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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by antseezee

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                      _______    _    ______  ______
                     (_______)  | |  (_____ \|  ___ \
                      _____      \ \  _____) ) |   | |
                     |  ___)      \ \|  ____/| |   | |
                     | |_____ _____) ) |     | |   | |
                     |_______|______/|_|     |_|   |_|
        888b      88 88888888888 88            ___    __  __   ______
        8888b     88 88          88          /'___`\ /\ \/\ \ /\  ___\
        88 `8b    88 88          88         /\_\ /\ \\ \ \/'/'\ \ \__/
        88  `8b   88 88aaaaa     88         \/_/// /__\ \ , <  \ \___``\
        88   `8b  88 88"""""     88            // /_\ \\ \ \\`\ \/\ \L\ \
        88    `8b 88 88          88           /\______/ \ \_\ \_\\ \____/
        88     `8888 88          88           \/_____/   \/_/\/_/ \/___/
        88      `888 88          88888888888
                            FAQ/Strategy Guide
                           For Microsoft X-BOX
                              Version Final
                             By Chris Zawada
                             User: antseezee
                        E-mail: chris@z-wad.com
    		     Website: www.z-wad.com
                             Created: 07/27/04
                           Last Update: 03/10/11
                        Copyright 2011 Chris Zawada
    Author's Note
    As the years have gone by, the sports genre has only seen higher and higher
    expectations breached. Developers have been coming out with new ways of
    enhancing their sports game beyond believability. In many cases, they're going
    above and beyond the line of duty. ESPN NFL 2K5 is the third game of the NFL
    series to hit the next generation consoles, and boy, has it exploded with a
    bang. By sporting off a new $20 price tag (which is much more affordable than
    a $50 one), and sporting off a unique presentation feature, players are tossed
    into the NFL like no game before. You'll see weekly recaps, be challenged by
    celebrities, manage your own franchise, and even compete via online access
    against other players. With the value meal price tag, and the main competitor
    of the Madden series, ESPN video games have entered the next generation in
    style. This guide will provide you with team overviews, strategies for
    enhancing your own abilities, franchise management tips, and information about
    the basics.
    If you have any contributions, feedback, or strategies you'd like to have
    added to the guide, contact me via e-mail or on GameFAQs. I'll be more than
    content to add your segment of information, and will also provide credit. If
    you have any questions you'd like added to the Common Questions section, ask.
    I simply don't have the time to sit around thinking of questions. Provide me
    with what you want to know!
    =03/10/11= vFinal
    Final update.
    =07/19/06= v Final
    Final update for this guide. Added some information regarding Finn's Gamesave
    editor, how to morph NFL 2K5 into a football game with current players, and a
    few other general tips.
    =07/29/04= v1.0
    Finished the FAQ. It's 100% complete, although I'm willing to add any routines
    or questions people have. This guide was done in a breeze mainly because I'm
    looking to take a writing vacation. Regardless, enjoy the guide.
    =07/27/04= v1.0
    Started the FAQ. I'm fairly new to the NFL series of games (although I've
    played NFL 2K3 before). Expecting to get a first version up within 5 days.
              -    Table of Contents     -
              1) Introduction
              2) Game Basics
                 > Controls
                 > Morphing 2K5 to Current Rosters
              3) Teams
                 > Description of each
              4) Game Modes
                 > Description of each
              5) Franchise Details
                 > Walkthrough
                 > Player Ratings
              6) Strategies
                 > Offense
                 > Defense
                 > ESPN 25th Anniversary Scenarios
              7) Codes
              8) Common Questions
              9) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines
              10) Proper Credits
    - 1) Introduction          -
    The ESPN NFL series is relatively new, although it does have a hidden past.
    Originally created back during the Sega Dreamcast era, it has gone through a
    turbulent journey. With Sega's downfall near the beginning of the Gamecube's
    opening, and constant revamps due to various budgets, Sega has still managed
    to turn this key football game into a rabid competitor. ESPN NFL 2K5 is the
    latest addition from the series, sporting off various features, and an
    exclusive ESPN license. To start off, ESPN is designed for realistic stat
    play. Players will compete in 11 on 11 football action to see who is the best,
    using a variety of strategic plays, and top-notch players. You can manage your
    own franchise, decide upon player contracts, and even test out some unique
    gameplay modes. Ever wanted to play like it is inside a football player's
    helmet? BAM! You can. Ever wanted to see realistic play movement without
    having to worry about quirky AI? BAM! You can. This is why some players prefer
    ESPN over Madden, or vice versa.
    However, ESPN has a few minute differences that does set it apart from the
    long-time Madden franchise. For starters, the game is strictly designed for
    the Microsoft X-BOX system. The PS2ers are receiving a ported version of an
    exclusive football game. This means graphics are top-notch, featuring
    excellent descriptive player models, realistic uniforms, and sharper textures.
    This game really does exploit the system's strengths. Secondly, you have an
    authentic ESPN license which furthermore adds depth to the presentation. You
    truly feel like you're watching Sportscenter after seeing highlights from
    games, Plays of the Week, and recaps of every game in the league. Not only is
    this a game, but it feels like a true spectator sport. ESPN also has online
    competitive Xbox live play, featuring unique leagues that allow several
    players to compete on a regular basis. There are also a few new features this
    year, and plenty of depth to keep you entertained for the entire football
    season, and even the 2005 off-season. This is the game to get if you're an
    avid football fan, and are interested in only paying $20 brand spanking new.
    Here's a brief excerpt of the game's storyline (credit to Sega):
    It's the season of the fan. The year of people coming together to celebrate
    sport. And uniting everyone is ESPN NFL 2K5, a coupling of the most responsive
    and intense gameplay around and the richest multi-player gaming experience
    possible. Everyone is getting in on the action with the help of our innovative
    V.I.P. system - allowing you to play your friends and top players as if they
    were sitting right next to you! So dust off those extra controllers, grab some
    chairs, and get your game on!
     {+} ESPN PRESENTATION - Chris Berman and new sideline reporter Suzy Kolber
                             headline an updated ESPN presentation complete with
                             an expanded halftime & post-game show, Player of the
                             Game award, SkyCam, and pass/run analysis.
     {+} V.I.P. SYSTEM - After your game, save your friends' profiles to compete
                         when they're not available! Learn their tendencies, moves,
                         & logic for more heated battles or play against the
                         profile of coaches around the league to better your
     {+} ESPN 25th ANNIVERSARY MODE - Play those classic NFL situations over the
                                      past 25 years including "The Immaculate
                                      Reception," "The Catch," and more. Here is
                                      your chance to rewrite history!
     {+} ALWAYS ONLINE - Real-time stats, buddy lists, and friend connection
                         updates all add to our seamless online play for the
                         ultimate community experience.
     {+} MAXIMUM TACKLE - Experience control like never before as you decide
                          whether to go for the basic wrap-up tackle or the big
                          hit. Ball carriers have the ability to break out of
                          tackles for extra yardage.
     {+} THE CRIB - Featuring a roster of music from JBoogie, RJD2, People Under
                    the Stairs, and others. New point system allows you to
                    increase your crib points with every game you play. Use your
                    points to deck out your crib, buy music, play mini-games, etc.
                    Increase your points by answering the crib phone to compete
                    against Steve-O, Carmen Electra, Jamie Kennedy, Funk Master
                    Flex, and other celebrities!
     {+} INNOVATIVE FRANCHISE PLAY - The all-new Weekly Prep allows you to manage
                                     preparation of your team, including workout
                                     schedules, film breakdown, and more as well
                                     as watch and react to simulated games. Also
                                     new is Sportscenter with Chris Berman
                                     anchoring and Mel Kiper and Trey Wingo
                                     bringing you the latest happenings around the
     {+} BREAKTHROUGH MOVES - Dazzling animations such as back of the end zone
                              catches, quarterback evasions, all-new runs, and
                              slips, falls, and trips due to real weather changes.
     {+} THE EMOTION OF THE NFL - Frantic turnover reactions, intense first down
                                  signals, quick timeout calls on the ground, and
                                  the ability to manage your own outrageous
                                  touchdown celebrations!
     {+} UPDATED FIRST PERSON FOOTBALL - Our exclusive First Person mode steps it
                                         up with new camera switching, improved
                                         audio, passing control options, and more!
     {+} YOUR GAME, YOUR MUSIC - Customize the sounds of the game by using your own
                                 ripped music to add some true stadium atmosphere.
    ##### GAME INFO #####
    Players: 1-4 (more with online options)
    Developer: Visual Concepts
    Released: 2004
    Rarity: Common
    Special Features: $20 price tag, online play, custom music, content downloads
    Cover Art on case:
    - Shows Terrell Owens reaching out with one hand for a pass
    - 2) Game Basics           -
    Thankfully, the Xbox controller is a well-fit mix for football games nowadays.
    With its handy sensitive trigger buttons, along with dual joysticks, and four
    accessible buttons, just about any player can get use to the setup in no time.
    ESPN makes plenty of use with the entire controller, so it's essential that
    you understand each function, and when the controls actually affect the
    KEY representation for each button:
                        Y = Y button (yellow)
                        X = X button (blue)
                        B = B button (red)
                        A = A button (green)
                    BLACK = Black button
                    WHITE = White button
                        R = R trigger
                        L = L trigger
                Joysticks = L/R joysticks
              Control Pad = 4-way control pad
                    START = start button
                     BACK = back button
    /Menu Controls/
       Pad/Joysticks - highlight an option, increase/decrease options
                   A - advance, decrease selected option
                   B - go back
                   Y - increase selected option
               START - advance
                BACK - return to previous screen
               BLACK - cycle forward
               WHITE - cycle backward
                   R - cycle forward
                   L - cycle backward
    Right Thumbstick - change VIP name
     Left Thumbstick - click for maximum passing/player card
    - Menu navigation is a simple process. However, if you want to view background
    information on a specific player, tap either of the thumbstick buttons to get
    their background info.
    /Formation Select/
       Pad/Joysticks - up/down scrolls formation by backfield, left/right changes
                       receiver alignment
                   A - select formation
                   B - sub receivers (offense), swap D line (defense), select
                       screens (offense)
                   X - sub running backs (offense), swap DB's (defense)
                   Y - choose package screen (offense)
                BACK - call timeout
               BLACK - flips the play
               WHITE - brings up help menu
                   L - coach's pick for play
    - Based on your depth chart, you can sub in special players at key positions
    by using the corresponding key on the controller. This is perfect if you want
    to bring a fast RB in on a 3rd down, or simply want to relieve a fatigued
    player. Formations have different receiver alignments. For example, an I
    formation can be altered so that both WRs are on the same side of the field,
    or an extra TE is substituted in.
    /Play Call/
       Pad/Joysticks - scroll plays or packages
               A,B,X - select play marked by each button
                   Y - switch to formation screen
                BACK - call timeout
               WHITE - bring up help menu
                   R - on-the-fly audible
                   L - coach's pick for play
    /Pre-Play Offense/
                   Pad/Joysticks - up/down selects a player, left/right puts in
                               A - hurry to the line of scrimmage, snap the
                               B - fake hike, false count
                               Y - bring up/send down audible menu
                            BACK - call timeout
                           BLACK - hold down to view players' fatigue levels
                           WHITE - hold down to view players' routes
                               R - view players' fatigue levels
                               L - view players' routes
    Right Thumbstick + A,B,X,Y,L - call hot route on receiver
    - Sending a player in motion means the receiver will move from his current
    position to a spot horizontal from where he was. This is often used in the NFL
    to confuse the defense, or exploit a mismatch. Hurrying is used when time is
    low and you want to get a play off before time runs out. Players will get
    fatigued the longer they are in. Substitutions are automatic, however,
    sometimes it helps to make a manual shift. Hot routing receivers is fairly
    easy once you get use to it. Hold down the right thumbstick in a direction of
    where you want their route to go, along with holding down their receiver
    button. Let's say you wanted the "B" receiver to go on a deep post. Well,
    press the right thumbstick up and press B at the same time. Here's what each
    of the directions on the thumbstick stand for:
       Up = Go          Up/Right = Quick Corner
       Down = Stop      Up/Left = Slant
       Right = Out      Down/Right = Speed Out
       Left = In        Down/Left = Speed Under
    - Pressing the right thumbstick button, and the receiver's button will have
    that receiver pass block. This is useful if you know a blitz is coming, and
    you want a tight end to protect you, rather than leave you out to dry.
