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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ravenousvash

    Version: FINAL | Updated: 07/16/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    COPYRIGHT 2005, Kyle H. Gibson (KYcarl@hotmail.com)
    This Walkthrough will be updated regularly as I have time to play through
    the game. I am currently working on a lot of things so feel free to e-mail
    with comments, concerns, or suggestions about this walkthrough. Thanks for
    reading this walkthrough, and enjoy one of the greatest shooters ever made.
       1.  Airfield		- AIR
       2.  Pagoda		- PAG
       3.  Ambush		- AMB
       4.  Destroyed City	- DES
       5.  Battle		- BAT
       6.  Train Yard	- TRA
       7.  Pilot Down	- PIL
       8.  Hospital Camp	- HOS
       9.  Crossroads	- CRO
      10.  Railway		- RAI
      11.  Bridge		- BRI
      12.  Fuel Depot	- FUE
      13.  Convoy		- CON
      14.  Quarry		- QUA
      15.  Dam		- DAM
    My Weapons Used - M4 Carbine, M9 Pistol, Frag Grenades
    *Feel free to use whatever weapons and accessories are comfortable
    to you*
    	As you begin the mission, head up the hill and enter through
    the broken wall. Be wary about enemies to the left through the fence; 
    they can pick you off. Run up to the side of the broken down truck,
    either side will work, and begin to pick off the enemies around the 
    machine gun posts. After they are all dead, I recommend placing one
    of your squadmates on the machine gun since their is an enemy helo
    (helicopter) coming your way. I tell my squadmates to use it because
    there are enemies down the way and I can protect them better than they
    can protect me. Once the helicopter is destroyed, proceed to snipe the
    enemies around the comm tower and little storage sheds. This may be
    a tight battle for some so it is better to take out any enemies that
    you can before you proceed any further. After you have sniped as many
    as you can proceed between two buildings, but be careful as there may 
    be more enemies around the corner, or go around the right side of the 
    right building. Either way, you come upon wreckage and see enemies 
    running to take cover. I used grenades before running out so I 
    could be sure that it was safe. Once again, pick your poison. After
    the enemies in this area are dead, the NPC's following you will move
    up and you will hear that there are snipers in the tower ahead of you.
    You can either zoom in with whatever weapon you have and pick them off, 
    or sit back and blow them to pieces with your RPG. Whichever you pick,
    do it quick, since on hard difficulty these snipers are excellent shots
    and will tear you and your squad to pieces if you don't act fast. After
    the snipers are dead, proceed through the wreckage, but be careful since
    there are sometimes enemies in here, and head to the left. You will hear
    that you have to blow the comm tower, so the easiest way is to shoot
    the gas tank on the ground beneath it with an RPG (don't worry about 
    your ammo since their is an ammo box down the alley on the left). Be
    aware of your surroundings while you are stocking up since enemies seem
    to somehow know that you are reloading. Proceed towards the airplane in
    the open hangar and kill the enemies in this area. Another helicopter
    will then fly overhead and continue to cirlce your area until it is
    destroyed. Be quick and accurate with you RPG shots since this helicopter
    does shoot back. Once the helicopter is destroyed, head east to the
    broken wall ramp. Be careful going up the ramp as there are enemies
    waiting for you. I recommend throwing a few grenades over the crest of
    the hill before you proceed, then crawl up the ramp and pop up to prone
    position at the top and quick attack the enemies. Once up top, head north
    and around the building (the easiest route) and pick off the enemies at
    the machine gun nests from afar. Then look to the south and kill the
    enemies hiding behind the boxes and cars. After you take control of the 
    machine gun nests, your CO will tell you that the enemy is sending
    reinforcements from the east and not to let them re-take the nests (like
    we would allow that anyway). The reinforcements will arrive in a truck
    and a few men on the ground. Once the truck stops, however, more enemies
    will hop out and join the fight. I recommend using one of your rockets
    (if you have any left, and if not, stay away and pick them off) to blow 
    up the truck. Once you have completed that objective, head to the south
    towards your next objective and you will see broken debris and a ramp 
    heading down towards a hangar. Be careful as enemies may be waiting at 
    the bottom of the ramp and just inside the hangar. The easiest way to
    complete this objective is to kill the enemies on the outside, throw a 
    few grenades into the hangar, then quickly pull out your RPG and blast 
    the jets without ever entering the hangar. Of course, you can be all 
    gung-ho and kill everyone, but Ghost Recon is based off of finesse, not 
    gunpower, right? Anyway, after destroying the jets, its mission complete.
