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"Good, but..."

Project: Snow-blind was promised to be the new halo. They did not make a new halo at all but did make a decent game while trying.

Graphics/Sound 7/10
The graphics are disappointing when compared to halo 2. They are not well polished and just look like cardboard cutouts. The only good part about the graphics is that some of the character models look nice. The enemies on the other hand all look exactly the sane. If you find graphics to be important then avoid this game. Luckily, the sound is better; the explosions do a good job of putting you in the game. The voice acting is average, sometimes it is very good but other times it will sound the like a monotone.

Story 4/10
The story is the usual FPS story. You are a super human and you have to save the world. Sound familiar, that because it is also the story of Halo 2, Red Faction 2, and many others. Like the graphics, if you like good stories stay away from this game.

Gameplay 8/10
The Gameplay is what makes this game worth trying. They do a good job of making is feel fast paced while still tactical. There is a good assortment of weapons and the different special abilities add a bit of depth, but it is repetitive. The AI are nothing special and will in no way amaze or disappoint. The reason it so not nearly as good a halo is the lack of multiplayer. The only multiplayer is online and that still is only ok. The online lags a lot and gets old fast. The only good part is the different classes let people do what they are good at. The worst part is that there is no co-op. With out the co-op it makes it a bad game to play if any one else is around.

Controls 7/10
The controls are not special but work well enough. The only problem is when you are in a vehicle it can be confusing. Other than that the controls are easy to pick up and get used to.

Playtime/Replay ability 5/10
The game is very short and most people can easily beat this game on a weekend rental. It will take about six hours to beat but sadly only the first one or two hours are actually very fun. There is no replay value unless you just want to play it again for the fun.

Overall 7/10
This game is good but if you want to ply it don't get your hopes up. It is worth renting and if you like it then buying it. For fifty dollars there are definitely better games to get. If you are considering this game rent it first.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/07/05

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