    /Offensive Audible Menu/
       Pad/Joysticks - cycle selected audibles
               A,B,X - select marked audible
                   Y - call/dismiss menu
                BACK - call timeout
               BLACK - flips play
    Right Thumbstick - click to flip routes
       Pad/Joysticks - moves QB
           A,B,X,Y,L - throw to marked receiver
               BLACK - throw ball away
               WHITE - pump fake
                   R - pull and hold to scramble with QB, can perform any special
                       rushing moves as scrambling QB when holding it down
    Right Thumbstick - (behind line of scrimmage) QB evade
    - Passing in NFL 2K5 is fairly simple. To pass to a receiver, simply press the
    button designated to that receiver. Holding the button down sends out a bullet
    pass, while tapping it once and briefly will lob a pass over coverage. The
    slower the pass, the easier it is to intercept. You can also do a quick double
    tap to send a fake pump to that receiver. If you want to scramble, hold down R
    to remove the passing icons to do so. This is easier as it allows you to hold
    down R and perform any moves a normal rusher can do. Be weary of your QB's
    rushing speed, and Carrying ability as well.
       Pad/Joysticks - moves the runner
                   A - speed burst, hold to charge up power for a move
                   B - spin move
                   X - dive, QB slide
                   Y - shoulder charge
               BLACK - stiff arm right
               WHITE - stiff arm left
                   R - juke right, pitch the ball on option plays only
                   L - juke left
               R + L - lateral
    Right Thumbstick - press up to stutter-step, down to stop short, left to juke
                       left, and right to juke right, click to hurdle
    - Speed bursts give your rusher a boost of speed, and it must be tapped for a
    lightning boost of speed. The shoulder charge is sort of like a power runner's
    move, where he puts his head down and charges ahead. Diving is good for
    gaining a few extra yardage when you're about to go down. The spin move is
    great for shifting directions, especially in one-on-one situations. The same
    can be said about the juke. Lateraling will pitch the ball back to the nearest
    teammate, and should only be used in extreme situations. Stutter-stepping is
    the same as a fake juke. It's a stationary fake-out meant to put defenders off-
    guard. Stopping short is similar to a back juke, as the rusher jitters back a
    bit. Hurdling is great for launching yourself over downed players.
    /Offensive Control (without ball)/
       Pad/Joysticks - moves player
                   A - speed burst, hold for power charge
                   B - switch player
                   X - dive/chop block
                   Y - wave for the pass
          BLACK or R - juke right
          WHITE or L - juke left
    After the play ends...press B for a hurry up offense
                       ...press X for a hurry spike
    - The hurry up offense always uses the last default play selected, but you can
    use the audible menu to quickly change the play selected. Spiking the ball
    will cost one down, but stops the clock.
    /Pre-Play Defense/
           Pad/Joysticks - moves player
                       A - switch player
                       B - switch back a player
                       X - blitz selected player
                       Y - call/dismiss audible menu
                    BACK - call timeout
                   BLACK - hold to view players' fatigue levels
                   WHITE - view defensive assignments
    R + Right Thumbstick - hold right to assign DB's outside coverage, left to
                           assign DB's inside coverage, up to assign DB's
                           off coverage, and down to assign DB's tight coverage
    L + Right Thumbstick - hold right to shift LB's right, left to shift LB's left,
                           up to spread LB's outside, and down to bring LB's inside
                       L - pull and hold to open LB adjustment
                       R - pull and hold to open DB adjustment
        Right Thumbstick - push right to shift DL right, left to shift DL left, up
                           to spread DL outward, and down to bring DL inward
       You can also do individual assignments on players by holding down either
       the L trigger or R trigger, and then pressing the following buttons:
                        R + X,Y,B,A,L - double teams individual receiver
                            R + WHITE - blitzes
                            R + BLACK - delay blitzes
           R + right thumbstick click - resets assignments
    /Defensive Audible Menu/
       Pad/Joysticks - cycles available audibles in menu
               A,B,X - selects assigned audible
                   Y - calls, dismisses menu
               BLACK - flips defensive assignments
               WHITE - returns to original play
                 R,L - selects assigned audible
                BACK - calls timeout
    /After the Snap/
       Pad/Joysticks - move player
                   A - tap for speed burst, hold for power charge
                   B - switch player
                   X - diving tackle
                   Y - intercept or block the pass
                   R - intercept the pass or swim move (for DL)
                   L - block pass or club move (DL)
               BLACK - LB strafe or spin off of blocker (DL)
    - A diving tackle is weaker than a default one. Sometimes players can break
    free from a diving tackle due to the Maximum Tackling system. The swim move is
    sort of like the defensive lineman's version of a juke move. The club move
    will try to use strength to wrestle off the blocker's grapple. The LB strafe
    is similar to the juke of a RB, and the spin off for DL is designed to get
    around pesky large guards.
       Pad/Joysticks - aims kicking arrow
                   A - press to activate kick meter, hit second time to set power,
                       and kick ball
                   Y - bring up audible menu, dismiss
    /Kick Returning/
       Right Thumbstick Click - downs the ball in the endzone (press after catch)
                            Y - call fair catch (before receiving it)
    /First Person Football/
    Almost all of the controls are the same, except for the following:
       Right Thumbstick - press left to look left, right to look right
                    R/L - hold to perform hot routes or defensive line shifts
                  WHITE - on defense it locates the man you are assigned to cover
    Before the Snap:
       Left Thumbstick - click to swap between 1st and 3rd person view
    After the Snap:
       Right Thumbstick - click to intitiate temporary "slowdown" mode
    After the Tackle:
       Right Thumbstick - click to view an action replay of the last play
    /Morphing 2K5 to Current Rosters/
    I would first like to start off by thanking dan77733 for bringing this
    information to my attention on the GameFAQs NFL 2K5 boards.
    - Ever since NFL 2K5's license was restricted due to an exclusive deal between
    the NFL & Madden, many players have wondered if there would ever be a way to
    update the game to current standards. Imagine playing 2K5 with real pictures of
    Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, and other new rookies. Well, guess what? A man named
    Finn released his own gamesave editor which let's you customize NFL 2K5 to
    further details. Combine this with Action Replay & a roster file, and you can
    now nominate 2K5 into 2K6 or 2K7, minus the hefty fee.
    Here is what you need to do in order to update ESPN NFL 2K5:
    Go to this webpage: http://web.tampabay.rr.com/flyingfinn/roster.htm
       = Download Finn's NFL 2K5 Gamesave Editor
       = Purchase an Action Replay for the X-BOX. This will be used to transfer
         any roster or franchise files from your computer (where you download them)
         onto your X-BOX.
    - With these two pieces of equipment, you can now update to current rosters. To
    acquire a current roster, go onto GameFAQs and check out the Game Saves section
    of 2K5. Download the 2007 roster update. To enforce the roster, use Action
    Replay to download the saved file from your computer to your X-BOX.
    Here are some features of the gamesave editor (courtesy of Dan77733):
         > Edit Player's name, no size restriction.
         > Play-By-Play voice announcing can be edited so that new players' names
           are recognized and spoken. The full name may not be said.
         > Select any photo for a player.
         > Ability to edit birth date, position, and other minor details.
         > Ability to edit player's visuals.
         > Ability to advance years pro.
         > Ability to alter bodyweight based on 4 different types of size
         > Ability to edit attributes, career stats, and full-edit.
         > A search function is included to find your favorite players in case
           they were moved in FA or trades.
         > Ability to alter schedules, or lose a 2005 franchise into a future year.
         > Much, much more.
    - 3) Teams                 -
    As most of us football fans know, the team is the pride and joy of every fan
    out there. You either root for the underdog, the cursed franchise, or have
    your own favorite team etched on the outer layer of your heart. Simply put,
    teams in the NFL are the single reason fans buy posters, cards, and jerseys.
    Numerous franchises have managed to establish a presence in the league that is
    unrivaled by other sports. This section will go over each of the teams in ESPN
    NFL 2K5, providing an outlook on their abilities, and overall ratings.
    >> Teams will be sorted by their handle, not the actual city name coming first.
    >> Please note that these are based off of the default rosters that came with
    the game. While Ricky Williams did retire, and Visual Concepts is going to
    release updated rosters, I'm basing my findings off of these. You can alter
    your own rosters under the Features section.
    >> The life expectancy rating is about how many years the "core" of the team
    can stay together before major changes. The experience is the amount of age
    compared to other players on the team. There are young, veteran, and elder
       |==|+| SAN FRANCISCO 49ERs |+|==| OVERALL: 84                             |
       | Top Players:                  | The 49ers are one of the offensively    |
       | Fred Beasley =FB= (93)        | flawed teams in the game with the loss  |
       | Julian Peterson =OLB= (91)    | of Owens, and Garcia. However, they     |
       | Tony Parrish =SS= (90)        | still have some gas left in the tank.   |
      / Their entire offense has taken a beating with the loss of Jeff Garcia,
     / Owens, and the elder age of Garrison Hearst. Your best bet is to play a
    / rushing offense thanks to Barlow, a high pressure defense, and try to force
    |turnovers during the course of the game.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 3 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Young
       |==|+| CHICAGO BEARS |+|==| OVERALL: 85                                   |
       | Top Players:                  | The Bears have struggled offensively in |
       | Brian Urlacher =ILB= (96)     | the past years, but still possess a     |
       | Mike Brown =FS= (94)          | playoff-caliber defense worth looking   |
       | Olin Kreutz =C= (91)          | after.                                  |
      / The defense has a solid secondary, along with some pressure up front along
     / the line. The offense is very youthful, with an unstable HB spot, but plenty
    / of faith in Rex Grossman. You may have some quirks with the offense, but try
    | playing 50/50 with the playbook.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 4 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Veteran
       |==|+| CINCINNATI BENGALS |+|==| OVERALL: 84                              |
       | Top Players:                  | The Bengals have shown they're no longer|
       | Willie Anderson =T= (93)      | the bottomwashers of the league. Their  |
       | Chad Johnson =WR= (93)        | offense is headed by a nice young core, |
       | Peter Warrick =WR= (86)       | with a streaky defense.                 |
      / A very youthful team with one of the best rising offenses, an effective
     / defense at times, plus exceptional rookies. This team is great to progress
    / as a franchise, and will eventually become a powerhouse. Try a 60/40 pass/run
    | offense, putting most of the pressure on the variety of wide receivers.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 3 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Young
       |==|+| BUFFALO BILLS |+|==| OVERALL: 87                                   |
       | Top Players:                  | The Bills are a very talented team that |
       | Lawyer Milloy =SS= (96)       | just tends to suffer from cursed plays  |
       | Eric Moulds =WR= (93)         | on the field. A good leader could place |
       | Takeo Spikes =OLB= (90)       | them in the right direction.            |
      / This team is full of stars at each position, however, their play feels more
     / isolated, rather than working as a team. Superb defense that is nearly
    / unstoppable on the field. Bledsoe is getting old, so try a 60/40 run/pass
    | offense. Make use of McGahee and Henry.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 2 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Elder
       |==|+| DENVER BRONCOS |+|==| OVERALL: 85                                  |
       | Top Players:                  | The Broncos have always been a top-notch|
       | Champ Bailey =CB= (93)        | team year in and year out. Despite a few|
       | Tom Nalen =C= (92)            | retirements here and there, they still  |
       | Jason Elam =K= (91)           | have the abilities of reaching the SB.  |
      / While they traded away Portis, you've still got a new addition in Bailey,
     / Lynch, and some youth to fill in at the offense. You may have some troubles
    / with turnovers early on, but a 50/50 pass/run offense will do just fine. Make
    | use of your veteran experience, and play more man-to-man coverage.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 3 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Veteran
       |==|+| CLEVELAND BROWNS |+|==| OVERALL: 81                                |
       | Top Players:                  | The Browns have been another team often |
       | Kenard Lang =DE= (85)         | disgraced in Ohio. With numerous free   |
       | Courtney Brown =DE= (84)      | agency losses last year, and a lacking  |
       | Gerard Warren =DT= (83)       | team, only fate holds onto their future.|
      / Surprisingly, the key to this team is their defense. Your front 4 is
     / amazing and will bring a ton of pressure on the QB. Your offense is improved
    / thanks to Garcia, but not worthy when it comes to the receiving core. Try a
    | bend but don't break defense at first, at minimize your losses.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 4 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Veteran
       |==|+| TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS |+|==| OVERALL: 90                            |
       | Top Players:                  | The former superbowl champs have taken  |
       | Derrick Brooks =OLB= (96)     | several free agency losses, critically  |
       | Simeon Rice =DE= (95)         | affecting their defense. With a boost of|
       | Anthony McFarland =DT= (91)   | confidence, they can still prove worthy.|
      / The Bucs have lost a lot without Sapp or Lynch on the defense. Some of your
     / key players are getting old. Still, you've got some reliable rookies at
    / backup spots. A 60/40 run/pass offense shouldn't deal too much damage, but it
    | will minimize risky interceptions.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 2 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Veteran
       |==|+| ARIZONA CARDINALS |+|==| OVERALL: 79                               |
       | Top Players:                  | Despite their horrid failures in the    |
       | Leonard Davis =G= (93)        | league, the Cardinals are rising with an|
       | Dexter Jackson =FS= (87)      | upper hand thanks to some vigorous      |
       | Anquan Boldin =WR= (87)       | rookies and excellent coaching.         |
      / Dennis Green will make sure to put your team on the rise. Your offense
     / will need to make use of short passes, and long boostful runs. Try your best
    / to burn time, and rely on a streaky defense in the secondary. Aside from
    | that, a 70/30 pass/run offense would fit the scheme nicely.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 5 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Young
       |==|+| SAN DIEGO CHARGERS |+|==| OVERALL: 76                              |
       | Top Players:                  | The worst team in the NFL is attempting |
       | Ladainian Tomlinson =HB= (97) | to make a comeback with insightful      |
       | Lorenzo Neal =FB= (89)        | rookies and playmakers at key positions.|
       | Donnie Edwards =ILB= (87)     | Let's hope for the best on this one.    |
      / LT will lead your team for quite some time, along with the addition of
     / Rivers, and a young offensive line. Unfortunately, your defense is ailing
    / without any veterans, and you'll find out soon as it takes time to build up.
