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"Just Another Film Based Movie??? No Much Much More!"

In all honesty, I thought that this game would not be good. After all it is based on a movie right? *cough* spider-man *cough* And I must admit that I was very shocked that EA Games, easily said my least favorite game company, was creating a game for the legendary Godfather movie. I wanted to get the game, but something held me back, I couldn't decide to watch the movie first or not. I decided to get the game. And I must say that I do not regret my decision. I have rated this game based on 5 categories. Game-play, Graphics, Story, Sound, and Replay-Ability.
~ Although the game-play of The Godfather is very Arcade-Esq, I find it very easy to get used to and extremely well put together. While in a car, you can choose to drive with the 'A' button, or the 'R Trigger' which I think is a plus. the overall score is
- 10/10 -

~ Very good. EA gets kudos on this category. Usually you see games with Phenomenal FMV Sequences and really gritty graphics, in the case of The Godfather, however this is not the case. The overall game-play graphics are really great, well put together and just [great] The bad part of this is that the Movie Sequences of the game. are very repetitive and recycled. The overall score for Graphics...
- 9.5/10 -

~ Oh yes, the Story part of the review, I believe that the story for The Godfather is very original and overall just fantastic. But, the mafia setting... it was great back when it was only a few things, but nowadays, it seems that everyone is just copying the same ideas and adding new features... This is at the fault of Movie Creators, not the game. So I will give The Godfather's Story a...
- 8/10 -

~ If The Godfather was a boxer, this would definitely be the strong point. The sound in this game is absolutely unbelievable, the detail that went into every sound, it's just wow... The gun fire, the cars acceleration and deceleration, the explosions, the timers, and the music... oh god the music, I absolutely have to give the Sound portion of this review a...
- 10/10 -

~ This is where the game comes up short. Not by much, but still short of expectations. You can go through the game over and over, but nothing is really going to change, your character just isn't customizable enough to completely change the game every time you play it. But who am I kidding? It's still a great game. So overall I give this section...
- 6/10 -

Well, this is the end of my review, I hope that it has helped you in your quest to find great games, and I would like to thank EA Games for making such a great game, You for reading this review, and of course Don Vito Corleone....

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/09/06

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