one at the bottom of the stairs.  Once you've gotten Marcolini down 
    that flight of stairs and against the balcony, the objective is easy.  
    It's getting to that point that's tough.
    Next up from Clemenza is another Cuneo hit, Marco Debellis.  This is 
    one of the easiest bonus objectives to pull off.  Here, you have to 
    kill Debellis by running him over with any vehicle.  Get a truck, drive 
    down to the rail yard and up the ramp where Debellis is.   Hit him and 
    then repeatedly run him over to finish the job.  This should take you a 
    total of thirty seconds if done right.  
    One more hit from Clemenza for now, and it's another Cuneo hit.  This 
    one, in my opinion, is the hardest bonus objective to pull off outside 
    from the last hit.  Your bonus objective is to kill Tosca with a single 
    shot to the head.  This is very difficult due to two things; the number 
    of gangsters around and the fact that Tosca is an aggressive shot that 
    moves around a lot.  This took me many tries, and I got really lucky 
    when the targeting system just randomly targeted Tosca's head for me.  
    The best way to do this is either by systematically taking out all the 
    gangsters and getting into a difficult shootout with Tosca in the back 
    room of the barbershop, or trying again and again like I did and 
    getting lucky.  If you don't pull this one off, don't worry about it.  
    You don't need the bonus objectives for 100%, and you have plenty of 
    respect by this point.
    Now head back to The Trojan for your next and last hit for now, which 
    is against the Straccis.  This is one of the strangest bonus objectives 
    to accomplish in terms of execution.  The bonus objective is to 
    strangle Fontana with your bare hands.  You need to drive up to the 
    party, park, and walk right up to Fontana and strangle him.  You won't 
    encounter any resistance until after you kill him and achieve the bonus 
    objective.  Very odd.  Anyhow, now we're done with hits for a little 
    bit.  Head to the Corleone Compound and now enter the Don's study to 
    meet with Michael and truly begin Act IV, which is also the last Act.
    You begin Act IV by being promoted to Capo Regime!  Also, you get to 
    meet Al Neri, who will be providing you with many hits in the future.  
    For now, though, we've got The Trojan's final hit.  Head to him and get 
    your last hit against the Straccis, this time against the Don's son 
    Salvatore.  You've gotta love how the Trojan claims you and him will 
    kill Salvatore and that therefore you'll learn more about who The 
    Trojan really is, but he completely disappears after he gives you the 
    hit, never to return.  Nice.  Anyhow, your bonus objective is to kill 
    Salvatore before he blows up the warehouse he's located in.  This is 
    very easy to do.  Just make sure when you get to him shooting at you 
    that you don't go up the steps he's shooting at you from.  Stay at the 
    base of the stairs and kill him from there.
    The next hit is from Al Neri who is now located in Bryant Park (for 
    some reason, I love where people assign you hits in this game).  This 
    hit is against, of all people, Jaggy Jovino, your old friend who has 
    randomly become a snitch.  Note that basically every character made up 
    for this game outside of you gets killed somehow.  So, let's take him 
    out.  The bonus objective is to not harm any of the escort girls around 
    him.  This is very easy.  The only person you have to watch out for is 
    Rosa, who Jaggy holds hostage.  But with good aiming skills, you can 
    hit Jaggy in the head and no one will be harmed.  
    The next hit is from Neri, and it's the first against the Barzinis, by 
    far the hardest family to take out.  Understandably, these will be 
    harder to pull off than the other hits have been overall, but they're 
    all fairly straightforward except for the final hit.  This one is 
    against Big Bobby Toro, and the bonus objective involves not killing 
    any officers of the law before you kill Toro.  This just takes patience 
    and good kneecapping skills.  If you can put some police officers out 
    of commission before you kill Toro, you'll be in good shape.  Also, 
    don't be afraid to take some punishment from the officers if it means 
    you get to kill Toro first.  Getting iced (killed) in this game has 
    practically no penalty other than you losing a tiny bit of money, and 
    it's worth it in a situation like this where you can get a bonus 
    objective just before you get iced.
    Mission 20 is next, which involves meeting Monk in Little Italy.  This 
    is another sad mission where you have to take out Monk.  The bonus 
    money here is easy, and it's only $5,000 for a reason.  When Monk walks 
    out of the alley at the start, go into the alley and you should see the 
    money in a nook to the left.  After that, do the mission and discover 
    Monk's treachery.  Whack him, and watch your character be sadder about 
    losing Monk than Frankie.  Strange.
