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"Greatness is as Greatness Does"

Project Snowblind is a game like no other. This is one of those games that I thought looked pretty good so I rented it. And I was wrong, it is better then good, it's great! Project Snowblind beat all my exspectations of video games. I value this game above all other games, even Halo. Yes, I said it! Snowblind is better then Halo 2. It has many great features but yet it leaves out many features.

When you first play Project Snowblind, you will be blown away. You are a man named Frost who has recently joined the military. His father told him stories about the war that scared him. Even his brother joined in the war but he was killed in battle. In the begining Frost mentions all of this, and he says that he joined the war to make him feel whole about his brothers death.

In Project Snowblind you start off in China in the heat of battle. Later on you end up trying to help a person in need during battle and you get shot with a missle. You wake up in a hospital and soon you are under the knife. When you wake up you find out that you have been equipped with many cool features to help you in battle. Doctors have worked on you and they have givin you such technology as a sensor built into your head that lets you see enemies through walls. Also you have the ability to slow down time to dodge bullets and other fire from your enemies.

Throught the game you find a ton of wepons, and I mean a TON. You have the ability of using wepons such as a carbine, rocket launcher, shotgun, pistol, and many other types of wepons, all in which have a secondary option. You can also find items such as grenades and health packs to help you in your quest to fight in the war. If you don't like guns for some reason, you can use your fists. Not Powerful enough you say? Then why don't you get into a car. Yes, I said a car. When you are behind a giant wepon like a car you can run over your enemies to take them out!

Project Snowblind might sound perfect right? Wrong! It may be great in areas such as fighting and wepons but it does lack quality. First off, as you will notice. There is no two player option so you do not have the ability to play with your friends. That is unless you have online. If you do have online capability, then you can play with up to sixteen other people at a time. Another thing lacking in Project Snowblind is good music. The music you hear is usually done on an ordinary piano which adds no real effect to the game. If no good music wasn't bad enough then you might want to look at the graphics of the game. If you are so lucky to find a grounded machine gun, use it and you will see...nothing but white. Now you have a great wepon in your hands but you cannot aim to save your life...literally! Also Snowblind is filled with a lot of cutscenes in which you cannot tell what is going on because of the bad graphics.

If you could care less about great graphical scenes and lousy music, and you love a whole lot of wepons and gadgets, then I suggest that you buy or at least rent Project Snowblind. You will feel the realness in which the creators created the real feel of war. With the sounds of gunshots being fired off and people screaming for help, you will think that the visual computer created world you see is real!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/31/05

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