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"Im Blind To The Good of Project Snowblind..."

A game that is very inspired by the Deus Ex series, Project Snowblind has a very similar feel to that of its predecessor. This game is set in the year of 2065 and the game takes place in Hong Kong. You are enhanced super soldier with bio implants that will give you an edge against your enemy. As you progress you will unlock more and more abilities that you may or may not find useful. This game also uses the option for an alt-fire command for every weapon, which could come in handy for different situations.

The game starts off with just throwing you into a major battle with no idea of how the controls work. The tutorial that follows is just pop-ups that tell you what buttons to press in order to use the weapon or item that you pick up. After an intense first battle you will start to gain your super human abilities. You will get introduced into the confusing and very poorly thought out scheme which will plague for the rest of your battles.

The game play is nothing special. The controls are that which really makes you want to stop playing the game. You have so many different weapons that you can only cycle through with the d-pad. You also can only cycle through your grenades and augmentations with the d-pad also. Unless you are very skilled it is going to be hard to cycle through things and move at the same time. The idea of the alt-fire for each weapon is a novel idea but not implemented very much. You will end up just using the alt-fire on 2 maybe 3 weapons at most. Speaking of weapons you have a lot to look at and pick from, but some weapons just seem useless. In the course of the game one can probably beat it with only a handful of weapons, and will probably only use the others when absolutely necessary. The amount of game play that you will get out of the game is quite poor. You can beat the single player campaign in about 4 or so hours. The multi-player is nothing special and because of the poor controls it is really hard to play.

The graphics are pretty good but I have seen better. The graphics look pretty well done. There is no real variation in the scenes in which you will travel. As a matter of fact they recycle some levels over and they don't really seem to change between the instances in which you will play the levels. I would have expected to see that some of the cut-scenes to look a little bit nicer especially in today's age of movie like video games, but I was sadly disappointed to see none of that.

The sound in this game is probably one of the weakest parts of the game. All of the sound really seems humdrum and regular. Some of character actor's voices you will recognize from other movies or games, which is a nice thing to hear. Yet no amount of character voices can save a video game from the rest of the sounds that are used very repetitively.

The value of the game is pretty poor. The game still seems to be at full price almost everywhere you go. I can't imagine shelling out 50 dollars for a game that has no online multi-player worth playing and a single player that can be completed in less than 5 hours. Make sure to see if you can borrow this game, but don't try to rent it and certainly don't try to buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 09/17/05

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