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"Wow! What an awesome game!"

Oh man! I love this game so much! I can't stop talking about it! It's one of the best game games I have ever played! It's so awesome! Sorry for all the exclamation marks. I just love this game so much.


These graphics are okay, but don't push the envelope. EA played it safe with the graphics. There is nice lip synching on display,and character models look quite good. The faces are all pretty much messed up. None look quite right. The cars are heavily recycled. You'll only see four or five types of car. Still, the city looks quite nice.


The control is slick. When you get the hang of it, you'll be pulling off every move you want to perfectly.There are a few issues though. Why do cars slow right down whenever they hit one car? Why are there little to no height changes?

The gunplay is cool. It's fast paced yet light enough to enforce strategy. The guns are satisfying. It's cool to fire off a flurry of Tommy Gun bullets on a still standing dead gangster and eventually have the clip empty.

The fighting's okay, but I still don't know how to block. It just involves random flickings up of the right stick.Still it's okay.


Oh man, this is the high point of the game. You could go at it for weeks and still not finish everything. You have safes to crack, businesses to take over, film reels to collect and other assorted stuff. This game should take 20-25 hours to crack.


The five mob gangs are currently at war, Little Italy has gone to the Tattaglias, and your father has just been killed. So what are you gonna do? Obviously you're gonna clean up this mess.

You don't play as anybody you've seen in the films. You play as someone completly different. Your character does see some events in the films though. such as Luca Brasi's death and the assasination of Paulie. It's a pretty cool story even if you've never seen the movies. Marlon Brando comes back too. He did a bit of voicework before he did. You'll know when he's speaking.

This is an excellent game for anyone,fan or not. It's not cheap,but just it up anyway. Do it now. NOW, I TELLS YA! NOWWWW!!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 04/24/06

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