    | Use a 60/40 run/pass offense.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 5 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Young
       |==|+| KANSAS CITY CHIEFS |+|==| OVERALL: 89                              |
       | Top Players:                  | Still one of the offensive powerhouses  |
       | Will Shields =G= (98)         | in the NFL, the Chiefs excite fans day  |
       | Tony Gonzalez =TE= (98)       | and day out. If only their defense could|
       | Priest Holmes =HB= (95)       | get on the same page...                 |
      / This team is designed to win a superbowl soon, before everything falls
     / apart. Your offense is superb at all 3 spots (WR, HB, QB), but the defense
    / only has a few key players. Try a bend don't break philosophy, and make use
    | of a 50/50 pass/run offense.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 2 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Veteran
       |==|+| INDIANAPOLIS COLTS |+|==| OVERALL: 87                              |
       | Top Players:                  | The oh-so-close team in the NFL has one |
       | Marvin Harrison =WR= (100)    | of the best offensive trios in the      |
       | Peyton Manning =QB= (98)      | league. However, their failing gripes in|
       | Mike Vanderjagt =K= (94)      | the playoffs have harbored a curse.     |
      / Another team which is on the verge of falling apart after a few years. Try
     / to make use of your trio on offense, employing a 60/40 pass/run plan. The
    / defense is very young, so try blitzing, and playing lots of zone. Catch the
    | opponent off guard with some outside calls.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 3 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Veteran
       |==|+| DALLAS COWBOYS |+|==| OVERALL: 85                                  |
       | Top Players:                  | The Cowboys are starting to make a big  |
       | Roy Williams =FS= (96)        | influence thanks to Parcells, but their |
       | La'Roi Glover =DT= (92)       | lack of an offense is proving to be a   |
       | Flozell Adams =T= (89)        | real stifle.                            |
      / The Cowboys have plenty of youth at QB, HB, and WR. Plan accordingly with
     / the addition of Keyshawn. Parcells loves a solid running game, so try a
    / 60/40 run/pass offense. Make use of Julius Jones, and employ your superior
    | defense down the throats of opponents.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 5 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Young
       |==|+| MIAMI DOLPHINS |+|==| OVERALL: 85                                  |
       | Top Players:                  | While Williams may have retired, Miami  |
       | Patrick Surtain =CB= (93)     | still has an overpowering defense       |
       | Jason Taylor =DE= (92)        | capable of cutting the slack. If only   |
       | Zach Thomas =ILB= (91)        | something could inspire consistency...  |
      / Another team designed to win right away. Make use of Feeley at QB if
     / necessary, and make Ricky your primary threat (unless you have downloaded
    / rosters). The defense is superb, play lots of man-to-man. Employ a 60/40
    | run/pass offense to make up for the lack of an air ball.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 2 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Veteran
       |==|+| PHILADELPHIA EAGLES |+|==| OVERALL: 92                             |
       | Top Players:                  | When you've got the cover boy on your   |
       | Terrell Owens =WR= (100)      | team, everything is bound to be right.  |
       | Brian Dawkins =FS= (99)       | The Eagles have a superious team, but   |
       | Donovan McNabb =QB= (92)      | actually have a problematic curse.      |
      / The Eagles are destined to win a Superbowl one of these years. Make use of
     / Donovan's scrambling abilities, the addition of Owens, and your strong
    / defense. Use a 50/50 run/pass offense, but you have to LEARN how to scramble
    | with McNabb to have an effective offense.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 3 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Elder
       |==|+| ATLANTA FALCONS |+|==| OVERALL: 85                                 |
       | Top Players:                  | With Vick and nice rounded defense,     |
       | Keith Brooking =ILB= (93)     | Atlanta comes in as a playoff favorite. |
       | Cory Hall =FS= (91)           | The only question is whether or not Mora|
       | Peerless Price =WR= (91)      | Jr. can keep the flow going.            |
      / The Falcons have a bright future up ahead thanks to Vick's blazing speed,
     / and bewildering arm. You also have a one-two punch with Dunn and Duckett, so
    / make exclusive use of this pounding offense. A 55/45 run/pass offense would
    | do nicely. The defense should mix around with a few more 3-4 blitzes.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 4 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Young
       |==|+| NEW YORK GIANTS |+|==| OVERALL: 76                                 |
       | Top Players:                  | With a nice powerful defense, and some  |
       | Michael Strahan =DE= (96)     | new threats on the offense, the Giants  |
       | Jeremy Shockey =TE= (91)      | are shaping up to be a nice hometown    |
       | Amani Toomer =WR= (91)        | favorite. Just give them a thumbs up.   |
      / The Giants have taken booming losses and are in a rebuilding state. Try to
     / get Eli Manning into tip top shape, and make use of the powerful passing
    / game. Your running game is getting old as time moves on, and the defense
    | only has a few playmakers yet. Stick with a bend don't break philosophy.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 3 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Veteran
       |==|+| JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS |+|==| OVERALL: 86                            |
       | Top Players:                  | Jacksonville has a rising star in Byron,|
       | Marcus Stroud =DT= (95)       | but just has some ailments to cure on   |
       | Chris Hanson =P= (91)         | the defense. After that, they're looking|
       | Jimmy Smith =WR= (91)         | to pounce on some easy prey.            |
      / The Jaguars are just about in shape to make the playoffs. Most of their
     / rookies are developed enough to be used efficiently. Do a 60/40 pass/run
    / approach, and play man-to-man, seeing that your defensive line can do some
    | damage.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 3 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Young
       |==|+| NEW YORK JETS |+|==| OVERALL: 81                                   |
       | Top Players:                  | Still with a powerful defensive core,   |
       | Kevin Mawae =C= (95)          | and a reliable QB in Pennington, expect |
       | Santana Moss =WR= (91)        | the Jets to be a true underdog when it  |
       | Sam Cowart =ILB= (89)         | comes to the playoffs.                  |
      / The Jets are just about to be broken up soon. Your running game is going
     / to have problems, so stick with a large passing attack. Mix up the defensive
    / calls with some 3-4 blitzes, and 4-3 zones. You have speed in the receiving
    | core, so use it a lot.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 2 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Veteran
       |==|+| DETROIT LIONS |+|==| OVERALL: 81                                   |
       | Top Players:                  | The Lions are starting to make a slow   |
       | Cory Schlesinger =FB= (91)    | comeback thanks to Mariucci, but it may |
       | Damien Woody =G= (89)         | not be enough to handle the challenge   |
       | Jason Hanson =K= (88)         | coming up this year.                    |
      / The rookies are starting to develop into stars, however, your defense
     / still has no pressure up front. Try to make something happen with a 50/50
    / West Coast offense. The defense has speed, but no real strength up front, so
    | try some man-to-man hoping for the best.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 5 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Young
       |==|+| GREEN BAY PACKERS |+|==| OVERALL: 84                               |
       | Top Players:                  | The Packers are some crazy cheese-heads.|
       | Darren Sharper =SS= (96)      | Their prevailing offense, yet wailing   |
       | Brett Favre =QB= (94)         | defense gives them trouble at key       |
       | Ahman Green =HB= (92)         | moments. Let's hope they improve.       |
      / The Packers still have a capable passing attack with Farve, and a running
     / game with Green. You'll have to focus on getting a key receiver, along with
    / some players on the defensive side of the ball. Maybe a 60/40 run/pass
    | offense will prevent key turnovers.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 2 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Elder
       |==|+| CAROLINA PANTHERS |+|==| OVERALL: 92                               |
       | Top Players:                  | The Panthers are the true team that came|
       | Kris Jenkins =DT= (97)        | out of the blue, and nearly spanked a   |
       | Todd Sauerbrun =P= (93)       | SB-caliber team. This year they're still|
       | Julius Peppers =DE= (92)      | highly favored to roar extremely loud.  |
      / Now that the superbowl contenders are back to the drawing board, look at
     / some key aspects missing from last year. Make use of a speedy receiving
    / core, but do a majority of running plays with Davis/Foster. A 60/40 run/pass
    | approach is a safe way to the playoffs.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 3 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Veteran
       |==|+| NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS |+|==| OVERALL: 93                            |
       | Top Players:                  | With two superbowl victories in 3 years,|
       | Adam Vinatieri =K= (98)       | and plenty of pride to show for it, the |
       | Rodney Harrison =SS= (97)     | Patriots are the pinnacle of a dynasty. |
       | Tom Brady =QB= (93)           | Three times a charm, right?             |
      / The Patriots are going to get a huge improvement in the running game thanks
     / to Dillon. Brady will toss his air balls as usual to a mediocre receiving
    / core. Look for a 50/50 run/pass approach to keep opponents off guard. Play
    | some man-to-man thanks to a decent line up front.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 3 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Elder
       |==|+| OAKLAND RAIDERS |+|==| OVERALL: 89                                 |
       | Top Players:                  | Despite a slip up last year, the Raiders|
       | Warren Sapp =DT= (94)         | look to charge ahead full steam with a  |
       | Charles Woodson =CB= (91)     | re-energized lineup. Let's hope the     |
       | Rod Woodson =FS= (91)         | pirates can sail the ship this time.    |
      / Look for a very improved team to turn around from last year. The defense
     / is still superb, so playing man-to-man is no problem. Sapp will only
    / increase the leadership. Fortunately, the offense has plenty of varied
    | players to choose from. A 50/50 pass/run gameplan sounds intriguing.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 1 year <--> EXPERIENCE: Elder
       |==|+| ST. LOUIS RAMS |+|==| OVERALL: 85                                  |
       | Top Players:                  | The Rams still prove to be an assaulting|
       | Torry Holt =WR= (100)         | offense when you least expect it. If    |
       | Orlando Pace =T= (96)         | only they could continue their winnings |
       | Aeneas Williams =FS= (92)     | in the playoffs...                      |
      / Charge ahead will a full-blown passing attack, however, try to get Jackson
     / some attempts behind Faulk. He will be the replacement once Faulk throws in
    / the towel. Look at a 70/30 pass/run attack, and make use of safety blitzes
    | to throw your opponents in turmoil.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 3 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Veteran
       |==|+| BALTIMORE RAVENS |+|==| OVERALL: 89                                |
       | Top Players:                  | The Ravens continue to have one of the  |
       | Ray Lewis =ILB= (99)          | most dominant defenses in the league, at|
       | Jonathan Ogden =T= (98)       | the sacrifice of a little O here and    |
       | Chris McAlister =CB= (96)     | there. Watch them pound opponents.      |
      / The defense is your key here, so constantly mix up 3-4 blitzes, zones, and
     / man-to-man. The running game is the only way to score on opponents, so stick
    / with a 70/30 run/pass attack. Picking the right QB is up to you, and make
    | sure you keep Heap with developing numbers.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 4 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Veteran
       |==|+| WASHINGTON REDSKINS |+|==| OVERALL: 83                             |
       | Top Players:                  | The revamped Skins are looking to really|
       | Lavar Arrington =OLB= (94)    | sizzle things up with a new offense, but|
       | Laveranues Coles =WR= (94)    | slightly depressed defense. Will the new|
       | Clinton Portis =HB= (93)      | formula work, or explode in disgust?    |
      / The Redskins will have a blazing offense this year. Do explosive attacks
     / with Brunell, and learn to scramble around a lot with the faulty line. Use
    / Portis for the majority of the attacks because of his uncanny abilities. The
    | defense will struggle without a secondary, so try some zone blitzes.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 2 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Veteran
       |==|+| NEW ORLEANS SAINTS |+|==| OVERALL: 85                              |
       | Top Players:                  | The Saints are continuing to struggle   |
       | Deuce McAllister =HB= (92)    | despite some well-based talent around   |
       | Joe Horn =WR= (92)            | them. I hope Mardi Gras inspired them   |
       | LeCharles Bentley =C= (89)    | over the winter.                        |
      / It's do or die time in New Orleans. Employ a 50/50 run/pass defense with
     / Deuce and Brooks. Your offensive line is strong for now, but not for long.
