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Reviewed: 08/04/06

The Don Requests That You Pay Him Back For His Generosity

When I heard EA was taking the All-Time Classic movie “The Godfather” and making a video game out of it I was quite skeptical. I figured EA would take my beloved film and turn it into a mockery, and man was I ever so wrong. This game is awesome and I figured why not make my first review around an awesome game and movie.


EA did a really good job of creating a way of sticking you into the game, which you discover 1 minute into the game. After this scene, you eventually join the Corleone family as an outsider. And from this point the game follows the movie and lets you partake in famous scenes from the movie. I thought EA did a really good job of incorporating you in these scenes and making you feel like you helped play a major role in helping the family gain control of New York.

Rating: 10/10


I have to give EA props for going above and beyond the typical sounds by having the actors return to lend their voices, but more on that later. One of the big things that you’ll notice is that the sounds on this game are amazing. From the explosions of barrels and cars to the sound of the glass windows on stores breaking, everything is beautifully crafted. Another aspect that made me give this rating are the great voices provided by several actors including Marlon Brando as Don Vito, James Caan as Sonny, and Robert Duvall as Tom Hagen. Sadly Al Pacino would not return to lend his voice due to him lending his voice in the new Scarface game.

Rating: 10/10


Again EA did a great job especially in the cut scenes, unfortunately the cars look bleak, and even though there wasn't much to cars back then EA could have made them look a little better. Also most businesses look the same to me after a while. On a good note though EA made the people and the cityscape look pretty nice, which is just enough to influence me.

Rating: 8/10


Wow! I picked up the game and it was really easy to learn. The controls are simple but not overly simple. The gun controls are nice and fluid, plus the gunfights are ridiculously fun. The only problem I had is the driving. Your car gets beat up to fast for my tastes. The hand to hand combat is really fun and EA at least gave you a fighting chance by not letting all of the enemies fight you head on at once but more like a couple at a time. Good job EA!

Rating: 10/10


Man this game has a lot of replay to it. There is always just one more store to extort, or one more person to kill it seems. Unfortunately once you own all of the businesses there isn’t much left. Fortunately warehouses and hubs are pretty difficult to take out so those will keep you busy for a long time. And this is actually one of the strongest points in this game.

Rating: 10/10

Rent or Buy? BUY IT!!! If you are sitting here reading this you are wasting precious time you could be using to go out and grab this masterpiece. This game will keep you busy for 25+ hours. I have yet to grow tired of it. And if you run out of stuff to do, make a new profile.

Overall: EA should be commended for making a game based on a movie that was actually fun. Most games based on movies (and this one is 30+ years old) are pretty awful. I hope you enjoyed my first review.

Rating 10/10

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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