    Now, let's do some more hits.  Head to Al Neri and get your next hit 
    against the Barzinis.  This hit is rather interesting.  For the bonus 
    objective, you have to kill Testa while he's shaking hands with the 
    police chief.  This can be rather finicky, but basically make sure that 
    it looks like Testa and the cop are talking, and then snipe Testa in 
    the head.  This is actually much easier to pull off than it seems at 
    first.  It's really more about the timing than the actual shooting 
    part.  You may have to try this a couple of times.
    Next up from Neri is one of the hardest hits to pull off in general, 
    bonus or otherwise.  You have to kill Domenico Mazza, who has fortified 
    himself in Union Square, complete with numerous Barzini thugs all 
    around.  The bonus objective is to bribe one of the bodyguards on the 
    edge of Union Square before you kill Mazza.  Bribing the guard is by 
    far the easiest part of the whole hit.  I've had much better luck 
    bribing the bodyguard near 12th Street as opposed to 34th Street.  You 
    just have a better overall position to advance into the square with 
    when you start from there.  After you bribe the guard, this all comes 
    down to your skill with this game.  Best of luck, and watch out for 
    Mazza, who is actually a very good shot himself.
    Next up is the last hit from Neri, and it's against Don Barzini's son, 
    Emilio Jr.  The bonus objective here is to kill all of Emilio's guards 
    before you kill him.  This is tough only because it's the Barzinis.  
    Again, this all comes down to skill.  Definitely start by going into 
    the graveyard to the right of the church and taking out the guards 
    there.  When you eventually kill all the guards, Emilio will run down 
    the street (coward!).  Chase him and kill him anyway you see fit.  I 
    always enjoy running him over.
    Mission 21 is the final rendezvous.  Meet up at the Corleone Compound, 
    and drive to the Embassy Club.  Time to conduct some business, as 
    Tessio would say.  Notice by the way that if you rush after Tessio's 
    car, you'll notice it literally disappear in the distance as you follow 
    it.  Guess the designers didn't think you'd do that.
    We're now down to the last two missions of the game, which are by far 
    the hardest (or at least the most complicated) missions of the game.  
    Definitely save before you do Mission 22, which involves whacking 
    Tessio in three minutes.  This is very hard to pull off considering 
    that the Barzini's have you horribly outnumbered and will be gunning 
    for you at every turn.  You'll likely have to do this mission several 
    times, but don't give up.  
    One thing to do that might help in the beginning is this.  When you 
    first enter the club, run to the right and into the bar where Tessio 
    gave you your first hits so long ago.  Take out anyone in the bar, and 
    then open the doors and madly dash to your immediate right and get in 
    the elevator.  During the time when the screen fades to load the second 
    floor of the club, which is where you need to go, it will look like 
    you're getting pummeled by bullets, but when you get to the second 
    floor, the game will act as if those bullets didn't touch you.  Odd, 
    but a great way to get out of wasted ammo, and it saves you time.  
    The bonus money here, which totals $10,000, is in a crate in a room 
    that you have to go through on your chase of Tessio.  It usually has 
    one guard in it, and the crate is on the right.  If you get to the 
    final room with Tessio and die, you'll actually continue right near the 
    room where the crate is in.  You can take your time shooting it to get 
    the money, so don't stress out about it.  You should also have plenty 
    of time in regards to the three- minute time limit.  
    And now, the final two hits.  These are both given by Clemenza in the 
    basement of the compound, and are both against the Cuneos.  The first 
    is against Luciano Fabbri, and is simple.  The bonus objective is to 
    talk to him before you kill him.  This involves killing the guards 
    around him, kneecapping him, and walking up to him, talking to him, and 
    then killing him in any way you like.  Straightforward, and not too 
    The final hit, however, is a very different story.  Get it from 
    Clemenza, and then prepare for hell.  The bonus objective is to kill 
    Cuneo (of course, the Don's son) by throwing him into a ditch or a 
    railyard, which is conveniently right near him.  Of course, actually 
    getting to the point where you can pick him up and throw him over the 
    railing successfully will take an enormous amount of skill, and really, 
    mostly luck.  Cuneo is beautifully positioned on a corner and is 
    guarded on all sides by some of the fiercest guards you'll encounter in 
    this game.  He also happens to be an amazingly aggressive and good 
    shot, and he defends himself very well.  