    / The defense has to play a mix of zone/man-to-man, and avoid blitzing. Your LB
    | core needs some speed before doing so.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 2 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Veteran
       |==|+| SEATTLE SEAHAWKS |+|==| OVERALL: 86                                |
       | Top Players:                  | The Seahawks continue to fire onward in |
       | Walter Jones =T= (96)         | dazzle with a superior offense, but     |
       | Steve Hutchinson =G= (93)     | often mess up in pressure-cooked spots. |
       | Shaun Alexander =HB= (90)     | Maybe the birds will fly sky high.      |
      / Hasselback is developed enough to be an effective weapon with his dual
     / receivers and Alexander at back. Try a 50/50 run/pass approach to confuse
    / opponents. As for the defense, it's strong but lacking speed. Play some zone
    | blitzes.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 3 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Veteran
       |==|+| PITTSBURGH STEELERS |+|==| OVERALL: 80                             |
       | Top Players:                  | The Steelers have been struggling the   |
       | Alan Faneca =G= (97)          | past few years with awry timed injuries.|
       | Hines Ward =WR= (97)          | Perhaps this is their year for vengeance|
       | Joey Porter =OLB= (92)        | with some new philosophies in hand.     |
      / With the decline of Tommy Gunn, the Steelers have to rely on a newly
     / drafted rookie, along with a weak gap at the runningback position. Their
    / entire team has taken a hit without an prepared offense, but don't let their
    | stellar defense fool you. Play a 3-4 and blitz for constant pressure.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 3 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Elder
       |==|+| HOUSTON TEXANS |+|==| OVERALL: 77                                  |
       | Top Players:                  | With the most losses 7 points or less   |
       | Jamie Sharper =ILB= (89)      | last season, the Texans are as close as |
       | Gary Walker =DE= (88)         | you can get to tasting the victory soup |
       | Aaron Glenn =CB= (86)         | leaking from the superbowl trophy.      |
      / The Texans have shown improvement over the past 2 years with developing
     / stars at various positions. Make use of the extreme speed in your receiving
    / core, and utilize a 60/40 run/pass attack. The defense works well as a 3-4,
    | but you may want to play more zones than blitzes.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 4 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Veteran
       |==|+| TENNESSEE TITANS |+|==| OVERALL: 86                                |
       | Top Players:                  | Being a giant for the past few years    |
       | Craig Hentrich =P= (96)       | doesn't help when you have no SB ring to|
       | Steve McNair =QB= (96)        | prove it. Maybe the Titans can stomp    |
       | Derrick Mason =WR= (94)       | over the competition after all.         |
      / The Titans are still well-rounded with a nice core, however, the RB spot
     / can be troublesome at times. A 50/50 run/pass attack will prove to be well
    / earnest. For your defense, lessen up on the blitz, and make use of man-to-man
    | to prevent big gains.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 3 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Veteran
       |==|+| MINNESOTA VIKINGS |+|==| OVERALL: 90                               |
       | Top Players:                  | Despite a few studder steps last year,  |
       | Randy Moss =WR= (100)         | the Vikings have what it takes to be a  |
       | Matt Birk =C= (95)            | true playoff contender. I just wonder if|
       | Michael Bennett =HB= (93)     | their defense studies the same gameplan.|
      / The Vikings still have the unstoppable passing attack which should be
     / used in nearly every situation. Combine that with the speed back Bennett,
    / and this offense is ready to fly to the playoffs. The defense should use a
    | bend don't break philosophy.
    # LIFE EXPECTANCY: 3 years <--> EXPERIENCE: Young
    - 4) Game Modes            -
    With modern sports games competing like thoroughbreds in a fierce mile pole
    run, every title has to have exceptional game modes that stand out from the
    rest. Thankfully, this year's ESPN is simply outstanding when it comes to game
    modes. Not only can you play a typical franchise, but you may now train your
    rosters, have them do workout drills, and even research film footage. A
    new "My Crib" mode allows you to customize your own palace based on your in-
    game accomplishments. You can challenge special celebs, and create your own
    VIP profile which emulates your style of play as an AI opponent. These are the
    sorts of elements that set ESPN NFL 2K5 apart from the rest. This section will
    go over each of the game modes in the game, and their customization options.
    The most in-depth information about franchise mode will be described in the
    following chapter.
    /Quick Game/
    This is pretty much your typical way of playing a game without too much harm.
    You can earn credits to purchase items from your Crib, or simply add some
    stats to your record. After picking the option, you must then select two
    teams. Tap the black and white buttons for a random team. The next screen
    allows you to customize your game. For example, you can plop in different
    coaches for different teams, or play against a VIP profile.
    - One of the unique features is that you can alter the lineup. If you want,
    you scramble the starters for each team which are basically just random
    starters in the NFL tossed onto your team. The actual rosters will be reset
    after the game ends, but it's a fun way to get a variety in your gameplay
    options. You may also fantasy draft your team before the game, but it too will
    also be reset afterwards.
    It doesn't get much better than this. Franchise mode is the electrifying way
    of playing out as a team owner of a popular NFL team. In franchise mode, you
    manange player contracts, draft choices, who goes/leaves, and also have a role
    as the team coach. During the preseason, you will schedule workouts and ways
    of training your players to make sure they don't get out of shape, or are
    overworked. This is the premiere feature of ESPN football, and you can find
    more information about it in the next chapter.
    /First Person Football/
    Introduced in last year's version (ESPN Football), first person football is a
    neat change of pace when you want to try something new. Players will be placed
    literally inside the head of a real-life football player. Everything is played
    from a first-person view, inside the helmet. You won't hear any fancy voices
    on the field, but rather play as a premiere athlete. After clicking on this
    option under Game Modes, you will have the same options as a Quick Game.
    However, once the game starts, you will be tossed into a player during the pre-
    game warmups.
    - This mode will put you in control of a primary player on the field. On
    offense, you will play as either the QB or HB depending on what play is
    selected. On defense, you will usually take control of a linebacker. You can
    set it so that you can take place of a WR, or something along those lines.
    /ESPN 25th Anniversary/
    Certainly one of the more interesting modes in the game. This special
    presentation thanks to ESPN features 25 of the greatest football moments
    during the entire history of the NFL. Each scenario is coupled with some
    background information thanks to Chris Berman, and you get to relive the
    experience by being tossed into the shoes of the players responsible for it.
    After the scenario is completed, you will receive a checkmark next to that
    situation. If you want a list of the scenarios, or strategies to completing
    them, please check out the strategies section.
    When the going gets tough, perhaps it's time you started practicing a bit
    more. Practice mode allows you to compete and enhance your skills even
    further. After entering the mode, you will be presented with two options -
    Basic Training & Scrimmage. Basic Training takes you through all of the in-
    game moves, passes, and playcalling tips to ensure you're ready to play the
    game. They're sort of like "mini" training drills you could say. They're
    extremely basic though, but you will be rewarded with 200 Crib Credits for
    completing them.
    The second mode is Scrimmage, which is basically what it sounds like. You can
    setup options to play only Special Moves, Full Scrimmage, Offense Only, or
    Kickoff. You may then set AI playcalling, and ways of the CPU to call random
    defenses. The idea is to train up your passing and rushing abilities, along
    with timing on specific routes.
    If you've ever wanted to experiment with one single game situation, then this
    is your chance. You can set nearly every single option ranging from the score,
    to current field position, how much time is left, and even the weather. This
    is the ultimate way of placing yourself in high pressure situations, and
    seeing if you can prevail.
    Another neat way of interacting with multiple players if you don't have enough
    controllers or a system link. You can have up to 4, 8, or 16 teams compete in
    a bracket elimination tournament. The winner is crowned the victorian, but you
    can also face a few CPU-set opponents, or even VIP profiles if you wish.
    - 5) Franchise Details     -
    Staying along the course of traditionalism, nearly every modern sports game
    out there has to have a franchise mode in order to be a success. If your
    players cannot sit down and manage a team like their own kindled Hess Truck,
    then the developers have made some serious flaws. This year's ESPN football
    game has a very detailed franchise mode that allows you to act as the owner of
    the entire team. You'll decide contracts, the schedule for player workouts,
    film footages, and even who to draft when it comes to rookie times. ESPN
    football comes complete with a weekly recap that makes it feel like you're
    watching Sportscenter late at night. This section will describe franchise mode
    in detail, walk you through it, and provide some tips for efficiently managing
    a team.
    - To access Franchise Mode, go to Game Modes and then pick Franchise. You will
    be brought to a selection of options. Here are some features you can
    incorporate during a franchise:
      + Weekly Preparation {allows you to customize your team's workout ethics,
                            schedule, practice, and so on. Gives you the chance to
                            improve players. Sort of like a training camp.}
      + First Person Football {allows you to play your games from a first person
      + Fantasy Draft Roster {allows you to draft a franchise rather than start
                              with default rosters}
      + Customize League {allows you to place which teams are in each division}
      + Preseason Games {permits to have preseason games or not}
      + Trade Deadline {the deadline is during week 6}
      + Owner Firing {if you're doing a poor job, you can be fired by the CPU.
                      This option pits you up for a challenge}
      + Edit Rookies {gives ability to edit rookies coming in from the draft}
    - Some other controls you can either set to the Player or CPU:
     > Drafting Players, Signing Draft Picks, Re-Signing Players, Signing and
       Cutting, and finally updating the Depth Chart
    - Once you're finished, click START to proceed ahead.
    /Starting Off/
    Before you can engage in your franchise, it's necessary to pick some teams you
    want to control. At the Team Select screen, check off each of the teams you
    want to control as franchises. You may also set VIP Profiles to each team you
    control for different behavior patterns. Press START to move ahead.
       ><>= COACH'S DESK =<><
    "This is where most of the Franchise action takes place. This is the main menu
    that provides access to all of the franchise controls. The categories are as
    - Shows upcoming teams for the current week. You can view schedules for
    individual teams, or switch over to the regular season Weekly games by using
    the Black/White buttons. You may also check off games you want to play or
    simulate instead.
        |(FRONT OFFICE)|
    - This is where the key management decisions are made to improve or maintain
    your franchise in tip top shape. Again, there are plenty of options you may
    select from:
              -----> Franchise Status <-----
      "Displays how well your current season is proceeding, along with the team
       goals that you have to assess as an owner. You also have a contract as an
       owner which is listed at the bottom. The default starting contract is 3
              -----> Contracts <-----
      "Displays the current player contracts on your team, who's on your roster,
       and for how much. Remember that money is everything in the NFL. Players
       that are overpaid may not be worth what you're paying them, and it's up
       to you if you want to keep them. You can sort contracts via position,
       ratings, money, years left, etc. If you right click with the right joystick
       button, you will receive a background profile on the player. Some key
       terms you should understand:
       - Status: How many years left on their contract. It's better to re-sign
                 players before their contract runs out, because it will save
                 money in the long run. To alter a player's status, press A on
                 their highlighted name. More options will be tossed up:
          |View Contract: shows their current contract with the pay per year,
          |               and what your team salary cap will look like.
          |Re-Negotiate Contract: gives you the ability to restructure a player's
          |                       contract. Here are some more key options:
          |                     > SALARY: Total money offered in the contract.
          |                     > CONTRACT: What type of contract you wish to
          |                                 offer. You can adjust the pay per year
          |                                 so that a player receives more $$
          |                                 near the end, middle, or beginning
          |                                 portion of the offer. More incentive
          |                                 is offered with a Front End contract
          |                                 because the player will receive the
          |                                 most money early on, but it may prove
          |                                 to be a mistake if you have to cut him.
          |                     > BONUS: This is a signing bonus offered on the
          |                              contract. Think of it as a way of giving
          |                              the player instant cash if he signs with
          |                              your team. Higher signing bonuses take
          |                              money out of the salary and pay it right
          |                              away. Offer high % signing bonuses to
          |                              rookies or young stars to lure them away.
          |                              It's also best to use it on aging veterans
          |                              so that they may retire before receiving
          |                              most of their money.
          |                     > LENGTH: This is how long the contract will last.
          |Release to Free Agency: This will release the player to the free agents
          |                        list. You will take a Cap Penalty based on the
          |                        # listed in the column. Most cap penalties are
          |                        a small % of the player's contract that is
          |                        deducted from your current cap room because you
          |                        decided to make the cut before the contract
          |                        ended.
          |Place on Trading Block: This will put the player on your team's trading
          |                        block. This is basically a way of saying the
          |                        player is available for trade. The CPU will then
          |                        make offers to your team for the player, and you
          |                        can reject/accept them.
          |Begin Trade: Allows you to form your own custom trade with this player.
          |Assign Jersey Number: You can input your own custom jersey number for
          |                      this player.