    My Weapons Used - M4 Carbine, M9 Pistol, Frag Grenades
    	You start the mission in the middle of a river and guess what,
    it's raining. One of the worst weather conditions to fight in, but you 
    can manage. Begin by heading downriver until you come to the right bend.
    There are no enemies before the turn, but as soon as you look around the
    corner, you will be shot at. Be aware as there are snipers on the bridge
    above you and enemies on the ground in front of you. I recommend taking
    out the snipers and allowing your squadmates to clean up the ground 
    troops. It seems to be the easiest way, but if you are decent, you can
    easily kill them all yourself. Be careful in this area, since the enemies
    like to hide behind bushes and trees. Take it slow, keep your distance
    whenever possible, and you will survive. Then have your team plant the 
    demo charge at the base of the bridge and cover them downstream. After
    the charge has been planted, run downstream and you will see a cutscene
    of a rather unfortunate death of some baddies. After the cutscene, 
    approach the village and kill as many enemies that you see to save you 
    the trouble of close-combat fights. From here, you can either head to 
    the left or the right side of the village and enter. I recommend heading
    to the right, since their is more cover and less enemies at this point.
    Take the village slow since their are enemies on the other side of the 
    river no matter which way you chose. Just stay behind cover, kill what
    you can see, then advance further into the village. Before you cross the 
    bridge on the right side of the village, clean up whatever enemies you 
    can across the river to prevent an even bigger ambush to come. Proceed 
    to cross the bridge, but beware, this area is crawling with baddies. Take
    it slow and kill what you can, reload, and go at it again. Throw some 
    grenades at the bottom and you might get lucky like I did and kill 2 or 
    3 enemies. Once you feel its safe enough, head to the bottom and look to
    the right and to the left. Kill whatever stragglers there are, then head 
    north and go up the ramp to the east. At the top of the ramp, kill as many
    people as you can before proceeding into the open area as there are quite
    a few enemies lurking in here. There should be one down to the right, a
    couple hiding behind the rock formations, and a couple more out in the 
    open. Just take it slow, shoot fast, and stay behind some cover. After 
    killing the enemies in this area, you can either head to the north or to 
    the south exit (both take you to the same place where you need to go and 
    neither of them appears to be harder than the other, so choose). I went 
    to the north exit and ran across only 4 enemies on my way to the next area.
    Whichever route you pick, take it slow since the enemies tend to hide
    behind rocks and trees here. After your exit of choice, head into the 
    next area where the objective marker is. You will be told to hold this 
    area until your ride arrives and there is not really and easy way to do
    it. I recommend keeping you and your squad in the center of the pagoda
    and grenading/shooting whatever exit the red dot on your radar is at 
    before you can see them. Most of the enemies tend to come from the 
    outside entrances from the east. Once you kill enough of the enemies, a
    blue waypoint will appear and you will be told to reach the extraction 
    point. Head out into the wilderness towards the blue marker but be careful
    because there may still be some enemies alive out here. Once it seems safe
    enough to you, I recommend simply sprinting towards the blue marker and 
    never looking back. Upon you and your team reaching the waypoint, this
    mission is complete.
    My Weapons Used - SA-80, M9 Pistol, Frag Grenades
    	This mission takes place at night, so nightvision is a must in most 
    of the situations. Start off by heading down and to the right until you 
    reach the road. Then crouch, and move down the road towards your objective.