    Basically, I highly recommend NOT getting the bonus objective here.  
    It's just too aggravating to pull off, and it doesn't really feel like 
    a major accomplishment when you do because of the amount of luck that 
    it requires.  In any event, once you've executed the hit, either by 
    doing the bonus objective or not, you've beaten all the hits!  Great 
    work!  Now let's wrap up the story.
    Mission 23 is the incredible end to the story, and reenacts the 
    assassinations of the dons of the other four families during the 
    baptism.  Except this time, YOU get to kill all four of them!  Does it 
    make any sense logically?  Of course not.  Is it incredibly fun to play 
    and a rush?  You bet!  For some reason, I don't find this mission 
    particularly hard to beat, but it takes a lot of focus.  However, the 
    mission is 90% skill, so it's a great final test of your abilities.  
    Just a couple of notes below about each hit.
    First off, when you take out Don Stracci, definitely go through the 
    motions of meeting him in the elevator and offing him on the way down.  
    It makes the hit much easier and gives you a clear shot instead of you 
    just gunning for him.  In other words, do the hit like Clemenza tells 
    you to.  With Don Cuneo, don't go down into the garage.  Hide behind 
    the orange stand across the street from the hotel, wait for him to walk 
    out the door, and shoot at him then.  You likely won't hkill him, but 
    you'll send the guards running and he'll still be out in the open.  
    Kill everyone from that point on.  
    With Don Tattaglia, try not to kill the hostage he takes when you enter 
    his room, as it'll attract unneeded heat.  Lastly, with Don Barzini, 
    the hard part is killing the guards, and it's likely you'll have to 
    retry this hit several times.  You'll continue from just before Al Neri 
    goes in to shoot at people, so you won't have to drive all the way back 
    to the Don or anything.  When you kill the Don, of course, kill him in 
    as brutal a way as possible to get revenge for your father.  
    Finally, the bonus money, which is $20,000, is behind a pillar of the 
    courthouse, and only appears after you kill Don Barzini.  Just run 
    around and search for it; if anything, it'll run down the clock a 
    little bit, which you need to do.  Once you get the money, drive around 
    randomly until the clock stops, and then get back to the church and 
    inform Michael of your success.  
    And you're done!  Head over to the Corleone Compound and get promoted 
    to Underboss, and also get a Safehouse for your troubles!  Now, you may 
    be proud of yourself and all, but guess what?  Don't get too settled.  
    We've got a TON of work to do yet to become the Don of NYC.  Go ahead 
    and get a drink, eat a solid meal, do whatever you need to do.  I'll be 
    here when you come back.
    4. Little Italy Takeover
    Welcome back!  Now, let's recap in regards to the stats we'll be 
    keeping track of throughout this next part of the journey.
    Missions: 17/17
    Contract Hits: 20/20 
    Extortions: 1/84
    Rackets: 1/56
    Warehouses: 0/8
    Transport Hubs: 0/4
    Compounds: 0/4
    Safehouses: 4/24
    Safes: 1/100
    Execution Styles: ?/22
    You'll notice one interesting anomaly above, namely the question mark 
    next to how many execution styles you've pulled off.  These can happen 
    quite haphazardly (in other words, you'll do one flawlessly during a 
    mission and the game won't count it for some inexplicable reason), and 
    thus it's next to impossible for me to explain exactly when or in what 
    order you'll get them.  Chances are that you'll get most of them 
    without trying, and will be left confused as to how to do the rest 
    (there are some strange ones, mainly Traffic Accident).  
    Just remember, execution styles are NOT necessary for Don of NYC, but 
    are necessary for 100%.  There's an excellent guide up on GameFAQ's 
    about the requirements for each one, so consult that if needed.  From 
    now on, I won't be listing them in the stat recaps, since I'll assume 
    you'll get them all eventually and I won't be going into detail about 
    them in the guide.
    Now then, as you can see from above, we've got a ton of work to do.  
    Fortunately, by playing the game in the manner I described, you've made 
    this work pretty easy and actually quite fun.  Now, I'm going to 
    describe how to do this with the mindset of taking over entire 
    neighborhoods rather than eliminating families.  In other words, you 
    won't be eliminating any family entirely until near the very end of 
    your completing the Don of NYC requirements, but you'll be taking over 
    neighborhoods in an orderly fashion.  