              -----> Cap Management <-----
      "This neat little feature shows a bar graph displaying your 100% max of the
       cap up top with a line. Your current cap point is displayed with the bar. As
       the years progress, you will receive more empty space to sign new players.
       It will also display your highest paid players for each year to let you know
       who is leeching the most money. This can be useful since some players may be
       overpaid, and you will want to get rid of them THAT year, rather than
       waiting till the end of a contract.
              -----> Team Needs <-----
      "This option will display the current amount of players at each position,
       along with necessary, and cautionary needs highlighted in different colors.
       Players at each position will be displayed with contract numbers and ratings
       available. Numbers in yellow are below average. Numbers in red require you
       to sign or get a player to work that position. These are the usual numbers
       for each position:"
          QB: 3       CB: 6        FB: 2        C: 2       DE: 3
          K: 1        FS: 2        TE: 3        G: 3
          P: 1        SS: 2        OLB: 4       T: 3
          WR: 6       HB: 3        ILB: 3      DT: 3
              -----> Trades <-----
      "This option let's you perform a custom trade by adding players or draft
       picks to the mix."
              -----> Trading Block <-----
      "This let's you place players up on your trading block, and the CPU will
       place synthetic offers for that player/picks. You can accept/reject any
       of the offers."
    - This is where the actual coaching decisions will come into play. Deciding
    who starts, subs, and your plays in the playbook will be key events. Make wise
    decisions or fail horribly.
              -----> Depth Chart <-----
      "This is where you will organize the order of players at each position. Any
       #1 spot filled with a player is a started at that position, so choose
       wisely. You can set the charts for special teams, offense, and defense.
       You will be brought to a text screen displaying their names at each spot.
       Click on the names and then you'll get a brief overview of the player
       ratings (represented by green bars), along with some physical traits. It's
       a quick and easy way of deciding who goes where."
       ***NOTE: During the preseason, your backups and subs will start at the
                starter locations. The game does this to prevent injuries to top
                players, and help your backups get some playing time to raise
                their ratings.
              -----> Playbook Manager <-----
      "This let's you alter, create, or customize a team's playbook. You may
       create your own to use during a franchise. Note that any formation you
       desire may be used, and this same created playbook can be loaded into
       other modes besides franchise mode."
              -----> Coach's Card <-----
      "This shows you a brief history on the current coach of the team. His
       entire record is shown along with averaged stats, and a Bio that tells
       you of his accomplishments."
              -----> Coach Gameplan <-----
      "Aside from the VIP settings of each coach, this decides the coaching
       decisions during a simulated game. You can alter bars that affect
       the following settings:"
         OFFENSE: {  Run / Pass  }
         PASS: {  Short / Deep  }
         RUN: {  Outside / Inside  }
         DEFENSE: {  Run / Pass  }
         DEFENSE: {  Man / Zone  }
         BLITZ: {  Less / More  }
         COVER: {  Short / Deep  }
    - This is the reporting center of where you can view all of the action that
    has taken place across the NFL. Transactions, trades, cuts, and player awards
    can all be viewed here. It's almost like visiting the real website.
              -----> E-Mail Inbox <-----
      "This is where you will receive periodic messages telling you important
       items. There's always a sender with a new topic. Your first e-mail is an
       introduction to the organization and provides links to the in-game manuals."
              -----> Team Standings <-----
      "This displays the current teams in each division/conference, along with
       their records, and whether or not they have clinched playoff births."
              -----> Transactions <-----
      "Shows off any player transactions that have occurred during the season,
       or for each team."
              -----> Statistics <-----
      "Let's you view statistics for entire teams (rankings), players (career),
       and league leaders. Very useful for you stat gurus out there."
              -----> Player Awards <-----
      "This shows off any player awards handed out during the weeks or a specific
       game for reknown stats recorded during a game."
              -----> Injury Report <-----
      "This shows you any players currently on the injury lists for team, and
       the expected time out from their injury."
              -----> Power Rankings <-----
      "Ranks the team according to their overall defense, offense, points scored,
       record, and status accumulated. Best way to see who's the 'best'."
        |(THE CRIB)|
    - This permits you to access your VIP crib via the franchise menu. There are
    some exclusive milestones which can be earned during franchise mode only, and
    it's a key to make sure you take care of your crib while living the high style
    - This menu allows you to alter the fine points of your franchise team, and
    some key new features not included in last year's version. The menu splits
    into three options - VIP, Celebrations, and Stadium Music. The VIP section
    will allow you to check out different profiles, your own stats, and alter your
    playbook analysis. The Celebrations section let's you alter the current set
    celebrations, there are over 25 different ones you may select from. Finally
    the Stadium Music section let's you add clips on your Xbox hard-drive to be
    incorporated as stadium music during a game. You may also compile soundtracks
    via unlocked in-game music.
    - This is where all of the customization comes into play. After selecting the
    options tab, you can alter franchise, game, difficulty, presentation, and
    penalty settings. I'd recommend increasing the difficulty to All Pro if you
    want a challenge, and make sure you save your franchise/VIP profile before
    exiting all together.
    ^^ - This pretty much sums up the Coach's Desk. We'll now move on to the
    This is the five weeks that take precedence before the start of the NFL
    season. The idea to the preseason is to allow coaches and teams to get in a
    playing groove before going out and attempting to play a grueling 17-week
    schedule. It also helps backups and third-stringers improve their playing
    abilities. The disadvantage is that you take the risk of providing injuries to
    key players. During the preseason, your Depth Charts will move your starts to
    the far ends of the order for safety reasons. The game tries to prevent them
    from being injured. You will play four random opponents during the preseason,
    with one bye week. I would recommend playing at least one game so that you may
    get into a groove. However, in preparation for each preseason game (depending
    on whether or not you have Weekly Preparation on), you must prepare your team
    for the big game.
    /Weekly Preparation/
    Visual Concepts decided to toss in a new feature that really sparkles to a
    majority of the players out there. The Weekly Preparation is a new setting
    that let's you (as a coach) set workout routines, weightlifting sessions, film
    footages, and scrimmages on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and
    Fridays prepping up for the big game. The idea is to make the most use of your
    spare time each day preparing players by keeping them in shape and mentally
    focused on the team at hand. There are plenty of advantages and disadvantages.
    Overworking a team will get them tired, and low their overall rating for the
    big game. Undertraining will do the same problem. However, if you find the
    right balance, you can see a fairly large increase in a player's overall at
    each position. There are literally hundreds of different layouts you can do,
    but I'm briefly going to post one I've discovered on the message boards which
    seems to be quite effective. Remember that you must set this every week prior
    to the big game. QBs, HBs, and WRs see the biggest boost, while your offensive
    line will drop slightly. I'd like to thank SuicidalByNature420 on relaying
    this setup to the boards.
    - Here's what the format looks like for each drill:
      Category / Sets / Player position concentration / Type
     ) MONDAY                                                                   *
     *- Team Meeting: If you're winning, use a default meeting. Otherwise use   *
     )                an upbeat one to get the team motivated.                  *
     *- Coach's Film: Same as above, adjust the films based on what team you are*
     )                playing.                                                  *
     *- Film / 2 / ALL DTs / Run Blocking Schemes                               *
     )- Film / 3 / ALL DEs / Pass Blocking Schemes                              *
     *- Aerobic / 2 / ALL DTs / Cross Trainer                                   *
     )- Aerobic / 2 / ALL WRs / Wind Sprints                                    *
     *- Film / 2 / ALL QBs / Coverages                                          *
     )- Film / 2 / ALL ILBs / Run Blocking Schemes                              *
     *- Film / 2 / ALL CBs / Route Combinations                                 *
     )- Film / 2 / ALL FSs / Run/Pass Distribution                              *
     *- Film / 1 / ALL WRs / Man/Zone Tendencies                                *
     )- Rest can be selected by yourself. Try to involve everyone except Ks, Ps,*
     *  FBs, and TEs. Most of the drills and workouts are self explanatory to   *
     )  the position.                                                           *
     ) TUESDAY                                                                  *
     *- Full Drill / 1 / 2nd Team / No Pads                                     *
     )- Pos Drill / 1 / ALL OLBs / Pursuit Drills                               *
     *- Weights / 1 / ALL DTs / Arms                                            *
     )- 7 on 7 / 2 / Partial Pads                                               *
     *- Full Drill / 2 / 1st Team / No Pads                                     *
     )- Film / 2 / ALL WRs / Coverages                                          *
     *- Pos Drill / 1 / ALL Cs / Run Blocking                                   *
     )- Pos Drill / 1 / ALL Gs / Pass Protection                                *
     *- Pos Drill / 1 / ALL DTs / Special Move Focus                            *
     ) WEDNESDAY                                                                *
     *- Pos Drill / 2 / ALL WRs / Wide Receivers Release                        *
     )- 7 on 7 / 1 / Partial Pads                                               *
     *- Full Drill / 2 / 1st Team / Partial Pads                                *
     )- Full Drill / 2 / 2nd Team / Partial Pads                                *
     *- Pos Drill / 1 / ALL DEs / Get Off the Ball                              *
     )- Pos Drill / 2 / ALL CBs / Ball Reaction                                 *
     *- Weights / 1 / ALL QBs / Shoulders                                       *
     ) THURSDAY                                                                 *
     *- 7 on 7 / 1 / Partial Pads                                               *
     )- Pos Drill / 1 / ALL DTs / Get off the Ball                              *
     *- Full Drill / 1 / 3rd Team / No Pads                                     *
     )- Pos Drill / 1 / ALL DEs / Special Move Focus                            *
     *- Pos Drill / 2 / ALL QBs / Routes and Progressions                       *
     )- Pos Drill / 3 / ALL HBs / The Gauntlet (Tire Relay if finesse backs)    *
     *- Pos Drill / 2 / ALL ILBs / Beat the Block                               *
     )- Pos Drill / 1 / ALL CBs / Backpedaling                                  *
     ) FRIDAY                                                                   *
     *- Pos Drill / 3 / ALL Ts / Pass Protection                                *
     )- 7 on 7 / 3 / No Pads                                                    *
     *- Pos Drill / 1 / ALL TEs / Pass Receiving                                *
     )- Pos Drill / 2 / ALL WRs / Hand Positioning                              *
     *- Film / 2 / ALL CBs / Run/Pass Distribution                              *
     )- Film / 2 / ALL QBs / Man/Zone Tendencies                                *
     *- Weights / 2 / ALL HBs / Hams and Calves (Calves and Ankles for finesse) *
     )- Film / 2 / ALL SSs / Run/Pass Distribution                              *
     *- Weights / 1 / ALL FSs / Calves and Ankles                               *
     )- Film / 1 / ALL Gs / Fronts                                              *
     *- Film / 1 / ALL Cs / Fronts                                              *
    - Some key problems are that the offensive line will usually drop a bit, and
    cornerbacks are difficult to get expressive rises out of. If you have a
    workout routine you'd like to contribute to the guide, please e-mail me at:
    /Regular Season/
    The Regular Season is a grueling 17-week schedule through which teams will
    play and compete for a ride into the playoffs. During this time, teams will
    play a total of 16 games, with one bye week tossed in there to give them a
    break. You can view your team's entire schedule via the Coach's Desk/Schedule
    category. Aside from that, ESPN NFL 2K5 uses authentic game schedules for the
    first few years, but compiles random ones as your franchise progresses. One
    unique feature is that you can view a Sportscenter presentation after a week
    ends. To do so, simply click the Right Joystick at the schedule screen, and
    you'll see a few key highlights, reviews of stats, and so on.
