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"Even though its single player will leave a lot to be desired, its Multiplayer will really impress you."

I really haven't played enough Ghost Recon games to actually describe its history. I've heard they were slow paced and tactical, so it was for the people who would rather plan there attacks rather then just mindlessly kill every one in sight. This game is more fast paced though, but it's still a fun game. Should Ghost Recon fans still pick up this game even though it's not as tactical? Well, read on to find out if this is your type of game.

North Korea has got a hold of a nuclear device and it's up to the Ghost team to stop General Jung from going crazy with the device. It's a straightforward story, but it works pretty well in this case. You won't get put in the story completely; you'll be interviewing Captain Scott Mitchell and his squad mates and tell their experiences in their combat. Then you get to live it. You play as Scott Mitchell and you'll be going on 15 different long missions. The story isn't as immersive as I would've hoped but its a pretty good story all over.

There is lots of running and taking cover in this intense tactical shooter. The game plays out in a 3rd person perspective; even though you can change into the weaponless first person perspective any time you want. Since this is a squad based shooter, you can give your team commands like advance, hold, regroup, suppress, flank, hold fire, and certain commands depending on where you point your reticule (For example, if you point at a turret and push Y, one of your squad mates will take control of the turret.)

You'll be using cover a lot in this game, and since you have to do this a lot, your cover mechanics are all mapped on the D-pad. You can crouch or go prone by pushing down on the D-pad, or you can stand up by pushing up on the D-pad. You can also lean pushing left or right. It works well and since the game is in third person, it almost works perfectly. You can also use a camera if your class is a Lone Wolf. It's basically blind firing, but you still have accurate shots because you have a camera. You push the black button, the perspective will pull back, and you use the analog stick to stick your gun out depending on which direction.

Your squad mates' AI is smart, they'll use cover well, they're good at taking out enemies, and they'll save your butt numerous times. The AI is so good, that you really don't have to command them. This detracts from the tactical feel that the game should have. The enemy AI is aggressive, and you'll want to be careful. The only disappointment about the AI is that it's based on trial and error. Your enemies do the exact same thing almost every time.

Even though you don't need to use tactics all that much you still have to be careful. You can only take a couple of hits before you die. You can't run at an enemy while he is spraying bullets at you and think you'll kill him first. Your health can't recharge until the next mission. The save system will help you a lot, so be thankful that the game is some what forgiving.

The campaign is good, but since you don't really need to use tactics, it prevents the game being as good as it should be. The single player campaign is long and will take you fifteen hours to complete. Thankfully, the single player mode will give what it has, which has intense action.

The single player also has a fire fight mode where you have to take down all the enemies to complete the mission. You have to be more tactical in this mode, so this mode is somewhat better. Depending on what the map is, you'll either be traveling alone or with squad mates. There are also other modes like recon, where you're only equipped with a silencer and you have to capture enemy territories, and you can pay the entire campaign in Lone Wolf if you've unlocked all of the missions.

The game's multiplayer is where the real deal lies. It's fast pace in its amazing competitive modes, and tactical in its fantastic coop. The coop modes are really cool, because you and your teammates need to work as a team. People may not be as good at noticing the enemy as fast as the AI bots. You can play all the missions, except 3, in coop mode. There is still trial and error in the missions, but Fire Fight (It's a mode kind of like terrorist hunt in Rainbow Six) is much better because the AI bots are randomly placed on the map. You have to be extra careful in Fire Fight because the AI is really good, and when they're randomly placed on the map, you and your teammates must work together.

Its competitive multiplayer modes are really good too. The modes are Sharp Shooter (Death Match), Team Sharp Shooter, LMS (Last Man Standing), Team LMS, Hamburger Hill (King of the Hill), and so on. There's a lot of variety in multiplayer, and you can edit the modes to something you'll like. You'll have to work as a team in these modes too, because if you do, you'll have more of a chance of surviving and winning.

All of these modes are really fun, but if you work as a team it's really cool. There are people who will get a shot at you from a distance, so you have to be tactical to. You'll be able to equip yourself with rifles, machine guns, and sniper rifles. You can even play as a lone wolf so you can blind fire to surprise people. The games multiplayer is really fun, and you'll be playing it for a long time.

You'll be able to choose your models in the menu, but there are lots of sets, and only 3 in each set. You can choose a model in one set, but then the menu will take you to the primary set with a model you won't like, and if the person chooses the set with the model you don't like, you're kind of stuck. This isn't a huge issue, but it is worth mentioning.

The graphics in this game are pretty good, with only a few blemishes. The models in this game look really good, and the environmental objects are good to. The disappointing parts of the graphics are the natural environments like trees or bushes and when people die, they'll look like they've decided to gently lie down and take a nap. The graphics are still good and the few blemishes really won't matter.

The audio in this game is really good, and you'll rarely hear blemishes in this game. The voice acting is good, and the gun sound effects are incredible. This game gives a chaotic feel in the audio in this game.

In the end, Ghost Recon 2 is a really good game. Sure the single player is good, but its multiplayer is outstanding and will keep you playing this game for a really long time.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/18/07, Updated 09/11/07

Game Release: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2 (Platinum Hits) (US, 12/31/06)

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