    Now one could easily argue that this goes against my whole idea of 
    playing this game in a "natural" style, since it would seem that 
    destroying a compound should logically eliminate a family instead of 
    simply taking over their last business.  Well, not necessarily (the 
    family could be hanging on desperately for life by keeping some 
    businesses running), and doing this by neighborhood will make this 
    guide much more organized.  Also, honestly, it's more satisfying to 
    conquer neighborhoods in the end.
    Now remember, we're negotiating when we extort businesses and taking 
    over rackets, not forcing people!  The way the game works is that when 
    you get to a certain level, certain business and racket owners will 
    accept your initial persuasion without argument, and you'll 
    automatically get the maximum amount of money you could get without 
    discovering their "weak spot" while using force!  
    For anyone that feels like they'll be losing a ton of money, believe 
    me, you won't be.  By using this strategy and buying every safehouse as 
    soon as I got to their neighborhoods, as well as buying every piece of 
    clothing (totally unnecessary but good for respect), I never came close 
    to dipping below a million dollars!  That seems like a solid financial 
    strategy to me.  What's interesting is that for every successful 
    negotiation you do, you get the amount of money you'll be receiving 
    every payday from the business right away!  With 84 businesses to 
    extort, that's a lot of instant money.
    Just for future reference, businesses are considered Very Easy, Easy, 
    Medium, Hard, and Very Hard based on what level you need to be in order 
    to successfully negotiate your way to extortion without force.  A Very 
    Easy business will require a lower "No Pressure" level than an Easy 
    business and so on.  At your current level, and with all the levels 
    you'll gain as you extort and take over neighborhoods, you will only 
    have to worry about Very Hard businesses in terms of being at too low a 
    level to not use pressure.  Again, don't worry.
    Remember, most businesses will have a racket and a safe in them.  More 
    often than not, when the business has a racket, the safe will be 
    located in the vicinity of the racket.  This can be bad when there are 
    a ton of gangsters around and you could kill one of them by mistake.  
    If you feel nervous about accidentally killing a gangster, take over 
    the business and the racket, drive away for a while, then come back and 
    there will be nothing but Corleone guards present, leaving you to blow 
    up the safe in peace.
    One final note before we begin the walkthrough in earnest.  The 
    strategy guide claims that an Easy Barzini business is harder to take 
    over than any other Easy business owned by a different family, which is 
    absolutely untrue, at least when you're negotiating.  Every business is 
    equal regardless of what family owns it.  The only thing you have to be 
    careful for is if you decide to crack a safe and a gangster gets killed 
    in the process.  All the gangsters will then attack you, and in that 
    situation, yes, a Barzini-owned business will be much harder to get out 
    of than a business owned by a different family.  But that's it.  
    So, we begin in Little Italy.  Remember to talk to the business owner 
    to negotiate, and always buy out the racket instead of using force.  
    Again, trust me.  Start with the following Very Easy businesses:
    Arezzo Seafood- Racket, Safe
    DeMantagna's Barbershop- Safe
    Global Trading Company- Racket, Safe
    Grand News- N/A
    Next, the Easy businesses:
    Bella Sciliana- Racket, Safe
    Boolie's Bakery- Racket, Safe
    Harry's Bar- Racket, Safe
    Primola- Racket, Safe
    Saint Martin Hotel- Racket, Safe, Safehouse
    Sicilian Imports Incorporated- Safe
    Trapani's Bakery- Safe
    Now we're going to try something totally new; taking over a warehouse!  
    This is a big step up from taking over businesses, but you've already 
    taken one over during Sonny's War, so at least you have practice.  
    There are three different layouts, and none are too difficult.  The one 
    you're going to take over right now is actually the exact layout of the 
    one you took over in Sonny's War, so you shouldn't have a problem.  
    Remember to take out everyone you see, and watch out for people that 
    appear behind you.  Just be cautious and you should be fine.
    Also, there's a bit of strategy when it comes to dealing with the 
    warehouse (or hub) owner.  Most of the time, I highly recommend 
    pressuring the boss instead of buying them out.  More often than not, 
    you'll have to pay double what the warehouse will actually pay you, so 
    pressuring is more cost-effective in this situation only.  
    However, warehouses and hubs have an interesting distinction.  When you 
    successfully take them over and get the large respect bonus for doing 
    so, the warehouse or hub instantly becomes filled with Corleone guards.  