    - To ensure you have correct settings, here's what I recommend for a
    challenging but realistic franchise:
        Difficulty: All-Pro
        Quarters: 8 minutes
        Simulated Quarters: 6 minutes
    - Don't forget about the trade deadline (which is usually turned on) during
    Week 6. Afterwards, you will not be able to make any trades. The CPU may make
    trades with other CPU opponents that can be reviewed via the ESPN.COM section.
    Most of the time they involve minor players, but you will get a few
    blockbusters here and there to add excitement to the league. Most of the free
    agents available in the list will be signed over the entire course of the
    season. However, as the weeks progress, the free agents' desire for high
    offers will lower as well. Be weary of the weekly player awards and the yearly
    awards which are handed out before the playoffs start.
    This is the primetime excitement of the NFL. Based on their overall records,
    10 teams will duke it out to compete in the prized Superbowl, and a chance for
    glorious world domination. To start off, 4 divisional winners head to the
    playoffs in each conference, along with 1 wild card selected from each
    conference. The team with the best divisional record receivers home field
    advantage, and gets one bye week in the playoffs (the first week). Eventually,
    the teams dwindle down to two competitors in each conference. After the
    conference championship games is the Superbowl, and then the exciting Pro-
    Bowl. Afterwards, you will proceed to the Off-Season.
    This is the fans' time to glorify. This is where teams completely revamp
    themselves via free agency moves, the rookie draft, and player retirements. In
    many cases, champions can turn from superior to rebuilding stages, while the
    underdogs can perform a turnaround thanks to a big signing bonus. The Off-
    Season is staged into several steps, which must be followed in order:
    - As a player turns older, their skills begin to diminish. They simply can't
    keep up into the same physical shape from their younger years. Because of
    this, the NFL is full of player retirements based on personal preference,
    injuries, or key decisions. We've seen it in the past decade with Barry
    Sanders, Ricky Williams, and players just deciding to call it quit when they
    felt it necessary.
    >> Click start on the highlighted option. You will be brought to a screen
    showing the players who have expired contracts first. You must make offers to
    re-sign these players if you wish. However, your only chance to barter with
    the aging veterans is to offer them a new contract. This will lure them out of
    retirement. If you don't, they will simply retire, and that will be it. You
    can view the players who retired under Transactions at ESPN.COM.
    - Thankfully, any team a player previously played for has first dibs on re-
    signing that player before releasing him to public free agency. If you want,
    you can re-sign any player you wish. Any player with an expired contract who
    is not re-signed will be cut to free agency. You can re-sign players cheaper
    than free agency, however, you take the risk of missing a big upcoming star to
    sign out of FA. The choice is up to you. For some contract strategies, check
    above in the management section for roster contracts.
        |(FREE AGENCY)|
    - This is where you can sign new players on the market to join your team. Free
    agency can sometimes consist of superstars looking for a new team to play
    with, or just bums that did not get resigned. Free agency is more costy than
    re-signing because you will have to compete with other teams, while meeting
    the player's demands. Again, you can make offers to players, however, they may
    have multiple offers from other teams. Your offer must be made before the end
    of the day. Free agency lasts about 45 days.
        |(THE COMBINE)|
    - This is where you can scout all of the upcoming rookies that want to make a
    stampeed to the NFL. In the combine, you have the ability to spend scouting
    hours on these rookies to get more in-depth reports of them. Unfortunately,
    rookies are not sorted in any particular order, so you'll have to go by
    combine times first before deciding who to scout. You may also want to use Mel
    Kiper's Mock Draft Sportscenter show to get an idea of who to pick. I can't
    give much emphasis on scouting, except to conserve and spend your hours on
    prospects that look like someone you can get. Remember that you only have 9
    hours per day to expend, and it lasts 4 days. Any tips for this section will
    be generously credited.
    >> When you scout certain player with in-depth reports, you will get their
    estimated attributes. This is helpful for getting a sneak peek at what their
    potential might be.
        |(NFL DRAFT)|
    - This is the actual way and progress of getting new upcoming stars in the
    NFL. Teams are assigned picks to draft rights to a certain rookie who wants to
    join the league. The order of picks are assigned based on the team with the
    worst record receiving the first pick. You can trade draft picks much like any
    player, in case your team is stocked with veterans or you don't have the cap
    room to sign a new rookie. Some neat features are that rookies now have faces.
    - This is the short time where you will sign your draft picks. Any pick you
    select does not have to be signed if you don't want them. Remember though that
    it's probably better to trade those extra picks away for a single veteran or
    player rather than wasting them on rookies. Some rookies may not have the
    ratings worthy of being selected though. The higher the pick, the more money
    the rookie will request for the offer to be deemed worthy. Any rookie not
    signed will be dropped into free agency.
    /Player Ratings/
    The only difference between players in ESPN NFL 2K5 from other team players
    are the actual ratings (besides the face for each picture, and their history).
    Player ratings decide how well certain players can perform on the field, and
    usually determined their overall skills. This section will briefly describe
    what each rating stands for, and performs.
     |        RATING        |                  DESCRIPTION                        |
     | Speed                | how fast a player can move                          |
     | Agility              | how quick a player can juke, spin, turn             |
     | Strength             | how powerful a player is, better blocks, pushback   |
     | Jumping              | how high a player can leap                          |
     | Pass Accuracy        | how accurate a throw is to intended target          |
     | Pass Arm Strength    | how far a throw can go, and accuracy on deep targets|
     | Pass Read Coverage   | higher rating reduces chance of interceptions       |
     | Scramble             | ability to move as QB under pressure with R trigger |
     | Leadership           | higher rating increases other players' abilities    |
     | Composure            | higher rating keeps form and less inaccuracies      |
     | Hold On To Ball      | higher rating decreases fumbles                     |
     | Power Run Style      | Balanced = good shift between power & finesse runs  |
     |  ...                 |  Power = better at vertical runs into traffic       |
     |   ...                |   Finesse = better at sidesteps, jukes, agility runs|
     | Stamina              | how long a player can stay on field before rating   |
     |  ...                 |  reductions, how long before tired                  |
     | Durability           | higher rating reduces chances of injury             |
     | Break Tackle         | ability to break free from a defensive tackle       |
     | Catch                | how well a player can catch the ball                |
     | Run Blocking         | ability to block on run-based plays                 |
     | Pass Blocking        | ability to protect on pass-based plays              |
     | Run Route            | ability to follow routes on a running play          |
     | Run Coverage         | ability to track down the runner on a rushing play  |
     | Pass Rush            | ability to rush the passer quicker and efficiently  |
     | Tackle               | how well a player can tackle another, lessens chance|
     |  ...                 |  of a break tackle                                  |
     | Coverage             | how well a player can cover another, how close they |
     |  ...                 |  can stay to their assignment                       |
     | Consistency          | how often a player follows his tasks                |
     | Aggressiveness       | more fierce competitor, causes more dropped passes, |
     |  ...                 |  amazing plays, but leads to increased penalties    |
     | Kick Power           | how far a kicker can kick the ball                  |
     | Kick Accuracy        | how accurate a kicker can kick the ball             |
    ^ Certain ratings are independent-position related. This means that they are
    the key determinant in whether or not the player is successful at that
    position. You can find out what these ratings are by right joystick clicking
    on a player, then looking at the 10 Ratings next to their overall number in
    the lower right corner.
    - 6) Strategies             -
    As with many modern sports games, the only way to be a successful
    coach/player/owner is to master strategies that give you benefits. In many
    cases, this requires numerous challenges, practicing, and online games to
    compete against others. This section will provide strategies to help enhance
    your NFL 2K5 gameplay experience. Please try out the in-game basics and
    tutorial modes to get a complete understanding of the fundamentals.
    /Offensive Playcalling/
    Basic playcalling for an offense can be challenging at times, especially when
    you're not moving the ball, or consistently scoring points. There are a few
    terms you need to understand, along with formations that might be wiser to
    study at an in-depth angle. Most veterans would say the key to any offense is
    a stable running game, which is partially true. However, over the years, I
    have lost faith in the running game. Why? Because of its inconsistencies.
    Eventually, a defense will adapt itself to run more Bear and blitzes so that
    you have no holes to run through. Here are my playcalling tendencies:
        # BEGINNING # --> Establish a running game. Do lots of ISO runs up the
        =============     middle, sweeps out of singleback formations, and try
                          a few counters about 20% of the time. You'll want your
                          back to establish a minimal 5.0 YPC. This will put the
                          defense on their heels.
        # MIDDLE # --> Eventually, the defense will throw more men up in the "box",
        ==========     and try to prevent your running game. Now is the best time
                       to toss in 2-3 Play Action passes, and start passing on
                       first downs, intermitting a run here and there.
        # END # --> The CPU will now have a 50/50 playcall decision to make, which
        =======     places the odds in your favors. Now you simply mix up your
                    playcalling patterns, throwing a few consecutive passes here
                    and there.
    ^ The entire process is known as the Bouncing Revolution. You start off by
    relying on one type of offense, which bounces the advantage to the passing
    game. You then pass a lot to bounce the advantage back to the running game.
    This near little relationship works well for most of the time.
    - The Box - This is the area on the defense where the defensive line is and
                the linebackers. The more men in the Box usually means that the
                opponent is trying to stop your running game. A safety or two
                might pop up to provide some extra pressure.
                >> When you see eight or more men in the box, be weary of an
                   incoming blitz. Find one of your inside receivers or tight ends
                   and do a hot route so he crosses over where the blitzing LBs
                   should have been. This is one way to receive an easy gain.
    - Man in Motion - The idea if placing a man in motion is to confuse the
                      defense, or create a mismatch against one of the defenders.
                      Whenever you're facing a base formation (4-3, or 3-4), and
                      let's say you have two receivers. Now, watch for one of the
                      men on the defensive side of the ball to approach the line.
                      This usually means they are going to blitz. Hot route your
                      fastest WR on the team to go straight up. Now, tap up, then
                      left/right to the side where the exposed LB is. This LB will
                      be forced to cover the WR man-to-man. You can usually blow
                      by him, and make a lobbing toss to the open receiver.
    - Passing Routes - These are the pattern your WRs follow on a passing play.
                       Understanding what each of them are is critical to becoming
                       a passing monster.
                       >> CURLS - WR runs up to a position, then curls around for
                                  a timed toss. You should practice these during
                                  a scrimmage as they're timing routes.
                       >> STOPS - WR runs up to a position, then curls and runs
                                  back. This is like a quicker curl, except the
                                  WR will run towards the line of scrimmage to
                                  create some room.
                       >> FADES - WR runs diagonally, then boosts straight up to
                                  get separation. This is a deep pass, and only
                                  successful if the opponent is playing bump n'
                                  run. You can tell your opponent is playing bump
                                  when the DBs try to jam him at the line.
                       >> STREAKS - WR runs straight up. This the typical deep pass
                                    designed for big gains. You can use these to
                                    expose weak coverage assignments, a flawed zone
                                    play, or if the opponent is playing bump.
                       >> SLANTS - WR runs diaonally off the line. This is a timing
                                   route designed for a quick catch, and then run
                                   after the catch. You have to toss the ball
                                   between the seams in the defense, otherwise it's
                                   an easy interception. If you remember Drew
                                   Brees, he lost his starting job because he had
                                   trouble throwing these.
                       >> FLIES - WR runs straight up, and then diagonally after a
                                  set amount of yards. Flies are like a deeper
                                  slant, designed for penetrating teams with a
                                  Cover 2. If there's no safety covering the
                                  middle, then you're really screwed.
                       >> CORNER - WR runs straight up, then breaks diagonally
                                   towards the sidelines. Make sure you lob it over
                                   the receiver's head to allow him to make the
                       >> CROSSING - WR runs straight up, then crosses at an inward
                                     direction, usually where the LBs were
                                     standing. NEVER throw to this route if there
                                     are 2 or more LBs in the middle.
                       >> OUT - WR runs straight up, then breaks horizontally
                                towards the sidelines. This is designed to conserve
                                time if you're out of timeouts, or need to make
                                a TD-scoring drive. If there are CBs zoned on the
                                outside near the line of scrimmage, never throw to
                                these routes.
    - Jokers - This offensive formation is designed for tight running plays at the
               Goal Line, or if you want 3 TEs on the field.
