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"The Godfather is GREAT!"

First of all, the game has a very interesting storyline due to the fact that it was of course based on the original movie. The missions are very cool and realistic. The characters have impressively similar features to the original characters of the story.

I like the fact that at the beginning of the game, you get to customize the character's facial features and his clothes. I do like all the different types of outfits that you can wear and it adds to the cool factor when you get to see your own character in that hairstyle or clothing in action.

There are, however, many areas in which the infrastructures and details are the same and repetitive. The other bad thing about the game is that the graphics could have been better and that there could have been more missions. I felt the game did end too fast.

I liked that the characters had been voiced by the actual characters of the godfather movie although some of their dialogue can be a little weird and out of place. I also felt that the bribing of policemen and hiring of your own people.

What I didn't like was that the game huge amount of tribute percentage even when you become promoted to the Don of the Corleone family. I also wished that there had been more areas that money could be extorted so that I could have a higher income rate. There were times in the game where I was out of money and that did NOT feel good.

On the other hand the game is still very appealing and unforgettable. Even when I could predict what could happen on a hit mission or another extortion, I could still feel the excitement in the midst of the game. I never got sick of the game, even after the third time I played it, amazing huh?

I felt that the game had a reasonable level of difficulty. There were stuff like controlling your heat levels and getting through the missions with time limits. In addition, it's not like one of those games that amateurs can get stuck in the middle and give up playing. I liked that there had been a rather extensive background and locations. eg. brooklyn, jersey, little italy,midtown...but it does get a little boring after you get all too familiar with the environment.

To summarise the game, it was real, captivating and probably the best game created by EA but it needs a little touch-up.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/02/06

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