    If you left any enemy gangsters gunning for you, they'll still be 
    around, but the warehouse will be yours, and if you leave and come back 
    (or if you get iced) there won't be enemy gangsters around.  So, if 
    you're desperate to finish the job as soon as possible lest you get 
    iced before, which will likely happen once or twice with the Barzini-
    owned warehouses and hub, buy out the owner, and then get iced and 
    return at your leisure.  A bit crazy, but it works.  
    Remember, though, in general, pressure the warehouse owner.  I'll be 
    providing the price around where you should extort the warehouse owner.  
    So, go after the Chinaware warehouse first.  Note that these DON'T 
    count as rackets in the list of 56 you have to take over, even though 
    they technically are.
    Chinaware Warehouse- Safe, Extort at 4,000
    Fun, right?  Next up, Medium businesses:
    The Continental- Safe
    Hotel Alioto- Racket, Safe, Safehouse
    Sammy's- Racket, Safe
    Smoke Signals- Racket, Safe
    Va Va Voom Room- Safe
    Now, for two more warehouses.  When you get to one with two guardhouses 
    (Italia), remember to take out everyone in the immediate vicinity and 
    then without running into the courtyard, run to the right and up the 
    staircase you'll find there.  Go through the warehouse, take out all 
    the guard from high up, go out the door across the balcony and down the 
    staircase.  Run into the building and shoot up the staircase.  You'll 
    have to deal with guards at the top of the staircase, but not too many.  
    Run to the right at the top of the staircase, take out the guard, then 
    run to the other side (don't open any doors!), take out the guard 
    there, and pressure the racket boss.  Enjoy.
    Italia Warehouse- Safe, Extort at 8,000
    Verona Warehouse- Safe, Extort at 8,000
    Hard businesses next:
    Bowery Hotel- Safe, Safehouse
    And the last warehouse:
    Costello Imports- Safe, Extort at 14,000
    And you, my friend, have taken over Little Italy!  Excellent!  The only 
    thing left to do is visit the two doctors in the area and crack their 
    safes.  They are:
    Dr. Harvey's Clinic- Safe
    Dr. Valachi- Safe
    And that's all.  Let's recap:
    Missions: 17/17
    Contract Hits: 20/20 
    Extortions: 18/84
    Rackets: 11/56
    Warehouses: 4/8
    Transport Hubs: 0/4
    Compounds: 0/4
    Safehouses: 7/24
    Safes: 23/100
    5. Brooklyn Takeover
    Now on to Brooklyn.  This will be quite a bit harder what with a rival 
    family's compound and transport hub around.  Get used to it.  This is 
    how it will be for the rest of the game.  Let's extort!  Very Easy 
    businesses first:
    Global Trading Company- Racket, Safe
    Michelangelo Salera- Safe
    Pitkin Garments- N/A
    Now for Easy businesses:
    The Full Moon- Racket, Safe
    Midnight Rosie's- Racket, Safe
    Valentino's- Racket, Safe
    Sicilian Goods- Racket, Safe
    The Ambassador Hotel- Safe
    Liberto's- Racket, Safe
    St. Sebastian Hotel- Safe, Safehouse
    Wright Wronsky's- Racket, Safe
    And now for a new experience, taking over a hub!  These share the same 
    strategy for the warehouses discussed above.  The only thing is that 
    these tend to be much harder than warehouses, with more guards and 
    tougher layouts.  If you can, take out every roadblock so that no one 
    will sneak up on you.
    Tattaglia Hub- Safe, Extort at 15,000
    And now, for your first Very Hard business.  For now, you will have to 
    use pressure.  When you get to Level 42 or 43 (which will happen fairly 
    soon), you can negotiate, but for now, pressure them with the price 
    listed below:
    Caf‚ Vitales- Racket, Safe, Extort at 3,000  
    Next up, the warehouse in Brooklyn, and it's a rough Barzini one.  Good 
    Sant'Ella Warehouse- Safe, Extort at 20,000
    And at long last, a Compound!  These are by far the hardest things to 
    take over in the game, but don't require anything other than your basic 
    weapons fully loaded, a good amount of skill, and sometimes a lot of 
    luck.  Each compound, once you get inside, is exactly the same (and is 
    identical to the Corleone Compound).
    The following strategy is the same for every compound.  The overall 
    objective is to plant a bomb in the basement of both houses. 
