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"KOTOR 1 or KOTOR 2, which is better? (Since you ask the forums constantly)"

I just beat it light side(Jedi Guardian/Jedi Weapon Master) and am on my Dark side(Jedi Consular/Sith Assassin) play through.

Main Features, this one upgrades KOTOR 1 completely. Especially with the new upgrade system (Pure genius to let me craft it) - I think I bought maybe 10 items from the stores all game. And that was HK or Lightsaber related stuff that I couldn't make.

Storyline wise, so far the KOTOR 2 ending is great for lightisde. Though I do dislike some aspects of it, it was more in depth, and even told of the future some. I havent played Dark Side all the way through, so I can't say much on that side.

Characters, the characters on this one kick major ass. You'll see some of your old favorites, you'll loathe some, you'll love some. It's like a really good book. I am still mad at a few of my characters =) I give KOTOR 2 the win in this sector.

Planets, I like that you revisit some old ones, but that it's mainly new ones. I'm giving KOTOR 1 this one, though. Tatooine and Kashyyk were just kick ass.

Feats/Powers, KOTOR 2, again, upgraded KOTOR 1s system. I am pretty sure by looking at the differences that KOTOR 2 abandoned the stricter D20 rules. But it still obeys some and uses that system. It really makes the game more enjoyable and gives you more options. KOTOR 2 comes out with a flawless victory.

Graphics, iKOTOR 2 is newer, so of course.. it's upgraded here. Not drastically, and at times you notice a slow down. But I give KOTOR 2 the win here, too. It just looks better. Especially the combat of Lightsaber vs Lightsaber.

Overall, I say KOTOR 1 had a more shocking story. However, KOTOR 2 had a far more intriguing and in depth story. I'd recommend playing 1 then 2, a great deal. Or else all game you will wonder who Revan is. (He's mentioned ALL the way through) - But I wouldn't let KOTOR 2 slip past your grasp.

Why did I give it a 9 and not a 10 you ask? The laggy slow down at times and the one time the game froze up cost it that last point. =P

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/10/04

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