    Upon seeing the vehicles, proceed to use your RPG to destroy as many as 
    possible and tell your squadmates to destroy the rest. Be aware when you
    are shooting and reloading your RPG's since enemies will become aware of 
    your presence and proceed to pursue and attack you. Either shoot your RPG's
    as quick as possible and retreat for the time being, or shoot one, then pull
    out your primary weapon and kill whatever enemies are around you, then 
    repeat. Remember, the radar is your friend, use it often and you will 
    survive soldier. After destroying all of the vehicles, you will be told
    to eliminate a platoon of enemy soldiers to the northeast. Stay on the road
    and head back the way you came towards the red waypoint until you see a
    break in the rocks. Proceed carefully down into the break and eliminate all
    enemies in this area (there should be about 6 of them). You will then be 
    told to eliminate another infantry platoon. Head down and to the left from
    the previous waypoint, then turn directly towards the next one. Head 
    towards the waypoint carefully, as you are in open ground and easy pickings
    for enemies. Proceed over the next few hills, or stay back and snipe, and
    kill all the enemies in this area. There will be a lot of them, so shoot
    quickly and accurately. After completing that objective, guess what? It's 
    time to eliminate another infantry platoon. Head towards the red waypoint, 
    taking slow, as usual (but if you feel confident in your skills or are in 
    a rush, this mission is a breeze to go through quickly). Proceed over a few
    hills, or let them come to you, but either way, you've got a load of enemies
    on your hands. If you brought the SAW, simply open up with the massive clip
    capacity into the woods. If you took anything else, stay back and pick them 
    off one by one, occasionally throwing some grenades or shooting and RPG if
    you have any left. You will then be told to destroy an enemy helicopter,
    which shouldn't be anything new to you. If you have no RPG's, have your 
    squadmates take it out. After the helicopter is destroyed, it's mission
    My Weapons Used - M29, Frag Grenades
    	Here is your first real test of skill. This is the first Lone Wolf 
    mission that takes place. You are all alone now, nobody can help you. Just
    keep in mind that Ghost Recon is all about the "Recon", not gung-ho stuff.
    This weapon was specifically designed for that purpose; it allows you to 
    stay somewhat concealed behind cover and look around corners, over objects, 
    or even snipe a few of the unlucky enemies. Take it slow through this level,
    and don't rush into a fight, you simply don't have the firepower. Anyway, 
    begin by heading down the alleyway to the right, taking advantage of the 
    debris in the street along the way. Kill the enemies at the end of the 
    street and advance. At the end, peak around a couple of the corners and kill
    the 3 or 4 enemies here. You will then be told to destroy a tank at the end
    of the next alley. Now, you might be thinking that it's difficult, but its 
    not. Your gun comes with the ability to call in air strikes, so crawl up to
    the crest of the hill, peak your gun over, aim at the tank, and press the 
    white button. Objective complete. Head down to where the tank is, getting 
    behind it since there are snipers to your right. Stay behind cover, use the
    guns to peak around the corners and top of the tank, and kill all the
    enemies that you see. Head to the end of the street, but don't turn the
    corner as there are enemies behind cover and an APC. Instead, go to the
    corner, use the M29 to peek around the corner and hit the white button while
    aiming at the APC. Proceed to clean up and kill whatever enemies are left
    over in this area, then move on. Continue heading down the street until
    you see a ramp up to the left. Go up the ramp (stay low up here), kill the 
    sentry guard(s), then peak over the edge with your gun and kill as many 
    enemies as you can. Watch your back because a couple of times enemies snuck 
    up on me and shot me, so check your radar every now and then. Whether you
    kill them from up top or down below, mop up the rest from your choice. It is
    easier to mark the tank in this area with the white button from up top so do
    that before heading back down. Upon destroying the tank, head through the 
    courtyard and look around for the APC. Once again, airstrike the enemy armor
    instead of trying to blow it up with your own weapons. If the APC is moving,
    make sure it sees you, then hide and it will go away. That is the opportune
    time to call in an airstrike. After handling the APC, head down the street
    to the west, killing as many enemies as you can from behind cover, then
    mopping up the rest. Be careful heading down the street because an APC will
    drive out into the street. Make sure it sees you, then hide behind some 
    cover, and call in an airstrike. After destroying the APC, continue down the
    street until you come to a machine gun nest with ammo box nearby. Refill on
    ammo if needed as quickly as possible, then man the machine gun and kill 
    the enemies that come from the north. If you can't spot them, watch for 
    their tracer rounds or look at your radar. Once you think it's safe enough,
    head around the corner, killing whomever you see, and proceeding through the
    columns to the next area. Be careful as you round this next corner since you
    will have to destroy a tank. Kill the gunner, make sure that it follows you,
    and at the bottom, call in an airstrike. Either before or after destroying
    the tank, be sure to kill any snipers you see across the way on top of the
    broken buildings, since they will tear you apart as you climb the hill. At
    the top of the hill, kill the few infantry and call in an airstrike on the 
    tank to complete the objective and the mission.