    Start by taking out everyone in the courtyard that you can see, but 
    stay near the house on the right (from now on, known as House 1).  Your 
    shooting will likely attract guards from inside House 1 to come out the 
    front door, so take them out too.  
    When the coast is clear, enter House 1 and take out the two or three 
    guards on the ground floor.  One will be hiding behind a couch in the 
    living room to the right, one will be in the kitchen, and there might 
    be a random one when you first walk in.  When you've cleared the ground 
    floor, head upstairs.  There are two guards here.  One will likely be 
    in the hallway, and the other is in a middle bedroom on the left.  Once 
    they're both gone, find the safe up here, crack it and head down to the 
    basement.  Take out the guard down here hiding behind the boxes and 
    collect all the ammo, but DON'T plant the bomb.  Head back up the 
    stairs to the front door, get behind cover, and open the door to find 
    FOUR guards waiting to ambush you.  Take them all out, then run 
    Head to the other house across the courtyard (from now on, known as 
    House 2) and take out all the guards hiding in the various corners of 
    the courtyard.  Then run up to House 2's front door, open the door and 
    rush in and out quickly.  Then get behind cover and wait.  This will 
    have attracted most of the guards on the ground floor and they'll rush 
    out gunning for you.  Take them out and then run into the house and 
    take care of any guards left (there is usually one in the kitchen).  
    Since there's only a basement in House 2, run down the stairs, take 
    cover, and take out the guard hiding behind the boxes.  This time, 
    though, there's a second guard, so stay behind cover and try your best 
    to free-aim and kneecap him.  Then kill him as you like.  
    Now, collect all the ammo lying around, and then plant the bomb and run 
    like mad to the front door and out of the building and into the 
    courtyard.  Repeat the process for House 1 and you have taken down the 
    compound!  Now you'll have a huge heat level for doing this, so grab a 
    car from the courtyard and dash to the nearest safehouse and save.  
    OK, so using that strategy, take out the Tattaglia Compound.  The only 
    strategy in terms of getting to the compound is to make sure to 
    methodically go through the park and take out every guard.  You don't 
    want people sneaking up behind you.
    Tattaglia Compound- Safe, Safehouse
    Finally, go to the one doctor in the area and crack his safe.  
    Dr. Marshall's Clinic- Safe
    And Brooklyn is complete!  Two neighborhoods down, three to go.  Let's 
    Missions: 17/17
    Contract Hits: 20/20 *
    Extortions: 30/84
    Rackets: 19/56
    Warehouses: 5/8
    Transport Hubs: 1/4
    Compounds: 1/4
    Safehouses: 9/24
    Safes: 38/100
    6. New Jersey Takeover
    And on to New Jersey.  This is a neighborhood that you never have to go 
    to for a main story mission, and only for a few hits.  Therefore, 
    you'll likely be quite unfamiliar with its layout.  Don't worry.  It's 
    small and not too difficult.  However, there are no Very Easy 
    businesses around!  Therefore, we'll start with a random safehouse you 
    can buy and the one Easy business:
    Lamplight Rooms- Safehouse (not extortable)
    Velveteens- Racket, Safe
    Next up, the Medium businesses:
    Arnold's Famous 47- Racket, Safe
    Boris Amchini's Barbershop- Safe
    The Highway Hotel- Racket, Safe, Safehouse
    Joey's Baked Goods- Racket, Safe
    Sicilian Goods- Racket, Safe
    And the Hard businesses:
    The Crane Club- Racket, Safe
    Fabio Satriani and Sons- Racket, Safe
    Joe Foley's- Racket, Safe
    Johnny Conger's- Racket, Safe
    Santo- Racket, Safe
    Next is a Stracci warehouse.  Not too tough, but be careful as always.
    Waterside Warehouse- Safe (Take Over at 14,000)
    Remember, you'll have to extort with force for the Very Hard business:
    The George Hotel- Racket, Safe, Safehouse (Extort at 3,000)
    Next up is the Stracci Hub.  Be methodical here.  This will be the last 
    fairly simple hub.  
    Stracci Hub- Safe (Take Over at 17,000)
    And last is the Stracci Compound.  Here, drive down into the rail yard 
    and approach from the sandy hill to the left.  This way, you can shoot 
    the trucks from a distance and take out a bunch of guards.  You'll 
    discover that the Stracci's are insane, since gunning through the path 
    leading to their compound, you'll discover that they fill the pathway 
    with explosive barrels you can use to your advantage.  Be careful 
    though; the Stracci's are better shots and are fiercer than the 
    Tattaglia's.  The strategy for taking over the compound remains the 
    Stracci Compound- Safe, Safehouse
    Lastly, head to the one doctor and get his safe.
