Who is Kreia?

  1. Kreia seems to be cloaked in mystery, pun intended. I have not seen much speculation on her broad character from much anyone else. What does she want? What are her motives? Her history? How is she connected to Revan?

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    Thank you SRR Capdown.

    To add to your answer, I think that Kreia wanted to take that whole "Jedi are flawed" theme one step further. Besides training him/her to fight against the True Sith, Kreia used the Exile to show the Jedi the error of their ways. Instead of dismissing them as fools, she gave them a chance to redeem themselves. Like you said, she wanted to prove to them that it was possibly to survive without a connection to the Force. By accepting that the Exile and all the other Jedi were right to go to war and admitting that the Jedi teachings were fundamentally flawed, the Jedi could prove to Kreia that they weren't beyond saving. When they didn't, she was so disgusted by their hypocrisy and ignorance that she decided to make them physically see what the Exile had to go through: by cutting them off from the Force. The symbolic importance of cutting them off from the Force was to "clear their vision" and make them see the Exile's point of view. That is also the reason why, if you went dark side and had killed all the Jedi by the time you come back to the Academy, Kreia rejects the Exile as yet another of her failed students; If you simply killed the Jedi for their foolishness, you would be no better than the same Jedi who exiled you for disobeying their consul and going to war. That is what the entire story of the game is about, really; judgment, truth, acceptance, redemption, and the dichotomy of good and evil.

    Btw, Brianna's mother was named Arren Kae, a name which is mentioned by both the Disciple and Kreia; by the Disciple when you talk about his take on the Jedi, and by Kreia when you find out about the owner of the Handmaiden's Jedi robes.

    Kae... Traya... Kreia.

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  1. What does she want and what are her motives?

    Her motives are quite widely debated. Some choose to believe that she was evil and wanted to destroy the Jedi and even the Force due to her past experiences. There is evidence for this, with her basic actions being the major ones. Personally, I disagree. Kreia's goal was not to destroy the Force, that was a back up plan and something she said to motivate The Exile, her goal was to train you, teach how to use the Force despite being a Wound, a being void of the Force. Her reasons for training The Exile was so he/she could follow in Revan's footsteps and go into the unknown regions of the galaxy and fight the True Sith (the species of Sith thought long extinct, not the followers that are commonplace throughout mainstream Star Wars).

    She wanted to teach The Exile to not trust or 'fall' for either side of the Force, as both are corrupt and incredibly flawed. The game makes an effort to express this; with the Jedi, the supposedly good guys, willing to kill you at the end and with Vrook, who was their leader, being so incredibly arrogant amongst having other serious character flaws. She explains that Revan knew that neither side of the Force was good enough and that Revan never actually fell to the Darkside, but embraced it to fulfill a purpose of uniting the galaxy under one strong banner in order to protect it from the True Sith. Kreia too used this theory, as she re-embraced her former Sith personality in order to make The Exile fight her. There is also of the issue of her destroying the Force. It is heavily suggested that she could not do such a thing, but what she meant is that The Exile was an example of how one can survive without the Force, something that the Jedi and Sith disagree with. One of The Exile's key abilities was his/her ability to form countless bonds with those around him/her, having great influence and with people feeling eerily drawn to them. This ability combined with his/her Wound in the Force was what could destroy The Force, as the Exile could inadvertently teach people how to live without the Force, effectively destroying it. It wasn't some sinister blow up the Force plan like some may think.

    But, as I said at the start, it is all debatable. There is evidence and there are arguments for both Kreia being evil all along and for her just trying to train you for future events.

    What is her history and how is she connected to Revan?

    Her basic history is that she was once a Jedi Master, quite high up on the council. She was also Revan's first teacher, as well as Revan's last. Revan spent many years training, learning from different Masters and in the end came back to Kreia for one last lesson. It was infact Kreia who urged Revan to leave the Jedi and join the Republic in the Mandalorian war. It's suggested Kreia's fall was similar, if not identical to Atris's. They both were Jedi Historians and were secretly researching Sith artifacts and harboured some resentment towards the Jedi ways. In the end she was kicked out of the Jedi by the rest of the council for her views and closeness to Revan. Feeling betrayed by the Council Kreia fell and thus became Darth Traya.

    I cannot say if it is confirmed or not, but there are hints that Kreia could in fact be Briana/Handmaiden's mother. Initially Kreia warns you about getting close to the Handmaiden, which some choose to interpret as motherly protection. We don't know much about Brianna's mother, other than she too was a Jedi master and was on the council around the same time as Kreia and was also kicked out (only this was for having a relationship). The correlations between the two characters may or may not be a coincidence, it would be quite interesting if Kreia was indeed Brianna's mother, but I don't think it was confirmed.

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  1. I know that after Darth Revan killed Darth Malak at the end of KotOR 1, Darth Nihilous, Darth Sion and Kreia (Darth Traya) became the three major Sith Lords

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  2. Kreia is really a fallen sith lord.She trained the the magor three sith lords,Darth Sion,Nihluis,You{if you go to dark side and pick sith lord}.She was Darth Traya and betrayed by the 2 others.Later on in the game she betrays you.

    What she wants is to be all powerfall again.She trains you to kill her at the end you must fight and kill her.

    Her motives are pretty much to get more and more powerful.She wanted to destory the jedi.Never liked anyone of your buddies.At first see gets on your side trying to convince you that she is not a sith.She was cast down striped of her power.She was on the verge of death till you found her.

    She is connected to Revan by her being his master.and its Malak.Before Malak was all powerful she says that Malak was like a gaint hole in the force.She later before you kill her she tells you the future and how the empire will rule

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