    My Weapons Used - M240B LMG, M9 Pistol, Frag Grenades
    	There is no real strategy to this level, only to say that it is more
    than likely the hardest and most fun level up to this point. I HIGHLY 
    ENEMIES. Throughout this level, you should hang around the bridge on your 
    side of the river. Tell your squadmates to man the machine guns and if 
    they get incapacitated, quickly rush over to them and revive them as every
    soldier is highly needed. There are ammo boxes on both sides of the bridge 
    on your side of the river. If you need to get more ammo, do it quick, and be
    sure to not get shot; being wounded in this level makes it a lot more 
    difficult. A short way into the level, vehicles will start to cross the 
    bridge. It is your first priority to destroy these vehicles before they 
    reach your side of the river. Artillery will then commence and destroy the
    bridge, preventing any more vehicles from crossing, although more will 
    continue to come. Assist your squad and the friendly NPC's on the right side
    of the bridge up until you are told to guard the left side. A highly 
    automatic weapon (Gunner) is highly needed as their will be plenty of enemies
    to kill as I mentioned earlier. Don't worry too much about accuracy because 
    chances are if all your squadmates are alive andmanning the guns like I told 
    you, they will clean up the ones that actually do get through the defenses. 
    The object of this mission is to keep the enemies out of your base, and to 
    survive of course, so if any enemies do break through the lines, be sure to 
    kill them quickly because a) they will be easily able to shoot your teammates
    in the back and b) if they stay in your base long enough, you fail the 
    mission, which is bad. Nodobdy wants to do the annoyingly difficult missions
    a million times, now do they? Once all is said and done, mission complete.
    My Weapons Used - M14 DMR, M9 Pistol, Frag Grenades
    	This is another night mission, so it would be wise once again to use 
    your night-vision goggles. Once you start, head towards the blue waypoint and
    kill whatever enemies you see upon arrival (there should only be about 3). 
    Once they are dead, stick around your German allies as more enemies will come
    and you are to protect your allies. More enemies will then come from behind
    the building (about 5 of them). Once they are dead a blue waypoint will 
    appear on your screen and you will be told to secure the train yard. There
    are many ways that you can secure the yard but the easiest way (if you have a
    sniper rifle) was to go to the far southeast section of the yard and sit far
    away and snipe as many people as you can, allowing your squad to mop up any 
    that try and make it to you. If you go this route, it will also be easier
    your German allies will go to the northeast side and clear the enemies out 
    up there. They will then proceed into the yard to help you out. Once you 
    believe it is safe enough, move into the yard and clearing each area out in
    sections. In some, it is better to stay far off and use a sniper rifle while
    with the rest you may want to switch to your pistol or if you brought a 
    weapon other than the sniper rifle, go all out on them. Either way, shoot 
    first. After you kill enough of the enemies, you will be told to fall back
    and defend the control center. Here is where having the sniper rifle may 
    hinder your abilities, but the pistol and grenades should do just fine. Head
    towards the blue waypoint and proceed to eliminate any opposition that comes
    near that area. Once again, the radar is your friend, so use it to easily 
    distinguish targets and their locations. Use it to your advantage, and you 
    will survive. Once all the enemies are dead, you will be told to move to 
    another area and secure it. So, head to the next waypoint and begin killing
    whatever you see. Once you have killed all the enemies around this waypoint,
    it's mission complete.
    My Weapons Used - M4/M320, Frag Grenades
    	This is a pretty open level, so you can either choose to use a sniper
    rifle or a decent long range weapon. I chose to use the M4 with grenade
    launcher simply because it was a change of pace. Begin by heading to the south
    towards the blue waypoint. There are enemy patrols between the insertion 
    point and the downed helicopter so scout the area ahead of you before you
    advance. Head around to the left of the bushes (the ones you can't move
    through) and you will see a patrol to your right. Take them out and proceed 
    further. Now, at this road you will see a forested area ahead of you. 
    Generally in these types of areas it is wise to head to one of the far sides
    of the woods and proceed through them since you have your back to a "wall" 
    and you only really have to worry about one area of sight. If you choose to 
    head to one of the far sides, I suggest you head to the southeast side since
    it will put you at one of those "walls". If you feel like you want to enjoy
    your surroundings like me, simply proceed into the forest head-on. As you 
    approach the downed helicopter, there a lot of enemies so proceed to open fire
    on them. Be aware of what you shoot at since the downed pilot is near the 
    wreckage and you will fail if you kill him. Once all of the enemies are dead,
    approach the pilot and you will complete the objective. You will be told to 
    escort the pilot to the secure LZ to the north. Whatever way you came in, I
    suggest you take that way back out, since you will have already cleared it of
    enemies. As you approach the road, you will be told that the primary LZ is
    too hot and you need to take him to a safer LZ. Near the road, watch to your
    right for an enemy APC; it will drive down the road, so have your RPG ready.