    - I Form - Tricky formation with the goal of either a 50/50 run/pass.
    - Single Back - Teams have different names for it, but it only has one HB on
                    the field, and usually multiple receivers.
    - Shotgun - Play designed for the pass. QB gets a set amount of yards behind
                the offensive line, and the ball is hiked to him.
    Passing the ball seems to be one of the troubles this year in ESPN NFL 2K5.
    Many players have complained about numerous interceptions, easy dropped
    passes, and the typical boo hoo. Passing is a lot easier than it sounds, if
    you understand how and when to pass correctly.
    - Right after you snap the ball, watch where the safeties go. This can be the
    most influential advice I can give you as a passer. If the safeties break in
    upward diagonal directions (say near the sidelines), THEN YOU SHOULD pass up
    the middle to your receiver. If they stay with one receiver, see who has
    single coverage, and try to split a pass to them. Many players make the
    mistake of not watching where the safeties go. Suddenly, when they see that
    the WR has blown by the CB, they quickly pass it. However, this is a trick.
    When the safeties break to cover the outside WRs, you'll usually get double
    teamed, and the flanking safety can make an easy pick.
       = LOB VS. BULLET =
    - Too many players do not understand when to lob or bullet a pass to a
    receiver. Here are the situations when you should or should not throw a pass a
    particular way.
         >> BULLET the pass when...
                                   - A flat route to the runningback
                                   - Slants
                                   - On fly routes when the receiver breaks toward
                                     the middle
                                   - Out routes when the receiver breaks toward
                                     the sideline
                                   - On crossing routes when the receiver breaks
                                     toward the inside and there is NO waiting
                                     LB in a zone play
                                   - Curls on timed routes
         >> LOB the pass when...
                                - A corner route near the sidelines
                                - QB is strafing and needs to reach a crossing
                                - Deep Streaks
    Running the ball has been improved in this year's version of ESPN Football,
    but it still takes some adequate practice to get use to running. First of all,
    get adapted to the type of RB you have in the backfield. Finesse backs are
    designed to perform fancy moves, while Power backs are designed for vertical
    crunching runs up the middle.
       = TRICKY JUKE =
    - I perform this quite often during most of my games. Get a back who is
    balanced or a finesse runner. Now, pick a play that has him run straight up
    the middle. Start off by hiking the ball and handing it off. However, rather
    than tapping the A button, simply run straight up towards the back of one of
    your blockers. While this is occurring, browse quickly to see if there are any
    holes near the offensive line. If there is one, look at what side it is on of
    the blocker you're following. Once you're extremely close to the blocker's
    back, quickly tap one of the R/L triggers to juke that way. This deceptive
    rush actually hides you behind the blocker, and gives you a quick running lane
    to develop into. From there, you can tap A, or hold down for a Shoulder Charge
    to plow through the runners up ahead. Sometimes the LBs won't see you behind
    the offensive line as you approach them.
    - Don't always pick I-formations to do running plays in. While you may have a
    solid FB in front of you, his Run Read Coverage rating truly determines if
    he's a good blocker or not. I've had fullbacks that would charge up, but
    completely avoid the blocker with a key lineman, and instead, juke to the
    right. If your FB has no brains, then he's worthless to you. Try a few
    singleback formations, mixing them up with a pass or two. Your opponent will
    usually be forced to enter a nickel or dime formation to match your receivers,
    and this should open up the running game a bit. Make use of the stiff arms via
    the black/white buttons on outside sweeps. You'll always get one defender who
    stomps in your way. Use the according button to slam him down to the ground.
    Playcalling on defense is easier than it sounds. Rather than being the one
    forced to walk blindly ahead (by selecting your own plays), you get a hint of
    what personnel are about to come onto the field. If you wait long enough, a
    window will pop up telling you how many RBs, WRs, and TEs there are in the
    formation. Use this as a guideline to select the following formations:
       { 4-3 } - Designed to stop any formation with 2 or less WRs
               - Designed for stopping the run (60%), pass (40%)
               - Designed for extra coverage up middle (7 men in box)
       { 3-4 } - Designed to stop any formation 2 or less WRs
               - Designed for stopping the run (65%), pass (35%)
               - Designed for extra run blockage (7 men in box, 4 are LBs)
               - Designed for added blitz pressure (4 LBs)
               - Less men on the line, means easy to run up middle
       { Bear } - Designed to stop any formation 2 or less WRs
                - Designed for stopping the run (75%), pass (25%)
                - Designed for extra run blockage (8 men in box)
                - Designed for neato blitzes, but only 3 men in the secondary
                  limits its range. Use this if you have skilled safeties on
                  your team.
       { Nickel } - Designed for stopping WR sets up to 3
                  - Designed for stopping the pass (70%), run (30%)
                  - Designed for extra secondary coverage (one extra CB)
                  - Lacks run stopping power, only 2 men up middle
       { Dime } - Designed for stopping WR sets up to 5
                - Designed for stopping the pass (80%), run (20%)
                - Designed for extra secondary coverage (4 CBs, 2 Ss)
                - Lacks anything up the middle, can leave a man open if you
                  select a blitz
       { Prevent } - Designed for stopping WR sets up to 5
                   - Designed for stopping the pass (90%), run (10%)
                   - Designed for stopping DEEP pass (only 3 lineman, one LB)
                   - Really susceptible to run, only use in extreme situations like
                     Hail Mary
       { Goal Line } - Designed for stopping WR sets up to 2
                     - Designed for stopping run (85%), pass (15%)
                     - Designed for a goal line stand, or preventing your opponent
                       from scoring a rushing TD. Stacks many men on the line, but
                       no safeties behind you. Only two men on outside to watch
                     - Use this if five or less yards to goal line.
    - Blitz - This sends a man on your defense to rush the QB or RB about to make a
              play. It leaves you susceptible on the side where the blitz came from
              because there is one less person to cover the pass, or if your
              defender misses a tackle.
    - Zone - These plays are designed to designate areas on the field where your
             defender will "hover" in a defensive mode. If any player comes near to
             the zone, your defender will cover them like a receiver, or attempt a
             tackle. Zone plays are excellent for teams that are underskilled, or
             do not have great defenders. However, it leaves gaping holes in the
             field, and you can get burned if your opponent calls the right play.
    - Man to Man - These plays are designed for your defenders to cover a man based
                   on where he moves. These are great since your defender sticks
                   with them for most of the run. However, skilled offensive
                   leaders can break free with better physical skills and burn your
                   defense like an Ego-Waffle. Use these plays if you have skilled
    - Cover Zones - These plays are designed for teams that have great defensive
                    line pressure. Your two back safeties will drop to cover the
                    outer WR lanes, leaving the LBs to drop back into middle zone.
                    However, slant passes, and flies will rip this defense apart.
                    Cover zones can be the most dominant in the game if you have
                    excellent CBs, DTs, and DEs.
    /ESPN 25th Anniversary Scenarios/
    This unique mode features many of the scenarios that has made football a
    premiere sport over the past 25 years. ESPN decided to compile 25 of the
    greatest football situations that have occurred over the company's history.
    This section will go over some ways of completing each of the scenarios.
       ~~ #1) THE ICE BOWL -=- [December 31, 1967]
    SCENARIO: Apparently the heating system under the field had failed to work.
              Because of this, the field became frozen like a barren tundra. You
              must take role of the Packers and lead them to a victory over the
    STRATEGY: You're going to start off down, 17 to 14. You'll start with roughly
              around 5 minutes, which is plenty of time to make a comeback. Use
              sporadic passes, and try some timing routes to take advantage of
              the slippery conditions. The running game will not be a big success
              against the Dallas D.
       ~~ #2) THE HEIDI BOWL -=- [November 17, 1968]
    SCENARIO: Apparently one of the most exciting finishes for a football game
              was not seen on television. The game was cut from network TV to show
              a movie called 'Heidi'. You are suppose to lead the Raiders to a
              comeback victory against the Jets.
    STRATEGY: You're going to start off down, 32 to 29. Time is only limited to a
              minute, so you're really going to have do a hurry-up offense. You
              have plenty of timeouts to use, so just make use of the kickoff and
              lead ahead with a single TD score.
       ~~ #3) MERRY CHRISTMAS MIAMI -=- [December 25, 1971]
    SCENARIO: Apparently the longest game in NFL history at 83 minutes, you must
              lead the Dolphins to a comeback victory over the Chiefs. Easier than
              it sounds.
    STRATEGY: You're going to start off down, 24 to 17. You have roughly 5 minutes
              to score the TD, so take your time. Overtime can be frustrating if
              they win the ball first, but still figure out a way to move in and
              score the winning FG. Again, burn as much time on the TD drive as
       ~~ #4) THE IMMACULATE RECEPTION -=- [December 23, 1972]
    SCENARIO: Apparently the amazing reception is when a desperation pass was
              tossed to a RB, who lost the ball thanks to a well-timed hit, but
              received the mid-air ricochet, and went in for the winning score.
    STRATEGY: You're going to start off down, 7 to 6. You'll start with roughly
              around 22 seconds. So try as many deep passes as possible because
              you'll start very far back in your own territory. This one takes a
              lot of luck since the D knows you're going deep with no timeouts.
       ~~ #5) THE SEA OF HANDS -=- [December 21, 1974]
    SCENARIO: You have to score a TD within 30 seconds to win this one. Oakland
              is going up against a pressurizing defense (Miami), so drop it off
              quick, and hope for the best.
    STRATEGY: You're going to start off down, 26 to 21. You'll start with roughly
              around 30 seconds, so try to make something happen quickly. Not
              much you can do in these strange situations except pray for the best.
       ~~ #6) THE FINAL COMEBACK -=- [December 16, 1979]
    SCENARIO: This is what built up the Redskins/Cowboys rivalry. You have to make
              a huge comeback with only 3:49 left in the 4th quarter, and down by
              large odds. Thankfully, you'll start off as those pesky Cowboys.
    STRATEGY: You're going to start off down, 34 to 21. Try to make a quick score
              happen with the passing game, then stop the O using all of your TOs.
              You'll then have to rush another passing TD to win this baby.
       ~~ #7) THE AINTS' BIGGEST CHOKE -=- [December 7, 1980]
    SCENARIO: Apparently this is why the Saints have a curse over their heads.
              You must make an improbable comeback as the 49ers down by a huge
              amount at the half.
    STRATEGY: You're going to start off down, 35 to 7. You'll have to make the
              28 point deficit look like baby food. Keep trying passing scores
              with Steve Young, and do your best to score.
       ~~ #8) LONGEST PLAYOFF GAME EVER -=- [January 2, 1982]
    SCENARIO: Apparently the longest NFL playoff game was a real scorcher. You have
              to ensure that the Chargers win this one against the Dolphins by
              starting in the first quarter.
    STRATEGY: You're going to start off up, 24 to 0. All you have to do is win the
              game at the end. Miami will put up a fight because of your weaker
              defense, but you should be able to run out time thanks to a decent
              running game.
       ~~ #9) THE CATCH -=- [January 10, 1982]
    SCENARIO: You have to make a comeback with the 49ers against the raging
    STRATEGY: You're going to start off down, 27 to 21. You only have less than a
              minute left in the 4th quarter with no timeouts. Do something and
              keep passing that ball like crazy.
       ~~ #10) GREATEST REDSKIN COMEBACK -=- [October 2, 1983]
    SCENARIO: Apparently the Redskins were getting burnt by the Raiders. You must
              make a scoring comeback to show them who the boss is.
    STRATEGY: You're going to start off down, 35 to 20. Do your best to score with
              passes, and try for a few TDs here and there. It's going to be tough
              to hold off Oakland's O though.
       ~~ #11) THE DRIVE -=- [January 11, 1987]
    SCENARIO: Apparently the greatest QB drive was set by Elway as the Broncos
              battled the Browns. You must emulate this feeling to defeat the
    STRATEGY: You're going to start off down, 20 to 13. Do your best to score
              within 5 minutes, and then propell ahead in overtime for the win.
       ~~ #12) THE 2-SECOND MISCALCULATION -=- [September 20, 1987]
    SCENARIO: An embarassing loss for the Bengals - the 49ers managed to make a
              comeback by tackling a RB with 2 secs left, then Young hitting Rice
              in the endzone for the win.
    STRATEGY: You're going to start off down, 26 to 20. With only two seconds left,
              try your best to score within the small frame of time. Obviously
              passing to Rice is your only chance for success.
       ~~ #13) SAME OLD BUCS -=- [November 8, 1987]
    SCENARIO: Right before the Cardinals were transferred to Arizona, they posted
              an amazing 25-point comeback to cap the win against the Bucs.