    B. Fidanque MD- Safe
    And New Jersey is yours!  We've taken over the majority of 
    neighborhoods now.  Let's recap:
    Missions: 17/17
    Contract Hits: 20/20 *
    Extortions: 42/84
    Rackets: 30/56
    Warehouses: 6/8
    Transport Hubs: 2/4
    Compounds: 2/4
    Safehouses: 13/24
    Safes: 54/100
    We're getting there!  Unfortunately, it's going to be an uphill battle 
    from here.  The Cuneos and Barzini's are definitely at a different 
    level of difficulty than the other families.  Extorting businesses 
    shouldn't be harder, but the gangsters are much more aggressive from 
    now on, so they may shoot at you while you're extorting for no apparent 
    reason.  Keep your wits about you.
    7. Hell's Kitchen Takeover
    So, head on over to Hell's Kitchen.  As always (well, except for 
    Jersey), let's start with the Very Easy businesses:
    Arezzo Seafood- Racket, Safe
    Dale Mangano's- Racket, Safe
    Doc Thody's Dahlias- Racket, Safe
    Mrs. Spillane's- Safe, Safehouse
    And the Easy businesses:
    After Hours- Racket, Safe
    The Colonial Tavern- Racket, Safe
    Orchid Incorporated- Racket, Safe
    Poppy's Westside- Racket, Safe
    Providence Hotel- Racket, Safe, Safehouse
    Tyler's Top Cuts- Safe
    West Side Philly's- Racket, Safe
    Casey Quinn's- Racket, Safe
    The Elegante- Racket, Safe, Safehouse
    Holden Holding's- Safe
    Marinelli's Fish Shop- N/A
    The Red Fox- Racket, Safe
    Scotty's Biscotti- Racket, Safe
    The Tunnel Club- Safe
    Now the Hard businesses:
    Caruso!- Safe
    M. Powers and Sons- Racket, Safe
    The Roost- N/A
    And believe it or not, there are no Very Hard businesses in Hell's 
    Kitchen, so we're done with extortion here!  This also means that we'll 
    be at a high enough level when we get to Midtown to extort Very Hard 
    businesses without force, which is a good thing.  
    Let's take out the Cuneo warehouse and hub here now.  These are 
    definitely a step up in difficulty from the other two warehouses, so 
    get ready and hit them hard.
    Milk Co. Warehouse- Safe (Extort at 14,000)
    Cuneo Hub- Safe (Extort at 28,000)
    And now for the Cuneo Compound.  This is actually a damn hard compound 
    to get to, probably the hardest one in the game.  Approach it from 50th 
    and 10th, and be extremely methodical.  Take out every roadblock, and be 
    more cautious than you've ever been up to this point.  There's only one 
    way to get into the compound, and it's both narrow and teeming with 
    guards.  Once you've gotten in, use the same strategy you used for the 
    other two.  
    Cuneo Compound- Safe, Safehouse
    And you only have one more neighborhood, and thus one more family, to 
    go!  Before you get too excited, collect the safes from the two doctors 
    in Hell's Kitchen.
    Dr. O'Rian's- Safe
    Hell's Kitchen Clinic- Safe
    And now, get up, and stretch, and prepare for hell.  The Barzini's are 
    no joke, but if you've taken out the other three families, you're 
    ready.  Just know that you will likely die several times at seemingly 
    random times due to the toughness of the Barzini's.  You gotta hang in 
    there!  Let's recap:
    Missions: 17/17
    Contract Hits: 20/20 *
    Extortions: 63/84
    Rackets: 44/56
    Warehouses: 7/8
    Transport Hubs: 3/4
    Compounds: 3/4
    Safehouses: 17/24
    Safes: 78/100
    8. Midtown Takeover and Don of NYC Status Attainment
    And now for the endgame!  Midtown is where it all ends.  You'll start 
    eliminating families once and for all, complete your stats, and qualify 
    for being Don of NYC in the process.  Again, note that you only need 
    92.5% to be Don of NYC, so if you miss a couple of things, such as an 
    execution style or even a safe or three, it's not a problem at all.  If 
    you're going for 100%, of course, it's a different story, but you'll 
    still be fine if you're following this guide.