    After destroying the APC, you will start to be shot at from many directions,
    so open fire on the hostiles while taking cover and protecting the pilot. From
    the road, head back to where you were inserted on this mission, fighting a 
    squad of enemies along the way. From the insertion point, head northeast 
    until you are told that the enemy is massing in the wooded area to the north
    and your allies are beginning to hit the area with artillery. Hold your 
    position, unless you feel like dying, and wait for it to stop. As the 
    artillery barrage is taking place, some enemies may come near you so engage 
    them if you have to. After the artillery barrage has ended, clear the area of
    enemies before advancing, then continue to travel northeast towards the LZ. 
    At the split, I suggest sticking to the far right side since this is the side
    with the least resistance. You will still come upon many enemies on your way
    to the LZ, but the right path is the easiest of the two. Continue fighting
    your way to the blue waypoint and as long as you reach it with the pilot
    alive, it's mission complete.
    My Weapons Used - MG36, M9 Pistol, Frag Grenades
    	Another night mission, so as soon as you start, turn on your night-
    vision. I would recommend taking a heavy machine gun since this mission is 
    a lot similar to Level 5 - Battle; it requires you to defend the camp from
    numerous enemies and move from position to position. When you start, run
    immediately to the blue waypoint (time is of the essence) and put two of 
    your men on the machine guns, one to the left and one to the right of the
    road. From there, it's pretty straight-forward; kill whoever you see and
    don't allow them to breach the lines. After about 15-20 seconds, a tank will
    appear around the corner of the road, so pull out your RPG and destroy it
    before it can take out any of your emplacements. Their are ammo boxes around
    the base, so don't be afraid to use your RPG's, frag grenades, or go hog-wild
    with your ammo, but keep in mind that the enemies don't stop for you to reload
    so you'll want to get back and join the fight. After a while, you will
    complete the northern section and be asked to move to the northeast and help
    defend it from attacks. If you need to get more ammo, do it quick and get to
    the northeast as quick as possible. Once you get there, I again suggest 
    placing two of your men on the two available machine gun posts. Once the 
    attack begins, simply open fire and kill whoever you see out in the woods. If
    any of them break through the lines, run over there and kill them as fast as
    you can before you fail the mission. If you start running low on ammo at any
    point during the attacks, don't run to the ammo boxes, simply take one of your
    men off the machine guns and you take control of it; you can get ammo in 
    between the attacks. Once the northeast is complete, it's time to move on. 
    Head towards the next blue waypoint and since there are no machine gun 
    emplacements here, it's best to just tell your squad to hold position. If you
    need more ammo, there is an ammo box right next to the waypoint so this is the
    best time to stock up if you need it. Once you have defended the northwest,
    it's time to move on to the southwest. Once again, there are no machine gun
    emplacements so just tell your teammates to hold position and kill whomever
    you see. As soon as the southwest is clear, time to move on to the southeast.
    If you need more ammo, there is an ammo box right by the waypoint. At the 
    southeast, once again there is no machine gun post, so simply tell your squad
    to hold, preferably on top of the little hill at the waypoint. It has the best
    view of the area but the least cover so watch out. After a bit, your CO will
    tell you that they're starting mortar barrages and he wants you to kill the 
    survivors. At this point, you're almost done. After you kill a few more
    enemies, it's mission complete.
    My Weapons Used - M29, Frag Grenades
    	Ah, another Lone Wolf mission. These are by far my favorite out of all 
    the missions. You should enjoy them too because you get to kill everyone and
    not have to worry about your teammates. So, that being said, there is no real
    choice for weaponry since every Lone Wolf mission requires you to take the
    M29, which isn't so bad. At the start, make up your mind of the path that
    you're going to take to the objective and stick to it, you don't want to end 
    up fighting more than you can handle with a non-support weapon. I personally
    chose to stick to the far right, so this walkthrough will follow that route.
    Bear in mind that my experience may be and will probably be different than 
    yours since the AI is random and they will do as they please. That being said,
    go to the far right to where the boundary is against your back, taking it
    slow. Sticking to far east side, you will come upon one patrol about halfway 
    up the map. Engage them from a distance, since the M29 is best used covertly.
