Review by Andy18706

Reviewed: 04/03/06

This game is awesome!!!!

I'm going to start this review off by saying this is probably one of my favorite games of all time. I'll get to the review point now that will be divided into sections.

I really like the story, it gives you a feel that your actually there and it relates to the movies very well. However though if you haven't seen the movies then the story will probaly be very confusing.
Overall: 9

The sound in this game is pretty well done, I like the sound effects of the bullets, glass, and the cars. There are plenty of games with better sound but this one keeps up with the rest of games.
Overall: 9

Here is the meat of the game, the gameplay has intense fire fights, high speed car chases, and a really fun hand to hand combat system. The game allows you to walk around and do what you want, whether it be extorting that shop, taking over a warehouse, doing missions, doing side contracts, or just going on a fun rampage. Also there are many fun, different weapons to use. There's also a cool aspect of the game called a mob war, when you're in one to win it you must bomb the rival mobs buisness in the allowed time. One of the other cool features is the Create-a-mobster, in this you get to make your guy, choose what he wears, and style his face and hair.This is the games strongpoint and its nearly a 10 for me.
Overall: 9.7

Replayability: When you beat the missions there's plenty to do such as taking over shops, warehouses, and hubs. You can also rob banks, do hit contracts, and work on many extra collectibles. This is also a strongpoint for the game.
Overall: 9.5

The graphics are pretty good in-game but theres some blemishes you'll notice. The characters are well done in the cinematics. Also the vehicles are pretty good but can look plain.
Overall: 9

Rent or Buy: You should buy it's worth the $40 because it'll keep you occupied with all the extras and collectibles.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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