    Let's begin!  Start with the one Very Easy business and a random 
    Lucy's Apartment- Safehouse (cannot be extorted)
    Saint Alban's Hotel- Safe, Safehouse
    Scared about how much those safehouses were?  That ain't nothin!  Of 
    course, by now, money should be a second thought to you.  Let's go to 
    Easy businesses:
    Orchid Incorporated- Racket, Safe
    Palladio Widow- Safe
    Next up, Medium businesses and a nice reward after the first business 
    you take over:
    Flowers of Scotland- Racket, Safe (Elimination of Stracci's)
    Hotel Madison- Racket, Safe, Safehouse
    Lumpy's Bar- Racket, Safe
    The Luna Bar- Safe
    Raphael's- Safe
    That's right, the Stracci's have been eliminated!  Very cool.  No more 
    purple.  Now, for the Hard businesses and another, bigger reward:
    The Carnegie Club- Racket, Safe, Safehouse
    Chateau Toledo- Racket, Safe
    Hawk's Steakhouse- Racket, Safe
    J. Sizzle's Steakhouse- Racket, Safe
    Madame Polly's- Racket, Safe
    Savannah Hotel- Safe, Safehouse (Elimination of Cuneo's)
    Tito Morelli's- N/A (Elimination of Tattaglia's)
    Two more families off the map.  No more tan or red.  And now for the 
    final businesses, the Very Hard ones in Midtown:
    The Colonial Club- Racket, Safe
    Isao Kimota's Barbers- Safe
    Louis' Restaurant- N/A
    Mookie's- N/A
    The Peak- Racket, Safe, Safehouse
    West Side Willy's- Racket, Safe
    And at long last, we're done with extortion!!!  Now, in a slight change 
    of pace, head to the one doctor in the area and get his safe:
    Dr. Alexander Noel- Safe
    And with that, let's take out the last warehouse and the last hub.  
    These are very difficult, and you'll likely have to employ the strategy 
    described above of buying out the warehouse or hub owner just to own 
    the business, get iced by a bunch of guards following you, then come 
    back and crack the safes.  If you can pressure the owner, use the 
    prices below.  You're in the home stretch now!
    Palermo Warehouse- Safe (Extort at 20,000)
    Barzini Hub- Safe (Extort at 40,000)
    And all we have left is the final compound!  Let's recap first:
    Missions: 17/17
    Contract Hits: 20/20 *
    Extortions: 84/84
    Rackets: 56/56
    Warehouses: 8/8
    Transport Hubs: 4/4
    Compounds: 3/4
    Safehouses: 23/24
    Safes: 99/100
    Ready to finish this thing?  Then head on over to the Barzini compound.  
    Oddly enough, this is by far the easiest compound to reach, and doesn't 
    require much strategy.  You'll probably be surprised when you fight 
    your way past the initial guards only to suddenly be inside the 
    compound.  The Barzini's more than make up for this easy approach 
    though.  You'll very likely be taken out by a wayward guard hiding in 
    the courtyard at some point.  
    I'd set a goal of taking out one building at a time.  In other words, 
    don't freak out if you die after taking out one building.  You'll get 
    iced, come back to an easy approach to the compound, and only have one 
    more building to bomb.  In any event, enjoy the final compound and the 
    final challenge!
    Barzini Compound- Safe, Safehouse (Elimination of Barzini's)
    And there you have it!  First, you'll get a ton of respect bonuses, 
    such as taking over all compounds and elminiating the Barzini's.  Then 
    you'll be called to a couple of "important meetings," the first being 
    your promotion to Don at the Corleone Compound, and the next at the 
    Hotel Alioto where you'll be promoted to.
    Yee-haw!  Stick a fork in us, we're done!  Great job.  You now have 
    infinite ammo, which I guess you can use on innocent civilians for no 
    Sonny's Way: Arriving soon
    This will be included in the next update of the guide, which may not 
    happen for a week or so.  Until then, try Tom's Way and enjoy.  Feel 
    free to contact me at michael.leo.feldman@gmail.com with any comments, 
    questions, suggestions.  Thanks for reading!
    Before I go here, I would like to acknowledge the official strategy 
    guide for providing me with much of the information regarding the 
    difficulty levels of the businesses and at what money level to extort 
    warehouses and hubs.  It's really an excellent guide, with only a few 
    mistakes along the way.  Highly recommended.

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