Review by Raddishsmoke878

"Oh my god this game sucks, Deus Ex was way better"

Over time I have browsed message boards and friends alike have told me that I would love Snowblind. Well, knowing me, I love a good FPS. So like any shooter fan I walked on out to Rhino games and bought one with my work money and popped it into my Xbox...I then ran to the bathroom as I was about to vomit.

Gameplay - 3/10 - The gameplay is were all of Project: Snowblind issues come in. The weapons and abilities feel so lame and old you feel as if they just wrapped new weapon models/skins around a soldier of fortune rip-off. The games control through out your Snowblind experience feels like any other shooter. The games feel and look don't add up though. Project snowblinks single player tries to set the player in a time of war. However, the game is so weak in presentation that I feel as if I could stroll through this war like a walk on the beach. The weapons fire like nerf guns and the selection is pitiful. I also would like to add that the level design is awful. It's so linear, allowing no exploration what-so-ever. It's rather annoying to be honest. The AI...oh the AI. The enemies AI system is lackluster to a point of laughter. I've seen enemy soldiers run in front of me and then shoot the ground for no reason, then they run out into the OPEN (with gun fire everywhere) and attempts to aim at the wall behind me. It's awful, and it explains to why I only had this game for a week. Only to trade it in for 7.00$.

Graphics/visuals - 7/10 - Well the gameplay is pale in comparison to its visuals department, though often times it seems grainy, the games textures look bland, but the color and everything else is a smooth pastel. The game is polished in the visuals area, somewhat. The characters models are also polished as well. I would rather the work went into making a game that's fun, not this pile.

Overall - Short review, yes. But Im trying to save you money. The fact that the great makers of Deus Ex would release this is sad, but some seemed to enjoy it. But say no, keep away, buy another shooter, or game in general.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 10/10/06

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