    Continue to head north and west towards the red waypoint. At the extraction 
    point, be careful as you are in wide open terrain, so stick to the far east
    side and eliminate your targets from a distance. Near the extraction point
    is when I came across the convoy. Since I didn't take the RPG I simply shot
    about 4-5 grenades from the M29 at the lead truck and it blew up, taking every
    other vehicle in the convoy with it. As soon as the convoy is destroyed, you
    will be told that an enemy command vehicle has been spotted to the south and
    you are to destroy it. For the command vehicle, I did not want to run back 
    south and risk dying, so I waited for it to come north, timed my attack, and
    called in an airstrike at the right time. Now, this may not be the easiest 
    approach, but if you can get the timing down, it will be the easiest. Upon
    destroying the command vehicle, you will be told to plant a demo charge at the
    pumping station. Now, the best and easiest routes would be to head north from
    whichever way you came but there may be some enemies there waiting after you
    destroyed the command vehicle, so play it safe; take it slow. Use your gun to
    look and shoot around the rocks, from behind trees and houses. Then make your
    way to the pumping station, but don't rush right towards it. There are enemies
    there waiting for you and there are a couple of machine gun emplacements as 
    well. Once you have killed the enemies around the plant, run in and plant the
    charge. You will then be told that enemy reinforcements are inbound and soon
    two full jeeps will show up (with machine guns mounted) so take out the gunner
    first then the driver then the passenger for best results. Once both jeeps
    have been emptied, you will be told to get to the extraction point. Make haste
    to the blue waypoint, killing enemies along the way and it's mission complete.
    My Weapons Used - M8 Carbine, M1911 SD Pistol, Frag Grenades
    	I believe that the M8 is the best weapon in the game so I like to use 
    it in wide-open areas, but feel free to use whatever here. I would not suggest
    using a gunner weapon, however, since this is not a massive kill level. From 
    the start, stick to the far east side of the level and work your way north and
    east. A little ways east you will run into a sniper/infantry squad so engage 
    them quickly because the sniper will tear your squad apart. Past that squad,
    stick to the far east side and work your way north, running into a few more
    patrols before a big hill. Do not just run up the hill, stay back and kill as
    many enemies as you can before advancing since they have the elevated position
    which is bad news for you. If you brought a sniper, great, if not, any zoomed
    weapon will work just fine. After dispersing of the enemies, head up the hill
    towards the red waypoint and have your squad lazer target the bridge. You will
    see a cutscene of a jet blowing up the bridge and the train falling over the
    side. After the cutscene, head down and to your right towards the blue 
    waypoint. You will be told to secure the package, but don't just rush into the
    fight, stay back and kill whoever you can, then approach the train. Then 
    proceed to defend your position from attacking enemies. You can either stay by
    the train and defend it from a few waves of enemies or you can go hunt them
    down. Either way, do not allow the enemy to stay close to the train for too 
    long or it will become compromised and you will fail the mission. After you 
    have killed them all, a friendly helicopter will arrive (which means you 
    completed the objective) and you will be told to go and kill the enemies at a
    camp to the west. First off, get out of the open area and head north towards 
    the "boundary". You want to be in the open as little as possible and that's 
    exactly what the train tracks are. Sure, they might take you to the camp 
    directly, but who wants to be shot from 12 different directions? Anyway, from
    north of the train tracks, head west towards the camp. You will come across a
    few patrols of enemies, nothing you can't handle, but once you get to the camp
    you may want to prepare yourself. There are a lot of enemies at or near the 
    camp and as soon as you pick a fight, the rest flock to that area. So, pick
    a spot far away, elevated, or behind some cover and go to town on them. Once
    all the enemies are dead in the area, it's mission complete.
    My Weapons Used - FAMAS G25, M9SD Pistol, Satchel Charge
    	Another night mission so as soon as you start turn your goggles on. 
    This is generally a wide-open area so feel free to take a sniper rifle or a 
    good weapon with a scope. The rain makes it pretty terrible to see, so take
    it slow and kill the enemy from a distance. At the start, make your way to 
    the northeast and then north until you come to the northern boundary. From
    the northern boundary head west towards the red waypoint. As you near the
    bridge, you will be told to eliminate the roadside ambush to the south. If 
    you have been following where I told you to go, simply take the path up the 
    hill to the south towards the ambush. At the top of the hill, kill the group
    of enemies and get in position to destroy the tanks. when you have your RPG
    out, tell your squad to attack one of the tanks and you should shoot at the
    other one so they get destroyed even quicker. After they are destroyed, turn
    back around and head down the hill and head west towards the bridge. As you
    approach the bridge, snipe as many people as you can before getting close. 
