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"Good Game"

Graphics: 10
I had to give this catagory a 10, because I'm comparing them to the first 2 games. Its just all around better. Its brighter, crisper, and just more realistic looking. The explosions, and animations are all top notch, and way improved over the first 2 games. There is a slight framerate issue, but it isn't bad at all.
Adding 3rd person (and the animations that come with it) is just awesome.

Sound: 10
The weapons sound alot better, the explosions sound better, and the vocal interaction between your squad is really good. The sounds of planes flying, gunshots far off in the distance, and even the movement sounds really pull you into the game.

Controls: 8
For the most part, the controls work really well. Switching weapons is smooth, as is reloading and controlling your squad mates. Movement is pretty smooth. The bad is the voice commands. They work about 40-50% of the time, so its easier to just use the controller.

Multiplayer: 8
The gameplay is great in multiplayer, but needs a little tweaking. The way you pick your weapons after the game starts is annoying. They left respawns out of some modes, which should have them, but they variety of different games you can play makes up for it.

Things that need fixin' :
The way you select your weapon. You can be killed while just setting up your character.. your supposed to go into battle prepared, not get prepared after jumping into a firefight.

Add respawn options to all game modes. Everyone has different tastes, and the more options you give, the more people like playing. And its not like respawning is not there, I can see the greyed out box.

Voice commands need major work. The amount of commands in this game is great, if they would only work.

Overall: 9
Its a great game, and for the most part, better than the first 2. The addition of 3rd person is very well done. Its the little things that kept this game from a perfect score, and will probably cause some to return it.
But if you liked 1 and 2, chances are you'll like this one also.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/18/04

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