Where is vrook?

  1. I,m in the enclave but i canot find vrook.(The following was put beacase you need to?

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    MasterTyler1 - 8 years ago

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  1. He is on Dantooine,but first you need to go to the jedi enclave fight your way until you find a door that looks different than all the others open it there will be a man it the room he will talk to you and you are done talking to him there will be dead mercenaries on the ground in the room when you walk up to them it will say there are clues that these men were killed by lightsaber. Take the stuff form the body`s a datapad will say take the jedi (master Vrook) to the crystal cave (same as kinrath cave.) So go to the kinrath cave and head down to the mercenaries junk and Vrook will be in a cell.Kill all the mercenaries and let Vrook go.If you wan`t to kill him agree to help to the mercenaries that talk to you when you leave the cave.If you wan`t him to live help him.

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  1. You can't find Vrook in the Enclave because he isn't there. Go into the room where you meet/met Disciple, and head towards the back of the room. You'll find some corpses. Search them, and you'll find a datapad that tells you to go the crystal/kinrath cave next. You'll find him there.

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  2. He's in a big room in the kinrath cave where you'll see a lot of mercs around.
    Vrook will be in a cell. You'll have to kill the mercs un free him.

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  3. He's in a big room in the kinrath cave where you'll see a lot of mercs around.
    Vrook will be in a cell. You'll have to kill the mercs un free him.
    Bama12 thats not true, you don't have to kill him if you are a darksider...Then you kill him later. But you have to do what Dronemc said.

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  4. In the room where you meet a scientist/historian named the Disciple go to the front of the room where 3 mercenaries that are dead they have a data pad saying Vrook is in the cave and then if you go the Crystal Cave there is a Mercenaries Camp and Vrook is in a holding cell. Kill the mercenaries and talk to Vrook.

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  5. Go to dantooine,go to the enclave sub level,find disciple in the back of that room there are some dead mercs killed by a lightsaber,then go talk to the leader of khoonda,finally got to the crystal cave hes in the room full of mercs.......Goos Luck

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  6. You need to go to the sub-levels of the enclave. Find the Disciple. Go to the back of the room that he is in. Search the corpses for a datapad saying that a jedi was taken to the Kinrath/Crystal caves. Go to the caves (can be located off of the Koonda Plains, just like *SPOILERS* in the first game). Search for the camp and walk in. You will talk to the mercs. I tried a affect mind power and i was forced into battle. Master Vrook will be in the energy cage. Rescue him. Dont forget to go search the cave for crystals. I hope you find Vrook!!!

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