    Once you feel it's safe, approach the bridge and kill whoever is nearby. 
    From the bridge, head south and east until you come to a small village, in
    which you will need to kill the enemies to secure the bridge. After killing
    those enemies, you will be told to hold the bridge for reinforcements, so head
    back northwest to the bridge. At the bridge, tell one of your teammates to man
    the machine gun, then have everyone go prone and open fire. If you need to 
    refill your ammo, there is an ammo box right by the truck at the south side of
    the bridge. After you have killed enough of them, you will complete the 
    objective and be told to protect the allied tanks from enemy infantry. Stick
    close to the tanks and kill anyone you see, especially the enemies with the 
    RPG's. They will tend to miss with the first shot, but the second shot hits at
    home so kill them before their second shot. Once you make it to the village, 
    you will be rushed by infantry and a tank further on down the road. The tanks
    can handle the infantry on their own (their are no RPG soldiers) but you might
    need to take out the tank on your own. If you are playing on normal, the
    allied tanks can usually do all this on their own, but on hard, you better 
    stick with them. Either way, once that infantry and the tank is dead in the
    village, it's mission complete.
    My Weapons Used - M8 Carbine, M9 Pistol, Frag Grenades
    	Another night mission so start off by putting on your night vision. 
    Then head down the hill and to the right towards the red waypoints. Enter the 
    middle of them and laze the target down below. You will then be told to reach
    the extraction zone but don't count on the mission being that easy. Turn 
    around and begin to head towards the blue waypoint and you will come across
    a small village. There are a few enemies in this village, but they can be 
    easily bypassed if you wish (I wouldn't suggest it because they may sneak up
    on your rear later). Whichever you choose to do, continue to head east towards
    the extraction zone. As you near the extraction zone, the pilot screams that 
    they're taking fire and you'll see the hilo go down. You now have to hump it
    all the way across the level and reach the alternate extraction point. Told 
    you it wouldn't be easy. From the extraction zone, head directly south, 
    killing enemy patrols along the way. When you reach the t-intersection in the
    road, go south, but not on the road, take some cover in the woods to either 
    side of the road. There will be an enemy patrol when the road turns to the
    east. Kill them and continue to head east now towards the alternate extraction
    point. There are quite a few enemies in the small village you approach, so
    kill as many as you can from a distance, then proceed into the village and 
    kill the rest. If you need to refill on ammo, there is an ammo box in front of
    the second house on the left. As you exit the village, there will be a tank at
    the peak of the hill to the east, so quickly have your teammate destroy it. 
    After blowing it up, kill whatever enemies were around it and continue to the 
    east. At the extraction point, you will be attacked by a few infantry, but an
    allied convoy will quickly cross the bridge and wipe them out if you let them.
    Run into the extraction point and it's mission complete.
    My Weapons Used - M8 Carbine, M9 Pistol, Frag Grenades
    	Begin the mission by heading west, then north, sticking to the right 
    side of the level. Before you take the first narrow shortcut, there will be a
    patrol to your left; kill them and take the narrow shortcut. As soon as you 
    exit, a patrol will be to your right so kill them and continue north. There
    were no enemies in between the rocks for me, so head through them, kill a few
    patrols of enemies across the road to the north, and continue north and take 
    the shortcut. As you enter the cave and turn to the left, there are two 
    snipers at the top of the hill, kill them and continue on through the tunnel.
    As you exit the tunnel, engage the enemy infantry that is surrounding and 
    shooting at the friendly convoy. You will complete the objective and then be 
    told to escort the friendly convoy to safety. Follow the convoy along the road
    and easily pick off the enemy infantry that you come across. There will not be
    really any opposition until the second turn, at which you will hear them call 
    out that there are snipers ahead. They are on the ridge above and to your
    right. Take them out and continue to move on. An easy way to keep the convoy
    safe is to set your squad on Suppress. They will shoot what they see and won't
    stop shooting until they are positive that the enemy is dead. Even if they
    don't kill the enemy, at least you will know where they are. The escort is no
    real problem since you don't come across any tanks or RPG soldiers, only one 
    APC and minor infantry at the end of the level. At the end, it's an ambush and
    you have to blow up an APC and kill maybe 10-15 soldiers. It's quite a simple
    ending to a boring level. After that, it's mission complete.
