Review by Ginghamphatts

Reviewed: 03/26/07

Crystal pulled this off well

Having never played Deus Ex, I came to this game just looking for something fun to play, and that's what I found. While it doesn't do anything extremely well, nor anything extremely innovating, Project Snowblind is still a great game that is well worth a play.

While the story is a little far-out, it still works. I'll avoid ruining too much of it for you, but after your accident in the first level, you're given a series of life-saving medical treatments as well as introduced to a military enhancement program that uses various implants to drastically increase your ability to function as a soldier. They basically make you into a cyborg, and some of the comments about that are rather amusing to hear. Just listen to the other soldiers.

Of course these bionic implants come with nifty abilities. These abilities are actually rather fun to use, but I'm rather conservative and really didn't get into them until the end of the game. Just use them from the beginning and they'll really help. Things like the Enhanced Vision just look pretty cool, while the Reflex Boost makes things almost unfair (but only for a short time).

Along with those well-implemented enhancements, you get to use regular weapons, too! While over-all they are rather generic, they do look pretty cool. Most of the weapons have a secondary fire, too, which really helps to make using the weapons more fun. The best part about that is that the secondary fire will use your primary ammo, but it'll simply use more than the regular amount. For example, a rifle might fire one round per every certain fraction of a second, but pulling the secondary fire will launch a grenade that instantly eats up maybe 10 or so rounds at once. It's very nice not to have to look for secondary ammo, yet it still gives the feeling of balance.

Visually, this game has it's own style, so I won't even try to compare it to other games which wish to take a more realistic style. Project Snowblind has taken its own design and visual style, which I commend Crystal for. Far too many games simply stick to the norms and don't try to adapt their game's style to something that might be a bit more becoming of that kind of game.

As far as the sounds of the game go, they're done well. While quite a few of the weapons sound a little wimpy for what they're supposed to be, that fact really helps to craft the mood of the game. The music can be found right where you'd expect it to be. It's nothing extraordinary, but it certainly doesn't stand out as a sore spot in the game.

While not everyone has Live as is required to access the multi-player, I still think that the game has some replay value. In part, it's just plain fun, and it's always good to just go back and play a fun game over again. There really isn't much to go back and unlock, but the game is still worth playing a couple times over.

And if you're paying attention while playing through the game, you'll catch a lot of rather humorous moments and things. Some of the conversations are quite funny. Here's a hint as well, take a good long look at the memorial, then read the credits. Tell me you don't notice something...

Things like the almost cheesy story and slightly under-scoped weapons along with the other characters combine to give you the feeling that the developers had a lot of fun making this game, that it was something special to them. And that is a lot of what really makes a game worth playing.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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