    STRATEGY: You're going to start off down, 28 to 3. You'll have to try your
              best to score that many points with only five minutes to go in the
              last quarter. The team is fairly bad too.
       ~~ #14) 49ERS DO IT AGAIN -=- [January 22, 1989]
    SCENARIO: You have to make an amazing comeback against my Bengals with the
    STRATEGY: You'll have roughly 3 minutes to march down field and make the score
              via the air. Use Rice and Young as much as you can since they're real
              threats on the field. Fly routes should be damaging against the weak
              safeties in the secondary.
       ~~ #15) WIDE RIGHT -=- [January 27, 1991]
    SCENARIO: You have to change history with the Bills by leading a comeback
              against the New York Giants with few time left.
    STRATEGY: You're going to start off down, 20 to 19. With only 2 minutes left,
              make use of the warning and your timeouts. You should be able to
              loft down field and score a FG at least. Don't shenk the kick though
              or you will be clobbering yourself.
       ~~ #16) HOUSTON'S HEARTS RIPPED OUT -=- [January 4, 1992]
    SCENARIO: You have to lead the Broncos to a comeback against the Oilers with
              no timeouts. Boy it sounds so reminiscent.
    STRATEGY: You're going to start off down, 24 to 23. Do your best to score first
              downs, and look for a ton of passes along the sidelines. You'll only
              have 2:07 to work with.
       ~~ #17) THE TWO TD COMEBACK ON KC -=- [October 4, 1992]
    SCENARIO: You'll have to make another comeback with the scoreless Broncos
              against the pesky Chiefs.
    STRATEGY: You're going to start off down, 19 to 6. Try your best to score with
              Elway and his uncanny abilities. You'll have plenty of TOs, and 3:30
              to work with. Scoring before the two minute warning means you're
              having good progress.
       ~~ #18) THE BIGGEST COMEBACK EVER -=- [January 3, 1993]
    SCENARIO: This is one of the toughest scenarios out there. You must make the
              greatest comeback in NFL history with the Bills against the Oilers.
    STRATEGY: You're going to start off down, 35 to 3 (yikes). Do your best to
              score quickly and efficiently, but make sure not to let the opponent
              waste time with the running game.
       ~~ #19) THE HEARTBREAKER -=- [October 17, 1994]
    SCENARIO: You have to lead the Chiefs to a comeback win over the great Broncos.
              Expect momentum to shift like a swinging pendulum.
    STRATEGY: You're going to start off down, 28 to 24. You'll have all 3 TOs, but
              only 1:29 to work with. Think of something to elevate the pressure.
       ~~ #20) THE COLTS' COLLAPSE -=- [September 21, 1997]
    SCENARIO: You have to make an amazing comeback over the Colts via the Bills.
              Should be fairly easy with the Colts horrible defense though.
    STRATEGY: You're going to start off down, 26 to 0. Utilize the passing game
              to full potential since the second quarter has only begun. Don't
              rush ahead too much. Balance your offensive gameplan.
       ~~ #21) THE SUPER BOWL DRIVE -=- [January 25, 1998]
    SCENARIO: You have to lead the Broncos to an upset win over the Packers thanks
              to Mr. Elway.
    STRATEGY: You're going to start off tied, 24 to 24. You will have 3:27 to work
              with, along with 3 timeouts, so no need to rush to conclusions. Do
              your thing and smoke the sausage links.
       ~~ #22) A YARD TOO SHORT -=- [January 30, 2000]
    SCENARIO: The Titans are trying to comeback with an amazing victory against
              the powering Rams. However, a defender tackled the WR right as he
              was about to score. You must score the TD with the Titans, and
              win the game as well.
    STRATEGY: You're going to start off down, 23 to 16. You'll have 12 seconds
              to work with, and no timeouts, so try something to score quickly.
              I usually go for the 2-point conversion, however, this is the easiest
              scenario in my opinion.
       ~~ #23) VINATIERI STRIKES AGAIN -=- [February 3, 2002]
    SCENARIO: You must lead the Patriots to a win over the Rams with not much time,
              and only a few ounces of guts and glory.
    STRATEGY: You're going to start off tied, 17 to 17. Use an array of passing
              plays to get upfield, and score the FG with Vinatieri. You have no
              TOs, so get up there QUICKLY.
       ~~ #24) THE BOTCHED SNAP -=- [January 5, 2003]
    SCENARIO: You must make an amazing comeback with the 49ers against the
              trembling Giants.
    STRATEGY: You're going to start off down, 38 to 14. Simply toss that ball
              with Garcia and Owens. Hope for the best, and keep on scoring since
              you only have 3:05 left in the 3rd quarter.
       ~~ #25) FOURTH AND TWENTY-SIX -=- [January 11, 2004]
    SCENARIO: You must lead the Eagles to an amazing victory over the Packers.
    STRATEGY: You're going to start off down, 17 to 14. However, you start at a
              4th & 26, which is almost unheard of. Get the first down, then
              sprint up field with 1:26 left in the 4th. Score that TD, and smoke
              the Packers for a completion of all the scenarios.
    - 7) Codes                 -
    As always, cheat codes in sports games can further enhance a dulling
    experience. While ESPN NFL 2K5 has yet to lay down a dull experience on
    myself, some of these codes are more of the less like "hints" that help you
    improve your gameplay. Some of them are fairly cheap, but they're well worth
    it. I'd like to thank:
    - for providing these codes.
       >>\} EASY CRIB CREDITS {/<<
    - Create a team of the worst players, then compete against them on the highest
    difficulty. They should be extremely easy to beat, and you should earn a ton
    of credits.
    - In franchise mode, play a game with Gamecast Live. Let it simulate the game,
    then take control of it near the end of the fourth quarter. You will be
    credited with all of the stats earned during the entire game, along with
    whatever you earn while playing the game.
    - During a game, turn off the penalties. When you're on defense, move one of
    your defenders right next to the QB, and then sack him as he hikes the ball.
    Very cheap but loveable indeed.
       >>\} EASY SACK {/<<
    - Use the 4-3 formation. Scroll through the pages till you find a play
    called "All Blitz O."
      Take the left DE and move him until you get past the left offensive lineman.
    After the snap, run towards the QB, and you should get a sack. The blitzing LB
    will distract the linesman, leaving a wide open hole for you to reach the QB.
       >>\} CHEAT CODES {/<<
    - Go to the Manage screen and edit your VIP file name. Change the name to one
    of the following words to acquire the desired effect:
       BigTop     == Big Heads
       NOSSHOES   == Faster Players
       NewCover   == Alternate Playbooks
       WhooshTop  == Air hockey table mini-game
       CelebToy   == All bonus stadiums unlocked
       PhatBank   == 1 million crib points handed out
       CribMax    == 100% crib items
       MadSkilz   == Every milestone is completed
    - 8) Common Questions      -
    )) Gameplay ((
    << Why is this the last game in the NFL 2K series? >>
    - About a year ago, the NFL signed an exclusivity deal with the Madden series.
    This meant that NO other football game on the video game market could now use
    official NFL players & teams. This basically turns a football game into a
    fantasy football game, and most sports fans like playing with REAL players, and
    not fictional players. Because of this, Sega had no choice but to can their 2K
    series. There was a bid for the contract, but Sega's bid was much lower than
    EA's bid. EA's Madden is now the only football game with official players. The
    NFL 2K series will most likely never return, but you can still update rosters
    and customize the game to your liking.
    << How do I update the game to current rosters? >>
    - Get an Action Replay, and download Finn's gamesave editor from the internet.
    Check out the "Morphing 2K5 to Current Rosters" section under the Game Basics
    chapter. I tell you exactly how to update the game and customize it to your
    << How does this compare to other football games on the Xbox? >>
    - Right now it is the best, hands down. Simply put, ESPN NFL 2K5 can be
    considered the best football game of all time. It features breathtaking
    graphics, an array of sounds thanks to an ESPN license and actual game
    footage. Not only that, but the gameplay feels more realistic with shunning
    tackles and splattering hits. It just seems to play more realistically,
    especially the running game. Combine this with a $20 price tag, and I
    guarantee that you should at least buy this game. I use to be a huge Madden
    fanatic, but ESPN has showed me a light brighter than what I've seen before.
    Madden 2005 is going to have to do a lot to really prove it's better than the
    entire presentation of ESPN Football 2K5.
    << Why is this game so cheap? >>
    - Simple. Sega is trying to win back some customers between the ensuing Madden
    vs. ESPN battle. Madden has been dominating the football genre the last few
    years, and every time ESPN has tried something new, Maddenites would continue
    to buy their product. Sega has decided to crash their advertising campaign,
    and go strictly with a $20 new price tag hoping that the quantity of sales
    would beat out the actual sales at $50. In many cases this has proven to work,
    but it's also a ploy to lure more gamers to buy their ESPN games in the future.
    << Why don't you have anything in your guide about the Crib or Xbox Live? >>
    - Simply put, I do not care for either. I don't own Xbox Live, nor do I plan
    on doing so. The Crib is a neat little feature that you can read plenty of
    while playing the game, and you don't need my FAQ for assistance. JPaterson
    has already created an in-depth guide explaining what you have to do in order
    to earn certain milestones/awards.
    << What's your favorite football team? >>
    - The Cincinnati Bengals have been my favorite football team for the past five
    years. I've hung with them through the dark and hideous past. However, the
    future is bright with stars like Rudi and Chad Johnson. Palmer will prove
    himself to be a worthy draft pick, and the defense is going to get a huge
    boost from Kim Herring.
    << What are the new features when compared to ESPN Football from last year? >>
    - Read the introduction section. All of the new features are {+} marked with a
    special sign denoting their new entry into 2K5.
    << I can't pass the ball. What's wrong? >>
    - Read the strategies section. I provided a few tips that might help you. The
    biggest problem is that you must set your feet before passing. I usually have
    a golden rule of releasing the left joystick right before I pass. That way
    your QB will have the most accuracy, especially on the deep throws.
    << Who are the Celebrity VIPs, and what do I earn for beating them? >>
    - There are five in total: David Arquette, Carmen Electra, Steve-O, Jamie
    Kennedy, and Funkmaster Flex. You will receive a Milestone Award in your Crib.
    << How do I watch the Sportscenters for the week? >>
    - Go to your weekly schedule and click on the highlighted week with the right
    >>> If you have any more questions, please send me an e-mail, and I'll be more
    than happy to add them. <<<
    - 9) Copyright/Distribution/Reproduction Guidelines  -
    This FAQ/Strategy Guide/Walkthrough is my own published work, and copyrighted
    by Christopher Zawada. Whatever you do, DO NOT edit this FAQ in any way. DO
    NOT steal anything from this FAQ. If you want to use some information in your
    own guide, simply ask me. If you want to place this guide on your website,
    either link to the GameFAQs game page, or download the file and place it on
    your own web server. Basically, you can post this on your website as long as
    its in ORIGINAL form, and not linking directly to GameFAQs. Aside from that,
    all proper credit is due when necessary. Also, don't even think about selling
    FAQs. Trying to prosper off of other people's work will get you in big time
    trouble (coming from an eBay seller myself).
    This is a list of the current known sites that host my FAQs:
    - http://www.gamefaqs.com/
    - http://www.ign.com/
    - http://www.neoseeker.com/
    - http://www.cheatcc.com/
    - http://www.cheatplanet.com/
    - 10) Proper Credit        -
    I'd like to thank the following people for their help in making this FAQ
    )) CJayC (( for constantly updating GameFAQs, and dedicating his entire life
    to it. Takes a lot of effort to keep a site going this long.
    )) Gamewinners.com (( for providing a few codes to help enhance an enthralling
    football experience.
    )) Rootsecure.net (( for providing an ASCII generator to help create the
    custom ASCII art for the title.
    )) SuicidalByNature420 (( for providing an excellent workout routine which I'm
    sure all of the players will love to utilize - thanks to you bud.
    )) dan77733 (( for providing information on how to customize and update 2K5 to
    current standards.
      "Some people make sacrifices to make other people happy." - Chris Zawada
      "Freeeeeeeeeedddddoooooooooommmmm...Ugh!" - William Wallace, Braveheart
      As with all of my football FAQs, I'd just like to give a Shabooyah out to my
    Cincinnati Bengals (who got nerfed in this version of NFL Blitz), who
    certainly kicked butt during the 2003 season with an 8-8 record. Improvement
    is only going to reign down with the great Marvin Lewis. May the playoffs be
    in our destiny!

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