    My Weapons Used - M29, Frag Grenades
    	Here's another Lone Wolf mission, but this one's the hardest one you
    will play. At the start, head down the left side of the road until you can see
    the break point. Once you can see it, begin to pick enemies off from across
    the road and throw a grenade or two to mop up at the end. As you are watching
    the break point, however, there will be a couple guys off to your left in the
    middle of the road. Kill them whenever, they didn't see me until I opened fire
    at the break point, at which I turned and killed them, then looked back at the
    break point. As you move into the rocky part, use your gun camera to your 
    advantage; pop it over the top of the rocks or to the side and kill a few guys
    that way, instead of rushing in by yourself. Throw a grenade if you need to.
    As you turn the corner, head over the hill to the right of the bulldozer, then
    up the hill across the road and take the path to the right. From the house
    until this point I didn't come across any enemies, but be careful. Continue
    along the path to the east and as you exit out into the open, there will be a
    small patrol to your left and a sniper up high to the left. Take them out then
    proceed east and kill another patrol on your left, slowly making your way to 
    the next bulldozer. Use the gun camera to peek around the corners, killing any
    enemies in the open including the machine gunner in the distance. Then pass
    the second bulldozer and you will see another patrol to your left. Kill them,
    then take the path through the rocks and kill the multiple enemies up top. Be
    aware because you may take fire from a lot of places up there. As you come 
    down from up there, a jeep will drive out so either grenade it or be accurate
    and quick with your shots to take out the drive, passenger, and gunner. Kill
    the rest of the enemies in this area, then proceed south. Once again, take the
    path through the rocks and once you turn the corner, you will see enemy armor.
    Paint the tank with the white button, kill the ground infantry, and go up to
    the small hill. You will then be told to kill everyone in the area. Go ahead.
    Snipe enemies from a distance, then when it's safe, run to the red waypoint
    and pick up the laptop. Many enemies will then appear, including two tanks.
    Snipe everyone from a distance, paint the tanks with the white button and when
    all the smoke clears, it's mission complete.
    LEVEL 15 - DAM - DAM
    My Weapons Used - M8 Carbine, M9 Pistol, Frag Grenades
    	Welcome to the last level of the campaign, you're almost done. There's
    not much that I can tell you about the beginning of the level, except take it
    slow and save often. There are patrols everywhere, and there is no real safe
    or easy way through the first parts. Once you pass the river, you'll want to
    start using the terrain to your advantage. Hide behind rocks, crawl part of
    the way, and if you have to, reload your game. Stick to the right side of the
    level, as that's seems to be, but I can't tell, the easiest and quickest way
    to the objective points. Just remember to stay to one side and not in the 
    middle, especially in this level, and you'll be fine. It's easier to cover
    180 degrees than it is to cover 360 degrees. As you make it to the power plant
    you might want to slow down even further since there are multiple snipers and
    many patrols in here. As you exit the plant, head up the hill to the right so
    you can have the elevated position instead of them having it on you. Proceed 
    over the crest of the hill, dealing with a few snipers and a couple patrols,
    then head back down into the wilderness, but continue to stick to one of the
    sides of the level. The left side would probably be easiest as you descend the
    slope. At the bottom of the slope there will be a lot of guys to your right,
    including a tank. You can either choose to engage, or bypass them. I would say
    stand and fight, but from a distance, since they may come up behind you later.
    From that point, cross over back to the right side and continue north. You 
    will then be told that enemy helicopters are inbound. Destroy the helicopters,
    kill whatever soldiers are in your area, then continue north towards the red
    waypoint. As you near the dam, you will be told that Jung is trying to escape
    then detonate the nuke once he's clear. You will need to clear whatever guys
    get between you and Jung's helicopter since you will fail if he gets away. 
    Quickly destroy his helicopter with an RPG or have your teammate do it, but
    whichever way you do it, it's mission complete and game beaten.
    Special Thanks go out to Gamefaqs.com for hosting this FAQ, CheatCC.com for
    hosting my FAQS, to Neoseeker.com for hosting my FAQS, and to all the readers
    of my work.
    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 is  property of Ubisoft, Red Storm Entertainment,
    and all related marks are Trademarks, Registered Trademarks, or Copyrights 
    owned by the respective companies. All rights reserved.

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